Episode 306 | February 21, 2023

Messages From Your Spirit Guides with Mark Nelson

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to this week’s episode. I am honored to have a very special guest, Mark Nelson. Mark is a psychic medium who considers his psychic abilities to be his greatest gift. He is someone I’ve known for years, and I can personally vouch for his amazing talent. He has provided me with phenomenal readings, and I am excited for him to share his expertise. 

Mark’s journey began at a young age when he had the profound experience of seeing his deceased father, which made him realize his abilities as a medium. Since then, Mark has honed his craft and become one of the most sought-after psychic mediums, with appearances on 20/20, the GAIA Network, and the Coast to Coast radio show. He even earned the Most Gifted title in a psychic competition for FOX TV.

If you are curious about the spiritual realm, have questions about psychic abilities, or simply want to hear some fascinating insights, then this episode is a must-listen! Join me as we journey into the world of psychic mediumship with a true master of the craft.



In This Episode

  • [02:20] – Mark Nelson reveals a tragic event in his life that arose his psychic abilities.
  • [07:35] – What was Mark’s realization from reading people and hearing messages? 
  • [11:11] – Mark encourages people to act on the information they receive rather than ignoring it. What is his other advice for those who want to develop their psychic abilities? 
  • [15:03] – Some people become so fascinated with the concept of past lives that they forget to live in the present. How should you respond when you find out about your past lives? 
  • [17:47] – Mark discusses psychometry and the difference between oppression and possession.
  • [29:37] – How can you protect yourself from bad spirits?
  • [30:59] – Orion shares her experience when she visited the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.
  • [35:35] – Mark describes what he experienced when he visited the home of two former drug addicts.
  • [39:29] – How did Mark get selected as a psychic for a show on Fox TV?
  • [48:33] – What should you do when receiving a message and when you want to develop your psychic abilities?
  • [51:29] – Mark’s three top stellar life tips.

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About Today’s Show

Hello, Mark. Welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. I’m so happy we’re talking today.

I’m honored to be here. This is going to be fun. I always enjoy hanging out and talking with you.

Yeah, me too. I’ve known you for years now. I got advice from you for a while now. The things that you know are always impressive. Your guidance, it’s powerful and beautiful. But before we dive into all that, can you share with me your origin story? And how did you discover your psychic abilities?

My psychic abilities are one of the greatest gifts I’ve had, which stemmed from the worst moment in my life.

My psychic abilities are one of the greatest gifts I’ve had in my life. It stemmed from the worst moment in my life. When I was 11 years old, my father was killed on hold-up, and we never really knew the details. He went to work one day, didn’t come home, and the police told us he was deceased. 

I’m out in my front yard about a month after the funeral. We still live in New Jersey. I was raking leaves, looking up, and seeing my father. I thought, “Okay, I’m losing my mind. This doesn’t compute. I don’t know why he’s here. Everyone said he was dead.”

He looked alive, and then he just said, “I’m okay.” I don’t know if he said it or if I heard it from him, but I saw him smile, look at me, and then he disappeared. That freaked me out because I didn’t have any spiritual context.

As a kid, we were raised with a very straightforward religious Catholic background, do what you’re told, stand over here, do this—it was very scripted. This was definitely off the script. Flash forward a couple of days, like two days later, I’m at school, and I see him again. All I could say was, “I don’t know what to do with you. I don’t know what to do with this. Please go away,” and then he did for approximately 25 years.

While I’m taking a walk one night after work, I worked in advertising. I worked as a writer. I just wanted to clear my head one night. My wife, Barbara, and I just bought a home, we have a little girl, and for some reason, I started to think about my dad. I said, “I wish you could see how it turned out for me. I wish you could see that we’re okay.” And I kept hearing, “I have, I am.” So I thought, “all right, am I developing schizophrenia on the fly here or what?”

If you are my dad, tell me something I don’t know because otherwise, I’m just having a happy conversation about nothing particular but this voice in my head. He told me things about my brother and things he and my mother would normally know, which turned out to be accurate. I had to bring this stuff up to my mom and say, “you know, I had a dream and saw this.” She said, “That’s so funny because what you said here is true.” 

Become open and unafraid to receive spiritual messages.

I started paying more attention to the voices I began hearing. One day I thought, “I got to see if this is just family or me.” So I went to a psychic bookstore and walked in about as flat-footed and unprepared as I could be. I said, “I think I’m psychic. Can I try reading somebody?” I figured this was one place they would be, “okay, sure.”

