Being Remarkable: Your Secret Weapon

Eurovision 2018 winner Netta Barzilai
Remarkable means standing out, taking risks, being different. Sounds easy, but it’s hard to do when society stifles those who stand out.
Often, people see anything and anyone that is different as ugly and wrong, something that needs to be fixed. Social conditioning has created masks to make you “normal” and labels to place you into the category that they consider “correct”. Everyone wants you to be what they think is best; best for them, not what is best for you.

Most people want to have friends and be a part of something. So they hide whatever it is that makes them stand out. Most people don’t want to feel different or be labeled a “freak”. If you get stuck trying to please other people  and fit into a mold that is “socially acceptable”, you will lose who you are. Sadly, for many people, self-esteem is determined by the acceptance of society.

Despite the world’s attempts at forcing conformity, everyone is different, unique, and a little weird. Everyone  has different strengths, skills, talents, and passions. Just because you are different, doesn’t mean you are bad, ugly, or wrong in any way. Artist Netta Barzilai’s journey is proof that being different can lead to amazing things! When you find your talent and passion, that thing that makes you different from everyone else, use its power to make an impactful statement… even if it is a little weird 😉


 Netta Barzilai & Eurovision 2018

Netta’s rise to stardom has been filled with challenges including bullies, teasing, taunting, and weight shaming, in addition to the obstacles, she had to overcome to be successful in a competition like Eurovision. (An annual European song competition with 40-50 countries competing in it) This last weekend, Netta showed us all that with courage, perseverance, and a little sass, we can conquer our doubts and fears and achieve our dreams.

Netta’s Eurovision song was “Toy” which was inspired by the #MeToo movement with lyrics like “I’m not your toy, you stupid boy”, and “Wonder Woman don’t you ever forget you’re divine and he’s about to regret”. Netta is a different kind of artist. She not only gave a fantastic vocal performance, but also included beatboxing, oddball noises, and arm flapping movements and clucking to emulate a chicken (because bullies are “chickens”) This was her out-of-the-box way of calling out bullies from around the world. She made the stance that bullying is about fear: “Fear of something different. Fear of somebody taking your place.”  Netta demonstrated her expert use of a looping machine which allowed her to layer her various sound effects, noises, and voices and sound like she had a chorus performing with her.

With her creative style and attention-grabbing beatboxing skills, Israel’s very own Netta Barzilai made a bold statement about female empowerment and won Eurovision 2018. That night, around 2 am when she was announced the winner,  thousands of people, including my sister and I, spontaneously ran out to Rabin Square in Tel-Aviv and into the street dancing and rejoicing with pride and joy! It was a big deal for the tiny country and a moment of immense pride.

Be Yourself, Be Different, Beat the Odds

Despite society’s effort to force conformity upon you, diversity is what the world needs to prosper and flourish. Think about it. If every person on the planet was a painter, we would have lots of great paintings, but who would cook? Who would teach? Who would record history and who would teach us where we came from?

The world needs you to embrace your individuality, find what makes you different and special, and use it to help other people grow.  Follow the examples of those who came before you: Oprah Winfrey overcame abuse and suffering to become a wildly successful role model and talk show host, J.K. Rowling was an unemployed, single, struggling mom who is now one of the richest women alive, and Netta Barzilai rose above the naysayers, weight-shaming, and bullying to win Eurovision 2018. All of these women would not be who or where they are today if they had kept their personalities hidden from the world in favor of what was socially acceptable.

If they can do it, so can you.

Chase Down Your Dreams!

So, what makes you unique, different, and maybe a little weird? I challenge you to find that thing, and embrace it, love it, nourish it, and let it grow. Don’t hide who you are behind the mask or label that society has decided is “right” for you. Use your unique talents and strengths, whatever they are, to chase down your dreams, to live the life you have always imagined. Remember: “Fortes fortuna juvat.” Fortune favors the bold.

If you need any reassurance that this is true, just watch this video of Netta Barzilai winning Eurovision 2018 because she was bold enough to embrace her unique style and brave enough to be different.

Let’s embrace your beautiful personality together, and whatever makes you remarkable. Netta has a whole team that helps her bring her uniqueness to the world, and like all successful people, she has coaches and mentors. I am here to support you along your journey of  learning, accepting, and loving yourself for who you are, without labels or masks, so let’s bring out the remarkable you together! Schedule a call with me today.  

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