Episode 57 | March 28, 2017

Conscious Conversions with Tracey Thompson

A Personal Note from Orion

Do you have an aversion to selling or being in sales, because you are either afraid of rejection, or don’t want to seem ‘pushy’ or ‘sleazy’. However, when you come from a place of true intention, and most importantly, of service, you’ll find that you’re not really selling. You are simply guiding others towards a realization that what you have to offer can transform their life.

Sometimes it takes a drastic wake up call for you to re-align your priorities and start doing what is your true calling, what make you happy. For my guest Tracey Thompson, a cancer diagnosis led to her abandoning a corporate 9-5 job and doing something she always knew she was good at: coaching entrepreneurs on conscious selling techniques. Her ‘wake up’ call was the trigger that allowed her to create and effective, enlightening system to sell.



In this Episode

  • [03:48] – Tracey starts things off by telling us a little bit about herself. She explains how a frightening cancer diagnosis changed her whole world and brought her to realize that everything she was doing was out of alignment.
  • [08:08] – What was Tracey’s journey like after her conversation with God? In her answer, she explains the importance of learning to love yourself.
  • [09:53] – Tracey talks about what she did to love herself more.
  • [11:38] – This big change and decision to let people help wasn’t easy for Tracey at first, she explains.
  • [12:42] – What are some mindset tips and tools that Tracey used to help her create that shift?
  • [14:54] – Tracey explains what she means by “Conscious Conversations that Convert.” She gives some context for the conversion piece of that concept.
  • [17:20] – The key to doing this in a way that is gentle rather than salesy is asking powerful questions. She then explains the way she keeps herself from giving too much advice.
  • [20:16] – Tracey offers some more “seduction” techniques.
  • [25:44] – We hear about the reaction that people tend to have once they’ve made the discovery of what they need to be working on.
  • [27:35] – What’s more important: to stretch the gap of how painful it is to not have what they want to have, or to show them a compelling future?
  • [29:17] – Tracey talks about the biggest problem her service-provider clients face: the difficulty of selling a service that is your own. She then goes on to explain how to overcome this problem.
  • [32:30] – How do you know what you’re worth?
  • [34:23] – Tracey discusses the art and science of packaging. She then moves to talk about the current, ongoing shift from the information age into the transformation age.
  • [38:58] – We hear Tracey’s thoughts on dealing with rejection and maintaining your positive energy. She emphasizes the importance of making sure that service comes first.
  • [44:36] – Tracey shares a recent success story of a client who was very open to her coaching and saw dramatic results. These professional results were significant enough that they ultimately led to a wedding proposal!
  • [52:55] – Tracey offers some beautiful words of wisdom and encouragement for listeners. She also clarifies that conscious conversations aren’t just for sales.
  • [54:17] – How can people connect with Tracey and her tribe?

About Today’s Show

‏‏Hello and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I’m your host Orion, founder of Orion’s Method, Today is all about selling. Yes, selling is good because when you sell your products and services, you bring more light into the world, you make more money, you show up differently in the world, and it’s so important to sell. You sell yourself everyday on a daily basis. Every time you go on a date, every time you meet somebody new. It’s all a part of selling yourself and selling who you are. Selling your services and products is just as important because this is how you fulfill your purpose and make money, and when you have more money you can do more good in the world, and this is a great thing. I brought on my friend, a master sales conversation strategist, Tracey Thompson. She is the creator of the Conscious Conversations That Convert system. She is fearlessly committed to helping conscious entrepreneurs have powerful, authentic conversations that easily convert into high paying clients, it’s almost like turn on the faucet of cash flow on demand. She is brilliant, she knows a lot about branding, leads, and networking, but her main thing is how to make that sales conversation be comfortable, be good for you without the fear of rejection, without feeling like you are this lazy salesperson. She just makes it easy and she makes it effortlessly. If you want to know more about how to sell more of your products and services, then this is the episode for you. Without further ado, onto the show. Hello Tracey and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. How are you doing, love?

‏‏Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you for having me on and inviting me to speak to your lovely people.

‏‏Thank you. It’s a real treat to have you here because I like you so much. I love everything that you’re about, and I love the way you show up powerfully in the world. You are just wonderful.

‏‏Thank you.

‏‏You’re welcome. Why don’t you start by telling our listeners, because I know you, telling our listeners a little bit about yourself?

