Episode 12 | May 10, 2016

Create a Healthy and Vibrant Life with Scientific Healing: Anastasia Chopelas

A Personal Note from Orion

In the past few years, I kept running into Dr. Anastasia Chopelas at various seminars, and something about her drew me in right away.  I had no idea then, but it was her energy, because that is, in fact, her specialty: scientific healing using molecular and vibrational physics.  She combines alternative health methods with conventional science and has helped hundreds of people move out of disease and into better health.  Her way of combining science and healing is fascinating.  In this interview, we talk about managing and protecting your energy, tapping into your chakras, and finding inner peace through meditation. 



About Today’s Show

‏‏Welcome to another stellar episode! I’m your host, Orion, and I have a special Greek goddess with me today. She is the one and only, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas. Dr. Anastasia is the scientific healer and founder of The Diamond Healing Method, a sophisticated healing technique that includes molecular and vibrational physics. Dr. Anastasia is a Reiki master. She’s an author, speaker, and her newest book is called, The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says. Hello, Anastasia! Thank you so much for being with us and welcome to the show! How are you doing today?

‏‏I’m doing great. Thanks, Orion! I am honored to be here and I’m all excited to start this show-up and help your listeners get some value.

‏‏Oh, they will because you are one of the most extraordinary people I know. Just so they’ll know a little bit more about you, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

‏‏Well, about 40 years ago, I knew from the time I was very young that I was going to study science. About 40 years ago, I started researching the vibrations of materials and in that research, I studied what happened to materials as they changed temperature and pressure then I monitored their vibrations and they told me a whole story. I was enjoying that career quite a bit and 20 years ago, I got really, really sick even though I was doing all the-quote, unquote-“right” things like eating right, running six miles before breakfast every morning, I lived in a beautiful countryside in Germany where we overlook vineyards and orchards, and I had my dream job where I had, basically, an infinite research budget to do whatever I please. Getting that sick where I only had two good hours a day made it really hard to enjoy life and being in my early 40’s, I thought, “How am I going to live the next 50 or 60 years like this? This is horrible!” so instead of researching vibrations of material, I started researching the conditions that I had. I also discovered, while living in Germany, that they had a lot more sophisticated healing techniques, including energy medicine. You could walk up to any person on the street and ask them or tell them, “Oh, I have a little bit of a sore throat,” and they’ll tell you all these different herbs to take and all these different techniques to do to help you get well. It was really well-steeped in alternative medicine so I was really fortunate to live there during that time. Since then, I have learned all kinds of different energy medicine and I started to wrap in the physics that I knew into the techniques and protocols I was using and I discovered that it amplified the effect. It speeded up the healing process and in many cases, made it permanent. I spent the last four years doing hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of healings, and in the beginning, I’m one of these people who are really, really evidence-based. I need to see it to believe it and after the first 200 successful healings, which is virtually everybody that I work with, I started to finally believe it. I’ve done many, many, many more since then and a lot of people have started asking me, “What is it that you do that’s different?” and I explained that and they said, “Can you teach it to me?” so now, I’m moving into the teaching realm and back to my roots-I was a physics professor for a very long time and I taught physics to, ironically, entering medical and dental students. Now, it has come full circle where I’m doing the healing work.

‏‏Right, and what is it that you do that is so different? I know that you call yourself a “scientific” healer-what is that?

