Episode 304 | February 7, 2023

The Energy for Success with Dr. Barry Morguelan

A Personal Note From Orion

In today’s episode, learn how to harness energy to reach success in all aspects of life. If you desire to achieve focus, clarity, and authentic relationships, you’ll love my conversation with Dr. Barry Morguelan.

In addition to a life as a well-known surgeon and gastrointestinal pioneer, Dr. Barry Morguelan, who’s also known as Dr. B, is one of the few grandmasters of a 5,000-year-old Chinese energy discipline. 

For more than 35 years, Dr. B has searched the globe for the most unusual and successful approaches to healing, transformational wellness, and personal achievement. He returned to the U.S. with therapies and programs he created to assist people in unlocking boundless energy to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dave Asprey, presidents and senators, Olympians and professional athletes, musicians, filmmakers and playwrights, and entrepreneurs are just a few examples of amazing professionals who’ve turned to Dr. B for the secrets of Energy for Success.

Dr. B is a magnificent doctor and healer with a deep passion for helping others.

And now, without further ado, on to the show!



In This Episode

  • [03:39] – Dr. Barry Morguelan discusses his motivation for his current work and the obstacles he faced during his journey.
  • [08:53] – Dr. Barry highlights the issues with utilizing plant medicine.
  • [14:03] – Dr. Barry shares his experiences of studying energy for success while staying in the mountains of China.
  • [29:18] – What are the significant challenges that Dr. Barry faced during his training with the Grandmaster in China?
  • [42:13] – Orion asks Dr. Barry if energy practice has the potential to reverse a disease
  • [45:55] – Dr. Barry explains how energy practice can enhance one’s goal writing.
  • [58:07] – Dr. Barry’s three top tips to living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Dr. Barry. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. It’s such a pleasure and an honor. I’m so happy that you’re here. Thank you for being here.

It’s a real pleasure. 

I met you a few years ago, and the moment I saw you, I didn’t know anything about you, but I felt your energy, presence, heart, and sense of humor.

I enjoyed being around you, and we clicked. Then, later on, I learned that you are a magnificent doctor and healer. Can you share a little bit about your journey on how you started doing what you’re doing today and the hardships along the way?

It’s an honor to be here because I started over 30 years ago at UCLA and became a successful endoscopic surgeon quickly. I also worked in research and discovered a disease. I had lots of wonderful patients. I was thrilled with what you could do with endoscopic surgery because we no longer had to cut you open.

Before that, I underwent trauma surgery involving blood, guts, and cracking. I thought it was too much for patients, so I said, “oh, we’re going to be able to help people with endoscopes.” So I thought about that, and I had two practices and still do up until about 18 months ago here in Los Angeles. I live in Pasadena.

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I was so busy. I would go to the emergency room, up to the intensive care unit, then to the floor, and then back down. It was wonderful with all these people. After the third or fourth year of being in practice, super successful and head of the department, one Saturday, I was making rounds. Saturday rounds are like you want to get home and enjoy the weekend a little bit, even though you’ve got to come in in the morning and make sure all the patients are okay.

If you’re smart, you save your patient and don’t see your ICU patient for the last time. Instead, you see someone who you know you will have a good time with.

I went into Mrs. Rodriguez’s room and said, “hi, how are you doing? We tracked your tumor. It’s all fine. You get home today, and you can start eating whatever you want.” 

She asked, “would you sit on the bed for a second?” I said, “okay.” It was one of those moments like the sun shining through the window, I was sitting on the bed, and she said, “Doc, I enjoy knowing you. I appreciate your good job, but it took too long to see you. It took long months before they could find out what was wrong, and I had that pain all that time. Then one doctor had to send me to another doctor. I lost a lot of time in my work and caring for my family. I just wish that I didn’t have to go through all that and could have just gotten through this whole thing much quicker without any downtime.”

Complete Works of Lao Tzu by Hua Ching Ni

I sat there and took her hand. It was one of those ethereal moments, and the sun was shining. I said, “Mrs. Rodriguez, if it was up to me, I wish people never got sick at all.” And instead of going through life with this opinion they got, I got to say it’s more than a belief because you’ve got so many people following this route. Life is going to go like this, and then finally, you go down, and you’re out.

I said, “I wish there was another way that you could keep getting stronger every day, getting healthier.” Then Mrs. Rodriguez said, “if anybody can do it, you can do it, Dr. B. This is one of the moments I remember doing trauma surgery where I’m making a change. I could feel it. 

I made a goal, then said, “okay, I’ll go for it,” but nobody was around to promote that. I got a lot of flack from people as I went out, having them cover my practice every three months as I searched for an alternative. You have to know that 25 years ago, in Los Angeles, the only alternative we had was maybe Winchell’s Donut

There were no espresso shops, maybe one or two vitamins, but there wasn’t anything, so I just worked it out with the travel agent. I said, “I wanted to go to this place on this map. I want to learn from the Native Americans and study up and down the coast of California.” So I planned to go every three months. I had people cover my practice. 

I went to wonderful places and learned great stuff. I even was a shaman for a while.

What kind? Where? 

In Brazil. I have slides of that. 

