Episode 7 | April 5, 2016

Overcoming Your Fears with Underwater Photography with Gisele Lubsen

A Personal Note from Orion

Gisele Lubsen specializes in underwater photography, and her images are beautiful works of art that capture people as they face their biggest fears. Along with discussing the healing power of underwater photography, Gisele also shares how she manifests positivity in her life and sees every situation with the glass half full.



About Today’s Show

‏‏Welcome to another episode of Stellar Life, I’m Orion and I have a special goddess with me today on the show, her name is Giselle Lubsen, and she is unbelievable. She is a Dutch-born photographer and founder of GAL Photography, a creative agency based in Los Angeles. Her photographs have been exhibited and published in the Netherlands, France, Greece, Switzerland, and the United States. She has specialized in conceptual underwater photography in the last 8 years. Her work is focused on feminine and masculine archetypes, especially in mythology, fairy tales, and history. So hello Gisele, I’m so excited to have you on the show. Welcome.

‏‏Hello! Thanks for having me.

‏‏Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

‏‏Well like you said, I currently live in Santa Monica, I was born and raised in Holland and in Greece because my mother was an archaeologist so we would travel around with her while she was doing her excavations. Many countless little islands in the Mediterranean and also in Cyprus. It was really fun learning about different cultures and histories and I think that really reflects in my work today, my conceptual underwater photography. So I’ve always been interested in that kind of mythological historical aspect in art. I also moved to Switzerland for a long time. That’s where I kind of went to school as a teenager. So I’m from a bit of all over the place. But I currently live in Santa Monica, and I work here and I absolutely love it here.

‏‏You’ve lived in about six different countries.

‏‏Approximately, yeah! I’ve kind of lost track count I think. I always say “Home is where the heart is”. My heart’s really in Greece. I have a summer house in Paros, so my heart is really there. But I also absolutely love Santa Monica and Holland and Amsterdam of course and Paris where I moved to when I was 19 to do my undergraduate studies in art history. So it really depends. I guess home is everywhere. As long as your friends are there.

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‏‏It is really exceptional. People are afraid to move to the city next door. So what brought you to move to five different countries? And you also mastered five different languages. So what brought you there and how did you do that?

‏‏I think I didn’t really have a lot of say in it. As a child, my parents were very entrepreneurial and very adventurous. So my mother, like I said before, was an archaeologist and she is an archaeologist and still is and doing incredible tours with women specializing in goddess and mother earth. It is wonderful, wonderful. And so she was always traveling. As a little girl, she didn’t really want to leave me behind, so she would take me on all the trips. And my father, as a cardiology research scholar, invents heart medication, he moved with us to a little town called Chateau de Chillon which is in between Montreux and Geneva, in Switzerland on the French side. That’s where we moved, and I was only 11 at the time. It was because of my parents that I had such a wonderful and exciting childhood, which was great, but also sometimes I think that I was jealous of children who grew up in one country and had their same childhood friends and everything was familiar. I was sometimes envious as a little girl because sometimes it is hard to move. You can’t really relate right away. So I learned these languages super fast. And I think children can do pretty much anything, we are limitless. But it was definitely an exciting period and I definitely don’t regret having this childhood at all, it really helps me nowadays to travel a lot. It is in my blood. I feel really adventurous and love meeting different cultures and people. So was definitely a wonderful wonderful thing.

‏‏You’re definitely a people person. Everyone who meets you falls in love with you immediately. I know I have. And last night we had this beautiful ladies’ night. Six of us were at a round table. Sharing stories, having fun, and having a really deep conversation. One of the things I really love about you is your generous spirit. I know that some mean officer lost your green card and you have trouble in the next few days and you still have to go to the immigration office and make sure that they will get it. One thing you told us is that you got up in the morning and made breakfast burritos for everyone. Can you share this story with us?

