Episode 161 | March 26, 2019

Anti-aging, Longevity, ​and Performance with Dr. Nick Delgado

A Personal Note from Orion

Our minds are more powerful than we often realize. So powerful in fact, that many medical and holistic professionals believe that we can change or eliminate certain diseases and conditions simply through mindfulness and behavioral changes rather than pills and chemicals.

In today’s society, where we often sacrifice our health for convenience – we want things quickly, easily, and without much of a struggle. But there is something to be said about a return to a more organic way of being and adopting a zest for life. Exercise, proper rest, mental acuity, and the health benefits of plant-based proteins and supplements are important factors that can play a much more significant role in our well being than many pharmaceutical treatments can.

My guest today never ceases to impress me with his zest for life and his wealth of knowledge. Dr. Nick Delgado is a renowned health expert who specializes in longevity and peak performance. He’s changing lives, and in this episode we talk about how he’s doing it through longevity, hormones, nutrition, exercise, and the power of the mind. Tune in!

About Today’s Show

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Mastering Love, Sex & Intimacy by Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado doesn’t look his age and he also has the stamina of a young stallion. We have met in person a few times over the years and he never ceases to impress me with his zest for life and his wealth of knowledge. Nick is also a renowned health expert who specializes in longevity and peak performance. His Delgado Protocol helps in understanding the importance of exercise, proper rest, mental acuity, and the health benefits of plant-based proteins and supplements. Nick is changing lives. In fact, many clients while under the doctor’s supervision, have been able to eliminate pharmaceuticals and surgical intervention completely. Dr. Delgado is also a leader in the use of nutriceuticals to enhance physical relationships between men and women and help them understand their own bodies and responses. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out his new fascinating book, Mastering Love, Sex & Intimacy. In today’s episode, we will talk about longevity, hormones, nutrition, exercise, and the power of the mind. And now, without further ado, on to the show. Hello Dr. Nick and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. It’s good to have you here.

It’s fantastic to be on your show. I’ve really looked forward to it because I’ve been listening to several of your segment podcasts and you really do great interviews. You have incredible guests, it’s really an honor to be on your show today.

Yes, and you are one of the top incredible guests. We know each other for a while. We met in a few conferences and hung out, had lunches and dinners together, and you are an infinite source of really good information when it comes to health, longevity, and everything that has to do with that. But before we start, why don’t you share a little bit about yourself.

Well, I think like many people, I started out with a clear understanding that I was struggling. I was struggling with my energy levels. I was struggling with my body weight from early on. Even by the time I was aged 12, my mom had to buy husky pants for me. I was overweight and I suffered from the embarrassment of that. Later, I got a chance to dance on American Bandstand on national television and I had breakouts on my skin. I had acne and I had problems. I also was confused about what you do when you’re sick or ill, or you have a cold or flu. What do you do about your diet? What is the American diet compared to an optimum diet? I had all these questions growing up. Fortunately, I took on some of the greatest mentors of our time. None less than Nathan Pritikin, the great nutritional expert. Later, I competed with the world’s strongest strength endurance athlete, Dragan Radovich, and I was able to exceed his world records. I also got to work directly with Tony Robbins. You know how he does his Date with Destiny, and his values, and life master, I think on Netflix they show a segment of him doing some of his work with people in interventions. What people don’t realize, you break up into groups, you pair-off with other people, and you share the most intimate thoughts and values and core concerns. I would pair-off with Tony Robbins. Literally, he would take me in the front of the room while everyone else paired-off. I heard some of the deepest secrets of Tony Robbins.

Really? He does that too? Wow.

Oh yeah. In the early days, I don’t see him now. Because there are 10,000 people in an event or even in my favorite program, he does Date with Destiny. There are certainly over 1000 people. He’s just became a rock star in the motivation and self-help movement. He understood the unconscious mind. That’s I think what made him a superstar. He really understands the inner mechanisms of the subconscious mind. I started pursuing and finding his teachers. I studied with Bandler and Grindler, I met Dr. Tad James, and I became certified in deep trance phenomena, hypnotherapy, timeline therapy in hypnosis. I did this because not only did I want to help influence other people to accomplish their goals, I realized I needed to know how to direct my unconscious mind to accomplish my deepest, greatest dreams, and manifest my value, so I was congruent with my life if that makes sense.

You’re so interesting. I didn’t know this aspect about you. I thought you were just a super smart doctor that knows a lot about longevity. I didn’t know you would dive into NLP, the subconscious mind, and all that.

I’m a high-level practitioner. My teachers charge no less than $25,000 for an hour session. I do take on private sessions, particularly in people who are struggling with cancer, or fatigue, or they’re a high-level executive and they’re burned out, they can’t keep up with their life, and they don’t understand why they crash and burn. I take on many very challenging clients. I say challenging to other people, but I realize that it all really does begin with the subconscious mind. The reason I repeat that is 99.3% of all decisions are made at the subconscious level. Meaning, you have so many preprogramming templates that are built-in within your mind from the age of three on, that it’s hard for people to realize that they’re operating almost like a preprogrammed computer, but we can reset. I call it neuro reprogramming. We use a term LFC, Laser Focus Concentration. In a deep theta state which is kind of a relaxed hypnosis state, but you’re totally aware and conscious of everything. Athletes call it being in the zone, you know how when say Michael Jordan or one of the great basketball players are shooting his shots, they don’t think about it, they have practiced it so many times that their neurological connection to their mind and body is so clear that when they take that shot, 9 times out of 10, they’re going to make that shot.