Did you use plant medicine as well?

Yeah. All the things that everybody’s excited about now, we did all that. The only problem with all that stuff was that you would knock off all the smoke detectors if you were to burn all that stuff at UCLA in the rooms. Number two was what we were using was this straight stuff. There was no compounding, blending, or anything. 

I tried all those things and thought it was wonderful, but that wouldn’t reverse someone’s life. It was only going to be a great high, and maybe then there’s a recovery period.

I was looking for ways to reverse those downgrades people go through called aging.

What I was looking for was to reverse those downgrades people go through called aging. I knew from my long-time studies in physics that everything has a mirror image, so if life has this imagery, everybody’s going down, and there has to be another universe route that you can connect to that is going up. It would be the reverse of that. I learned about water and crystal therapy in South and Central America. 

Some of the crystals I have are gigantic, and I put them in my office under every chair. When I went to France, I got all these air raiders. I had aromatherapy going all the time in all the rooms. Other surgeons would come by and knock on the door and ask, “have you found the fountain of youth yet?” I would answer, “no, not yet.” 

How sweet of them. 

Oh, it is worse. They go, “you’re never going to find it, and you’re an idiot. You’re at the top of your field. You’re known all over the US and internationally, and you want to waste your time looking for something that doesn’t exist. You’re crazy.” I said, “Okay, but will you still cover my practice while I’m gone?” 

They said, “not only will we cover your practice, but we’ll also steal it because you shouldn’t be doing this. You should just stay where you are at the top of this western medicine.” 

I said, “I know something else in the world has to exist. But, still, every place I went, and the way I go, I got to teach endoscopic surgery at different locations, universities or cities.” 

When I was in England, I learned all about Bach remedies. It was flower essences, wine, cheese, and lifestyle in France. Those days, the people in Europe and the US comparatively gave their diet, and our diet made no sense. It had a lot to do with the fact that we didn’t have balance in our life at all

There were things I picked up along the way, including what you mentioned about plant-based medicine that is in place to give people an experience of how wide your consciousness can expand. I’ve talked to the people who’ve been doing and have published about this, and I’m good friends back in the day with a holotropic, breathing, and all those things to try to give you expanded sense. 

It’s very good to do that, yet I knew that that wouldn’t be something Mrs. Rodriguez would do. I knew that, and the rest of the patients I had in every age group, and financial group, I always had a practice that expanded everywhere from high-level financial to 20% indigent. It was great because I got a feel for what everyone’s body was suffering from. 

I learned about the Rife machine in Germany; they still have that machine now. That was fixing something where you already have a problem. I wanted a modality where you do that each day and you can get stronger, better, and more vital. I know that people take a lot of supplements now, and people take a lot of alterations. However, if you look at the quality of their ability to compete either physically or mentally, it still wasn’t getting younger. It was sustenance.

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I wanted you to become something that would be so pleasant for you in your family and make you joyful to be alive. I didn’t find it. I went everywhere. I went and worked in South and Central Africa. I worked with the healing powers and their different deities in Central America.  

All of them were just different representations of certain vibrations. You don’t have to go into the mystical part. It’s just a certain way of trying to heal people. It was just fixing what wasn’t keeping people healthier and happier. I got a degree in acupuncture, acupressure, and chiropractic. I took a number of courses and had friends.

How can your brain contain all of that? You have a mega brain. 

Since I was a kid, I have been placed in college. 

You’re a genius. 

Sort of, yeah. The thing is it took me five to six years. Finally, in the sixth and a half, almost the seventh year, I was on the last bit of where I could go. I was in Asia. I’ve been to Japan. Even though I’d learned and loved Zen and all the wonderful things of meditation in India, it still wasn’t what I was looking for to give to the public. Of course, I was learning, but it still wasn’t what you all could take and use instead of having degraded each other.

While I was in China, I worked at a number of hospitals and taught endoscopic surgery. It was a great experience. Have you ever seen a Harry Potter movie? Do you like it?

I love Harry Potter. Harry Potter was the only book I managed to finish in English when I arrived in the States. 

Do you remember when he [Harrry] went into that one guy who has an apothecary, and he got this ladder that goes all the way around? He has all those little drawers. That’s a duplicate of where I work every morning at five thirty. 

Is it that library? Okay, wow.

I used to pull out all these because everything was written in Mandarin, and my Chinese at that time wasn’t good. The ladies there and a guy were always yelling at me. We had a huge window, which we kept open all the time because we were always boiling things, and the odor of all these herbs was quite strong. I would reach in there and ask, “what is this?” I would look at it and say, “this is a bat wing.”

Sometimes there was saliva that had been gotten at a certain time of the year. I would look it up, see what it was, and what the words meant. Then they would boil stuff, decant, and then take it around each patient in the hospital. It was a traditional and surgical hospital. 

They always wanted to pay me. I said, “I don’t want to get paid. I wanted to learn herbology.” They said, “Okay, we will let you work with these ladies early in the morning, but you still have to teach us about endoscopy.” 

I learned how many of these natural herbs help people stay stronger and get well.