‏‏You know, it is pretty funny, because the first time I went to immigration, it is really kind of a drag. You have to wait for a long time and you have to be there at [6:30] because you have to be in line. And when they call you at 7 AM is when the doors open. I try always from a negative experience to make things a little bit better and turn it into a positive. I said to myself in the morning “What can I do to make this not so dreadful and negative?” I said to myself “What about doing something for all of the other people who are in a dreadful experience, probably a worse experience?” I’m in status, I have a green card, it is just a task of going through the process and paperwork. Some people were in line and they are not even sure if they can actually have a green card. I am very privileged, and sometimes that I feel that giving to others that are less fortunate just beside it is a good thing to do, it also in a way just makes the environment good. When you put positivity into the universe, it always comes back to you. So I got up and I made some tacos and burritos. I gave them in line, and they loved it. We had fun, there was even one person who played music. I mean, who knows. I’m going back again tomorrow morning. This time for a letter. I have to travel with an emergency letter, so hopefully, I get it this time. But hey, I am doing my best. What is will be.

‏‏I am absolutely certain that you are going to get it because you are a very powerful manifester. Can you share some times in your life that you manifested things in your life that you hadn’t even dreamed of?

‏‏Honestly, I was going through some health difficulties and I realized that through that entire experience that I really had to work on myself in terms of listening to my body and really being faithful to who I was on a mental, spiritual level. I started – and I’m a very visual person, obviously, as an artist – I started to wake up in the morning and begin the day with small little rituals. This ritual was really just sitting down and visualizing what I wanted to accomplish that day. And it has changed my life for the good. One of the big manifestations after doing my test, even though I was eating healthy and I was doing the same and I was reducing my stress, my test results came back really really good. I’m sure I was obviously healed because I went through the operation as well but most of the job was a mental, state-of-mind job and I think when we manifest that through the art of visualization we can really accomplish so many peaceful and powerful things in our lives. I also practice that underwater when I do my photoshoots because I dream of certain poses that I would like the models and actors to perform. Sometimes underwater it is really an exercise of letting go. You can’t be so much in control. It is the natural element of water, so sometimes the textile goes up or a little bit of hair goes that way. Magic happens but I do end up visualizing it in my head before it happens, and usually, it just happens as a binary connection between the model and I and it is amazing. I absolutely believe in that.

Sometimes underwater it is really an exercise of letting go. You can’t be so much in control.

‏‏Your art is some of the most beautiful photographs I have seen in my life. You are just incredible and you visualize it and made the right connection with your subject. It is who you are that affects the way they react underwater. What inspires you every day?

‏‏I think what really inspires me every day is beauty. I know it sounds a bit cliche. But things that are beautiful to me. Let me give you a definition of beauty. Beauty in the sense of I feel connected to something. If there were a word, I would say this, like the word emotional, emoted, something that emotes you. Then yes. It is definitely that. Beauty in a sense that you look at something and you almost want to cry tears of joy or sadness or whatever it is. Anything that evokes emotion. That really gives you goosebumps and really connects people. Beauty I feel is a universal language. That kind of beauty. Because it is really revealing your vulnerability or someone’s vulnerability. When we do that, we actually allow intimacy to happen. I think beauty is the beginning of all of us to connect on the same level no matter where we are from or where we are born or what kind of cultural, financial status we have. Or if we are famous or not famous. I think we call all relate to something like that. When we are touched, and when we feel connected, memories are triggered. Everyone has a different memory. That is a whole analysis of what is called semiotics. It is very important in art. But I won’t go into that. Every day I wake up and get excited for the day, even if it is just looking at the sun, or what is going on in nature, and creating. So creativity and beauty drive me every day.

‏‏It definitely beams from you, seriously. You’re one of the brightest people I have ever met energetically. It is so nice to experience. I love what you are saying, how emotions are beautiful and anything that moves you is beautiful. Sometimes people are afraid of their emotions or to feel them at their full capacity. From what I learned in my life and my journey-when you embrace everything, the dark and the light, and you see the beauty of it, then you kind of release it. You get to a place of ease, a place of-I won’t say balance-but a better a dance of the dark and the light and a deeper self-acceptance. It is so true because you see people around the world. It doesn’t matter what language they speak, sadness looks the same and anger looks the same and happiness looks the same and extreme joy looks the same. It is even in their physiology, the same physiology no matter where they are from. You went through a major health crisis. When you are in it, it is kind of hard to see the beauty. How did you find beauty? What was the drive? What were the tools?

