Episode 28 | September 6, 2016

Creating Unlimited Success with Arman Sadeghi

A Personal Note from Orion

As we head into fall, it’s the perfect time to check in with ourselves and our goals. Climbing the ladder to success is not always a smooth journey, and Arman Sadeghi has learned the ways which we can propel our growth farther than we ever dreamed possible.  Because it’s really about picking yourself up after you fall – the falls are inevitable, but they are what make you stronger.  And no matter how busy or stressed you may be, you can continue to grow and build your dream life, if you know the tools to use and the daily habits to build that will get you there.  For example, you only need 25 minutes each morning to get a solid workout that will transform your health.  Arman shares this tip and more on building your dream life. 


About Today’s Show

‏‏Arman Sadeghi is the author of The Business Bible and a keynote speaker. He is a serial entrepreneur who has started over a dozen businesses and specializes in business, coaching, and helping business executives with peak performance. He holds neurobiology degree from UC-Berkeley and attended Harvard Medical School. He is the creator of The Titanium Success Method, which has helped people reach peak performance. Hi, and welcome to the show! I’m so, so happy to have you!

‏‏Thank you so much for having me on the show. It’s an honor.

‏‏Yeah. It’s my honor. I think you’re phenomenal. Just going over your bio was-it was a very interesting read to me. I mean, somebody like you that created so many things in so many different industries-that’s pretty unique. I started watching that TV show, Limitless?


‏‏So, I canceled my Netflix, and then my fiancé’s daughter reactivated it, and somehow, I found myself watching that TV series, and I got hooked. The premise is this guy takes an NZT pill, and all of a sudden, his brain just works like a machine, and he can learn languages really quickly, he can do whatever he wants, he’s becoming pretty much the smartest guy in the world, and you kind of remind me of him. I don’t know which pill did you take, but with everything that you do-I mean, how did you start? How did all that started?

‏‏You know I think it’s funny you put it that way. I think the pill I took is the “hard work” pill. I learned from a very early age. My parents were amazing parents. I saw them struggling greatly. I wasn’t born into the wealthy family by any stretch of the imagination. We were an immigrant family. I saw my parents struggle. I saw my mom working through different jobs. I saw her work two to three jobs, and then come home, and still have time to cook dinner, or figure out how to cook dinner. I saw all these things, and my dad was always preaching to me that I can do anything I set my mind to, and somewhere along the line, I started to believe it. That I truly could do anything I set my mind to. To this day, people say that. People say, “Wow, you can do anything you set your mind to,” but I would claim that 99.99% of people don’t actually believe that, and I think I’m one of the crazy exceptions-where I truly believe, you can do anything you set your mind to. If we’re standing at the bottom of the mountain, and I’ve never climbed a mountain, and you said, “Could you climb that mountain?” and not after two years of practice-“Could you figure out a way to climb that mountain tomorrow?” I’d look at it and say, “I have no idea how, but yes, because I truly believe you can do anything you set your mind to.” In life, I think that’s what’s really guided me, and what I have discovered is that, some people think you can do anything you set your mind to simply by being smarter than other people or some sort of thing that has to do with what God has given you in terms of genetics and this and that, but I believe you can make anything happen through hard work. Now, intelligent hard work, I think, is a lot better than just hard work, but hard work will get most of us over 80% of everything we’ve ever wanted. I live by that, and so, I’m one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met in my life, and I owe that to my parents who set a really amazing example for me.

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‏‏Wow! That sounds incredible. What’s the biggest mountain you’ve ever climbed?

‏‏Wow! That’s a great question. I think God has blessed me in my life with so many ups and downs. I’ve had so many times in my life where I’ve been knocked completely on my face, on my butt, and has seemed like I’m at a point where I’ve lost everything or a point where, really, it’s rock bottom, and I’ve always found a way to come back and use that as a reason to thrive, instead of as an excuse to just merely survive. Picking one would be really tough, but I can say for example, when I was a teenager, and I dropped out of school to start my first company, I attained success very quickly, or what I thought was success. I did all the things that that a guy that a kid growing up in a poor family does. I wanted a nice house. I wanted a nice car. I wanted a pretty girlfriend, the nice clothes, traveling, and stuff like that, and I got it all. I worked my butt off, and at the age of 16, I moved out of my parents’ house, got my dream apartment, got my dream car, and had a great job-

‏‏What did you do?

