Episode 314 | April 18, 2023

Find Your Bliss with Lulu Agan

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast, where we have an incredible guest who embodies the spirit of empowerment, courage, and resilience. Lulu Agan, Chief Officer of Bliss and the founder of SwellWomen, shares her inspiring journey of achieving success, navigating through life’s challenges, and rising from rock bottom.

Lulu is a firm believer in prioritizing health and well-being to discover a new sense of vitality and tap into one’s limitless potential. Through her empowering retreats and programs, she encourages women to connect  deeply with themselves and embrace their raw passion.

As a lover of the ocean, Lulu believes that it has the power to elevate the human spirit and teach us to color outside the lines — a beautiful metaphor for living life to the fullest. She also shares how yoga brings balance and a supportive connection to oneself, with lessons that can be carried into our daily lives.

It’s time to embrace more colors, variety, fun, and bliss in our lives. Join us in this exciting conversation as we explore Lulu’s insights and wisdom. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show!



In This Episode

  • [00:45] – Orion introduces her guest, Lulu Agan, the owner of SwellWoman. Lulu shares her surfing experience.
  • [03:43] – Lulu shares how she overcame the fear of surfing and why Hawaii is magical.
  • [09:46] – Lulu describes the origin story of her path, shifting her fear to curiosity.
  • [13:59] – Lulu and Orion discuss the book Four Agreements and cultivating the things that make you happy.
  • [20:13] – How does Lulu pick herself up when she loses everything? They tackle the importance of gratitude and connection and the power of asking the right questions.
  • [23:08] – Lulu shares how she started her business.
  • [28:44] – What is energetic marketing, and how to use it?
  • [34:14] – Orion and Lulu discuss the power of having a strong mindset.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Lulu, and welcome to Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Aloha, Orion. Thanks so much for inviting me. I’m so grateful.

Aloha. Are you in Hawaii now?

I am in Hawaii. I live in Hawaii.

Where in Hawaii?

I live in Haiku Maui, North Shore.

That’s beautiful.

Normally, I would be outside in my garden, but we are experiencing tropical storms and high winds, so I got to find a spot in my little bungalow.

Oh, no. Do you surf every day?

My intention is to surf every day. I went out a few times in these conditions with high winds—25-30 miles per hour—and it was a little chaotic. Sometimes I can’t, but I’ve also recently learned how to wing foil, so I can use the wind then. But on days like this, I just have to tap into my yoga practice and other things because it’s not conducive to surfing.

I’m a lousy swimmer, and I’m really afraid to surf. It’s the one thing I would like to do one day, but it’s about conquering a lot of fear.

That is true not only for me. I had to go through lots and lots of layers of fears, but what I do in my job is really to help women like you who have this deep desire to want to learn how to surf and then are like, “How do I peel back those layers to allow me to feel comfortable and take little inspired action to learn?” I’ve had many, many women on retreat that have fears like you.

But what if you don’t swim very well? Isn’t it dangerous? Don’t I have to learn how to swim first?

Do you know how to stay floating in the water? Can you be in the water and float and stuff? 


Can you hold your breath? 


You have a very large floating device attached to your leg. The swimming part is being on the board and paddling, but you have the floating device underneath you. When you fall, your main goal is to get back on your board and paddle back out. I’ve had one woman on a retreat that did not even know how to swim. She was petrified. She wore this little life preserver vest, and she did it. She rocked it. She was amazing.

When surfing, you’re constantly looking and waiting for the wave. You’re also connecting to the community.

That’s amazing. I was in Belize recently, and I went scuba diving. That was another fear-conquering activity for me.

Perfect. That means you can surf.

I did a lot of things in my life to conquer my fears: I walked on glass and hot coals, I jumped from a telephone pole, broke boards, and broke an arrow with my neck. I’m just a seminar junkie. I did all those crazy things, but I don’t know, surfing seems much scarier than all of these.

Orion, if you’re swimming underneath the water with all the sea creatures, you’re swimming. You can do the same thing with surfing. It’s probably even better because you don’t see what’s underneath you.

