Episode 210 | March 3, 2020

Discover Your Why with Kristin Van Wey

A Personal Note From Orion

It was an instant connection when I met Kristin Van Wey at a great mastermind we both attended called Heroic Public Speaking. Kristin is a ray of light. She’s one of the most generous people I know. She’s smart, kind, and she makes you feel how present she is to your needs. I feel rich just by having been friends with her, so I invited her to the show. This is one of my favorite interviews, not because she’s my friend, but because I believe that her message is worth sharing.

Before the interview, she sent me this outline that contains her “stream of consciousness.” Just by looking at it, you can quickly tell that it contains information that can easily become a bestselling book. She’s so passionate and multi-talented! You can talk to her about almost any topic in the world and learn a lot from her.

Kristin is an internationally recognized leader, educator, speaker, and trainer in innovative approaches to wellbeing. She helped thousands experience insight, understanding, and remarkable results. With over 30 years of professional experience in health, Kristin is one of the leading voices on the use of essential oils. Her humanitarian efforts have brought hope and empowerment to communities in crisis. She dedicated to partnering with others to serve communities globally. I love this woman, and I’m sure you’re going to fall in love with her as well. And now, without further ado, on to the show.


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About Today’s Show

Hey Kristin and welcome to the Stellar Life podcast, it’s awesome having you here. Before we start, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I would love to do that. I am a wife, I’m a mother, I’ve been married to my husband for 29 years, and I have seven children. Those are my reasons for being. I have just loved this part of my life. I’m moving out of that child-bearing stage quite a while ago, my youngest is 11, and my oldest is 29. I have four grandchildren.

I am someone who cares deeply about humanity, and it’s this calling that I feel I have to tap in and help bring out the beauty and the divine nature of anybody that I work with.

That is so beautiful. I admire you for having seven kids. I have one and it’s so much work, and you have seven. That’s amazing.

I remember having one, and I felt like it was a big full-time job, so I understand. Just having more does multiply it, but sometimes I feel like one is as complex as having many.

And we’re friends as well. You gave me some tips about how to raise them and how to help them when they’re sick. It’s so wonderful to have you in my life. I appreciate it.

Thank you.

You believe that we are born with a purpose, a mission, and a why. Why do you think people are not connected to their why, to their purpose, to their mission?

There are a lot of reasons. I believe that we’re all born with an innate plan. We all have a mission, we all have a message, and we all have a movement to be a part of. Having this in our DNA— it’s encoded within us depending on our stories or how we came into the earth. We’re going to talk a lot about this because it’s not a simple question; there are many facets to it. Whether through time, beliefs, exposure to our primary families, and even in the world, sometimes we start to cloud over, we start to lose direction, and we forget who we are. That’s why it’s important to keep remembering who we are.

I feel like there are these three phases of a happy, successful life. There’s “remembering” or the discovery. Then, the “developing” or deep diving into our talents and our passions. Last is “discovering” the true line throughout our lives of what our mission is. Once we feel like we are gaining knowledge in that, we begin to expand that to other people. The reason why we lose that connection is many folds, and I hope to cover that as we move forward.

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Yeah, of course. So, remembering. Is this like remembering what I wanted to do when I was five or six? And is that related to my calling?

It can be. Imagine your small baby. Imagine he comes to this planet, and he’s so pure, he’s like this clean slate yet included within him is this masterful being of light. He’s had experiences before he came to this Earth, and he comes in with this clear vision. Yet, there’s this veil between the worlds. He doesn’t remember everything from his prior life or his prior existence.

Imagine that it was true that he’s born into you, your family, and with Stephan. And that he’s being programmed by beliefs around him- through society, through culture, through all these different things. He chose the right pathway, and he will gather all the beliefs, including limiting beliefs. They all move us towards our path. We can go back into that time because, as a small child, all the way up through your adulthood, there’s going to be a true line that helps you discover and to remember who you are.

I know that every single person has that. Every person on the planet is valuable and necessary. There’s this fabric that we’re all woven into. When one of us comes into another person’s life, we add to these experiences. We’re all master teachers for each other.

As we get into the expand, it’s not just about how we need each other, and how we have a responsibility to our families, our children, and our spouses, and the people that we work with, but we also have a global responsibility and a mission. It’s very exciting if we can look at it with curiosity.

Marisa Peer says that babies are not born from us. They’re born through us. Many times as parents, we want the best for our babies, we want the best for our kids, so we try to change them and mold them to be what we did not achieve, or what we think would be the best for them. Then, that baby becomes an adult, and there’s a remembering from all the influences coming from caregivers and society. 

So, what is the process of remembering? So many people don’t know their purpose. They have a vague picture or sense of it. How do you go into remembering?

There are so many ways to do this. I believe that each of us is in the discovery. We’re going to be drawn to different modalities. A lot of it has to do with the subconscious and the conscious mind because our programmings are formed in the uterus.

The uterus is nature’s head start program. While we’re all included with this blueprint, we also have the DNA in our familial surroundings that are going to help encode this message and the way that we respond to life.

The remembering is a couple of things. One is going back into who we are. It’s taking a deep breath and being present with ourselves. It’s looking at life with curiosity and asking some questions.