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When I studied Aikido, there were a few times where I was in the zone, but one time that I vividly remember was when I took my first Aikido test. I remember, it’s almost like everything moved so slowly and I could see my arm reaching out to my opponent really slowly. I knew everything that is going to happen. It was like being in The Matrix. You know in The Matrix movie when they’re moving in slow motion? It was like that.

All the NLP guys, they love The Matrix. That’s a great movie.

It was so cool. When I was a teenager, late teens, my mom gave me a book called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I kind of lived my life by this book. I really believe in the power of the subconscious mind. The older I get, sometimes it’s hard for me to believe some of the concepts or it’s like, I’m older, I’m a little more jaded, and I have to almost pull myself back to remind myself that we are, we do live in The Matrix. We can influence our bodies and our reality.

Not only that, repetition is the mother of learning. Tony Robbins had a great coach and Jim was one of these guys. By the way, Tony’s father was really big on seeking out motivational experts to mirror, and match, and model. These guys had some beliefs about the repetition of learning. I create scripts for people, including for myself. We’ve even uploaded certain scripts to our website like Be on Time, or Exercise Consistently, or Eat Healthy, or basically connect with the people in the universe that you need to draw the power of attraction that you want to draw to help you to manifest your goals and dreams. When you do either an eyes open hypnosis where you read the script to yourself, or you listen to the audible script that I recorded for you or you record for yourself, or you just basically calm your mind and your body counting downwards from 100, 99, 98, relaxing your mind and body 100 times more than it was before, and in the deep, relaxed, but highly focused state, you can then use certain word or language patterns that bypass critical thinking. Like if someone’s overweight, use it in a positive affirmation, “I’m going to look slender and great.” Your mind’s going, “That’s bullsh*t. You’re not going to look great. You’re a fat slob.”

Your mind is kind of sabotaging you. You have to bypass that language. You have to use artful language like Milton Erickson, the famous original medical doctor who studied hypnosis and practiced hypnosis. He said he would use artful language that would subconsciously bypass the average person’s beliefs and thoughts about themselves. That’s why people have such poor self-worth. They constantly reinforce these negative thoughts about themselves that they think about. We have 60,000 thoughts per day and half of them are negative thoughts. We have to train ourselves to recondition and think about ourselves and other people around us in a different way. Then we can reprogram our beliefs about abilities to lose weight, to exercise, to accomplish and manifest our goals. Does that make sense?

It makes sense. You believe you can live until 180 years old. How do you convince your mind that you can and what do you do in practicality to get there?

Well, I have to say first off, I attempted something no man had ever attempted before, and that was to break the all-time world strength endurance record. Taking very heavy dumbbells and curling and pressing overhead nonstop for one hour. No human had lifted more than 40,000 pounds overhead in one hour with repetition of movements. Dragan Radovich had lifted I believe over 1400 lifts overhead. People would ask me, “How many lifts are you going to do?” just like you said, “How old are you going to live to?” I wouldn’t state a number, because once you state that number, it’s kind of imprinted into your unconscious mind. Instead of saying, “I’m going to do 1500 lifts,” which was 100 more lifts than the world record, I left it open-ended. I said, “I don’t know, but I’m going to perform the best I’ve ever done in my life.”

Person Holding Black Barbell

You can program yourself to accomplish goals beyond your and others’ expectations.

Once I programmed myself to do so, I had a pacer off-camera who is keeping me on track with how many lifts I had to do to break the world record, and then I had a beautiful Latina pace girl in front of me off-camera, but she was lifting styrofoam dumbbells to have me mimic her movements. As she smiled and nodded her head, and as I continued to lift with my favorite music powered into my Bose air set, I was blocking out all external sounds except focusing on this beautiful woman nodding her head and lifting, and thinking, “I have to keep pace with her,” and imagining these heavyweights to be as light as a feather each time as I curled and pressed them overhead.

They say, behind every strong man, there is a beautiful Latina woman lifting foam weights.

That’s so true. I had this high-level love energy pouring through my body. Even though I was in massive discomfort and pain, going through pain barriers with lactic acid and lifting weights. People say, “If you curl 50 pounds 100 times, your arms are going to get sore. How did you curl and press 2000 lifts in one hour and break the all-time world record lifting 50,560 pounds in one hour that no human has ever done?” Well, I did it by conditioning my mind and body to do something that was far beyond human expectation. To this day, that record still stands. No human has exceeded that record of curl and press. I’m going to break the world record of healthy aging because first, I’m using the word healthy aging. I’m not going to just live to this guy in a wheelchair like Jean Calment who died of dehydration who holds the world record and lived to 122 years and 48 days. She died in a senior care center in Paris, France just looking horrible and just wiped out at the end stage. I’m going to have sex on my 122nd birthday to celebrate.

I’m not obsessed with sex, but the longest-lived people—maybe I am—have an early interest in sex and lived longer maybe because they sustained higher levels of sex hormones like testosterone, DHEA. There’s a long live culture in Okinawa, Japan. They measured their hormones, a 100-year-old, believe it or not, has higher natural testosterone and sex hormones than a person age 70, 30 years younger in our country, and they outlive us all the time because they eat healthy, they exercise, they have a positive mindset, they get quality sleep, they used herbs instead of drug medicines. They don’t even use these bioidentical hormones. I’m going to be using certain techniques which I use now. By the way, last January 5th I turned 64. I’m going to be a grandad this year.


