Episode 312 | April 4, 2023

The Magical Healing Energy of Crystals with Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. In this episode, we dive into the mystical and transformative world of crystals with the powerful duo Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro.

Heather and Timmi are the founders of Energy Muse, a company that has been at the forefront of the crystal movement for over 20 years. They started with just one piece, the Prosperity Necklace, and have since created exclusive crystal healing formulas that have helped people worldwide. Their easy and powerful ways of implementing healing crystals into our everyday lives have made them the go-to crystal authority.

Learn how to choose the perfect crystals for your needs, cleanse and charge them, and use them for manifestation, protection, emotional healing, physical healing, and more! 

Join us as we explore the endless possibilities of crystal healing, how it can enhance our spiritual journey, and discover the power they hold. Tune in!

We’ll also share how to incorporate crystals into your meditation practice, wear them as jewelry, and even place them in your home and workspace to promote positive energy and balance.



In This Episode

  • [03:19] – Heather and Timmi join the Stellar Life podcast and recount their origin story and how their collaboration began.
  • [07:38] – Heather explains how the name Energy Muse came about 
  • [11:09] – Heather and Timmi delve into the science behind crystals.
  • [18:37] – Heather discusses her spiritual journey, along with how it contributes to the magic she creates in her jewelry using numerology and downloads.
  • [23:55] – Timmi and Heather discuss Energy Muse’s range of products and services. 
  • [26:25] – Timmi and Heather talk candidly about the challenges they experienced while starting their business, including financial struggles and personal disagreements, and they navigated through them.
  • [35:56] – Heather and Timmi share their family’s connection with crystals and mantras.
  • [38:12] – Heather shares her approach to clearing space and crystals.
  • [42:15] – Heather and Timmi emphasize their plans to expand Energy Muse and how they would enhance their products.
  • [43:44] – Heather and Timmi share their top three tips for living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Heather and Timmi. Thank you so much for being here. Welcome to Stellar Life podcast.

T: Thanks for having us.

H: Hello. Thank you for allowing us to be here.

It’s always fun when there are two people. This is even juicier than talking to one person, so I feel very lucky today. Thank you both for being here. Can you share your origin story and how did you start collaborating? What do you do today?

T: You should tell the story about your crystals and why you got into them.

H: I was selling high-end real estate. A CFO of a Fortune 500 company came and said, “I’m going to buy a lot of real estate from you, but all the houses have to have a good feng shui.” This was 26 years ago, and I’m like, “what are you talking about?” He said, “go learn it.”

I went to Monterey Park in California, and it was a room with many men. I learned about feng shui, based on mathematical calculations on how you go into a space to bring it into balance and harmony. There, it opened up a whole world for me. I ended up selling him a lot of real estates and being intrigued by stones, gemstones, and all kinds of things.

At that time, and likely similar now, I’m a seeker of truth. You’d say my soul had many lifetimes and different meat suits. I’m on a path of discovery, and one of them is crystals. I ended up going to Hawaii. I learned with many different shamanic healers, and the list goes on.

What I found in the world of crystals and energy was that it opened something inside my heart that helped me get out of my head. As a logical person with a more skeptical scientific mind, I landed in a place that was not normal. Twenty-some-odd years later, I’m still learning and even learning deeper, juicier things. But at that time, I remember that I got pregnant and got married. So I took my feng shui background and put it in a wearable piece of jewelry.

I took the invisible world to make it physical. I came up with something called prosperity, based on feng shui principles and asked people to wear it for ten days. We’re going back to science to have some data. I gave them to ten friends, and Timmi was one of my research friends.

T: My guinea pig.

I don’t know what I will do, but in faith, I thought something would come my way. Sure enough, it did.

H: You’re a guinea pig, and you could connect.

T: Yeah. While she was going through all this, I would be her guinea pig and feng shui at my home and practice energy on me. This was very foreign to me. I grew up as a Catholic. I was like, “what the heck is she into?” But I was open to it because I have known Heather since first grade.

Wow, that’s a while. That’s awesome.

T: Yes. It wasn’t such a wow story because we used to get into a lot of trouble as children, but we’ve harnessed that energy into energy to help people. Heather gave me this, and I was actually in transition. I was in the garment industry and selling all big box retailers, Walmart, JCPenney, and Sears—very lucrative. It was a great experience for me until it wasn’t because I was so drained being down in pretty much a man’s world. I just lost myself.