Asking questions is more important than saying an affirmation. Trying to state things and trying to discover in that way limits us. If we can think about the different questions, like “how do I know what I’m supposed to do?” “Why am I here?” If you start using those questions, “how do I feel when I know what I’m doing?” Just start being more curious with ourselves, and then looking at the way that we have lived. What are you drawn to? What things are you passionate about? What lights you up? As you become more aware of certain questions that you can ask, you’re going to start to recognize it. Your story leads to clues. Consciousness leads to clues.

For those of you out there, you have your spiritual connections. Your mental and emotional connections, you have your physical connections. They give us clues into who we are and what we’re doing here. Again, how we were raised from the uterus all the way to our adult lives, look for clues along with those ways.

I think most people don’t stop long enough to ask questions. It’s possible that we don’t know how to look for clues, but there are so many modalities out there now. We’re all looking for a path to get there. We’re all trying to look inside ourselves through meditation and prayer. We’re trying to look outside of ourselves through things like how any of the modalities you’re attracted to.

For example, there’s a lot of access points. To me, it doesn’t matter which access point we use, whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical. Oftentimes we don’t pay attention to our spirit. When we’re out of alignment, we begin to have dysfunction in our lives. Sometimes having the outward expression of some things, we listen to pain. We listen to our relationships, we listen to the pain in our physical bodies, and emotional pain. If we can be curious about that, we’re going to start to see patterns.

If I say somebody comes with a migraine, or somebody’s working with arthritis—I specialize in autoimmune, particularly lung disease. I worked a lot with cancer and different base autoimmune conditions—I can access the conversation through seeing their physical pain, or challenge, or maybe a diagnosis. But then, where we get to is all the same place. If you were to go to energy psychology, or you’re working with somebody who does energy medicine, or mainstream medical practitioner, any of those are access points. Ultimately, what we’re trying to get to is the source and the core of who we are and why we’re here.

Your body leaves clues—for example, iridology. You have clues everywhere – your feet, your hands, reflexology. We have all kinds of things and map in our ears, we have maps in our face, and we have people who specialize in reading those. Those are just different languages. Languages are beautiful, and they come in a lot of different forms. Energetic, some of us are gifted and talented in areas that part of us discovering why you’re here. 

Remembering your purpose in this mission is going to be through the expression of all these things. Some of us find ourselves specializing in the mental health world, or we might specialize in being a massage therapist or an acupuncturist. Some of us love energy healing, and we like working with emotions and creating patterns with people.

We’re all master creators. Every one of us came here to learn the art of creating, and we’re creating consciously, or we’re creating unconsciously. We can use modalities to help us go in through those access points. Ultimately, it can be done with a practitioner, and it can be done with yourself because we’re never alone.

What I’d call a veil between the divine and the physical realms, it’s always there. Some of us are more sensitive to it and others of us, it takes time. Some of us need to start with a physical body because it’s all we can hear. Some of us are wholly aware of the subtle energies of ourselves and others, and we have to learn boundaries. There’s just all different contexts, but ultimately use an access point to go inside, and there will be clues. I have some of my favorite modalities later on that I’d love to share with you.

What do you want to be when you were a little girl?

When I was a little girl, I had two dreams. One was I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast, and that was fun, so I worked a lot on that. But I watched this movie and Tia was her name in this movie. I’m trying to remember the name of the movie. They came down from a spaceship, and they got dropped on Earth, and she had magical powers. She and her brother were trying to get back to the mountain.

When life seems messy, find time for deep reflection.

Anyway, I wanted to be Tia my whole childhood. I thought that I could move energy, I thought that I was magical, and it was frustrating that people around me couldn’t see what I was creating in my mind. I was always drawn to the subtle energies. I had some unique talents as a child. It sounds crazy as a child that my dream as a child was to serve humanity.

Wow, that’s amazing.

Not the words I used as a child, but I was very compassionate, and I was the friend of the friendless. I always wanted people to love themselves. I was the peacemaker.

Again, those are clues that took me a long time to discover what my mission was because as a child, I wasn’t in a surrounding where people knew what to do with that. It didn’t have the toolset as a parent, so for myself as a parent, what I like to talk to parents a lot about is recognize these innate talents within your children when they’re little.

I believe that all children come with the ability to see energy, to feel and sense. I believe the veil is very, very thin. In fact, there’s a completely different conversation that if you notice on your baby’s soft spot, the energy comes into the body through a soft spot. As they grow, as they become more grounded in the body, the soft spot begins to close.

If we’re not in a space where people are developing those subtle gifts, then we stop seeing colors. We stop hearing and seeing spirits. We conform to our reality around us, and that’s part of that nature’s head start. I imagine that we chose families that are going to support the development of who we are and what we’re supposed to do.

For me, I was supposed to be very sensitive. I was drawn to energy work; I was drawn to the subtle energies for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a household that didn’t know that, it was kind of shut down. I had some early experiences where I could see and hear spirits. My mom would say, “Honey, you’ve got to be careful with that.” She didn’t make fun of my gift, but she did warn me to be careful with who I share that with. As I came and shut those gifts down, it was a discovery process later. 

I’ll tell you some clues as far as subtle kids are hanging on to those subtle energies longer maybe than others. Those kids who are sensitive, the kids who are empathic with other people, like those babies who cry when other babies cry. Just look for sensitivities like that. 

