Episode 74 | July 25, 2017

Body Image, Self Love & Spirit with Moun D’Simone and Rachel Pringle

A Personal Note from Orion

In today’s stellar episode we openly talk about food addiction, body love and spirituality, as women especially have an interesting relationship with their bodies, food and self confidence.

My special guests Moun D’Simone and Rachel Pringle started their careers in the modeling industry. They are beautiful from the inside out and shared how they overcame their own darkness and started helping other women do the same. These two ladies think it’s time for you to forget the expectations and noise around your worthiness and your body image, and set yourself wild and free, and I agree!! 🙂

After personally attending their workshop, I was able to get in touch with my body again after not training or dancing for a while. They were very warm and welcoming from the beginning, and attending their workshop gave me a boost of wild, feminine energy I had been disconnected with since my recent wrist and shoulder injury.



In this Episode

  • [03:12] – Rachel starts things off by talking about how she and Moun met and decided to create Wild Woman. Moun then expands on what Rachel has been saying.
  • [05:38] – Orion shares her personal experiences in Moun and Rachel’s workshop recently.
  • [06:57] – Rachel and Moun talk about how working in partnership instead of individually has been for them. Orion then chimes in to talk about how powerful women can be, and the pressure to fit inside a box.
  • [10:55] – How do Moun and Rachel deal with criticism and rejection when they’re showing their true colors in the world?
  • [13:39] – Rachel points out how lucky she and Moun are to be surrounded by a high-vibrational community of people willing to see their own issues.
  • [15:46] – We hear more about the bridge that Rachel and Moun have built between modeling and spirituality.
  • [16:49] – As two models with perfect bodies, did Rachel and Moun have body image issues? Surprisingly, they both did, and they explain in some detail.
  • [20:40] – Rachel talks about what having had a bad relationship with food looked like in her past, and talks us through what she has discovered about her diet.
  • [22:40] – Moun takes a turn talking about her previous unhealthy relationship with food.
  • [25:33] – What are some of the tools that helped Moun transition into her current, much healthier relationship with eating?
  • [26:42] – Orion explains the power of breathwork, and then we hear more about it from our guests.
  • [29:48] – One of the things that Orion particularly liked about the Wild Woman workshop she attended is the physical connection she experienced there.
  • [31:01] – What advice would Moun and Rachel offer someone who is struggling with an abusive relationship with food?
  • [33:45] – Rachel and Orion talk about Abraham-Hicks, specifically in relation to food and the importance of your state of mind.
  • [37:23] – Moun discusses the book Women Who Run With the Wolves and its powerful impact on her.
  • [38:49] – What is a wild woman?
  • [42:04] – Rachel and Moun offer advice for going from being a woman who is addicted to the idea of glamour and restricted by the opinions of those around her to blooming into a wild flower.
  • [46:01] – Orion talks about her Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-day challenge, sharing the story of one inspirational participant.
  • [48:01] – Rachel expands on what Orion has been saying, talking about her previous perspective of her sexual and sensual side as being “bad.”
  • [49:44] – Moun shares her perspective on expressing her sexuality, which was a part of her that was repressed for a long time.
  • [51:34] – Sexual expression is an empowering thing, Orion explains, talking about her conversation with Jaiya.
  • [54:04] – Rachel is currently writing an article about the topics that Orion has been discussing.
  • [55:17] – We hear a story about the impact of Rachel and Moun’s program. Moun then offers a piece of advice that has been successful for their clients.
  • [58:04] – The recurring thing that comes up in their workshops is that women feel connected to themselves, Rachel explains.
  • [61:18] – How did Rachel and Moun build their community?
  • [63:38] – Rachel offers her three top tips for living a stellar life: 1. Community: have like-minded people who support you around you all the time. 2. Self-love. 3. Take joy in every single moment. Moun then responds, elaborating on what Rachel has said.

About Today’s Show

‏‏Hey, welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I am your host, Orion. I am excited that you are here. Thank you so much for listening to my show. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, let me know, contact me. I would love to get to know you and hear from you. My extraordinary guests today are Moun D’Simone and Rachel Pringle. Moun is a yoga, breathwork, and meditation teacher known for her inspiring self expression and contagious sparkle. Rachel Pringle is a yoga and meditation teacher and a life, love, and attraction coach, model, and a trained actress. Together, they founded Wild Woman, an immersive women’s workshop that takes one through all aspects of the feminine experience and archetypes to discover the discipline of worship. I hope you will enjoy the show. These ladies are so good at teaching body love. They’re so good at really helping you connect to your true essence. Are you ready? Let’s take a walk on the wild side. Hi Rachel and Moun. Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. How are you doing today?


‏‏We’re so good. How are you?

‏‏I’m good. It’s a hot day here in Los Angeles, isn’t it?


‏‏Yes, it’s very hot. We’re so happy to be here with you. Thank you for having us.

‏‏Yeah, we’re going to make it even hotter.


‏‏Yes, exactly.

‏‏Let’s start by you ladies sharing a little bit about yourselves individually and how you started working together.

‏‏Okay. Moun and I have known each other for almost nine years. We met in New York. We were actually both models in New York. We met, I would say, back in our party days. We formed a strong friendship. We always, I think, knew that we would do something very special together. We did some acting stuff together and then I moved to LA and she went away to India.

‏‏Yeah, on the same time.

‏‏Basically, I was at a transition point in my life and I had this amazing session with one of my astrologer friends and she just gave me a real stick kick in the butt and ignited something inside of me. This idea for workshop came up in my mind. Originally, I wanted to call it Claiming Your Queendom. I created this whole thing. I’ve worked in partnership before and it never really clicked. Again, Moun and I talked many, many times and you had actually just come to LA.

‏‏Yes. I had just come to LA last summer. I think it was May, June and I decided, okay I’m going to spend a month here. I made a plan that I was actually going to move in October. I just finished reading Women Who Run With the Wolves and Rach and I were talking about that. I think from many different conversations, fast forward two months later, I’m in Omega Institute and I get this call from Rachel. She’s like, “Let’s Skype. I have this brilliant idea.” I was like, “Okay, epic.” She just starts to tell me about this idea that she has for the workshop and we’re both just crying because it just felt like the thing that we’ve known we wanted to do together, it just came.