That’s amazing. What is it like when you surf? What’s the experience like for you? Why do you do that?

It’s the ultimate bliss. I think many women can say this, but for myself, it keeps me coming back for more because when you’re out there, you’re in nature, breathing in the purest prana energy ever, you have to be in the present moment. You’re constantly looking and waiting for the wave. You’re also connecting to the community. 

I connect with my dawn patrol peeps every morning, and I just get so much out of it. When I do dawn patrol, which means surfing early in the morning, you get back, and it’s 8 or 9 AM. You have your whole day that starts. You’ve set yourself up for this: if I can do that, I can do anything.

Yes. I live in Florida, so it’s acceptable.

Where do you live in Florida?

In North Miami.

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I lived in West Palm Beach for five years. There is surfing around there, just so you know.

I’m sure there is. If I do it, I’ll have to come to Hawaii and have you be like, “Orion, it’s okay.”

I will hold you all the way. I’m good at making people comfortable in the water, that’s for sure. I work with amazing surf coaches, so you’re always in good hands. We always take you on a break that’s suitable for absolute beginners.

What is it about the people in Hawaii? They seem so chill and happy all the time. I think it’s something about the land. It’s special.

Hawaii is magical. When you live on a tiny island—you get this in Miami, but a lot of times it’s hot there—I feel like you have to do something outdoors. You’re always connecting to nature. I think that just sets up a really good demeanor. 

Connecting to nature just sets up a really good demeanor.

If you live here, you’re most likely doing watersports or something in the water. In that aspect, you’re fulfilling the windsurfing aspect. You’re a snorkeler, diving, canoeing, stand-up paddling, whatever that happens to be. That just in itself blesses you.

Yeah. Have you ever been around big whales or had wild animal encounters?

Yeah. We get whale season from the mid to end of December, and then it comes into full January and February. 

Way back ten years ago now, I had a kayak. I was out at the time with a friend in this kayak, and we had a video camera and everything. Out of the blue, this mama and baby raised their fins. It was right there. I could see its eye. The eye felt as big as my face. We were just like, oh my gosh. But otherwise, you can go on a boat and stuff and see them all the time.

It’s not the same, though.

It is equally as amazing. They’re coming right up to the boats. When you see how big they are and their reflection in the water, it’s like, “Oh, wow, it’s amazing.” I was pretty obsessed for a while.

I had a whale encounter, but it was not a natural encounter. We went to SeaWorld and had an experience with the beluga whales. I got to touch them. They’re amazing. They’re beautiful, majestic, amazing, and fun. That was cool. 

I have a three-year-old, and he was just over on the moon. We went to the souvenir shop, and I was like, okay, are we getting the beluga whale? No, truck.

Classic. Did he want a real one or a pet?

No, he just wants the truck. But he still talks about it. It was fun.

You love surfing and yoga, make those retreats, and are passionate about wellness. What’s your origin story? How did it all start?

It normally starts when your world is falling apart, and you wonder how I contribute to this mess. I’ve always been on a mission. It was instinctual to be more of an observer.

In life, it’s instinctual to be an observer rather than a participant.

This is in my 20s, but I would see patterns unfolding. I would also see when I was running away from vulnerability and deep, meaningful connection, particularly with partners. I was just the observer. I was experiencing it, but I would step out, see this, and ask, “What is going on here?” I’m super, super curious. 

I’ve always felt this deep connection to something bigger than myself. I call it universal energy. It would drive me to try to overcome mindsets that were blocking me from having a deep connection and from feeling safe to be vulnerable enough to love and want to take care of myself. 

This is our vessel. I’ve always been deeply connected to spirit, and then I needed to learn how to navigate the human experience in order to feel loved, connected, and all the juicy things that happen when we start peeling back the layers of what’s holding us back. So a lot of self-help.

What are some of the keys or epiphanies you had around human connection? How do you connect more? How do you create a community the way you created a community? What is the secret behind that?