I was afraid of the dark. I talked to a lot of parents whose kids have energetic gifts that they’re misunderstanding, and these kids are running up the stairs because they’re afraid of the dark, like something’s behind them, or they can feel something. They have imaginary friends they talk to, and a lot of parents are going to be like, “Honey, there’s nobody there.” There’s nobody there, they’re just make-believing, and for me it was real.

It’s just not something you’re equipped with as the average parent to say my child has these energetic or spiritual gifts, how do I develop them? It’s not a religious gift. It’s a spiritual gift. Sometimes, religion can make you feel like those gifts are wrong or even evil. On the other side, it’s just an interesting thing. So, looking back for myself, and as I work with clients is helping them go back and find those themes throughout their life.

As you start, it’s really about discovery. What do I love? What am I drawn to? What am I passionate about? What’s that one thing that I do that lights up every single cell in my body?

What if there’s no one thing? You did this crazy palm reading on me, and I don’t know what it’s called, and you told me that I have many, many gifts, so it’s hard for me to focus on one thing.

I understand. I am the queen of multi-passion. It’s only been recent that I’ve come to realize that there’s some value in deep diving. Essential is when it talks about being an inch wide and a mile deep versus a mile wide and an inch deep.

For some of us, I feel like being multi-passion is valuable. Some of us truly have a gift, and I can see that in fingerprint and hand analysis. We can tell somebody where their life lessons are where their life purpose is. But being multi-passionate, you have to have a very large capacity to deep diving and gaining a lot of information unless your calling is to be a networker. It’s that person who knows enough about a lot of things that can impact a lot of people.

I’ve given myself a lot of excuses over the years to say, “You know what? I’m multi-passionate. I love energy medicine, I love energy psychology, I love fingerprint analysis, and I am in love with essential oils. I love the laws of health, and I love working with trauma, grief, and loss. I founded a non-profit, and I worked with the prevention of childhood human trafficking. I love all of these. If you were to ask me about each of them, I don’t know if I could pick.

That’s the same with you, Orion. You’re a multi-passionate person. If you look through all the things you’re passionate about, you can find a true line. There’s an umbrella of a theme, which is your mission, and everything else that’s underneath it. 

You don’t have to give up. All the coaches I’ve had over the years kept saying, “You’ve got to narrow it down.” “Your target market, you can’t speak to that many people, you can’t help everybody,” and I was like, “Why not? I can, and I’m willing to work for it. I love to learn, I can deep dive into all those topics, I’m equally educated, and I feel knowledgeable in all those topics. 

I haven’t done very well with coaches, but I’ve gone inside myself, and I’ve worked through this programming. I’ll tell you, one of my favorite people right now is the Campfire Effect with Chris Smith. He’s helped give me a new perspective of not narrowing down all those passions or pulling the things you love away from you, but rather, finding the umbrella that they all sit under. That has made so much more sense and brought so much more clarity to me.

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So, what’s your why?

Right now, I’ve shifted it a little bit. What I was considering my why has changed and evolved as I have. It started out with my business, for example. As I mentioned, my primary income source comes from education. I educate people about their bodies. One of the modalities or one of the tools we use is essential oils. My income became very based on my essential oils. So, I had some initial goals of just getting out of debt and bringing my husband home from work so that he could share in this wonderful family that we have. We homeschool our children, I wanted him to be a part of that, to see the kids in soccer, their recitals, and when we travel together, it wasn’t just me piling a bunch of kids in a suburb, and then he flies out to meet us somewhere. Do you notice it’s about those survival things first?


We need to take care of the foundation of whatever it is we’re doing to get out of survival mode. When I started looking at all the things underneath my umbrella, the clarity that I’m getting now is that I liberate people. Whether it’s mind, body, or spirit, I liberate the trafficked children. We educate families to protect the children before it happens. We help people to think about family planning in a way that you bring children to the world when you are ready, have a supportive partner, that you can financially take care of them, nurture them, and love them.

That, to me, is about liberating. Also, liberating the mind, body, and spirit, and connecting people to their divine source. Whatever that is for them, and whatever that mission is, that theme, it’s getting more and more clear as I look at that umbrella, that I liberate people in a lot of different ways.

Those are the access points that I was talking about. I love the access points because I’m skilled in a lot of areas. I’ve spent the last 30 years, and no joke, every single day I learn. For 30+ years, I’ve been this sponge professionally. Before that, I was just a sponge with everything else, with my children, learning how to deal with myself and my own things.

Once I started this professional career, deep-diving every single day into it. It’s these access points that because I filled myself, my well is already full that I can get back out. That initial thing I said when we started, which is that remembering and discovering who we are, then developing ourselves, and then expanding around us to our global or greater cause.

So, at my phase of life, I’m almost 50, and I’ve raised the majority of my children. I do have an 11 and a 16-year-old at home, but things are running smoothly. I have this phase now that I can expand to others and teach and serve. Really, they all fit under that umbrella, helping people remember where they are.

That’s beautiful. I love what you said that you want to liberate people, and you do; you’re fantastic. I love listening to you even on our private phone calls and conversations. You always come up with something extraordinary.

