Episode 38 Part 2 | November 15, 2016

Hacking Your Mind with Dave Asprey Part Two

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Mission #38 Part 2

On Board: Dave Asprey
Mission: Hacking Your Mind Part Two

The Co-Pilot:

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’ve already heard part one of our two-part series with Dave Asprey (and if you haven’t, go listen to it and then come back — it’s great!). While you probably already know quite a bit about Dave from the previous episode, he’s remarkable enough to deserve a recap. He’s the author of New York Times bestselling book The Bulletproof Diet, and the man behind the other Bulletproof products such as Bulletproof Coffee and Bulletproof Radio. Thanks to his expertise in biohacking, he fully intends to live to be 180 years old — and he’s dedicated to sharing his knowledge and advice.

In this second part of the two-part series, Dave gives listeners a plethora of valuable (and interesting!) information. We learn about his experience with stem cell injections into the brain, the profound effect that mold can have on health and even personality, and his plans for the forthcoming Bulletproof Labs. Finally, he spends a while talking about neurofeedback, offering a compelling depiction of its potential benefits.

Connect With Dave Asprey:
@bulletproofexec on Twitter
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The Mission Log:

  • [03:37] — Dave talks briefly about the term “hacking” as related to the body and mind.
  • [04:07] — We learn that Dave is one of only two people in the world who have had prophylactic stem cell injections into the brain.
  • [04:48] — Dave’s documentary about mold, called MOLDY, actually helped Orion’s sister, as we learn here. Dave then goes on to give some information about the making of the documentary.
  • [06:36] — Orion gives us some more insight into what she saw in her sister, and Dave responds with advice about when to get rid of your current doctor.
  • [07:47] — It took about six weeks of Dave’s life to make the documentary, and several hundred thousand dollars, but he says it’s all worth it if helped Orion’s sister, even if it hadn’t impacted anyone else.
  • [10:21] — Dave’s next book is about mitochondria, and he explains why.
  • [10:54] — It turns out Dave already has a lot of the equipment that will be at the forthcoming Bulletproof Labs (which will be in Santa Monica), and tests it all on himself.
  • [11:57] — Orion talks about her own experience with the REDcharger that will be available when the lab opens. She said that it made her feel as relaxed as if she’d spent all day at the beach.
  • [12:32] — The virtual floating tank is Orion’s favorite of the equipment she tried. Dave explains more about what a floating tank is, and both the problems and the benefits associated with it. He also tells us how the tank he designed is different than a traditional tank (you don’t even need to get wet!).
  • [15:12] — Some people who have used these tanks have experienced things that could be dreams or flashes of a past life. Consciously getting into a theta state is where all the good things happen, Dave explains.
  • [16:38] — Dave elaborates on what neurofeedback is. He describes it as holding a mirror up to the brain in a way it can understand.
  • [18:20] — To illustrate how neurofeedback works, Dave compares the idea of being in a Zen monastery to meditating with rubber bumpers. He then goes on to talk about neurofeedback augmented retrofeeding, which lets you reset certain things in your brain.
  • [20:39] — Dave tells us what effect this had on other people in his life who has tried it. He says it quiets the negative voice most of us hear. The invisible self-sabotaging parts become visible.
  • [22:14] — You can replace years of meditation with a few years of neurofeedback. Dave explains its other benefits, including an increase in intelligence.
  • [23:56] — Dave tells us his three tips for living a stellar life: 1. Practice gratitude every day. 2. Accept that if you have a food craving, it’s your fault. 3. Address your physical issues.

Your Pre-Flight Checklist:

Watch Dave’s documentary MOLDY. If it leads you to believe that you may be suffering from mold-related issues, take steps to ensure your home is mold-free.

Research neurotherapy and contact a provider in your area to discuss whether it’s right for you. It tends to be costly, but the results can be priceless.

Every night, find three things you’re grateful for. Write them down in a journal to get in the habit of identifying and expressing gratitude.

Links and Resources:


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Watch Dave’s documentary MOLDY. If it leads you to believe that you may be suffering from mold-related issues- take steps to ensure your home is mold-free.


✓ Research neurotherapy and contact a provider in your area to discuss whether it’s right for you. It tends to be costly, but the results can be priceless.


✓ Every night, find three things you’re grateful for. Write them down in a journal to get in the habit of identifying and expressing gratitude.


✓ If you’re having a food craving, it’s your fault. The next time you have one, instead of indulging or actively fighting it, stop and try to figure out why you’re having it.


✓ It’s difficult to generate enough energy to fix your mind if you’re working with broken hardware (your body). Identify and work toward fixing any physical health problems that you have.



O: Hi! Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I’m your host, Orion, and today my guest is somebody that I was waiting for months and months on end in order to be able to speak with him. Man, it was worth the wait, he is brilliant and I like everything about him. His name is Dave Asprey, he is the founder of Bulletproof Executive, he is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent two decades and over $300,000 to hack his own biology. Dave lost 100 pounds without counting calories or excessive exercise, used techniques to upgrade his IQ and lowered his biological age while learning to sleep more efficiently in less time. Learning to do these seemingly impossible things transformed him into a better entrepreneur, a better husband and a better father. How amazing is that? He is the creator of the wildly popular Bulletproof Coffee. That coffee with butter that some of your friends are swearing by. He is the host of the radio show, the number one health podcast, Bulletproof Radio. Dave has millions and millions of listeners and he’s the author of New York Times bestselling book, The Bulletproof Diet which is one of my favorite books. I have two copies and I was actually at the opening party for the book that Dave held. That was a unique experience, that was the first time I met Mr. Dave Asprey, and then I saw him at a Brendon Burchard event, and then I saw him at the Bulletproof conference which is his conference which is incredible. This man is changing the world one technology at a time. Because the information is so important and so dense and because Dave is so amazing, I decided to do something really unique and special with this episode and I just split it into two. One is about hacking your brain and one is about hacking your body. This is part one about hacking your body. Dave and I spoke about stem cells, how you get stem cells from your own adipose tissue and bone marrow, where you can inject in your body and what it does for you. It was really interesting because of the Bulletproof conference, there was this stem cell doctor who showed us a video of an arthritic dog and the dog was a 12 year old dog, couldn’t walk up or down the stairs. You saw the video, you cringed, you felt so sorry for that dog. And then a few months later, couple of months later after they injected stem cells to the dog, the dog starts walking really well and then three months later the dog is jumping and that was extraordinary. There is so many new age technologies out there, so many new technologies that are not included in the normal medical world. There’s a lot of information and Dave and I talked about some of it here and some of it in part two. This man is fascinating and I encourage you to sit and listen, this was also a pretty entertaining episode as well. If you really enjoyed this episode, please review and share with your friends. I know that some of the information here can save someone’s life, so please share it with somebody else. Ladies, if you wanna join me on  facebook/groups/stellarlife, I would love to have you. If you wanna know more about the episodes, go to www.stellarlifepodcast.com and you could also find more information about me, if you wanna reach me or contact me personally, and now onto this incredible show.

O: Let’s talk about brain hacking because you coined that term too and probably did not trademark it as well.

D: I don’t know if I coined that, I might have. The whole idea of “hacking the human body” is something that I’m one of the very first people to talk about that. Now you see five health hacks in Cosmo which is totally cool.


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