The money wasn’t making me happy anymore. My marriage was suffering. I wanted to get home (I was traveling a lot) and start a family. I had quit my job, and I’m like, “I’m done.” I don’t know what I will do, but in faith, I thought something would come my way. Sure enough, it did.

The prosperity necklace came to me. I wore it, and people would say, “ah, and I still wear it today.” This is not just because I’m on this podcast. I love the prosperity necklace. People were touching it and being like, “what is that? Oh, my gosh, I love this.”

Prosperity is not just money; it’s prosperity in all aspects of life. So I felt that opportunities were coming my way. The biggest opportunity was to share my experience. I knew nothing about crystals. I didn’t understand feng shui, but I knew I would feel different when I put this on my body. It was just that simple. So I wore it with the intention of prosperity.

Prosperity is not just money; it’s prosperity in all aspects of life.

I thought, “Heather, let’s join forces. I knew how to get these things made.” We started off the trunks of our cars on the streets of Manhattan Beach, California, where we were both born and raised. That’s how our story began 22 years ago, almost 23.

That’s beautiful. How did you come up with a name?

H: I had come up with the name because of my feng shui business. I’ve always been intrigued by the muse. There are so many muses out there, the muse of music, the muse of art. And I want to be a muse of energy. I want something to be the inspiration behind somebody’s heart, behind somebody, where they’re the creator. Our jewelry pieces are the igniter, the tool, to help them reestablish themselves. So Energy Muse has always been about being the muse to inspire people.

How do you connect with crystals? How do you deal with crystals? How do you take care of it? How do you connect with it? How do you know if a crystal is a genuine and high quality?

H: I have two different ways.

T: I was going to say I don’t think no two people deal with the same connection at the same. Heather will tell them.

H: For me, I was such a triple type A. On paper, in my 20s, you would have thought I was the bomb. I had all the checkmarks, but I wanted something deeper. For me, crystals were just pretty. I love their colors. I liked that they were from countries I couldn’t travel to. I liked that there was a story behind them. It was something for me to hold on to because I needed to ground.

Back then, I knew these sounded like common conversations, but 23 years ago, at least when we grew up, that wasn’t something everyone talked about. Get centered, get grounded. There was a movement, obviously, here in California, where we’re from, but it was a foreign language. For me, it was about connection. It still is about connection.

Uncover the unique formula of crystals that works best for you.

Sometimes I pick up a crystal, and it feels heavy and doesn’t feel right. That’s okay because, at least in Energy Muse, it’s not about right or wrong, the rules, or this or that. It’s about how you feel. I think, personally, we’re so mentally driven today. The more we go on our journeys of meditation, breath, and things like that, and inward, we know what feels right for us. We know what we like when we’re at that place of interconnection.

I don’t want it to sound too broad. But, if we can teach, help, serve, or be on this path, it’s just like, trusting yourself. Get back to that place where you know that feels good for you. If we can guide you, you get to know what works for you at the end of the day. You got to know your formula. What might work for me, you, or your best friend? If somebody else has a different experience, it might be completely different.

For example, with Rose Quartz, for one person, it might be, “oh, my god, I love this. I feel like I’m connecting to who I really am.” For somebody else, it might be like, “I want to attract love.” For somebody else, it might be, “I got to heal a broken heart.” Do you see what I’m saying? So they’re all different circumstances.

I like crystals because they don’t have rules and regulations as humans do.

I like crystals because they don’t have rules and regulations as humans do. They don’t need to be put into a box and have this, “this is who I am.” This is who I am, but let’s evolve and grow who you are. Who do you want to expand into and go deeper within yourself with?

Do the crystals work? Is there any science behind it, or is it just a feeling?

H: There’s a lot of science about it. Once again, this is a very broad conversation of spirituality and science as we move forward. We’ll be merging these two words more than ever. Spirituality, in my opinion, is lightyears in front of science. Obviously, science is extremely important in many, many things.

In the last couple of years, everything has been about science, even if it’s not science.

H: It is, and the logical mind can get there very much. As our science grows in emerging technology, we find that the silence in our minds, the silence in our heart, is what’s helping us sleep at night, it’s helping us calm down, and those simple things maybe are helping us more in some areas on a day-to-day basis. But if you look at the computer chip, it’s made of silicon quartz crystal. What’s fueling our whole world is quartz crystal.

There’s a lot of science, but I don’t know if there’s enough science where anyone would say every ancient civilization has used crystals in some way since the beginning. Usually, things don’t stay over time. If no component of them is working or viable, they usually phase themselves out, yet crystals keep reinventing themselves.

