Episode 125 | July 17, 2018

Change Your Life Through Hypnosis with Rene Brent

Rene Brent is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and the #1 international bestselling author of the book How Big Is Your BUT? A former ICU and ER nurse, Rene is passionate about helping her clients to use the power of the deep inner mind to release blocks and reach personal and professional goals. If you’re ready to break your patterns and reprogram your own mind for success, this is the episode for you!

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Mission #125

On Board: Change Your Life Through Hypnosis
Mission: Rene Brent

If you believe that you are not good enough to become successful, then you will sabotage yourself every time you’re on the path toward a successful life. Your mind and body are so deeply connected that you’ll create situations where your mind believes you fit. This goes even beyond financial or career success. It’s even possible for your body not to allow you to get pregnant if your mind doesn’t believe that you’ll be a good mother or father.

This powerful tidbit of wisdom comes from this episode’s super-special guest, Rene Brent. Rene is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and the #1 international bestselling author of the book How Big Is Your BUT? She’s also on the faculty of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. A former ICU and ER nurse, Rene is passionate about helping her clients to use the power of the deep inner mind to release blocks and reach personal and professional goals. If you’re ready to break your patterns and reprogram your own mind for success, this is the episode for you!

Connect With Rene:

Rene Brent Hypnosis
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@ReneHypnosis on Twitter
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The Mission Log:

  • [04:55] – Rene shares a bit about herself from her personal perspective, and explains the path that she took to discover hypnotherapy.
  • [07:38] – We hear about Rene’s first experience with hypnotherapy.
  • [08:59] – What does it mean when Rene says that the mind will never be something it disagrees with?
  • [10:28] – Rene talks about what “living on the outside” is, and why it’s a problematic way to go through life.
  • [12:40] – Why does Rene think hypnotherapy and NLP can be so powerful?
  • [14:36] – We learn more about how hypnotherapy and NLP work, and how quickly they can be effective compared to traditional therapy.
  • [1729] – Rene shares a story that surprised even her about a 9-year-old client who was frequently getting stung by bees.
  • [20:03] – For people who aren’t familiar with the terms, what are a “pattern interrupt” and “neuroplasticity”?
  • [21:49] – Rene walks listeners through a specific technique for dealing with experiences of fear or stress.
  • [24:52] – Orion talks about the 40 Years of Zen program that she did in Seattle.
  • [28:37] – We learn what Rene would do if she were working with Orion, based on the story that Orion has just shared.
  • [31:22] – Rene explains that all hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis, and she just helps to guide people.
  • [32:42] – Does Rene feel like she has solved and eliminated all of her own echoes?
  • [34:59] – Rene talks more about hypnotherapy, explaining that it should never tell you what to feel or think, and that the mind won’t take you anywhere you don’t want to go.
  • [37:56] – Orion points out that stress is considered an okay thing to say, and Rene points out that our society is much more fear-based than others.
  • [40:34] – We hear about Rene’s book, and what the “But” in the title refers to.
  • [42:35] – What were Rene’s own big “but”s? And what created her own breakthroughs?
  • [45:43] – Rene shares some powerful tips for increasing your confidence and allowing yourself to be seen.
  • [48:54] – What are Rene’s three top tips to living a stellar life? #1. Gain awareness. #2. Take care of your body. #3. Don’t forget to have fun!
  • [52:16] – Rene talks about where listeners can find her to learn more or work with her.

Links and Resources:

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Try hypnotherapy to help deal with your traumas and phobias.

✓ Discover the power of your mind through NLP. Your thoughts have the power to make things happen. If you’re full of negativity within, your reality will reflect it.

✓ Pay attention to what your body tells you. The mind and the body are interconnected and what happens to one always affects the other.  

✓ Practice overcoming your negative thoughts and controlling your emotions. Learn new ways to train your mind through workshops or therapy.

✓ Declutter your life by choosing what needs to be thrown away, what needs to be fixed and what needs to stay. Get rid of baggage that does nothing but weigh you down.

✓ Focus on the true important things in life which are non-materialistic. Only then will you find true happiness.

✓ Regularly meditate and disconnect from the world. It’s good to find some peace and quiet in the midst of a busy life.

✓ Develop a habit of waking up full of positivity and start your mornings with gratitude. Let abundance manifest into your life.

✓ Practice deep breathing. If something bad happens, pause and take deep breaths until you feel more relaxed and clear your thoughts.  

✓ Grab a copy of Rene Brent’s book, How Big is Your But, to dicover how to change your life through hypnotherapy.