‏‏I’ve spent most of my adult life studying human psychology, specifically in the form of sales and marketing. That was my corporate background. I did that whole climb the corporate ladder and be super successful, do everything that I thought I was supposed to do. Go up there, get a good job, make good money, blah, blah, blah. I was doing it full force, just really Type A personality, just go, go, go. Corporate warrior. I even went back to school. I went to go get my second Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing about five years ago. I got done and I was exhausted. I was freaking burnt out to the max. I couldn’t understand why I was so freaking tired. I was, I was exhausted beyond, I couldn’t even explain it. I couldn’t even get up to put my resume out there and to go back into my chosen profession. I realized that I was depleted and I needed to go see a doctor. That’s when my whole world shifted because my doctor got on the phone after we did test after test and said, “Look, it’s not chronic fatigue, it’s not mono, it’s not any of the things that you thought it was, it’s cancer.”

‏‏My god.

‏‏Stage three cancer. It changed my whole world. At that point, I knew everything, everything I was doing was so out of alignment. I knew I was in this pivotal place in my life where if I didn’t start really pursuing my passion and my true calling in this world, in the way that I was meant to, that it was literally going to kill me. That’s where I was. That’s where I had as I say my first conscious conversation with god. I laid at the bathroom floor and I said, “Okay, this is it. If you want me to be here, we have to do it all different.” That was the moment where I had that re-enrolment conversation with my maker.

‏‏Wow, that’s funny.

‏‏That’s how I begun this path of really pursuing my true passion. I love people and I love to help them communicate in a much deeper, more profound level. I just wasn’t doing that at the corporate world. It was all about numbers, sales, budgets, and deadlines. It wasn’t about real connection. It wasn’t about conscious communication. That’s when I knew I needed to go out and help entrepreneurs because that’s where my heart is. Help entrepreneurs have those powerful conscious conversations that easily convert. It’s not sales, it’s not that icky, slimy sales energy, it’s really about connection and communion.

It’s not sales, it’s not that icky, slimy sales energy, it’s really about connection and communion. Click To Tweet

‏‏What was your journey like when you had that conversation with god and you say, “I’m going to do it differently.” What did you do differently?

‏‏The first thing I had to do differently is I had to learn how to re-love myself. I thought that all the success, having this career, making the money, buying the house, all of that was going to make me feel like I loved myself finally, like I was acceptable.

‏‏Finally you arrived.

‏‏Yeah. I’d really thought that and it wasn’t that. I didn’t feel that. What I felt was it’s never enough, no matter what I did. The first thing in that conscious conversation I was having with god at that moment was I heard this voice within me that said, “What if? What if all that is taken away? What if you can’t earn money? What if you aren’t the same person that you thought you were? What if it gets worse? What if you get sicker?” We went down that dark road. At the end, the voice in my psyche said, “If all that happened, could you still be you? Would you still be you?” I laid there crying for what it seemed like hours until I could finally say yes. That was the first big shift and breakthrough is I had unconditionally loved myself, and accepted myself no matter what happen.

‏‏We’re going to get into sales and all that good stuff. I also believe like you that the beingness is what is the most important, the way you are in the world. What was the journey into the self-love? What did you do to love yourself more?

‏‏There were a lot of things. First thing I did is I slowed the F down. Take a breath, just stop pushing so hard in everything. I was that driver. If it was going to get done, I had to do it and I had to make it hard. Everything was hard work. The first thing I did is I took a breath and let things be easy if they could be easy. For instance, I let people help me for the first time. Wow, what a noble pause that to you. You mean people can actually do some of the stuff I do, I don’t know have to do everything all the time? Amazing. That was a big deal for me, to relinquish or let go of that control, feeling like I had to be in control of everything. In fact, cancer is an interesting way to have it be put right in your face that you aren’t in control of shit. We fool ourselves so why not go with it. I let people help.

Take a breath, just stop pushing so hard in everything.

‏‏I was just having a conversation about certainty and uncertainty and how in life there is nothing certain. We do all these things thinking that we can control everything, that it will do XYZ, that will get this and this result, and then one day, something happens. No, you’re not in control and you do need help. If it’s the help from your creator, whatever you call it, or the help here on the physical plane with your friends and people help you with your business.

‏‏Absolutely, absolutely. It was a big pivot change and shift for me. It wasn’t easy, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not going to say, “Oh yeah, I just made the decision to let people help me and that was easy.” It was actually pretty painful at first because my ego was very tied up in being the one that does everything. Once I started allowing and being not connected to the outcome so tightly, I didn’t have to have set expectations for myself, for life, for other people. When I started to release that and started to truly be in the moment because I’ll tell you, there isn’t anything else. I realized how much of my life I was living in the future, the fantasy of the future, or the grips of memories of the past, and it wasn’t serving me.

‏‏Right. Tracey, you studied human psychology. What are some mindset tips and tools that you can share with people that helped you create that shift?

