Episode 38 Part 2 | November 15, 2016

Hacking Your Mind with Dave Asprey Part Two

A Personal Note from Orion

This week I am speaking with someone whom I look up to in many ways, and who is revolutionizing the way which we can take control of our body and health, and biohack our way to long, healthy lives. His research and knowledge on toxic mold literally saved my sister’s life! Dave Asprey may have become notable due to his Bulletproof Coffee, but he has contributed so much more than that to helping us improve our health and our lives.

From injecting stem cells into your brain to finding the diet that helps you lose weight, we share the ways in which you can look and feel younger, smarter, and stronger… as Dave says, “nothing is impossible” – no matter what any medical professional or fitness trainer says, you can achieve the body of your dreams to support the lifestyle you want.



In this Episode

  • [03:37] — Dave talks briefly about the term “hacking” as related to the body and mind.
  • [04:07] — We learn that Dave is one of only two people in the world who have had prophylactic stem cell injections into the brain.
  • [04:48] — Dave’s documentary about mold, called MOLDY, actually helped Orion’s sister, as we learn here. Dave then goes on to give some information about the making of the documentary.
  • [06:36] — Orion gives us some more insight into what she saw in her sister, and Dave responds with advice about when to get rid of your current doctor.
  • [07:47] — It took about six weeks of Dave’s life to make the documentary, and several hundred thousand dollars, but he says it’s all worth it if helped Orion’s sister, even if it hadn’t impacted anyone else.
  • [10:21] — Dave’s next book is about mitochondria, and he explains why.
  • [10:54] — It turns out Dave already has a lot of the equipment that will be at the forthcoming Bulletproof Labs (which will be in Santa Monica), and tests it all on himself.
  • [11:57] — Orion talks about her own experience with the REDcharger that will be available when the lab opens. She said that it made her feel as relaxed as if she’d spent all day at the beach.
  • [12:32] — The virtual floating tank is Orion’s favorite of the equipment she tried. Dave explains more about what a floating tank is, and both the problems and the benefits associated with it. He also tells us how the tank he designed is different than a traditional tank (you don’t even need to get wet!).
  • [15:12] — Some people who have used these tanks have experienced things that could be dreams or flashes of a past life. Consciously getting into a theta state is where all the good things happen, Dave explains.
  • [16:38] — Dave elaborates on what neurofeedback is. He describes it as holding a mirror up to the brain in a way it can understand.
  • [18:20] — To illustrate how neurofeedback works, Dave compares the idea of being in a Zen monastery to meditating with rubber bumpers. He then goes on to talk about neurofeedback augmented retrofeeding, which lets you reset certain things in your brain.
  • [20:39] — Dave tells us what effect this had on other people in his life who has tried it. He says it quiets the negative voice most of us hear. The invisible self-sabotaging parts become visible.
  • [22:14] — You can replace years of meditation with a few years of neurofeedback. Dave explains its other benefits, including an increase in intelligence.
  • [23:56] — Dave tells us his three tips for living a stellar life: 1. Practice gratitude every day. 2. Accept that if you have a food craving, it’s your fault. 3. Address your physical issues.

About Today’s Show

‏‏Hi! Welcome to Stellar Life podcast. I’m your host, Orion, and today my guest is somebody that I was waiting for months and months on end in order to be able to speak with him. Man, it was worth the wait, he is brilliant and I like everything about him. His name is Dave Asprey, he is the founder of Bulletproof Executive, he is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent two decades and over $300,000 to hack his own biology. Dave lost 100 pounds without counting calories or excessive exercise, used techniques to upgrade his IQ and lowered his biological age while learning to sleep more efficiently in less time. Learning to do these seemingly impossible things transformed him into a better entrepreneur, a better husband and a better father. How amazing is that? He is the creator of the wildly popular Bulletproof Coffee. That coffee with butter that some of your friends are swearing by. He is the host of the radio show, the number one health podcast, Bulletproof Radio. Dave has millions and millions of listeners and he’s the author of New York Times bestselling book, The Bulletproof Diet which is one of my favorite books. I have two copies and I was actually at the opening party for the book that Dave held. That was a unique experience, that was the first time I met Mr. Dave Asprey, and then I saw him at a Brendon Burchard event, and then I saw him at the Bulletproof conference which is his conference which is incredible. This man is changing the world one technology at a time. Because the information is so important and so dense and because Dave is so amazing, I decided to do something really unique and special with this episode and I just split it into two. One is about hacking your brain and one is about hacking your body. This is part one about hacking your body. Dave and I spoke about stem cells, how you get stem cells from your own adipose tissue and bone marrow, where you can inject in your body and what it does for you. It was really interesting because of the Bulletproof conference, there was this stem cell doctor who showed us a video of an arthritic dog and the dog was a 12 year old dog, couldn’t walk up or down the stairs. You saw the video, you cringed, you felt so sorry for that dog. And then a few months later, couple of months later after they injected stem cells to the dog, the dog starts walking really well and then three months later the dog is jumping and that was extraordinary. There is so many new age technologies out there, so many new technologies that are not included in the normal medical world. There’s a lot of information and Dave and I talked about some of it here and some of it in part two. This man is fascinating and I encourage you to sit and listen, this was also a pretty entertaining episode as well. If you really enjoyed this episode, please review and share with your friends. I know that some of the information here can save someone’s life, so please share it with somebody else. Ladies, if you wanna join me on  facebook/groups/stellarlife, I would love to have you. If you wanna know more about the episodes, go to www.stellarlifepodcast.com and you could also find more information about me, if you wanna reach me or contact me personally, and now onto this incredible show.

