Episode 298 | August 9, 2022

Animal Communication with Laura Stinchfield

A Personal Note From Orion

The bond shared with our pets and animals we connect with in life is truly something that’s beyond magical. It’s nice to know that you can actually communicate with them and get messages. Today, I’m talking with a pet psychic. YES, you heard me right. My guest is a pet psychic and one of the best. 

Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic®, is an internationally renowned pet psychic and people medium. For decades, she has studied animal behavior and training, animal communication, telepathy, mediumship, death and dying, the afterlife, reincarnation, personal growth, meditation, and consciousness. Laura is the voice of anyone who can speak for them for themselves. Her work is a source of knowledge and comfort to people and animals around the world. 

She is the author of two books and a meditation CD. Her books are Voices of the Animals: A collection of insightful articles and stories that will change the way you view and treat animals, and Stormy’s Words of Wisdom: An enlightened dog’s profound insights on life. The meditation CD is called Pet Communication, Loss, and the Afterlife: Meditations. It’s for connecting and communicating with animals before and after their death.

In this episode, Laura talks about her journey to finding the talent to communicate with animals and how she trusts her abilities. She also shares how this ability can make everything better. One awesome and interesting thing in this session is that Laura communicated with my lost wild duckling.

I’m sure you will enjoy this phenomenal conversation. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you will too. And now, without further ado, on with the show!



In This Episode

  • [01:01] – Orion is joined by a Pet Psychic, Laura Stinchfield, as they discuss animal communication from the depths of their hearts.
  • [04:05] – Laura shares her experiences when she started to uncover her unique ability of being a pet psychic.
  • [12:07] – How did Laura disprove her detractors?
  • [16:58] – Laura explains how she conveys her thoughts and how animals in general perceive humanity based on her experiences.
  • [21:03] – How do we prevent ourselves from emotionally hurting our animals when we are in a state of extreme distress? How can we seek comfort from them in the healthiest way possible?
  • [24:12] – Orion talks about her love of German Shepherds and how her animal communication skill manifested itself last year, prompting her to ask Laura for advice on how to improve it.
  • [32:18] – Laura communicates with Orion’s lost wild duckling.
  • [50:11] – Laura mentions her books, Voices of the Animals and Stormy’s Word of Wisdom, as well as other resources on her website.
  • [53:33] – What are Laura’s top three tips for living a Stellar Life?

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About Today’s Show

Hello, Laura. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. It’s an honor and a pleasure, and it’s so much fun having you here. 

It’s an honor to be here. Thanks for having me. 

Thank you so much. Before we dive in, share a bit about how you discovered what you do. What was the journey like? 

I have been talking to animals my whole life. I’m a pet psychic, and I’ve been talking to them my whole life. My earliest memory is when my parents were holding our Yorkshire terrier over my crib, and I could hear the little Yorkie saying, you’re so small, or she had that feeling that I was so small. That’s my earliest memory. 

At the same time, growing up, I also saw spirits. I saw ghosts all the time. My mom growing up, was really into fairies. She kept all of us kids open to the natural world, so I was lucky that way.  

I grew up on a horse farm where we had lots of animals. We had dogs, cats, horses, and bunnies, so I was with them all the time. It wasn’t until my early 20s that I realized I was doing anything different than anyone else. I just thought that everyone else could hear the animals. I thought everyone else could just know what they were thinking and feeling. 

It was a hard journey for me because, before the Internet, there was a lot of abuse in the animal world at that time.

It was a hard journey for me because, before the Internet, there was a lot of abuse in the animal world at that time. There was hitting dogs for peeing and pooping or smacking horses for not going over jumps. I couldn’t understand why people were using those methods instead of just communicating with the animal or setting that intention of what you wanted. At that time, that just came easy, but I was very, very shy. I couldn’t speak out about what was happening with the animals, so I quit riding in my teens because it got so hard for me. 

It wasn’t until I was in my 20s and I was learning dog training that I realized that not everyone else was doing what I was doing. One of my instructors pulled me aside and she asked me, “What are you doing with the animals? The dogs are coming along faster with you.” I was just in my dog training program and was like, “What? Really? You see that?” She’s like, “Yeah, what are you doing?”