‏‏I think one of the primary core mindsets if you will, or beliefs, has to be that ironically, paradoxically, we are in control of nothing in this world, in the physical human existence world, we’re really not in control of the things that we thought we were in control of. At the same time that we are in control of things we didn’t think we were, like that inner state. I always like to say, “Be the governor of your own state.” Being the governor of your own state means that your experience is one that you choose even when it feels like you’re not choosing it. You can’t always control the circumstances but you can control the way you react to it, you can control the way you feel about it. You definitely can control how you move forward instead of staying in victim. This happened to me. These people said these things, they did these things and so therefore I, of course I felt this way, I had to do that. That kind of mindset comes from a place of weakness. Weakness in the sense that we aren’t in charge to change it. If you have to rely on everything else around you, everyone else around you to shape or change your experience internally, then you will forever be chasing. You’ll forever be in that deficit position of always wondering what the next thing is going to be that’s going to make you feel better.

‏‏It’s about the way you change yourself. When you change yourself, the world around you changes. You can’t change anybody else, you can’t change the circumstances, you can only change the way you respond to it. Your response ability, your ability to respond. To honor your word and to be a cause in the matter.

‏‏Right, absolutely.

‏‏You are an expert in conscious conversions, what is that?

‏‏The full phrase that I use is conscious conversations that convert. The conscious conversion piece is really just a fancy way of saying influence. It’s the way to lead a conversation of influence. Even influence gets a bad rep sometimes.

‏‏Is it like you becoming a leader of a call through you influencing everybody?

‏‏Yeah, yeah. It can start to take that on. Although I think that persuasion is probably the one that people have a harder time with, even persuasion and influence. When you’re coming from the place of truly being of service, and not manipulation, not for your self-servicing purposes, if you really are there to connect, to really be connected at a soul level, the conscious influence comes from a soul place. It comes from a very healthy, well balanced, it’s not to manipulate. It’s for connection and communion. Influence is the leadership part. You’re leading someone, for example, to a higher level of awareness. You’re leading them, you’re influencing them to a higher level of clarity. You may be even leading them toward a part of themselves they didn’t even know was there, they didn’t realize, that’s that awareness. The conversion piece, is, I’ll give you some context. If you’re speaking to someone, you want to influence, you want to connect with them, to demonstrate to them, to show them that there is a new way of thinking, a new way of approaching maybe a subject that they’ve always been stuck on. You’re talking to a potential client as an example, and they are stuck in this place in their life, in their business, or whatever, and they’re so close to it they don’t see it. They’re just repeating the same cycle over and over. In the conscious conversation, as a leader of that influence conversation, you lead them towards a new point of view. You lead them into this realization that there is another answer, one that they couldn’t see before.

‏‏How do you do it in a way that is gentle versus salesy?

‏‏You ask questions. You get really good at asking powerful questions. Just like what you do here, it’s a great example. You can influence with your questions. It doesn’t seem like you are pushing. A question is really at its base is curiosity. Just get really curious. That’s the best way to have that person, whoever it is that you’re speaking to, that you want to “influence,” to come to a new realization is just ask them the question so that it emerges through them and they go, “Aha, oh yeah, I never thought of it like that.” That’s what you want. That’s the kind of reaction that you want.

Whoever it is that you’re speaking to, that you want to “influence,” to come to a new realization is just ask them the question so that it emerges through them. Click To Tweet

‏‏As a coach when I do sales calls, there is always this urge to just give advice. Forget about the question. They are asking me questions and I just need to solve their problem right there and then. How do you do it in a way where you give them just a little bit but you keep that open loop where they are longing for more?

‏‏It’s so funny I was just having this conversation with my dear friend and colleague in this industry, Camy Baker. She and I were talking about this and I said, “It’s very interesting, the parallels between relationships and seduction in an interesting way, in that we really never want to just overtly come out and go, “Oh yeah, here it is. Lay it all on the table.” Like standing up and taking all your clothes off. You don’t want to do that. It’s not sexy and it’s not advantageous in the sales conversation either because people like to come to their own conclusions. They like to feel like they made the decision. They like to feel like it was their idea, not your idea, even though you’re the expert. People still want to take ownership of their experience. The way that I sense or keep myself from giving too much advice is to go back to what I just said earlier, I stop myself and I say, “That’s really fascinating. What you just said there was really fascinating. Tell me more about that.” I stop myself. I may even say to them, “Oh my gosh, I have so many great ideas for you right now but it’s not about me. I really want to know more about what you just said.”

‏‏That’s powerful, oh my god. There’s so much I can teach you, and tell you, and fix your problems…

‏‏But I’m not going to.

‏‏I love it. Can you tell a few more seduction techniques like that?