Sure enough, the owner said, “well, if you want to try to read me, you can.” I did. I saw that she had a son who was recently in a fight with some other kids in school, some other gang. They beat him up, and the boy was convalescing at home with this store owner’s father.

That was all true. They said, “do you want to come in, sit down, and start reading for us?” I did, and then I started reading for another place. Then I realized I didn’t need to physically have the person sitting in front of me read them, so I started to do readings on the phone. It went from saying, “Okay, I can do readings in a group,” into going in front of a large group. Then I realized I could read for groups over the phone and that the only barriers that exist to working with and developing your ability are the ones in your head.

People even asked to go into a home with a history of murders that had taken place. They wanted to know what I picked up there. I told them, and it checked out. I heard things that aligned with the story’s facts as they knew it. A little quick, crazy journey so far.

Very crazy. The whole time you’re telling that story, especially the part about your dad, I’m getting waves of goosebumps. What does that mean?

Sometimes we get goosebumps when we feel something feels true, right, and unexpected.

I think that there’s something relevant that may have happened for you of a similar sort. Sometimes we get goosebumps when we feel something feels true, right, and unexpected. You can get goosebumps from all kinds of different things. If you do, I would say pay attention because I’ve got those walking into an unfamiliar environment, and I get the proverbial goosebumps, or we’ll call them the willies.

I just feel it and think, “okay, something is happening here, and I need to pay attention.” Maybe this reminds you of something you’ve had in the past or something like that.

All right, cool. As you were reading to people, what was the thing that most surprised you?

I found that no matter how rich, poor, successful, or tragic, we share many of the same beliefs and needs. Wealthy people, rich people, ask, “does she love me? Am I making a mistake? Is this okay? Is my mother going to be fine?” We are all joined by the same fears, worries, and concerns.

It allows me to see people in a very similar way. It doesn’t matter who you appear to be. Your fears are probably not that different from someone else’s. It’s unifying. It brings us together. I hope it makes more people recognize to have more empathy for other people. I like to think that that’s part of what happens when I do this work.

Right. Do you feel this work is more accepted today than how many years ago you started?

Yes. When I started, I didn’t know any other men doing this except maybe one person on TV. I didn’t know about a lot of books. I didn’t take classes to learn about how to develop my ability.

There’s a very well-known psychic medium, John Edward and John Holland; I respect them. Then I had the chance to meet a very famous psychic medium in the Los Angeles area. He’s Kenny Kingston, who was the psychic medium for Marilyn Monroe.

No matter how rich, poor, successful, or tragic, we share many of the same beliefs and needs.

What’s interesting about Kenny is that he showed me this one practice I use, which I think is effective; it’s called psychometry. The idea is that if you hold an object that belongs to someone, you can hear something about them. It’s almost like a tuning fork or a guide. It allows you to tune in to hear, “okay, this is what’s happening here to this person.”

Kenny did it for me and showed me how it was done. It was pretty amazing. That was a great experience. But by and large, I was in one development circle for a little while. So if you are learning about your ability, search for development circles. These groups want to improve their psychic ability and may or may not have access to a class of well-known psychic mediums in their area or whatnot.

You’ll find that they are in many different places. I would also encourage you to use your psychic ability, like calling your spidey sense and intuition, as you approach these groups to see how interacting with them feels. How does this seem to correspond or work with my feelings? Does this feel like a positive experience? And then I would pay attention to all those things as you go out and search for them.

Do you have to be very discerning with the people you hang out with? Just having a common interest is not enough. You have to resonate with the group. You have to look for high vibrational cues.

Yes, very much so because a couple of egos may dominate the whole place. They may make it hard for you to explore what you’re hearing. The idea is to find a group you can go out there and stick your neck out. Whether you feel like, “I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just giving you what I hear, that may be far more of a target than anyone else is even aware.”

The other thing to remember when you’re doing this work is that someone you know and love will listen and say, “that doesn’t make sense,” but I would caution and say it may be more about timing than intuition. When you read for them, it may not make sense at this given moment. On the other hand, it may make all the sense for a few months afterward.

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That’s the thing too. I don’t get too hung up. If I see someone going, “oh, I don’t know what you mean,” it’s like, “that’s okay. I have to stick with what I’m hearing. I’m not here to tell you everything you want to hear. I’m here to tell you what I’m getting for you. Otherwise, I’m just not providing any value.