‏‏Actually, I will say that I had originally thought to do it by myself and then I went on this idea of you know what I love, I love to work in collaboration. It’s so much better together. I called her, FaceTimed, and as I was looking at her, about to tell her, I got emotional just saying it, it was like God came through me and was like, “This is your partner.” I looked at her and we both started crying. The way that the workshop was already structured, it just perfectly worked with Moun, as you know, specializes in Yin, and breathwork, and meditation. I was going to do the voice. It just melded perfectly.


‏‏I loved your workshop.

‏‏Thank you.

‏‏Thank you.

‏‏I participated in it, when was it? Three weeks ago?


‏‏Yes. You know I just injured my wrist and my shoulder and became so stagnant. I’m usually a very active person. I love moving my body. I love connecting to her. I did a lot of sensual movement. I did pole dancing with Sheila Kelley. Just not being able to move my body the way I used to was very discouraging so I almost stopped and there was that fear of what’s going to happen if I put my wrist on the floor? What if I’m going to re injure myself? I came to this workshop with a lot of fear in my heart. It was so nice and so liberating to have the permission to move her and connect to her again. It was so nice.


‏‏Yes. Thank you so much.

‏‏I love how you say connect to her and move her. It just makes me so happy.


‏‏I’m smiling here.

‏‏Yeah, I just enjoyed it. I’m very grateful for you ladies.

‏‏We are grateful for you.

‏‏Thank you. How is it working in partnership when you weren’t used to before?

‏‏You know, I wouldn’t say I always wanted to work in partnership. I’m a very creative, driven, and ambitious human being. I think Moun is the same way. I think it’s better together. I just move in a very fast pace and I was looking for someone to match me. Moun is by far that, 1,000,000%. She brings out an aspect of myself that is wild, playful, and joyful and I feel like I bring out that out in her as well. I think that’s why really, it works. I’ve had different partnerships in the past, yet having someone that I’ve admired, honoured, and looked up to for so long and now we get to do that with one another every time we’re together and also knowing, leaning into each other’s facets and each other’s best qualities and really enhancing one another, we never want to think, “Oh no, this is too much.” That is never the case. I think that’s what makes this partnership so powerful because we always want one another to be fully in our powers, fully expressed and always take to the next level because our intentions are the same. You know what I mean? To help women, help people, and bring this work to as many people as we can so having that base that we’re so in alignment, everything just flows. We have so much fun. We have a blast.

‏‏Every time. I think that’s the most important thing, is both of us probably in many aspects of our life, have been told that we’re too much and we need to tone it down. We’re too intense. We’re too animated. With each other, we’re never enough. It’s always more. It’s always full power and basically laughing and just in flow state all the time. It’s so empowering to feel fully supported.

It’s so empowering to feel fully supported. Click To Tweet


‏‏That sounds so good. When I came to the US, I was in acting school, I came after three and a half years in Japan where I dressed up a little crazy. I was very unique in the way I looked. I already am from a different country. I have an accent but also the way I looked, the way I carried myself was very different. I remember really trying to put myself in the box because what happens to us as women, unfortunately, when we are in our full capacity, in our highest vibration, we are sometimes put down not only from the males but a lot of times, our female friends are trying to put us in the box so we will match them. What happened with me is that I put myself in a very small box that it took years for me to figure out how to get out of because I changed my clothes, I was more mainstream, I was more simple. I was trying to be like everyone else. The truth is that people will follow you when you are your authentic self and you shine your true colors.

‏‏Absolutely. 1,000%.

‏‏It seems like right now, you lean on each other, which is really beautiful. And when you are separately in the world, shining your true authentic colors, sometimes getting criticized, how do you deal with that type of criticism or rejection?

‏‏For me, I’ve been doing this work for so long. It’s been 10 years now and I understand that when rejection or projections come in, that it’s really not about me. That’s what this work has really rooted down in my core, is about just being myself and letting that be okay and not needing to please anyone else and not needing to be liked by anyone else and not needing anyone’s permission to be who I am. That’s a lot of what we guide the women through the workshop. It’s like you are enough as you are. You are worthy, you are perfect. When people come to you with their own opinions, you don’t need to receive that. Obviously, when Moun gives me a reflection, I listen because I know she has my highest in her sight. However, I don’t need people’s opinions. I’m happy to just send them love because I know that I can help them in our process just by loving them exactly where they are.

‏‏This takes a lot of work. Rachel has been doing this work for a long time and that’s one of the main things I feel like we want to emphasize in the workshop, is you becoming your own best friend so that you don’t have to rely on other people to tell you how you look good or this is the way to do it. Of course, we love hearing people’s opinion and reflections that we know they have our highest intentions yet it’s about really knowing that you are there for yourself, that you get to check in with yourself. If it feels good and it feels authentic, it’s because you got your back and that allows yourself to not be shattered or shaken up by other people’s projections because unfortunately, everyone is suffering so they’re projecting their own insecurities onto you because you might have triggered something on them. Once you have that stable core within yourself, you get to separate those things and know that’s not your stuff. It’s funny because once we had this conversation and a situation came up and Rach said I’m just not going to receive this. it’s exactly that. It’s choosing not to receive someone’s projection because we know that it’s coming from a place of fear.

‏‏It’s not about putting them down. It’s just saying I’m not choosing to receive this. I love you exactly where you are. I see that you’re in pain. That’s why you’re projecting this onto me and so I’m going to open my heart to you and be compassionate and loving instead.

‏‏That’s pretty powerful. Did you ever say to somebody, “I can see that you’re in pain.”

‏‏Oh yeah.

‏‏It’s like, “Yes, I can see that you’re in pain.”


‏‏Didn’t they just go crazy and say, “What? You think I’m in pain?”

‏‏I think we’re lucky right now that we have such an incredible community around us that we’re having these beautifully high vibrational conscious conversations where people are willing to see their own stuff because I think our real mission is to discover the depths of our being and to understand ourselves, which helps us understand others, which makes you relate to them from a place of compassion. We’re all experiencing pain because we’re evolving. To be okay, I think when you say that to someone and they can see that it’s coming from a vulnerable place within you, it somehow disarms them and there’s an opportunity for growth there.

