What’s your money story?

When it comes to money matters and financial success, the most important question to ask yourself is: what’s my money story? Like many people, you probably have a negative story about money, one that goes all the way back to your childhood. These stories are outdated, untrue, and are holding you back from creating the financial abundance you are capable of and deserve. As we begin this new year, it’s time to re-write your money story and start building a positive relationship  with money.

On this week’s episode, I talk to success coach and money relationship guru Kate Beeders about the connection between your beliefs about money and your financial success. You’ll learn simple tools and techniques to change your story so you can accomplish your money and career goals and discover and attain what you’re truly worth. 
E99: Tapping Into Your Zone of Brilliance: Kate Beeders 

Here are some great tips from my interview with Kate:

Tuesday Tips to Thrive: 

1. Spend time with nature to connect better with your femininity. Nature is nurturing which is very similar to a woman’s purest essence.

2. Don’t stay too long in your comfort zone. Think outside the box and continuously challenge yourself to become better by trying new things.

3. Consider Tapping as a form of therapy if you want to overcome some sort of fear or trauma you have been dealing with.

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