‏‏Let’s talk about brain hacking because you coined that term too and probably did not trademark it as well.

‏‏I don’t know if I coined that, I might have. The whole idea of “hacking the human body” is something that I’m one of the very first people to talk about that. Now you see five health hacks in Cosmo which is totally cool.

‏‏You actually took stem cells from your adipose tissue and your bone marrow and because you had some leftovers you decided to be one of the two people in the world to inject it into your brain because that’s what you do.

‏‏There are probably more than two people who stuck their stem cells in their brain but they all had advanced stage Parkinson’s or Alzheimers, I’m one of the two people to do it prophylactically. What would happen if with a perfectly healthy brain, if I injected some stem cells so it can be more than perfectly healthy and maybe deal with some old information or some old dramas, a lot of us have hit our heads. I used to mountain bike a lot, I used to play soccer and I’ve had traumatic brain injury from chemical induction from living in a house with toxic mold. What other damage in the house can cause direct brain damage, you can see on a radiological scan and that actually did happen to me in a pretty major way that’s why I did a documentary about it.

‏‏What’s the name of the documentary again?

‏‏It’s called Moldy, moldymovie.com

‏‏I watched it and my sister was exposed to mold. I’m so grateful for you to bring that up because I was able to help her and get her out of her place. Thank you so much.

‏‏Your sister had mold, you’re so welcome. I’ve had so many friends who did have mold, even two Bulletproof employees, actually three of them. It was really affecting their lives and they didn’t know it because you wouldn’t think about it, you feel like something is wrong with you, you; feel like maybe you’re weak.

‏‏Her whole personality changed and I was so worried about her and now thank God she moved into a different place. She’s back to her best self.

‏‏The reason I did that documentary. It took a lot of time, I flew around, had a film crew, I have some of the people who worked on $10 million Baby were behind that and Eric Troyer from Electric Light Orchestra did an original sound track for the movie. It’s a little bit overkill but these are good people who are on mission and I was fortunate to work with them. When I did all that stuff, it was because I knew that this is the single biggest source of kryptonite in people’s environment around them, half of the buildings at least have water damage and around 28% of us have genes that make us extra susceptible to mold. Mold causes cancer in everyone, it’s just bad for humans and it’s this feeling of I was doing okay and then I moved into this new apartment or something and now like my relationships have gone to hell. I’m not performing well at work, I flip people off on traffic and maybe I’m just a jerk. I have the accelerators all the way down to the floor and it’s not working anymore. I can’t go any faster and then you don’t sleep well and then you get sinus infections, pneumonia and then you get weird rashes and all these weird things happens to you and your doctor tells you you’re crazy cause that happened to me.

‏‏The world changes, you become a different person, it really creates a mental condition.

‏‏You saw that in your sister, right?


‏‏It’s profound and words don’t explain. That is why I interviewed a dozen people in the movie who have been exposed and a dozen medical professionals who say this is real. You go to the average doctor, probably your sister went to ten different doctors, and they’re like you must be crazy, you have some psychoactive compounds here because there’s no way you could have ten stem cells all at once. You’re just a hypochondriac, and like that is so evil. If a doctor tells you you’re a hypochondriac, you should probably get a new doctor.

