Dealing with Fear


There are many factors that sabotage your progress …

The first one is FEAR.
The second one is FEAR.
The third one is … well you get the point.

FEAR is the only thing stopping you from succeeding.
The excuses we give ourselves and the excuses the environment allows are all stemmed from FEAR.


We live with endless mind chatter: stories we tell ourselves about how good or bad we are; stories we make up about the people around us and what they think about us (some may be day-dreaming and we think they are staring at us); we have doomsday prophecies and movies, including the ones we make up ourselves with no ones help – dooming our own success. The stories we tell ourselves create fear, and fear paralyzes us from participating in our lives.

When you get in the habit of listening to your mind chatter and catching yourself when you say negative things, or imagine negative situations, or make up stories that aren’t true – about yourself, your body, your environment – stop for a moment and understand this isn’t really happening now, and then take a step forward and disconnect from your thoughts.

Deal with fear by quieting your mind and working from an empty place. This empty space is the only space you can create from. An artist always starts with a blank canvas. What is put there is up to your imagination. Whatever you want to create in your life comes from this space within, without need for the stories and excuses.

Think of your mind as a garden – the good thoughts are beautiful flowers, and the bad thoughts are stubborn weeds. When you clear your mind of the undergrowth of bad thoughts, you can then plant the seeds of positive thoughts. During this process, there might be a period of battle between the good and the bad thoughts – and that is natural, but if you persistently plant the seeds of positivity, and diligently nurture the flowers they bring, your garden will grow, and you will reap a bountiful harvest!

Live in the present moment and see the bigger picture.  Understand that it’s not about the end goal, but the journey of reaching your goals. Be present to everyday, to every , to every action, every bite you eat, and every person you touch. When you’re present and not living in the illusion of the past or the future, you’re better able to take coherent actions that will help you get what you want. Your little everyday victories will manifest into the life of a courageous warrior.

Realize that this process is a lifetime’s worth of working on yourself – and fear will try to take over. The more you tend your inner garden and fight those weeds with good thoughts the stronger you will build your emotional muscles so that fear cannot faze you.
This won’t happen in a second, hour, day, week, year, etc. –  but when you train yourself to be aware of it, you can tap into that reservoir of creativity. and you will find your guide and unforseen bright opportunities will open for you everyday.

Love and light,




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