Being Remarkable: Your Secret Weapon

Remarkable means standing out, taking risks, being different. Sounds easy, but it’s hard to do when society stifles those who stand out.Often, people see anything and anyone that … [Read more...]


How to Make a Vision Board that Works

A Step-by-Step Guide to Manifest Like Magic Vision boards are a lot like magic. I’ve been creating and using vision boards for over a decade and I can say without any doubt that … [Read more...]


Vision Boards: Magically Manifest Your Dreams and Goals

What if all it took to achieve your dreams was some glue, scissors and imagination? I know what you’re thinking; it sounds too easy! I promise you, making a vision board is easy … [Read more...]


6 Reasons Why You Need a Coach

All the Most Successful People Have a Coach What do Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Serena Williams have in common? They all have coaches. The smartest folks know that they … [Read more...]


The Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Single Women

Valentine’s Day; it’s the most controversial, loved and hated holiday around. For many, especially single folks, February 14th elicits feelings of nausea and dread. You might even … [Read more...]

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