If a doctor tells you you’re a hypochondriac, you should probably get a new doctor. Click To Tweet

‏‏And you know when I knew that she had mold and that was it, I was so blessed to watch the movie just before that. I’m from Israel and I visited. My fiancé and I, she gave us her apartment and I got so sick in her apartment. I saw there was something there and I saw some black on the walls and that’s where I understood that this is what’s going on and that is really because you made that movie, because you stood up and you weren’t afraid to share that. You made an effort and that goes back to how caring and loving you are in helping other people. Thank you again, Dave.

‏‏It’s an honor and pleasure to be able to help and just to know that I have that effect, that’s why I did it. If you do like the math, it took about six focus weeks of my life when I was on airplanes and in front of cameras to do that documentary. Six weeks of work days, that’s time away from the kids and a couple hundred grand to make the movie. That said, just what you told me there, if all I had done was spend six weeks of my life to take someone who is probably going to die neurodegenerative illness or have a really, really, crappy quality of life and spread all that darkness. You’re angry all the time when you’re with mold. Your ability to regulate your emotions goes down. If all that movie did was help your sister, it would have still been a good use of six weeks of time. When you do the math and you realize that there’s probably a couple hundred thousand views of the movie now, I’m working to get it on Netflix or Hulu or something like that. James from FoodMatters.tv is helping me out on that which I’m really grateful for. That’s a really good network. You can get Moldy on there as well by the way. I’m going around like how do I get more people to see this. I don’t think it paid for itself but the message around mold is much bigger than me or bigger than Bulletproof. It’s one of those things triggering Autism, triggering Alzheimer’s, triggering lots of different things. It’s not the only cause, it’s just a major trigger of neurodegeneration so we got to do something about this. We caused it in the way that we’ve abused our soil with chemicals. The soil’s rising up, its gonna kick our ass if we don’t pay attention. In some small way, I hope the movie gets people to think about our soil.

‏‏Yes, Amen to that! I spent some beautiful days in the Bulletproof Conference and I loved it, it was amazing and I was one of those people who really loves adventures and they’re hungry for information. One of my top qualities is learner, I tried almost all the new technologies. It was crazy, you had all those beautiful technologies like the red charger and the virtual floating tank. You’re opening a facility in Santa Monica where I live which is great and I can’t wait for it to open up already. Just near your coffee house, just where my old hair salon was, actually.

‏‏So you actually used the hair salon that became Bulletproof labs, that’s so funny.

‏‏I know, isn’t it cool? Can you talk a little bit about the technologies there? When are you gonna open this beautiful, incredible facility?

‏‏Part of hacking the human body is getting a signal into the body that your body listens to. My next book is about mitochondria cause these little tiny former bacteria that are now the power plants in our cells, they kind of call the shots and they listen to the environment around you all the time. You can manipulate pressure, temperature, vibration, and even manipulate light frequencies and magnetic frequencies and these parts of the body will listen and will change your body pretty dramatically very quickly. I’ve been doing this on my own, in fact downstairs from where we’re recording right now, there’s about 1300 square feet where I have an actual float tank, hyperbaric oxygen and most of the technologies that you’ll see at Bulletproof labs. This is my alpha, this is where I test the stuff, I actually test it all on myself. I actually barely have enough time in the day to do all the stuff that I have. It probably goes to waste. Today I didn’t have much time. But when I do it, it makes me stronger and younger and it makes my skin look better, makes my heart work better, makes me leaner, it’s transforming. It gives me this ability to do what I do and still be present for myself and for my family. The Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica, we’re actually making this available to the public. We have the red charger which is the new bulletproof product that’s meant for facilities and it has 40,000 red and infrared LED lights on it. You lay on the thing, it recharges you. It turns out your body has these things called cytochromes which are part of your mitochondria and they can accept photons especially red ones and it actually recharges your body in a direct electrical way. You feel really good, did you feel it?

‏‏We could only try it for five minutes and I wasn’t naked, I was in the conference so I only had just a few parts of my body exposed to the red light. I felt so rejuvenated. It kind of felt like after five minutes like I just spend the whole day at the beach. I’m so relaxed and happy and that the warmth of the sun is running through my veins.

‏‏It’s a good description, it does feel kinda like a deep warming from the infrared but it’s not like a sauna at all. The red light is important, you don’t get that in the sauna.

‏‏One of my favorite, I think this is my favorite, is the virtual floating tank. My brain is so over active, I did a brain scan with Amen Clinic and my brain never stops. That virtual floating tank, I can’t wait to do it again. The feeling was incredible. Can you share a little bit about it?