I was really lucky at that time. Linda Tellington-Jones and her group of instructors, which is like a natural way to train animals. It’s also like bodywork and massage on animals. I was lucky to find that group of people because they were very forward-thinking. They were the most forward-thinking I had come across at that time for animals. 

Animal Talk by Penelope Smith

They looked at dog behavior, all animal behavior, and how animals communicate with their bodies. They weren’t talking about communication or telepathic communication with animals but definitely getting what you wanted clearly and being patient. It was the first time I was around people who were patient with animals, which was pretty extraordinary for me. 

After that, I was having problems with a cat. She was disappearing. I was backpacking a lot at that time, and she was disappearing. When I would come home from backpacking, she would just look at me, and then she would take off for days. It wasn’t like she just left for half an hour or 45 minutes. She’d be like you were gone, now I disappear. 

I was at a bookstore, and this woman told me, “you should read this book” because I was in the animal section. It was a book by Penelope Smith called Animal Talk, talking to your animals. The book explained how to have a mind-to-mind communication with animals, for example, communicating with your pet how to behave and setting for as many days as you’ll be gone, and then picture yourself away from home. So before my next trip, I actually did that. Her name is Juliet (my cat) and I actually did that with her. 

When I got home from the trip, she went into the house with me and then slept with me that night. She was kneading and pawing at me, and that’s a behavior she never did. She never even slept with me. That was when I realized I was really something to it. 

Then I looked for animal communicators and that was really before the Internet was big. I don’t even know how I found this woman out of California. Then I started to study with Carol Gurney, who’s in North Carolina now.

When did you realize that there is a certain form of communication you can do with animals? 

I believe in the beginning. I just had that sense of what they were thinking and feeling. I just knew. I don’t know if it was hearing. I just knew. If my dog had a stomach ache, I just knew he had a stomach ache. 

When I went to study with Carol Gurney, she got everything in pictures, so with animal communication—I believe in any psychic skill—there are different ways to get it. You can get it like a sense of knowing, or you could get flashes of pictures or a video going by. You could hear a little voice in your head or feel it in your body. If somebody has pain, you could feel that pain in your body.  

Those (I feel) are the main ways to receive it, and Carol receives it in pictures. I tried my hardest to see it in pictures, but I wasn’t, and I just started writing. I was a big writer at the time. I have always journaled my whole life in doing the program. I just started writing what the other animals were saying. Carol was like, “look, you’re getting it in words.” I still do that today with all my clients. When I do it on the phone, I’m typing the whole time, so I’m typing what the animal says. 

Consciousness is learning to realize how you receive information.

I think I was always getting in words, but I wasn’t conscious of it. I think that’s consciousness, just learning to realize how you receive information. Not everyone is aware of that. You just all of a sudden get anxiety, but you don’t know why. Or you might get a flash or a picture, but you might just let it go and not even pay attention to it. Or you might have a sense of a feeling and not even pay attention to it. Or be like, that gives me anxiety and be too stuck in your anxiety to say, “why do I have anxiety?” It could be the person next to you or the animal across the room.

That was a big thing for me. Once I started getting into animal communication, I started focusing on my thoughts and feelings. I was always a meditator. I learned how to meditate in high school or 9th grade, at 14 or 15. I always meditated but focused on what was going on in my mind; that sort of came later. 

We had a session together prior. I witnessed that you actually speak like every animal has a different personality. 

Do you notice that? 

Yes, of course. 

That’s interesting. I don’t always know that I do that, that I change my tone of voice. 

You do. You totally change your tone. It was like a different personality comes up that matches the animal’s personality. 

I love that. 

Our spirit animal sometimes knows more about what's good for us than we do. They can sense our energy instantly whenever we do or think of something. Click To Tweet

Did you ever have naysayers or people that doubted you? 

All the time. 

Do you prove them wrong?

That’s a good question. I always knew that talking to animals was a totally cool but different thing. If people didn’t believe it, it didn’t bother me so much because it’s not just that you’re talking telepathically but also to animals, so I kind of got it. 

