Being your true self will transform your marketing

It’s always easiest to learn from people who practice what they preach, and Sarah Michael is a perfect example of that. In this episode of Stellar Life, she’s charming, funny, and … [Read more...]


Laughter is the best medicine!

It’s always good to inject a little humor into our lives, and JP Sears has literally taken this idea and has successfully spun it onto a whole other level. Perhaps you’ve seen a … [Read more...]


What if you could live till 180? Biohacking your Mind & Body!

This week I am speaking with someone whom I look up to in many ways, and who is revolutionizing the way which we can take control of our body and health, and biohack our way to … [Read more...]


Who are you attracting today?

There’s a lot of sorting and figuring things out when it comes to relationships and dating, and it’s not just with your partner - most of the figuring things out part has to do … [Read more...]


Design your dream life!

What does your dream life look like? Would it involve more travel? More time spent with family, or perhaps time spent finishing writing your book?  Shanda Sumpter lives her dream … [Read more...]


Fuel your body right!

Many people desperately search for therapies that can relieve chronic pain, improve the function of their body, or improve their athletic performance. The answer may not always be … [Read more...]


Finally, a good’s night sleep…

  One thing that will really disrupt your life if not done right, is sleep. But it’s not about just getting sleep when you can - there is a way to sleep that is going to be … [Read more...]


A special gift that can change your business and help you live a freedom lifestyle

This is a very special episode for me because I am interviewing a very unique guy, who happens to be one of my personal coaches and mentors. The reason I chose him to be my coach … [Read more...]


The Real Secrets To Happiness

It seems that we go through life in the pursuit of happiness, but what does that happiness look like?  It is going to be different for every person, and you’ll be surprised to know … [Read more...]


Are You Living As The Best Version Of Yourself?

Being a woman is a powerful blessing, but even to this day, it’s no easy feat.  We have to overcome so many of society’s expectations and restrictions, and strive to carve our … [Read more...]

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