As I’m listening to you, I’m thinking about my umbrella, and I’m thinking about what I wanted to be when I was a little girl. I wanted to be a zoologist and work with wild animals. Before that, I wanted to be a famous singer, not just a singer, a famous one. My mission is to light people up. To light them up, to ignite them, and that’s my umbrella.

I think the thing with animals has something to do with empathy and connection to nature. I don’t know if I’m going to go and save the world when it comes to animals. The essence there is more empathy and connecting with everybody in the way of oneness, whether it’s an animal or a child, or a person.

In Kabbalah, they could talk about Tikkun. Tikkun in Hebrew means “to fix.” Our souls come to the world because they have a Tikkun. They have a purpose, and they have something they have to fix from previous lives. If you didn’t learn a lesson in your previous life, your soul would want to manifest it in this life.

For me, the idea of the singer is having my voice be heard. When I think about singers and music, it’s a very high frequency. It’s a frequency that touches everybody. There is also an element of connection there.

I see that for you and having lifted your hands—I don’t have them in front of me—I feel like you are right on. You’re very synchronized with that. I have watched you on the stage, and your entire system, it comes alive, and you glow. You glow. Literally, I’m watching you from the audience, and you just shine.

That’s when people know, and I can see the connection that you just made as well. You have a lot of personal development. You can connect the dots very easily with the conversation we’re having and just looking back at your true line, and I can see how the compassion that you have for animals is maybe different, but it’s a sentient being, and it’s the same with humans.

I imagine that when you were a child, maybe there were some stories that you can go back and that connection to the divine that you found with an animal is the same connection. It’s just an access point to that same part of lighting people up. Lighting life up.

Wow. I don’t remember what you just said. It just felt so good.

It feels good. That’s how people can know. That’s how people know where the path is. Follow the things that feel good. I’m not talking about the illusions and the outside, and those shells that we form. I’m talking about what feels good to our souls. And it’s not a word.

The thing about your music and singing is you tap into vibration. A lot of the modalities I’ve used over the years is using tuning forks and using vibratory music to help bring our physical body and the mind back into its original blueprint, that rhythm.

We all have a grid. The grid that we came with is holding our physical structure together. The challenge is most people can’t see it. So, through trauma, grief, loss, abuse, and confusion, even through things, it could lead back to trauma. Think about being raised in different countries. I’m sure being raised in Israel, you’ve had a lot of experiences that we’ve never even thought about in America.

Yeah. For example, I remember myself in the Gulf War as a little child with my mom and my sister. You must have a designated room in the house because there was fear of a chemical weapon. You had to put a towel with bleach on the bottom of the door. It was just my mom and two tiny girls in that room watching TV and wearing those crazy gas masks. I remember even standing in line to get a gas mask. There were designated areas where people go to get it—so many crazy things.

They form us. They form the consciousness around us. We carry those experiences with us, those fears, those beliefs. There’s a cultural belief system within where you were, and we’re fighting, we’re surviving, and most people (in my experience) don’t get out of that. They stay within that outer shell of protecting themselves often.

Right, and that’s the work. You are more than any of your DNA. You are more than your condition. You are more than your environment. You are more than your childhood. You are more than your story and the story you tell yourself every day. You are so much more than all that.

Like you said, you must look for the methodology that is calling you. You must look for and be in touch with those access points. They allow you to shine. They allow you to break through the shell, through the superficial, into the essence of who you are.

Yes. There’s a lot of ways that we can use those access points because the blueprint is there. The cool thing about fingerprint and hand analysis is that your fingerprints become a map. The fingerprints don’t change. The hands, they change. The iridology- we can have movements around in our eyes, on our reflex points, even our energy field, which is this massive bio-computer. Those change, depending on the things we’re feeling and experiencing. The colors, the vibrations, all those things change. The songs change within us based on it. There is a life color, and there is a life thread built-in to your grid.

It’s interesting to explain it because the way that I see the world is in a grid. Everything is connected to our personal grids. When you have that trauma as a child- right now, with your rational mind, you can think about your childhood experiences differently as an adult. As a very vulnerable child or a very pure child, you’re impressionable, and that grid can get distorted. Our shock that comes in through the body, typically through the bottoms of the heels through the earth. We’re supposed to ground.

It goes back to not earthing, not having bare feet on the earth, and not being connected. That shock comes in, and it can go all the way up to the back of the knees. If it’s not dealt with immediately, it will affect the rest of the way that we pattern our lives.

Taking care of our trauma is exciting, but if we don’t have that opportunity because our parents didn’t know, and now we’re adults, maybe we’ve attracted painful relationships. We’ve had maybe a divorce or some hurtful relationships. We’ve had car accidents or these vortexes that draw into us experiences. It’s often very helpful to use some of these access points to rewrite some of that to help us go back into sync. 

I don’t think that energy is created. It’s already there. We expand our energy. Light isn’t something that we create. It’s something we make something with. We’re master creators of how we take that neutral photon and give it a job. We create with our minds, but our minds aren’t trained. We weren’t taught as children how to have discipline, and how to use our talents to be master creators.

Develop your passions through practice and learning.

There are some people out there, and they’re like the 1% of the planet who just happened to be born into these situations where they could be developed. Maybe they were in the Native American tribe, and they had a shaman or their grandma—these situations where these gifts were brought out in us. But for most of us, we’re just clunking along in life, and our programming affects the way that we think and feel, and we keep drawing to those situations. Different conversations about things- like your energy field, your shocker system, your assemblage point- acts like these big beacons of life that draw our experience into us.

