Are you really going to let your fears stop you from success?

Everything I achieved in my life took doing something uncomfortable. Hosting my podcast for example – at first, the thought of hosting a podcast, especially in English, terrified me. English is my second language, and I was so worried about my grammar, or not finding the right words to express myself. I was afraid of being judged! And it wasn’t just that, I also felt intimidated of asking guests to be on my show. Who was I to ask Dr. Demartini, Alison Armstrong or John Grey on my show? And yet, here you are listening, reading, tuning in, and the means so much to me! I am so grateful that you are sharing this journey with me. Just like you, I have overcome some of my greatest fears. I am living a great purpose – helping others through this incredible journey of knowledge, inspiration, and breakthroughs.
My guest today, Lisa Marie Pepe, is an amazing coach who guides women to breaking through their fears as they journey on the road to success. Because the one thing that separates successful people from those who lose sight of their dreams is not money or time – its pushing through your fears and continuing on your journey full steam ahead.

Episode #81: Confidence & Visibility for Women: Lisa Marie Pepe

Here are some great tips from my  interview with Lisa:

Tuesday Tips to Thrive: 

1. Write positive affirmations for yourself when journaling to re-program your automatic thoughts. Then put those positive affirmations on Post-it notes and place them around your home.

2. Do not compare yourself to other people’s achievements. Success and happiness is subjective and life isn’t perfect. Strive to be your own unique person.

3. Understand that rejections are a part of life and that it’s not the end. When one door closes, another one opens.

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