‏‏Sure. I love my float tank. Floating is really good. Float tanks have a few problems, having operated one at my house for year, you need 1200 pounds of salt and they’re full of salt water. When you lay in a float tank, the salt water messes up your hair in a major way. It also dries out your skin and then have to shower before and shower afterwards. At a public facility, there’s chemicals involved. I recommend everyone try the float tank, it’s really a cool thing.

‏‏Yeah, I tried it. I liked it.

‏‏It’s a way to mediation because you remove a lot of the things that get in the way of peaceful meditation. The bodily sensations, temperature changes, all that stuff goes away. Great technology, highly recommended. For me to be able to run a facility and how people come in and out, I was a little concerned about the talks of mold problem of having constantly wet environments like that, as well as having salt crystals everywhere which is what my downstairs look like, there’s like salt everywhere. I came up with the virtual float tank; which you lay down in this thing and its spins around like a record player and you tried it. It sound weird, you’re also wear light sound goggles, we control what you hear and your eyes are closed but there’s flashing lights. Between the frequencies that we use on the flashing lights and the vestibular activation comes from spinning around, you drop into what’s called theta state, the same thing that you get in a normal flotation tank, but you drop in really quickly and deeper. Three minutes is all it takes. You wanna be in there for longer than that but that’s how long it takes to get into the zone. It might take you 20 minutes in a normal tank. I didn’t have to shower before, I didn’t have to shower afterwards. My hair looks fine, in fact it wasn’t even sweaty and we pump oxygen in there when you’re in there too so you get an oxygen treatment at the same time. It’s just more time effective and more efficient. We have that at Bulletproof labs and it’s a really profound technology, we’re using it for relaxation, rejuvenation and stuff like that but the effects it has go way, way deeper for people who have specific issues that they wanna work on.

‏‏Right and just colors and patterns, it was really nice. What the guy did helped with operating the tank was saying is that it was my mind that was creating the patterns and the colors, right?

‏‏Yeah, it’s amazing. People, they’ll see things that could be like past lives, dreams, unicorns, you go into a really strong daydreaming state.

‏‏I wanna see unicorns.

‏‏It depends. Just watch out for the rainbows and unicorns, that’s not you’re thinking it is. It’s the whole problem. You knew what I was talking about. The funny thing is whether they’re dreams or not, I look at theta state as how you connect to your creativity and your intuition. This is stuff that as adults, we’ve learned to automatically crash our theta state during the day cause we don’t want to be daydreaming in meetings because it’s ineffective. But if you can consciously get into a theta state, that’s where all the good stuff happens. Things like new discoveries, new creations, and I consciously go into this. I actually trained myself to do that, that’s part of why I run the 40 Years Of Zen Neurofeedback Center. I spent 11 weeks of my life with the electrodes glued to my head and people are like, “Dave, how can you do all the stuff you do at Bulletproof, there’s too much going on.” Well, A, I have a good team and B, I’ve hacked the crap out of my brain so I can go into a theta state, I can go to an alpha state. I can be in a beta state and I can stick to it without spending a lot of effort. I can even go into delta states which are highly unusual and considered pathological because disordered delta state are pathological but ordered ones are useful. They just don’t teach that in most neuro-feedback schools that’s why I have my own.

‏‏For the people who do not know what neuro-feedback is or 40 Years of Zen is, can you elaborate Mr. Dave?