‏‏I think it’s-I’ll be honest with you, it was thinking one day I wanted to have children and be a mother. What I went through was by no means as serious as what others go through. I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in my cervix caused by HPV, which is a real epidemic in our lives. There is not a lot of awareness of it yet. But there are of cancerous strands that women can have through carriers of men. And men can also get cancer from it. They are trying to come up with a vaccine right now and it is on the market but it is very expensive. I am on the waiting list because there are a lot of strands. I think we should vaccinate all our children, boys and girls, in order to avoid this kind of epidemic and stop it. I went through what was called a LEAP operation, from 12 til 2. I had precancerous cells, which my amazing wonderful doctor at the women’s clinic, she did the operation and removed it. It was a standard procedure and a lot of women go through it. Unfortunately mine, after a couple of weeks we did the post-op, I think it was six weeks, it had come back in a very aggressive form. The pre-cancer had definitely developed and so I went through a second operation. I remember going through that operation and friends saying “Oh my god, we feel so bad”, and I said to myself “I’m really not worried about this virus getting to me” because it was very early and I always get my checkups done and I hope all women do that. I was really concerned about not being able to have babies. I’ve always been very independent. I travel a lot. I always put my career first and my friendships first. I never really thought that I wanted to have kids at the age of 30. And then I realized through this experience what an amazing gift it is to be able to give life and share that with the person you love so deeply and in a way be so close to nature and mother earth. It really gave me courage through that second operation and I said to myself “I’m going to have babies one day”, and I’m definitely sure I will. With the help of a lot of healing and visualization, and I am definitely still able to have babies. I’ve been two and a half years in the clear. I am very happy.

‏‏I am so happy. This is amazing. Our minds are amazing. They definitely affect what goes on in our bodies. People think that the mind is only in the brain but actually every cell is all connected to this bigger physical mind and universal superconscious mind. We can get all the answers from there and all the healing as long as we are tuned into that power. What’s the difference between you before and after that crisis?

‏‏I think that the difference is that I really try, after many failed attempts, that I really try to run myself with people that love me for who I am, that are souls that make me feel good and I can feel good and that we truly connect. I am no longer interested in spending time and wasting time with unnecessary stress. Life is challenging as it is. Through that experience, I have learned to be more faithful to my needs and wishes and wants. And I am getting there. It is not easy. I am getting there and learning to set boundaries and say “No this is not a good idea”. Or “yeah this would be great”. And also trying to not be so strict on myself. I used to be very strict in terms of whatever it was. Very perfectionistic. I think water in my career and developing with it, underwater photography, has really helped me learn to let go and not be so controlling that everything has to be perfect. Life the way falls can be just as beautiful if not more beautiful. Magic can happen. I feel different because of that experience, definitely. Also, I think I appreciate everything so much more.

‏‏I love it. How do you handle stress? What are the tools you use besides the morning ritual and visualization? In your job, you travel a lot, you do business with so many people and high-end companies. People are very demanding. What do you do to handle stress at the moment?

‏‏I would say my “right away” reaction would be humor. I think laughter is the most important thing for me on my end really just relaxes me. So if I’m in a stressful situation-I once did this workshop that Oprah Winfrey organized. One of the things she said was to not take ourselves so seriously. And that when we are stressed and when we feel fear and anxiety, it is very close to the feeling of excitement. So whenever I feel anxiety. It is true that my natural self tends to go to anxiety a lot. Even though I never really show it, I tend to do that a lot. Some people go to anger, some people go to pain in their bodies. For me, it is definitely anxiety. First I try to understand what I feel and why I feel it. Then I try to turn it into something exciting. Usually, that happens by me just seeing the irony of it. I love irony. I think irony is amazing. I will probably visualize something funny. I will laugh. And I kind of did that with immigration. It was interesting, I just to visualize that everyone in line was naked, and I would laugh.

‏‏I don’t know if it’s funny or sad. Just kidding.

‏‏Actually, they are very serious, mean immigration officers. Anyway, I think that laughter is definitely what relaxes me. I’m definitely in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man, he makes me laugh every day, he’s extremely funny, so it’s definitely a match in terms of removing my stress, so he helps me with that.

‏‏Yeah, and so does your cat.

‏‏Oh yeah, my cat, on a daily basis they crack me up.

‏‏What makes you happy? You said your man, and your cat, and what else?