‏‏Because I feel like also just go straight into their hearts because you can only do that once you’ve met yourself at those places. You know what I mean? You can only meet someone as deep and as profoundly as you have met yourself. It takes a lot of courage because we’ve done this work to look at the parts of ourselves that aren’t very pretty. That’s why you can acknowledge that that’s also not a lot of people and not from a place of judgement or anything. It’s just simply, “I see you and I’ve been there. I can help you. Let’s help each other.” Just really having that conversation of you are doing something wrong or separating I am here, you’re there. It seems like, “Sister or brother, I’ve been there. I’ll help you.” Extend a hand. It comes from a deep place of compassion, of wanting to support.

‏‏For the people or listeners that did not meet you, you both are just tall, skinny, gorgeous, super pretty. You wear the most beautiful workout clothes. Funny enough when I arrived to your workshop, I just looked around in the room and many of them were a reflection of you. They were skinny, gorgeous, wearing the most beautiful yoga outfits. When I think about your background and the modelling world, I don’t see a connection between spirituality and the modelling world and yet you guys managed to build a bridge.

‏‏Yes, absolutely. I think we both have a very similar experience. I’ve modelled for basically my whole life and then I’ve been fit modelling for the last eight years which is like working as a human mannequin. I think a lot of the work that we’re doing has birthed out of body image and learning how to fall in love with your body again and give it what it needs and stop shaming and blaming it, and depriving yourself. The inner dialogue is what rules our entire existence. I think learning how to reprogram the mind to serve us instead of enslave us has really brought us both into our best selves, our best bodies. We just finished a shoot and it’s like the most fun, amazing flow state because I’m connected to her, my inner wild, which is complete freedom.

‏‏As a model, two models with perfect bodies, did you guys have body image issues?

‏‏Oh my God. That was one of the huge things that I know for Rach and I, we’ve had to work with, is really how do we look at ourselves and how do we treat our bodies. It doesn’t matter who you are, in the modelling industry, you’re never skinny enough, or you’re never pretty enough and you look to the side, there’s a girl that is younger, or is prettier or has longer hair, shiny or whatnot. Because it’s so rooted in the mind that there’s always something better or you can always be skinnier. I have had a very, very destructive relationship to my body for many years and this spiritual work has definitely helped me to understand myself again and have a relationship to the food that I eat, to the exercise that I do, and how I relate to other women because that’s essentially how I look at myself is how I look at all the women, which is a huge part of this work. If I’m judging myself, I’m doing the same thing with every other person that comes across me.


‏‏It’s taken a lot of work yet now, thankfully, I feel like both of us are clean, comfortable, and loving space with ourselves inside and out. That’s why we’re able to actually do this work and be of service this way because certainly, it wasn’t always this way.

‏‏I think Moun brings up such a good point, is that I moved from New York to LA to get away from modelling for a little bit because I was in such a negative place in my mind mentally with food and with my body. I just wanted to relax. Once I did that, my whole body changed. It’s just ridiculous because it’s the difference between your body and contraption and your body in flow and relaxation. I came here and I developed this self love meditation, which is up on the site. It was just about physically going through my body and telling my body that I love it and worshipping my organs that work completely on their own without me having to do anything and just recognizing how powerful and magnificent our bodies are. And then also, exactly what Moun says, is not judging other people because we all do that. It’s sort of programmed into our existence, to see someone and make a little comment. I really focused on deleting those comments. Every time I see someone, I view them and I’m saying you’re beautiful. That is a reflection of me and how I’m viewing myself. When we have positive in our dialogue and when we love the body that we have right now, everything flows. Relaxation is our base and the body does exactly what it’s meant to do. Our bodies are so scientifically intelligent, they can heal themselves if we just relax enough. We don’t over exercise. I eat a lot. I’m not on any crazy diet. I don’t believe in deprivation. I believe in joy in every moment especially when it comes to nourishing, nurturing, and feeding the body.

When we have positive in our dialogue and when we love the body that we have right now, everything flows.

‏‏It opens into a space of becoming intuitive. You can walk into a store and be guided into what it is that your body needs, which is the most beautiful thing and know like, “Oh, this makes me feel great so I will eat more of this.” Or “Oh, this doesn’t sit well so much.” Because you’re so in tune with your body and you’re turning off that constant chatter that’s going on and you’re tuning into the most important of yourself which is your body that knows, which is here, present, and can sense and respond to alright, this is what makes you feel good, this gives you energy, this is relaxing, or this makes you bloated. You just develop that relationship to such a level that you’re guided and it’s the most beautiful thing.

‏‏What’s having a bad relationship with food look like to you and your past?

‏‏I never luckily developed anorexia or bulimia. I grew up in a very healthy lifestyle so my thing was more about binging, I would eat really, really healthy and then I would binge on sugar and sweets. I was in self sabotage mode. That was also when I was drinking a lot more alcohol. Go out and drink and then come home. Because I was depriving myself during the day, I would eat three slices of pizza or order Chinese food and again, pizza and Chinese food are not bad for you. It’s when you are negatively associating to food. When you put that food into your mouth, no matter if it’s a salad or a slice of pizza, it is toxic to you.

‏‏What did you eat? What did you eat during the day?

‏‏I was obsessed with the idea of health and I though health meant like, “Okay, I’m going to have fruits, vegetables, greens, salad, and that was it.” For me, actually now, I’ve discovered that I work so much better on fats, meat, butter, and actually dairy products. I never allowed myself to have this. I never even allowed myself to have potatoes. It was such a screwed up mentality and now, I grow potatoes in my garden and they’re the most delicious thing with fresh butter. When you eat what your body wants, you’re satiated, I never over eat, where I used over eat all the time. I’d deprive myself during the day and then eat copious amounts until I was completely sick and then I would do laxatives. I used to do laxatives.

‏‏All the time.

‏‏Oh wow.

‏‏You could just imagine thinking about what signal that sends to your body. It’s like you’re just constantly in a place of you’re not worthy, you’re in lack, you need more of this, you need less of this. It’s sending your body all these different signals and it literally cannot relax because you’re just pushing and pulling in every different direction.

‏‏What about you, Moun? What was it like for you?

