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Episode 66 | May 30, 2017

Powerful Presentations & Storytelling: Louis DiBianco

Today we’re talking with Louis Di Bianco, a professional storyteller with experience as a screen and stage actor, teacher, and business presentation coach. A great scene often throws the audience into the middle of a conflict that’s already happening, immediately arousing their curiosity and drawing their attention. He brings his experience to help us become clear, powerful communicators and superstars who can tell their stories in ways that are engaging, compelling, and breathtaking.

Episode 65 | May 23, 2017

Break Through Your Creative Blocks: Lira Kay

Lira Kay is a true master of helping purpose-driven professionals break through creative blocks and make a meaningful impact. All of us encounter creative blocks sometimes, whether in business, life, love, or creative passions. Breaking through those blocks or chains can feel like a struggle, because doing so involves confronting our own fears. We discuss the tools that can help, including developing a new clarity in seeing yourself by identifying your archetype and element, and then understanding your shadow side. Today, she’s here to help you let go of your old, limited self and share your true gifts with the world.

Episode 64 | May 16, 2017

Build a Brave Brand: Chelsey Marie

Today’s guest, the lovely Chelsey Marie, is a brand designer, marketing strategist, and the founder of Chelsey is a go-to girl when it comes to creating an online presence that reflects who you really are — and, as you’ll hear in this conversation, she deeply believes in the importance of being yourself in your brand. In our chat, she shares wonderful insight into how you can bravely be who you are in your presence online and in your brand. We learn several tips that she used to get 2,500 people on her first webinar, how she found the courage to pursue her business, and what she sees as her most valuable assets as a successful businesswoman.

Episode 63 | May 9, 2017

Love & Healing: Helaine Harris

Today’s guest is the amazing and extremely wise Helaine Harris. Helaine brings her bubbly, amazing, fun personality along with her luminous intelligence to her profession as a coach and therapist. In addition to being an intuitive business coach, healer, and licensed psychotherapist, Helaine is the founder of An Awakening Center, which blends over 45 traditional and alternative medicines to help clients find their core power and strength, and live purposeful lives while fulfilling their mission and destiny. In this conversation, we’ll also talk about love, relationships, masculine and feminine energy, healing our deep wounds, overcoming our barriers, and much more.

Episode 62 | May 2, 2017

The Galactic Shaman: Valerie Elster

Today’s guest makes this episode even more Stellar than most! She’s Valerie Elster – a galactic shaman who facilitates multidimensional healing sessions, consciousness workshops, and more. She’s a lightworker who is generously willing to share her journey and wisdom in soul remembrance and ancient reconnection. Valerie is a channel for light-language, and she tells us how to step into your truth, listen intently, and go with your heart.

Episode 61 | April 25, 2017

Revelations, Relationships & Realizations: Nicholas Upchurch

Today’s guest is the fascinating Nicholas Upchurch, who has dedicated his life to helping people succeed in terms of money and business, as well as in finding and fulfilling their true purpose and spirituality. As you’ll hear in this conversation, he masterfully intertwines the two to create a cohesive whole. Through his efforts, he has helped thousands of people around the world. And now he’s here to help you! Listen in as we talk about money, love, success, and much more.

Episode 60 | April 18, 2017

Networking Secrets: Cami Baker

Today’s guest, the furiously entrepreneurial Cami Baker, is an international speaker who has given over a thousand presentations to audiences of up to 30,000 people. Cami has been featured on HGTV, as a judge on the Celebrity Apprentice, and in Success From Home Magazine. Throughout this conversation, she offers strategies and tips that can change your networking life and skills forever. It’s important to note that she emphasizes making genuine human connections rather than thinking only in terms of the bottom line (though her advice will absolutely help you convert contacts into sales and money too!).

Episode 59 | April 11, 2017

The Keys to Online Super Success: AJ Mihrzad

Today’s guest is AJ Mihrzad, who is perhaps best-known as the author of the bestselling book The Mind Body Solution: Train Your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss. Among coaches and trainers, though, he’s well-known as a leader who helps others achieve their full potential and shape a fulfilling life through becoming successful online. His writing has appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness,, and more. Hear AJ’s tips to living a Stellar Life!

Episode 58 | April 4, 2017

The Evolved Masculine: Destin Gerek

Today’s guest is the remarkable and compelling Destin Gerek, an internationally recognized leading voice in masculinity, sexuality, consciousness, and personal development. In this episode, we talk about the rise of the feminine in today’s world, and the ways in which men respond and relate to this. He discusses the empowerment of the masculine and how men can inhabit their masculinity in constructive (rather than misogynistic) ways. He also talks about polarity in relationships and explores how to awaken more passion and bring your relationship to life.

Episode 57 | March 28, 2017

Conscious Conversions: Tracey Thompson

This episode is all about selling! This episode will help clarify why selling is actually a good thing. Tracey Thompson is the creator of the Conscious Conversations That Convert system. She is committed to helping conscious entrepreneurs have powerful, authentic conversations that easily convert. We discuss how you sell yourself every day, and that selling your services and products is just as important.