We’re letting life happen to us. Most of our unconscious programming is we’re not responsible for that. We didn’t choose what that unconscious programming was except on a higher level within our lives.

So consciously at some point, there’s going to be these crossroads where you either have a lot of pain, or you have a beautiful spiritual experience. Or maybe it’s you hold your baby in your arms. Something connects you, and whatever the experience is, that’s an access point to say there is more than I am. Like you said, I am more than I am, and we live far beneath our capabilities.

I like what you said. I just want to highlight what you just said about those access points. Those times where you connect to the divine. Like the time when I hold my baby, the time when you are with nature, and you feel that connection. It’s important to acknowledge those moments, cherish them, give them weight and be in gratitude for those moments because the more you recognize those moments, the more natural it’s going to be for you to connect the dots. Recognize those moments and be in greater connection and oneness with the divine and everything around you.

Yes, I completely agree. Gratitude goes a long way. At the beginning of the call, you asked me how to find that, and it’s trying to find that true line, but some of the techniques we use can guide us. I feel that included within us is everything we need. I don’t believe that we need techniques. I don’t think we need to spend a lot of money. I do feel like sometimes we need guidance.

Sometimes I believe we can access something just because we paid for it.

You know that the mind is powerful, so we’re going to believe what we think if we were taught how to tune in like if I took you on a journey inside yourself, I could help you go deep within yourself to find out what I call that space of love.

I was really sick in my lifetime. I had a very bad case of a neurological lineup. It literally put me in bed for three years. It was the dark night of my soul, which at least I would like to hope that we don’t have to go through it, but we live on a planet of polarities, and it’s just part of life. I learned to be very curious. You go in, and I was frustrated, I was angry, I was resentful. I thought I have all these tools and modalities, I’m trying to do everything right, and I had a great diet, why am I in bed?

It’s not into looking back. It was about surrendering; it was all these things that took me. It took something so dramatic from me to stop and listen, and to still the noise. I call it the fuzz. Still, everything around the chatter of the mind and all these things, and it wasn’t until I literally was having a near-death experience. I had three or four from it. There was one that was very profound. It was not an easy time for me. I feel very blessed and fortunate to be alive.

Can you share a little bit about that experience?

Sure, I can. You get to the point when you have a chronic illness and a very acute illness, my body’s having convulsions and seizures all the time, and I didn’t know what was triggering it. I was under a hundred pounds, my digestion shut down, and my heart was in AFib. It was not a pleasant time. A very difficult time for our family, but you learn to pull together, and it makes you who you are. It binds those cords of love together.

I’ll just give you one example. I was searching for that guru outside myself. I kept trying to find someone who could help me. I was like, “What am I missing?” It was in those moments that I learned the art of asking the right questions. I believe the answers will come. Our brain and our intellect are designed to answer questions. So when you say, “Where are my car keys?” you’re going to have this little internal game with yourself of the last place you left them. It’s the same with anything.

I was in bed for a couple of years, asking, “What am I missing? Why can’t I figure it out?” That’s what I kept getting was more of what I can’t figure out. So, I found this guru in France, and I was in no position to fly, I couldn’t even walk. My husband had to literally wheelchair me to the airplane, put me on the plane. They really shouldn’t have let me fly.

Over the course of my flight—seven hours to France—I had a seizure, I went into convulsions, and I had a near-death experience on the plane. Every time I had that experience prior to that, I had my children, and my husband, and why I couldn’t let go of life. I fought with every cell in my body to stay alive because I knew that I could see the veil. I can go one way or the other, but I always hold myself back. Some strong will, the human will is incredible to lift. We can live through extraordinary things.

I would override with techniques like energy medicine. I was overriding all of these. My body would’ve shut down. This may sound crazy, but I know a lot about the physical body as well. If I didn’t know what I know, I would be dead. No question.

I can’t believe I’m telling you this on-air, but I fed myself rectally for months, or I would be dead. I couldn’t process food through my mouth. When I’m on this plane, I was having these experiences, and I finally got to the point where I said, “Thy will be done.” Literally, I surrendered my children, I surrendered my husband, I surrendered this misbelief that I wasn’t done with whatever I came to the planet to do, and I let it go. As I let it go, I felt this instant unification of everything. It was as if I was whole. I was ecstatic.

I was me, though I was still my spirit, I could still identify with myself. In that space, it was like the space between here and there I sometimes call it. I knew where I could go, and I knew how far I could go. I knew that if I crossed a certain space, I couldn’t come back. I was given a choice. There was such love, such compassion, such joy in that space, I didn’t want to leave.

The voice that I heard in my head, it wasn’t even a voice. It was a knowing. It’s like you know before you ask. There’s really no way to describe it because we don’t do it here except for maybe when you’re on the arms of oneness with your lover or your child, or some sacred moment between life and death.

Birth and death for me are sacred because it’s the closest I’ve ever found in the space. In that space, the knowing was that you had served well. You have given off yourself, you have given a good fight. You have so much left to do and to express. But if you choose, you are embraced with love, and it’s your choice. If you choose to go back, it will not be easy. You must rebuild your body. There will be a lot of pain, but you have so much joy and so much to learn, so much to give.

