Ditch your past trauma and fill your life with LOVE

I know something that we all need more of in life: love and healing. And my amazing guest this week, Helaine Harris, is a woman who knows these two vital needs and how you can … [Read more...]


Do you believe in aliens?

Do you ever get the feeling that we are not alone, that there is so much life out there in the universe that we are surrounded by an incredible amount of cosmic energy? My guest … [Read more...]


Hey, what are you working on right now?

You’ve probably heard the following question more than 100 times in your life: “How are you?” Well I bet you haven’t heard an answer to that question like this one, from my guest … [Read more...]


Turn your business into a seven figure success

What does it take to turn your online business into a seven figure success story? And more importantly, once you reach those seven figures, how does your life change? My dear … [Read more...]


How your masculine/feminine duality affects your sexuality

Can sexuality, consciousness and personal development be connected? This week we talked about the rise of the feminine and the expression of the masculine in today's world, how to … [Read more...]


How to sell without being “salesy”

Do you have an aversion to selling or being in sales, because you are either afraid of rejection, or don’t want to seem ‘pushy’ or ‘sleazy’. However, when you come from a place of … [Read more...]


Who is the real you?

“To be or not to be, that is the question”…but who exactly are we supposed to be? Society has plenty of labels which they like to impose on each of us - woman, mother, single, … [Read more...]


Women, Money, and Legacy

Healthy relationships are important to our happiness, and guess what..this applies to our relationship with money too. Many of us struggle to create the life that we want, because … [Read more...]


Find your inner light

 I hope your week is filled with positive light and inner peace. If you need help finding that inner positivity within you, then this week’s episode is a must-listen. Jaz Presence … [Read more...]


Let’s find the right man for you

All my single ladies - put your hands up! Antia Boyd is a relationship expert who believes that our soulmates are constantly in our orbit - we are in each other’s energy … [Read more...]

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