If you hear something bad, do you share it or keep it away? Because sometimes, when there is a bad prediction, somebody can get sick just by the power of the subconscious mind. Do you restrict that?

No, I tried to make it useful. If you hear or feel like someone is having a problem with a certain type of cancer, you don’t just want to scare them; you want them to maybe use the information and act on it. So, for example, I hear something, and I’ll say, “all right, I feel like this isn’t you. Have you had any issues with the colon or lower intestine? I feel like there’s an inflammation here. Please go to a doctor and have that checked.”

I want people to know where to look for a health issue per se. There’s one lady where it’s a throwaway line for her when I said, “By the way, keep an eye on it and watch where you walk. If you feel like you’re going to injure your ankle, pay attention to your ankle.” Nothing happened. She didn’t get back to me for a year.

I want people to know where to look for a health issue per se.

A year on the anniversary of our reading, she slipped on her porch, badly mangled her ankle, and had a bad sprain. She realized, “I thought I heard that from someone,” She then convinced me that I had an idea of what was important to her.”

It isn’t just health-intuitive things; it can be about relationships. If someone is in an on-and-off relationship, I’ll see everything from this guy who will keep coming back. I think it’s in your best interest not to let him back or to be very clear about the role, the game plan, and the boundaries. The idea is to give someone information that they can use. For example, past lives can be useful to talk about. But it’s more interesting how that past life affects this incarnation.

People can be so fascinated. I don’t know the word for it, but they’re so into that past life that they forgot to leave right here.


It’s only about the lessons. So you figure out that you had a past life; what will you do with this?

You know what happens, though, sometimes is that people who have had unfinished business in a past life seem to be caught up in the same thing and issue. It can present itself as a relationship’s dynamics, fear about certain things in their life, or a health issue.

I knew a woman, and I don’t love what she went through. She told me that she was having an—as I see, it was very passionate, although not a highly functional affair that you’re involved with. Then she said, “I just felt like I knew this guy right away, and he says he’s married.” So I sensed that he was married, and he called all the shots.

Past lives can be useful to talk about. But it’s more interesting how that past life affects this incarnation.

She went along for a while because she felt familiar and in line with him. We instantly connected, and we knew something was happening, and it hit me. I see manacles from slavery. I said, “You recognize him because he used to own you, and now he owns you again.”

That was like throwing a bucket of cold water on her. She said, “Oh my God, that resonates; that feels appropriate. I don’t want to be owned by anybody again. 

I said, “He simply owns you now. He tells you when to show up and what to do, and you do it. How healthy and productive is that for you? Does it make your life better?” Well, this is a great way to recognize that sometimes the past life issues that we don’t resolve do come back, and we have to address them in this life, and she did.

The last time I spoke to her, she broke it off. It was probably so much for the better because nobody wants to be in a relationship that reminds them of a lack of freedom, fear, or any of those attributes that can be associated with slavery.

Right. You talked about psychometry, where you were holding someone’s item. I know the Hollywood psychic, Tyler. He does that too, where he holds the items of the deceased, and then he can tell stuff about it. If one of our listeners or I want to try that, how do we do that? How do we do that without saying it’s so weird?

I would probably say if you try it out on your spouse, you’re not going to know if this is something you just know or if it’s something you’re getting. In truth, I find it easier to read for people. The worst person for me to read to is my wife. I have struggled to get past it. It’s coloring everything.

I make an effort on multiple occasions, even with friends I’ve read for, like you; forget what you know; listen to what’s new. That applies to psychometry. Let’s say there’s a friend or you just met someone, and you may have mentioned that I have some psychic ability.” They’ll ask, “really, how do you work?” I said, “well, just as an experiment, can I try holding your ring, your watch, or that pen you bring with you everywhere?”

The idea is to be able to hold something and then get some validations. Much of psychic work is learning to hear that voice in your head tuned in when it’s on target. It gives useful information. You want to embrace it, remember it, and see how it feels. The voice in your head may feel slightly different than your normal voice. It’s going to have a certain quality.

If you learn to identify that, it’s really helpful. Also, I love the immediacy of holding it. It almost gives you a way to say, “All right, I don’t care. This is what I’m hearing; I got to run with this; I’m just going to go with it; I don’t know where this is going.” So much of this work is about letting go of what you think you know and proceeding forward.

