Episode 6 | March 29, 2016

Superfoods for A Lifetime of Health and Energy with Joy Coelho & Jay Denman

A Personal Note from Orion

Rock stars are epic when it comes to enjoying life, and Steven Tyler from  Aerosmith definitely does.  He eats the most delicious, nutritious, and foodgasmic foods, the type that keeps him highly energetic and ready to rock any stage, everyday.

His secret?  Jay & Joy — the JingSlingers.  Jay Denman and Joy Coehlo are celebrity chefs that create gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free foods and elixirs that taste like heaven.

They use superfoods, Chinese herbs, and more to add magic to their dishes.  They are also experts in advanced natural medicine. 

Get ready to “Drink from a fire hose” as they share their best tips for a life full of health and energy.



About Today’s Show

‏‏Hi, and welcome to another stimulating episode of Stellar Life! I’m your host, Orion, and I have the pleasure of having with me today, Jay Denman and Joy Coelho, the Jingslingers. Jay and Joy are culinary innovators and superfood chefs that create cleverly conscious comfort food. They’re experts at herbalism and cutting edge technologies that optimize the human body and spirit and maximize mental focus and clarity. They work with celebrities like Dave Asprey from The Bulletproof Executive and The Bulletproof Coffee and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. The list goes on and on and I am honored to call them my personal mentors and friends. Hey, and welcome to the show! This is going to be super exciting and thank you so much for joining us today.

‏‏Hi, Orion!

‏‏Hi, Orion!

‏‏I’m so happy to hear your voice.

‏‏So, tell us a little bit about your background and how you found your purpose.

‏‏Well, like most people, I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I knew it and it took a medical 2×4 for me to squarely see that what I was doing and how I was living right down to the most insignificant detail or insignificant I thought at that time, changes the trajectory of your health on a daily basis. Even though I felt I was fairly healthy, I found that I was certainly not. The medical 2×4 was a trip to one of my local healers and when he was scanning my body, energetic healers I mean, he said you got an issue on this side meaning the left side of the lower pelvis. Without any equipment and with just using the energy from his hands, he was able to detect and let me know something that my traditional doctors had missed, which was a three-pound tumor on my left ovary.

‏‏Oh my god! Wow!’

‏‏So, immediately my gynecologist, they did the sonograms and sent me to the oncologist and after doing a whole lot of research in a very short period of time. Within a week and a half, I was in surgery to remove the tumor and had a full hysterectomy, which immediately and oh my god, there’s girlfriends out there in Radioland who are going to understand what it means to be thrown right into menopause in a matter of hours instead of over a period of, you know, four or five years. I was miserable, overweight, and just being handed handfuls prescriptions to go and take in fill up the pharmacy, which I refused to do. To this day, I have not filled any of those prescriptions. I found a better way and that is through organic eating, through trying Chinese herbs, through high-powered supplementation, and a couple of different protocols that are just remarkable. That’s what we’ve learned and teach. Actually, down to all of our clients and with another twist of that, it actually came down to being able to understand just what my body needs because what I need might be different from you, Orion, or it is different from Jay, and different from other people who are clients so we’re very specific about, first, finding out what you have and what you are, you are everything from your blood type to your wiring, and then going from there even with some genetic testing to see what you need.

Finding out what you have and what you are, you are everything from your blood type to your wiring, and then going from there even with some genetic testing to see what you need. Click To Tweet


‏‏And then on my end, I don’t have nearly the story that Joy does as far as having the medical 2×4, but I really got an interest in health probably about a decade ago now. I’ve already been into yoga and Nalini yoga for a number of years and studying that whole path. I was actually staying up at a yoga center in Canada for a few months doing a work-study program and one of the other people doing the work-study program at the time was a psychologist from Germany and he was really cool and really fun to talk with. He is really passionate about cleansing, raw foods, doing all sorts of intestinal flushes, liver flushes, and fun things like that and it was just something that really ignited in me. It was one of those things where I heard this kind of information really for the first time and realized that there was information, protocols, and truths out there that I just had no clue about so I just plunged myself into studying everything that I could and have been doing that over the last decade. When I moved to Los Angeles, I ended up getting involved in the luxe bars and tonic bars, which was basically my home for about six or seven years here in Los Angeles. I helped to design various tonic bars like for The Longevity Now Conference and my main home was the Erewhon Tonic Bar in Hollywood and so over the years of literally making drinks for tens of thousands of people who just come in off the street and tell you how they feel and making superfood ice creams and drinks and warm hot tonics for people. You really learn a lot in a short amount of time, what works for people and what doesn’t and you really get to see how that nutrition and the energetics of those herbs can change people on a dime and also change people over time.

‏‏Right. And you created thousands and thousands of those elixirs, didn’t you?

‏‏Oh, he’ll be very humble but it’s way more than 50,000. People say you become a master after 10,000 hours of doing a particular task. We are talking about an amazing amount of working with people on the job—that’s amazing. Honestly, once you understand how to wield these powerful forces of nature—these superfoods, super herbs, high-powered supplements, and along with organic food—it’s remarkable how it changes and it really does have you change your trajectory.

‏‏Right. You guys call yourself the Jingslingers. What’s a Jingslinger and how can I become one?