Some of our most technological pieces now have the component of quartz crystal in them, which is a programmable device.

They said with the iPhone coming out or one at one point, it was going to be blue sapphire on the front, like this matrix of gemstones. A lot of stones are used in lasers. Some of our most technological pieces now have the component of quartz crystal in them, which is a programmable device.

T: Some people don’t know how to work with a crystal. “What am I supposed to do with this?” Someone like me would go, “oh, jewelry, this is crystal, this is energy on the go, easy. I put it on, I wear it, and I feel a shift in my energy because I’m wearing it with an intention.”

I think with Energy Muse, what has set us apart from day one is, I always say, “Heather, there’s a human crystal over here.” With the downloads that come through and the energy that she feels from them, she honestly really does. I don’t have that. I have it to an extent, but not like her. She knows how to put formulas together like this is our breakthrough piece.

These formulas, in combination with the crystals used, make a difference. This is not something you can get anywhere. You could find pyrite in most places, but with the breakthrough necklace and the energy it has about it, you can’t get this anywhere.

Formulas are super important. I know how they’re used. Numerology, the combination of the energies, is super important. It’s all about ritual and consistency. When you work with something consistently, you will get a result if you put your energy into that space, whether scientific or not, because that’s where your energy flows. That’s where your intention is.

H: It’s all reprogramming your brain. It’s online training. If I have to hold on to this, my brain is going into negative thoughts, and I have to stop myself and go, “okay, let’s shift consciousness; let’s shift into where I want to be going.” All the same.

Crystal Muse by Heather Askinosie & Timmi Jandro

Sometimes, we found why we’re here 23 years later because we were usually here because people get results, not because we provide. It’s because people become, “oh, I can do this, I can wear something, I can touch it. I have something I could hold on to that is symbolic of where I want to go.”

Sometimes when you’re alone on the day, and your mind plays tricks on you, you have to stop and say, reset, let’s go, mind change, shift. You need that time. We are being bombarded with so much stuff right now. It’s mentally strong, heart-centered, and grounded. Those are just simple things, but the three most magical alchemy we can do right now to shift quickly, and it’s powerful.

T: And they’re tools. We are providing tools for people to do this on their own. This is a talisman for some. It’s going to be too. Stone could be a talisman to hold on to, something to hold on to that’s real and that you can connect with to shift that mindset.

H: This is what’s cool about crystals. People are like, “I don’t even know, where do I start?” “Okay, well, I want money. Well, this looks like money.” Look at how Mother Earth shows up. This is like, “hey, you want to know what money looks like?” Sometimes people are like, “what does that even look like?” Well, this is what gold looks like. Start dreaming. What is it? Do you know what I’m saying?

Sometimes the crystals tell you what to eat. This is Mother Earth. It’s simple. It’s so simple, and we make it so confusing. We get into our synergy when we bring it down to just the basics. That’s where we get into our power, and that’s where we’re not overwhelmed.

We’re just like, “Okay, I got this.” That’s where you begin any journey. When you’re like, breathe and say, “Okay, I dare to start. I can do this. I can do this with little help.” It’s your secret, buddy.

Yes. It’s also like an anchor from NLP. I haven’t been speaking in a long time. But when I used to go on stage, I had this Wonder Woman ring that I wore.

H: You look like Wonder Woman. Doesn’t she look like Wonder Woman?

T: Yeah.

H: Okay, I could see that.

Thank you. That’s very sweet of you. Even in my teachings, it’s about creating almost like an alter ego for yourself and stepping into her and stepping into that person you want to be. Anyone, some physical anchors.

A Wonder Woman ring can work for me, but hey, why not wear this type of jewelry that is actually of the earth, that has the essence, that has the energy, that is helping you connect between the physical realm, the energetic realm, and have that as an anchor? It sounds very, very good. It sounds amazing. I really like it. Do you still work with Tony Robbins because he wears your necklaces a lot?

T: Yeah. We’ve had the opportunity to work with the Tony Robbins Foundation for almost two decades. We’ve created a specific line of jewelry sold at all their live events and online. He has worn our jewelry. It was surreal when Heather and I went to some of his events, and the foundation sold the jewelry. If you look around, everyone’s wearing it. They’re anchored with energy.

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I used to love my piece. It was blue, and I couldn’t find it. I had two of them. We moved. I don’t know where they are. They were one of my favorites. I haven’t seen it on the website, though. Do you still wear it?

