Episode 74 | July 25, 2017

Body Image, Self Love & Spirit: Moun D’Simone and Rachel Pringle

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Mission #74

On Board: Moun D’Simone & Rachel Pringle
Mission: Body Image, Self Love & Spirit

The Co-Pilot:

As women, many of us go through life struggling with our body image. We imagine that if only we were thinner, younger, prettier, or in better shape, our lives would somehow be perfect. Today, you’ll be let in on a little secret: even thin, young, beautiful women in fantastic shape can have body image issues and unhealthy relationships with food. It isn’t your body itself that matters, but rather your mindset and accepting and loving your body that can bring you true happiness.

Today’s special guests are Moun D’Simone and Rachel Pringle and they are here to talk about breathwork, self-expression, food, spirituality, and reclaiming your wild woman. Together they founded Wild Woman, an immersive women’s workshop that I recently attended and found incredibly moving and inspirational. Listen in as they offer insight into how to discover body love and help you connect to that part of you that is wild, sensual & free.

Connect With Moun and Rachel:

Moun D’Simone on Wild Woman
Moun D’Simone on Instagram
Moun D’Simone on Pinterest
Rachel Pringle on Wild Woman
Rachel Pringle on Instagram
Rachel Pringle on Twitter
Wild Woman

The Mission Log:

  • [03:12] – Rachel starts things off by talking about how she and Moun met and decided to create Wild Woman. Moun then expands on what Rachel has been saying.
  • [05:38] – Orion shares her personal experiences in Moun and Rachel’s workshop recently.
  • [06:57] – Rachel and Moun talk about how working in partnership instead of individually has been for them. Orion then chimes in to talk about how powerful women can be, and the pressure to fit inside a box.
  • [10:55] – How do Moun and Rachel deal with criticism and rejection when they’re showing their true colors in the world?
  • [13:39] – Rachel points out how lucky she and Moun are to be surrounded by a high-vibrational community of people willing to see their own issues.
  • [15:46] – We hear more about the bridge that Rachel and Moun have built between modeling and spirituality.
  • [16:49] – As two models with perfect bodies, did Rachel and Moun have body image issues? Surprisingly, they both did, and they explain in some detail.
  • [20:40] – Rachel talks about what having had a bad relationship with food looked like in her past, and talks us through what she has discovered about her diet.
  • [22:40] – Moun takes a turn talking about her previous unhealthy relationship with food.
  • [25:33] – What are some of the tools that helped Moun transition into her current, much healthier relationship with eating?
  • [26:42] – Orion explains the power of breathwork, and then we hear more about it from our guests.
  • [29:48] – One of the things that Orion particularly liked about the Wild Woman workshop she attended is the physical connection she experienced there.
  • [31:01] – What advice would Moun and Rachel offer someone who is struggling with an abusive relationship with food?
  • [33:45] – Rachel and Orion talk about Abraham-Hicks, specifically in relation to food and the importance of your state of mind.
  • [37:23] – Moun discusses the book Women Who Run With the Wolves and its powerful impact on her.
  • [38:49] – What is a wild woman?
  • [42:04] – Rachel and Moun offer advice for going from being a woman who is addicted to the idea of glamour and restricted by the opinions of those around her to blooming into a wild flower.
  • [46:01] – Orion talks about her Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-day challenge, sharing the story of one inspirational participant.
  • [48:01] – Rachel expands on what Orion has been saying, talking about her previous perspective of her sexual and sensual side as being “bad.”
  • [49:44] – Moun shares her perspective on expressing her sexuality, which was a part of her that was repressed for a long time.
  • [51:34] – Sexual expression is an empowering thing, Orion explains, talking about her conversation with Jaiya.
  • [54:04] – Rachel is currently writing an article about the topics that Orion has been discussing.
  • [55:17] – We hear a story about the impact of Rachel and Moun’s program. Moun then offers a piece of advice that has been successful for their clients.
  • [58:04] – The recurring thing that comes up in their workshops is that women feel connected to themselves, Rachel explains.
  • [61:18] – How did Rachel and Moun build their community?
  • [63:38] – Rachel offers her three top tips for living a stellar life: 1. Community: have like-minded people who support you around you all the time. 2. Self-love. 3. Take joy in every single moment. Moun then responds, elaborating on what Rachel has said.

Links and Resources:

Moun D’Simone on Wild Woman
Moun D’Simone on Instagram
Moun D’Simone on Pinterest
Rachel Pringle on Wild Woman
Rachel Pringle on Instagram
Rachel Pringle on Twitter
Wild Woman
Ask and It Is Given
Esther Hicks
Women Who Run With the Wolves
Deena Levy
Awaken Your Inner Goddess 7-day challenge
Jaiya on Stellar Life
Think and Grow Rich


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