‏‏Well, first, actually let’s talk about the concept of “Jing” because it’s probably something that maybe people haven’t heard of before. A lot of people have heard of “Qi” and the concept of Qi and both of those terms are in what’s called the Three Treasures. The Three Treasures are concepts found in Chinese herbalism and also in Taoism. They are Jing, Qi, and Shen. Those essentially translate into essence, energy, and spirit. So, you know people have heard of the concept of Qi, which is energy, and there are many, many different types of Qi in the human body. There is a Qi force that moves upwards and helps us against gravity. There is Qi force that moves downwards and it’s associated with illumination. There is Qi force for digestion. There is Qi force kind of on the outside, which is associated with immunity. We create this Qi, this energy, every day through the different food, water, and some medicines from the earth. All these different sources and we use this Qi every day. I think a lot of people probably heard of Tai Chi or Chi Gong exercises that help to cultivate this energy and work with it. Qi, you can think of that as more of your day to day energy. Jing, on the other hand, is more of a core. It’s associated more with like genetic inheritance. It’s more of an energy associated with longevity and also creation so it’s physically associated with like, hormones, neurotransmitters, with reproduction, and things like that. A metaphor I actually like to give for people that they can understand, it’s a little bit like the comic book character, Wolverine, because Wolverine’s superhero power is what’s called healing factors. He has this healing factor which he can regenerate pretty much in an unlimited fashion so he has, as far as we know, immortality or at least, extreme longevity and he immediately heals from any kind of injury. Well, that’s kind of like what Jing is. Jing is this force of repair and this force of longevity.

‏‏And when we work with people or when we explain it, we go not just beyond the plate, the dinner plate, so to speak with doing some protocols but also having people understand where they are and where they tell us where they want to be. We also honor work with the Ayurvedic tradition and we’re basic, really truly, global herbalists and tonic global herbalists. So, when you’re talking about something as simple as wanting to be centered and wanting to have heart-opening and just once you feel you know more at home in your own skin, something as simple as Reishi mushroom is a good thing to have. You can have that every single day, it doesn’t matter if you’re two days old or 102 years old, you can have Reishi mushroom.

When you’re talking about something as simple as wanting to be centered and wanting to have heart-opening and just once you feel you know more at home in your own skin, something as simple as Reishi mushroom is a good thing to have.

‏‏So, when we actually use the term Jingslinger or a slinging Jing, it’s really a playful way of this principle of really everything that we do in our daily lives. Looking at it from the principle of what’s going to support myself physically, energetically, and emotionally, and what’s going to help to build rather than what you know and also looking at the factors like, “Okay, what’s going on in my life through diet or emotions? Or, what’s going on in my environment that may be stressing me out and breaking me down over time?” so it’s really a playful term of just how do I go about my daily life and how do I support myself and build myself in every way.

‏‏That’s right! So, yeah, if you ain’t got the Jing then you ain’t got a thing!


‏‏So, you guys are not only herbalists and healers, you are also here creating very delicious foods that contain a lot of healing property. Can you tell me a little bit about your food and what type of food you make?

‏‏Sure! Actually, our title is Jing Master Alchemical Culinary Artisans, which sounds like a big mouthful, and it kind of is. So yes, being in the kitchen, which is the heart of the home, is important and pivotal in every human’s life—it just is. I grew up in the kitchen and my mom was a baker by professional trade so even with the whole twenty years that I was in law enforcement, I was a caterer on the side. Doing happy events, bringing people together, and getting people around the table with great food was always in my DNA. When I realized how to make that food literally superhero food after my medical 2×4 and understood that every mouthful makes a difference so everything that I want to create and I put myself in a position to learn from the people all around the world who really had a handle on this and then in meeting Jay, we’ve really taken it up to a whole other level where our creatively conscious comfort food can be anything from crème brulee that is completely dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free to beautiful savory dishes, holiday dishes, and traditional dishes that everyone thinks they can’t have because now they’re eating a particular diet or they’re having certain foods that they’ve eliminated from their diet and they’re not really sure why but they’ve done it because they’ve heard it in, for example, on television or it’s been a marketing campaign of some sort. So, what we do is, we break it down and make it really simple. We take the foods that you love and the flavors that you love and we take all the toxic issues that are in there—we’re talking about herbicides, pesticides, and rBGH as in, you know, dairy, meat, and so forth—and get rid of it. This means we’re using grass-fed meats and everyone’s welcome at our table so it doesn’t matter if you’re being vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, or you just are a foodie in general and love everything, everyone can sit at our table and have an amazing meal at the same time and actually become elevated instead of degenerated by it. To answer your question specifically, we take things that people love and we make them into something that you can have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by increasing the nutrient density off the chart by being able to use these superfoods, these super herbs, and even supplements into some of these desserts. It does not matter if it’s a snack, or a smoothie, or a drink. A tablespoon of this, a pinch of that, and you’ve actually made this into a whole another sort of food source that helps with anti-aging, longevity, and beauty because once you start to address having the best nutrients for your body, not only does your health come back but your beauty and youth come back too.