‏‏Yes. Well, there’s nothing more seductive to anyone than talking about their favorite subject. Guess what that is?


‏‏Themselves, yes. The more you can skillfully, artfully, and I call it the art of communication, the art and influence. The more you can artfully dance with them to get them to reveal more about themselves, about what they want, what they really desire, their vision, their passion, their pain, we think that as much as we hear people complain all the time, and whine and complain, you would think that they would get tired of hearing about their own problems but they don’t. They don’t. We want to get creative about how we ask about the problems. For instance, you have somebody who says, “You know, it’s just this technology, I can’t stand technology. If it weren’t for technology I could just have somebody do all my technology, my business will be fine.” That’s what they call the public problem. If you just kept staying there with them, superficially, and the whole rest of conversation was about technology, you’re having the wrong conversation.

‏‏Wow, powerful.

‏‏Because it’s not about the technology, it’s not. It’s about something underneath that complaint, that public problem that is really eating them and just probably the reason they’re stuck.

‏‏Somebody came and told you that his or her problem is technology, what can it be if it’s not technology?

‏‏It could be any number of things but I would ask. I would ask questions that are very specific to get up underneath that. Let’s dig deeper. I hear what you’re saying, I totally get it, technology frustrates me too.

‏‏So you relate, you build rapport first?


‏‏You make them feel listened to.

‏‏Exactly, acknowledge.

‏‏I get it.

‏‏Yeah, absolutely. I totally get it. I completely get it. I would ask a creative question, first I’d want to know how that feels. “How do you feel when technology is always blocking you from growing your business the way you really want to? How does that feel?” And they’re like, “Oh, infuriated.” I just keep banging my head against the wall. I can’t have it anymore. I can’t afford to hire somebody, this is stopping me, and it’s driving me crazy. This is where I start, this is one of the things I talk about in Conscious Conversations That Converts is always be searching for the pattern. What I mean by that is there’s always a pattern behind every problem, behind every surface, is you, challenge pain, whatever. There’s always a pattern. For instance, this may be a pattern of projecting for this person. The reason that they really aren’t moving forward with their business is because they have a fear that if they get all this dialed in, they’re going to actually have to be responsible, they’re actually going to have to go out, talk with people, and have a real business. But they’re not saying that, they may not even be conscious of it. If you don’t ask deeper questions to find out where the pattern is, the pattern maybe one week, it’s the technology. “That’s the reason I’m not doing anything right now. I have to figure that out.” The next week it’s, “I need to figure out how to joint venture partner first. I need to have all this, whatever.” Shiny object syndrome.


‏‏Squirrel. The reason that they keep having these things emerge, and this is why if you get stuck on the problem, you go in circles with them. But the pattern is really that they’re afraid, that they’re afraid of what’s going to happen if they actually stop making that thing and excuse, what will happen if they actually have to go out there and talk to people, have a sales conversation, actually ask for money. It could be any number of things, there’s something underneath it. It’s our job, is to help illuminate that pattern for them with them.

‏‏That’s really powerful and it’s so true. People are afraid to actually share their deepest secrets with you. They want to look good and not look bad so covering it up with the word technology or JV, that sounds really important. Sounds like the heavier illegitimate reason to not move forward.


‏‏That’s the way they see themselves into not taking action and not moving forward. It’s so important to have a coach like you that will shine their way and actually show them the path to what it is and how to get out of it. Just show them what is possible for them when they drop that excuse.

‏‏Absolutely. In fact, most people are so grateful to have that breakthrough, to have that, “Oh my gosh, that’s actually what’s happening. I didn’t even see that.” That experience, they’re so grateful for that at the end even if it’s painful. There’s the irony, because at least now they know what they need to be shifting, what they need to be working on, that there’s hope.

‏‏Beautiful. Because there are the things that we know we know, the things that we know that we don’t know, and the things that we don’t know that we don’t know. When a coach like you comes and just see the bigger picture, you can actually analyze it. If you are a good detective, you can see the pattern of what’s going on and it’s like, “This is what’s going on. Now, you can take actions.” Because you move it from their realm of what they don’t know they don’t know to what they know they don’t know, and then they know they need you.

‏‏Absolutely. That’s why it’s so important that the solutions that we bring don’t stay at the superficial level either. It’s tempting to try to meet people at the superficial level with a superficial solution. To never ever have that deeper conversation, to never ever really uncover what this truly means to them, to not really go deep, to not really touch on the pain behind it, and then wonder why we have such a difficult time with objections at the end.

‏‏What’s more important to stretch the gap of how painful it is to not have what they want to have or to show them that compelling future?