‏‏Friends. I think friends are so important to me, especially since I’ve traveled so much. My family, who I love so dearly, I always get to see them in Switzerland or Greece during the summer, and sometimes I go to Switzerland in the winter. My family is definitely also includes all of my close friends. Friendships for me are extremely important. So, friends make me super, super happy. I love cooking for them, having them over at the house, and just having a relaxing evening. For me, that definitely is one of the things that makes me most happy. Then, of course, diving in the Mediterranean every year, on my little island, I love swimming and being a part of that beautiful environment there, which makes me happy. And creating, of course, being an artist, nothing makes me happier than to create.

‏‏Absolutely. Your whole upbringing in Greece brought you close to the water, and you see yourself as a little bit of a mermaid. You told me that you feel even more comfortable underwater than on land. Tell me a little bit about your underwater photography, about the concept, and about working with the subjects.

‏‏Pretty much, I’ve been doing this for about 7 or 8 years, and I definitely enjoy every day, every time that I do an underwater photoshoot, every time I am just so mesmerized by the romanticism of water. Anybody underwater, in a way, can have their strengths highlighted, and also really express themselves to be limitless and be free. I founded this company a couple of years called GAL Photography, and because I travel the world with art shows and art exhibitions, exhibiting my art in different gallery’s, I also feel that underwater photography is an amazing platform, and a powerful platform, to combine art together with commercial aspects, and also a factor of healing. I photograph a lot of actors, celebrities, models, dancers, musicians, couples-anybody who would like to be underwater because water really captures a sense of performance of how brave we have to be on a daily basis, it’s almost metaphorical. When you are, for instance, in Los Angeles, people say “The people here are so superficial.” I say, no their not, there is a sense of bravery, and “How are you?” “I’m fine.” But, deep down their not, there is so much going on. I am absolutely fascinated with that aspect, because water directly translates that and really connects people. I really enjoy being underwater with these beautiful souls and putting that into an art piece, whether it’s for a brand, a fashion designer, an actor, or couples uniting. There is an element in there that is always going to look like art. And again, we go back to what we talked about before, beauty as a universal language works universally in a commercial aspect of photography but also in fine art. In that sense, hopefully, I will find a wider audience and we will connect a little bit more through that.


‏‏Right. What do you do when people are afraid underwater? They really want to do the photoshoot, but they get scared.

‏‏I’ve never actually had people on set that have been scared in the actual moment, but I’ve had, for instance, I shot the cover of Malibu Chronicle with amazing, amazing, dear, dear talented actress, sorry, she’s also an actress I suppose, editor Veera Mahajan, she owns the Malibu Chronicle, and she has always been afraid of water. We connected and I was going to photograph her for the cover and also do an interview on the inside on how to overcome your own fear with self-love. She was incredible because my team and I were photographing her in Malibu in this swimming pool, and in the pool dividing deep and shallow waters was a black line. In the shallow end of the pool, before the black line, Veera was incredible, she was a mermaid moving around. We ended up realizing that she was able to stay underwater forever, almost longer than we could. She was stunning, amazing. She had all these beautiful red clothes, draperies around her, it was pretty magical. Then, the moment she tried to pass that black line, her mind was in the way. She didn’t dare, even though, it wouldn’t make a difference. So physically, and slowly, we guided her through different steps and coached her to really just trust, and have faith, that anything is possible. She ended up overcoming her fear right there in that photoshoot, and it was just such a rewarding, incredible experience, to the point where after 3 or 4 hours photographing her, she just didn’t want to stop. She was swimming underwater and said “I don’t want to stop! I want to do this everyday!” It’s a wonderful thing to see that water is healing, but it really is about the process. The process is what is rewarding. From photographing a family that contacted me a week ago, and we did a photoshoot underwater and it was just mesmerizing with their children being together, and we all realized how close they were and what a wonderful family they were, it was just love. The whole experience, it’s just a very rewarding experience. When I look at the art pieces and I see the people in it, I’m very proud of everyone. It’s great.

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‏‏Wow, that’s an extraordinary breakthrough, I’m sure that affected everything in her life-her business, her relationships. It’s those moments that define us. I know that my personal black line was when I did the firewalk with Tony Robbins, and I walked on hot coals. That was my line. After that, I really felt invincible. That was one of those-there are moments that define you in your life, and that was one of my moments. I was thinking, wow, if I can walk this, I can do anything that I want in life. Congratulations for helping and healing so many people. You make the world a better place with all the true beauty that you bring to the world, but internally and externally. I wanted to ask you. When somebody is taking a photo, whether it’s underwater or on land, what are your best tips?