I have five children and I have two grandchildren. By the way, thank you. I’m so excited to live the life that I’ve always dreamed because I manifested those dreams back in 1992 when I first met Tony Robbins and did Date with Destiny. I wrote out all my mission statement, dreams, values, and goals. Every year about this time of the year, New Years, I update all of those dreams, values, and goals. My move toward and move away values. On my website, I created a template for any of your listeners to go to and all they have to do is find delgadoprotocol.com, take the hormonal quiz, and if they request, we’ll send them what we call the intake intro to our health coaching program. We have a whole online coaching program. They fill out for themselves a template for their most positive, inspiring values, and then also it’s important to know your negative, your move away; like you’ll do anything to avoid jealousy, or anger, or hate. There are certain very powerful emotions called move away, and there are certain very positive emotions they’ll move toward. When we put that together with your hormones survey, a questionnaire, do you have cold hands and feet? Do you have fatigue? Do you often get colds and flu? Are you overweight? These questions relate to hormonal imbalances. We tied that all in and that’s what I’m going to do to break the all-time world record. I’m right now living experiment that no humans have ever done and I’m not using any synthetic chemicals. It’s all natural bioidentical herbs, supplements, and eating the right whole natural raw foods, and exercising every day, and getting a lot of love in my life every day.

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That’s beautiful. What is the Delgado Protocol?

Well, of course, I’m Nick Delgado. Over a 4-year period, I searched the world before working with Tony Robbins, but I was doing lifeblood microscopy at the cellular level and Tony Robbins staff heard about me. They invited me to his home, the castle in La Jolla when he lived in La Jolla, California. I went there and I took my microscope. I had 15 minutes to evaluate his lifeblood analysis and dried blood for oxidative stress. After I had done the test, I turned to Tony and I said, “Here’s my assessment. Here’s what I see and here’s what I would do if I were you because I see some very troubling problems here.” He looked at me and he said, “That’s amazing.” He said, “No one has ever known some of the health challenges that I’ve been facing and you did it without even asking a question except for looking at my blood and telling me what’s going on.” He said, “Can you test a lot of people?” I’m thinking to myself, “Sure,” and he said, “Well, I have a big event called Life Mastery and we’re going to have 1000 people showing up. You have three days to be able to test the people.

I’m thinking it’s humanly impossible to test 1000 people in three days. I had to hire 20 staff members to help us to test 1000 people. We accomplished the impossible where every single person was tested upon arriving. Then nine days later, they had been put on a whole foods diet that I’d created from a book that I wrote, that’s based on a new book I have out called Simply Healthy cookbook, a plant-based oil-free vegan. I know paleo and keto is so big right now but the reality is, I’ll put my test program against any in the world and I offer $1000 challenge to anyone who can outlift me any day of the week. I don’t care if they’re a 30-year-old NFL star or a weight lifter. I’ll still beat them because I have a superior diet-hormone-profile-exercise and mindset. It’s kind of fun because I like to challenge myself and young guys, put them into the test, and beat them badly in weight-lifting competitions.

What do you eat every day? What’s your food intake like?

It varies tremendously, but it centers around soaked walnuts, almonds, chia seed, flaxseed. I’ll soak them overnight to remove the anti enzyme properties in water, in the refrigerator so they don’t gather any mold, or any kind of accumulants. Then I put fresh berries and mango, and sometimes grapes and watermelon. I eat that with the soaked nuts and seeds to get all my Omegas and essential fatty acids. Then the fruit is rich in polyphenols, so that stabilizes my blood sugar. People are worried about fruit these days. It’s the most insane misunderstanding about nutrition. According to the studies by Bill and Melinda Gates is that the cultures of the world that eat the most fruit lived the longest. They have the lowest natural blood pressure levels because fruit is so tasty, low in calories, and the sweet taste of fruit has a natural attraction to your taste buds, but the polyphenols within fruit do not cause the blood sugar levels to go up contrary to popular belief. Now, I’m not advocating going out and getting industrial manmade fructose sugar that’s loaded in all these a package junk food containers, but I’m talking about the whole fresh fruit which I eat probably at least 10 pieces of fruit a day to stay in great shape. When Dr. Jenkins who did the studies on the blood sugar control and he wrote the books about metabolic syndrome and the glycemic index when he was asked how many pieces of fruit is safe to eat at each day, do you know what he said?

Twenty pieces of fruit a day is very healthy, 12-20 pieces of fruit a day. That means an apple, an orange, a mango. I mean just 20 servings of fruit and no one do that. I get at least 10 or more a day, no doubt about it. Then I get a variety of nuts, seeds, and I get my omegas from avocados, olives. I don’t use oils of olives or avocados. No oil of coconut. I scoop out the whole coconut meat and the coconut water, and I’ll put it in a blender to mix and I take on omega juicer. I’d juice the greens as the base instead of diluting it with water. Then I put yams, raw yams after they’re peeled, purple sweet potatoes, which the longest-lived people in the world consumed in Okinawa. I blend up beets with that and I add in a product called Beet Vitality that I’ve created in slim blend with over 30 organic whole fruits and vegetable mix. Then I mix in some other herbs and I drink 64 ounces of that every morning.

Oh my god, it sounds like a lot of work. What do you do when you travel?

