Welcome! I’m Orion

My mission is to light you up and give you tools to achieve a balanced, energetic and fulfilled life.

About My Journey

I was a rebel in my teenage years. At 18 years old, I served in the intelligence unit of the IDF. It taught me discipline and responsibility. Soon after my service ended, my free spirit took me to Japan. Living in this magical place for 3.5 years was better than the best sushi you have ever had. But I knew that life had more to offer, I dreamed of becoming the next Angelina Jolie and moved to NYC to study acting. When I started getting minor roles in independent films, my dream seemed within reach.

It wasn’t all easy. I’d endured a crippling bout of depression that lasted for years after escaping an abusive relationship. I did everything I could to mend my heart and regain my strength. The process of rising like a phoenix from my own ashes, was my catalyst for becoming a coach and helping others in the same way  I was helped. Sometimes, you have to go through great pain and difficulty to unwrap your true gifts.

Turning Pain into Power

Pain can make you “hard.” I built a tough, “I-can-do-anything” exterior to keep me safe while claiming my life back. I trained like the boys and was devoted to Aikido and Mixed Martial Arts. (I also got numerous personal fitness and group training certifications at that time.)

Connecting to Wisdom and Spirit

Alongside strengthening my physical body, I continued to seek answers at the mental and spiritual levels. I studied with the top leaders and luminaries in the world. I went to hundreds of personal development programs and masterminds, traveling to exotic places like India and Fiji and becoming a devoted student of influence, intention, mindset, wellness and spirit.

Finding True Love

Someone like me who was emotionally guarded and super independent, I had a tough time with relationships, and I couldn’t date anyone for more than a few months…

Then, I met the man who would become my husband a mere 48 hours after having a major spiritual breakthrough. Truly connecting to my neglected and wounded feminine side took a long time, and owning this power was, and continues to be, liberating and exciting.

Helping Women Shine

Many of the women who come to me are “Alpha” females. They live a full life with professional achievements, partnerships and activities. But they also feel unfulfilled, drained, overwhelmed or a bit stuck-because it’s hard being a successful woman in a modern world!

I work with them so they may become Alpha Goddesses — keeping the traits that made them successful, while embracing their divine feminine energy. My dream is to reach millions of women around the globe and create awakened sisterhood circles of empowered goddesses who achieve beyond their wildest dreams and help heal the world.

Working Together

I work with you to unleash your inner super power so that:

  • Taking care of yourself and your body becomes a priority.
  • You have created a lethally sexy confidence that makes you look good from the inside out.
  • You get empowered and more productive and fulfilled in all areas in your life, including in your relationship.
  • I believe in tough love when necessary, to get you out of your own way.

I call what I do “Orion’s Method”. It’s an integrative approach to your wellbeing working with the physical, mental spiritual and emotional aspects to create total transformation. The system breaks through the barriers of the subconscious mind through NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnotic techniques. It also includes fitness nutrition and biohacks to improve your health and wellness. My method works because those needs are all connected and need to be addressed holistically.

What I want for you is to wake up every morning with abundant energy, feeling free, juicy and alive in a transformed, new version of yourself.

I don’t pretend to know it all and I have made many mistakes. But my commitment to you is to give you my very best, serve you with love and keep it real.

Orions Method