‏‏I believe that it’s a balance of both. Here’s my personal formula for that. If you have someone who’s super passionate on the line, they can tell you all about their vision. The minute you try to go into what’s blocking them, what’s keeping them from it, what will happen if they don’t achieve it, they won’t go there. There’s something wrong. There’s something that for them is out of alignment. Some people are so indoctrinated that you have to be positive, there’s positive thinking and they just won’t go there. I’ve had a few people like that. The truth to the matter is their experience in the business and in life is going to stay at that superficial level because until all of us are willing to tap into that gap, the pain of not having what we say we’re so passionate about, it should be equal. The pain of not having it, the pain of being blocked from it, the pain that’s already caused you is there for a reason. It should equal the passion. To me, the link of time or the amount of focus that you put on either should be just long enough to get to that equal place, to that balance point where they’re just as passionate about the vision and just as passionate about how painful it would be for them to not have it.

‏‏That’s great. When it comes to selling services, what’s the biggest problem your clients are facing?

‏‏You mean services, as in?

‏‏Yeah. They are service providers and they are trying to make a sales call.

‏‏I will say that across the board generally speaking, most entrepreneurs, most experts that are selling a service that is their own. That seems to bring up the most stuff for people. Unlike selling a product, or a widget, or some for a company, for somebody else, that’s kind of removed from you. It’s not really you. As soon as you start trying to sell you, in essence, your coaching, your expertise, it does bring up a lot of our own personal self-worth issues, value. Conundrums like, “Can I really charge that?” “Do I deserve to charge that much?” “Is it right for me to charge that?” All of that starts to come up. I find that that’s the number one inner game, biggest challenge service providers have when they go to have a sales conversation.

As soon as you start trying to sell you, in essence, your coaching, your expertise, it does bring up a lot of our own personal self-worth issues, value.

‏‏How do you get over that gap of being afraid to sell your own stuff because you’re afraid of rejection?

‏‏It’s not a one and done thing, it’s a process. It really is. It is a process. This is what my clients and I work on right from the beginning, is really truly having clarity, crystal clarity about who you are as an expert, what you bring to the table, what you bring to your ideal client, exactly what your expertise is, and look at it in comparison. In other words, you look at it and go, “Gosh, this is how it’s impacted my life. This is how it’s impacted the friends that I’ve helped in this arena.” Start giving yourself more objectivity about how powerful what you do is because sometimes we don’t appreciate. We don’t have the objectivity to be appreciative of our own genius. Really looking at the value of what we bring, and then helping us express it. The more you can explain it, the more you can share it with people, the more you own it. You need to name it. A lot of experts have a hard time with this. They know what in their mind but when it comes to explaining it, then it gets all diffused all over the place, and then they have a hard time, and then they feel like they can’t charge for it because they’re not explaining it well. All those are steps in building the muscle of self-worth, self-value, valuing your expertise. It’s a process. Clarity, owning it, knowing what you’re worth, and then creating a really irresistible package around it, that’s vital before you even get to the table.

‏‏How do you know what’s your worth?

‏‏That’s a good point. This is where it’s really important to have outside people reflect back. We are like, “Oh no, I just do that thing. It’s no big deal.” Get someone who is objective, get somebody else. I had this conversation with somebody just today. I was like, if you’re questioning your own worth, go help someone. Do the thing you do, do that magic and then ask them what it was like. “How did that feel?” “What was your experience?” So you can get that mirrored back to you. I don’t think it will take very long because most of us are geniuses, we just don’t walk around acting like it most of the time.

‏‏I guess it’s the same answer when it comes to pricing your package or packaging your IP.

‏‏Absolutely. There’s definitely an art and science to it to pricing and packaging but it really does start with you first. You have to own your own value before you can expect anybody else to own it. It’s who you are being as you show up, as the leader, as the influencer, as the expert in the conversation. How you’re showing up is even more important than what you say, or the price of your package, or whatever. I know we hear that but I’m telling you that is paramount, it’s everything. You really are passionate about what you do, the packaging and the pricing comes much, much easier.

‏‏Can you give us a glimpse into the art and science of packaging?

‏‏Absolutely. Today, I mean it shifted this, it’s changed especially in this expert space, in this industry of coaching, and mentoring, and sharing our expertise with people. It used to be where packages where everybody had 50 million bonuses.

‏‏Yeah, I remember.