‏‏And I’ve tried your food and I’ve got to tell you, I’m a snob when it comes to flavors—I don’t like everything but what you guys are doing is extraordinary because it’s very flavorful, it’s very tasty, and more than that, I just personally felt amazing after eating it. I felt super energetic after eating your foods and trying your elixirs—it’s extraordinary!

‏‏The alchemy of that, actually, is knowing what modulates those things we put into the food. For example, chocolate is a great one because chocolate helps to modulate all sorts of herbs and superfoods and so we love using chocolate. Having that chocolate, once it gets into the body, it delivers these nutrients into your cells like a smart bomb—it’s amazing. When we layer that with, you know, a couple of different powdered supplements or some superfood powders—it doesn’t matter if it’s a green powder, antioxidant powder, the fruit, or vegetable itself—then it gets a boost so you do feel it because it gets in deeper.

‏‏Mm-hmm. Yeah. Do you use organic ingredients? How important is organic?

‏‏When we’re talking about, you know, small amounts make a difference? The answer is yes, we use organic every opportunity that we can. There’s a really quick little list for all of your listeners to be able to download for free if they go to EWG.org—that’s the letters E-W-G.org, it stands for Environmental Working Group. They also have apps for your phone and they are The Clean Fifteen and The Dirty Dozen so you can see which of the fruits and vegetables—if you’re going to try to avoid all those pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and all the things that actually affect us and sit on the receptors and hijack our hormones—then use those two things as a guide. You can have it in seconds on your phone. The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen usually change. They look those over every year to see and put them in different categories at EWG.org. They don’t sell the products there actually. They are watchdogs for us.

‏‏It is really important because when people go to the grocery store can fall into the mentality of just trying to find the cheapest option and you have to really think in the long term with that so if you’re consuming produce that’s heavily-sprayed with pesticides, insecticides, and etcetera, you may not feel the difference today. You may not feel it in a week or in a month or in a year but over time those accumulate and they clog up your system, they clog up your liver, and they really become a huge burden and as Joy mentioned, they can actually lock into hormonal receptor sites and they can throw off hormonal balance. They can do a lot of detriment in the body so it’s really having this mentality of eating for the longevity of your life and eating for, you know, 10 years from now or 20 years from now. When you’re old and gray, do you want to be working out and dancing or do you want to be in a situation where that scenario is far removed from your consciousness because you’re just aching, hurting, and you’re slow.

‏‏You know, we call it a backpack or bedpan.


‏‏We will go for the “backpack” so we can go off a hike when we’re 77 instead of being in a wheelchair or having a walker. I think that when people understand, truly understand, that they have the power and the ability to change how they’re aging and to change their literal biological age as opposed to their chronological age, it’s remarkable. In fact, one of the tests that we do or that we recommend shows you exactly the difference between your chronological age and your biological age.

‏‏So, what type of test is that?

‏‏That’s a Telomere test. SpectraCell Labs can actually look at the length of your telomeres, which is really an indication of true age so the telomeres are the end caps on your chromosomes which are your genetic—


‏‏Yeah, genetic packages inside the nucleus of the cell. Over time, those telomeres start to degenerate and as they do, the new chromosome starts to unwind a bit so there are herbs and nutrition that can help to build those backup and but there’s also lifestyle and mental and emotional things that can also help to protect those telomeres. Simply processing emotions, talking with friends and family, and being able to express yourself things like that can actually work in the same way as a high-powered supplement.

The Immortality Edge by Michael Fossel, Greta Blackburn, and Dave Woynarowski

Yeah, there’s a wonderful book called, The Immortality Edge, and the authors of this book were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work on telomeres to be able to show what The Hayflick Limit is and how our telomeres can be restored—not just stopped or fixed but, literally, restored—and you can slow your aging so I highly recommend the book, The Immortality Edge. There is a great deal of clinical study work that shows that we have control of that. We really truly do. People think, “Oh, I’m just getting old. I’m going to get this. I’m going to get that,” and I’ll speak something very visual, which is gray hair. Ever since I started taking He Shou Wu, which is a Chinese herb, my hair grays at a much slower rate. When I was in my late 30’s, early 40’s, I had to get my hair touched up every three weeks or so. Now, I get my hair touched up every couple of months—sometimes as much as 90 days or more—and more of my natural color came back. And when I say “touched up,” I use non-toxic henna or I have this professional who does it in California and it enables you to have a safe hair color transformation and when I’m talking about age, I’m, literally, 57 years old. I’m going to be 58 on my next birthday and most people think, I’m late 30’s to early 40’s.

‏‏Absolutely! So, what’s your most extraordinary success story?


‏‏Or one of them?

‏‏There’s a number of them. A lot of the people who are our clients because they’re celebrities, they render NDA’s so we can’t specifically share about that but I could tell you that, there are people who have come to us—without using any names—who had a toxic load that was more than they can bear and it was manifesting itself in not only skin breakout, rashes, and eczema but there were issues with digestion and elimination, no sleep, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stay asleep, losing their hair and they were wrecks. Just by doing a quick shift in what they were eating, how they were eating, getting them hydrated, using some modalities, again, we go beyond the plate, getting them grounded, using grounding sheets and grounding mats, having them stop using toxic body care products and a thousand different kinds of products that we all use in our homes all the time if you don’t know any better and all these things add up. Our bodies, actually, curate and then archive these toxins in our fat cells and for women, it’s mostly in our hips and in our breasts because that’s where our fat cells accumulate at large quantities so for men and women too in their abdominal fat. Being able to see people transform from being on a handful of medications, I’m talking anywhere from 3-20 different medications to being completely medication-free and not even using over-the-counters because they sleep well and deep, and their blood work bears out their level of health—that’s pretty remarkable.

