5 Hilarious Milestones That Every Couple Has

Every relationship has these moments that help determine whether or not a couple can go the distance. The obvious milestone are; saying I love you, moving in together, or getting married. However, we’re going to talk about those funny milestones that people usually don’t post on instagram – the less heralded milestones that demonstrate true love.

These are the times when you are not 100% a  lady and he is not 100% a gentleman. But love conquers all and if you guys can recover from the following scenarios, you will have a bright future ahead.

1. Breaking the Wind Barrier

We’ve all been there. You’re enjoying some down time with your significant other when suddenly your stomach starts to rumble. You desperately look for an emergency exit to no avail. Nothing can save you from the vengeance of a bean and cheese burrito.

You can’t hold it any longer so you let it rip – only to discover that your relationship is still in tact.  Breaking the barrier is a freeing moment in any relationship. From that point forward, you’re free to release your bodily functions without fear.

But, breaking the barrier is also a slippery slope. You can get so comfortable with each other that you pee with the door open or have full detailed conversations while on the toilet.

And if that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.

2. Grooming Rituals

It started out so innocent. You popped his unreachable zit, or trimmed a rogue nose hair. You promised it was a one-time thing.

There’s no denying the appeal of a good grooming session. You get to teach your boyfriend that “no pain, no gain” applies to looking good. Tweezing out nose hairs is nothing compared to a bikini wax.

But you realized something while grooming your significant other – there is something romantic about being able to be that vulnerable with your partner. Your relationship is real. You are just two people that feel great with each other, the good, the bad the ugly and the tweezable.  

3. Laughing During Sex

Sex, at the beginning of a relationship, can be filled with self-conscious thoughts, inner monologues, and awkward elbow bumps. Yet sex can be hilarious, so why take it too seriously?

There are all sorts of funny things that can happen during sex. Maybe you set “Pony” by Ginuwine as your mood music but it shuffled into “Cotton Eye Joe” by Rednex. Maybe you flew off the bed in the heat of the moment. Or your role-play took an unexpected turn. You and your partner can laugh off all of these sexual misadventures because you’re so comfortable.

4. Surviving an Ikea Trip

We all want to believe that couples’ trips to IKEA look like 500 Days of Summer. In reality, they look more like a scene out of 30 Rock. Many brave souls have taken their partner to IKEA, but few have survived. It’s the ultimate test of willpower, patience, and compromise.

Let’s face it: IKEA trips can bring out your grumpy side.

Your 10-minute trip can quickly turn into a two-hour hell ride. Your banter slowly turns into a debate about duvet covers. Even worse, IKEAs are designed like a Swedish labyrinth and you might lose each other. You can try to escape but you’ll inevitably end up in line for Swedish meatballs or fries.

5. Your secret code Language

Spending large chunks of time with people can lead to interesting results. Case in point: relationship language.

At some point in your relationship, you’ll realize that you’ve adopted your own secret code language. It consists of inside jokes, made up words, and obscure pop culture references. It all seems normal at first. That is until your friends overhear you on the phone and think you’re speaking in tongues.

Your texting language is even worse. You can speak entirely in GIFs, memes, and emojis. Even Alan Turing couldn’t decipher your secret code language.  This is something that only belongs to the two of you. It’s another adorable quirk in your relationship.

These milestones that you don’t share on social media are vital to a relationship’s long-term health. Celebrate who you are as a couple, quirks and all.  You wouldn’t be you without it.

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