Have you shown your beautiful, sensual, magical body some love today?

Your body is a sacred, sensual, beautiful, and magical work of art, but unfortunately, many of us women forget to acknowledge our bodies, or are driven to shame about them from outside pressure. I know that as women, we face a lot of challenges – cultural, societal, corporate, religious, etc. – when it comes to embracing our bodies and the divine femininity that is naturally occurring within us. But the time has come you connect with your body and see how that connection can transform the energy, peace, and love in your life.

Sheila Kelley is one of my biggest mentors, and has had a tremendous amount of impact on how I see myself as a woman, the power that is within me as a woman, and how beautiful that energy is and why I should not be ashamed of it. In this episode, we talk about connecting with your inner femininity through movement and reflection, and why this femininity is so important to the world! You read that right – our inner feminine power, unleashed through movement and appreciation, is truly healing for the world and something we need more of!

Episode #73: The Movement of the Feminine with Sheila Kelley

Here are some great tips from my interview with Sheila:

Tuesday Tips to Thrive: 

1. Do not have judgement about your body or be in an internal war with your body, your body is beautiful.

2. Embrace your body with love and touch and acknowledge what your body is gifting you with each day of your life.

3. Unlock your shoulders and hips through stretching and movement and following the integrity of the body.

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