‏‏Yeah, and there’s just a number of different examples. You know, we have one client whom we did a really extensive detox with a couple of years ago, and then she ended up becoming pregnant and she had just the most easy—ridiculously easy—pregnancy…

‏‏Delightful pregnancy!

‏‏Delightful, that you can imagine. She gave birth and just has a beautiful, really super healthy, baby girl now. We have examples of people who were having things like gallstone issues and had a couple of surgeries for it. We’re preparing for another surgery—

‏‏Kidney stones, actually.

‏‏Oh, kidney stones, yes.

‏‏This was a complete skeptic. This is actually a police officer who is not only a client but a friend and this would have been his 3rd or 4th surgery and so he had, I think, it’s about between 14-21 days before they were able to schedule his surgery and we gave him the—

‏‏Chanca Piedra tea—

‏‏Chanca Piedra tea to drink. It was a just simple herb that you make an iced tea out of it. You make a gallon of it at night and you drink during the day instead of what he’d normally be drinking, which is either a diet soda or other kinds of beverages that are other than wonderful, and he drank this for about 14-21 days and when he went back in to have them do another sonogram to check to see where these stones were, there were none. They did an additional test to find out if that test was just incorrect, and the stones were gone. It kept him from having to have a surgery.

‏‏Chanca Piedra is an Amazonian herb. It’s a leafy green from the Amazon and the name Chanca Piedra actually means stone breaker. It’s been used for a long time to break up all kinds of deposits in the body and these days, herbs that have been used for thousands of years can work.

‏‏They have amazing efficacy and when you couple those with some of the supplements that are available to us—talking about, cleaning out and greeting up, one of our favorites is serrapeptase or a supplement that has a serrapeptase enzyme, which is the full-body enzyme that breaks down fiber in the body. It gives you more elasticity and all of your joints just break down coagulated and tough tissue that has been created because you’ve had some kind of a scar, a surgery, or something like that and that’s something you can actually see in your skin. We’ve had people who have had scars on their skin for years like, 10 years or more and they start doing this particular supplement and we get the phone call with the text going, “It’s gone.” That bump is gone. The little keloid-like scar is now gone. Of course, we can’t cure anything. We can’t even cure a ham, like David Wolfe likes to say but what we do is, we help the body to do what it’s supposed to which is, to clean out and green-up.

‏‏Yes, our bodies are amazing and we need help because we live in a toxic environment. There are so many supplements out there, and herbs, and stuff that we can take. Do you have a top three of must-have supplements that everybody should take every day regardless?

‏‏I can do top 3 and Jay can do top 3 so you’ll get six. How’s that?

‏‏That sounds great!

‏‏I like to do mine for both health and beauty. For women, especially, we want luxurious hair and glowing skin so I will start with Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C is amazing. It is a smart bomb right into your cells. It’s Vitamin C that Doctors Without Borders use when they can’t get their hands on an I.V. drip to cure and mitigate things like dengue fever and other illnesses that you’ll notice out in third-world countries, but Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. There are two different companies that we love—one of those is LivOn Labs and their little gel packs that you carry with you anywhere and that should always be in your purse or briefcase, and the other one is Quicksilver Labs and that comes in glass bottles or pump bottles—they both have amazing efficacy and if you feel a little something coming on, a couple of 5000 mg. of that Vitamin C and you’re going to feel so much better. The next one is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid helps to cushion all the joints and plump the skin. It’s good for collagen and elastin support. You can put it on yourself and you can also consume it and the one I love is Baxyl. Hyaluronic Acid, again, is something that our body uses and knows exactly what to do with it as soon as it in us. I also love—well, we can get two in here. I’m going to do MSM, which is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane from hardwood and magnesium. Magnesium is the beginning point for the making of pretty much all of our hormones and being able to carry that throughout our whole body, which is the signaling board for everything that happens in the cells happens because of our hormones and the MSM, just again, gives you that luster from within. It’s good for your endothelium, which is the inside lining of your veins, vessels, and capillaries. You see clarity and brightness in your skin and more flexibility in your musculature when you do MSM every day.