‏‏I went on a diet that I would eat one slice of pizza a day and a lot of coffee and a lot of laxatives and then there were days that I would just eat nonstop and then spend three days not eating at all and just drinking coffee. It was so disruptive but I remember being as an option for a really big job and I convinced myself that if I just slept for three days, or two days, or for as long as I could, until I heard back from the job, I just wouldn’t eat and my weight would stay the same so I did. I would do laxatives and then take sleeping pills for two days so that I would just sleep and not run the issue of if you eat, you’re going to gain more weight or you’re not going to be an option. You’re going to lose this or that because your mind is just constantly ongoing. It’s never enough. You’re always just very, very destructive. I would do the same thing. Just like not eat and then eat until I couldn’t anymore or not even be aware of what it is that I was eating that I was just like, I need to eat. I probably was never was hungry at the time that I was really eating. It was just this crazy mentality of like, “Now, I deserve to eat.” Or the job is done or I didn’t get the option. It was this constant competition. It was a tough battle to get out of it too. Sometimes, I still see residue of that yet I know I have the tools now to have a deep conversation with myself and to understand in terms of meditation or do a practice or whatever it may be. Thankfully, my toolbox is deliciously amazing right now so I have several things that I can reach for. I know I have an amazing support system around me including Rachel and an epic family community that I can just have a dialogue whereas before, I thought I had to do everything on my own because no one understood me or people judge me. I’ve been modelling since I was 13. My parents tried to do their best, yet, would tell me, “Oh baby, you shouldn’t eat that.” This is too much because they were like, “Oh, if this is what you’re going to do…” They were trying to keep me in the box like you’re going to be a model but if you eat too much, you may not do that and you’re going to be unhappy. I mean God knows what was going on through their minds yet, it was from a very early age, everyone around me was saying, “You’re eating too too much.” Or, “You’re not going to eat another plate.” Bless that life. I have forgiven and let go. Now, I’m thankfully in love with my body and my choices of eating healthy and checking in with myself of what I need everyday.

‏‏What made this transformation for you? You said spiritual work helped too. What are some of the more specific tools that helped you create this transition? Was it a conversation with somebody? Was it a conversation with yourself? What was that moment of change?

‏‏First of all, I decided that I was not going to model anymore. I was going to free myself from that prison. I allowed myself to just be in touch with myself in a sense that I didn’t have to look a certain way for other people. And then yeah, I started to have an open conversation with my brother, mom, and my younger brother at the time, to just be like, “I think there’s something wrong here because I would eat a lot and then not eat.” It took a lot of work and a lot of internal work. Meditation has really helped me because I could see those patterns. I could see the subconscious agreements why don’t you just come back again of like, “You’re not enough. This is not good.” Or whatever it was. Yoga was definitely what brought me into my body into a whole new level. I didn’t even know what it was until I started truly practicing yoga and when I was in India and I did my training, I was like, “Well, I have a very strong, flexible, beautiful body. It’s here and it’s present.” Definitely, breathwork is one of my main practices on a daily basis, which just has to recalibrate the nervous system so that my priorities have shifted.

‏‏Yes. Breathwork is so powerful because we have patterns in our bodies that are the patterns of anxiety. For example, when somebody is used to breathe shallow to their chest most of the time, they will get a lot of anxiety because their body is inducing anxiety naturally because they’re breathing that way. The moment they just change it to deep belly breath and breathing deeply into their belly, then the mind is not triggered for anxiety and they get more relaxed. If somebody here that is listening is having a lot of anxiety, just try to breathe deeply into your belly and try to neutralize your chest. Because deep, shallow breathing in the chest, this will induce anxiety naturally in your body. Just be aware of where you’re holding the tension. If you’re holding tension in your shoulder, if you breathe shallow, just imagine yourself to put the image of somebody who’s really relaxed in the way they sit, in the way they breath, and start breathing that way. Do you have anything else to add to that?

‏‏The one thing that I would add that’s really interesting, we remember when mothers, moms, and aunts say take a deep breath before you go to a meeting or something and everything just comes full circle. You look at a baby. How does the baby breathe? His belly expands and contracts. That’s all we need to do but we’ve been conditioned to, especially as women, keep the belly in, can’t let the belly go. You breathe up on your clavicle area and all you’re breathing is just your conscious mind. When you get to activate and breathe down into your belly, not only you reach the other states of consciousness, but you activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the rest and digest. The most powerful thing that I love about this work, now the science can finally back up this ancient practice that we’ve always been gracefully practicing, is that the moment you breathe down into your belly, you also tone your biggest nerve which is a nerve that’s connected form the bottom of your gut all the way up to your nervous system. When that’s toned and activated, you release this oxytocin, which is one of our main happy hormones. Everything just comes full circle that not only relaxes you but brings you the sense of compassion and ease. We’re alive every single day because we’re breathing. It’s our anchor to the present moment. When you have a relationship with your breathe, it brings you to the present and it brings you here and allows you to be present to what truly is what happening right now because this is all there is. When you’re not breathing, it’s like that bubble of thoughts just going nonstop. You’re just either on the future or in the past and you’re not here, anchored in this moment. It’s insanely powerful and there’s so many different techniques but the main thing is really slow, longer breath. Take longer, deep belly breaths and just feel yourself more at ease, feel yourself more slow and present. Allow your body to feel the ease.

Take longer, deep belly breaths and just feel yourself more at ease, feel yourself more slow and present. Allow your body to feel the ease. Click To Tweet

‏‏What I like about the workshop as well as the other things that I mentioned, I love the free dance. I love the [00:29:56] work. What I also like is the physical connection that was in the room. I was born in Israel and I come from a culture where it’s big family gatherings, a lot of hugs and kisses. We hug each other so many times. The moment I met you, I was a stranger, I said, “Hi.” You both just reached for a hug. I was like, “That’s nice.” They said that if you hug somebody for 20 seconds straight, you release a lot of oxytocin. It’s really good. It’s really calming. That hugging, that connection is so important.

‏‏Mhm. Absolutely.

‏‏I just want to circle back for one moment to talk about getting over an abusive relationship with food. If somebody was listening to this right now is battling this right now, what would you tell him or her? What would you advise them?

