What this Challenge is All About

  • LEARN TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU: It’s about taking a stand for yourself & investing 15 minutes a day to focus on YOU. Take your power back & create new love habits that can carry you beyond the challenge. Learn to love yourself on a deeper more intuitive level than before. 
  • AWAKEN YOUR INNER GODDESS: Every day for an entire week you will take ONE action that will get you closer to awakening your inner power. You will receive 7 daily emails each one with a new action that will give you a deeper connection with your inner goodess. It’s time you feel connected, hopeful, passionate, cherished, adored, open, free, appreciated & most importantly empowered. 
  • UNLEASH YOUR FEMININE ENERGY: During this challenge you will learn techniques that will allow you to surrender freely to create space for your divine feminine truth. Being authentic in your femininity is a combination of class, tenderness & virtue. Allow this energy to connect you to your sensual self. 
  • CELEBRATE & CONNECT: You will be able to celebrate your ‘wins’ with other amazing radiant like-minded goddesses in our FB group. 
Warning Side Affects of the Love
Challenge May Include . . .
  • Releasing your magnetic feminine energy may induce a surge in attention from men around you. 
  • Your Inner Goddess may make you will feel an irresponsible sense of being invincible.
  • You may hear “something is different about you” repeatedly from your friends.