‏‏Oh my gosh, there’s like $50,000 worth of bonuses and it’s only $997. You’re like, “What’s wrong with the product that we have to have all that?” That’s the old model. The new model is really to have a not overloaded, a really specific problem that you solve, be really super, super specific. I know that’s hard for a lot of people because we do so much, we are capable of doing so much, we want to give our clients everything. The number one first thing to keep in mind about packaging what you do is to keep it elegant, simple, straightforward, and super, super effective in the one thing you do best. If I could give no other advice than that in terms of packaging that would be it. For instance, for me, Conscious Conversations That Convert is all about that, conversate the front to end, how to have that powerful influence conversation and have it with ease so that you own it, you master that skill. Then peripherally, I help people on each side. How you get leads, lead generation, how you talk about what you do, but the focus is really on the conversion conversation.


‏‏I don’t go too far off the dart board.


‏‏That’s most important. The same thing is true with bonuses. If you’re going to have bonuses, they have to be super tightly related and very few of them. Powerful, potent, and narrow.

‏‏I’ve been noticing that, people are giving one, or two, or three bonuses, and that’s it. Where in the past they used to give a lot.

‏‏You know what happens is that it’s too much. People now, we’re moving out of the information age into the transformation age.

‏‏That’s beautiful.

‏‏They’re no longer looking for information. Listen, Google did away with information being a premium. Nobody is looking for information anymore. We’re bombarded by information. We are looking for transformation. The only way transformation can happen is when you go deep. You have to go deep. You can’t do that if you buy 50 freaking bonuses in your package.


‏‏You’re distracting your own client away from the deep transformation they came to you to have.

‏‏So many relationships are so superficial and what you’re doing is so nice. You just bring it back to humanity and connection, and going deeper into the heart and soul of the matter rather than just deal with like a thousand How Tos that will help you maybe someday be successful.

‏‏Really conscious conversations is a human skill. It is so that our souls connect at a deeper level and we have these human experiences together, but the communicational conversation is the catalyst, is the vehicle for that to happen, that connection to occur. The transformation really that our clients were looking for and that we’re looking for can happen.

‏‏How do you deal with rejection? Rejection brings this energy into the sales conversation where like, “Oh my god, they’re not going to like me.” It just destroys everything, because you can do everything correctly, you can build rapport, and go deeper but your energy of like, “Please, please, I want sales.” What do you do to eliminate that energy?

‏‏The first thing of course is to not come into, you have to keep clean, if you will, to keep your energy clean before you approach the whole conscious conversation to begin with. My recommendation, what I do is I get very centered and really be present, five, ten minutes ahead, take time, close my eyes, get completely centered, and I have my own mantra that I am here to serve first, first to be of service, always. And that I trust and I give to my divine, the divine part of myself to submit to that for guidance. That through this conversation at all times, it is always about connection and being of service. As a leader, I know that if it is, when it is, if it is appropriate to hold a strong container and space for this person to say yes to their own yes, not to me, to say yes to themselves by moving forward with me, then I’m willing to do that.

‏‏Holy wow. I felt that energy. I just felt that it was powerful. So great to get out of your own way. Ask the ego to move aside for a second and stop thinking about him or herself but just go from a place of what can I get to what can I give. For a place of I want to control the situation to a place of I release control and I allow the divine energy guidance to flow through me and just help that person. I like your value of service first. You have the intention in mind to have them say yes to their yes. You have the intention in mind to make the sale but you’re not doing it in a pushy salesy way, you’re just doing it in a very easy, beautiful way that is coming from a place of service because you know that if this person is meant to work with you, you’re going to shift their life forever.

‏‏Absolutely. It is my responsibility to truly to be present. I cannot be present if I’m thinking about, “Oh my gosh, is this person going to say yes?” “How am I going to process her payment?” You cannot be present when you’re doing that.


‏‏It is paramount that presence comes first, service comes first. To me, a big part of service, being of service means that I am willing to do things that are challenging for me. Meaning when it comes time and I’m speaking to someone who wants to say yes, they do. This person is saying, “Gosh Tracey, I know you’re right. I really need to shift this. I’m ready and I really want to say yes, but.” And then they’re in that place of what I call tension. They’re in that spot where they feel internal tension. It’s not you pushing them now, it’s not you pushing them at all. It’s you offering, making the invitation that they want to say yes to you, and they’re having an inner struggle, an inside struggle. It’s my job to hold a strong container and space for them to work through that. Not for me to push them but for me to be their partner in it, to help them, to get to that clarity place. This is the way I put it, you hold people in that tension place with intention. When you do that, miracles can happen. People have amazing breakthroughs when you allow them to get to that place, not on their own by themselves but with you, but it was them that said yes, not you saying it for them.

People have amazing breakthroughs when you allow them to get to that place, not on their own by themselves but with you. Click To Tweet

‏‏I love what you’re saying. It goes back to what I said before, the urge to just like, “Oh my god, you feel little bad? Let me fix you. Let me fix you. Let’s change. Let’s not make you feel bad, it’s okay, it’s okay.” When you just allow it to be and you allow the space to be, I know as a coach, it can be a little difficult to be that container and just allow and sit with that when you see someone it’s not struggling but it’s like you can’t help a chick break out of their own shell. They have to do it themselves because the moment you help them, you kill them.