H: Yeah, it’s on the foundation site.

Okay, now I know where to go.

T: We weren’t allowed to sell it directly because it was a custom-designed piece for the Tony Robbins Foundation. We honor our word. We’re those people.

That’s beautiful. You said you have downloads. What does it look like? Do you get into a meditative space? How do you do that numerology thing? How do you create that magic in your pieces of jewelry?

H: Because my nature is more out of the body, and I know that might sound odd, for me, I went to an ayurvedic doctor probably, and this is one of the reasons why I started this path. He told me, “if you don’t start meditating, I don’t know what’s going to happen to you, and you might crash and burn.”

I went and learned Transcendental Meditation about 26 years ago. If I had not been a meditator and gotten on a spiritual journey, which has taken me many roads, I don’t even know what would have happened to me. My days every morning, that’s how I believe. That’s how I navigate. So I have a very strong spiritual practice of meditation.

I have rituals of what I do, and don’t miss a day because it keeps me aligned. For me, that’s my formula. However, I’ve noticed my days are off-kilter when I don’t do my formula. As a result, I’m not showing up for the best for myself, my family, my company, or what I’m supposed to do.

This is just my game of how I navigate. So for me, when I go into that space, and I am intentional, I connect, and I’m really in that place, I can hear and connect with stones more deeply, so it’s coming through me, not my ego showing up designing.

T: It’s come through you.

H: Yeah, it comes through me. When a breakthrough was designed this year, I told Timmi, “this is the most powerful piece I think we’ve had in Energy Muse since the prosperity was designed.” What was confirmed is that we’re very blessed to have the same stringer who’s a Buddhist family stringing hardships, the same stringer for 26 years stringing our pieces.

That’s amazing. Do you have a Buddhist stringer?

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H: Yeah. They’re amazing. We don’t normally tell everyone the little nuances because we don’t want it to be about that. What I thought was powerful is that she called Timmi up when she started stringing these and said, “look, I just wanted to let you know there’s something different about this piece. I haven’t felt something of this resonance. What is this piece?” We said, “it’s a breakthrough.”

It’s about that point in your life where you’re like, “I can’t do it this way anymore. I need help to break through my mental limitations, my stories I tell.” We’ve all been there. This was designed when I was in that place. I sat alone, just letting my hands move, and it was almost like it had created itself.

I actually can take no credit for this piece. Although I would love to, I was just a bystander of what happened. What’s cool about this piece is that it’s like prosperity. The people that have worn it have had magical things. Is it the jewelry? I love to say that it is. But it’s the people showing up to commit to themselves who say, “you know what, I can break through.”

It’s a tool of co-creation.

H: It’s a tool of co-creation. It’s really what it is. Thank you for saying that. That’s why when people are like, “oh, how does this work” and this and that, it’s not the jewelry that works. Do you work? Do you know what I mean?

At Energy Muse, we like to have pretty things, but our pieces are designed to help you go deeper.

Being on a spiritual journey is not rainbows and unicorns. It’s not like all day, yeah, you’re running through rose buds, petals, and whatever. Instead, you’re learning about yourself, the good, the beautiful, and the shadow. That’s how we evolved.

At Energy Muse, we’re not the crystal company for everyone. I get it. We like to have pretty things, but our pieces are designed to help you go deeper. There are so many amazing crystal companies on the market. I couldn’t even name them all.

For me, it’s very important, like energy. Even that piece you shared with me about the person creating it is very important because the energy of the person touching the piece is very important in activating the life force inside crystals. Because if somebody with negative emotions touches the piece, yes, you can cleanse it, but it wasn’t created from a pure place.

Knowing the source of it for me, I love beautiful jewelry. The jewelry needs to call me, and I need to sense it. It brings peace of mind to my heart to know that it was created beautifully. I love the story behind a piece of jewelry. We live in a world that is so external. Everything’s so external.

If you go on Instagram, people are living from the outside. Sometimes they don’t go in, or they don’t connect to their inner wisdom. They don’t show that part on Instagram. It’s very plastic-like, but I like when it’s deeper. I like when it’s genuine. I like when it’s with integrity. It’s very important where it’s coming from, to me, personally.

T: We have mantras going on all the time. Even when the jewelry comes in, it’s bagged, and everything comes with this cold story that tries to inform everyone. If you’ve received one of the Tony Robbins pieces, it comes with this cold story; you know all about the crystals and how to wear and cleanse them. We’re giving you the tools. It’s now up to you to use it as a tool for yourself with consistency.