It depends on the person, really. Some people can be really mean, and that was hard for me in the very beginning. If I put a video out, or if I wrote a blog, or wrote a newspaper article. I had this one guy; this is kind of an interesting story. When I was writing a newspaper article for the Ohio Valley Times in California, I had this guy that hated me. He was like my worst enemy. He wrote the nastiest things about me. He said really nasty things about me around town. It was a small town, and he always wrote editorials about me and my articles. I hated it every time he highlighted an article in the paper about me. 

One day I got this phone call from him, and he left me this message. He’s like, “I just want to say that you’ve taught me so much, and I’m so sorry that I’ve been so mean to you over the years. I just want you to know that you’ve really opened up my world to what’s out there. I’m just sorry I’ve been so hard on you.” The crazy thing about that was he died two weeks later. I think there was something that was making him just clean stuff up.

Your pets love you, but they are more complex than you think they are.

I’ve seen that with other people before they die, not necessarily conscious that they’re going to die. They clean things up, or the veil gets thinner to the other side and becomes more open. But he taught me that you meet people where they’re at. He was just kind of a mean man but turned into a nicer man. All these people are really nasty. Maybe one day they’ll be really nice. Who knows? 

How do you deal with it emotionally and like, without it making you doubt yourself or feel like you have to hide? 

That comes with the skill. When you’re learning to be a psychic or you’re learning your mind, some people say, I don’t like those psychics that ask questions. I don’t believe in that. I think it’s important that psychics ask questions because you have to figure out what’s coming from you and what’s coming from them. It’s like a dance back and forth sometimes to figure out what exactly an animal or spirit is trying to say, your intuition, an angel, whatever you want to concentrate on at that moment. 

You have to go back and forth with people. The more I do that, the more I’ve learned. I know when I’m right on. I know when I could be like, maybe there’s this missing thing that we just haven’t figured out yet, and the person needs to think about it more, and it will make sense to them.

Psychics are not all-knowing. Some people think we’re supposed to be all-knowing, but that’s impossible.

The main thing is psychics are not all-knowing and people put that on us all the time. They think we’re supposed to be all-knowing, but that’s impossible. The more I know my own skill and when I’m right, if someone says to me, no, you’re off, that’s wrong, I say, maybe it will make sense later, because I know I’m right. I do think that just comes in time. 

Also, when it comes to, like, an email, now and then, I’ll get a crazy person emailing me, or it comes in like a YouTube comment; I delete them. I don’t even spend time reading them because if you feel okay to spout negativity out on something, that’s not a conversation. To me, that’s someone rageful screaming at me. You don’t need to listen to that, so I just delete it.

Yeah, that’s a good thing to do. How do you communicate your thoughts? 

What do you mean by my own thoughts? 

Does it ever come from you rather than from the channeling? 

Definitely, that’s why I personally like to know who I’m talking to. That’s why I asked for a picture. The eyes are like my phone number, so I’m going right to that spirit or that being. I don’t like just opening it up to see whoever comes, not to say that someone’s grandma won’t come in during a session or something like that, that happens all the time, but I don’t like it. I think that’s kind of scary. There are a lot of spirits out there that are very tricky. They’ll pretend to be someone else, and it’s really hard to know the difference. 

I know from my own experience with that—just even telepathy with people across space. I pretty much played around with it all just in my growing up and being a teenager, being in my 20s and 30s, I got all sorts of crazy things. It is really difficult. That’s why I also say that I know many gurus are like spiritual teachers out there that talk telepathy to their students and their followers. I think that’s bad business. 

I think that’s bad integrity because that makes the students believe that that guru could talk to them, and that person wants that to happen. That allows another spirit to come in and trick them and pretend to be a guru or a spiritual teacher. I’ve seen that a lot. I’ve seen that a lot with people who are following someone 

A healthy mind and spirit animal sometimes know more about what’s good for us than we do. They see how we sort of light up when we do or think of something.

I can open a whole set of questions on that, but I won’t. So before we go into maybe how to improve our psychic abilities and what everyone who’s listening to and has a pet can do with them, I want to ask you, from your experience with pets in general, what do they think about humans? How do they perceive humanity? 