‏‏Oh, so what a lot of healers do is, they build direct energy and they use intent-so, it’s the intention and they’ll direct the energy somewhere, or they’ll use some sort of prayer, or they’ll connect with you energetically and start shifting things-I can do all that. That’s not a problem. The thing that I do that’s different is-I’ll give you an example-I had a case where a woman was not sleeping very well so I worked on her pineal gland and that’s the gland that’s in the core of your brain that secretes melatonin and the melatonin is the thing that helps you get drowsy. It’s supposed to increase during the evening hours as the sun goes down and when the sun rises or it gets light in your room, it’s supposed to dissipate out of your body. When I first did a pineal gland healing, she was so flooded with melatonin and she called me up and she says, “Help! I can sleep now but I can’t wake up very well anymore,” so I started thinking to myself, well, let’s put a periodic function on it. When you talk to a physicist, a periodic function is something that looks like a sine wave so I just mathematically impose this sine wave onto the secretion of the melatonin, and all of a sudden, she then called me up and she says, “Oh my gosh! I don’t know whatever you did this last time, it’s made it so I can sleep really well and wake up fresh in the morning.” The next thing I did was, I got more and more people with sleep problems. One, couldn’t fall asleep before 3 A.M so we got her time-shifted to be ten to six. There was another one who had been taking melatonin tablets for the last 28 years came to me and she says, “Well, I’ve been taking these for 28 years, I don’t think I can go off,” so I did the same procedure on her and I said, “Well, why don’t you try tonight without the melatonin?” and she got up the next morning and wrote back to me immediately, “I can’t believe it! I slept without pills!” I talked to her four months later and sure enough, she was still off the pills. I started doing that with all of the techniques that I used. For example, in Reiki, we learned to just put our hands in and just channel the energy into the person and when I asked the Reiki master who taught me that, I said, “Well, do you tell the energy to go somewhere?” she says, “No, it knows where to go,” and I thought, I know where it should go! I started thinking that we could look at healing specific DNA issues, we can reprogram the DNA, we can lengthen the telomeres, we can start looking at stem cells, and start really reprogramming and bringing the body back into resonance with its original perfect blueprint so I just started looking at everything as a series of vibrations and that’s how I started working and basically, just last year, I’ve worked with at least 250 people who declared that what I did for them was a medical miracle-getting things to regenerate that shouldn’t have been or making tumors disappear nearly overnight so that’s the exciting part.

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‏‏That’s incredible! So, basically, because of your medical background and your knowledge of anatomy and how the body works, you actually can be more specific in your request for the energy so the healing can be even more powerful. I’ve never heard anything like…

‏‏That’s exactly right!

‏‏I’ve never heard anything like that! Yeah!

‏‏That’s exactly right! Most healers will talk about your chakras, your meridians, or you’re nadis, your auras, and things like that. When I first heard those words, I go, “What? What are they talking about?” It’s an energy field. It’s a portal. All of those things that you hear people talking about are actually physically based in the body. For example, the chakra is where the nerves and the receptors come together and so, that’s where we receive things. We’re receiving energy from the outside and when you look at how you look, you can actually chart it with an instrument that there is actually an opening there and there are things happening. You can actually charge it physically.

‏‏That makes total sense. Just like when you write your goals, you want to be as specific as possible.


‏‏So you can get to the right place-like, when you travel, you put a specific place on the GPS, then you’re destined to go to that place rather than drive around in circles. That’s pretty extraordinary and I really like that. Wow!

‏‏Yeah, exactly. Just like when you’re very specific with your goals, with your time, your specific request, whether you want to manifest a certain amount of money or a type of home, or get to a certain weight, or a certain level of health-the more specific you are, the better and the higher the chances are that you’re going to reach the goal. That’s exactly the same with healing. The more specific I am with my request-for example, I have a gentleman who I’ve been working with. First, we worked five sessions and now, we’ve worked another in the beginning about a year and a half ago, and then, he decided to come back because his results were so phenomenal. His family has a history of kidney failure and when he came to me, he was at 25% function. His mother died of kidney failure and she was on dialysis the last few years of her life and he did not want the same fate. When he came to me, he was at 25% and when I last spoke to him a week and a half ago, he was 41%-at 50%, you are considered healthy. He is beating the odds completely and I was very specific in my request. Of course, I look at the whole body because we operate as holistically but it’s very specific about regenerating those kidneys. The way I did it and he just said that his doctor kind of looks at it and scratches his head and says, “It’s unbelievable that they’re reversing in function and that damage is reversing.”

‏‏That makes me really happy. I like it!


‏‏Magic! There is magic out there!

‏‏Well, it’s not really magical because our brains and our spirits are incredibly powerful. What I like to tell people is that we have 38-trillion cells in our body and that’s such an unbelievable number-38-trillion. I tell people, if you imagine that each cell of yours was the size of a grain of sand, it would weigh 80,000 tons, and for you to imagine how much 80,000 tons is, it’s the size of four aircraft carriers.