‏‏You just hold the space for that to happen. You only assist in as much as you’re helping them get the clarity that they need to continue with that process, that’s it.

‏‏Wow, powerful. Can you share a success story with us? I know you have many.

‏‏Oh my goodness, where do I start? Let’s see. My goodness. My most recent and one of my favorites, I’m so happy I get to tell this, so excited. I have a client who I’d been working with and who’d been part of my tribe for a long time. She is a rockstar herself, she’s this kicking butt, she’s a business coach, and she was just rocking it. She came to me a couple times and she said, “You know, my boyfriend, he’s also a coach. He’s still in that space where he’s not quite there yet. He’s still right on the edge but I can’t be his coach. I want to be his girlfriend, I don’t want to be his coach.”

‏‏No, it never works.

‏‏I know.

‏‏I live with it. My husbands is in SEO but he’s also a coach. Sometimes it works really well when we try coach each other and sometimes it’s like, “Don’t go to me! I know better.” It’s like when I coach my sister, for example, I can tell her something over and over again and she’ll just nod and say yes and then two years later, three years later, somebody give her the same freaking information and she’s like, “Oh my god, you were so right. I have to share this with you.” Really? I just told you that a few times, more than few times, over and over again.

‏‏Oh, I know.

‏‏But it’s like that.

‏‏She was explaining that. She said, “I don’t want to be that person. Can you please talk to him?” She connected us and he and I had a conscious conversation and it was clear that he was ready. He was like, “I really want to, I’m ready to step up in my business. I know I’m meant to powerfully help people.” He’s a purposeful leadership coach. Literally what he does is lead leaders.


‏‏He was great. I was like I can feel the energy when I talk to him.

‏‏You’re so good in your clarity and your psychology and understanding of people on what they do and actually give it a language. Put it in language are just so powerful because the moment you put something in language, it’s more clear.

‏‏You name it.

‏‏You name it. You call him leader of leaders so he sees himself in a different way.

‏‏Right, exactly. I called him in a strong way, in a powerful way. I called him to that place and I said, “Here, let me hold this mirror up to you, for you.” I said, “I’m not attached to whether you say yes or no to me but I believe that where you are right now is powerful and you know it, and I believe you’re ready. If you are, then let’s do this. Let’s partner together. If you’re willing to do the work then I am ready to be your coach.”

‏‏That sounds so good.

‏‏He said yes. Just to give you context, up to the time he met me, he was selling a package every other month, one client every other month. It was around $4,000, he was barely making it, which is not a happy thing for him. He said, “I really want to step up and do the right thing, this is my calling and I want to be the right man for my girlfriend,” and all of that. It was important to him.

‏‏Yeah. Especially for men, being the provider is so important. It can create stress in their relationship if there’s not enough money, the man doesn’t show up powerfully, and then they don’t feel they are manly enough and they can’t provide and protect. You’re doing a great service not only for him, he is making money but it’s so much deeper than that because when he makes money, when he feels confident, he shows up differently to his girlfriend, she looks up to him, she looks at him in a different way, he shows up different for his clients.

‏‏Oh, my gosh.

‏‏Because his clients, they’re all about purpose. When you’re in your purpose of helping clients find purpose and you don’t feel that you are in your purpose making enough money, then you don’t coach from a powerful place.

‏‏Exactly, you see how this all comes together.

‏‏It’s a ripple effect.


‏‏Money is spirituality, it’s a very important component in our lives.

‏‏Absolutely. You’re going to love the rest of the story too because it gets better. He said yes and you’re so right, Orion. Everything you said applies and you’ll see exactly how here in a moment. He started with me and he did, he was very coachable, he took massive action, he did exactly as I coached him to do. He lined up 10, I believe it was 10 from the beginning of conscious conversations, we have free sessions with him. He converted the first four. Within three weeks, he had generated over $22,000 in new coaching revenue in less than three weeks.

‏‏That’s amazing.

‏‏We get on the phone and I’m like, “Oh my gosh!” I said, “Look at you, you are a freaking rockstar. What are you going to do to celebrate?” Because that’s a big thing with me. You celebrate everything even when they’re not that big, not as big as that.

‏‏I love that. I loved that. Especially in the corporate world. People are like, “Okay, I just achieved that goal. Where is the next one?” They don’t even stop to smell the roses. Why are you doing what you’re doing if you’re not to stop and celebrate and love yourself more? This is an act of self-love, celebration. Celebrating everything that you do and everything that you are and all your achievement, everything. Celebration is so powerful.