Well, you know pets have thoughts like they do love us, but they’re way more complex than we actually think they are. They almost know more. If they have a stable animal, a real sort of healthy animal, healthy in mind and spirit, they sometimes know more about what’s good for us than we do. They see how we sort of light up when we do something or think of something, and then when we’re not doing that, they don’t understand why we’re not. 

For instance, let’s say a woman loves to paint, and the animals see that they light up when they paint. But then the woman stopped painting, and she’s depressed, and the animals are like, why aren’t you painting? I think that to them is such a matter of fact. Just go to joy. Move to joy. For us humans, it’s almost harder for us to move towards joy, if that makes sense.

They are complicated, but we are more complicated.

It’s hard. We humans also mess up these animals, and that’s really sad.

A lot of people get a pet. I’m thinking if you have a pet, a lot of the time we come home, and we’re sad, depressed, or angry, and they just absorb it, and it can affect them. 

They totally can. 

What are your thoughts on that? Or when to get comfort from the animal and when to put some boundaries to avoid hurting the animal? 

If people are in a state of extreme distress for a long period, I tell them to tell their animals this is not yours; you don’t need to take this on. The animal needs to go out and do fun things. It’s not okay if you have a dog just to be depressed in the house and not go out and walk the dog. You can’t expect the animal to be there for you if you’re not going to go and give it joy or fun in return. 

If you want to cry to your dogs or your cat, most of them are fine with it. I have a lot of animals; you’ll see some of them are attracted to it, others go away. They’re like, I can’t handle you, or they’ll come and want to be there. Some of them want to be there for you. Some of them, it’s just in their nature to kind of help you.

It is very important to be very clear with them. This is mine; it’s not yours. You don’t take it. Then make sure you go out, and you’re in the present moment with them, throw the ball, brush a cat, play with a cat, or do something where you’re in a present moment where they can have fun. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time during the day, but each day, that’s very important. I think if you do that each day, it’s good for you, and it’s good for the pet. 

I think it’s true for little kids too, because I had a session with a coach who is also a psychic, and we had my son that likes my stuff or other stuff that is not his. I want to get on because I feel like kids are so open, just like animals, and they really absorb that. It’s good on a spiritual level to tell them, so please don’t take it, we’re fine, we’re adults. We’ll handle our stuff. 

If you’re feeling stressed, feel your heart. Breathe into the heart; it clears it out and washes it away.

I always say, too, to go back to the heart. If you’re feeling stressed, feel your heart. If you can’t keep training yourself to go back to the heart, then there’s so much power in that; that will help the kids too. If you can say, go back to your breath and breathe into the heart; it clears it out and washes it away. 

How many animals do you have? What animals do you have?

I have five dogs, a cat, a macaw, and a horse. 

That’s so cool. Can you speak to all of them? 

Yeah, of course. 

Can you convince the pets to do what you want? 

In many ways, you can. It’s so cool. Sometimes I’ll talk to an animal, and they’ll just like, peeing outside the litter box or pooping outside the litter box is a big one. Sometimes I just tell them not to fight with each other, and they just stop. Other times it needs more work. For example, my German shepherd who chases deer, I don’t know if I will ever convince him that that’s not a good thing to do. It’s way too much fun.

I really love German shepherds. The neighbor had a German shepherd, and she had a little puppy. I loved that dog so much. I really love that dog. I feel like my animal communication skills are showing up to me, especially last year. I started to notice where I can hear things or see things or talk to the animals, and all of a sudden they do stuff. 

They’re showing you that they hear you? They’re giving you feedback that they hear you. 

Yeah, but it’s not with any animal and a lot just happened. But then like it has. Okay, maybe there is something to it. If I want to improve my skills with animal communication like when you have a cat and a dog and they want them to feel better, how do you do that? I know it’s a whole thing to study, but some basic things that can help on a daily basis. 

Animals have calming signals; they use body language to calm themselves.

The first thing is not always to expect to see something in the animal to convince you that they heard you. Like asking a cat to come here if you hear even the animals looking straight at you or me. Animals have calming signals where it’s a body language to calm themselves. 

In the animal world, it’s very unnatural to give long eye contact. Animals are constantly looking and looking away; not just that an animal can’t look lovingly into your eyes, but people are expecting their animal to be like staring at them when they’re talking to them and that’s not going to happen. You can kind of just let that go. 