‏‏Neuro-feedback is the idea of connecting a computer to your head to read the electricity coming off your brain and you plug into a computer and then the computer does something with that to play it back to you. Your brain sucks at knowing what’s happening inside it. Every nerve except for one is pointing outside of the head. This is why in the Hand of Elektra movie, they can take off the top of your head and during brain surgery they actually do it while you’re awake. They can open up your head and poke in your brain, you don’t feel anything. It’s because there’s no nerves in there. The brain’s own sense of awareness is very, very limited but its sense of awareness of the world around you is big because you have all of your senses. What we’re doing here is we’re basically holding up a mirror to the brain in a way that it can understand. Normally, it’s done with sound and sometimes with light or with images. We actually do both of those in the 40 Years of Zen Neuro-Feedback program. What’s kind of interesting about this though is that it’s been happening since the late 50s and I’ve had my own neuro-feedback equipment at home since 1996 or 1997 around there, I tried it first at ‘96 and bought the equipment in ‘97. For 20 years, I’ve been doing this but I’ve been doing it really seriously for the last ten years with some of the top types of equipment and different training facilities around the world and just different neuroscientists to understand what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been doing it with CEO clients for about almost eight years now where I bring people to training sometimes with me or just with the trainers that I’ve trained in order to tie together this idea. We can show the brain what it’s doing but at the same time we can teach you techniques that come out of meditation and personal development. Imagine this, you’re in a Zen Monastery and you’re meditating. After you do it for a year, the Zen Master is like, “Nice job,” and raises one eyebrow. That’s your entire feedback for a year. I guess I did something right. It takes a long time which is why you have to wear a robe and eat gruel and all that stuff. What if you did it like I did, where my meditation is like rubber bumpers and lights. Anytime I meditate wrong, it gets quieter. What I can do is I can do a personal development process and one that I actually teach people, something called them neuro-feedback augmented retro framing. The idea is you experienced a set of things in your life growing up and as an adult and those things created your automated responses to the world. This is what your own conscience does. Well, you probably didn’t receive the optimal programming that way and all of that programming happens before you think about things which is why you act like a jerk and then you feel guilty about it later. What if you went back and you told your nervous system that you wanted to behave in a different way and you told your nervous system a different story about how it got programmed? It will believe what you tell it if you’re in the right state. We use the neuro-feedback to show you how to put yourself in reset mode so you can go back and you can reset all those things and then put in the programming that you want. We don’t put any programming in there, you decide. If you wanted a childhood where everyone loved you and you think the world’s full opportunity and there’s abundance all around you, you tell your nervous system that story and you’ll react to the world in that way before you think about it. What most of us do in personal development is we build all these mental constructs and try and force them into the subconscious. Why don’t we just talk directly to the subconscious, the language it understands, I can use computer to put myself into that mode and some teachings that go along with that. It’s hard work but it only takes five days. This is what’s changed my life, this is how you I do Bulletproof and I can be present, I can be a heart centered human. I used to have the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome and I was like an angry kind of a jerk most of the time.  I’m afraid to hurt human beings because I realized that most of the stories I tell myself about the world around me were not accurate, they weren’t real.

‏‏Neuro-feedback is the idea of connecting a computer to your head to read the electricity coming off your brain and you plug into a computer and then the computer does something with that to play it back to you. Your brain sucks at knowing what’s happening inside it.

‏‏What type of changes did it do to your executives or people that tried it on?

‏‏The voice in your head shuts up when you do this. Most people, including successful executives, are plagued by a mean voice in their head that says, “You’re gonna fail, you’re a bad person, they don’t like you,” and whatever other things, “You’re too fat.” All the beliefs that almost everyone listening to this has that they don’t like, and then they go oh yeah, I don’t like that. You build these internal defenses. What if you just went in and reprogrammed that thing that runs that voice so it would shut the hell up or even better yet so it would work on your behalf instead of working against you? That’s the kind of changes that happens. So you see, dramatic increases and happiness and you see huge improvement and ability to make decisions. Every time we hold ourselves back, there’s a reason for it. People see explosions in their business and explosions in their personal life, everything just flourishes because the parts of them where they were self sabotaging that were invisible to them became visible. That’s why I decided to open this institute. It’s a $2.5 million facility, it looks like Xavier School For The Gifted. We’ve got custom hardware and custom software, neuroscientists walking around and we feed you and we put you through this. This is like the most advanced brain hacking school on Earth and it’s what I needed to push my brain to what it’s capable of doing, I still don’t know all the way yet but I’m pushing it more and more. I’m gonna be there in two more days, I’m going back to just do some more hacking for a couple days. That’s what matters. I don’t know anything more important than that, you can replace years of meditation with a few days of neurofeedback and the results stick, it’s profound. Increases in fluid intelligence, increases in IQ are directly correlated with increases in fluid intelligence and there’s multiple studies showing that neurofeedback does this. It’s out there and you still have people saying, “You can’t increase intelligence.” Then don’t do it, it’s okay, you don’t have to, but I did.

‏‏Like the way I took a course with Robert Allen and he said when you speak, you talk to the smiling faces. You don’t talk to the frowning faces, you just talk to the people that are at your level, your vibration and are ready for you. It takes a certain type of person to be ready for what you have to give them because it’s very, very, advanced.

‏‏There’s actually an application process for 40 Years Of Zen where you apply to go but I only have 200 spots, it’s not like it’s automated money making thing, it’s like I needed the world’s best framed mechanics for my own ability and I want to share with people who are going to change the world. We don’t accept everyone who applies because I couldn’t handle everyone. It’s kind of a good situation to have but I would encourage people to have really big goals to think about it, it’s cool. If you don’t ever go to 40 Years of Zen, it won’t change my life anyway, this isn’t how I make money, this is the things that I use to take care of my brain. I wrote Bulletproof, I’ve had some success in my life, I’m grateful for it and this is something that I offer people who just want the voice in their head to be quiet so that they can do something great.

