A special gift that can change your business and help you live a freedom lifestyle

This is a very special episode for me because I am interviewing a very unique guy, who happens to be one of my personal coaches and mentors. The reason I chose him to be my coach is because of his incredible outlook on life, and the amazing things he has created. Imagine living a life of personal freedom, where you wake up in the morning and swim in the ocean with Dolphins, and don’t take any calls until after 11am. That’s the life Rich leads, and the life he inspires others to live through his coaching.

Of course, this kind of lifestyle doesn’t come easy, and Rich’s program, JV Insider Circle, connects and supports all sorts of entrepreneurs to promote and share each other’s products and services through joint ventures. Joint ventures are a way to boost your business so that you can have more time to design the life that you want, whether that’s swimming with dolphins in the morning or traveling to Spain for the weekend. But we also go deeper into what it takes to live this dream lifestyle – including healing your past traumas and being ready to accept the life that you work so hard for. In all, this is a really inspiring episode, and we are even including a special bonus gift for Rich’s upcoming JVX event – he totally surprised me with this awesome free gift for my listeners!

Here are some of the best tips from my interview with Rich: 

Tips to Thrive

1. Think about some of the ways you have failed in the past. Write a list of the things you have learned and ways you have grown from those experiences. Congratulate yourself for the growth you have made

 2.  Do you have ‘Shiny-Object Syndrome’?  Do you chase after every new idea?  Make yourself a commitment to follow through on one of your great ideas.

 3. Get your JVX FreeTicket. The JVX event is on November 3-5, 2016. This is one of my favorite events, personally and professionally.

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