I had a blast with them and learned how many of these natural herbs help people stay stronger and get well. It just took a lot of work to make all these things so that they would be specific for that particular problem, and you had to be consistent. Then we had to consciously modulate them, which is different from how people try to do herbs today.

People like a wide spectrum and think it’ll work if I take all of them, but that’s really not it. It will take you out of balance with what you want to do. 

One day I was walking about in the library in the hospital after I finished my cases, and I saw this book. The book had a grand master in it, who I found out later was their national treasurer and was guarded all the time. He’s treating a client like this, and they show all the different photographs, and he doesn’t touch him, but you see pictures of the wound healing in each photograph.

I went to the chief of the hospital, a nice guy, and I said, “This is why I’ve been on my search for six and half years. I have to meet this guy,” and he goes, “Impossible, forget it.” I asked why.

When I went to China, people still wore these outfits like this. There were very few cars. Only the government had cars—lots of people on the street and old China’s rules. 

Oh, you’re so lucky to have experienced something like that. 

The Grand Master was guarded all the time. They said he’s not going to see you. He doesn’t see anybody except the people the government says or approves for him to see. He’s like a living relic descended from Lao Tzu. I said okay. 

Was Lao Tzu a real person? Some people say it’s just a myth.

I think that’s another story. 

Okay. Let’s go back to your story. 

I wouldn’t think anything negative about Lao Tzu. 

Not negative. He’s a mystery. 

No, he’s a compilation, a person who condensed at once from many people even before him what turned out to be the basis of quantum physics.

That is for another time. I get it. I would love to hear more about it. 

Einstein even says that in his quote, so does Curie, so does Tesla, and all the great physicists know that what he worked out was the mathematics of the Yin-yang symbol. He, of course, inherited all that from supposedly 72 other masters before him. Whether he was the only one who invented it, I don’t know. He’s the one who got it all together for us and embodied it. Then he left. 

I don’t know if you know, but the books on Lao Tzu are also books about him, which he did not write. He was like Socrates. He said, “I think this is as much as the world can handle.” This is a very common thing in China, which is at a certain level of enlightenment. You just leave and just go into the mountains and stay there. 

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He said, “I’m going to leave,” so the students freaked out. They went nuts. They said, “You can’t leave. We need you when you’re doing magic, miracles and showing people they can heal themselves.” He says, “okay, I’ll stay for a while.” Then they took all these notes of him, which became the book he created.

If you get an original one of those, it’ll show you on the cover donkey, but it’s the back of the donkey, the donkey’s rear and the back of a man because he’s riding out of town. He wasn’t going to do it. He created this on his way of leaving what we would call civilized society, or the retrograde society, as far as miracles go. 

The chief said it was impossible. A couple of weeks later, as providence would have, I got to treat one of their major people, commissars, from the government. After I removed all these tumors with the scope, he didn’t need surgery; his first aid came to me and asked, “everything went great?” I said, “yes, everything’s perfect.” He says, “that’s good. That’s great because if it hadn’t, I doubt you’d ever leave China.”

It was still the fear of communism, the military, and that kind of pressure. Later, the commissar said, “we’ll give you a red envelope,” which means I’m going to pay you. They said, “you just name your price.” I said, “yeah, I know what I want. I’m going to visit that guy up the top of the mountains and that monastery they say I can’t go to.” They went, “no, you can’t.” I said, “I wouldn’t take any money.” 

To live healthy, happy, and with the ability to learn and grow produces exquisite joy.

Finally, the next day he said, “Okay, I arranged it. He says you can meet him for half an hour, but if he doesn’t talk, relate or want to be with you, that’s how he is. He charges exorbitant amounts of money back in those days for people to connect with him. Other people in India were put with a certain level of mystery and magic that most were not expecting, so he was guarded.” 

I made it up the mountain with a couple of people helping me, and then the motorcycle broke down, so I walked. When I finally got to the monastery where he was, some people there were bringing patients up the mountain, not stretchers, with these big, long, towel things made out of bamboo. I saw him doing work on people, and it was just wonderful. It was just like in the photographs. 

Then you would think that someone there would say something to me if you saw this tall Caucasian, tall Chinese, and I’m wearing a baseball hat. Everyone looked at me like this and went back to him. For the first day I was there, nobody said anything to me. Not a word, nothing. That was my welcome. The next day I finally talked to the cook and got something to eat. 

That’s what I was asking. Not even food, nothing?

Nothing. I made it to the kitchen and what happened was that in those days, people who were not strictly from a serious Chinese background and believed in the mysteries of what this field was all about were considered not possible ever to catch or learn it.

China, in those days, was considered the middle kingdom between heaven and Earth and was considered an enlightened country.

China, in those days, was considered the middle kingdom between heaven and Earth and was considered an enlightened country. Believe it or not, after a couple of days, the Grand Master told his first lieutenant to tell the American- they didn’t call me an American. They called me something that means you’re a white ghost or you’re a foreigner who could be dangerous. He says, “you tell him he could observe.” 

They let me stay. I got to stay, and after a while, he let me come back and forth to the United States over the next year to watch him whenever I wanted to. We got along because I kept my distance and just watched him, made tons of notes, and what was great was I got to see people heal and then see if there were complications, just like we did in Western medicine. 