For me, it’s finding the things that start opening you up. I was going into yoga, and I thought it was phenomenal. I was doing Ashtanga, sweaty, hot flow classes, and things like that, and it made me feel amazing. 

But then, when you keep going, it starts penetrating these layers that you’re like, “What the heck is happening right now?” Your heart starts exploding, and then you start looking at things and feeling things in different ways through experience, something like yoga and then surfing. 

For each individual, it may be different, but those are the things that started blowing my heart open because they started eliminating me. You start creating space in your body, and then there’s more flow. 

Then, the whole mindset thing. I think my path started when I began to identify that certain results kept happening. For example, pursuing relationships. I would feel vulnerable, and then I would pull back and self-sabotage. 

One of the biggest shifts was this curiosity to flip mindset. I’m like, “What is this vulnerability? Why do I feel this? Why do I run when I feel vulnerable? Why do I create walls so I don’t let people in?”

This is my 20s when I’m portraying the business world, for example, this hard ass working in Latin America doing sales and all these things. It was fun, but there was no deepness. I would say curiosity.

We all have these hang-ups that prevent us from believing that we can have everything that our hearts desire.

What did you do back then?

When I first started, I was doing international business development for companies. That was fun. I was in the corporate world, and then basically, I moved to Spain. I pursued my own real estate company and all these things, but through that, I noticed that there was a lot of fear in the way I was operating my life. I portrayed one thing, but fear stopped me in many ways in connection with love and creating deep, meaningful relationships with friends.

What was the fear about?

For the most part, I know now, looking at all this behavior, that it’s because I carried around this core value that was created based on my family upbringing and things like that. We all have these hang-ups that prevent us from believing that we can have everything that our hearts desire.

I know that personally.

Do you? I felt very confident pursuing a career because I believed I could do anything in that, but when it was creating relationships, that wasn’t my strong suit. I would attract from a place of like, I’m this fun, loving girl, but when I started feeling vulnerable because I thought the guy would leave or not be able to love me for who I am, I would run. I think that has to do with our past and our upbringing and the way all of that fed into this core belief that, at the time, I wasn’t aware of, but now I am.

What was the shift? How did you create that shift and get into a place of eradicating fear and learning to be more open? What helped you shift that? Was that a one moment of epiphany, or was it a journey where you used a few tools that helped you along the way?

It’s a journey. I feel like it will be a journey of a lifetime, but at 54, I’ve come far since 24, let’s say.

I felt very confident pursuing a career because I believed I could do anything.

I need to surf too because you look so beautiful. You look much, much younger than you are.

Really? Yay!

I need some whales in my life.

Yes, you also need some waves in your life.

Waves and whales.

For sure. I would say my curiosity. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. Doing the same thing yields the same result. If you let the same fear get in the way, and things end, and then you experience heartache, disconnect, disbelief, and all these things, you’re curious. I was curious about how to heal my life. 

I explained that I’m super spiritual, so I would allow that spirit to guide me to different resources. That would be inspirational books and inspirational healers that would teach me what’s going on. Yoga is huge. Did I talk about yoga yet?

Not yet, no. But before you do, is there a book or a mentor that created one of the major shifts?

Way back, which was probably one of my biggest aha moments, was The Four Agreements because it’s so simple.

I need to not take things personally. Cognitively, it’s like, don’t take anything personally. But I do.

Shedding what no longer serves you creates a space for your body’s positive energy to flow.

We all do. The minute you apply those four principles to your life, I truly believe that was a major shift because I was like, “Wait for a second, that’s not my fault.” I think it frees up more space in your brain, the pursuit of happiness, and all these things.

Ultimately, my main drive was what the Dalai Lama says. It’s to cultivate the things that make you happy and eliminate those that make you suffer. My pursuit was, “Okay, these things are making me suffer, but it’s my mindset and the fear getting in the way, so how do I start eliminating those things?”

I would say The Four Agreements helped. Brené Brown is amazing at addressing vulnerability. Also, there’s Marianne Williamson. Back in my 20s, Louise Hay was in my field of how to heal my body.