To send it, the main thing is to picture everything you’re saying. If you can’t picture it—because some people have a hard time visualizing—just make sure your words are very clear here. For instance, let’s say you’re trying to tell a dog not to jump, you want to keep all fours on the ground, and stay away. 

If you say stay forward yeah, you’re picturing the all fours on the ground. If you say, don’t jump, you’re thinking about that energy of jumping. You’re feeling the energy of jumping, and you’re seeing that the animal is actually leaping. It’s much better to phrase it and to be just really clear on what you want. 

To get it back, really, it’s about training yourself. Like I was saying before, start knowing your own mind. Just start watching what you are thinking and feeling at any given moment. Just check in with yourself. 

You’re in the line at the grocery store, you’re walking out in nature, you’re cooking, or you’re talking to a friend, just start paying attention. What am I thinking? What am I feeling? And what am I seeing in my head?

You must be an empty vessel, see what happens and be still.

Start breaking that down. You’re going to start knowing, thinking and feeling, and you’re going to know much better when something else pops into your head. Now, sometimes it’s crazy clear. I’m seeing pictures. It’s loud or sometimes the sound is vague, almost like the volume is turned down really low. Sometimes, it’s not used to sending information. Right? And so I think, people are waiting. They’re like okay, they’re just there waiting. It’s time to even think about, oh my gosh, she’s talking to me and she’s expecting me to respond. What did she say again? It takes some time. People give up too soon. It’s so important to be kind even though it’s so difficult because your ego gets in the way, but you have to just go empty. You just have to go be an empty vessel and just see what happens, and be still. By nature, we are uncomfortable just being still. We are uncomfortable with not saying anything or not doing something. You just have to learn, okay, can I just learn to be still? That’s another thing you just have to practice—can I be still? 

I want to back up here for a second, it was a time when you asked me that question about how I deal with naysayers or people who don’t believe me, if I’m talking to a client who, at the beginning of the session, says something like you better tell me something that I know. I have to be proven. You better convince me that it’s you, or that it’s my animal, or if there’s somebody else in the room, that is not okay, or I don’t like this person, or somebody else. That energy towards me just naturally makes me want to close up.

I think any psychic trying to do the right thing, whether a beginner or a professional, wants people to know what we’re talking about. We want these ahas! to happen. But if you could have declared it and kind of thrown it at me, I can’t speak for other psychics, but I have this little voice in my head that’s like, “Oh, god, I hope this is a good session. I hope I can hear this well.” 

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That restricts me from being open because I’ve got this other voice that’s like, I hope I do a good job, pushing when I need to just relax. I’ve learned how to do it, but I still give people a good session and sometimes they’re really still blown away. I notice that when I have a client who’s like, I don’t have to talk to a psychic, or they’re like, let’s see, they’re not convinced either way, but they’re open, the session is always much better. It just is. It’s hard.  

For sure. In my case, I live on a lake and we get big accidents, one of them was a little tiny duckling. It was like two weeks old, really tiny, it fit in the palm of my hand, but then it disappeared. He was barred, with almost zero chance to survive. I kept observing him for a day-and-a-half.

It was almost like an obsession. I need this duckling to live. I want to keep him alive. We took him in, and he was in the house. It’s not easy to have a duck living in the house. It’s easy when they’re tiny, but then they grow bigger. Then finally, when he started to fly, I started releasing him in the backyard, but I would keep him inside at night. 

We had to go to a conference and leave him at our neighbor’s. The first night, I brought him there and then she couldn’t capture him and apparently, she just let him sleep for five nights outside. I saw that he was being okay with the other. The father and the mother tried to attack him, almost killing him. 

Train yourself to go back to the heart; there’s so much power in that.

When he grew a little bit, all of a sudden, it was a part of the pack. Very much low on the pack, but it was like a part of them. Then the father got jealous, and he tried to kick him out. I can’t feed Coco because Pepe’s here. It was stressful in the backyard.  