I noticed that people got well from all kinds of things. People came there to get their life handled. If they had a relationship that wasn’t working or couldn’t be successful in their business, he would give them the energy mudras or the different ways of moving their body and say go home and do this, and they worked. 

After a while, he asked, “you want to learn?” That was like a dream. That happened after a number of years. I never thought that would happen. I said, “yes, I definitely do.” He said, “now you have to know this isn’t anything like your America. Remember, they didn’t say anything good about Western because they always thought we were behind.” 

He said, “One, there’s no malpractice here. If you die on this mountain, which people do in this program all the time, people try to learn this field because there’s nothing written.

The first two years I was there, I kept asking the Grand Master, “listen, do you have a book? Isn’t there a book written about this?” 

He goes, “no book. It’s all verbal tradition, and you’re not allowed to even give the verbal tradition to anyone except the emperor or people in the court because it allows them to be so powerful. That’s why I was kept that way for many years.”

I even went to the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and checked to see if there was something, but it wasn’t. The best you could get was Shaolin Monastery. It’s great, and Tai Chi is great. I learned all of those. When I found out what their discipline was, it was called New Life Energy, Source Energy, and Getting Younger Energy, which I was looking for. 

It’s called Source Energy. In other words, he explained it to me because we went on a number of different trips after I got accepted there after a few years. We went to where Tai Chi was invented and where certain other disciplines were invented previously in different locations. Still, all those came from a root, like white light divided into multiple colors. There has to be a root of source energy. This was that source of energy that you could do in your tai chi, or you could do karate, or you could do it into Shaolin exercises. 

How many martial art disciplines do you know? 

I studied quite a few before I got there. Then what I learned when I was this; He said, “the second thing that you’re not going to like is that nobody makes it to the level of where you want to go, which is to Master.” I said, “really?” He said, “yeah, look around. You’ve been back and forth.” 

He said, “Do you see anyone at the level I can hand them to do certain things?” I said, “no, but I didn’t care because I already had all my degrees here.” 

Right, you’re already a master in so many other ways. 

I felt like it was my time to have a new life. He said to accept that I may die, and unfortunately, one of my best friends, the guy from Hong Kong who used to meet me over there and was my best translator, did get hurt and die. That crushed me. 

The whole training was challenging. But, he said, “you make it only as far as you can get through every one of them, and there’s no written material. So I’ll give you the challenge and tell you what to do. Then you don’t have to discover within your own body or sensors because this whole field, like the acupuncture chart, has all these little spots on you that you put needles in. The one that has to do with source energy is like a universe with thousands of little sensors all over your mind.

There are so many small things in your body that you can enlarge and make stronger, more flexible, and more financially capable at any age.

My client asked, “are all the mitochondria sensors?” I said, “you’re getting close. It’s not just the mitochondria; there are so many small things in your body that you can enlarge and make stronger, more flexible, and more financially capable at any age.

What I loved about it is its anti-Alzheimer’s. I finally brought this discipline energy for success, and I told no one, only my own. 

Did you become a master? 

Yes, I made it. 

How? Are there any challenges that you can share? 

How many years did it take? Are you kidding? It took 14 years. 

What was one of your biggest challenges there?

Do you have time for all these? I’ll tell you. There wasn’t one big challenge. I would say every challenge was a do-or-die. You’re either going to quit or go, this is too hard, or I’m in danger. I’m going to fall all the way down this mountain. Something’s going to happen to me. 

I’ll give you one. One time I was following the Grand Master. We were in this jungle. There were only two other people with us, and they were meeting him on the other side of the lake. The lake was about 100 yards and about 90 yards. He walks over the lake like this and goes right over the top of it.

I can see his feet touching something. It wasn’t like he walked on water like Christ, but it was almost like that. I went, “oh great. That’s wonderful. I wonder how I’m going to go and what I’m going to do. I guess I’m going to have to go back.” Then he turned around, “looked at me, and went like this.” 

There I was. Once again, my life’s at risk and what was bad was that the lake was filled with colored snakes, yellow snakes, brown snakes—every kind. In other words, it was even known in this jungle that they said you had to wear boots to be careful of snakes in the forest. 

I went into the water where they were. I said, “Well, I have no idea how to do this except I’ll have to use the energy and the techniques he’s taught me so far.”

Your life doesn’t have to feel like a terminal disease. Life will improve as long as you keep growing and move forward in a purposeful direction.

One of the techniques was having your body become super light. There’s even a way of testing it out. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but in one of the disciplines or even research work, people stand on rice paper and don’t fall through.

It’s extremely difficult to make your body super light, but it’s part of bringing in the energy because it’s really not your body changing weight. It’s as if you’re creating this energy field that’s waffling.

Oh, my goodness. Wow.

I didn’t know that I could do that. I knew that he trained me in a number of things, but I didn’t know how to do that. I saw the rocks across the water. I saw that they were just under the water. I said, “okay. If it was possible to hit each rock and not slip into the water, maybe I could do it.” But I knew I couldn’t just keep looking down, or I might fall.