‏‏Well, I guess the best tips, above the water is very different obviously, so let’s just talk about underwater for a second. I think the best tips is really just to learn to let go. I mean, I give people advice on poses of course before we go underneath, but I also like before I direct everybody, to see what comes out in a personal level-how they move underwater, and how they feel. I am still very interested in truly reflecting each individual character for who they are, even though they are personifying a different character, for instance, a Greek goddess or a mythological figure, I also really like what they personally bring to the table, and that goes back to the personal, of course, being touched and being connected. I advise people when they go underwater to hold their breath like this for about three quarters, and then let it out halfway, and when you let it out halfway we slowly find a silent point, we look at each other with equal energy and we slowly go underneath the surface, then you just let out the air. It’s the only way that your face can truly look relaxed, once you’ve let go of all that air in your mouth. It’s interesting how at that very moment, and it doesn’t have to be long, real magic happens. People feel very empowered, they feel a sense of silence and peace, it’s very, very interesting. I’ve had, for instance, models who have done that trick the first dive, and we literally could wrap it up, we had an amazing image. So that would be my advice that I give them. Once we go underwater, we’re just having a good time. Just have fun with it, don’t take everything so seriously.

‏‏It’s all related to how you live your life. Your story of surrender, you breathing and meditating in the morning, your sense of humor, and having fun, it’s just such a great metaphor for life, like you said. They say, “Let go and let God.” You had a major success lately, on The Bachelorette, Right? Can you share that with our listeners?

‏‏Of course! Absolutely, yes. So, after I shot the cover of Malibu Chronicle, there was a producer, one of the producers of The Bachelorette saw that and said this could be really great for a segment for one of the episodes. My team and I were featured on the second episode of The Bachelorette this season, and it was a really fun experience. I guided Kaitlyn and Clint through this date together, and we did breathing exercises to really be in the now and feel their presence. We set their intentions for the day and for the dive, and we had a gorgeous stylist that was providing them with beautiful clothes and my makeup artist did the makeup and she specializes in underwater makeup art and she is just amazing, we have been working together for 8 years. My wonderful assistants, lighting assistants, and lifeguards Ben, Larry, and Matt were all there. Yeah, we just guided them in this fun underwater shoot, and they completely connected underwater, which was great. When they dive, as you will see in the footage, Clint kissed her, so that was exciting. She got her first underwater kiss.

‏‏They definitely let go.

‏‏It made for good T.V. I was happy.

‏‏We saw the footage together, it was incredible. I was so proud of you.

‏‏It’s such a well-watched show, I think there are 2 million people who watch a show like that, which is very commercial, it’s very popular. They actually showed a lot of my art pieces on there, a lot of my underwater art pieces with couples, and I thought that was really great for them to do. That definitely, a lot of times when I was approached by people after they show and they called me, they realized that wow, maybe we can do this too, maybe we can create art as well, it’s not just for a certain type of person, it’s more for everyone. I was very happy for that, that ABC did that, it was great.

‏‏So, what’s coming up for you? Where are you heading?

‏‏Pretty much, I am surrounded with art prints. I am trying to get everything done right now and send it out to all my clients before I leave, because in three days I will be flying to London, and then Greece, where I am shooting an underwater production with an incredible mermaid from Corfu. We will be doing a commercial campaign, I cannot reveal yet the brand, but it’s definitely going to be exciting. I am also heading to Lisbon to shoot an underwater production where I will be interpreting the Portuguese this incredible poem, it’s really about the Portuguese in the 17th century traveling and discovering West Indies and Africa. It’s all the adventures that they discover as they travel with the boat, there is Greek goddesses involved as well and we are doing a big casting as well to find the perfect characters for these scenes, and that will be my new art collection that will be exhibited in Lisbon in a beautiful gallery, E.E. Gallery, in January 2016. There are a lot of fun summer projects coming up. Oh! And another project which is great that is coming up is that i’ll be photographing the Beverly Hills High Ballet Company in the fall. That will be an amazing production with 8 dancers, 3 boys and 5 girls, and we are making a movie and some beautiful art from it, a beautiful poster. It’s going to be hung all around town, so that’s very exciting. It’s beautiful, I’m very excited about that.

‏‏I’m excited about it too, I mean, dancers underwater, that is going to be insane.

