Let go of past traumas that are causing depression

Have you ever wished that you could press a button and *poof* all your problems would disappear? Well, in today’s episode, you’re going to learn the closest way to do just that. Whether it’s overcoming your fear of heights like my husband did, or letting go of past traumas that are causing your depression, there is a unique method that literally deletes your trauma and fears and allows you to move forward at peace with your life.

Fred Gallo is “the man”, as Tony Robbins called him, for Energy Tapping. He’s a famous psychotherapist who’d published eight books and is known for his tapping method  This method literally involves pressing or tapping on different areas of your body, in alignment with acupuncture zones, to eliminate emotional blocks. You’ve got to tune in to start living in peace.

E85: How to Eradicate Fear and PTSD Fast: Fred Gallo


Here are some great tips from my interview with Fred:

Tuesday Tips to Thrive: 

1.  Try energy tapping to help you deal with your negative emotions and past trauma. This is a process that involves tapping certain points along the body’s energy meridians to influence psychological events.

2.  Be easy on yourself as you go through your own process of healing. Take baby steps and keep progressing rather than dealing with everything all at once.

3.  Tell yourself regularly that you deserve to be happy and have the best things in life no matter what. Let that be your determination to work hard on yourself.

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