It only takes me 15 minutes to do it no more than it takes the average person to make a cup of coffee. They’re on drug coffee while I’m on high energy, high nutrient dense foods. When I travel, I’ll have the Uber drop me off at a whole foods market, or I’ll go to the grocery section, and I’ll buy up a bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables, and I’ll take canned oil free beans, and get some potatoes. Then I’ll ask the hotel to bring up a refrigerator for my medical supplies I tell them, but I fill it with fresh fruits and vegetables. Then I get some lettuce and I make lettuce wrap vegetable burritos out of that. I eat my nuts and seeds, and vegetables and fruit, all throughout the day when I’m at conferences.

Flat Lay Photography of Three Tray of Foods

Making sure that your diet is maintained even when you travel shouldn’t have to be too difficult. Find a rhythm and routine that will work with you best.

Yeah, but it sounds very cold. Don’t you crave warm foods? Spicy foods?

If I have a warm, spicy, girlfriend, I don’t worry about it. I’m integrated into society. I mean, last night I ate out with a girlfriend at a Thai restaurant. I got some spicy curry vegetables, it has a wonderful taste. Then, I had some Thai Yum Woon Sen. I’ve been to Thailand several times, and Indonesia, India. I’ve been to almost every major country in the world. I love international cuisines and that’s what my Simply Healthy cookbook. It has over 234 tasty recipes that have been proven for centuries with natural turmeric, spices, and herbs. I’ll eat hot food, sure. I don’t eat just raw. I do as much raw as I can, because for those times when I’m going to eat cooked food, but beans need to be cooked. They need to be cooked thoroughly under pressure at times, or at least in a crock pot. I’ll have a big pot of beans cooking up like 15 salad-type beans, and I’ll put in chili’s, and vegetables with it, and I‘ll eat that throughout the day. I’ll take that in a big bowl to work with me.

Right. I have a relative that has high blood pressure and borderline diabetic. They’ve been told not to eat fruits. Now I’m listening to you it’s like, “Oh my god, that’s the wrong advice,” what would you suggest somebody with high blood pressure or borderline diabetic to do?

Not only is it the wrong advice, but it’s also potentially going to worsen their condition. I created a YouTube video called How to Become Diabetic in Six Hours. You type that in, and it’ll show you that eating whole fresh fruits, and vegetables, and lots of fruit, unlimited fruit. In fact, Dr. Kempner published his studies from Duke University going over a period of nearly 80 years that we’ve known about this. He put people with kidney failure, who were severely diabetic and were severely obese, and he put them on a complete rice-fruit diet. All they ate was fruit all day and bowls of rice. Now, I would expand that, include all kinds of beans, vegetables, tubers, and so forth. The fact is, within 30 days, their blood sugar was stabilized. We found this out to be true with Nathan Pritikin as well. Within about three months, their diabetes is completely reversed, off of insulin, back to normal, even type one diabetes. My friends at masteringdiabetes.org, I’ve done an interview with them and they agree, eat a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetables, a lot a whole food, do not avoid fruit. That’s a death sentence. That is stupid for a doctor to say that. That shows the doctor’s ignorance that they don’t understand nutrition.

There’s a whole group of doctors teaching what’s called Lifestyle Medicine that originated with the work of Nathan Pritikin, John McDougall, and Dean Ornish from San Francisco. They’re some great teachers in this area. I have over 1000 YouTube videos that document the right kind of diet for each disease condition. The right kind of hormones. The right supplements. It all starts with a hormone quiz at delgadoprotocol.com. That’s what the protocol is about. It’s guiding people who are struggling with obesity, acne, fatigue, depressed immune system which AKA is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure. You mentioned the friend with high blood pressure or relative, I have a program that has seven steps to lowering blood pressure on YouTube if they watch it from my website delgadoprotocol.com, or they subscribe to my favorite YouTube channel which is youtube.com/delgadovideo. They just do a quick search. You know how YouTube is, but if you search all of YouTube, you’re not going to get the right information. You search all of Google, most of these journals that I refer to were buried and lost, and people ignore them. I’ve spent the better part of 40 years to kind of piecing together how to help people struggling with acne, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and how to deal with hormonal depression, menopause, women just struggle with these horrible problems, and no doctor is helping them.

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Right. Is it better to eat non-organic fruits and veggies than not at all?

Completely. I would just tear off the outer lid because there might be some pesticide spray, but remember, if you eat the animal, the animals are like the collection pot for all. When they eat fruits and vegetables or grains, they’re getting from crop lancer, uncontrolled. Meaning, they spray them with pesticides. All those pesticide chemicals concentrate in their body fat 1000 times, but then when you eat it, it concentrates in your body fat 1000 times or a million times. That’s called biomagnifications. Most people don’t know—the medical literature shows this—that meat and dairy products are loaded with harmful hormone pesticide chemicals that cause what’s called estrogen dominance. I’ve been working on a book for several years that’s going to be coming out soon on this whole subject on estrogen dominance and how to solve the problem for man boobs for men, women with breast cancer, prostate cancer, women with ovarian cancer, and endometriosis. All these things are related to hormonal imbalances. These toxins accumulate in animal products. You’re better off eating the direct fruits and vegetables. Even if they’re not organic, but if you get organic, obviously get it. I mean that’s a better investment.

What are some tips on balancing hormones?