‏‏My first session with him, this is what I do with everyone that I work with, is I set benchmark celebration. When you hit this piece, you celebrate this way. When you do this, you’d already done that.

‏‏That’s so smart. It reminds me of those kids in school but you have a golden star for every little thing. That’s so cool.

‏‏I had him outline what he will do. We hadn’t even planned for this. He doubled his biggest goal in three weeks. I said, “Okay, what are you going to do now? This is way bigger than your biggest celebration goal.” He goes, “I already have something in mind.” I was like, “Great. What is it?” I said, “Does it involve your girlfriend?” He goes, “Yes, absolutely.” He goes, “I’m finally going to take her on that dream trip. For the three day weekend, we’re going to go to the special place. She doesn’t know, it’s a surprise. Don’t tell her.” “Of course not.” He goes, “I’ll give you a little hint. When we come back, you probably will see on her Facebook, her relationship status will change.” I’m like, “Ohhhhh”

‏‏Oh my god.

‏‏“You’re going to propose?” He said, “Finally Tracey, I can finally can say after three years.” He says, “After three years of dating her, I can finally step into being that man for her and this is the time. I’m going to do it.”

‏‏I’m getting teary over here. Wow, what a beautiful story. I mean I knew the story about him, we talked about that story about him making the money but I didn’t know the other part of him stepping this power in such a beautiful way, such a humanly powerful way just because he’s showing up in the world the way he really is. That’s awesome!

‏‏Absolutely. His clients are just kicking butt and they’re loving their process with him and they’re doing great things. I’m here to say in your audience, any of you who are stepping more fully into whatever it is you’re meant to do, have in this world, do it. Really, really embrace it. Conscious conversation is something that isn’t just sales, it is in every facet, every part of our lives have conscious conversations, connect deeply with people because the world needs us, we all matter, and everything we do matters. Together we rise.

‏‏Together we rise. That’s amazing. Thank you for that. Thank you for that story, made my day. Beautiful.

‏‏Me too. I ran around the house like a silly school girl. I could hardly contain myself. I’m like, I can’t tell anybody either because most of people I know knew them. How can I not tell somebody?

‏‏Wow, amazing.

‏‏That was so much fun.

‏‏Thank you so much. How can people find you, learn more about you, work with you, connect to you and your tribe? How can they do all that?

‏‏Yes. Well, I have an amazing community called Conscious Conversions Mastermind. It’s on Facebook. It’s open and free to entrepreneurs and the only criteria is that if you’re an entrepreneur who is committed, really committed to growing your business, we have an amazing community of like-minded, passionate, talented entrepreneurs where we gather together and we support one another. I support this group at a very, very high level. If you would like to become a member, please look up the group on Facebook, its Conscious Conversions Mastermind, my name is Tracey Thompson. Ask to become a member and I’ll accept and then we can start to get to know each other, and you can introduce yourself to my amazing tribe.

‏‏Yeah. Seriously if you’re an entrepreneur, you should totally join. Tracey also does the amazing weekly calls where she shares advice and sometimes share with other leaders and luminaries all about sales, leads, branding, networking, and all that good stuff that can make your life better, by doing and doing better. Tracey, you’re awesome! Thank you so much.

‏‏Thank you, this is so much fun.

‏‏Yeah. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful advice.

‏‏Yes. Thank you and I appreciate the opportunity. I’d love to meet your lovely people so please come join the party.

‏‏Yeah, join the party. Bye.

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Ask myself: if I were diagnosed with cancer, how would my priorities shift and how would I want to spend my life? Use the answer to start changing my life in that direction.

✓ Work toward a state of self-love. Being enough comes from within, not without, so stop looking for external validation.

✓ Assess what slowing down would mean for me. Make a conscious daily effort to slow down to avoid burnout. 

✓ Be the governor of my own state. I can’t always control my circumstances, but I can control how I react and what I feel.

✓ In the process of trying to make a sale, focus on asking powerful questions rather than by being pushy or sales-y. Questions can influence too.

✓ When I feel like I’m about to start giving too much advice, stop. Instead, ask for more information about what the person just said.

✓ Build rapport with the person I’m talking to. Ask creative questions to help them feel heard, acknowledged, and understood.

✓ Always search for the pattern behind every problem or surface issue. Don’t focus on the surface problem itself.

✓ If I’m questioning my own professional worth or value, go help someone with my professional skills. Let them mirror my own value back to me.

✓ Get very centered and present 5-10 minutes before a conscious conversation. Remind myself that I’m here to be of service, and that I trust the divine part of myself.

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