‏‏Yeah. That’s unbelievable! That’s how much energy we’re commanding. In each cell, we have a whole set of DNA and each DNA strand, we have 25,000 molecules in our DNA and we have 3-trillion base pairs that when you look at the DNA ladder, a base pair is one rung on the ladder so we 3-trillion of those, and we have 3-billion and 9-trillion reactions in every cell every day. We are commanding a huge amount of energy and in order to manifest our bodies and incarnate, that’s what we’ve got to do. That’s how powerful we are. If you can imagine that we’re commanding that much energy, we can change anything.

We are commanding a huge amount of energy and in order to manifest our bodies and incarnate, that’s what we’ve got to do. That’s how powerful we are.

‏‏Yeah! I have never, ever heard it explained that way-it’s fascinating, wow! I have a question-when…


‏‏Surprisingly! When did you know that you were gifted? That you have those healing powers? Was it a moment or a day that you kind of knew that you can help people or was it just a trial-and-error?

‏‏Well, I discovered that I had psychic gifts about the time I turned 30. I realized that I could hear people’s thoughts. I lived in Los Angeles at the time. I’m living back here again but I spent 26 years away and when I lived here, I used to feel like the entire world was shouting in on my head and there was all this kind of white noise and it made it very difficult to exist here. I left and lived in Germany when I was 33 and I moved to a village with only 6,000 people. Germans have a very compartmentalized and very disciplined mind. They don’t spew out thoughts like Americans do so when I moved to Germany, it got really quiet and I thought, wow, this is really different. I realized I could hear thoughts because people would focus on something, and I’d see an image in my head, and I’d turn around, and I’d look at them looking at the object that they were looking for. The image would pop in my head and a lot of times, I’d also hear their thoughts-not just the images but hear what they were thinking as well. I’d say, “Oh, that guy’s going to say this now!” and then he’d say it. I got so far to the point where I was saying the same things at the same time with somebody else and he finally said, “Okay, smartypants, what number am I thinking from 1-10?” and I’d say, “Seven,” and he goes, “Yeah, that was right!” From there, it goes to, “Okay, let’s make it harder! We’re going to go from 1-100!” and I’d say, “Oh, 55!” and he goes, “Yeah, that’s right too but I wasn’t thinking 55!” and I said, “Yeah, I heard ‘five, five, five, five, five, five’” and he goes, “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking!” so I’m going, oh, that’s really crazy stuff! Right about that same time is when I went to my first Reiki class, they put blindfolds on us and they would trace images in our auras and then they would say, “Is that a square, a circle, or a triangle?” and I go, “Oh, that’s easy!” and I didn’t even know I could do that. I became really aware of that and then, shortly after that, I would channel energy like they told us to do in the Reiki class and everybody would say, “Wow! You’re making that part really, really hot.” I also realized that people always got healthier and more cheerful around me and I thought, I must be spreading my good germs again! I didn’t know I was healing them until later, when I started really directing it. It wasn’t a moment-it was kind of like a series of moments but there would be like this flash of recognition and I knew that my grandmother was psychic, she had dreams that were very pre-cognitive and would be very directed and very accurate, and so, we were kind of used to having somebody in the house. I discovered my great grandmother was that way and my mom was kind of telepathic and she would know what people were thinking so I tell people that I’m a fourth-generation psychic-all of my siblings are and my daughter is clairvoyant. She talks to the other side so she speaks with people’s spirits that have passed and things like that and very accurate information come through with her so sometimes, we work together in tandem. She’ll see things and I’ll sense them. I realized that I’m also clairaudient so I get a lot of thoughts in my head. Between the two of us, we usually can move a lot of energy and clear it up. It’s been an interesting ride so being in a family full of them-my dad is, my mom was, and my siblings-it’s really, really interesting. None of us talked about it to each other until recently.

‏‏I have two new career paths for you! One is a poker player and the other one is an FBI investigator!

‏‏I have a medium friend who solves one FBI murder a week. She speaks to the victims usually and solves it. It takes a special person to do that because you are looking at the seamy side of life.

‏‏How did you manage to gather your energy so people’s thoughts won’t affect you that way?