I’ll tell you a good couple of funny psychometry stories. I was doing a group event, and someone threw a doll on the table. I said, “I don’t want to see you bring up stuff, put it all on the table.” So I’ll look at it after everything there so that I don’t know, this guy had brought in this watch or that she brought this and that.

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There was this Cracker Jacks doll that looked like he was from 1920 or 1930, maybe six inches tall, a little guy, a little fabric thing. I picked it up. It was in front of a hundred people. I held this doll and heard the words, “I’m surrounded by love,” Six women in the audience started cracking up, and all looked at each other and laughed.

I said, “Who owns it?” This woman raised her hand, and I continued to do the reading. I said, “can you explain what it means to be surrounded by love?” She said, “yes. All my girlfriends and I took turns putting this doll into our cleavage and took photos.” So, if I’m this doll, and I’m in someone’s bosom, I’m thinking of love.

You get six girls that were all laughing and cracking up. It’s just I don’t know what the story is going to be. Sometimes you get a story, or sometimes you get a visual. At this point, I heard words. I felt like spirit would also mess with me. It’s kidding with me throwing this surmountable love thing out there. 

Sometimes it can be a little scary like I got this big, clunky looking like a biker ring. It looks like something that would leave a mark if you hit someone. It was a large-sized ring. I got this thing as I saw the guy, a man who owned this; the thickness of the ring finger was huge. But then I see, I’m supposed to tell you to be very careful about heart health.

I don’t mean to scare you, and I know this is a public place, but I’m getting this message that it feels like I should go and get a checkup. Get yourself checked out. Please see what this is about because I feel like your heart health is shaky. He looked like he could break a table apart with his bare hands. 

The only barriers to working with and developing your ability are the ones in your head.

A week later, he was in the ER hospital from heart problems. It just was unexpected. I guess the idea is don’t always trust what you see. Don’t try to second guess it, but it is a wonderful tool. Also, I’ve used psychometry when I go into a haunted house, a home with a history, where I’d put my hands on the walls and feel what has happened here.

Mark, aren’t you getting spooky? Stuff like bad spirits or spirits that can mess with you, what about that part of it? Deceased people, some of them are nasty. What about all that? Tell me. Share a little bit about that.

Sure. I have gone through oppression, not possession. Oppression is where my attitude changed. I’ll tell you what happened and then tell you how I should have done it. A TV production company with Barbara invited me to a home where a serial killer reportedly killed at least one woman. We found out that he probably killed six or seven there or more. We lost track of how many women were killed in this one home.

I saw the spirit; he was very clear. He was very obnoxious. Then Barb and I went home and proceeded to have the worst fight of our marriage. We’ve been married for 37 years. We figured out how to not want to strangle each other over little things, and the escalation went from I’m upset to we’re both yelling. It’s almost like this doesn’t feel like us. No, it doesn’t.

We realized we were just in a place where a guy had killed many women. We were in a very negative place, and it struck me. It’s like, “oh, my gosh. I was fairly new to all of this.”

I do now whenever I’m being brought into a somewhat questionable environment or a place with a history; I surround myself with white light. I try to be discerning and aware of the fact that there are spirits that are going to lie to you. They’re going to tell you, “oh, I’m just a little girl. I’m nobody harmful.” But they may be a killer, a spirit that has hurt many people. So they will try to deceive or fool you.

If you go into a place with spirit beings around, they’re actively rejecting the idea of moving to the light because they’re afraid of judgment.

It is you’re dealing with a conscious being. That’s the one thing I will tell everyone. If they get into anything of a paranormal nature, consciousness survives the body. This applies to whether you’re looking to connect with a person that lived a pure life, was holy, was sweet, was kind, or is a serial killer. Their consciousness can survive. Certain attributes, characteristics, and beliefs of theirs do not go away.

If you go into a place with spirit beings around, they’re actively rejecting the idea of moving to the white light or the light because they’re afraid of judgment. They’re afraid of being judged. They’re afraid of having to pay for the crimes that they’ve committed.

We’ve seen biker gangs. We went to a house that used to be populated by or there was this group, Satan’s Disciples, which was the name of this biker gang in Simi Valley. So I knew I was dealing with something demonic. We brought electronic meters, which will give you a reading of 1, 2, 3, 4, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4.

We also looked to try to debunk it. It’s like, “Okay, we’re getting a lot of electrical signals around here. Let’s make sure there isn’t something triggering this that can be explained. Is it faulty wiring? Is someone running an appliance that generates many EMF meter readings and electromagnetic field readings?”

