What is the Alpha Goddess?

You’ve heard of the “Alpha Male”. Now let me introduce you to the “Alpha Goddess”.

You seem to have it all; a successful career and impressive social life. You’re dynamic, poised and smart. In business you are a force to be reckoned with and your social media presence is epic. People around you perceive you as an ambitious, strong, high-achieving go-getter and a natural leader.


If you’ve been constantly living in this relentless masculine energy, it’s taken its toll on you.

There is a void inside, like something is missing. You feel burnt out, tight, hard or heavy. You might even feel a physical discomfort or disconnection from your body and your sensuality.

The hunt for love and partnership has left you exhausted and jaded. Men have told you that you’re too powerful, independent, or intimidating, which made you wonder whether you’d ever find a man who wouldn’t feel threatened by you.

Enough of that!

You know that there is MORE for you:

MORE realized self expression

MORE embodiment

MORE spiritual connection

MORE freedom

MORE love

More YOU

Discover & Integrate Your Goddess Nature

Moving toward becoming what I call an Alpha+ or an Alpha Goddess is a journey of self discovery.  It is your path to realize the authentic, unrestricted and wild version of you. Together we will awaken parts of you that are already embedded in your DNA, unlocking an ancient code to the origin of your true essence—your divine feminine. When activated, you’ll feel a sense of release and bliss like you’ve arrived home.

You might consider your feminine energy weak, vulnerable or unsafe. (I had in the past.) You might even be concerned with losing your powerful identity in the process; becoming a “tree hugger” and dancing naked around the fire on a full moon. This is not what it’s about, though I have nothing against such things.

Rest assured, this transformation is not about losing all the traits that make you successful, but adding to them. When done right, you will experience an awakening.

We are talking about MORE.

The Alpha Goddess strikes just the right balance between masculine drive and feminine flow. As an Alpha Goddess you’ll shift from pushing rocks uphill to living effortlessly.

Upgrading You

  • Attract your dream relationship:  Attraction is not about your appearance, it’s about the way you carry yourself and what you communicate non-verbally.
  • Create more wealth: Many of my clients find they become even more successful in business after working with me because they develop an unfair advantage… they become irresistible to their prospects!
  • Embody sensuality: “Sexy,” by my definition, is superficial; it can be fun but it’s about as nutritious as living off chocolates. “Sensual,” on the other hand, goes beyond “sexy;” it lights up every cell of your body and nourishes your soul.
  • Amplify joy, cultivate creativity and find your bliss: You’ll emanate light from your heart; amplifying the energy field around you and effecting everyone who comes in the vicinity of your heart’s electromagnetic field.

My Alpha Goddess coaching program is unlike any other program around. It’s not for everyone. It’s for you—if you’re willing to play full-out and have high standards for yourself. I invite you to take this life-changing journey with me. I’ve helped hundreds of alpha females live an extraordinary life and attract extraordinary love. Will you be next?


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