‏‏Oh, well, there are series of processes that I use. Some of them I’ve learned from other healers and other people that are highly-sensitive and some of them I’ve developed myself. One of them that’s really simple for other people to recognize is that, when they start to feel uncomfortable with the presence of someone or in the discussion of someone, they can do a couple of different things and this is one I’ve learned from somebody else: You have a series of cords, they’re energetic like energetic wires, that connect you to another person whether it’s through your heart, through your solar plexus, or through your root area. These series of chords connect with you and some people are energy vampires-they’ll draw it out to you and if you start to feel uncomfortable, you’re absorbing their energy that does not match with yours. It’s not good nor bad-it’s just not yours-so you just do a chop. You do a chopping motion three times from your forehead down to your pubic area and usually, you’ll get relieved. A method that I use was-I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of those scalar devices but they have like a thing that looks like a star that’s formed from a serious of circles. It’s an eight-pointed star and someone dropped one in my hand and I go, “Oh, look! It’s a dead zone!” because I could feel it. I thought maybe I could generate that around my body and protect me from people’s thoughts, and I started doing it on all my clients and they said that they felt a lot better. However, the feeling would dissipate after a short while and I thought maybe I used the wrong color. Well, why don’t I choose a color based on its filter properties, which is something that I did in the laboratory. I use a lot of different filters and there are different kinds, cut-off filters, and band-pass filters so I chose one that would cut out all the low-energy vibrations and allow the high energy vibrations in. That means, that the low-energy thoughts like anger, jealousy, shame, guilt, and those things that might get pushed through somebody when they’re feeling something strongly, you’ll start to absorb it that, it prevents those from reaching you but it allows the love, the happiness, and all of that to come in and so, I started doing that and the bubble started becoming more and more permanent. One of my friends called it the “cloak of invisibility” because it makes it so that the people who are seeking your high energy can’t find you because they’re operating at too low of a plane. It’s also for the evil spirits on the other side that try to also sap you of your strength so you just make this so you’re invisible to them.

‏‏Let me understand, you put some kind of a star-like…?

‏‏Yeah, I create a quantum field-the same kind of field that’s generated by those scalar devices that creates kind of like a dead zone around you so people can’t penetrate into it.

‏‏And you put a different color on it?

‏‏Right. It’s a blue-green color. It’s kind of like the sky color but just slightly greener and that protects you from the low-energy vibrations-the low-energy thoughts and the low-energy feelings.

‏‏I’ll try it!

‏‏Yeah, I tell people to imagine this blue-green color around the edge of their energy field or aura and make it hard like Plexiglas and it protects you so you’re not absorbing other people’s stuff because whatever we do and wherever we go, if we’re in a crowd of people and we don’t pull our energy fields in tight to our bodies, all of our energy fields are interacting with one another, and as we’re walking by, we could pick up that stuff. You’re just keeping yourself from picking up that stuff.

Whatever we do and wherever we go, if we’re in a crowd of people and we don’t pull our energy fields in tight to our bodies, all of our energy fields are interacting with one another. Click To Tweet

‏‏I went to a medium and I had a conversation with him. The way he saw me, he told me that I have this wide base energetically and that people try to take away from it because it’s so wide. It was a nice compliment but then, I started stressing a little bit about that because how can I manage my energy? I do feel it sometimes when they go out and I go out networking. I leave the networking event completely exhausted.

‏‏Okay, so are you a natural introvert?

‏‏Well, I’m not sure. Maybe.

‏‏Yeah, so it doesn’t have anything to do with how shy you are, or how much you enjoy people interactions, or whether you stand up on a stage and talk, it doesn’t have anything to do with that. What it has to do with is it even deeper seeded than that. For me, my definition of an introvert is somebody who, when they come home from a crowd, they need to regroup and get in a quiet place to regenerate. I’m just that same way so what I do when I go in the crowd is that, I do two things: I always set a grounding cord that is an energetic cord that goes from the base of your spine down to the center of the earth. I always connect with a Spirit-whatever you say your higher power on the other side the quantum field is or whatever you want to call it because it’s all the same thing-and you draw energy down into you and project it out. That will prevent the low-energy stuff from reaching you but when it does reach you, you send it down the grounding cord. It’s just a matter of getting in the practice a bit. I do it automatically now and I don’t even think about it but I used to be like you. I used to be exactly like you. I’d give a one-hour lecture and it took me three hours of time to recover from it.

‏‏Yeah! That definitely resonates with me and I really appreciate you for giving those incredible tips – I’m definitely going to use them!

