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Episode 86 | October 17, 2017

The Spirit & Mindset of Transforming your Body: Lazo Freeman

Lazo Freeman is the #1 body transformation coach in the UK, with clients including other trainers, international stars, and the wealthy elite of London. He understands that transformation needs to come from a place of love and self-acceptance rather than shame or embarrassment, and emphasizes the connection between the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Episode 85 | October 10, 2017

How to Eradicate Fear and PTSD Fast: Fred Gallo

My guest today, Fred Gallo, is an expert in human psychology who has studied multiple therapy modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, NLP, TFD, and many more. He’s a world expert on a process called “tapping”. I saw firsthand how powerful this method is when it cured my husband’s phobias of heights and water.

Episode 84 | October 3, 2017

Cleansing Your Body & Your Mind: Nykki Hardin

Today, I’m joined by a woman with whom I have many incredible life parallels, including our love for both travel and cleansing. Nykki Hardin is a wellness expert who formulated her own 21-day cleanse. She holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, a term she’ll explain in our conversation today, and is incredibly passionate about helping people reach their peak potential in both mind and body. We talk today about how intimately the two are linked, and how it’s possible to begin healing and thriving.

Episode 83 | September 26, 2017

From Anxiety to Nirvana- Sanjay Sabnani

Sanjay Sabnani is here today to explain the difference between “the listener” and what we identify as “the self.” Close your eyes and picture a woman you deeply care about. Maybe this is your best friend, sister, mother, or daughter. Now, imagine speaking to her the way you speak to yourself, criticizing her appearance and diminishing her worth. There’s no doubt that putting down others feels wrong, so why do we do it to ourselves? Listen to the conversation to hear how Sanjay has been inspired to break through and discover a deeper truth, and learn from his experiences.

Episode 82 | September 19, 2017

Creating a Money Paradigm Shift: Dame DC Cordova

Dame DC Cordova joins me today to discuss the struggles and triumphs of women in business. Money can be a complicated, tangled subject for anyone. We wrap up so much of our self-image and sense of worth into our financial situation. As a woman, though, there are even more layers to deal with when it comes to money. You have to navigate a balance between your giving feminine side and your businesslike masculine side in the world of entrepreneurship. Please listen and take what you hear today to heart because it can truly change your life.

Episode 81 | September 12, 2017

Confidence & Visibility for Women: Lisa Marie Pepe

Today’s guest, Lisa Marie Pepe, knows all about the importance of confidence, bravery, and overcoming your fears to create a better life. Lisa is the confidence coach and online visibility expert for heart-centered women entrepreneurs. She has personal experience with overcoming difficulties and letting them blossom into confidence, self-worth, and success. She’s here today to encourage you, offer strategies for developing more confidence, and tell you that you deserve to be seen and to follow your dreams.

Episode 80 | September 5, 2017

Optimize Your Health: Dr. Craig Koniver

Do you want to be healthy, happy and optimize your health? Most people do, but we all have to watch out for stress. Stress hurts every aspect of our lives, especially our health. I know that I want to stay calm and relaxed while having a fun and enjoyable life. That is why I have Dr. Craig Koniver on today’s podcast. Dr. Koniver is an expert in natural and organic medicine, and he shares how to de-stress, beat adrenal fatigue, and optimize your life for total well-being.

Episode 79 | August 29, 2017

Curing Hormonal Imbalance & Improving Vitality For Women: Dr. Shari Caplan

The brilliant Dr. Shari Caplan joins me today to talk about hormone imbalances and much, much more. She’ll go into depth about different hormones, various conditions related to them, and what sorts of treatment options are available. Believe it or not, a simple hormone imbalance may be causing you to burn 300 fewer calories a day, leading to weight gain and difficulty with weight loss. She has dedicated much of her career to studying hormonal issues, and she’s here to share her wisdom with you!

Episode 78 | August 22, 2017

Breakthrough To Wellness & Abundance: Kathryn Ford

Today’s guest is Kathryn Ford, the CEO of Excellence Institute and an award-winning life coach, brilliant consultant, international speaker, and an Amazon #1 best-selling author. When faced with a challenging health diagnosis, Kathryn declared that she would be a medical miracle, thus laying the roots for what would eventually become her successful system. Listen to learn more about her simple and straightforward prescription to a radiant, abundant life.

Episode 77 | August 15, 2017

You are a Masterpiece: Liana Chaouli

Today’s guest is Liana Chaouli, who is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. Liana has spent two decades developing image therapy, a practice now taught worldwide, but she has been a stylist her whole life (as she’ll explain in this conversation). As Liana talks about style, she goes much deeper than simple clothing choices, emphasizing the importance of accepting your inner beauty, finding empowerment and confidence, and seeing yourself as the beautiful miracle you are.

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