5 Best Gym-free Workouts in L.A

It’s easy to see that Los Angeles is a large supporter of the health and fitness lifestyle, with the endless array of juice bars and a boutique fitness gym in every block it isn’t difficult to get with the program. Fortunately, the accommodations aren’t limited to gyms because the city is equipped with numerous options. Now anyone can get a great workout regardless of your limited financial resources or unwillingness to commit to a gym! Check out the following L.A locations to get a kick-butt workout–with a view:

1.Bridge to Nowhere Hiking Trail
If you’re looking for a good challenge this Summer, try the Bridge to Nowhere, located east of the San Gabriel River. It’s about a 10 mile-long hike and lasts about 7 hours, so a mild level of commitment is necessary in this one. Although it’s mostly a flat-land hike, there are a few obstacles (including the river itself) . If it gets too hot, there are several shaded swimming holes on your path. If you’re brave enough, the actual bridge offers you the opportunity to go bungee-jumping! Though it can be a fairly difficult route, it’s always good to try new things as long as you are prepared!

2. Climb the Laveta Terrace
Who needs the Stairmaster when you can climb physical stairs with a view? At the Laveta Terrace, you can achieve a killer workout while trekking a 236-step staircase. It sounds like an ungodly amount, but really it’s just 2 miles! The steps are lined with beautiful trees so you can become one with nature while giving everything you’ve got.

3. Free Yoga at Runyon Canyon
First of all, who doesn’t love free yoga? Explore your inner yogi at Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood any day of the week! The instructors offer about three to four classes a day which gives everyone flexibility in their busy schedules. If you are completely new to yoga, this would be a great chance to experience the workout risk-free and although the official facebook page states that donations are welcome, they are absolutely not required. If you aren’t already planning to attend the next class, you’re truly missing out.

4. Join the Downtown L.A Running Group
Running alone can be quite the bore sometimes, so why not join a group? The Downtown La Running group provides you with a community of like-minded people who prefer to socialize AND exercise. Don’t think you’re cut out? Think again. This group meets up about three times a week offering an opportunity for runners from all different levels to run as a team. Working out outside a gym doesn’t mean you have to stay away from people, but rather, it gives you a chance to put yourself out there and try things you would never have before. So why not take a chance?

5. Take a Lap at the Annenberg Community Beach House
When Summer rolls in, swimming becomes a more viable option for a workout. What better place to swim at than the Annenberg Community Beach House? Boasting a near century-long history, enjoy the crisp and clean waters at this trendy spot. Having originally been quite the piece of private property, the beach house stands out amongst its surroundings with its vintage flair out front and modern touches poolside. Who says just any pool will do.

We’ve gotten so used to training indoors on man-made machines and in indoor studios that we’ve lost touch with nature. I love hitting the gym and taking indoor fitness classes as much as the next person, but sometimes you just need to get outdoors and get out in nature. You get to see the beautiful views, smell the fresh air, and if it’s a group activity, interact with your friends. So go on now, plan some outdoor fitness fun and go on some adventures! Tell me all about it in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

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