O: Welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. I’m so happy that you’re here listening, and I appreciate you, and you know what I really appreciate? And something that just made me feel really happy, and warm, and fuzzy from the inside? I got a new review for Stellar Life Podcast, it’s a 5-star review by Kat from the UK. Thank you so much and it says, “This is such an uplifting and inspiring thing to listen to. I feel like I’m learning so much about growing and positivity from listening to Orion, especially her voice, it’s so beautiful and soothing.” Thank you. “The episode Anxiety to Nirvana was mind blowing for me and I feel like I’ve had so many breakthroughs listening to this. Thank you.” Thank you Kat, I really appreciate you. Thank you for giving me that review because doing a podcast is hard. It’s not as easy. There’s a lot that goes into the production, a lot like financially, it’s expensive, and it’s time consuming, and it’s more of a labor of love. In order for me to feel really inspired to move forward, I need you, I need you to review the podcast. I love it when you send me emails, I love it when you contact me. by the way, if you want to contact me about coaching, and you like some of the things that I say in the podcast and you think, “Wow, I resonate with Orion and I think that she can help me.” then take action now, go to orionsmethod.com and contact me please, no obligation, we’re going to have a quick chat and see if we are a good fit for each other, and if I can help you breakthrough whatever you need to, I’ll be happy to. Me, myself, I have coaches as well and I would never be where I am today without my coaches, without people that guided me in the right direction, without my mentors. If you need somebody to be there for you and you think that I am the right fit for you, go to orionsmethod.com and contact me, and I would love to talk to you because you’re awesome. If you’re listening to this, you are awesome. My guest today, super special, she does something that I love actually playing with, with my clients, and help them a lot, I call it guided meditation which is basically based in hypnosis, and new linguistic programming, and helping people break their own patterns and we program their mind for success. My guest is Rene Brent. She’s a certified clinical hypnotherapist and number one international best seller author of the book How Big Is Your But. International speaker and on the faculty of the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. Rene used to be a nurse in the ER and she helps her clients use the power of the deep inner mind to release blocks and reach personal and professional goals. She is passionate about teaching people how to practice happiness and how to become a happiness hunter. I really loved talking to her, I really felt like she was super smart, and super experienced, and she knew what she was talking about, and on top of that, she was really down to earth and a very sweet person. I personally really enjoyed this interview and I’m sure that you will too. Now, without further ado, on to the show. Hello Rene and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. Welcome.

R: Thank you, I’m so happy to be here.

O: Thank you so much. Why don’t we start by you just sharing a little bit about yourself from your perspective?

R: It’s interesting, people’s personal perspective is always different than someone who can be right next to them on the entire journey. My perspective is such an interesting way to put that, my perspective is that, I grew up in Illinois and I was from a divorced mom who was an alcoholic, and I spent a lot of my years in the closet just telling myself, “It’s okay, it’s not you, it’s them.” I always understood that I need to get past the chaos, until I was much older, I didn’t understand where that strength came from, or that insight, but it helped me understand that I just had to move through this, somehow, this was my journey. I found my way into nursing. I became a nurse in 1989, and I love nursing. I did ICU, I did ER. When I was learning how to be a nurse, it was like I was relearning it. It was so natural for me, and I was a fantastic nurse, trauma nurse, and I got married along the way. I have three beautiful children, I understood that a lot of the pain that I had had from my childhood, I had masked with other things, I put this Band-Aid of success, and community involvement, and nursing, and parenting, and travel, and success in those ways, and I got divorced with 20-year marriage and all those Band-Aids kind of went away. I was left feeling very raw, and open, and confused about who I was, what I wanted to do, and along the way, I found hypnotherapy, and it helped me understand that my pain that I was feeling was so overwhelming not only because it was from a divorce of a 20-year marriage in the circumstances, but it was also because it unmasked a lot of the pain that I was holding from my childhood. When I healed those wounds of unwanted, unlovable, not good enough, when I healed those wounds from that little girl within, then the divorce came much easier. Now that I look back all of that with wisdom, I know everything that I went through in my life, all the challenges got me to do exactly what I’m doing right now, is being a hypnotherapist to help people understand how to go within, and find that practice of happiness within. I look back with euphemism and gratitude honestly, because if not for all of those things, I wouldn’t be where I’m sitting today, in a beautiful, loving, open relationship, beautiful career, grown children that are so amazing. I really stand in joy, at I don’t mean to sound like a Facebook meme, but I really just sit everyday in such gratitude for where I’m at.

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