I got a chance to see her on her 90th birthday.

You’ve given me goosebumps.

Just a few months before she passed. She went on stage. She didn’t even speak. She just gave almost like a oneness blessing with her hands, and we all felt it. It was beautiful.

Doing the same thing yields the same result.

You’re very, very lucky.

Before we go on, for the listeners, what are The Four Agreements? One is to be impeccable with your words. Don’t take anything personally, which is my thing. Don’t make assumptions. And always do your best.

We assume so many things. We take things so personally. That book is simple, and it’s really easy to execute those four principles in your life.

Louise Hay, The Four Agreements, and Brené Brown. Was there a moment where you had this major shift or aha moment where you were like, “Okay, now my life is shifting?” How did you build your business? How did it work?

SwellWomen is my current business. This is going to get interesting. This is in reflection because we have perfect vision in the past. I saw that I was pursuing these things in the hope of getting approval from my father and for him to see me as this amazing woman that I am. 

During that career, I had success and everything. Finally, I lived in Chile for five years in this corporate real estate and was offered VP. I was like, “Is this it? Is this what it feels like to make it to the top?” I think I was 32. He’s like, “Yeah.” I’m like, “Okay, I have to go.” I have to go pursue these dreams and desires because I want to leave the corporate world on a high. 

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In my 20s, I always knew I wanted to run retreats. I don’t know why, but I started making yoga retreats, and I’m like, oh, this is a way to help people. This is what I’m going to do. I had no idea where it was going to lead me to SwellWomen. 

I moved to Spain, lived in Spain for seven years, sold real estate, and had an amazing job. All I did was deeply connect with people to learn what their hearts desired regarding buying real estate in Spain. My mission was to find them that perfect house, a perfect plot of land, or whatever. I was able to work with people one on one. 

Also, in that whole healing process in Spain, lots of stuff went down. It was just these ups and downs of big life things but always with the pursuit of opening what I thought was a retreat center. I wanted to run a retreat, so I built this beautiful retreat center in Spain.

One of my absolute rock bottom moments was when I was in England at the time studying culinary. I got a phone call saying that my property fell to ground zero, so I lost everything, and my relationship was going haywire. I lost everything, literally.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

I got a tarot card reader, and she goes, “Oh, your tower, everything is crumbling to the ground to give you a new fresh slate to rebuild your whole life again.” Still, retreats are in my brain. I’m like, “Okay, clearly, this is not going to work.” I just lost everything.

How do you pick yourself up when you lose everything?

You just know. You never really lose that. What I realized at that moment is you may lose all your material things, and it may seem that you lost everything, but there was this energy when I was crying and things like that, something very internal that was like, “You’re going to be okay.” Think about everything you have and not what you don’t have. It was gratitude that saved my ass.

I love that. That deep connection to the Source. I know when I hit rock bottom—and I told this story, so I’m not going to repeat it—and I was very depressed, I wanted to put myself on medication. Medications might be good for some people, but I had this little voice. It’s like, “Oh, there is still light there. Just hang on. Just hold on to that light. It’s going to be okay.” And I went with it.

Now I’m covered in goosebumps. I got to go find that podcast when you share it.

It’s in some of the 300-and-something episodes. I’ve been podcasting for seven years. Oh, my Lord. It’s been a long time.

Wow, kudos to you. That is dedication. You keep coming up with amazing content, interviews, and things like that. It’s brilliant.

Yeah. There are some beautiful people, so it’s really fun. Back to you, you had this knowingness that everything was going to be okay. You got the tower, everything is falling, you’re crumbling down with a vengeance, and now there’s a new clean slate where you start to build back.

What you have is a blank canvas to create what you want again and what your heart desires. At that time, I’m like, “Okay, well, let’s get real here. My circumstances are changing significantly. Do I want a retreat center and run it by myself?” Because my partner at the time was also disintegrating.

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It gave me an opportunity to dream big. That’s what I did. I was like, “Okay, what is it that I want?” I took time to heal.