What I did was I went into that state like you’re completely going to bring in all the energy in the world and made a goal that I was going to get across smoothly on each rock and not slip. And then I started in this state, this column of energy that I created.

When I finally realized I had made it to the other side, I made it across the lake.


That was not something I would plan growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, with a typical mom who only wants you to be a doctor.

What’s out there in the universe is as important as what’s here on Earth. You are connected to all of it.

Even though I had martial arts training, part of this discipline is that you are a huge antenna for energy that’s coming from everywhere. What’s out there in the universe is as important as what’s here on Earth. You are connected to all of it. Part of it is learning to be 360, which means you can sense what’s in front, sides, and behind you.

One of the exercises to do that was we had to do fighting. I’m a doctor or surgeon. My hands are not supposed to be fighting anybody. The way we’re supposed to be fighting is you have four people, one on each side, one in front, and one behind. You have to keep rolling around to be able to be sure that you protect yourself.

One of the people who were up there at that time was actually a famous fighter who made it in the movie Jet Li. He was with Mel Gibson once. The speed when he took the gun out of his hand was one that we had to learn too on how to move our body exceptionally fast.

Oh, my goodness. This is so fascinating. This is the most amazing thing I’ve heard.

Yeah. Well, I said I didn’t tell anybody because I was still doing surgery every day, so I wasn’t allowed to tell people. You can advertise that there’s another option since I had a huge practice.

If somebody didn’t want to take their medication or they were getting side effects, they didn’t want to do something. I’d say, “you want me to try something I learned in China?” That’s what I call it. They said, “yeah. We trust you.”

I turned out the lights and would do the different energy fields around them without touching them. Then I said, “Okay, now you report to the nurse in front and let me know how you’re doing.” And then I collected person after person, and they were all getting well from every age. It was amazing.

That’s amazing.

Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

Finally, there was a really wonderful guy who was still around. He’s in one of our groups who came in with a very bad diagnosis. He was a CEO of a huge corporation, and he said, “they said I don’t have a long time to live. There’s nothing I can do. Somebody said that you might be able to do something.” I said, “okay. I’ll tell you what. I will do something, but you must sign the sheet saying I did nothing. You never saw me.” 

And I said, “I did not treat you as a doctor. I’m just a friend or something that gave you some input.”

People didn’t realize how powerful this was and had to deal with Western medicine then.

It’s very difficult. It’s mind-boggling.

Yeah. It’s very difficult because it’s very narrow-minded in terms of what’s available and what they allow to the public.

He got one, and he was so thrilled he told other people. He said, “I think you should start teaching this to other people.” And I said, “no, I’m not doing that here in public.” He said, “okay. How about outside of California?”

I said, “okay.” Then I went and gave lectures in other states, and then finally, I came back and felt comfortable giving them demonstrations here in California.

Then I created all these videos and audio that you could listen to. What I learned in China was how to embed in the video’s audio the vibrations that would be the same as if you saw me personally, and they would open up your sensors.

We had different binaural beats in the United States at that time. Tony and everybody know about the bowls. They know that all feels good, but you wouldn’t say that will make you younger or more powerful.

Now, I was coming out and letting people do that, and I was treating people. I was saying this treatment is not medical. It’s just an opportunity for you to experience something. People were getting great results. Of course, I’d already traveled to Japan, Korea, and back to South America and showed people that this was just amazing.

The funny story is my mother was 80. One day I said, “mom, you should try this energy stuff I brought back. I think you’ll really enjoy it.” She asked, “why should I do that? I’m 80 years old. I’m probably going to die someday.” 

I said, “mom, you’re probably going to die someday anyway. Why don’t you try this and see what happens?” She said, “Okay, I’ll start.”

She was a real small-town lady—not expecting anything like this all the way from China, which made it funky. I said, “it’s not China. It’s quantum physics. That’s what it is. It has nothing to do with China. It has to do with the fact of how the whole world works.” 

She kept doing it. She kept doing the practices until she was 100.

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She just kept cranking along. Finally, when she was 100, she was admitted to the hospital emergency room. And the doctor called me because he knew who I was. He said, “hey, Barry. Your mom’s here.”

I go, “yeah? I heard she fell.” He said, “she’s okay. But you know, there’s a problem here.” I asked what.

He says she’s never used her Medicare card in her life. She’s not on any registry in the whole United States. She doesn’t exist as a person who’s 100 and has had medical care. She doesn’t have medications. She doesn’t have a doctor. 

You can look up all that stuff online in the ER. You can tell where a patient’s been and what they’ve done so you can find out how to help them. He asked, “is this energy something you’ve been doing privately?” And I said, “yeah.” He said, “It must be working on her.”

Since then, I’ve been able to codify in multiple lectures. This Energy for Success, the name of the company I created all these years, has these videos, audio, and physical practices that I brought back, working in eight main areas.

One anti-Alzheimer. It opens a part of your brain, so you get smarter. The other one makes you healthier and stronger. The other one makes you financially more astute and more of an attraction factor. Your creativity zooms. Your flexibility and strength get stronger. Your ability to have relationships improves – your relationship with your staff, clientele, and family all becomes one from here rather than where we have it, which is sort of quid pro quo.