Hyaluronic Acid helps to cushion all the joints and plump the skin. It’s good for collagen and elastin support. Click To Tweet


‏‏And when you talk about supplements to take every day, that’s really the concept of tonic herbalism that we talked about. It’s what you can take on regular consistent basis that’s going to build up in the body as compared to something that would be more medicinal that you would take for an acute condition temporarily. For me, it’s definitely going to depend upon the person. I would say, first and foremost, you’ve got to look at digestion and how the person’s digesting their food. In Ayurveda, digestion is given the very top of importance. It’s the first thing to look at always—how well are you digesting your food; how well are you assimilating the nutrients from that food, and then how well are you eliminating everything else, which is like, 99% percent of the food that you eat. You should be eliminating everything that you eat pretty much and unfortunately, most people get really backed up. It never ceases to shock me when I talk to new clients and some of them go to the bathroom a couple of times a week, once a week, or something like that and that just reflects in the entire body. If you’re not eliminating of the food that you’re eating, it’s going to reflect on the skin, it’s going to reflect on your energy and your mood, and etcetera so for me, my favorite digestive supplement and intestinal detox supplement is a formula called Triphala, which is an Ayurvedic herbal formula. It has three different berries. It really helps to regulate and tonify the entire digestive tract and also, is known for helping to break down accumulated toxicity in the intestinal tract. That would be number one—digestion. Joy already mentioned magnesium as one of my absolute go-to’s. I think everybody needs more magnesium. People can use topical magnesium spray like magnesium chloride spray. There are some on the market that kind of sting a little bit so you can dilute it or there’s a couple of them mixed in with MSM and things like that and some essential oils so that you can get quite of that sting when you’re using higher doses. You can also use oral ones. The company, Mineralife, makes one that I have been using for years. It’s my favorite by far. But magnesium, I mean, is so critical for balancing stress of all kinds and it’s so nourishing for the adrenals, which makes it nourishing for the entire hormone system and for sleep as well. It’s critical for sleep. Thirdly, I would say, anything that supports liver detoxification because our livers just get hammered every day with the toxicity all around us so whether that’s like an herbal formula—the company Jing Herbs, makes a great one called, Restore Liver, and it’s a mixture of things that people probably heard of like, turmeric or milk thistle. It also has some amino acids for boosting glutathione. People can also take supplemental glutathione, which is the major antioxidant intracellularly inside the cells and it’s really probably the most critical component of the process that the liver goes through to make toxins excretable so anything to help outlook like that.

‏‏Yeah. Another really great way to magnesium, and also it’s a twofer and has some stress relief, is to fill a bathtub and to use magnesium flakes and you can get big containers of magnesium flakes from—Omica does that, right?

‏‏Yeah. Omica, Mineralife, there’s a lot of—

‏‏Ancient Minerals.

‏‏And I know that Brazil nuts have a lot of magnesium in it as well, right?

‏‏Yes, actually, for beautiful skin, Brazil nuts is one of the things that are great to go ahead and consume. That, again, if we’re going to talk about skin, biotin is amazing and even phytoceramides—all of those things help to rejuvenate and to bring back healthier and better cells, especially skin cells.

‏‏Brazil nuts too are probably most famous for having the highest concentration of the mineral selenium, which is critical both for, again, liver detoxification and also for thyroid function. The one knock on Brazil nuts is that they can have mold toxins with them so I would avoid them in bulk bags and I would try to find them—I mean, ideally, as with any nut, it’s really ideal to get them in the shell and to crack them yourself. Most people don’t take the extra time to do that but I would at least get them in a vacuum-sealed bag or in a bag rather than like, the bulk section.

‏‏And that’s true for pretty much most nuts. Cashews, as well, and a handful of cashews, according to Orthomolecular magazine or journal, is equal to having a Paxil so if you’ve got some depression, depression issues, or your biochemistry is up a little bit and you feel a little bit depressed—again, clean out, green up and have some raw cashews.

If you’ve got some depression, depression issues, or your biochemistry is up a little bit and you feel a little bit depressed—again, clean out, green up and have some raw cashews.

‏‏We’re getting more into foods and superfoods so what are superfoods and why do we need them? How do you guys incorporate them in your shakes, elixirs, and smoothies?

‏‏Every opportunity to make something to eat is an opportunity for a superfood. You’ve had our balsamic Goji dressing and putting Goji berries, which are being eaten for thousands of years, again, it’s a Chinese herb. Most people know what Goji berries are because they’ve hit the mainstream. They’re little dried berries. I love to take them and throw them into a warm glass of Gynostemma tea, which also is a tonic herb. Spring Dragon from Dagon Herbs is my favorite Gynostemma tea and these sweet little guys then go from being little dried guys, which sometimes are not so appealing to chew, to this beautiful and plump little berries. We actually even have a Goji bush growing on our patio—


‏‏It gives us beautiful and fresh Gojis—anyone can do that. It depends on what zone you live in as far as gardening goes but it’s, literally, in a moveable container right on our patio and it gives us free superfoods right on our patio.


‏‏When you look at superfood and tonic herbs from around the globe, what you’re talking about is the very top-most, nutrient-dense foods in any particular system. When you look at local foods across the world, I mean, today, of course, we can get through it from anywhere, which up until very recently wasn’t the case, so people will eat much more locally but when you look at any foods grown locally, there’s always going to be that top 5-10% that are just special because, physically, they have more nutrients and maybe they’ll have much more antioxidants in them and then, energetically, especially when looking at herbs, they’ll have just effects on mood, calmness, and serenity. They’ll also support your endocrine system and hormones both physically and energetically, especially when you get into herbalism. This is talked about more the energetic effects of foods and herbs but it’s really that top 5% of any system that you’ll look out that are just bang for your buck—you get more nutrition and more effect per calorie.