By the way, since 5G, do you feel like your meters are crazier, or are they just as accurate?

I haven’t seen that directly. Although I have been in places that are “off the grid,” but probably within the realm of 5G coverage, and we still get readings. It was literally in a house that was not hooked up. It was just a wooden frame, a box, and we still got meter readings, so that may be the 5G.

Just in this house with Satan’s Disciples, it gets triggered by a little meter in the refrigerator. It was an old fridge, and suddenly, the numbers were moving on the meter. So I’m looking at it, and then the meter stops at 66.6. So I go, “oh, that’s who you are. Okay, got it.” That makes my hair stand up when I think about it.

I know, me too. But I’m getting those goosebumps again.

Whatever your religious faith, surround yourself with love and divine protection.

This thing’s like, this is who we are, better be careful. I’m not afraid of showing you who I am or what I feel I’m aligned with. 66.6, the numbers were flying by, stopped, then proceeded to go up and down, which was completely unnatural to most electrical equipment. It’d go up and down and vary a little bit. This one stopped, moved up and down, and gave me a good look at 66.6.

What you do in an environment like that, whatever your religious faith, just surround yourself with protection. I encourage people to see a white light of love and divine protection. Here’s the non-denominational way to protect yourself going into a place, but you must believe in it. So I use the words I surround myself with the white light of love and divine protection. I will allow only positive energy to influence me.

I will not allow the negativity of others to affect me in any way, but then you have to see myself in this white light. If you don’t believe in God, you will change your view of things when you see something that can scare you, frighten you, or change your mind. Just as there are negative entities, there are positive and loving ones too.

Yes. When I went to Egypt with Stephan, we went to the Valley of the Kings and visited some tombs. Because the economy was so bad there, a lot of money was needed to go in, but we could pay to go into the tomb of Nefertari. It was magical. You’re in the desert, and it looks like an Indiana Jones movie scene wherein the guy just opened this big safe door, and then he’s just keeping it open. It’s cool.

What did you feel when you were there? Did you feel positive? Negative?

When I was there, I felt the energy was so strong. There were some powerful things there. I know that in Egypt, they had some sorcerers. Stephan and I just wanted to soak it all in. I said, “Stephan, I’m feeling everything.” He’s like, “hey, be careful; you don’t know what lives here.”

I had to close myself off, so nothing not very positive came into my—what do you think about possessions? When people get possessed or a spirit connected, is that true? Does that happen?

That definitely can happen. I feel like it’s rare, but it really can and does happen. I’ve been around evil places where there is very tangible evil. Again, this house in Los Angeles was associated with a famous murderer. According to the murderer’s son, who, oddly enough, was a Los Angeles police homicide detective. We’re to talk about their fate. There’s something there where a homicide detective’s father is a murderer.

The idea is that it is evil, and you can feel it. So it’s important to protect yourself. Just be conscious that these beings want to possess and control you. They have very few pleasures in their existence. I don’t know if I call it a life, but it’s true.

The other thing I’ve heard about possession, and I’ve heard this from—I bumped into law enforcement. This guy was a detective for narcotics in the Bronx in New York which was a tough line of duty. What he found is that people who were doing a lot of drugs and not really in control of their minds, or their body, they were addicted, and they tended to have satanic or demonic connections. 

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Yes, they were drug addicts, but they were doing something that was really—it crossed the line from just being a sad, painful drug addiction to— Many people are brilliant when they become addicted. To me, it’s a waste, but they leave themselves open. It seems as though when you’re in a low ebb, when you’re not functioning well, when you’re depressed, or you’re addicted, you become an easier target for someone, a demonic spirit being.

I’ve heard this, and I believe it to be true because I’ve seen it in talking to this one policeman who ended up leaving the police force and becoming someone who’s an exorcist. He’s one of the few non-priest exorcists in the United States. So there’s him, and then I’ve seen drug addicts.

Have you seen and known somebody? Did you have a reading where you saw it on somebody? Were you able to help them?

I’ll be honest; I’ve not seen a fully demonic expression.

I’m not talking about the crazy horror movies that we see that are extreme because I know there are different levels. For example, dark energy can attach to someone and even create depression. Can you see that and help them release it?

I went to the home of two formerly homeless drug addicts who were getting their lives back together, but they were not living well. They were getting by and frantically holding on to what they had. They had a little girl, and the girl told them, “my doll was talking to me.” That is out of a horror movie.