‏‏I think it really is about dialogue. These neural pathways that we’ve created and we’ve created a group that can be quite deep so it does take a moment, it takes a little bit of work, it takes practice to switch that negative neuro pathway to a positive one. Once that happens, you will notice everything around you changing. One of the things that Moun and I love to do is bless our food and really be present with what it is that you’re putting into your body and recognize all of the magnificence that’s in food and look at it and take it in and be grateful for where it came from and how it grew from the earth and what it’s going to do to your system. I think being present and allowing those negative ideas of this is bad, this is naughty, no, this is perfect, this is good for me. It’s nourishing. I’m so grateful. Thank you and continue that during the eating process, after the eating process, and really be aware of those thoughts and stop them. You have the power to stop those thoughts. You have the power to shift them to something positive. If some negative thought comes in, you can say, “I do not receive this thought and place it with my body is perfect as it is. I love food. Food nourishes me. I take joy in making food for myself, for my friends, and my family, take joy in the flavours that are in my mouth. I take joy in how incredible my body is where digesting and eliminating things that don’t serve me.” It’s really slowing down and shifting that inner dialogue. That’s really the clincher that happened for me, was I did the meditation around switching my mind to serve me instead of enslave me. The visual I like to give is like it’s a hole that you know so well. It’s comfortable and you’re in there with all your friends’ shame, blame, and guilt. And then eventually, you start to crawl out of that hole and then you’re digging a new hole that’s like, “Oh my God, I love my body. I’m so grateful for the work that it does. It breathes, it digests, and I love food again. Oh wow, my arms are so beautiful. My skin is beautiful.” You don’t even realize that while you’re digging this new hole, you turn around and the other hole is being filled up. It takes a little bit of time. You can fall back into that hole, you can trip, but you can always get out and it’s a choice. You have the power to make that choice every moment of everyday. You are not being affected. You are creating the effect.

‏‏Are you ladies familiar with the work of Abraham-Hicks?


‏‏Oh my God, Abraham-Hicks. Ask and It is Given was the first spiritual book that I ever read.

‏‏That’s great. That’s a beautiful book. I’ve been following Esther Hicks and her channelling of a group of entities that she calls Abraham. One of the things that he said in relationship to food is that you can have a really crappy junk food or a plate of organic, beautiful salad but your emotions play such a big role with the way this food is going to be processed through your body and also your astral body. If you’re in an angry state eating organic, beautiful, green, locally grown and whatever, whatever and you’re angry, it’s going to do harm to you. If you’re in a place of joy and happiness and you’re eating that I don’t know, maybe some bag of crappy chips but you’re so happy while eating them and you’re so in tuned and centered, then it won’t affect you in a bad way.

‏‏Absolutely. That’s exactly what I realized, your energy around what you’re bringing to your body, if it’s negative, anything you eat, no matter what it is, is toxic as soon as it enters your body. That’s exactly the pattern that I was in when I lived in New York. I was technically eating “healthy,” the perfect thing you could eat but my relationship to it energetically was so negative that no matter what I ate, it was just toxic.

‏‏I’m not trying to say go and eat junkfood and think happy thoughts and this would be awesome. It’s just that there’s always a gentle balance in the dance and you have to take care of your body and try to feed your body with the best things you can find and really connect with your intuition about that.

‏‏Exactly. It’s intuition nutrition because really, your body is so magnificently intelligent. It tells you exactly what it wants. It’s like, “Okay, I want to take a nap now.” Right around my moon cycle, my body really asks for meat. It’s also actually, to talk about that, as women, our cycles affects so much. There are times in the month where I’m absolutely ravenous. I need to eat so much more than I normally do. Instead of in the past, thinking of why am I so hungry? That’s bad and I shouldn’t be eating anymore. I take joy in that part of the month where I’m hungry and I get to eat whatever I want or whatever it is. Instead of trying to push the body into what you think it needs, allow the body to tell you exactly what it wants.

‏‏Also, when you’re connected and you’re spiritually fulfilled, you don’t look for food to fill up that void.


‏‏When you’re hungry and you nurture your body, and you fill the nourishment, and you’re done. I feel like I can speak for a lot of us. I’m sure that I’ve used food as a numbing experience. Just like eat and watch TV. I wasn’t even eating. Thankfully, those dark days are over now.

‏‏Moun, you were mentioning a book that I’ve never heard of before. Women Who Run With the Wolves. You said, “It changed my life.” Why? What is it all about? I’m going to buy it.

‏‏It totally explains what it means to be a wild woman, what it means to be connected to the earth, to nature, to yourself, to the cycles, to your tribe, to community, and to understand this innate nature that lives within each and every single one of us. Of course, in every single human being yet women just have the connection because we are creators, because we create human beings within ourselves. We have the innate inherent wisdom that’s here. It’s just waiting for us to clean out the dirty old mirror and reach for her again. The way that she explains it, she’s an epic storyteller. It’s a very deep, profound book yet I loved it and I have it. Sometimes, I just open and read a couple of pages or just like one paragraph or one story because she’s incredible. It’s by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I can send you the name if you want but she’s beautiful. The beautiful part of it as well is that she talks about archetypes of the wild woman. She talks about myths and stories.


‏‏Yeah, very…


‏‏That’s the word I’m looking for. Get the lever in a fantasy way in a sense that it really gets you into the story. It’s a good book and it’s deeply spiritual. It really connects you to the root of who you are.

‏‏What’s a wild woman?

‏‏A wild woman, she’s in tune of who she is outside of everyone else’s opinion. She’s one with the earth. She is in freedom and allowance of her brightest light to shine, radiate, and to empower and give other people permission to be that light themselves.

‏‏Another reason why I love that we’ve chosen wild woman, it’s because it’s time for us to understand what the word wild really means. Like many other words, through the years, it’s been conditioned to be something bad like you’re wild? Oh, you’re bad, you’re naughty, or you’re doing something that you’re not supposed to do. Wild just simply means your true essence. It’s like I said, your inherent wisdom, that it’s there. Wild just simply means unleash, just simply means raw, connected, and real, which is really who we are. Through this practice, it allows one to just dive deep into that again and clean yourself of all the things that holds you in this little prison. Again, I don’t want you to think that wild is something bad. But wild simply means raw, open, connected, and one with everything.

Wild simply means raw, open, connected, and one with everything.

‏‏Yeah, fully expressed.

‏‏This is the first definition of wild that I just found on Google. Wild, of an animal or plant, not a woman.