It is so important to understand the symptoms of hormone deficiencies. We have a questionnaire when we take our staff intake form. It’s over 100 questions that elicit symptoms, that point to certain hormonal imbalances and issues you may have. Then in our website, you click on the product and go to the section where it says hormone testing, and you have a kit. A saliva kit, and a blood spot kit, and a 24 urine kit sent to you. With those complete test kits, we can measure over 38 different hormones. Most doctors, hospitals, and clinics never go to this link to test all these varieties of hormones, and the interaction of the hormones. That’s what the Delgado Protocol does. In fact, I have many doctors who are my clients. They come to see me because they’re very sick and as they get older, especially when they hit the age of 50, 60, 70, or 80. I mean, Jack LaLanne lived to age 95, I believe. I was at the celebration of his passing, but Bob Delmonteque and some of these superstars, Norman Walker who did all vegetable juicing, lived to 107. I think he got hit by an automobile car and that’s why he died. He didn’t die because of old age.

It’s interesting that we have a lot of preconceived misconceptions about hormones because the pharmaceutical companies created these prescription, non-bioidentical hormones that act differently in the body and have toxic side effects. They published that hormones are dangerous when in reality, bioidentical hormones, so long as they’re modified with the correct herb combination, and the right diet and exercise, then you’re going to live a better, longer, healthier life. There is no doubt. Every man and woman that I worked with in our online coaching program, we have a new course called Fat Loss and Fitness. Another one, Acne Bootcamp, and another course that’s going to be released soon on hormones and relationships. These things are so important. I was just listening to a recording this morning by John Gray and he was talking about how hormones, his new book, Beyond Mars and Venus, is all about hormones and how we influence our hormones by our thoughts, by our actions, by the supplements we take. These things are critical to living a longer and better quality life.

Woman Holding Baby While Sitting on Fur Bean Bag

Some hormones are mistaken as dangerous when in reality, bioidentical hormones, so long as they’re modified with the correct herb combination, and the right diet and exercise, will bring you a better, longer, healthier life.

How many supplements do you take a day?

I had a friend watching me take a bunch of supplements this morning and she goes, “Wow, that’s a lot,” and I said, “Well, Jack LaLanne took one supplement for every year old he was,” so when he was 90, he was taking 90 different supplements. I don’t take that many, but I take probably the combinations of about 20 different products that I created, that I discovered, that are listed at Delgado Protocol. If I find a company that’s making a fabulous product and I can improve upon it, I’ll recommend it, but in most cases, there are not enough quality products out there. I’ve gone about asking and working with a quality team that’s a large pharmaceutical company and use what’s called Good Manufacturing Practices. Bar none, the products on our website are absolutely the highest quality level you can get at crazy bargain prices. We try and compete with the internet prices which is difficult to do, because all of their products are watered down, and just not as healthy as you can imagine. They have artificial colors and excipients, and they use gelatin capsules. They use magnesium stearate, these are just things that I would never put in my body. You know what I mean, Orion?

Yeah. I take many supplements and I always wondered, those capsules, they might put in too much of this plastic-like thing that covers it in my body. I don’t know how to call it.

We use veggie caps. They use gelatin which is an animal derivative. I don’t use gelatin capsules. We use veggie natural caps that dissolve, so they’re safe.

Okay, cool. What is the best thing you’ve done for yourself as far as longevity?

I have probably over 10 books that I’ve written with two new on the way, Acne Be Gone For Good and the new book coming out on Love, Sex, and Intimacy. I spent a lot of time researching to write these books. A person could get caught up in business and in stress, and with Stephan writing The Art of SEO, I go to marketing conferences, I don’t just go to medical conferences and inter-chronological conferences. I go to fitness conferences. I love going to conferences. I probably spent so much company money going to all these conferences, but I find I connect with people, that’s where I think I met you. I connect with incredible opportunities. Traveling the world helps me to see that I’m not in this little limited cosmo of just Costa Mesa, California where my office is. It’s more a matter of we are all connected in the world. We become one unified world especially with the internet unifying people.

I get comments from people all over the world on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, which we have connections from Delgado Protocol. They can just link whatever they want to follow us on. But the point is, I think the most important thing that I’ve embraced is the acceptance that I need to set aside a few hours of quality time for myself. It starts off in the morning with a quality meditation, a hypnosis script that I choose various scripts of whatever I’m struggling with at that time in my life. Maybe I’m having trouble with trying to cram too many things into my day. I’m having trouble with being on time. I’ll listen to my Be on Time script, or maybe I’m going to a legal battle and I’ll listen to some tapes about How To Conduct Myself Properly In Business Settings. If I’m dropping behind on the consistency of my workout, which I personally strive to work out seven days a week, but the net result of traveling sometimes airplane flights, I’ll go to the back of the plane and I’ll do 300 squats while I’m standing in the plane, in the airplane. I do some kind of exercise. I go out dancing at night. I’m trying to learn salsa and stuff. My mom loves country music dancing and stuff.

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Do you dance in salsa with the same Latina?

