Interview with Dr. John Demartini


Do you feel stuck in a rut?  Weighed down by debt, a job you don’t love, and feeling like you aren’t living your life to your fullest potential? For women especially, we can often feel like our gender alone creates setbacks when we try to seek the financial independence and wealth that is so often relegated to a “man’s world.” So how can women thrive, and learn to embrace a millionaire mindset?

I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Dr. John Demartini, a world renowned leader, doctor, philosopher, researcher, educator, and public speaker, who has created an incredible amount of wealth doing what he loves. I’ve been following his journey for a while, and knew that he climbed from the very bottom – a high school dropout, at one point homeless in his life, he found a way to turn it all around and create financial stability for himself, while still following his heart. Luckily, he sat down with me to share:

  • how he accumulates such massive successes
  • the tools and tips he recommends that women use to find financial independence
  • how to find value in our work
  • how serving others and embracing our self worth factors into our income
  • the work/life juggle
  • that the “man’s world’ idea is a myth
  • ways to organize your values for less work/family conflict

One of the main points that he stresses is that we need to find what it is we love, what we put at our highest value, and allow ourselves to do things that naturally inspire us – a job where you wake up in the morning excited to get to. Once we find that inspiration, we’ll completely transform our self-worth, what we feel we deserve and can give to the world. Dr. Demartini also shared his number one tip to keep growing our wealth – for some  of us, that will mean we will have to stop growing our shoe collection!

Many women do face unique challenges in building wealth, as we often have to juggle families, relationships, and our children.. For you career gals that are holding off the family and relationships for now, Dr. Demartini shares the way you can thrive and succeed in a ‘man’s world’ – and the first step is to stop thinking about it that way!


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