We were called to go to this house. I brought holy water. I was raised Catholic. I keep holy water handy just because it is a way to let some spirit know that this is real. But, whatever your faith is, you can use holy oil or any number of things to bless a place or location.

Here’s my creepy little story about the doll. We’ve all heard about haunted dolls. So I look at this doll, and it’s big. I don’t like big dolls. It’s a little too creepy for me. But I said, “are there batteries in this doll?” So I do a reading, and I get electromagnetic waves, EMF, reading on this doll.

They said, “Oh, it has batteries in it.” I said, “Take the batteries out. Isolate the doll and ensure there isn’t anything else coming from somewhere else in the house. Do another test on it.” It’s as loud and as active as before, with no batteries. I know I took out the batteries, so there’s nothing inside this thing that should emit electromagnetic fields.

Regardless of your religious faith, those spirits will back off if you have faith that the light will protect you.

I bring out a bottle of holy water. I reached for it. In addition to getting this EMF sounding, we have a couple of other meters that become like three or four meters, all lighting and blinking. I pulled out the holy water, and it stopped. There seems to be a real fear that if you are coming from a place of faith, of belief in God, universal good, love, and strength. But, regardless of your religious faith, if you’re coming from a place of the light, you have faith that the light will protect you; those spirits should back off and shut up. They just don’t like it and don’t want to be around it.

People said, “did you just see that? All of these lights went off as soon as you showed them the holy water. They didn’t like the holy water.” That was pretty weird. Then we talked to this couple and tried to ensure that, if you’re having trouble with whether you’re staying clean or not, please do what you can to stay clean. There’s more than just what you see here regarding your physical health. There’s a spiritual side to staying clean.

That’s also, too, from an energetic point of view. Suppose you’re living a life where you’re trying to live at a high vibrational level. In that case, you’re conscious of how you eat, interact with other people, and the energy that you project, then it stands to reason that if you’re vibrating at a lower level where you’re addicted to drugs, you don’t allow yourself to have any peace, your physical health span, you’re going to attract more negativity.

Yeah, I can see that. Mark, can you share with people about your TV show, how you were selected out of 700 psychics, and what happened there?

I was just doing readings for people. I don’t know who’s who; I just read for some people, and then I got a call from someone saying we’re casting for a show. There will be a couple of 100 psychics we want to bring out. This is for Fox TV.

It was Marta Kauffman, the producer. She produced Friends. She’s a very prominent, lovely, nice lady, very kind, and she invited me into her home and life. She didn’t know me, so I ended up going through it.

I get there, and it’s the weirdest thing in the world being around a couple of 100 psychics. I’m usually in one or two, and we’re in a huge group. So it was just as weird as cattle call; you can imagine 200 psychics. You got your ones with turbans and those that look and behave a certain way. So we can be, as a group, rather eclectic.

Imagine 200 psychics of very different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of them look like me. I look like I could be a guy you meet at Home Depot. They started asking questions.

I was interviewed by production assistants, directors, and producers for multiple rounds. They started with a group of 200 of us and came down to 16, then I read for a couple of network people, and then I ended up with, like, “okay, you’re on the show.”

I knew I got it when they gave me a little picture of this. It was like a sepia-color image. It looked like it was from 1905. I just looked at the picture and said, “Is this Miriam?” Then they all just melted. I said, “oh, and this Miriam is connected to someone at this table.” The guy said, “yes.” I said, “she said she loved what you did with the backyard recently.” He’s like, “we just changed the landscape of it. Okay.”

It’s almost like, “all right, you got the job.” That was like, “Okay,” they truncated my interview. It was such a wonderful, positive, loving experience. All right, we’ll get back to you. Either I did badly or well, but I got to go with what I heard. It turns out I did the show.

I think it was just six of us that ended up on the show. They put us through all kinds of weird tests. They brought me to a house with history. I saw a woman living there, a mother, who, back to the drugs, was buying drugs and was murdered by one of the addicts that she was buying from. I said, “there’s a woman that got killed in this room, and I see her being stabbed to death.” They said, “Yeah, that happened. Okay.”

That’s not that it’s not much fun there. It’s pretty tough. I try to keep my energy level up. I try to be positive. You know me, Orion. I’m hardly the dark, somber McCobb kind of guy. I’d rather be joking because it’s just who I am, but they brought me into a room with six women. One said, “One of them is pregnant. Who do you get?” All the women were early in their pregnancies; you couldn’t tell.