H: What we always do with ours is the original piece is like the mother. I know there’s so much, but that was when this piece was birth. All the pieces that are designed after that birthing piece, that one is always in our space because that’s the original, and then they all are seeded off the original frequency.

The combination of energy crystals is important for rituals and consistent energy flow.

I will say this because we’ve been doing this for so long. The potency of an Energy Muse, although people tried to knock us off, they don’t feel the same because it’s not seeded from the same source of alignment. Does that make sense?

Yeah. I just remembered I got a set of bracelets from you recently. They’re in the other room. I wish I had them with me. It always feels really good to wear them. It’s three bracelets together, and they’re blueish and dark. I don’t know the name of it. They feel really good. I can’t explain it.

H: That’s the biggest compliment because we want people to feel. It’s like when somebody comes to your house and says, “I just feel really comfortable here.” For me, that’s the best compliment somebody can ever give me about my house.

You feel like you came in, and it’s like a warm hug. You want to get criss-cross applesauce on the couch. You want to grab a pillow and just like, let’s talk—that kind of thing where you feel that you feel. Sometimes we get into these robotic states where we’re like, “wait, no, we’re here to feel. We’re here to connect.” There’s so much we’re here to do, but when we get zoned out, we’re not in our power or our head.

What was it like to create the business together? Did you ever have any arguments or fights? Did you have any struggles along the way? This business has been operating long and is a great success. How did you navigate your relationship and also the whole business aspect of it?

From an entrepreneurial point of view, we got our Master’s in Business from the ups and downs of a business degree just by owning one.

T: There are probably three major times when Heather and I are like, this might be the end of the friendship because you’re so intertwined with your personal and business life. Things don’t always go well. It might be financial, or it might be struggling with production. It doesn’t matter what it is. Usually, it is a financial situation. It can be stressful because it affects both of us.

One thing that you have to remember is we started this business with no business plan. We literally were like, “let’s do this.” We did it out of the trunks of our cars. It was almost like we were doing energy deals. We’re like, “oh, my God, look at all this cash; people wanted our jewelry.” Then there was a day when we said, “wait, we got to be in business. We’ve got to rent space. We need more cash. How are we going to do this?”

From an entrepreneurial point of view, I can say we didn’t go and get our master’s, but we got our Masters in Business from the ups and downs of a business degree just by owning one. You’ve even said, too, it’s the hard knocks. We’ve had some hard knocks that have taken us down a pretty ugly road.

These guys, if you listen, there is some guidance. Like we’ve been talking about the whole time, they guide you. The spirit guides you when you are on the right path. When you listen, you will have doors open because we find that all the time when you’re in complete alignment with your passion, purpose, values, and mission. When you get off track, that’s when the problems start.

H: To me, and I’ve got off track at points, I think as you get older and wiser before, we might have pointed the finger at one another, and then this most recent time, which I think was probably the worst time in our relationship, is more about like, oh, what did I do to contribute to where I am right now? So it was different ownership.

T: How do you clean up your side of the road?

H: Like, oh, if I’m not blaming you, this and that, and I show up and realize what I did to create this scenario, that was an opportunity to learn fun. What happened is on the other side of it. If you can get to that heartful truth, that’s not fun. It has deepened our relationships to a better one. The messy part was not good, but we’re both mature enough and have been on this journey long enough that we couldn’t point the finger.

We’re either going to do it together and figure it out, or we wouldn’t, but we’d have to do it anyway with somebody else because the lesson is the lesson. You can’t run from that lesson. Are we going to figure out the lesson and get it done? Are you going to do your thing? Why didn’t you do it with somebody else because the lessons still show up?

In Uranus, the planetary alignment is that you either shift, churn and grow, or you will fall.

The ownership part of learning sometimes sucks, but it’s almost like when you’re more conscious, you see what’s happening. Oh, I’m trying to put my ego in this situation and push the door open that won’t open anymore. The world has changed. The business has changed. Have you changed? No, you haven’t changed. You’re going to stay stuck. In Uranus, the planetary alignment is that you either shift, churn, and grow, or you will fall.

I feel that.

H: It’s the frequency of planet Earth right now. It’s like one of those things. Do you want to shift things? Either you get rid of your clothes, or you will buy new ones. Does that make sense? You have to change up the dynamic. If you do it, you’ll see results quickly because the planetary alignment will work with you. But if you bulkhead with it, it’s going to be hard.

