5 Best Gym-free Workouts in L.A

It’s easy to see that Los Angeles is a large supporter of the health and fitness lifestyle, with the endless array of juice bars and a boutique fitness gym in every block it isn’t … [Read more...]


Stronger is hotter.

 Forget the waif and lift the weights. In case you haven’t heard, skinny is out and strong is in. No more striving to a low, and often unhealthy weight, but to a physique that is … [Read more...]


Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe

This refreshing delicious smoothie will kick start your day the right  way! You can add  a protein power for an "on the go" breakfast replacement, or just drink it as a refreshing … [Read more...]


5 Killer Wealth-building Tips from my Mega-Millionaire Mentor

December 31st, 2014. Is making money a struggle? Are you in a dead-end job? In a day job that doesn't feel meaningful or isn't your mission in life? Counting down the seconds … [Read more...]


Swimming the Seven Seas: This Woman’s Amazing Story Will inspire You to Live Life to the Fullest

This post appeared on Huffington Post on September 2, 2014. It all started with a dare amongst friends -- who could swim from the California coast to Catalina Island? At just 14 … [Read more...]


“Affirmations Are B.S.” and Other Things You Shouldn’t Believe

This post originally appeared on the Intent.com blog on August 30, 2013 “Affirmations? Yeah, whatever… I don’t do that new age B.S.! That’s only good for weak people with no … [Read more...]


5 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Lose Weight Once and For All

This post was first featured on the Intent.com blog on September 6, 2013 The adage goes that you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most. So, it would … [Read more...]


Interview with Dr. John Demartini

  Do you feel stuck in a rut?  Weighed down by debt, a job you don’t love, and feeling like you aren’t living your life to your fullest potential? For women especially, we … [Read more...]

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