Episode 57 | March 28, 2017

Conscious Conversions: Tracey Thompson

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Mission #57

On Board: Tracey Thompson
Mission: Conscious Conversions

The Co-Pilot:

This episode is all about selling! And no, don’t worry, you aren’t suddenly on a sales or marketing podcast by mistake. Instead, this episode will help clarify why selling is actually a good thing. In short, when you sell your products or services, you bring more life into the world, make more money, and ultimately show up differently in the world. Keep in mind that you sell yourself every day. Selling your services and products is just as important.

Tracey Thompson is the creator of the Conscious Conversations That Convert system. She is committed to helping conscious entrepreneurs have powerful, authentic conversations that easily convert. Once you get the hang of this, it’s like turning on the faucet of cash flow on demand. Tracey is an expert on branding, leads, and networking, but her main focus is making sales conversations comfortable without fear of rejection or the sense of being a sleazy salesperson.

Connect With Tracey:

Tracey Thompson on Facebook
Conscious Conversions Mastermind

The Mission Log:

  • [03:48] – Tracey starts things off by telling us a little bit about herself. She explains how a frightening cancer diagnosis changed her whole world and brought her to realize that everything she was doing was out of alignment.
  • [08:08] – What was Tracey’s journey like after her conversation with God? In her answer, she explains the importance of learning to love yourself.
  • [09:53] – Tracey talks about what she did to love herself more.
  • [11:38] – This big change and decision to let people help wasn’t easy for Tracey at first, she explains.
  • [12:42] – What are some mindset tips and tools that Tracey used to help her create that shift?
  • [14:54] – Tracey explains what she means by “Conscious Conversations that Convert.” She gives some context for the conversion piece of that concept.
  • [17:20] – The key to doing this in a way that is gentle rather than salesy is asking powerful questions. She then explains the way she keeps herself from giving too much advice.
  • [20:16] – Tracey offers some more “seduction” techniques.
  • [25:44] – We hear about the reaction that people tend to have once they’ve made the discovery of what they need to be working on.
  • [27:35] – What’s more important: to stretch the gap of how painful it is to not have what they want to have, or to show them a compelling future?
  • [29:17] – Tracey talks about the biggest problem her service-provider clients face: the difficulty of selling a service that is your own. She then goes on to explain how to overcome this problem.
  • [32:30] – How do you know what you’re worth?
  • [34:23] – Tracey discusses the art and science of packaging. She then moves to talk about the current, ongoing shift from the information age into the transformation age.
  • [38:58] – We hear Tracey’s thoughts on dealing with rejection and maintaining your positive energy. She emphasizes the importance of making sure that service comes first.
  • [44:36] – Tracey shares a recent success story of a client who was very open to her coaching and saw dramatic results. These professional results were significant enough that they ultimately led to a wedding proposal!
  • [52:55] – Tracey offers some beautiful words of wisdom and encouragement for listeners. She also clarifies that conscious conversations aren’t just for sales.
  • [54:17] – How can people connect with Tracey and her tribe?

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

  1. Ask myself: if I were diagnosed with cancer, how would my priorities shift and how would I want to spend my life? Use the answer to start changing my life in that direction.
  2. Work toward a state of self-love. Being enough comes from within, not without, so stop looking for external validation.
  3. Assess what slowing down would mean for me. Make a conscious daily effort to slow down in to avoid burnout.

Links and Resources:

Tracey Thompson on Facebook
Conscious Conversions Mastermind


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