T: That’s been nice, too. A lot of our friends are sole business owners. There’s a lot that needs to be decided as a business owner. The one good thing that we have between us is we have this trust issue that we are going to bounce these things off of one another because it affects one another so much that not everyone has that. People have often said you two are very lucky that you have one another to have this business, this relationship together, and can go there in deep levels, business and personal.

What do you do for fun?

T: That’s a good one. We like to travel. We both started our business when we were pregnant, her with her first son and me with my second. They’re best friends. We often are together a lot, traveling or doing things that we like to do together, going to the beach, or we need to do more. It’s been a tough six months. I’m not going to lie. We got to incorporate more fun because things contract when the fun stops.

H: One of my most fun things to do, which might not be normal to most people, I feel like my life is unlucky where I’m divinely guided. My husband sometimes is like, “what did you do today?” If there’s this random day that I don’t have 20 things planned? I let the day guide me, where I will start somewhere, I meet somebody, I go somewhere else, and it’s just like, life is so magical.

Some of the best and most fun days for me are just the simple ones that flow organically, and there’s not much of a plan.

There are so many cool and interesting people that have interesting stories. It’s beautiful. There are many amazing things to do, people to meet, amazing teas to drink, and sunsets to see. Some of the best and most fun days for me are just the simple ones that flow organically, and there’s not much of a plan. I’m structured. That’s a really fun day.

I had a really fun day yesterday. I have a three-year-old, and I homeschool him. Sometimes I forget to have fun with him. Yesterday, we went to the Discovery Museum, and it was a date day. We just had a blast. We watched a documentary together about Serengeti in Africa. We played, and he was so happy. He woke up this morning still joyful.

It’s the little things. It’s just spending time with your loved ones. It’s reminding yourself that we’re always going to have stress. We’re always going to have ups and downs. Life is going to come to us whether we like it or not. But, like the silence between the notes, we get to take that moment to breathe it in, love it, enjoy it, and embrace every little moment with ourselves, love ourselves and the people we love.

You guys, even before you said that, people are like, “oh, you’re so lucky to have each other.” I’m looking at you guys, and I can see you are so lucky to have each other because I see the love, respect, and rich history that you guys have together, and that’s unique. It’s so beautiful to witness.

H: Thank you for saying that.

T: Thank you. It means a lot.

H: I have a little boy; he used to be three. His name is Orion. He’s hitting me on.

It’s a great name.

H: Thank you. Now he’s 22.

Oh, my goodness.

H: It’s such a beautiful time to soak it in because I remember—it goes so fast—those little memories that you see of the play, the fun, and how he looks like little boys in their mom’s; there’s nothing else. It’s just the two of us. I have a daughter too, but it’s a different dynamic, and she’s fabulous. It’s a beautiful thing to soak in every second.

Yes, I will. Did you introduce crystals to your family? Obviously, they were involved, but what’s their approach with crystals? Are they more connected because of what you do?

CRYSTAL365 by Heather Askinosie

T: They don’t have a choice.

H: My daughter got a Reiki session. They brought the baby, and they sat down. I had my Reiki, and it was like, “what’s going on?” It was way out. The baby is like five minutes old. But, you know what, you’re right. My family would not know what it would be like not to start the morning with the mantras they hear. There’s a whole thing that goes on. That’s how it happens.

Our kids are different. Everyone says that about their kids. My daughter has a gift of intuition that far surpasses anything I ever could want for myself. My son, Orion, has a grace and beauty about him that’s so sweet. There’s a frequency.

T: I have two boys. My older son, we didn’t play by the rules. Oh, you must go to college and do this. They had their journey, especially during the last three years. Thankfully, we allowed them to choose a trip because school is not for everyone. They’ve gone back to it, but on their terms. He’s like a vagabond. He could be a van lifer, my older son.

H: He’s a renaissance man.

T: He is a renaissance man, and my younger one is very empathetic. He could be a natural counselor. He can feel it. Me, I didn’t come out that way. So when I see him, and he talks to me, I look in the mirror and say, “this is why God gave me you. He’s opened up my heart.”

Sometimes, these things have flourished and become even stronger because the crystals are around. They amplify energies. You can’t avoid it. So I’m grateful for that because they are our little teachers, our kids.

H: With that being said, if you have many crystals in your house, you must cleanse and purify your home. Is it good or bad? The crystals will amplify it all, so you want to make sure that you keep your space pure.