‏‏It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be great. We have Jorge, my incredible creative director and stylist, is really going to come out with magical costumes for them. I’m very excited about this project, it’s going to be very whimsical and very fun.

‏‏We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but it seems to me like you manage to do so much. You travel, you manage to find time for your family, for your partner, you cook for people, you keep creating, you’re printing stuff, you’re remodeling your beautiful house, seriously, how do you do it? What is your key to productivity?

‏‏You just don’t sleep. That’s the answer. You know, I wish I felt what you feel because I sometimes feel that I am not productive at all. I’m trying to cram everything in a day and I feel that sometimes I really get stuck on one thing, and then all of the other things fly by, and I feel that sometimes slows me down a little bit. I guess I just try to prioritize and really see in chronological order what is the most important thing that is going to satisfy my expectation and my needs. Renting my house out, for instance, for the summer, even though I have a lot of printing work to do, I know that if I find a person who wants to rent my house, the house has to be clean and perfect. That was a priority, so I did that. Now, I am printing artwork, so I think that it’s not really about tackling the mountain but tackling each project individually and not being overwhelmed with all the other million things that you have to do. I think a lot of times once we start something small, we see something else small. We get so caught up and we become stressed and it’s awful. So just tackle each project one thing at a time, don’t multitask too much and once something is finished, just move on. But not like 10 different things at the same time, that is what I would say is the most productive thing I have learned in the last couple of months.

A lot of times once we start something small, we see something else small. We get so caught up and we become stressed and it’s awful.

‏‏Do you have a certain system that you use to prioritize? Do you use certain apps, pen, and paper?

‏‏I have to say there are all these different apps, there is Evernote, email, reminders, and alarms, for me what works best is a big whiteboard that you write things down on, or notepads. I just love writing in the morning my to-do lists with a red pen, and then everything that I finish I’ll just cross it out. It feels satisfying to just cross through it and be like, I did that, it’s kind of a self-merit thing. For instance, if I’m hungry, if I want to have lunch, I say no, one more thing. Then I cross it out, then I have lunch. It’s exciting because it makes you work quicker I suppose.

‏‏From everything we talked about in this episode, what are your three biggest tips for living a stellar life- psychically, spiritually, emotionally, in a relationship, etc.

‏‏Laugh a lot and often, don’t take things too seriously, and always realize that the way other people perceive you is very different from the way you perceive yourself, often. I would say that those are the three things that I try to live my life by and it helps me a lot during moments of crisis or if I’m in my own way, just to let go. But definitely, I would say that laughter is the most important thing. I think sometimes when we feel lost, it’s what helps me a lot to just drop everything and go back to nature, something very simple, and then really just taking a goddess hour, just going for a hike, going for a swim, drawing, painting, calling a good friend and just talking about things, that just really makes you feel good again. These little things help me create and help me have a stellar life, as you say, for sure.

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‏‏Incredible. I’m sure some of our listeners are curious, who can work with you, who works with you, and how can they find you or connect with you?

‏‏The wonderful thing about the internet is really, everyone on this planet can connect with me. My website is giselelubsen.com and I also have a booking website with my videos and commercial work which is galphotography.org, and all of my information is on there. Of course, I also am on social media, on Facebook I have a page called GAL Photography Underwater, and in Instagram you can always follow me to catch the latest news, the fun things that we do, shoots and behind the scenes videos. Instagram is Gal in the Water Photography. There is also Twitter which is just my name, Gisele Lubsen, so you can connect with me there and send me a message, and my email address is also on my website, so people can also write me a personal email if they’d like with questions, or anything they wish.

‏‏Thank you, you beautiful goddess Gisele, for everything you taught us and everything you shared with us today. I’m sure that many of our listeners are going to go on your website and view your beautiful photography and get inspired, and maybe get inspired to work with you and get underwater with you. It’s going to be amazing.

‏‏Thank you so much, it was a lovely thing to be interviewed here on your lovely show.

‏‏Thank you, and thank you, listeners, I’ll talk to you next time, and have a stellar life.

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Gisèle Lubsen is a critically acclaimed photographer whose work has been exhibited and published in France, Greece, Dubai, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, and the United States. Her work is created underwater, conjuring the intense, provoking imagery of a Caravaggio painting, but captured in live motion, with living, vibrant models.


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