Then there was the fourth of July, and all the fireworks scared him. He was away for two days and was scared, but I felt he was okay. Then he came back, and I was like, oh, Coco. Then I gave him his dandelion that he liked so much and everything. Then my neighbor brought a dog, and he disappeared, and we haven’t seen him since. I’m willing to communicate with Coco and see what’s up with him. 

I don’t know if I can do lost animals, but let’s do it. Are you worried that he’s gone or the dog got him?

I don’t think the dog got him. I think he kind of found a different place. 

Have you seen his family? Didn’t he have a little island or something he used to go to? 

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We don’t know that he went to the island. He used to actually go on to the left side, not to the island in the middle of the lake. He would go somewhere else. It’s really funny, they are like airplanes waiting at the airport. They’re waiting every night. Here is his photo.

Do you see him there? Or no? 

No, he’s not here. 

He’s not with them. 

No, he came back.

Do you mind if I pull it up on my computer because I can’t relate. Do you mind?

Oh, okay. Sure. Where do you want me to send it?

No, I think I have. Okay, let me get him. What do you mean, you come back though, buddy? He says he’s on the other side. I’m still around, but on the other side. Do you know where that would be, the other side? 

Stormy’s Words of Wisdom by Laura Stinchfield

I think it’s somewhere on the other side of the lake. 

Do you mean the other side of the lake, or do you mean on the other side of that little island or the land? He says I want to come back, but I’m scared because I can’t run fast and take off quickly. Did the dog chase him? 

Yeah, the dog did. I saw that. 

I think he got his little feathers, like the tail feathers. 

Oh, maybe. It’s a big chocolate lab and all of a sudden you know all the ducks and we had so many people that time. 

That’s what chocolate labs are bred to do, go after ducks like duck hunting. 

But it’s good to know. 

What do I tell him? Do I tell him it’s safe for him to come back? I just want to make sure. 

Yeah, because the chocolate lab is going to be gone. I think it’s going back home with the family. 

The family just had him for a little while? 

They’re not going to be here for two weeks, but he can come back.

Coco, honey, next week, maybe around seven nights, the dog is going to be gone. The dog is going to go, but your mom and dad, your family, are going to be going on vacation for 14 nights, right? 


For 10 nights, your family will be gone, and then you can come back because they want to see you. I think you could swim and fly away from that lab. I think you could just avoid that lab and just be more alert to where he is now. 

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You could come back and hang out and be smart. I’m going to come back, but not yet. Okay, nice. Come back in 10 or 11 nights. They would love to see you when they’re on their way home. They’ll talk to you when they’re coming back, alright? Because they miss you. 

It’s not as fun where you are. How come? Because it’s lonely. I think he has other ducks, though. There are other ducks, though. Did you get other ducks? Three others? Does that mean that you have a mate? Because he didn’t have a mate before, right? 

It didn’t. 

He says my friend is with me. 

In a month or two, maybe Julie is with him

Is Julie with you, honey? Okay, well, at least you got Julie. He’s like no danger in two weeks.

Yeah, I saw the lab chasing him and then never came back. I had sensed that he’s still out there because last time we had to stay down. There was a stray cat that has been here  for five days, and then on a Thursday night, I’m thinking to myself I don’t know what’s going on. Then I hear a voice that says “I am dying” and then I see an image of a cat that was run over by a car. I see the car at 2 AM. I’m like I don’t want to see those things. This is scary. What are those thoughts? My God, cancel, cancel. 

Then on a Saturday morning, we just go on a walk in the neighborhood and my husband wants to turn left. I’m like no, let’s turn right. Feral cats were there where I saw the vision that I saw. We saw a feather and Stephan was like, “oh, somebody communicating, maybe it’s your grandma.” I was like “no, it’s not my grandma.”

We kept going home, then Stephan turned around, and he saw what I saw in my vision and showed me that. I was pretty sad, like, wow. I’ve never seen such a clear vision or heard that. When I was processing that, it was his way to say thank you that he communicated that. 

You can’t expect the animal to be there for you if you’re not going to go and give it joy or fun in return.

He wanted you to know what happened to him.

Yeah. With Coco, I didn’t feel like that came up. Nothing like that came up. 

Yeah, that’s good. 

So good to know. Can I ask you another question? 