‏‏Exactly. The thing is to our primal animalistic. The plant is so put in nature. That is what we should look to. It’s death and rebirth all the time, it just is. It’s not trying to be anything else besides what it is. It’s powerful, it’s still, it’s present, it’s fully expressed, and it’s not afraid or ashamed of any part of its trajectory or evolution.

‏‏So beautiful. The definition is living or growing in a natural environment: not domesticated or cultivated. Also, uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure.

‏‏Yes, exactly. I think the basis is this life is joyful. This life is meant to be filled with pleasure in every moment. Every moment should really be deeply immersed in pleasure, the pleasure of simply taking a walk, of simply hugging your friend. Pleasure is the secret to joy of life.

‏‏My question to you ladies is what are some tools, I know you mentioned breathing and you mentioned meditation, maybe you have some more, I’m sure you have so many more in your toolkit. Going from a woman who is so addicted to the idea of glamour and so restricted by the opinions of her surroundings, to blooming into this wild flower.

‏‏The first thing that comes to me is dance, the utter freedom of dancing. For those women in particular, I would say getting to a type of five rhythm ecstatic dance that is rooted in complete freedom because it’s going from contraction into flow and allowing your body to move you instead of moving your body. And allowing that complete intuition of the body to come through and guide you. Dancing is complete freedom.

‏‏It also allows you to be with yourself and with your body and not wanting to look at what the person is doing but allowing yourself to close your eyes, put some good music, whether it be sexy, or funky, or weird, or whatever it is and just let yourself open up. The answers are all here. That’s the beauty of it. The answers are all within ourselves. It’s just shutting off all the infinite stimulants that happen outside of ourselves and just tune into the extra sense that comes from being connected to yourself. Like maybe closing your eyes and just really being with your body. And then, you start to uncover the, excuse my French, but that has kept you stuck and you start to just open up and be connected with your true nature which is just open, available, and reciprocate, and you’re open to giving and receiving. You don’t feel contracted. You just feel present because the flexibility and the openness starts on this physical body because that’s how we’re here. We’re having this experience because we’re in this body. It’s a huge part of the things that I love to bring into the work and remember that it starts in our physical body.

‏‏I think it’s really important actually from that to make that transition, is to take ourselves out of the box and recognize that as women, we are not just one aspect of a woman. We’re not just the mother, or the caretaker, or the warrior, or just the sexual one. I think a lot of us tend to compartmentalize ourselves and think, “Okay, I am really sweet and nice. I lived in my mother archetype for the majority of my life.” That showed up for me in really beautiful ways and it also showed for me as being a people pleaser and being a pushover and letting people take advantage of me and not knowing my full worth. In terms of being the lover, I thought that I had to separate the lover and the mother. I can only be a lover in a sexual experience. It’s like allowing all of those things to fall away and know that as a feminine essence, we are everything. We are literally all the things so to give ourselves permission like Moun said, to be wild, weird, and crazy. I think the one thing that’s coming through for me is Moun and I both had really powerful experiences in our acting class in New York with our teacher Dina Levy, who a lot of the process that we experience in our class, we’ve incorporated into our workshop, which is just to get to the ugly inside of ourselves and love that part. My teacher, she used to always say that to me, love to go ugly because I was always worried about how I look and it was so freeing to just let it all go and to learn to love our shadow self and that there’s nothing wrong with that and to meld and merge all parts of our being to be one. Because instead of thinking, “Okay, I need to be really put together and look a certain way and dress a certain way,” you can do that one day and then the next day, you can dress completely different and then the next day, you can dress completely different. It’s like freedom and permission to just be where you are in that moment, which again comes back to the physical body telling you what it wants.

‏‏That sounds so yummy.


‏‏I need a challenge. It’s a seven day challenge. It’s called Awaken Your Inner Goddess Seven Day Challenge. Listeners, if you want to join us, just join our Facebook group Awaken Your Inner Goddess Seven Day Challenge. I just feel like we’re so aligned with our message and what we teach women, where one of the days was a central movement, allowing them to start with hip circles. Because women get so disconnected. They start living up there in their heads, up in their chest. They’re so disconnected from this base chakra that read sensual sexy part of them and they forget to move it. There are so many blocks. Every time we have traumas, it gets locked in our bodies so we need to release it also in a somatic way, in a way that we’ll release it through the body.


‏‏One of my women, that day was one of the most important days for her because she said, “Oh my God, it’s been years. I forgot to move my hips.” It’s not about the external shift, it’s about the internal shift. When she started, she was bald, no makeup, glasses, really, all about the spirit and none about the physical heiress as a woman. As the days progressed, she started putting red lipstick and made her feel so sensual, just started connecting to her body. She’s growing her hair now. She’s getting out of the box of just being a spiritual being with no body, incorporating the fact that she is a beautiful sensual woman. She’s more alive. There is more color in her face. She’s radiant.

‏‏Absolutely. Moun and I for sure have both experienced that. I think we both found our spirituality and went straight to the light and we’re rooted in that. I think I can speak for myself. I associated that sexual side of me and that sensual erotic side of me as bad. I deemed it bad and I shut it off and I turned it off because of past experiences and now, so much of what we do is around that and around giving ourselves permission to feel that way, which again, as what Moun said, we are here on this physical plain to experience what it is, to express consciousness through a human form. And what better way to do that by getting in touch with our body. Just because we’re sensual and sexual, it doesn’t mean we’re having sex. That’s a misconception. It doesn’t mean you have to run out and sleep with everyone. It’s actually the opposite. Cultivate that sex magic within yourself and put that towards creation. The sexual energy is our creative force. When we can unlock, just like you said, using the hip rocking, that is like unlocking our creative potential. It’s passion filled, and it’s streamlined, and it’s focused, and it’s potent, and it’s precise, and it’s exciting. It’s a really beautiful experience. For both of us, to wake up that part of myself and to no longer shame and blame it, but to ignite the two and be like, “Wow, I love feeling sexy. I love dancing sexy. It makes me feel so connected to myself.”

‏‏How about you, Moun?

