Find your inner light

 I hope your week is filled with positive light and inner peace.

If you need help finding that inner positivity within you, then this week’s episode is a must-listen. Jaz Presence is one of the most amazing beings on earth – so full of light, of love, and so incredible and inspiring and awakening that inner light in others. I have coached with him and I am forever changed by how he’s guided me with his wisdom.

Tune in to learn how to uncover the potential of the universe that lies within you, and how your inner light can immensely improve your relationships.

Jaz Presence

Here are some great tips from my interview with Jaz:

Tuesday Tips to Thrive: 

1. Reframe your perspective if you find yourself thinking you “can’t” do something. Your conscious mind creates limitations that aren’t true.

2. For the next two weeks, wake up 30 minutes to an hour early every day and set aside the extra time for meditation.

3. Create wealth by entering a state of fulfillment through giving and loving. The more you give, the more you receive.

Click HERE for more of this inspirational checklist! 🙂

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