Is he afraid of Pepe? 

Are you afraid of your dad? What’s the story with that? Honey, what’s going on with your dad? He can be a bully, but you can kick? You can kick. If he gets on top of you, kick him. It’s not very nice that he gets on top of you. What does he say? He says that you’re different. 

Is it because you grew up with people? He said you think differently. He says you’re always thinking. Oh, well, what’s wrong with that? He says I’m intellectual. I think he means that you guys have been talking to him since he was little. He thinks differently.

You want to say something? What do you want to say? Do you have advice? Okay, give us your advice. That’s good advice. Don’t ever be afraid to talk to animals. 

That’s good advice. Thank you. 

Because it would be sad for them not to have that experience, you’re a better duck because of it. I’m always getting talked to. Dad says I think differently, but I think it’s cool. He’s talking because you’ve always spoken to him. It just goes to show that he understood you. Everything that you’ve ever said to him he understood. That’s really neat, I think. 

Yeah, but I also think because now I’m closer to him or afraid that because my smell is going to be on him or something. 

If you smell like humans, they won’t cuddle with you. They won’t play with me if I smell like humans. But you love her? She loves my waddle. Who wouldn’t? He’s so cute. Do you want to say something else? What else do you want to say? You’re talkative today. You’re glad you weren’t forgotten. Of course, you weren’t forgotten. You’re part of the family. It gets a little crazy there. Why? There are a lot of motors. Are there boats on the water? 

No, we have construction, and sometimes somebody is mowing the lawn, but they started construction nearby. 

It's very important to be clear with your pets. You need to tell them that your negative feelings are yours alone, and that they don't need to take it. Click To Tweet

Is it the lawn mowers, honey? What kind of mowers? Or is the construction that you hear? And at that time with those fireworks. Honey, that’s going to happen every single year, all right? That’s not good for birds. Well, you should be already going to sleep. It hurts our ears. I know, but you shouldn’t be flying at that time of night anyway. 

Do you do that? Put mud in your ear? What do you mean by that? Do you do it? What do you mean? I roll in mud. Wow, that’s pretty. Do all the ducks do that, or just you? Me and Julia. Well, that’s pretty smart.

That’s so funny. Can you tell them not to go near the geese because they’re stronger than him and they can hurt him? 

The Egyptian geese are probably way worse than Pepe. You’ve got to know that, right? Right, bud? Do you know that about geese? Geese are really tough. They’re not tough, they’re nice. I wonder if it’s because he’s showing confidence or if he’s new. Well, did you work that out?

Tell him that we love him, we miss them, and hopefully we’ll see him in two weeks. 

Did you hear that? They’ll see you. 

The dog will be gone. 

Is it just like an Airbnb or something? Or is it like summer?

No, my neighbor’s family came to visit and they brought the dog with them and they’re leaving. 

I got you. Oh, my gosh. They should keep the dog in a kennel.

This was amazing. It was so cool. I really, really appreciate you, Laura. Thank you so much for doing that and sharing this. 

Our mind has a little answering machine. If you don’t get it then, you’ll get it later.

Oh, my God. Of course. I appreciate you so much. I want to say one more thing. When we were talking about receiving it back, sometimes your mind has a little answering machine. If you don’t get it then, you’ll get it later. It’s almost like you try too hard, but your mind holds it. Then when you’re washing dishes, you’re going to bed, or you’re just resting, it will pop back into your head. I kind of watch for that, too. It doesn’t always have to be real-time when you hear it from them. 

Perfect. It was so fun. What about your book? Can you share a bit about your book and what people can learn from that? 

I would love to share about my books. I have two books. One is Voices of the Animals, and it’s a collection. 

That’s what I have. I didn’t know you had two. 

I think you can get both of them. You should. It’s articles and stories, and it’s a bunch of stories about meeting the animals and some of the animals. Then there’s also behavioral advice in it. It’s just like all books. It has a lot of lessons too about how to talk to animals. You can get that wherever books are sold and can order it anywhere. It’s on Amazon. 