You got so much courage to go to all those countries and shift. I love your flexibility and mindset where you’re like, “Oh, this doesn’t work. Let me do this. Let me do that.”

I never thought Orion that I was courageous. But I always thought it was resilience. I kept just saying, “Okay, what does your heart desire? What is it that you want? What could you do right now?”

Your questions are so powerful. Your brain will answer whatever question you ask it. If you ask yourself, “Oh, why is it happening to me, and why can’t I have a relationship?” you’re just dwelling in pain, which is normal for a while, but if you just keep dwelling there, you won’t go anywhere. You won’t make those shifts. Your questions were so powerful. “How can I get it better? What can I do? What’s next?”

Yeah. I feel like they were coming from that voice. It was more like this thing that was just popping into my head. What is it that I want? It’s funny because, thinking about it, since my 20s, I always thought I wanted to run retreats, and yet I did corporate, was an entrepreneur in real estate, building out this retreat center, and thinking this was the dream. Then, that’s taken away, and you’re like, “Okay, now what?”

Eliminate suffering from your life by focusing on what truly makes you happy.

That led me to private shopping, which is crazy because the real estate market crashed. I have always had an interest in food and making gorgeous food that also tastes amazing but also is healthy for you.

I have a big interest in eating food.

Oh, me too. I love food. That took a spin, too, because I was in this cookery course and ended up winning this mind-blowing award because I was amongst amazing chefs. When they announced my award, that gave me hope. While the crumbling down came, the real estate market started—over 1 ½ years—crashing, I was like, “Okay, well, maybe I need to tap into food for a while.” 

I called them. I was like, “What should I do?” They’re like, “You would make an amazing private chef. You got to come to London, interview with these agents, and they’ll place you.” 

My first gig ever was with Joan Collins, which is so cool. I can’t remember if it’s four or five years, but I worked with her in Saint-Tropez. My private chef career took off for 12 years. Now the retreat is in the back of my head, but I’m like, “All right, I’m going to run with this.” I just keep recreating myself over and over.

Everything you’ve been through prepared you for what you’re doing today. Healthy nutrition and luxury. By being around people that are very wealthy, you already have the mindset of, like, okay, how do I create an experience that is as luxurious and beautiful as I’m experiencing right now?

You have the nutrition and luxury, hit rock bottom, and have the coaching skills, willingness, and desire to help people. On top of that, an incredible business background. It’s so beautifully and perfectly orchestrated.

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Right. It’s mind-blowing, but I also had to surrender and lean into a lot of fear. It’s almost like the universe was plopping these things and ideas in my head, so I thought, “Oh God, that’s a really good idea.” You’re just following these little clues to get onto the next path. 

The opportunity in 2014 presented itself to buy SwellWomen. It was launched in 2003, so we’re celebrating this year its 20 years of existence. She had a baby, and her whole life changed. She was like, “Do you know anyone that wants to buy it?” I’m like, “Me.”

In 2014, I was already done with private shopping. I had already done it for 12 years and was getting super burnout. I was asking for guidance. I’m like, “Please, what is next for Lulu? What’s next?” 

Then, just like you said, Orion, everything that I learned from business, connecting with people, nutrition, making beautiful food, luxurious environment, and all this came together at SwellWomen. 

I bought it. It was a Maui-based company. I’m running retreats here, and I launched it internationally pretty much overnight. It incorporates everything that I love. Everything.

What type of breakthroughs did you see? Is it women-based, or women and men?

I run retreats for women predominantly. I just recently launched with my beloved partner a wing foil retreat, so we’re just starting that. We just ran our first one in February, and that’s open to co-ed. Then, once or twice a year, I’ll have a co-ed surf and yoga retreat.

What about a family retreat?

When I was looking at doing some online offerings, I noticed that predominantly, women are looking for something new and exciting.

I run a lot of custom retreats. For example, from March 5th-9th, I’m running a custom retreat for a mother and daughter. It’s her 50th birthday, and it’s her dream to surf and learn how to surf with her 18-year-old daughter, so I put that together. I make a lot of custom retreats like that.

