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Stellar Life podcast is about taking your life to the next level; from just "Ok" or "good" to "STELLAR". This podcast features world-renowned experts in various topics – from self-development, health, wealth, and sexuality to relationship advice, women's empowerment, biohacking and much more.

Your life is a puzzle composed of thousands of pieces. Each show addresses one or more of these pieces. The episodes are packed with "big picture" inspiration and helpful tools for building your dream life.

You are invited to open your heart and join me for fun, mind-expanding and life-changing conversations. Enjoy!

Recent Episodes

Episode 99 | January 16, 2018

Tapping into Your Zone of Brilliance – Kate Beeders

Each and every one of us has a money story. Kate Beeders, is an expert in reshaping people’s money stories and guiding them toward positive, successful interactions with money. She combines expertise in money, marketing, and mindset to help her clients overcome self-limiting beliefs and gain the tools to create professional success. She’s so clear with her message, and so skilled at offering great tools about how to set goals and change your money mindset.

Episode 98 | January 9, 2018

From a “Mom” to a “Sexy Mama”: Luci Lampe

Joining me in this episode to help you rediscover your sexiness is the amazing goddess Luci Lampe. Sexiness isn’t about your makeup, weight, bra size, or clothes. Instead, it’s about being powerful and confident. I met Luci when she interviewed me on her podcast, The Sexy Life, and talking to her felt just like talking to an old friend. She’s open, genuine, and deeply aligned with her own message, which makes this an episode you can’t miss!

Episode 97 | January 2, 2018

Magical Moments & New Year’s Resolutions: Orion Talmay

Another year has flown by. In today’s episode, I just wanted to get a little personal and share some of the magical moments that I had over the last year. I learned a great deal and went on some amazing journeys. This episode is about leveling up, being open to clues sent by the universe, and living your stellar life to the fullest.

Episode 96 | December 26, 2017

From Fine to Fab: Lisa Lieberman-Wang

Sometimes I meet someone who seems like she has all of the answers and has created a perfect life for herself. Other times, I encounter people who think this way about me. Inside, though, we all have things that we struggle with. Lisa Lieberman-Wang has a similar story and, as a result, created seven secrets to overcoming self-sabotage. In our conversation, you’ll learn about how her sometimes-difficult life journey led her to become the amazing woman she is today.

Episode 95 | December 19, 2017

Get Into Your Abundance Zone – Ephraim Olschewski

The amazing Ephraim Olschewski is here to talk about happiness, money, and success. Ephraim is a master listener, which is an incredibly important and uncommon trait. He’s also a sought-after coach for executives, entrepreneurs, and highly committed people around the world. I’m privileged enough to be good friends with Ephraim, and I can tell you firsthand that he’s absolutely brilliant. If you’re ready to improve your life, financial situation, and relationship with happiness, this is the episode for you!

Episode 94 | December 12, 2017

Reach Your Fitness Goals No Matter How Busy You Are: Rob Dionne

Rob Dionne joins me in this episode to inspire you to focus on health, fitness and nutrition. We make good choices when we are motivated and value our bodies. We dig into what it means to be motivated and how to take care of yourself. We also talk about why it’s so important to be true to yourself and how to align your values with your habits.

Episode 93 | December 5, 2017

Building Influence With Video: Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell is a YouTube expert who teaches influencers how to be successful using video and social media. There’s one YouTube metric that’s even more important than views or subscribers. Sean will explain why “minutes matter most.” In other words, the view time on your videos is the most important metric. In this conversation, he’ll take a deep dive into the ins and outs of being successful on YouTube. His expert tips will help whether you’re a beginner or have already started growing your presence on the platform.

Episode 92 | November 28, 2017

The She-Hero’s Journey: Orion

So far, every Stellar Life episode has been a conversation with someone amazing. In this one,, I’m doing it solo for the first time. That’s right – today, it’s just me talking straight to you. I’ll share some of my life journey with you and let you learn more about me than ever before. I’ll also give you five powerful tools to help you unleash your own incredible superhero!

Episode 91 | November 21, 2017

Heal Your Pain Without Drugs or Surgery, Using Stem Cell Therapy: Dr. Harry Adelson

My guest for this episode, Dr. Harry Adelson, is an expert on stem cell injections. He knows all about using stem cell injections to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain. Harry has performed over 4,000 procedures, making him one of the world’s true experts on this subject. His innovative approach involves injecting a blend of stem cells into an injured place, allowing the body miraculously heal itself. He’ll explain how this works on today’s show.

Episode 90 | November 14, 2017

Hug Your Haters; Turn Customers Who “hate” You Into Raving Fans: Jay Baer

A quick confession: I love every conversation I have on this show. I was so excited for this one that I forgot to hit “record” for a moment! Jay Baer is my guest today, and he’s an expert on making customers happy. You probably know the feeling of getting a complaint or criticism at work. But if you have an online presence, you probably know all about the power of bad reviews. Bad reviews can happen to anyone , no matter how hard we try to satisfy our customers. So listen as we learn to deal with bad reviews and hug your haters!

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