How do you clear the space, and how do you clear the crystals? What’s your method?

H: For time efficiency, because my life is all about time efficiency, I do believe in clearing mantras or clearing singing bowls. Yesterday, somebody on our live session said, “I clear my crystals by listening to Fleetwood Mac.” You know what? Everyone’s got their songs. For them, that might be where they resonate. Some people play Beethoven’s Fifth. Some people, like me, play Tibetan meditative or megahertz music. That’s a really fast way to clear energy.

You can bring in smudge with smoke. There are bells. You could take them outside under the moon in the sun. It doesn’t have to be some big huge deal. A lot of it’s intentional, but houses with many crystals are better served when you keep them clear.

That’s good to know. I also have an infinity bloc. It’s from the Leela Quantum Tech. It’s a bloc where it holds quantum energy. Sometimes I put my jewelry in it.

H: How is that working?

It’s awesome. I love it.

H: Playing with quantum energy is a fast track too. I started playing with quantum. I did turn that down because it’s a fast track. Have you found that to be true?

I only had major mystical experiences just a few times in my life. It’s not everyday, but I had some quantum leaps. When you’re in it, in a high-vibration space, you feel like everybody else is on the same plane as you are. I don’t really know.

I know intuitively that I am very different from the person I was ten years ago, five years ago, two years ago, and a year ago. We have two infinity blocs. We charge them with one another. They have a kilometer radius, and the science of clearing Wi-Fi signals backs it.

H: Is it on the right spectrum? Can you channel different number sequences in there on that one?

The three most magical types of alchemy are used to become mentally strong, heart-centered, and grounded. Click To Tweet

Do you want to see it? I have it here.

H: Yeah, I think I know what I’m talking about because some of its energy could change its programming, which is cool.

Here it is.

H: Those are super cool. Do you put water or your minerals in there?

Sometimes there is food in it. Sometimes my smoothie, sometimes my jewelry, and sometimes I’ll put a photo of someone to send healing. I have this thing, and it needs some cleansing to go outside soon.

H: Yeah, or even under the block.

Crystals amplify our energy.

Yeah, inside the block, outside the block. I like what you said about intention. It’s so true. Where do you see Energy Muse heading in the next two, three, four, or five years? Where do you see yourself in your partnership, expanding the brand, enriching more lives, and helping them with your product?

H: We will be doing more live interaction on different platforms. We’re finding that we’re starting to have more people. They could be called other muses, mini muses, or crystal muses in different states which can go live.

Crystals look good on camera. They may still be on a website. You miss some of the beauty of a stone when they become alive. There will likely be more interaction with people that are the crystal leaders, people that are in our community, and more interaction with more lives. Also, we’ve been very lucky to be part of retreats where more and more people are opening up to learning how they can use crystals to enhance meditation and things like that.

Do you have your crystal retreats?

H: We had one in Kauai. I’ll say it here. I’m looking for anyone who wants it. Does anyone here have access to Brando? Have you guys seen Brando Island? It’s Marlon Brando. It was his island. It’s one of the coolest eco places on planet Earth. I would love to have us make a retreat there. Please look at it.

I highly recommend the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

H: That would be cool. Do you have any contacts there?

It is the most biodiverse place.

T: Is it on the Pacific side of Costa Rica?

It’s between the two sides, but I’m not good at geography. I know it’s one of the places where it’s almost untouched and very beautiful. The wildlife there is incredible. You feel the Earth. It feels fertile. I can’t explain it. It’s one of the most magical places.

H: Crystals like that. People are more and more open. How can I have crystals lay on my body? What should I do? How do I sit down for eleven minutes and be surrounded by Mother Earth and reconnect?

When we go into these places, that’s how I learned I had all these crystals. I was in Hawaii, and she’s like, “go into the volcano.” You can go into different spheres of reality, which we’re starting to see. There are multi-dimensions; we can access them all in different vibrational frequencies. It’s a cool time to be alive because it’s all opening up.

It’s beautiful. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

There are multi-dimensions; we can access them all in different vibrational frequencies.

T: I would always create balance because I think you can get lost in the noise in this world. Coming back down, doing whatever that is, if it’s meditation or watching the sunset, you’ve got to create a balance between work and your family life. For me, it’s super important, and very important to Heather too.

A play is fun. It’s a very key thing to remember to play. So that’s got to be number one, and consistent practice keeps you on track. You’ve got to give that gift to yourself.