Oh my gosh, I have dancing partners. These different Latinas have to teach me their moves. I just like to just kind of gel a move, to their smile, to their movement. I’m just having the time of my life. I don’t know why, but I think I just opened up my world to love, laughter, and opportunity. For me, that’s been a blessing. I think I spend about 30 minutes a day, 15 minutes in the morning programming my mind, listening to very important audible scripts, and at night if I’m having trouble getting to sleep or if I wake up too early, I’ll play a script of going into a deep trance-sleep. I’ve created these scripts all on our website for people to use. I’m going to have probably by the end of the year over 50 different scripts of the best ones I’ve used to program myself for success. Remember, if the unconscious mind makes 99.3% of all decisions and you’re only making 0.7% of your decisions, then you have to override that programming to be able to accomplish every lofty goal. I wrote out these goals in 1992 and 1994. I’ve accomplished almost every one of those goals that I wanted to accomplish. Now I’m setting new, higher level dreams, and goals based on my values that are congruent with my life.

Beautiful. How do you meditate?

I like directed meditation. For me, I put on a pair of glasses that darken the room but puts a sequence of lights that I call Laser Focus Concentration Glasses, and I have a binaural tone that’s embedded into the soundtrack that brings me into a theta state. Theta is a deep state of trance hypnosis where your subconscious mind can be communicated with. It’s during that time of communication, Orion, that I choose the correct scripts to listen to that I’ve recorded in my own voice that are now available to download for I think as little as $2.99 at our website under the hypnosis section. You just download them to your phone if that’s all you have. If you don’t have the sophisticated devices that I have that monitor brain waves, my heart function, and my blood pressure and everything. I’m kind of a scientist, a mad scientist wanting to know what scripts work best to optimize my brainwaves and my physiology to slow down my heart rate, to slow down my breathing, to get into these deep trance phenomena states where I can manifest every dream that I’ve ever imagined.

You know, Einstein once said, “Imagination is kind of the forerunner to what’s about to take place,” so I’m a big believer in dreaming and imagining beautiful outcomes. My sons and my daughter, they’re exposed to a world with really kind of killer movies, and games, and shoot them up, and they’re obsessed with all this. I think it’s just the society conditions people to be ready for war, to go kill other humans. I’m very upset about that. I encourage my little 10-year-old to study with me and listen to quality tapes, quality programs, and information because we’re really a result of the programming that we put into our mind don’t you think?

I totally agree with you. You just gave me an idea. I do neurofeedback at Peak Brain Institute up in Culver City. There is a protocol where it’s just a sound protocol and getting to theta. I was thinking, maybe I can listen to a hypnotic script while I’m in theta, that will be great. Usually when I go there, when I do the deep protocol, I get into a meditative state and I’ll process a trauma or I’ll ask a question. I’ll just go into deep meditation by myself. I think having a script can really help me.

Like light years, it’ll take you to a whole new level. It’ll bring a level of happiness and joy, intimacy and excitement to your life that you’ve never experienced before. I literally use them every day. When I’m under the most stress, under the most challenges, under the most trying conditions, and facing maybe the mortality of a friend, or a relative, or a client, helping them to work through, they only have days left or weeks, or months left, my favorite script in the world, I’ll share with you, it isn’t by me, it’s by Les Brown called Inner Journey.

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I love Les Brown.

I listen to that. I’ve probably listened to Inner Journey no less than at least 200 times, maybe more. Every time I listen to it, I kid you not, there’s something new that pops up in my mind as I’m listening to this Inner Journey. The premise of it is just to imagine you only had six months of life. Who would you be spending time with? What would you be doing? Would you be doing the kind of work you do now? Would you be spending the time with the people you currently spend with? Would you be eating the way you do? Would you be exercising? I add all of these things to that though and I go, “Wow, no.” I mean it’s not just new years, it’s what am I going to do in 2019 and beyond to transform not just my life, but I believe in contribution and giving. I’ve accomplished everything in my life. If I die tomorrow honestly I would probably say I lived a blessed life of how a cat has nine lives, I probably had 19 lives.

I’ve come close to death, near death experiences for various reasons, things have happened in my life, like other people. I almost had a stroke when I was aged 22. I was overweight. I had high blood pressure. I was struggling with fatigue and hormonal imbalances. No one at that time could help me. No doctor, even though they put me on medications, there was no educator, no fitness program, there’s nothing that could help me even though I was trying to exercise every day, nothing seems to help. I was sincerely wrong about the choices I was making. Later, I took on the greatest mentors of our decade, of our century that is, and then I read books and biographies of famous incredible people. I’ve probably gone through maybe 176 books a year on Audible Books. I go through more podcast than you can imagine because in my productive time while I’m exercising, shopping for healthy food, and outdoor biking with my kids, I’m listening to life transformation programs.

I love your energy and I love your enthusiasm in life. I just love it. It’s really inspiring listening to you, seriously.

Well, thank you.

I want to just touch a little bit on some of the technologies or medical procedures that you do to increase your longevity. I know this is a whole new topic, but maybe just a little bit. I know you did stem cell procedures, I did it too. What type of stem cell injections did you do?

Did you do fat-derived or your own bone marrow, or did you do cord blood? What did you use?

It was a complete surgery I was under. They mixed the bone marrow with the fat derivative stem cell. They injected it all over my body. I did my hair. I did my face. I did the O-shot. I did everything. They gave me something to take down the blood-brain barrier. Some of it got into my brain too, so hopefully, I’m a little smarter.

Well, Orion, I was one of the early pioneers in stem cell research and work because I get invited to speak at conferences all over the world. I remember speaking in China because I read a lot of medical journals, there are some stem cell-famous doctors that came up to the podium after I was done speaking. I looked at their nametag and I go, “Oh my gosh, you’re so and so,” and I was so excited and they go, “No, no, no, my honor, you’re Dr. Nick Delgado,” oh my gosh he saw me on YouTube.