People generally avoid relationships that evoke feelings of confinement, fear, or any other qualities that resemble those of slavery. Click To Tweet

Before walking into the room, I got this very strong visual of a soldier, like a World War Two cartoon and your typical World War Two uniform. I got this image of a guy in a uniform. I go into the room, and one of the women is wearing a Faux Sailor suit like navy blue with little epaulets, just indications of it. I went straight to the other one, and it was like, “I got to go with this. A guy in a uniform, you’re the only one in uniform,” that’s it.

I was the only one that picked her, and it turned out that she was the one who was pregnant. So with all of these unusual things, I would say for everyone’s listening; you will get messages you don’t know what to do with. So if it may sound crazy, write it down, honor it, and then check to see if it makes sense.

The show was a great example of being able to go, and I didn’t have to wait. They told me, “yup, you got the right one.” They told all of us afterward, “only Mark was the one that got her.” Ironically, we could all pick different women, and we were isolated. Nobody knew who was picking who.

Lastly, they brought me in to meet these three young people. This goes back seven or eight years, when they were in their mid to late 20s. I see the three of them, and then I get little movies in my head, black boots, people marching around, guns, and police activity. I was looking at them and realized, “oh, God. It’s almost like, oh, this is what it is.”

The three of you go to the same high school. So I thought at first, like, “oh, they’re military age; they were part of a military operation.” So it’s like, “we went to the same high school.” Then I heard someone whisper in my ear. I heard, “Columbine. Columbine High School, where the murders occurred in Columbine, Colorado.”

I realized, “okay, you were hiding by the library.” I was right below the library. You were wounded at the back of the school. I still get kind of goosebumpy about it, but I just heard it. They said, “yup.”. So I walked away and said, “who’s pregnant? Who’s got the baby coming?” Then one of the guys raised his hand.

I have to allow myself to be open and not be afraid of receiving messages. I advise everyone to keep themselves protected. You just don’t know what you’re going to get sometimes. It could be a baby, a killer; it could be anything.

In a state of depression or addiction, you become a vulnerable target for demonic entities.

That’s very exciting. Is your wife psychic as well?

She has the ability. She’s had her funny stories where that will bother her. Just like in life, certain people are more comfortable interacting with a certain person, man, or woman. She has the ability. It’s useful when the two of us go out together. It is. It’s like, “hey, what did you do last night?” I answered, “Oh, we went to a haunted house.”

Do you ever go and you’re like, “Okay, shut up, I don’t hear anything about anyone. I only have dinner. Can you turn it on for me?”

Most of the time, I can turn it off. We went to dinner in Monterey. I think it was Monterey or Carmel, somewhere in Northern California. I’m sitting in this restaurant.

I looked up, and I swear I saw someone hanging in the restaurant. I said, “all right, that’s creepy and grotesque.” I asked the waiter, “Was there someone that died in this place?” He answered, “yes.” I asked,” Did they hang themselves? Were they hung? Right over there, right?” He said, “yes .”I was just like, “oh, crap. All right, I believe you.”

And here’s your spaghetti.

Have a nice dinner. I had garlic bread. It’s fabulous. But I swear, it just went like, God, I’m getting this persistent visual of this person hanging there.

That’s a little harsh.

I can turn it off, though. I’m grateful I have to turn it off. I just can’t think like that all the time. So you can turn it off and then default back to, like, “oh, there it is again.” Okay, something creepy.

It is just like your iPhone.


You know what? You can turn off your iPhone, and there’s still a bit of a signal, even if it’s off.

That’s good to know so they can find you anywhere.

Yes. I guess it’s like that, in a way. I’ve heard ringing in my ear, but it’s not tinnitus. It started about two and a half, three weeks ago. It’s almost like I can hear the ringing on my forehead.

I feel like some kind of transmission is coming that I cannot translate. It’s been strong, and it’s been consistent. It only happens when I listen to it. I don’t think it’s something physical in me. I pretty much think it’s something that is not of this physical realm.

Don’t focus on everything if you’re having trouble meditating because you have all these thoughts. Focus on one thing.

Okay. You know what, I do believe that we can be visited by what I would call the spirits and also dimensionals. Dimensionals can be beings from another dimension. They can be considered aliens, people from other places.

I think that if you have sensitivity, they will come to you with messages. If you want to learn what is happening, try to find some quiet time. I know you’re a busy lady; you’ve got a lot going on. That’s wonderful. But if you can carve out a little quiet time, keep a pen handy, and then don’t edit what you get, you might get stuff that doesn’t make any sense. 