H: Having some daily ritual practice and consistency. Live from your heart, love more, and then serve more.

I love it. Love more and serve more. What about your books and car debt? Please share a little bit about those with our audience.

H: We would love to. Crystal Muse is a book that Timmi and I wrote. It’s 25 years of secrets. It’s a secret from shamans and medicine people. I was working with this Native American medicine man. He gave access to reprint a prayer that is normally not printed. It’s a prayer to clear your house—our teachings with a Hoʻoponopono with our Kahuna.

There are a lot of cool things. But basically, it’s Timmi and I’s story of our life, how I got pregnant, and my mom lined my wedding dress with moonstone. I had no idea she wanted to have it. It’s like, I want to have a grandbaby. So she’s like, “let me make your wedding dress and line the whole thing with moonstone,” which is a stone of fertility, and I did get pregnant, lucky on my wedding.

Also, this wizard man in Laguna designed my wedding ring. When he handed it to my husband, he said, be very careful because I made this under a full moon, and it’s very fertile. So I guess it was because I got pregnant right away.

Crystal 365 is a super cool book if you are interested in what a crystal is. We wrote books we wanted to read that were not on the market. Like, tell me what a crystal does in a paragraph. Show me a visual picture of what it does if I don’t want to read. Give me a sentence so that I have a mantra, and then give me an actionable thing to do so that I can do something so I can see. We’re very results driven in the fact that if we’re going to do something, please have it work.

T: Keep it simple.

Live from your heart, love more, and then serve more.

H: Keep it simple. It’s just going to do anything because there are 20 million other things that I can be doing. Does that make sense? Let’s have a look at them. I’m very happy to say this is the card deck on Amazon, it has all these reviews, and they’re all five stars. I’m super happy.

It’s just colored pictures, and it’s the same pretext. If I pick a card and recall your dreams, what do I do with that? Give me something actionable. Give me a mantra for the day. Here’s what you can do today that will help you with this. Everything is very, very spiritual and logical. It helps both sides of your brain because that’s how we think.

T: There’s a backup book, so you could look up and read more and know exactly what to do with it. Make it very simple.

H: Our whole gig has been about educating people but in an approachable way. Like, “hey, you don’t know about crystals; this is where you start.” How do you begin? It’s really simple. It’s easy. Don’t get overwhelmed. It’s just about feeling, that’s it. At least for us, that’s what it’s about.

Get Connected. What do you like? Trust yourself. You’re giving the right answer. Nobody says, “no, you have to be on your journey; go for it.”

Start today and start living that life that you love. If anything, if you don’t, whatever, it’s a beautiful thing to look at. Why not have pretty things in your house or environment that make you smile? It’s all a win. There’s nothing bad coming from it. Do you know what I mean?

Where can people find your jewelry? Where can they find the books?

T: Everything’s available on energymuse.com. Also, we have lots of great information on our Instagram and Facebook platforms. It’s just Energy Muse.

H: And TikTok now.

T: And TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.

How do you have time to do all that?

H: We’re very blessed because we have a lot of great people around us. We have a great team at Energy Muse. If we didn’t have the people around us that we do, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. It takes good people. It takes a lot of intention. So we’re very blessed and lucky.

It takes great leaders to run a great village.

H: Thanks. Sometimes we’re great. Sometimes we have some work to do., but we’re trying.

Thank you both so much. It’s energymuse.com. Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing your hearts and your wisdom with us today. Thank you, listeners. Remember to create balance in your life. Play, consistently practice, live from your heart, love and give more, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Harness your skills and talents to transform your energy into a positive force. Channel it towards a cause that resonates with you.

{✓}Approach crystal healing with an open mind and enjoy your unique journey.

{✓}Trust yourself, your intuition, and your capabilities. Listen to your inner voice and values when using crystals. 

{✓}Regularly cleanse and charge your crystals to remove negative energy, and then, refill them with positivity.

{✓}Set your intention before using a crystal. This can be a goal or a desire, such as the intention of prosperity to bring more positivity into your life.

{✓}Choose crystals that resonate with your personality and values. Each crystal has unique properties that make it ideal for different purposes.    

{✓}Meditate with your crystal to deepen your connection with its energy and enhance your practice.

{✓}Place crystals in your home or workspace areas to promote positive energy and balance.   

{✓}Use crystals with visualization and positive affirmations to manifest your desires and goals. 

{✓}Find Energy Muse’s jewelry and books on their website and social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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