‏‏They also have a broader spectrum but I’ll use acai as an example because a lot of people know Acai is, but 10-15 years ago that was not the case. I was lucky enough to be in that first push when acai came to the United States in the form of a drink. Understanding that this particular berry, first of all, it’s not farmed. It’s all wild-caught, which is amazing, and it had the profile that allows you to have the omegas, the fatty acids, and polyphenols. It also has resveratrol. As a matter of fact, one tablespoon of freeze-dried and the vacuumed acai powder is equal to 36 glasses of red wine for resveratrol. When you realize that that one tablespoon into your smoothie is now giving you what people call the ‘French paradox’ because they drink a lot of red wine that you’ve been able to now leverage into one smoothie and have that pretty much every day if you want and have your body flooded with these antioxidants that are, again, are anti-aging, beautifying, and deeply-mineralizing foods.

‏‏I would also add to that that those foods particularly just, for example, like acai are foods that cannot be cultivated in a lot of instances so like with acai, that plant is only found in its natural environment where it’s flooded every year and it’s growing out of extremely mineral-rich soil so you can even look at a lot of foods that maybe you can just walk into your produce section at the grocery store and you would recognize but if you’re growing those same foods at home in your garden and you are putting, maybe, a deluded ocean water-concentrate into your garden. Maybe you’re doing composting and you’re adding all these layers to really build up soil and those foods are able to uptake that nutrition, you’re going to have much more of a superfood when you eat it. Anybody, really, who has experience with gardening, I think will attest to the fact that the food that you grow in your own garden, particularly, when you’re paying attention to the soil, is going to taste far better than the food that was imported halfway across the globe that’s been sitting in cold storage and you buy at the grocery store so, it’s a level of degree of quality, really, that defines this superfood category and what you get out of what you eat.

‏‏Yeah, and by all means, if you have a neighbor with an orange tree and they’re not spraying it with toxins, of course, that tree is probably going to produce more oranges, blood oranges, tangelos, or whatever it is that they can eat, then go knock on their door. When you take them right off the tree and eat them, the level of enzymes that are in those is something that you will not get at a store. I forgot exactly what the study was but I believe that an orange that has been picked off the tree and set on the counter for just something as brief as 30 minutes loses—what’s the percent of enzymes?

‏‏It was 50%. I know Dr. William Wong, who is an enzyme expert, quotes that stat quite a bit. That, 30 minutes from picking a food, it loses about 50% of its enzymes, which is pretty shocking when you think about it.

‏‏And that’s a life force that you want to impart into you, so I love being able to walk out to our little patio and we’ve got tomatoes and all that sort of thing. Even though our area is not even 10 ft. square and it’s all bricks so everything is in containers, we grow amazing food. Amazing food that we use not just for our clients but for ourselves and you taste and feel the difference.

‏‏That neighbor with the fruit tree, there’s no way that they are going to eat a fraction of everything that’s growing on it so it’s a really good excuse to build your relationship with your neighbors and be able to share everybody’s spoils with what’s growing on their trees.

‏‏We, literally, live in a townhouse development here in the Valley and just on a walk—just when I go off for my evening walk or my afternoon/morning walk—and just walking around, we were able to forage and ask for pomegranates, figs, and blood oranges and these are all superfoods for free. We’ll go to Topanga Canyon and we’ll get prickly pears and we’ll make prickly pear gelato completely free—superfoods for free! They’re growing right on the side of the road, no one is spraying them with pesticides, and you can go up there during their time of the year and get bucketfuls of prickly pears. We even videotaped it. It will be on our website shortly.

‏‏That’s lovely! I know you, guys, have some superfood elixir recipes on your website. Can you share with our listeners where they can go and learn more about it?

‏‏Sure. It’s at www.jingslingers.com–J-I-N-G-S-L-I-N-G-E-R-S dot com—and right now, we have just a handful of recipes up there. Our website is being revamped. We also have a book coming out at the end of October to the beginning of November so there will be a lot more recipes to be had and jump on our mailing list and get yourself what you need.

‏‏Yeah, and we’re also going to be launching. We’re doing a Kickstarter campaign for the self-publishing of this first book, which we’re going to be launching at the beginning of July and we’re going to be releasing a whole bunch of recipes on the website and anticipation and promotion of that. There’s going to be a lot of content on there in the coming weeks.

‏‏Right, and it was important for us to do a Kickstarter. We wanted to be able to have our book out there where someone who didn’t understand what it was that we were putting out, perhaps, may have edited out or not seen the vision but haven’t been a magazine editor for 10 years, it was no problem for me not only to do the layout and be able to edit this and get our message across so it’s clean and easy. It’s going to be really exciting because you get to have crème brulee and all this amazing ice creams and foods and sit down at the table during holidays and make the things that your grandmother made or your mother made, only this time you’re doing it with cleaner ingredients and the taste and the depth of the umami is all there and you’re doing it much healthier so it’s a great tradition to pass on to your kids.

‏‏Amen! What’re your biggest recommendations for brain function and focus?