‏‏Yeah, I have a whole course that teaches eight weeks of that. It also teaches all the techniques that I use because everyone can use it. Most people, when they first meet me, when I tell them my age, they fall over backward because they would never guess that I’m 62. I don’t act 62. I don’t feel 62. I am in much better health that I was in my 40’s and 50’s because I use all of these energy techniques. They don’t take any extra time. It’s just when you’re first adopting-like getting into a new habit when you’re first adopting it-it takes mental energy because you have to think about it. I try to have people do one new thing every three or four days and then get them in a habit of using it.

‏‏I enjoyed the bell sound in the background. It was perfect!

‏‏I don’t have any buzzers or loud ring tones on my phone and that’s my messaging. I’ve set it so it just sounds like an angel going “ding-ding.” I like to get people into their healthiest, most alert state. There is a lot of people who suffer from adrenal burnout fatigue and brain fogginess because we’re all working too hard. I mean, I work a lot of hours too but I used to only be able to work two or three hours a day and now, I can go 16 hours. I closed my computer at eleven last night. I shouldn’t admit that but I did. I worked for the whole day. I’m in the process of revamping a smaller short course that I did earlier and I am very excited to lead in a new group of people and teach them all these techniques to help them stay healthy, clear-minded, strong, and reach their goals.

‏‏So, you, basically, mastered the science of growing younger?

‏‏I hope so! I don’t intend on growing any older. In my calendar, the calendar will keep rolling forward but I don’t expect to grow any older.

‏‏With all the work that you do, how do you manage to handle stress? What do you teach people about managing stress or those who really seem stressed?

The Diamond Healing Method by Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

‏‏Actually, in my book, The Diamond Healing Method, I have a whole chapter on 26 stress busters. A stress buster, for me, would be paying all my bills when I get them. I never let them sit around and I just pay them because it’s always going to be niggling at the back of your mind, oh, I’ve got to do that, I’ve got to do this. I have everything come through me electronically-all of my utility bills and everything. They come through electronically but if they’re not auto, as soon as they come in, I just go in, take the 20 seconds it takes to set up a payment, and then I’m good to go. I just try to keep all of those kinds of silly stresses out of my life. I just don’t want any of those in my life. I also try to make sure I drink enough water, that I eat properly, that I don’t go too long without a meal because that raises cortisol levels, make sure I exercise regularly, and sleep eight hours. All those things add up and it’s cumulative. You can get cumulatively stressed out but you can also get cumulatively de-stressed. I have a series of energetic practices that I do every day and I do them while I’m doing something else-like, I’ll go for a walk and I’ll declutter my insides energetically. There’s a lot of little things that will add up to not being stressed out over anything and frankly, there’s nothing that’s that important-not really. The people in your life are important, your health this important, and not a whole lot else is. You could lose everything-if you lose your health and the people in your life, you’ve lost everything so there’s nothing that’s that important.

‏‏Do you meditate every day? Do you have any rituals that you do every day?

‏‏Yes, I do. Meditation-I get up first thing in the morning, I get really still, I open myself up to receive, and I ask the Supreme Being to send me the things I need or the things that He would want me to do-so whatever it is like, tell me what I’m supposed to do today. Then I go through a list of things that I’m not just grateful for but appreciative. Gratitude is saying “Thank you,” and appreciation is saying, “I love it.” I say that I am so appreciative of the beautiful house I live in. I am appreciative of my husband. I am appreciative of my healthy body. I’m appreciative that I earned such and such this week. Just saying all those things of how great my life is basically sets the entire universe into, well, we have to give her more, because as soon as you get into that place of ‘these are the things that I’m focusing on,’ that’s what you’ll get more of. If you focus on lack, you’ll get more lack. That’s my morning ritual and then I get up. I eat a small, healthy breakfast and then I go for a walk to declutter myself energetically and I clear out my energy fields. I open up all of my energy portals or chakras. I energy run through all the meridians, which clears out all the clutter. Then I start doing healing on some part of my body. I know that I was born with weak adrenals so I usually give them a little bit of a boost and they’re there sitting here hot right now so they’re in a process of regenerating. By doing all of that, it just sets me up energetically to be in the best shape ever. I also test where I’m at so I did a healing this morning at eleven o’clock so I came in and worked for an hour and then I did this healing at eleven-I did some other things and I had some other phone calls so by the time I got to the healing, I was in a really good place and it became a very effective healing. I’ve got more this afternoon-after our call, I have two more clients. People ask me, “Don’t you get tired from all the healing?” Well, frankly, I’ve run so much energy through the day that by the end of the day, I’m basically bouncing off the walls because I’ve got so much energy in me.