I’ve spoken in Berlin. I’ve spoken in Frankfurt and Baden-Baden Germany. I’ve spoken in London with the famous physicians and surgeons where Dr. Stephen Sinatra was there in the audience hearing me speak and Dr. Sangeeta Pati. They came up to me after and I had really not known them, I just barely met the two doctors, and we later became very close friends since at multiple conferences following. I’ve spoken in Japan and so forth. But I was studying stem cells very early on because I knew that even though there’s a lot of excitement now about stem cells, in the day I was studying it, it was very early. There was a lot of confusion surrounding protocols. For me, I did use fat-derived stem cells. Even when they did the bone marrow, they didn’t put me under. I was videotaping the bone marrow drill going into my leg.

Ouch. You’re crazy. I can’t even…

With a local anesthetic, because I use hypnosis, the only thing that was a little weird is I felt when they drew the syringe up.

Oh my gosh, I can’t.

Fortunately, I know hypnosis. My hypnosis teachers teach deep trance phenomena. It wasn’t painful but I can sustain levels of discomfort, I never use the word pain because it brings to your mind neuro-connections that relate to that word. The bone marrow was interesting. The fat-derived, I saw some benefit, but nothing matched 1-day-old cord blood from babies blood taken from the cord that connects them…

Yeah, that’s the new thing. Now, people won’t have to go through surgeries. They just take it from the plasma, right?

Yeah. I’ve had 10 treatments myself over the course of several years. Even to the point where I had a serious leg injury where I couldn’t even walk for six months on crutches. When we injected the cord blood stem cells, within hours the relief came to my leg. Within the next day, I was walking. By the next week, I was running and competing at the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, winning my third worldwide competition in strength and endurance. I mean honestly, I am so amazed at how these stem cells, it’s not just the stem cells, it’s the growth factors, it’s hundreds of natural hormones mixed in. I’m so intrigued that we can, with the right delivery system, but there are some people doing bad medicine out there now.

Since I’m probably one of the few people that know how to see if we use umbilical cord derivatives for stem cells, and I work only with certain doctors that understand this, and so many of them are great marketers out there, but they’re marketing things that I would never subject people to. Just for a lot of reasons. They’re already starting to outlaw certain procedures. I predicted it would happen because there are some serious risks. They’re saying, “Oh well, it’s from your own body, and it’s going to be accepted,” but you have to be careful of the processing and the collection. I won’t get into a lot of detail there, but I’ve written books for doctors so that they understand if they’re going to work with us and our team.

How many books have you written?

Well, I’ve written 12 books. Many of them have been reprinted with different titles and updates. Probably, there are about 30 different versions of books. If you just type in Dr. Nick Delgado in Amazon, you’ll see about I think seven of the books that I’ve written up there. A lot of the books are private manuals for doctors and published in peer review, anti-aging medical therapeutics, anti-aging medical news. I’m probably the fourth most followed doctor in the world on anti-aging. I’m loving the time that I have to share because I think this stage of my life is to share with the world what I’ve discovered. That’s why I’m creating these online courses now because I just want it so that everyone can have access all over the world and benefit from my 40 years of experience.

Wonderful. You gave us so many tips, but I’m going to ask for more because you have so many more. What are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

Well, I think you want to start with balancing your critical hormones. Of all things, people don’t realize how critical the adrenal cortisol is. It’s the frontline hormone. The number one hormone that you have to balance first. Otherwise, you’ll live off adrenaline like all these people drinking coffee every day and shooting coffee with oils to make it absorb faster. They’re just really putting a lot of stress on their adrenals. I not only balance 10 critical hormones, but we go to 38 different hormones. If I accept a client to be in my coaching program, there’s an acceptance form that has 10 standard basic questions. Once they’ve answered that, I go about measuring, and then, evaluating based on their symptoms, their test results, and what their goal is. Putting that together, first, we balance out the hormones. We figure out which herbs are going to modify, meaning help the hormones to work properly, because your body undergoes over a billion chemical reactions per second and there’s a byproduct of a lot of energy waste products. You have to learn with methyl donors, how to excrete that.

Now, there’s a lot of people taking supplements. They’ll take cheap folic acid from Walmart. Not to downplay it but it’s not compatible with how the human body functions. You need what’s called 5-methyltetrahydrofolate,  which moves the byproducts of metabolism to the right pathway. There’s also phase one, phase two, phase three of estrogen dominance. I take into mind my 40 years of experience of training medical doctors, working with doctors, working with research groups of what herbs, what supplements, what protocols to balance the hormones. Then we retest people within about 1-3 months to see, are they reaching their target levels? Is their energy where it needs to be? Are they on track to achieve their ideal body weight? Are they using the neural reprogramming scripts to really keep them consistent? Consistency is going to be the key to success for your listeners.

The last thing is I want people to really be sure what their values are. That’s why in their intake profile, I want to find out what are their highest value. Are they living their dreams? Because I don’t want them to feel like it’s a lot of work. It sounds like a lot of work here, but it’s really efficiently done in less than an hour a day dedicated to your life. You’ll gain an extra hour to productivity just from your energy, your wellbeing, less downtime in sick days. I think the reality is, you can’t think about, “Hey, it’s going to take a little bit more effort to put in that exercise, take these supplements, and do the right things,” no more than say, prepare a cup of coffee, and go do something disruptive of your habits. There are the no’s- no alcohol, no drugs, no chemicals. Even prescription drugs, I mean I would be very wary and look at them. Look at the long list of side effects that these prescription drugs have.