I guess pen to paper is the answer because I was quietly sitting with myself and getting nothing, but the humming or buzzing gets louder and softer, and it’s all over my forehead, and then it shrinks. It’s around the center of my brain. It’s very interesting.

You know what might be too is that I tell people, if you’re having trouble meditating because you have all these thoughts, don’t focus on everything. Focus on one thing. Maybe that one thing is useful to us.

It’s not the thoughts; it’s the vibration and the sounds.

Maybe that vibration and sound is the thing that is what would be useful for you to focus on. You may not get a verbal response, but you might get feelings. I believe I’ve seen it; I’ve experienced it, where what starts as a vague or not fully developed idea can transform, unfold, and become something more solid. You might be going; I don’t know why this is buzzing. I wish it would stop. It can be the most obscure, silly thing.

It almost reminds me of a washing machine. All right, what about a washing machine? What about it? Why do I think about the buzz that leads to a washing machine? I used to watch my mom during the wash, and then you realized, “oh, this is asking me to think about mom, or this is asking me to tune out.” Whatever it is, allow it to evolve as you focus on this.

Mark, this was incredible. I can sit and talk with you for hours. I didn’t get into a third of my questions. You have so much knowledge, and you’re very interesting. I appreciate you as a professional psychic and especially as a friend. Before we say goodbye, what are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Give yourself a seven-minute vacation. That means try working up to seven minutes a day without thinking about your work, the kids, your responsibilities, and the job you have to do. Try seven minutes, where you create a little quiet space. In that space, get something useful.

The second thing is not to doubt what you receive. Sometimes these crazy ideas and thoughts that come into your head may not make sense initially. Honor them and write them down.

You have to always protect yourself.

The third thing is that if someone comes to you with a wild idea, be open. Just listen. You have to always protect yourself. I would say, if they’re trying to work on their ability, be kind and be friendly. Be aware of how your vibrational level can affect them.

I think that those people when you find someone that you sync up with, they’re great to be around. Try those that match. Keep your vibration high, seven-minute vacation, and don’t doubt the messages you receive.

Yes, I love that. Mark Christopher Nelson, I just learned that your middle name is Christopher. I like it. It’s a great thing. Where can people find you?

My website is marknelsonmedium.com or markthemedium.com. I’m going to be actually on Instagram. If you want to find me there, we’re doing a life where we will talk about how you will develop your psychic ability. I’m with Scott Werner, who’s a wonderful medical intuitive. Also too, if you would like a personal consultation

Which I highly recommend.

Mention Stellar Life to me, and I will give you a $25 discount.

That’s nice of you. But it’s worth it to listen to the Stellar Life podcast.

Yeah, you just saved $25, and you might learn something.

You might learn something. You will learn something for sure. It will be an awesome experience. All my readings with you are phenomenal. Mark, thank you, darling. I appreciate you. Thank you for your time, knowledge, and funny stories. Big hug. Thank you, listeners.

Remember to give yourself seven minutes of vacation every day. Trust what you receive and write it down. Be kind and open to new ideas and have a stellar life. This is Orion. Until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Spend time in a quiet space. The silence will help you block external distractions and concentrate on messages you receive from your guides.

{✓}Pay close attention to what your body tells you. It’s capable of giving you clues and important messages. Attention to these clues and messages can add to your understanding of your consciousness.

{✓}Set an intention to stay present and attentive to spiritual messages. This can help you define your clear and specific goals, which can help you positively channel your energy. 

{✓}Create deeper connections with others. By improving your ability to connect with others, you can offer insightful and compassionate advice.

{✓}Join organizations to receive support, develop skills, and promote personal growth. Find local groups and try them out to determine if they’re a good fit.

{✓}Trust your intuition when receiving messages or insights. Remember your intuition is unique and may not always be clear to others.

{✓}Consider the importance of timing in how events transpire. What doesn’t make sense now may become clearer in the future.

{✓}Use the information you receive as a powerful tool for positive change, and act on it. Bring healing, growth, and transformation through your abilities.

{✓}Learn to protect yourself from harmful or disruptive spirits. Look for ways to strengthen your energy field, such as setting personal boundaries and connecting with your higher power.

{✓}Check out Mark Nelson’s website for personal consultations and resources to enhance your psychic abilities.

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