‏‏I completely agree. I, from going to India and having my first spiritual awakening at a Buddhist Monastery, I thought that that’s the way that I needed to be, that I needed to become a nun and really push all my worldly needs and just shave my head and wear the robes, which is perfectly fine. I respect and I honor that. I think that there is a person for that. I realized much work and literally received messages that my work was meant to be in the world, and to actually accept and receive all aspects of myself. After I started traditional tantra, it really makes sense that in a sense, we’re using every single one of our senses as a means to awaken. That means accepting every part of ourselves, bringing them all into unity because if you try to put something behind, or try to leave it under the rugs, or try to repress it, then it comes off in a contraction, in a fearful mode. I have to just look at everything. That’s why that’s such a huge part of the workshop where Rach leads the dance. That you look at every archetype, that you look at them and you see what comes. I had a lot of work to do around expressing my sexuality, which is still in the works because for a long time, I was totally repressed. Again, if something is repressed, it’s because there’s something wrong. It needs to be expressed. It needs to be looked at every single part of yourself. You need to look, understand technology. That way, you can look through and learn your lesson. Otherwise, it stays there, makes a home, moves in, and next thing you see, 50 years have gone by and you’re contracting, you’re closed, you’re reserved, and you don’t know what happened. You didn’t really live this life, which is such a gift to be here. Unless I remind myself, I’m like, “Whoa, I’m still here. I made it another day so why not really express and be fully present.” And allow every aspect of yourself to be in the light.

‏‏Sexual expression is such an empowering thing. We can get spiritual through all of our sexual blueprints. I had an interview with a world renowned sexologist. Her name is Jaiya. It’s episode number three, if I remember, on this podcast, Stellar Life, episode number three with Jaiya. If you guys are interested, go and relisten to this episode because it’s so powerful. Jaiya is speaking about sexual blueprints, which are the sexual, the sensual, the kink, and the energetic, and then there is a shape shifter, which is just somebody who just can be all of them. We all have all of those archetypes but we mostly have one or two that are more dominant. Spiritual connection can be done through the obvious energetic, which is more like a tantric sex, which is a very spiritual practice, but it also can be done through kink. It also can be done through sensuality or just straight on sexual intercourse. You can find your spiritual connection in all of your desires.

‏‏Yes, absolutely.

‏‏Mhm. That was a very interesting revelation for me. I’ve done a year-long mastermind with Jaiya. She was my sexual mentor, one of them. Just learning about accepting all of me in that way was enlightening of the light, of the spirit, of God. Another thing that Jaiya did, that she shared with us is that she did this meditation where she got herself aroused but before the climax, she used her breathing, and she brought it up and thought about money and creating more money and abundance. In three months, she tripled her income by channelling her sexual energy. In his book Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about sexual transmutation. Napoleon Hill wrote a book in the 30’s where he went in for 20 years, interviewed the most powerful people in the world and he was writing about the laws of success and the traits of the most successful people on earth. One of the things that they all had in common was using that sexual energy to manifest success and manifest things in their lives.

‏‏Absolutely. I’m literally writing an article about this right now.

‏‏Oh, wow.

‏‏About ways to manifest that are not normal, which is sex, rebounding like bouncing on a trampoline.

‏‏I have a rebounder.

‏‏That’s great. That’s a great place to manifest. I completely agree. Actually, my partner and I had our vision board on our roof for that particular situation.

‏‏You had this where?

‏‏On the roof of our bedroom.

‏‏Oh, wow.

‏‏Ceiling, not roof. The ceiling, I’m sorry. When the time of climax came, you could visually put your energy there.

‏‏Wow. That’s awesome. There were women in the workshop that were sharing amazing transformations and breakthroughs. Can you share with us a story or two about something that happened to one of the women in your community that changed her life forever?

‏‏One of our good friends, Julia, said she came to our first workshop, which was in December of this past year. I think there were 16 girls. When we first started doing the workshop, they were eight. I think it was none hours long because I really liked to give integration time. It’s really important for the women to dialogue together. She had a lot of questions and it was very beautiful and opening for her and then she came to the class that you were at as well. During the first workshop, we have a portion where two women face each other, they put their hand on each other’s hearts and they say, “This is what I see right now.” And she had this woman reflect all these really powerful, beautiful things to her. I think through the workshop and afterwards, coming to this workshop just a month ago, she now believes all of those things whereas before, she did not. I think it’s really powerful to have the patience with this discovery. It’s not about I’m going to do this and my life is changed forever. It’s I’m going to do this and I’m ready to change my life forever.

It’s not about I’m going to do this and my life is changed forever. It’s I’m going to do this and I’m ready to change my life forever. Click To Tweet

‏‏Beautiful distinction.

‏‏One other thing that I know that has worked for Julia, it’s something that we bring up. It’s a massive part of the workshop, is understanding that it’s a discipline. That’s why we call it a discipline of worship. It takes practice and you have to have the discipline to put in the work every single day. I’m not telling you that you need to meditate for one hour, do every single practice because otherwise, you won’t have a life. But know what it is that you can do but do something everyday. Do something. One thing every single day that is probably a practice that you know that allow you to connect to yourself, that allow you to strengthen that ability to rely on yourself, to remember that you’re your own best friend. It takes the discipline. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have the discipline to be doing the practices that we do every single day even if there are days that I don’t feel like sitting. I know how good I feel afterwards so I do it. You know what I mean? It’s just like okay, I’m reminded. Moon, after you sit, you feel connected, you’re at ease, your mind is open. Boom! Okay, today, I have one hour. Amazing. I’m going to sit for one hour. Today, I have 10 minutes. I’m going to sit for 10 minutes but I sit every single day. But that’s just my physical. I have found that that works for me. For everyone, it’s different. You have to find what it is that works for you and have the discipline to show up everyday. That’s why we call it the discipline of worship, because you worship yourself, you worship your process and your roles, so therefore, you show up everyday.