I had a person whose name I won’t say. Everybody knows this guy’s name is from a magazine. After he was treated, his wife told him he must return to that doctor. I do these treatments for certain people of a high level, but you gotta take a few days off when your body opens up all your sensors.

She says, “you have to go back to that doctor.” He asked, “why?” 

She says, “I’ve been married 15 years to you, and you’re now like the teddy bear I married in the beginning. This is the guy I want to have back.” 

It’s a true story. He came because he wanted to become super successful financially. I ended up helping him write many books and physically get his health in order. What I like about this whole process is that it’s based on just who you are being alive.

The opportunities in life are huge if you can hook into these vibrations.

The opportunities in life are huge if you can hook into these vibrations. The best way to think about it is, have you ever hit a golf ball, volleyball, tennis ball or softball?


Did you ever like to get a good hit by maybe a double or triple or a home run or something, so you knock it?

No. I’m not that good.

Well, did you ever have one?

Yeah. Okay, maybe yes.

One time? Okay. When you hit a home run, they don’t move. They’re sort of stunned for a second. That’s because they’re in that field, the brace comes over you, and you can do this incredible thing.

I was in that field when I studied Aikido. It was my first Aikido test. Time stood still. I was doing the movement, but everything just slowed down ridiculously.

That’s it. Now you understand Energy for Success. We’re all the same people in every country, every color. We’re all the same on the inside, and you could turn that experience on anywhere.


And I always demonstrate that to people whenever I give a big talk. I just take people in the audience. Whatever the goal, there are physical practices. I mean, we can do one right now.

I would love that. By the way, can you reverse any disease?

I can’t say that.

You can’t say that. Okay. Got it.

You can practice these daily and become stronger, healthier, and more vibrant. I have thousands of testimonials videos from people who have had great results. It doesn’t matter whether you start with either.

Got it.

Being a positive thinker helps you in making good decisions.

You don’t have to be a positive thinker, although it makes you more positive when you have more free time because you’re much more effective. It helps you to make good decisions.

That’s the best thing ever.

In business, you don’t waste all your time thinking I want to go down this road, and it will work at what you become.

When you have that feeling like you had in Aikido, that sense of where all tinglings, that space is available to you 24/7; if you use that, your sleep will become massively better, and your digestion will be better. The thing that I’m going for is that believe it or not, you become more peaceful.

If enough people could do these practices, I can achieve my goal of world peace. I told you earlier about my uncle, which had something to do with that. That would be my way of getting back up and doing something that would allow people because if you’re feeling competent and not confident, I check myself being competent like, “where’s your right hand? Right here.”

Your knowingness is there for you. Now, what if you have the knowledge of how you’re going to be successful? How are you going to relate to people? How will you be financially in good shape, physically, mentally, and joyously?

If somebody hits you or something, you’re going to say, “hi! Can I help you?” But if you have the flu and somebody hits you, you go, “don’t bother me. I don’t feel good.” So much of our planet is walking around, feeling like they’ve got the flu in terms of their ability to jump up and do something. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have such massive consumption of things to escape, right?


This is the season right now. All the boxes and alcohol should be coming up and drinks. There’s nothing wrong there. It’s just that it doesn’t solve the next day. It doesn’t make you more powerful. It’s okay to take a break, but I’d rather you watch Avatar.

I want to watch the new Avatar.

The joy of being healthy, happy, and able to learn everything is exquisite.

I can tell you a wonderful anecdote about a lady who came to me. She was about 19. She had three sisters and a mother. They all lived together in a really small place. She came to me and said, “I want to be super successful. I heard that this allows me to be able to do great.”

I asked, “okay. What is it that you want to do?” 

She said, “I like IT and want to become a salesperson for one of the IT companies.” I said, “great. What’s your drink?” Do you have contacts?” She said, “No drink. No contacts.”

I said, “okay. Well, you do these practices every day. You keep in contact with me, and I’ll show you how to write energy-fueled goals.”

Do you write goals fueled by energy?

People get tired of writing goals because they write them like a wish.

Yeah. This is why most of us don’t work. People get tired of writing goals because they write them like a wish.

How cool.

Every week we have a goal writing seminar for people from all around the world. Then, we call them to check out their goals. We also have a free group called for people around the world, where everybody gets to share their miracles and accomplishments.

Believe it or not, no one in her family had ever been successful. And her sisters were not very positive that she would be successful. But she says, “I want to do it.” She did the practices, and they all made fun of her.

This is one of the practices. Take your hands like this, put them above your head, and take a deep breath. Hold it, and then take a second to see if you can stretch more. And then a third one. Let the air out extremely slowly, and then let your hands down slowly. I’ll be with you watching. Just very slowly; bring them down much slower than that. Let the energy, not you, bring it down. 

Then we’ll do it one more time. Then put your hands together like this and then bring it over like that, so it’s going to be up above your head and then take a deep breath.

Now relax your neck this time, relax your shoulders, let your arms go up to heaven, and let your body go wherever it goes as your arms get pulled up and take another deep breath.

People who are watching this should be doing the same thing. Experience it. You’ll see how quickly it works. Relax your neck a little higher. Take a deep breath and another deep breath. See if you can take the whole back of your lung, front of your lungs, and top of your lungs so you can fill all that.

