Why Do They Not Get Results From Their Personal Training?

My clients are the most wonderful kind and friendly people. They work hard  and get great results.  As a trainer I came across many personalities. I know for a fact,  that a person who is truly commit to make a change will reach the goal.  People’s Character is 50% genetic and 50% a choice, if you want to succeed in your training program please don’t act like the following examples:

 The Weekend Warrior–  a person who participates in a usually physically strenuous activity only on weekends or part-time. Now, it is true that once a week is better then nothing, but the weekend warrior holds the mentality of do or die. Once in a special weekend they will go  to the gym, or show up to a friendly basketball game and workout beyond their body’s capacity. The weekend warrior often get war wounds: shin splints or even broken bones. Think about it if you ate wrong all week long and fasted one day on the weekend, will that help your body?…  It is better to start slow and steady. Gradually  get  your body into shape instead of  “attacking” your muscles for 3 hours on the weekend. The benefits will be keeping your body in good condition and injured free while boosting up your metabolism .The weekend warriors will usually need to start a rehabilitation program to fix their injuries  before even a basic training program

. The Kamikaze – After not training for years.  They will start an exercise program 3-4 times a week with a personal trainer. then taking their own advice, they’ll add 4 more times on their own.. They end up training up to 7-8 times a week on the first week! Kamikazes are so afraid to loose motivation they throw their body into an exercise suicidal spin. They’re mad at themselves for neglecting their body for long and getting heavier ,they feel they shouldn’t stop. 2-3 weeks into this madness, their body signals ” no you didn’t ”  and wired phenomenon  starts to appear – extreme muscle soreness and swelling  and all kind of  pains. They get discouraged and stops as impulsively as they started.

 The Social Butterfly– The only reason they come to the gym, is to watch and be watched. They will appear to spend a long time at the gym, but use most of it to  talk with people and flutter there wings. They use the same three machines with  the same weight for years on end, and get no results to show for. It takes longer for them to break out of this rhythm and habit.

 The King of The Hill– The king know all about exercising, nothing you can say that will change it. They skip exercises for rehabilitation, and ignore learning proper posture while exercising. Kings think that stretches are for girls and a waist of time. Most of them look good and fit, but hold many body imbalances and injures.  One important thing I learned as a trainer, the more I know, the more I know I don’t know… it is always good to learn more to improve your body.

 The Sad Victim– Super excited and motivated at first, but on the second week  showing up for training as if they’re going to be headed under the guillotine. This type of people will excusably expect you to do there push up for them, and complain often about suffering and how hard exercising is. If their mentality doesn’t change, they will quit very soon and wont get any results. Motivation is only borrowed for a while, you got to create your own desire for successes. If only someone else  wants you to succeed but you don’t truly wish it, it won’t happened. New exercise and stretches you hate the most, are probably good for you. It get’s you out of your comfort zone and help you  to progress with your training.

 The Queen of No Heart – The queen comes in for one reason only: so she can tell her girlfriends over coffee and cake that she’s got a trainer. She will show up  5-20 min late for her session, and expect you to get her a towel and wipe the sweat off her face in between sets… she will also look for you to complement her, tell you how an exercise should be performed, and stop to talk with her girlfriends in the middle your session.

 The Pinocchio – Pinocchio is a story about a wooden puppet  who is brought to life by a blue fairy who tells him he can become a real boy if he proves himself “brave, truthful and unselfish” Pinocchio is known to have a long nose that become longer while telling a lie. The Pinocchio types don’t grow a longer nose while making up stories about their diet habits you can easily tell by looking at their bodies what choices they’re making. They don’t talk about drinking out late night, then make up dramatic stories about why they couldn’t come in for training. Sometimes Pinocchios tell a lie so often, they actually believe it. If you are not honest enough to confront your problematic areas, they will never be solved.


Get ready for success!

If you want to see change you must be willing to change. Doing the same thing as you did before will not produce different results. If you just put yourself out there and do your best every time, your body will be different and your life will be different. Your best is good enough what someone else is capable of is irrelevant. Watch what you think, what are you focusing on? Do you focus on the” I can”, or on what you cannot do. What is the story you’re telling your self about what you can and cannot do? Hold  feelings  that will motivate you to push and drive forward. Today is the best day to be better. All you need is within you now, You have greatness within you and you are enough.

Keep shining.


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