The veil was already thin for me as a child, and ever since that moment, I came back, and I was in bed another 1½ years. I learned at that moment who I was, and I know that I can do anything. I don’t fear things anymore because I know why I came here. I came here to express who I am. So, I let go of the illusions on the outside.

That might be what you feel in me, Orion when we talk. My motives are always pure. I can say that from the bottom of my heart. I don’t have another agenda. I want to help, like you said, to light people up, I want to help them discover this place that I was in. We can go there if we just take the time to still everything, and to go into our hearts, go into the solar plexus and connect into those upper shockers and to just be loved. When we do that, everything shifts perception, and we become compassionate.

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If you go into any religious foundation, from the beginning of time, any religious history, all of them believe that they’ll be the space. It could be called the Second Coming, The Millennium, the space of peace on the planet, The Age of Aquarius. It’s named a lot of different things, but we are moving in this direction.

I found that it’s not outside of us, it’s inside because when I got into France, I was in the ICU for five days in a language that I didn’t speak, terrified. I should have been dead. They couldn’t believe I wasn’t dead because it’s a whole different story. My sodium levels were so low, they were at 11, and that’s brain damage. Cells begin to pop (cells don’t release water), so it was a crazy time for me. I didn’t know any of that because I was not conscious most of the time, and I wasn’t just myself.

When I got there, this guru that I came over to fly and take his class to have this healing with, came to the hospital. I’m going to tell you it’s the most disappointing thing I’ve ever experienced. He was a man. I was like, “I just left this space of love, and this guy is just a guy, just like me.” Since then, I don’t care who I am talking to. They could be the biggest guru on this planet, and I feel completely one. We are one, my friend because we all have this in us.

I stopped chasing the guru. The trip was really hard on me, but coming back home was like, “This is my responsibility. I have to take ownership of this, and I will figure it out.” So, I started asking, “How can I? What does it feel like? And all of the tools?”

Then I discovered things like essential oils. The essential oils to me are the greatest gift that mother earth has given us. When you get pure oil, they are a bridge to consciousness. There’s nothing else that I’ve ever found in all the modalities that I’ve worked with that can bridge the conscious and the subconscious, that can bridge the physical body with the emotional body, that has a simultaneous effect through the energetics, electromagnetics, chemistry in the body. Each plant is encoded with a special gift, a special talent just like we as humans are. They all have a purpose. 

So, I became a master gardener. I learned all about health, nutrition, herbs. When I found the oils, it just made such perfect sense that when you utilize essence like that, it can be used as a conduit. They soften the mind. They help bring awareness to the areas that we are working on. It just takes a little bit of practice and focus, of being in-tuned with who we are and where we are. Sometimes, you need someone like me. Other times, you go inside yourself. You need people to guide us sometimes, and just always know that you are your own guru. 

You must take responsibility for your life. If you go guru-hopping and workshop-hopping, and you are just filling yourself with things without going to avoid, it’s like a distraction, and then you are never going to get to the space of development. You are never going to deep dive into yourself.

I know the space of love well because I remember it from a child. I remember it from my near-death experience, and I remember it when I close my eyes, I can go back there. If you haven’t experienced that, there are people that can help you do that. There are a lot of modalities. Like I said, energy medicines, psychology, and all the things we have been talking about, even essential oils or something like that. This discovery, you are going to follow the paths and follow the clues of the people that come in your lives. The fingerprint analysis is phenomenal. 

We’ll bring you back because there are so many topics I want to talk with you about.

There are so many, and I was hoping to stay streamlined, but that’s the key. It’s to discover who we are and go into it, then expand your gifts and talents to help other people. There are also things or other clues. How about the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder test, or some of those tests things that we can do that just give us little clues? Somebody who does fingerprint analysis then doing an online class or something like that can help give you clues to what makes your heart sing.

Right. I want to talk about your other purpose, the nonprofit that you have. How did you start it? Where is it right now? And where is it heading?

All right. I deep dive for all that time, and I really discovered who I am and what I wanted to do, then I started to expand past my own little family as my family grew. Then, I had a little bit more space because there are seasons in life. As a young mother, my whole focus was on my family. 

I have a large family, as I mentioned, so I needed to be in the home, but as my kids went to college and started having their own kids, my time changed. I started to think about how I can use my gifts to really help. Again, the discovery is there, and I don’t know why I chose human trafficking at first. I didn’t even want to. In fact, for many, many years, I pushed it away as far as I could because it’s so painful to think about. 

People find their gifts in different areas, but everybody’s sole purpose is to be of service to others.

So painful.

What do you do with that, right? 


How can I, one person, make a difference in this? So, I didn’t do anything, and I was afraid to talk about it because if I thought about it, I think about my own little kids getting stolen and abused, and I can’t go there. Stop. I feel like most people do that with these heavy topics, but because honestly, I have been to the depths of hell that I am able. The depths of my hell I’ve been in to, and I’ve come out of it. So, I’m not afraid to go to those dark places. 

I sent some essential oils with the team, a medical team, and some missionaries who came into Haiti. No connection to Haiti whatsoever, but while they were there, they found them very useful. They became camp nurses, and they wanted to leave them for the people there. The people in the community started using them for skin rashes, headaches, different burns, and things like this. 