I was talking about retreats for families, where you meet other families.

Yeah. That would be amazing. I feel like that would need to happen with someone that has a family. I don’t have any kids, so I feel my niche is women. 

I’m getting a little sprinkling of this idea of launching with my partner the wing foil retreats, which is cool because we just ran it in February. There’s a couple on it, and there were a couple of women. It was an opportunity for also men to experience that kind of coaching, empowerment, and yoga. It was quite fascinating. 

There is something very magical that happens when women go on retreats just by themselves, and there is also magic with the co-ed. I like that you have both.

What type of breakthroughs did you get? Why do women choose your retreats?

When I was looking at doing some online offerings, I noticed that predominantly, women are looking for something new and exciting. Something has happened. They’re stuck, or they had an experience or a big birthday. They have this calling that there’s got to be more. 

Once again, I do a lot of energetic marketing. I don’t do a lot of marketing at all. I’m just visualizing a retreat coming together. By the end of the retreat, you learn that there is something that made them look for something more. Like you, I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. I’m afraid of it, but you know what? One day, I’m going to do it. Then, something pushes them to do it. 

I’ve had people stuck in some aspect of their lives, whether it’s their relationship, career that’s predominantly lost, big birthdays, if not now, when, and those kinds of things. I have the opportunity for a whole week to connect with these beautiful women. 

When I’m launching a retreat, I send out a prayer that the exact women or guests will show up.

I only host small retreats. I call them boutique retreats because that allows me to show up and have the whole group come together and create strong, meaningful relationships. Women walk away being friends forever, traveling on their own, or traveling and coming back together. I get this opportunity, and I don’t want to waste it, so I use surfing, yoga, and coaching to show them and get a little sprinkling of what their life could look like and that anything is possible.

You said you use energetic marketing. My sister was like, “Oh my God, there was this beautiful marketing seminar.” You got to listen to it. I’ve been to many marketing seminars in my life, and I did not do much marketing. I know the theory. What is energetic marketing? That sounds more aligned to me.

I’m making this up, but when I’m launching a retreat, I just send out a prayer that the exact women or guests will show up. I always ask, “How did you find me?” They’re like, “Oh, I googled women’s retreats, surf retreats, empowerment retreats, or whatever.” I swear, for every single retreat, the exact people that should be there are there. 

To this date, I never questioned it again. I’m like, “Okay, let’s just put it out there. Whoever this retreat would serve, allow me to be in the highest service to them. Please let them find me.” I suppose I could do some marketing, and it would be beneficial.

No, this is good enough. What are some of your daily rituals? You said you surf in the morning.

I’m a big ritual girl. I have this newsletter. I focus a lot of attention on my newsletter, so for anyone subscribing, I have a theme of the month and then share all my tips. I just did rituals, so it’s funny that you asked. 

Shift your focus from what you lack to what you possess. Gratitude can become your saving grace.

I have a morning routine. It’s non-negotiable. To get into the details, I wake up, pee, scrape, drink a ton of water, and now I have to take these supplements because I’m doing a cleanse. I take supplements, return to my bed in a sitting position, all warm and cozy, and meditate for 20 minutes. I usually use an app like Insight Timer, and I do silent meditation or guided meditation, but now I want to let go of the app, so I’m practicing Ziva meditation which is amazing. It teaches you how to be completely independent of all apps, which I love. I do that, and then I stretch. 

I do a little bit of movement to get myself ready to go surfing. If I don’t surf, I do more of a yoga practice. Then, I always have a healthy breakfast. If I’m in a rush, I’ll make a smoothie. I’m a little bit addicted to smoothies, but I think that’s not a bad thing. That’s it. 

Then, I have a little evening routine which is I try to let go of electronics early and connect with my beloved partner. We do hot tubs, maybe cold showers, and then I sleep. I’m an early riser, so I’ve been using that to my benefit, and I go to bed at 9 PM.