Gratitude is saying “Thank you,” and appreciation is saying, “I love it.”

‏‏That’s incredible! What makes you happy?

‏‏Well, pretty much all the time. The only time I was sad and I grieved for a while because my mom died in April. The nice thing is that, she connected with me and my daughter and I could see how happy she was on the other side and how pretty she was from the body that basically imprisoned this incredible spirit of hers. The thing that you miss, at least for me, the thing that I missed is hearing her voice. She had this beautiful voice with a Greek accent. I missed her hugs and her warmth. However, I always feel her with me.

‏‏I’m very sorry for your loss. I’m content that you have this new connection with her.

‏‏Yeah, you know, a mother is a hard thing to leave but you know they never leave you. They’re with you always. Your mother’s mother, and your mother’s mother’s mother, and your father’s mother-we have all of our ancestors behind us. What people don’t understand about the other side is the same spirit can appear to every person on the planet at once because the other side has no time nor space like we know it. It’s a completely different existence so they’re always with you and they’re also with everybody else in your family. They’re just always there. All you have to do is think of them and they’ll be right there with you.

‏‏I’m sure someone who is listening to this right now just got a powerful insight and a gift so thank you for that.

‏‏Yeah, the other thing is-and this was the experience we had at her funeral: My daughter, who sees the other side as clearly as she sees you and me in the physical plane, composes and I asked her to compose a song for my mom and sing it in the church. She was sitting at the front row, looking forward, and she could see my mom above us kind of like gloating, “I’m up here, floating around, ha-ha, while you have to walk!” She didn’t realize that the church had filled and the church was completely full because my mom was a highly-revered and respected member of the church and everybody loved her. She’s watching my mom and her spirit is glowing brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter until it was so bright that she could barely look at it. My daughter started crying because she said that it was the most beautiful thing she ever saw so when we send our love and prayers to the spirits of the people that we knew in our life, what it does is make their spirits grow brighter, and that is the best way that you can honor them. She is talking to me right now and saying, “Yes, please send that message out.” I’m getting a little misty-eyed but when our priest came to minister in her last days, all the spirits that were waiting on the other side to catch her were in the room and surrounding her, and when he came, they all lit up too saying, “Oh, we have help now!” The praying, the love, the sending thoughts, sending our care towards them, and saying “I miss you”-all of that makes the spirits on the other side glow and become more than they already are. It’s what does that for us on this side too when you tell them you love them or when you show them that you love them-they light up too in the same way the spirits on the other side do.

‏‏Over here, I’m getting choked a little bit myself and I can totally feel your love for your mom and your love in general-you’re radiant. Your love is just radiant.

‏‏Well, thank you. I’m just speaking my truth from the experiences that I had in my life. I went through my first 40 years with dysfunctional relationships with a lot of emotional pain. Being a highly-sensitive being in a world that doesn’t get me, I was like the oddest oddball ever to stepping into my own truth and recognizing who I am and what we are, it’s been quite a journey. Getting to this place, I’m able to speak my truth now and not be afraid of it because if I were to have said this into my “scientist world” friends 20 years ago, they would have thrown me in the loony bin. Now, it’s my truth and I know it to be a fact because of the experiences we’ve had. My mom helped us find things that only she knew where they were. There were things that are things of value and things that are of infinite sentimental value and importance and she helped us find them. It was really interesting how my daughter says, “Yeah, I see them here,” and then we’d look and there they were.

‏‏Very helpful spirit your mom is!

‏‏Yes, she is, and very bossy too! At her 40th day memorial, my daughter, all of a sudden, got up and started running around in the backyard shifting things and washing a mop. Later, she comes in and says, “Yiayia,” which is Greek for grandmother, “said, ‘You can’t have guests over with that yard looking like that. It doesn’t belong there! You need to change it! That needs washing off!’” We started laughing and I go, “Yup, sounds just like mom!”

‏‏Who can benefit from your healing?