As I talked to her, I said, “Listen, let’s help people. Let’s get them educated.” I made some commitments to this person about Haiti, and I didn’t know that we can’t ship products there or anything like that. I didn’t know anything about the culture, either. I got in over my head, and I felt like I made a commitment, so I ended up going for many years. I have been going to Haiti now for seven years, and I started bringing oils in because I couldn’t ship them. So, every 4–6 weeks, I was on the ground, and I was doing mostly physical health, but trauma, motorcycle accidents, mommies losing babies, those types of things I work with my emotional gifts and some of the energy medicine. I am just pulling all these modalities.

By then, about 3½ years, I started to understand the language better, and I started to ask more questions. I found that in the orphanage I worked in primarily, four out of five of those kids have living parents, and I was dumbfounded. I was like, “You got to be kidding me. I thought orphanages were from the earthquake and for kids who didn’t have parents.” That wasn’t the case.

Then, I just started asking more and more questions. I found out that some of the children in the orphanages, their parents, their mom had 15 children, so they just kept having babies. Some of them have three, four, or six, but they didn’t have jobs, they couldn’t support them, so they would just drop them off in an orphanage.

As the kids got older, some of these children were sold into slavery. They were left in marketplaces and were sent away to work as slaves. It’s not because parents were cold and heartless, it was that they didn’t have many options, and anything felt better than their child starving. As I looked at that as a homeschooled mother, I’m very holistic in the way that we live. I raised my three daughters with helping them track their cycles. I personally tracked my cycle all through. 

I did have seven children, so one can argue that I wasn’t good at managing my fertility, but my children were planned, and we could afford to raise them. Anyway, I started talking to the women. They didn’t want children, so these were unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. That’s where my momma’s heart just started to explode.

As I worked with essential oils, the company I worked with, dōTERRA, introduced us to a company called OUR (Operation Underground Railroad), and OUR was getting the bad guys that were into the rescue of human trafficking, and they kept talking about Haiti. 

I just started connecting the dots with the orphanages and the kids on the marketplace. There’s no education in the country that is streamlined, so just a lot of opportunities to make changes culturally, and I don’t know. I was listening to Tim Ballard speaking, and this download happens. 

The same thing happened to me with my essential oils. I had a download of what they were, what they can do, and how I can utilize them. The same thing happened with this. You get those little windows of consciousness sometimes that are just divine. So, I saw this map in my head, and I was like, “These women need to be taught about their bodies, and they need to know when they are fertile.” There’s only a six-day window that the people can get pregnant in a month, so if I can teach them how to track their cycles, then perhaps they won’t have these unwanted pregnancies, that they’re not going to take care of these kids.

Where the kids are coming from is my biggest question. Why are there so many trafficked kids? There are an estimated 475,000 kids just in Haiti. I’m just like, “Hang on a second.” Then I looked globally, and unfortunately, the United States is number one in trafficking. We have a massive problem. It’s not just in the eastern part of the hemisphere, in Haiti, or something like that.

And I heard some statistics about LA and how bad it is in LA as well.

It’s horrible. There’s a lot of pedophiles. It’s a horrible topic, but the reality is that actors and pedophiles tend to be some of the biggest customers, and they have the money, they don’t get caught, and they can buy their way out of that criminal activities. I’m not saying they are all bad; I’m just saying LA happens to be one of those hubs. 

I created a program where we started educating women, and we found that women wouldn’t say no during those fertile times to their men because they thought they’d lose them, so I started to invite the men into the class, and we’ve opened on a global scale. We have teams that have gone in to and are working all over Haiti, but Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, and the refugee camps here in the United States, we offer an online program.

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We offer tools. If somebody would want to go behind the education and go into their school, go into foster care. We know where the higher demographics are. Eighty-five percent of these kids, we know where they are coming from. The other 15% comes from kidnappings, but the majority of kids come from abuse in their families. They’ve run away, they’re in foster care, they are on the streets, and they get picked up by a trafficker. We want to end trafficking before it even begins, and we know that pornography is one of the main starts of trafficking, so that starts about eight years old. 

We teach now boys and girls starting at about nine years old, sometimes 8 (depending on the situation), so that they are prepared for the changes that their bodies will make. The mysteries are gone, and they can start having conversations (ideally) with their parents but at least with somebody to talk about respect and boundaries.

We hope in the next generation those little boys and girls who might otherwise look for opportunities in pornography industry, drugs, and trafficking which are very, very lucrative, especially in developing worlds, but also here in the States, that they might think of what they’ve been taught and that we can instill in them the value of life, how we are all here for a reason, that all life is equal in that value, and that they have the right that humans are not commodities.

We believe that with an awareness that we can get our education into places. Honestly, Orion, there are a lot of sex ed classes, there’s a lot of trafficking prevention. There’s a lot out there, but I’ve never heard of it. I had to write a program because I have never seen anything that combined this. They are all written very logistically, they are very cold, and I didn’t want that. 

I wanted this to be like, “Hey, look at your friend in the eye. Look at somebody in the eye when you are talking to them and feel on a soul level that they have value.” You could never sell or abuse a child or a teenager when you have a love for life, and you are connected with yourself. There is no way that you can hurt somebody when you are connecting to yourself on that level. 