That’s early.

Sometimes, 10 PM, but rarely.

Your morning routine should be non-negotiable.

That’s beautiful. It’s a great discipline. I need to be more disciplined.

Do you know what’s crazy? Meditation has probably been one of the biggest gifts. When I disconnect my brain for that 10, 15, or whatever minutes, even if you start with 5—it doesn’t matter how you start as long as you start—it does get me into flow and focus.

What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

My three top tips for a stellar life. Connect to your truth and power. Know what you want, and don’t be afraid to pursue it. And if things are getting in the way—I call it fear which controls these obstacles, limiting beliefs, and anything that stops you dead in your tracks of not pursuing that dream or the desires—then look at it, lean into it, and then start eliminating that through a change of mindset.

It seems like you have a very, very strong mindset. I think it is the powerful combination of being physically active and connected to nature and all the discipline of doing those brain exercises every day. 

I like the idea of energetic marketing. I created many things in my life energetically, and sometimes I still go down to places where I almost forget what I teach. I’m like, “Come back, Orion. Let’s go back.”

When I disconnect my brain through meditation for ten to fifteen minutes, it does get me into flow and focus.

We can work hard on achieving a goal and also almost do quantum leaps where we create things that are above nature and above our timeline, and we create from that place. It sounds like that’s what you do.

Yeah, but I also am a big believer. What keeps me accountable in my practices is I have to show up as my best self, and I have to do the work myself. If I’m trying to inspire or empower women to seek a life or rock in their bliss, then I have to be doing the same. That’s the journey forever.

I like it. It’s part of The Four Agreements, too, where you’re accountable with your words or something like that when you’re aligned. 

Where can people find you?

Instagram, @swellwomen. My one is @lulu.agan. Facebook. If you want to connect with me every week through the newsletters where I put most of my time and energy, and then everything else, you take the newsletter, dribble it into Instagram, and stuff like that. And swellwomen.com if you want to learn more about the retreats and swellnesscoaching.com if you want to learn about empowerment coaching.

Beautiful. Thank you so much, Lulu. I appreciate you. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us today.

Thank you so much, Orion, for inviting me. It’s been a pleasure connecting with you.

Thank you, and thank you, listeners. Remember to connect to truth and your power, know what you want and pursue it, lean into your fears and embrace them so you can break through and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Connect with nature and embrace the outdoors through watersports like snorkeling, diving, or surfing. This brings you positive energy and blesses you with an invigorating experience.

{✓}Embrace curiosity as your life mission’s compass. Remember, your mission starts by asking, “What is going on here?” in your quest for self-awareness. 

{✓}Learn to navigate the human experience while staying grounded in your inner self. Stay true to yourself. Don’t lose sight of who you are internally amidst external influences.

{✓}Proactively seek out what resonates with you. Take steps to integrate new experiences into your life. 

{✓}Break the cycle of fear to heal your life and create positive change. Leave behind heartache, disconnect with negativity and disbelief.

{✓}Speak with intention. Choose your words carefully and be mindful of their impact. This can foster healthy communication and build trust with others.

{✓}Tap into your inner resilience. No matter what challenges you face or what material possessions you may lose, remember that you still possess an internal indomitable spirit.

{✓}Avoid assumptions to prevent misunderstandings. Seek clarity through open communication, and make it a habit to verify information and clarify any uncertainties.

{✓}Strive for excellence in all you do, regardless of your circumstances. Give your fullest effort, pursue your passion, and unleash your potential to achieve meaningful impact. 

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About Lulu Agan

Lulu Agan is the Chief Officer of Bliss & Owner of SwellWomen. She aims to empower women to prioritize their health and well-being and to discover a new sense of vitality, allowing them to connect with their limitless potential through tailored empowerment retreats and programs. She believes the ocean has the power to erase egos, unleash the bare human spirit, and teach one to color outside of the lines, while yoga brings balance and a deep, supportive connection to oneself, all lessons that can be easily carried back to daily life, allowing that raw passion to color our every moment.

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