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What People are Saying:

Orion is a creator

Orion is creating an incredible transformation for people who are committed to making a change in the world.

- grindy3

A really fun show!

Not only are the episodes full of useful information, but Orion is a fun host and leaves me feeling energized and inspired. I am excited to follow and catch more episodes!

- JacqueLevi

Funny, Brilliant and Insightful!

You'll laugh, be blown away and learn something new about life and yourself. I know this is a podcast for women but guys this is for you too! Enjoy this gift from Orion.

- Lady L.O

A Quick History

Hi, I’m Orion, and my passion is to help women create the life of their dreams, with the confidence to live out loud. Many years ago I was in a very difficult point in my life, when I was getting over a bad relationship. It was a bad breakup and I found myself very depressed. I wanted to get better so I embarked on a journey to study everything I could to help myself feel and function better. I traveled to over 24 countries; I studied with the top leaders and luminaries of our time, people like Tony Robbins and Dr. John Demartini, amongst others. I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), the language of influence, and hypnotic techniques, and really improved my psychology and my life. The journey was not easy, but through learning from the greats, with discipline and commitment, I was able to achieve my goals. I felt better, and most importantly, happier. Now, looking back, I see the necessity of what I had to go through to prepare me to be a leader. Sometimes we go through hard times and don’t understand why. They are like a gift where the bow is on the bottom and we cannot really open it until years later, when we are able to realize the rough periods of life are actually a gift.

Fast Forward to Today...

I finally found true love and I'm engaged to my soulmate. I live a lifestyle that leaves me energized, challenged, and fulfilled; I travel, speak, teach, and do TV appearances. I'm writing a book named "Unleashing Your Inner Superhero" to help anyone unleash their special power within and shine their light to the world.

What Makes It So Special

If you are a strong fearless woman that wants to awaken your genius and live the life you desire, Stellar Life is a podcast that is dedicated to you. Listen to my guests' incredible stories, their tips and advice that will strengthen your spirituality, build you a stronger body and attract the success that you deserve. We cover it all including:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Careers
  • Spirituality
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

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