One Secret to Becoming Your Dream


“I keep asking and asking, but where is my stuff?” Abraham

Hi you, I talked about the power of afirmation and the science behind it, on my blog post “positive affirmation-good for me or a big BS”. I hope this post will shade light on how to do it, in an effective way for your life.

It is not about what you say, it is about HOW YOU SAY IT… Don’t use affirmations that make you feel the opposite of what you want to become. If your affirmation is “I am a millionaire “and it is making you feel as poor as a dog, change it to an easier one like “my income is increasing every day”. You will be more likely to relate to something that you have experienced in the past and put a visual to your affirmation based on that. Your affirmation becomes more then empty unreachable wishful thinking when you believe it can actually happen.

When you believe the positive things you are saying about yourself, you are in vibration with success instead of failure. Your emotions are the indication for success. Manifesting good cannot come from feelings of fear, lacking, depression and guilt. Lower feeling will keep you paralyzed no matter what you say out loud. It is the feeling that brings the magic and power to you words. After programing your mind, and creating the “map” to success, it is time to take Massive actions toward making your dreams come true. Step by step you will reach your treasure, this is your time.

Affirmation + Feeling + Action = Success!

I eat healthy and nutritious food I am ready willing and able

I am capable I appreciate and love my body

I am strong within and without I love myself

I choose to look at the beauty of my body I can do it ,I have done it before

I am efficient , energetic and healthy Yes I can

I can heal fast I can change my body and my mindset

I have sexy and healthy body I am enthusiastic

I love to workout I am creative

I can grow I maintain a healthy weight

I can laugh and have funI am determent

I am excited to wake up and work out every dayI have abundance of energy

I dare to be differentI am OK

I dare to be different I can handle this

I love and nurture my bodyI love to smile

I deserve to have what I want I watch the way I talk about myself

I am getting stronger I am getting better I am getting more focus everyday

My mind is at peace I am loved

I am perfectly healthy in body mind and spiritI have all I need to accomplish my goals

I care for my body I am proud of myself

I thank myself for all the hard work I am ready for the next level

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