Ever so slowly, let your hands come down and let them rest on your heart space slowly.

It was hard to exhale slowly. I need more practice.

You want the energy to breathe out. There are two worlds.

I feel like there’s an energy that is running through my body right now.

Remember this: we are built to win.

That’s right. You already felt it. Do it one more time so you can have your hands come down slowly. Do you want to try it again?

Yes. Let’s do it.

Here you go. There’s no pressure. You do not have to grip the energy of God, Mother Nature. The universe is set up from no grip. It’s set up for a fall. That’s one of the great eights if you always get this flow state.

Now, deep breaths. Let your arms go up higher. Good. Now another deep breath. Try not to breathe out. Relax your neck. Everybody, one more breath if you can. Just hold it for a second.

Now, open your hands and let them come down very slowly. If it takes you an hour, we’ll wait for you. Very slowly. Let the energy bring it down. You let go. You go on vacation. Let it come to your heart space. Here. As you get right here or here, then breathe in. Take it all in. That’s yours. That’s your gift from God.

And then, you can make a goal the rest of the day, one of joy, happiness, health, and flexibility, and see how it turns out.

Yeah. Thank you. That was awesome.

She did all these practices. I have over 200 of these practices depending on what you want to do, whether you want to be physically fit or whether you want to be just super healthy. In her case, she wanted to make a lot of money.

She ended up working for a major IT company, that’s good, but they measure you in sales on what you do. And if you don’t meet quota, you’re out and have to beat the other people. She ended up beating everybody in the first year, and the second year she was there. Then, in the third year, they had her talk to the whole country about how she started from scratch and used the energy to become a super saleswoman in IT.

You have to understand. This person never made more than $10,000, $12,000 a year. And last year and the year before, she made almost seven figures in sales.

Wow! Amazing.

Her mother, her sister, and everybody is doing the practice now. They all want it and want to get it done.

We have the program. I had these videos for her to watch where she would do the practices. I also have guided breathing visualizations which are rapid, transformational, and vibrational techniques. It all works on vibrations. Each of these vibrations allows you to become more competent than you ever thought possible. And she’s young.

Here is another example. There was a guy who came to me. He was Joe, the tailor. And he said, “Doc, I’m in your seminar and want to fly an airplane.” 

I said, “Joe, you’re 80. Do you want to fly an airplane? How are you going to do that?” So he goes, “no, I’m going to study it. I’ve always wanted to do it my whole life.” 

I said,” You’ll have to pass the physical.” And he says, “that’s why I’m talking to you. I said okay. Here are the practices you got to do.”

He practiced all these different things. He passed his physical. He was able to fly. He flew over to my lecture. Every time we had a lecture in his city, he would buzz it, then land a plane to come in. We have pictures of him in a fighter jet. He’s 83.

Isn’t it cool that it doesn’t matter your age and where you are? Given our economy or what people tell you, it doesn’t mean a thing. The fact is that that yin-yang symbol says that half of the side is black with one white dot. 

What that means is that most of your experiences will be a matrix, which I call the misinformation that we all get to deal with. The wrong information, the wasted effort, grip, hardness of life, and it has one white dot: hope that maybe there’s a way out. 

Then on the other side, which is wonderful and, I also discovered it’s all wins, it’s all white, it’s all clear. So you can keep winning and winning, and it has one black dot in there, which is just supposed to be a little bit of resistance in it.

It’s not supposed to be your whole life that is the problem. So you might say, why didn’t they just make the whole thing white? Well, he discovered that it’s something we all learn.

Did you ever eat potato soup or leek soup?

No. I’ve never. I make soup, but not potato soup.

Okay. Well, let me just tell you. If you have had potato soup for weeks, it’s white soup. Pea soup might be.

Yes. Pea soup, I make.

Okay. Pea soup does not taste good unless you put black pepper in it, right?

Yeah. I put other stuff too.

You have to put in other stuff. So spice, that’s the little black dots. That’s what it is.

The little resistance in life is the spice that makes life exciting. So that’s why we have all this competition, all these things. You’re supposed to have this opportunity to have a little resistance, and then your muscles grow stronger, and then you stay strong.


What I like about the energy work is that it helps people be much better in the heart space.

It doesn’t matter what your age is. It’s all about your body, which is meant to serve you if you choose. We all on this planet have been allowed to choose every moment, whether you want to choose that you’re going to expand all your sensors by doing these practices for 20 minutes a day, or whether you just want to go, well I’m just going to grind it out and work 14 hours a day, and then I’ll come home. What I like about the energy work is that it helps people be much better in the heart space.

I had this one guy who came to me, and I asked, “what’s happening?” He said, “well, not too good.” So I asked, “what happened?” 

He said, “well, I’m a lawyer, and I’ve been working hard, and I’m now partnering. It’s wonderful. It took me all these years. And so I went home. And as soon as I got my partnership acknowledgment with a big bottle of champagne, I gave it to my wife. I said, look, honey. We can celebrate. I’m finally a partner.” She said, “thank you so much. I’m so proud of you. But, Jesus, I have something too. She gave him a divorce paper.”