Voices of the Animals by Laura Stinchfield

Then the other one is Stormy’s Words of Wisdom, which is a quote book from my late dog Stormy. He was really wise. I used to have a radio show, and he always did the last segment on the radio show. I just opened it to a page that says slow down and ask your animal what they want to tell you; they will tell you. Pay attention to the way they act. It’s kind of a good one for our conversation.

Then I have a meditation CD called Pet Communication, Loss, and the Afterlife. I created it for people going through their animal’s death and dying process. It helps you to connect with them before they pass away and also after they pass away. 

It’s a meditation CD, but you don’t have to meditate to listen to it. Even when my rabbit was sick, I put it on, and it helped me a lot just hearing it in the background while I was doing things around the house. You can get that on my website, which is The Pet Psychic

Have you ever done a documentary about yourself? 

No, I haven’t. 

What are you waiting for? I think a lot of people will see it. 

Maybe one day. I’m putting together an animal communication course that’s going to launch at the end of summer. It’s an online course. 

Wonderful. The website is? 


Do you still have sessions with people one on one? 

I do, yes, and you can book them on the website. They’re half-hour sessions.

Do people have to book a while ahead of time?  

Book a few months in advance. 

You need to book a session; I highly recommend it from my experience. If you resonate with something you saw or heard here today, then maybe it will be good for you to get help with communication or even with the spirit of animals that pass. It brings a lot of peace, and we’ve done both. Go to thepetpsychic.com and communicate with Laura. It’s going to be amazing for you. I highly recommend it. Is there anything you want to share before we say goodbye for now? 

Oh, just thank you. It’s so nice to just talk to like-minded people and to get to know you better. Thank you for having me. 

I really, really appreciate you. I wanted to ask another one. Just off the top of your head, whatever comes to mind, what are your three tips for living a stellar life?

To live a stellar life? Every morning, wake up with passion and think about what you want to create for the day. Always look for joy wherever you are; if you don’t see joy, create it. And talk to the animals, of course. Center your heart .

Yeah, that’s the next thing I want. Thank you so much, Laura. Listeners, remember to center your heart. Wake up every day with passion and creativity. And, talk to your animals. This is Orion, until next time.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Learn how to communicate with your pet. Having a clear and honest communication channel open is important. Be your pet’s best friend by connecting with them in the heart, mind, and spirit.

{✓}Be careful in choosing the right trainer for your pet. Find a trainer who uses positive reinforcement, force-free, or humane training methods.

{✓}Always praise your pet. The positive acknowledgment you give to them will transform your relationship. It will also encourage them to continue to try to do the right thing.

{✓}Train and discipline your pet. Never used punishment to train. Instead, teach them boundaries so they understand what’s allowed and what’s not. 

{✓}Make time for engaging playtime with your pet. Playtime is essential in building and strengthening the bond between you and your pet. It allows you to establish a fun and positive relationship with them while providing them with a productive outlet for their energy.

{✓}Understand your pet’s body language. Their behavior may be a sign that something is wrong.

{✓}Check in on any intuitive hit you’re receiving and ask for confirmation. This will guide you to make more confident and accurate decisions in situations and circumstances that come your way.

{✓}Have pure thoughts. A malevolent or less than pure intention or thought can trick you into doing something you will regret later.

{✓}Check out Laura’s meditation CD, {✓}Pet Communication, Loss, and the Afterlife, and two books, Voices of the Animals and Stormy’s Words of Wisdom. This will help you learn how to talk to animals.

{✓}Visit Laura Stinchfield’s website to know more about her and work with her to connect with your pet.

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Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic® is an internationally renowned pet psychic and people medium. For decades she has studied animal behavior and training, animal communication, telepathy, mediumship, death and dying, the afterlife, reincarnation, personal growth, meditation, and consciousness. Laura is the voice for anyone who cannot speak for themselves. Her work is a source of knowledge and comfort to people and animals around the world. She is the author of two books and a meditation CD. Her books are Voices of the Animals: A collection of insightful articles and stories that will change the way you view and treat animals and Stormy’s Words of Wisdom: An enlightened dogs profound insights on life. The meditation CD is called Pet Communication, Loss, and the Afterlife: Meditations for connecting and communicating with your animal before and after their death. You can find more about Laura on her website is ThePetPsychic.com

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