On television, they even give a long list. That’s terrifying when you think of, “when I take that drug, that could cause death as a side effect?” I mean it just doesn’t make sense, why aren’t people thinking. I don’t understand. There are ways to stimulate the body’s hormonal balance. Some of the doctors I work with are discovering these protein peptides which I’ve created products that release these natural protein peptides. It’s a product called Beet Vitality that restores nitric oxide, it restores the amino acids and human growth hormone. We use products like Estroblock to clear out harmful estrogen toxins. We use Liv D-Tox for the body to modifying clear byproduct toxins. Neuro Insight and Neuro Inspire for brain function and brain activation. There are about 20 products honestly that I take every day. It’s up to the individual based on the test, the evaluation, and the questionnaire. They’re going to spend about $300 a month, not a huge investment.

With some of the pharmaceuticals, they could spend a couple of thousand dollars a month that they take human growth hormone, and go to some of these concierge-type clinics. I think it’s better to help people to design and come up with a personalized program. That’s why we do live blood analysis, dried blood like I did for Tony Robbins at our clinic in Costa Mesa. We even send a test kit that will measure free radical damage. We have a complete thing. I’m just probably more excited than ever, not just the books that I’ve written, but the online courses with audible tracks, video links. It would take people years to figure this out. It’s really they’re hiring us for my 40 years perspective, not so much that I’m $1000 an hour, and wow that’s expensive. Well, is it expensive? What’s your life worth? People can get this done in 15 minutes of my time, so long as they do the work to fill out the questionnaires, do the test, and everything like that. You know what I mean?

I know what you mean. Where can they find you? nickdelgado.com, correct?

Yes, nickdelgado.com, then there’s a link to the product site delgadoprotocol.com. There’s the hormone quiz they can take to get started. Then they can download some of the audible scripts that we talked about at the website. They really should spend a little bit of time listening to my podcast which I’m on iTunes. Dr. Nick Delgado, if they search for that, I’m launching a new topic series on iTunes as well. I’m kind of in that stage where I’m wanting to be very prolific, very available. My personal time for individual see me, of course, is in high demand and there’s a waiting list, but we select certain clients in at times.

That’s beautiful. Thank you so much, Dr. Nick Delgado. You are an extraordinary human being and I definitely appreciate you. Thank you for everything you shared with us today.

Well, I’m humbled by the opportunity. I think the important thing is, some people take my enthusiasm for sometimes a rather aggressive, or overly confident, cocky individual. I hope that doesn’t come across. I really believe my passion is what precedes me, and my effort to help to contribute, to help transform lives. Even if they don’t agree with everything I say, at least to catch that I truly walk my talk, and that’s why I get more medical doctors not only referring me their patients, but referring their family members, and themselves to come into my exclusive program where I guide them. We have an online course that anyone could afford.

As little as $27–$200 for a course, very affordable. You don’t have to worry about, “Oh gosh, I have to see Dr. Nick to be able to do it.” Some people will take my courses and then schedule 15 minutes with me just to make sure they’re doing all the right things. My staff has worked with me for over 10 years. They’re really incredible at guiding people because I think everyone has some kind of struggle. Whether they admit it or not, if you’re honest with yourself, what is it you’re struggling with is what we ask initially, and we’ll help you as your guide to reach your loftiest health goals. Even if you think others haven’t been able to help you, and your critical thinking is telling you, “You can’t do it. You can’t meditate. You can’t exercise. You’re going to break your New Year’s resolution. You’re not going to eat right,” all that, you just let it go, and then just program it in. trust me, it’ll be the funniest experience this year that you’ll ever have in your life.

Beautiful. Thank you and thank you, listeners. Live according to your highest values, have a consistent self-care, follow your dreams, and live a stellar life.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Get in the zone! When you are in a deep state of concentration, the neurological connection between mind and body is at its most heightened. Train yourself to enter a state of deep concentration. The more you do it, the easier it will become.
✓ Visualize the things you want to manifest in your life by declaring what you want specifically. When you put time and energy into your goals, they begin falling into place.
✓ Be open-minded to different beliefs and principles as long as they lead to self-improvement. Having a flexible way of thinking will help you reach your goals faster and with ease beyond expectation.
✓ Use herbal remedies rather than chemically manufactured drugs where possible. When taking supplements and multivitamins, look for natural veggie caps instead of gelatin capsules.
✓ Eat plenty of fruits like bananas, apples, and kiwis. Most doctors won’t advise eating fruit regularly, but it’s actually great for maintaining healthy blood pressure and cell regeneration.
✓ Get your hormones tested. Find out which hormones are causing an imbalance in your system so that you can prevent abnormal cell reproduction and treat them as soon as possible.
✓ Set aside quality time with yourself. Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes a day just being in tune with your body without any distractions. You can meditate, go for a walk, or exercise.
✓ Make your mornings significant by conditioning your mind into carrying positivity throughout the day. You can do this through journaling, stretching, or listening to a motivational podcast.
✓ Invest in your health more than you invest in material things. Remember the saying, “health is wealth” because you cannot do all the things you love without your body functioning properly.
✓ Be sure to check out the Delgado Protocol to find out how you can fight aging and improve your health and longevity.

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