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Stellar Life podcast is about taking your life to the next level; from just "Ok" or "good" to "STELLAR". This podcast features world-renowned experts in various topics – from self-development, health, wealth, and sexuality to relationship advice, women's empowerment, biohacking and much more.

Your life is a puzzle composed of thousands of pieces. Each show addresses one or more of these pieces. The episodes are packed with "big picture" inspiration and helpful tools for building your dream life.

You are invited to open your heart and join me for fun, mind-expanding and life-changing conversations. Enjoy!

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Episode 375 | June 18, 2024

Metamorphosis Through Hypnosis: A Trance-Formative Journey with Mike Mandel

A Personal Note From Orion Radiant beings! Welcome to another episode of the Stellar Life podcast as we embark on an extraordinary journey of hypnosis with Mike Mandel.  Mike is a true renaissance man in the world of hypnosis. From training police officers and performing riveting stage shows to developing cutting-edge methods used by therapists worldwide, his decades of experience are simply unparalleled. A forensic hypnotist, NLP master practitioner and renowned trainer based in Las […]

Episode 374 | June 11, 2024

Awakened Feminine Leadership: A Conscious Path to Unlocking Mega Success with Christine Marie Mason

A Personal Note From Orion Welcome, Stellar Life listeners! I’m thrilled to join Christine Marie Mason for a deep dive into the transformative realm of feminine leadership. Christine is a true trailblazer devoted to love and liberation for women across the lifecycle. As the founder of Rosebud Woman, Sundari, and Radiant Farms, she has created a powerful platform for celebrating the divine feminine and honoring the sacredness of the female experience. A mother of six, […]

Episode 373 | June 4, 2024

Overcoming Procrastination and Developing a Strong Mindset with Joel Brown

A Personal Note From Orion Welcome, stellar souls! I’m thrilled to share this episode all about overcoming procrastination and developing that unstoppable mindset we all crave. My guest is Joel Brown – mindset coach, motivational speaker and all-around life transformation guru. Joel’s journey is beyond inspiring. From pushing himself to the brink of burnout chasing traditional success, he found himself on a profound healing path. Joel shares his deeply personal story of childhood wounding, forgiveness […]

Episode 372 | May 28, 2024

When Violence Is the Answer: How To Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe with Tim Larkin

A Personal Note From Orion Welcome, amazing listeners, to another insightful episode of the Stellar Life podcast! I’m thrilled to bring you an incredibly important discussion on how to keep yourself and your family safe with my special guest, Tim Larkin. Tim is a true authority on personal security and violence prevention. With experience from Navy SEAL training and owning a firearms company, he now dedicates his life’s work to teaching principles and methods to […]

Episode 371 | May 21, 2024

The Healing Power of Decluttering with Star Hansen

A Personal Note From Orion Are you struggling with clutter? You’re not alone! This week, the Stellar Life podcast presents a game-changing episode with Star Hansen, a renowned certified professional organizer and clutter whisperer who brings her wealth of expertise to help you conquer your clutter.  Star has been assisting individuals in decluttering since 2004. Her boutique organizing firm, Reveal by Star, provides online courses and coaching to help people liberate themselves from clutter. In […]

Episode 370 | May 14, 2024

Goodbye Binge Eating: The Neuroscience of Food Addiction and Sustainable Weight Loss with Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson

A Personal Note From Orion Welcome to Stellar Life! Today, we’re joined by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, a renowned expert in psychology and nutrition. She’s an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Rochester and CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions. Through her Bright Line Eating program, Dr. Thompson aims to help a million people achieve sustainable weight loss by 2030. She shares her journey of overcoming food addiction and developing this transformative program. Dr. […]

Episode 369 | May 7, 2024

Unbreakable: Maximizing Bone Power Through Nutrition and Movement with Anne Lemons

A Personal Note From Orion Welcome to another inspiring episode of the Stellar Life podcast! This week, we are joined by Anne Lemons, a renowned physical therapist and functional medicine expert, to explore the intertwining worlds of nutrition, gut health, and personal well-being. Anne Lemons is a vibrant advocate for women’s health and wellness, emphasizing the essential yet often overlooked aspects of daily self-care. Beyond the occasional spa day, Anne believes true self-care starts with […]

Episode 368 | April 30, 2024

Cybersecurity: Staying Secure in the Digital Age with Leia Kupris Shilobod

A Personal Note From Orion How would you react if I told you that your child’s innocent photo could end up in the wrong hands? It’s a chilling thought, but the reality of today’s digital world is that protecting children’s privacy on social media is more crucial than ever. In this Stellar Life episode, you’ll find out how to safeguard your and your little one’s online safety with cybersecurity expert and the CEO & IT […]

Episode 367 | April 23, 2024

Pleasure, Potential and Orgasmic Awakening With Dr. Molly Maloof

A Personal Note From Orion Hello, Stellar Life listeners! I’m thrilled to let you all know that this episode of the Stellar Life podcast features the incredible Dr. Molly Malloof. This is the second time Dr. Molly has appeared on the show, and her insights are even more powerful and transformative this time around. If you listened to Dr. Molly’s previous interview (episode 302), you know she’s a trailblazer in the realms of biohacking, sexual […]

Episode 366 | April 16, 2024

Unlocking in the Power of Your Voice With Celebrity Voice Coach, Roger Love

A Personal Note From Orion Welcome, stellar listeners! What if I told you that vocal training isn’t just about speaking but can actually heal deep emotional wounds? In this Stellar Life episode, dive into this eye-opening conversation with Roger Love to uncover the surprising healing effects of using your voice.  Roger has spent decades empowering celebrities, leaders, and everyday individuals to unlock the full potential of their voices. In this conversation, he shares invaluable insights […]

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