‏‏Unfortunately and I mean it, unfortunately, we only have three minutes left and I want to talk to you for like thirty more hours but before we leave, can you give us three quick tips to living a stellar life and then can you share where people can find you?

‏‏The first one is really easy and it’s something that I use in that neurofeedback training and it’s gratitude. If you have a stellar life, every morning or every night, find three things you’re grateful for. You cannot be in fight or flight mode, and you will rest and reset better if you’re grateful for something. If you’re grateful like, “Wow! I stubbed my toe really hard but I’m grateful that I didn’t break it,” you win. Some sort of gratitude every single night is something that will absolutely change your life or will change the way you look at the world. The glass is half full instead of half empty and that is profound. Two other tips to living a stellar life, understand if you have a food craving it’s your fault and just accept that. It doesn’t mean you know why it’s your fault, but there is always a cause. It does not happen for no reason and you are fully capable of figuring out the reason and not doing it again. If you’re eating a food that triggers food cravings, you might want to figure that one out because food cravings suck your will power, they absolutely do that, it’s well proven. You’ve got to get to the bottom of that and figure out what to eat. I would suggest start with The Bulletproof Diet because it took a long time to get there and it takes you four hours to read it, and it took me God knows 40,000 hours of testing plus writing time and all of that stuff to put it together for you. If you don’t wanna spend $20 on the book or $15 whatever it is, just download the roadmap for free frombulletproof.com, you can’t lose on that one except that ink from your printer. If that’s  problem for you, you’re on the wrong podcast I think. The third one, I think it’s really important to understand if you want to have emotional freedom and psychological freedom and a spiritual practice, doing that with broken hardware is really hard to do. Address your physical stuff first. Make sure your body works well, and then try to fix the mind. Working on your mind when your body barely works, you simply won’t generate enough energy in you mind. Most people can have profound improvements in the amount of energy they have in three months or less. Usually, it takes about 14 days to get halfway there and that’s why on the Bulletproof Diet and my new book that comes out in April, there’s a bunch of things that you can do in just a couple days to change your ability to meditate, your ability to pray, your ability to be yourself and that’s pretty cool.

There’s a bunch of things that you can do in just a couple days to change your ability to meditate, your ability to pray, your ability to be yourself and that’s pretty cool. Click To Tweet

‏‏Where can people find you?

‏‏You can find me on Bulletproof Radio, which is my iTunes podcast. You can find me onbulletproof.com and there’s a blog there with half a million words of content and really thriving forum where you can go and ask questions from people like me, there’s the Bulletproof Training Institute for people who wanna be coaches and generally if you google Dave Asprey Bulletproof, I’m pretty sure that I’m everywhere, I’m on Snapchat, @daveasprey on Instagram and all of that other kind of stuff.

‏‏Right, Dave thank you so much. I really appreciate you. I’m grateful for you and everything that you’re doing in the world.

‏‏Thanks for having me. It was a pleasure and I look forward to seeing the full episode.

‏‏Thanks Dave and thank you all for listening. I love and appreciate you. Go get the Bulletproof Diet, follow Dave Asprey and when it opens, come and check out Bulletproof Labs cause it’s gonna change your life forever. Thank you!

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Watch Dave’s documentary MOLDY. If it leads you to believe that you may be suffering from mold-related issues- take steps to ensure your home is mold-free.

✓ Research neurotherapy and contact a provider in your area to discuss whether it’s right for you. It tends to be costly, but the results can be priceless.

✓ Every night, find three things you’re grateful for. Write them down in a journal to get in the habit of identifying and expressing gratitude.

✓ If you’re having a food craving, it’s your fault. The next time you have one, instead of indulging or actively fighting it, stop and try to figure out why you’re having it.

✓ It’s difficult to generate enough energy to fix your mind if you’re working with broken hardware (your body). Identify and work toward fixing any physical health problems that you have.

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Dave Asprey is a, biohacker, Silicon Valley investor, entrepreneur and the man behind Bulletproof® Coffee. He is the founder of Bulletproof Nutrition, which reaches more than 1.5 million visitors monthly. His top-ranked podcast, Bulletproof Radio, has 7+ million downloads. He has also been featured on the Today show, Nightline, CNN, and in Financial Times, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health, Vogue, Marie Claire, Slate, Forbes, and more. He lives with his family in Victoria, British Columbia.

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