About Orion’s Method

Orion’s Method is an integrative approach to your well being, combining the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of the self to create a total transformation. My system breaks through the barriers of the subconscious mind through NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnotic techniques. I also integrate fitness, nutrition, and biohacks to improve your health and wellness. My method works because those needs are all connected and need to be addressed holistically.


Open your heart

Release the past and return to love

Ignite your passion

Own yourself and your feminine power

Nourish your body, mind, and spirit

Transformation Keys of Orion’s Method

Healing Alchemy

Heal what’s holding you back so you can create a bright future for yourself. You can do this by mending the broken pieces that feel disconnected, and sending them to a place of transmutation. In this way, you can transmute the shame, blame and complain that created some of those raw shards of glass,  without having your past pain blocking a loving new relationship or anything else you want to manifest in your life.

Body Bliss

Use physical sensual awareness to fall in love with yourself and your body. Learn to experience pleasure in your movement and in your curves. Create embodied ownership of your temple  and a sexy juicy confidence. Your life will become, much, much richer…

Divine Love

Never feel alone again. Move away from feeling of void (like something is missing) to a feeling of love, from the inside out, connecting to a higher love vibration.

Awakening the Goddess

Feel worthy of love and riches, like an irresistible goddess. Own your greatness; never settle for less or live a mediocre life. Find your power as a woman and as a leader.

The Third Entity

Become an attractor (rather than a hunter) for your soulmate – a magnet for love, by embracing your glorious feminine side and integrating her into your life. Enjoy the dance and own all of you- the new, outstanding, mind-blowing version of yourself.

Magnetic Love Operating System

A mindset technique to attracting love. Calm your brain and clear the junk from your operating system. As a result, you’ll heal the war (of resistance and aspiration) between your ears.

Orion’s method is proven to be rapidly effective. From a client who quit 15 years of heavy smoking after only three sessions with me (without even planning on doing so) to another who attracted her soulmate and invited me to her wedding in less than a year from working together…there are countless extraordinary, inspiring breakthroughs of women who found self-love, attracted conscious relationships and abundance into their lives, and bravely stepped into leadership, changing the world one Alpha Goddess at a time.


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