‏‏You have to be hydrated. So, first really great spring water in glass bottles, if you can get it, or filtered water—reverse-osmosis filtered water—is second. We actually have a recipe and it’s on our website, please go there and pull it out and make it. It’s called, BLUcidity—you know, for being lucid. It was featured on Dave Aspery’s podcast 145. We made is for Dave and for the Optimal Human Potential Conference—we made it every morning for everyone at the conference. It’s remarkable. I don’t know, Orion, did you have BLUcidity? Our blue drink?

‏‏I had it about three times already and I love it! I try to mimic it at home but it wasn’t as good as yours—but it was good.

‏‏Yeah, you have to tweak. We teach people, we want you to freestyle your food, we want you to play with your food, we want you to tweak it so it’s right to your taste buds—a little more Stevia, a little less Stevia, or no Stevia at all—but they ingredients in there, I’ll let Jay run through the ingredients.

‏‏Okay, there are different concentrations of blue-green algae from E3Live, the Blue Majik—

‏‏The Blue Majik, Brain On, and then we’ve got Lion’s Mane, and then we also have Brain Octane oil, which is from Bulletproof. That’s all mixed into some organic coconut milk. We like the So Delicious Culinary coconut milk that comes in a little pack so it’s not in a can and it’s not refrigerated.

‏‏And then also, we do Pearl powder, which is optional, and that’s a little bit just calming and grounding and it’s great for the skin. We like putting Pearl in just about everything. It has an absolute neutral taste so you don’t taste it no matter what recipe you’re putting it in and then we sweeten it a little bit with some Stevia.

‏‏Yeah, little vanilla Stevia, and even just a drop, if you like chocolate Stevia, because naturally, even though it’s blue, it has its great chocolate flavor.

‏‏Yeah. The major points, I would say, for brain function is one, to look at your environment and see if you are consuming or if you’re exposed to any major allergenic trigger so maybe, that’s artificial sweeteners, things that are going to be majorly detrimental to brain function, or maybe it’s something seemingly innocuous as a plugin or some kind of spray that you’re using at home or perfume or whatever. Allergenic triggers in the environment and in the diet would certainly be number one for things like brain fog. Number two, I would say, looking at your diet and making sure you’re eating plenty of good quality fat because the brain is mostly made of fat after water and that’s critically important for building hormones as well, which gets back into energy, focus, and brain function. And then, number 3, I would say, would be exercise because just every study that you look at, circulation, blood flow to the brain, and also making endorphins, exercise is really unmatched and it’s a completely free thing that anybody can do.

‏‏And I think sleep is a really part of that. It’s hard to be sharp when you first wake up or be sharp throughout the day if you don’t get enough rest. So, getting in a really good, solid sleep and not to be on your computer until one or two o’clock in the morning then try to squeeze in a couple of hours of sleep that also has a tendency to take the edge of how sharp you are and mental focus. And then, there’s, of course, there are different supplements that you can take as well. I mentioned the Lion’s Mane, which is a mushroom. It’s a supplement from Paul Stamets, which is Host Defense, that’s the company.

‏‏Yeah, that’s his line.

‏‏And just taking Lion’s Mane, you don’t have to sit down—if you don’t’ feel like, particularly, “chef-y” or you don’t want to make anything or put a concoction together, even if they’re just a few items—some people just like to take a pill so taking some Lion’s Mane and putting some Brain Octane oil in your coffee, using Bulletproof coffee. If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can make a ‘no-latte’ latte and use tea and use the same grass-fed butter or ghee—our favorite which is, Ancient Organics ghee, grass-fed, beautifulness that goes into your tea with a little bit of Brain Octane oil and you get the same bang for your buck.

‏‏Final question. Emotional hacks—what are a couple of things you can mention about keeping our emotions balanced and feeling good?

‏‏First, I would say, actually, to dovetail on the last topic. I would again say exercise is critically important. Exercise not only builds muscle but the movement is the best exercise. I know there’s a billboard that says that and it’s so true—movement. There is a mental and emotional correlation to physical movement as well so if you’re just sitting, maybe you’re a researcher or whatever and you sit in front of the computer all day, sitting still and that physical stagnation that happens, the emotional and mental level, you’re going to kind of have a similar effect happen so getting out and moving your body—and again, it produces those endorphins, those chemicals, that just make you feel good—so that would be one thing for sure.

‏‏That’s why there’s a huge popularity—I just was down in Florida doing a presentation in this big financial office, which is a worldwide, global financial firm—and more than half of their desks are standing desks. Some people never even heard of a standing desk or rather, that we’re sitting all day long, they actually have standing desks and that’s by option, by choice, and these people were fit and bright and you could tell that the standing desk made a big difference in their lives. They’re excited to then become grounded after they heard my speech. To be able to add the grounding to it as well so I think that being grounded and having your feet on the earth—again, it’s a natural exchange of electrons in the body that allows your body to have a better flow of your blood, to have more toxins start to leave and go into the areas in your body so they can be eliminated so being something is just being barefoot on the ground helps your emotions. You have to treat your body like it’s someone you love. We have a tendency to put everything else ahead of us, especially women, and I think that when you treat yourself like you’re someone you love, first, which sometimes doesn’t come natural to us, you start to feel better. Take the extra time to take that long bath and use magnesium flakes on the water. Meditate and if you’re not good at meditating because she can’t seem to you turn your brain off when you’re trying to relax, then I’d recommend Holosync. Holosync is a company that has digital recordings that engage both hemispheres of the brain and allow you to go into not only a deep sleep if you’re using that particular program but also to balance your brain, which, when your brain is balanced, then your chemicals have a chance to be balanced as well.