‏‏Well, I haven’t met anybody who didn’t. I always ask the Supreme Being and God to send me the people that I meant to serve and people show up. Even during that time when she was so ill at the end and I was spending so much time with her and dad and making sure things ran smoothly. The health care system in this country for the elderly is abominable. Even in the hospitals that are really good hospitals, there were so many mistakes and so many things that could’ve prevented the amount of suffering and the amount of the premature going that she experienced. However, I was so busy. I still got sent clients. I still was able to help people. The people that I, generally, find that will come to me are ones that have exhausted all conventional medicine-that’s one type. Another type that comes to me are people who don’t want to go to conventional medicine because they’ve watched a family member suffer and they’ve gone to alternative medicine and they’re willing to come to somebody who works with them energetically. What I’d really like to do is to not have them need me but to have them know how to take care of themselves so they never have to need me, or a doctor, or God-willing, to not ever be in an accident where you need your leg to be put in a cast or whatever and to not go through the degenerative process that people think aging is because it doesn’t need to be. I firmly believe that we can live. As my dad always says, “I’m not going to crawl into my grave, I’m going to hop in!” I think that’s a great philosophy because why do we need to go through this horrible degenerative process where all you can look forward to is a cabinet full of pills?

‏‏Yeah, unfortunately, people accept that is the reality-that when you grow old, you’re going to be sick. It’s not necessarily true. There are other ways.

‏‏There are definitely other ways. The other thing that I heard, which I thought was very, very disheartening, is when I gathered all of the retirements from the various universities together and I brought them all under one roof. I went to the planning people at the financial agency I went to and I set up an annuity fund that would pay me a positive living rates every year but it starts out at a lower rate. He looks at me and goes, “Well, why would you want to start at a lower rate? You’re not going to start it until you’re 70!” and I’m going, “Well, I’m going to live at least 40 or 50 more years past that!” and he looked at me like, “What?” I said, “Well, you know? You’re going to be broke when I’m done with you.” He goes, “What?” I said, “I’m going to take much more out than I put in.” He didn’t understand that. He says, “The average person who comes in says, ‘Just fix me up until I’m 80. After that, I don’t want to live past that.’”


‏‏I know! And I’m going, “Wow, the average person thinks that? That 80 is the end?” I started thinking about that and people read in Wikipedia that the average lifespan in the United States is 78.3 years and the average lifespan in Japan is 82-point-something, which is the most in the worldwide. We’re like coming in number 37 or 38-we’re way down the list. We’re behind some of the third world countries and that’s in part due to our food supply, by the way. That’s why people think that when you’re 80, you’re old-and that’s not really true. I mean, my grandmother was still in her 90’s and she’s still mentally all there. It wasn’t until the last year and so was my grandfather. He lived until he was 93 while my grandmother was 95. You can live that way if you do all of the right things-make sure you do all your proper body hygiene, take good care of yourself, and take care of your relationships. There are eight things that are important for your health: relationships, expressing your creativity, taking all those things into account, and also doing your energetic hygiene-cleaning out all the junk that you have accumulated every day. You wash your teeth, you take a shower, you clean your hair off so why not clean yourself energetically out? If you do all those things, you should regenerate.

Make sure you do all your proper body hygiene, take good care of yourself, and take care of your relationships. Click To Tweet

‏‏Yes! How can people reach you and actually have a conversation with you in person?

‏‏Oh, you can have a conversation with me any time. If you go to my website, Scientific Healer, there is a button to make appointments. We do a free 20-minute to half-an-hour consultation with anybody to talk about their specific issue. Or, if they want to join my newly-forming classes on doing this healing work for themselves, which is the prerequisite course for becoming certified as assigned to be healer later on, but it teaches you all the basics fundamentals like some of the things we talked about during this conversation. You can also call up my number. It’s (310)-the area code is 310, that’s the Los Angeles area-692-4036 so it’s ScientificHealer.com and (310) 692-4036.

‏‏Dr. Anastasia, thank you so much for this generous and just amazing interview. It was fascinating! Thank you for all your tips. Thank you for sharing from the heart. I totally appreciate you and like you said, we don’t need to be average.

‏‏We are all spectacular! It’s just that you have to recognize it. It’s been my total pleasure to be on your show and to share with your listeners. Hopefully, they got some value out of it and realized that they are all spectacular, wonderful miracles and they’re incredibly powerful and can actually make things in their lives happen the way they want them to.

‏‏Thank you again and thank you for our listeners! Don’t have an average life-have a stellar life and a beautiful day. Will talk to you soon! Bye!

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