‏‏We were just in New York doing our workshop, the re occurring thing that comes up is women always feel connected to themselves. They’re like, “Wow, I feel so connected. I don’t want to lose this feeling.” Which therefore shows me that a lot of the time, we’re not fully connected to ourselves. I forgot the book that I was reading but they’re saying that depression really stems from being disconnected to your higher self. As Moun exactly said, the reason why we call it the discipline of worship is because our parents have said, “You got to be disciplined. You got to be disciplined.” It gives it this negative connotation. The word worship is so magnificent because the discipline of worship is about what you decide is right for you because you are deciding that day. You know what today, I need to give myself a face mask and then I’m going to take a nice 15 minute walk in nature. That is the discipline of worship, it’s being in tune with what it is that makes you feel connected to yourself and doing that everyday. It’s really getting out of the idea that needs it to be restrictive and it needs to be work. It’s really pleasure filled when you can allow it to be that way. Two days ago, I woke up really not feeling well. The course of action that I took was I rebounded for 15 minutes and then I dry brushed my body and then I took a shower and then I meditated. I felt significantly better. I meditated for maybe 15 minutes. Those are all really attainable, easy things. It’s not like I’m going to a course and being there for a couple of hours. It’s just being in tune with what it is that you need so that you can feel connected to yourself because that’s literally the thing that almost every single woman says at the end of the worship. Wow, I feel so connected to myself.

‏‏People think that success happens overnight. We can blink and everything’s going to be amazing. It’s true for relationship or business and also with connecting with ourselves. It’s not that you wake up one day and you’re fully in love, enlightened, and feeling amazing. It’s a journey and you have to take little steps each day. But if you’re going to love yourself a little bit everyday, then in a few months, a year from now, you’re going to love yourself so much. Even when you feel really awakened, you are just facing the fact that awakening, there are many levels of awaken and it’s more of like moments of awaken rather than being awakened all the time 24/7. But the more you grow, the more tools you have and self discipline for worship, then you can bounce back like a cork. When you put a cork in water, it always floats up. You want to get to a place where even you’re down, you’re coming back up as soon as possible.

‏‏Yeah, absolutely.

‏‏How do you build your community?

‏‏Oh my Gosh, I’m going to let you to that because I arrived in a golden platter of a community ready with open arms because of Rach. I had her and she’s like, “Come on sister. I have some people you need to meet.” Obviously, there are a few of them that are closer with her. She’d been building this community since she moved here. So, I’ll let you.

‏‏Yeah, I moved to LA four years ago from New York with really the desire to find like minded people. I think the idea of how to attract that is really being rooted in what it is that you want. I came here. I moved here and I was in the yes land. I was saying yes to the things that I wanted to say yes to and no to the things that I didn’t want to do. And then, beautifully enough, that led me to my partner, Johann, and we met and fell in love and have been together for four and a half years now. We created that community together. It was really just attracting these beautiful people and we actually have created a WhatsApp chat, where there’s I think probably 80 of us on the chat. They’re all over the world. A lot of them are in LA. But we stay connected. We’re very connected. We gather together a lot. We have a friend of ours, Josephine, who lives in Topanga as well, who has incredible potluck dinners. We meditate together. We live in community. Two of our best friends live below us in a duplex. We’re really just about getting together, we meditate together. We go dance together. We work out together. We hike together. We cook together. We’re in this conversation constantly because we just attracted other people who want to grow and want to learn. I feel so blessed to have the community that I do because my toolbox grew exponentially because everyone else has their own special little tools and we’re all willing to share and grow together. It’s pretty magnificent to have like minded people who are supportive and who want you in your highest around you all the time.

‏‏That’s beautiful. What are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

‏‏Community. Have like minded people who support you around you all the time, who want you as your highest version of yourself, and self love. Self love, self love all day. Love yourself. When you listen to a love song and you’re imaging it about a guy or whatever, sing that love song to yourself. You are the one that you’ve been waiting for. And then take joy in every single moment. Take joy in the pain. Take joy in struggle because it’s me and you to the rainbow and the stars. It’s joy and pleasure and sensuality. It’s really all about the lessons and the blessing. That’s all there really is. If you look at life, what am I learning here, what can I take that allows me to grow or how am I being of service to someone else. That’s like, how can I be of service to you or how can I learn something from you. Because that just changes everything. There’s no taking. We’re in the constant state of getting and receiving. I think that the number one thing, like Rach said, is definitely self love because everything stems from that. Your relationship to everything and everyone around you comes from the relationship that you have with yourself. Having that time for yourself. Giving yourself the time and the space to integrate, to be with yourself, to do self inquiry, to see what works and what makes you happy and what makes you come alive and do those things everyday. Be strong for people that lift you up. Association is a massive part of this process because we’re not meant to be doing this alone. We’re not living in a cave by ourselves, we’ve chosen to be here and be with all the people that remind us of ourselves, of who we truly are.

‏‏Life is really about connection. That is the number one reason why we’re here. It’s to feel connected to ourselves and connected to others.

‏‏Where can people find you?

‏‏wildwoman.co. Instagram is @itsmemoun and @postivepringle.

‏‏I like that. Wonderful. Thank you so much Rachel and Moun.

‏‏Thank you.

‏‏Thank you. This was such a high vibe, beautiful conversation. Thank you so much for facilitating.

‏‏I’m smiling here. Thank you. I’m just feeling so ignited, thanks sister.

‏‏Thank you.

‏‏Thank you so much. Thank you for joining me on my mission to light people up and change lives around the world. I hope today’s conversation inspires you to step up, go after the life of your dreams and be who you want to be. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to go to stellarlifepodcast.com for show notes, transcript, and other cool stuff. And please, subscribe, review, and help spread the word by sharing us on Facebook and Twitter. Have a lovely day and I’ll catch you on the next episode.

Your Checklist Actions to Take

✓ Surround yourself with like minded people who support and encourage you to be your highest self.

✓ Sing love songs to yourself and love yourself no matter what. The relationships you have with other people comes from your relationship with yourself. 

✓ Understand that you are enough as your are and that is okay. You don’t need to please others or accept their opinions of you. 

✓ Practice a self-love meditation where you tell your body that you love it and worship your organs that work completely on their own without you having to do anything. 

✓ Focus on staying in a positive flow state and not judging other people or critiquing their bodies.

✓ Nourish your body by not having negative associations with food. Bless your food and show gratitude as you allow your body to eat what it wants and needs for optimum health. 

✓ Practice yoga to understand your body, helping you grow more powerful and aware of its beauty. 

✓ Breathe deeply through your diaphragm and practice breath work to recalibrate your nervous system and break patterns of anxiety. 

✓ Hug someone for 20 seconds straight to release oxytocin and have a deeper physical connection.

✓ Dance, move and work on expressing your sexuality by embracing every part of yourself to live your life as the gift it is meant to be. 

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