‏‏Yes, and that’s Binaural Beat Technology, which, actually, will within, literally just a few minutes, take your brain down from like, an active beta-state down into alpha, theta, and all the way down into a delta state, which is very deeply relaxing and normally only associated with deep sleep or the dreamless sleep, but the Holosync Binaural Beats CDs are actually designed—they’re awesome to use right before you go to bed but they’re actually designed for use with meditation so any kind of mindfulness practice, even just watching your breath or just sitting silently for that amount of time—the CDs are actually 60 minutes long—but you actually get into that delta state within the first 20 minutes so that’s really excellent. I would really just add that any kind of mindfulness practice to just make yourself aware because anything that’s going to take you out of a fight-or-flight stress response, whether that’s paying attention to breathing from your lower belly as opposed to breathing from your upper chest, which will put you right into the fight-or-flight stress response, but just being able to be aware of your thoughts and emotions and then maybe you’re in the stressed-out state—maybe you’re on some kind of downward spiral of emotion at a particular time over anything because it can be over the littlest thing that you just kind of set-off and it kind of triggers for one thing to another. Just practicing being in a state of mind where you’re observing your thoughts and emotions and how you’re feeling allows you to more and more be able just to take a step back and say, “Oh, wait a second! You know, I’m in a triggered state.” It was that old emotional pattern or it’s because this person said that. Whatever it is, being able to consciously step back and look at that just makes you more aware and enables you to really mind your emotions more.

‏‏And I think this is really simple thing, meditation sounds like kind of overwhelming for you to learn how to try to do this. I know for me, learning how to meditate has a little more learning curve but now, the Holosync actually helps me get there. Something as simple as having a rampage of gratitude. Being grateful for what you’ve got, that you’re breathing, that you’re above ground. You’ve got a beautiful day. You have friends. You have all the things you can list. There’s even a game that I learned from Esther Hicks and that’s to take a letter of the alphabet and to go through every letter of the alphabet and come up with a positive and affirming thing for like, A—awesome and amazing, and B—beautiful and blissful, and C—charismatic, comforted, and cocooned, and just try to find all the words that make you feel happy. Sometimes it’s just putting on music that sparks a happy memory, to dance, to sing, and to feel the joy to cultivate the joy inside yourself but a rampage of gratitude is a great way to start.

Sometimes it’s just putting on music that sparks a happy memory, to dance, to sing, and to feel the joy to cultivate the joy inside yourself but a rampage of gratitude is a great way to start. Click To Tweet

‏‏Absolutely! I love Esther Hicks and Abraham Hicks. I listen to them almost every day and even this morning, while I was making my morning shake, I was just like saying, “I love my life. I love my house. I love my dishes. I have a blender. I have really good nutrition in my blender.” It’s just going on and on and making myself laugh and getting into a higher state of power and gratitude and that’s just a great way to start the day. Thank you so much, Jay and Joy enjoy for all the knowledge you shared with us and all those amazing hacks that nobody ever heard of before. I’m sure our listeners are a little bit overwhelmed with all the supplements and all the things that are mentioned here but don’t worry because it is all going to be in the show notes. You can also go to their website, Jingslingers.com. They also have a store on their website where you can actually get those products so that’s going to be easier if you can find them online. Once again, you have that Kickstarter campaign and the book coming. Can you tell me a little bit more about it again?

‏‏Yes. Right now, we’ve got it scheduled. For Kickstarter, sometime in the last week or so of this month of June into July so pay attention to that and we’d love to be able to bless you with a book with the throng of support of this and a whole lot more. We have a lot of really fun rewards for being able to get us through the stretch here and bring this amazing book to fruition.

‏‏The book is called, Food with Benefit. It’s something that we specialize in one of our favorite taglines that we use is: “Everyone is welcome at our table,” because we really want to be able to show people how to have nutrient-dense food no matter what their diets so whether somebody is Vegan, Paleo, Omnivore, or whatever it is, we’re going show you how to make amazing food that tastes incredible and some of those are really just heartfelt comfort foods that you’re used to but you can make them nutrient-dense and if you want, you can make them sugar-free or gluten-free—

‏‏Which is how we show them. We show them sugar-free and gluten-free and most importantly, this is superhero food. This comes from the accumulative amount of years being able to show you how to, literally, have food that lifts you to another level that you can feel and being able to do it in ice cream, cake, and amazing foods that you can share with people and you’ll blow their minds so there’s a whole blow-your-mind factor that’s really to make this fun the next time you actually get to a covered dish thing at work.

‏‏Absolutely! I’m sure this book is going to be the next level of nutrition. The name is brilliant—Food with Benefits. It is just as brilliant as you, guys. I really appreciate you being on the show. Thank you so, so much!

‏‏Oh, our pleasure, Orion! I love that your name is one of my favorite constellations in the sky.

‏‏Thanks so much, Orion! Thanks for having us.

‏‏Thank you! Thank you, everyone, for listening and have a stellar life!

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