No way.

He says, wait a minute. I did all this hard work, not being at home, being around the kids, and not being around you and just working all the time to make a partner for you. 

She says I could hire a lawyer. I want to marry someone who’s going to be here.

I’m here for you. And I didn’t get you all these years, and you’re sort of addicted to just being the work treadmill. You never could get off of it.

That’s why I see a lot of CEOs, a lot of executives, and a lot of entrepreneurs who think that you have to work 24 hours a day, but actually, a four-day work week. All of this is possible. I believe that you can be effective and efficient. And that you can be in the heart space will make a big difference with the people you interact with, your employees and your mom and dad, or your extended family.

I think just being around you and your teachings are inspiring enough. But, on top of that, your teachings are probably extremely life-changing and life-altering. So I want to ask you, what are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Let me think for a second. One, your life as a human being is set up right now, wherever you are, to be better. That’s the first tip, so you know the direction. Because up until now, people always thought your life would be less and less. They call it life with a deadly disease. It’s not that. It’s stronger and more able continuously.

The number two tip is that these practices that are so ancient have been proven throughout so many years to provide a balanced experience in life, and also, more love and kindness between people and health is not hard. What’s been hard is all the aggravation we get through in life with people giving us misinformation. That’s why so many people aren’t even finishing school now.

Suppose there’s definite information you can do 20 minutes a day by watching this video, absorbing the vibrations, doing the physical practice, or just listening to the guided breathing and visualization. What I like about those is you don’t have to meditate. Of course, you can meditate afterward, but it puts you in that zone heading to Satori state. So there is access to your goals, no matter where you start.

And then the third thing, I think, is that it’s easy. We’re built to win. And when you look at some of the grandmasters of photographs of him or Buddha, they always had that little smile, you know? And you’re wondering, what are they smiling about?

They’re smiling because they want you to realize that if you can hook up with this, you can do it too. It’ll work. Your age, it doesn’t matter. Other people in the hospital had sent them meditations just to listen to them, and they got the award for the best patient. So their doctor wants to know, how did you heal your hip after they’ve broken so fast? And whose tapes are you listening to?


I found out all the nurses end up getting to listen.

Someday never comes, so now is the day and a good time to start to get the results right away.

The three tips are that no matter what you read in the paper, no matter what you see on social media, and no matter what anybody does, you know that since you were a kid, you had these dreams. To have those become real, you just actually process life itself instead of stuffing them down. Everybody has a bucket list of things they can do in life, and someday I’ll get to that.

Sometimes, someday never comes.

Someday never comes, so now is the day. So when’s a good time to start? What’s so great about that is you get results right away.

The fourth tip, as I told you before.

You’ve given me an extra one.

I have a giveaway.

I know you have a wonderful giveaway. I’m excited about that.

They can try it and see if they enjoy it. Then contact me if you like it or want to do anything else.

You might be asking, “do I work with people personally?” Yes, but it’s about how to work through the videos and audio, or your body’s even ready to take this rapid ascent.

The name of the company is energyforsuccess.com/stellar.

I love it.

That’s what it is. Just type it in. Either Harmony or one of the ladies on call ensures you get it. And if you need translation, we have people that can translate German or Spanish or Japanese.

I’m so excited about your future. I know that we can pull this whole planet together. Everybody wants peace of mind, to get happier and healthier naturally, and not take a thousand different confusing things every year. So all those things are useful, but you need a big leg up. 

This could give you that big foundation of leg up. And I hope that people try the videos and audio.

I can’t believe anyone that has listened to you so far will not try it because this was amazing and fascinating. And thank you so much for your time, your generosity and your kindness and your humor, and your love. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for being here from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, listeners. Remember, your life couldn’t be better than you can imagine. The ancient energy practices Dr. Barry taught you are easier than your current suffering, and you are built to win. This is Orion. Till next time.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Maintain a balanced life. Your physical health, happiness, and productivity depend on where you direct your attention and energy. 

{✓}Build self-esteem by discovering your skills and using them in your daily life. Leveraging these strengths can tremendously boost your personal, career, and business success. 

{✓}Create a daily routine that works for you. Take time to figure out how to create and stick to a realistic schedule.

{✓}Go through life’s challenges with a positive mindset. The key to overcoming any challenge is perception. How you perceive things greatly affects every outcome in your life. 

{✓}Nurture your relationships with others. Supportive, invested relationships make us healthier, happier, and more satisfied.

{✓}Be kind and loving to your body. Self-love requires patience, kindness, and nurturing. Discover what makes your body, mind, and soul happy and healthy.

{✓}Let Source Energy vibrations flow through you to meet your goals. Source Energy connects you to a life-giving force when you focus on what matters most to you.

{✓}Practice guided breathing visualization to experience instant healing energy. Visualization opens specific energy sensors in your body. This discipline activates calm relaxation the more you practice it.

{✓}Experience the Rapid Transformational Vibration Technique and grab Dr. B’s special giveaway on this site if you want energy, vitality, and success in your daily life.

{✓}Visit Dr. Barry Morguelan’s website to learn more about his programs, podcasts, blog, and courses.

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