But again, we are not teaching our children to connect on that level because they are conversations we typically have; we don’t have the toolset, so ideally, we work with our parents. Again, I am multi-passionate, so I can go all over the place with these things, but I do want to make a difference, so I look for those access points within a family and within individuals I work with.

You created those bracelets, right?

I totally forgot about the bracelets, but yes. We knew that a lot of people couldn’t conceptualize, and it’s not like they have an app on their phone. Even in the States, we ask women to wear bracelets. The bracelet is set up. The first bead is red. Then you have seven beads for your menstrual cycle. You have the window through bead 19 for fertility, and then you have your pre-menstruation part. They are all different colored beads so as you move a charm every day on the first day of your period, you would put the charm then, and every day you wake up, you just move it, so you know by the color changes of these beads, which phase of the cycle you’re in.

I want you as an American or as a woman in the developed world, even though you have an app, to consciously take a minute to see where you are in your body because as a woman, we need to be in-tune with the way that our body feels and the emotions we feel. I want your husband wearing a bracelet or at least looking at yours to track with you so that there are this partnership and mutual responsibility of not just creating babies, but creating a life together because there are creative phases that we can tap into, and the men need to understand. 

The sad truth is 95% of every man I ‘ve ever talked to in the United States has no clue what I am talking about when I mention ovaries, ovulation, how many days can a woman get pregnant. Do you know when your wife cycles or when she’s ovulating? They all know when PMS is coming, but they don’t have any clue about what any of that means.

I wanted to put the men back into the menstruation and menstrual cycle and just bring these things. The bracelet helps us to be in tune with the track, and we set it up so that when you buy a bracelet, we make enough money to be able to give a bracelet and a course. We teach all over the world that we need to fund it through the sales of our bracelet because we also grow our own seed to make the bracelets. We manufacture, and we also have educators that were going to these developing countries and providing jobs now, so they don’t have to traffic their kids. The kids get to go to school and have one or two meals a day.

It’s important that when people here in the States buy one, we give one. If you want to donate, they go a hundred percent to funding the educational programs that are so important.

That’s beautiful. Before we say goodbye for now—I hope you can come back and keep talking about all those wonderful things—what are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

Three top tips. Be you be, brave, and be loved. 

I love that. That is awesome, and where can people donate to your nonprofit to get the bracelet? And, where can they find you if they want to get coaching from you?

You can find the bracelets and the story of LETS at letsempower.org. On Facebook, it’s @letsbracelet, and on Instagram, it’s @letsempower. Those are all places that you can go to learn and just work a cause. We welcome larger donations. We also realize that $15 a month will buy a bracelet for somebody. If you want one, pay $30 or $35, depending on the style you like.

You can find me on Facebook. It’s just a professional page under my name, Kirstin Van Wey, and on Instagram, it’s Kirstin Van Wey as well. I have a website, and it’s in the process of being redone. There’s a lot of information right there. It’s not as clean as I wanted it to be, but please go to kirstinvanwey.com if you’d like to at least get a feel for who I am. You get to feel about who I am and what I do now, but if you like to stay in touch, I love to hear from you.

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I think they got a feel of you because you are freaking amazing. Thank you so much for being on this show. I really appreciate you. 

Thank you, and I just have to end this with this, Orion. The first time that I saw you, I fell in love with you in a good way. I fell in love with your energy, and you nailed your purpose, your mission, because when you light up, you light up other people. I’ve seen it in action. I just feel so honored. I feel like you are one of those special goddess energies. 

You know that I think everybody is a goddess, but you have developed yourself, and the thing I’m so impressed with is you’ve taken the stories and the narratives that you were given, was created around you unconsciously, and you have shifted that into creating a stellar life for those, and lighting people up in a really passionate way that impacts and makes a difference. I love that about you, so thank you for being a part of my life, and you make me a better person.

Oh my God, I feel so happy. Thank you for that. Thank you for those words.

You’re welcome.

Thank you, and thank you, listeners. Remember to be you, be brave, be loved, and have a stellar life. This is Orion. Until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} When life seems messy, find time for deep reflection. Think deeply about what you’ve survived, as well as, how your present choices can affect your future. This will help you gain more clarity on where you’re heading.
{✓} Develop your passions through practice and learning. Doing what you love to do, being good at it, and sharing that gift with others will bring you farther than you can even imagine. 
{✓} Be altruistic. People find their gifts in different areas, but everybody’s sole purpose is to be of service to their loved ones, communities, and the planet.
{✓} Treat every experience you encounter as a lesson and every person you meet as a teacher. Pay close attention to the clues they leave behind.  
{✓} Don’t be afraid to ask yourself deep questions about life. The deeper you go into yourself, the more you discover who you truly are. 
{✓} Establish a strong connection with your spirit. Prayer and meditation hold many answers to your life questions. 
{✓} Create something worthwhile. It doesn’t have to be a colossal act, as long as you share your gift. If you light up just one soul, you’ve already made a difference.  
{✓} Recharge your energy and rewire your mindset to avoid burnout. Try essential oils to help you feel calmer and more centered without relying on processed chemicals. 
{✓} Keep persevering in your dreams. When you focus on the goal and invest all of your energy, there is no doubt you will find what you’re seeking.
{✓} Check out Kristin Van Wey’s website for more light and empowerment.

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