‏‏I started a computer business. This is in the early 90’s when the internet didn’t really exist yet, and so I got into computers very early, and I attained success, but what I can tell you is this-a couple of years later, I found myself absolutely miserable. I was the most miserable I’ve ever been in my entire life. I was as close to depression as you can get. I was in a horrible place yet, I had all the things that, supposedly, should have made me happy. I had the house, the cars, the money, the girlfriend, and this and that, and so that’s where, really, my obsession with figuring out how human beings function came about because I thought, “Wait a minute, all the things that I’ve been taught about what would make me happy aren’t making me happy so then, what’s missing?” I went on this journey that I’ve been on for a quarter of a century now, which is a journey of figuring out how the human mind works and how human beings attain true success, true happiness, and fulfillment because there’s nothing worse than finding success and then realizing you don’t have fulfillment. I can tell you all day I work with people who have yet to attain their definition of success, and they’re fulfilled. They’re very, very happy. Then, there are people who haven’t attained success and aren’t fulfilled, and they’re not in a great place, but they’re not in a desperate place. The most desperate people I see in the world that I’ve worked with are those who have attained their definition of success, and I keep emphasizing their definition because that’s the important thing. Everyone has a different definition, but the people who have attained their definition of success yet have not found fulfillment, those are the most desperate people in the world. Those are the people I see who are struggling the most. That’s why you see so many of these people who are who are extremely successful-you know, movie stars, actors, actresses, people who are who seem to have it all, and then they go and commit suicide or they kill themselves by overdosing on drugs, and we can’t figure out why. Well, it’s because they’ve attained their definition of success yet, they’re still not fulfilled. That’s what I’ve been obsessed with for the last quarter of a century-figuring out how that works and where it comes from, and I’ve applied it to my own life, and I’m blessed to share it with a lot of other people as well.

‏‏Yeah, and you’re amazing! You’re a great speaker. You have this incredible personally. Seeing you from the outside like I would never ever thought you’d every failed. It just seems like, we always see the complete product, we don’t see the process in a way, we don’t see when people struggle, we never hear of people when they struggle, right?

‏‏Well, let me tell you, I have struggled and I have fallen on my face flat multiple times in every area of my life, and it’s what’s made me who I am today. Let me tell you, as I’m sitting here and doing this interview with you in the year 2016, I have no doubt that I’m going to fall flat on my face many, many more times throughout my life. In fact, I embrace that. I want that. Because I see that who I am today is a result of the downs that I’ve had, and how I’ve handled those loads. I made a Facebook post the other day, a little video of my daughter and me. I took her ice skating.

‏‏I saw it! She’s so cute!

‏‏She’s adorable!

‏‏I love that video! I’m going to put it in the show notes.

‏‏Oh, you’re so cute! Yeah, I mean, it was adorable! We went ice-skating. It was her first time ice-skating, and she kept falling down and she kept falling down, and so, all I said was, she said, “Daddy, I don’t want to fall anymore,” and I said, “No, honey, you’re going to fall. Come here, and watch me for a minute with me.” We stood back, and there was a girl who was a very good ice-skater, and she was probably someone, I don’t know, she could have been in the Junior Olympics or something like that, and she was definitely at that level. She was doing like little spins and turns and flips and whatever else, and we watched her do a spin and then fall on her butt, and I was like, “You see that, sweetheart? How many years do you think she’s been practicing?” and my daughter’s only four-years-old so she couldn’t really understand all this, but I said, “She’s been probably doing this for 10-15 years, and look, she just fell!” I said, “I bet she comes in here every day,” so I said, “Look, honey, this is your first day on an ice-skating rink. You’re going to fall. And even 15 years from now, if you come every day, you’re still going to fall,” but the key is, when you fall-not if you fall, but when you fall, how fast do you get back up? And that every time you fall, you do get back up, and you don’t sit down, and feel sorry for yourself on the cold ice, and for however it worked with this four-year-old, and my five-year-old was there as well-it penetrated into them somehow. These girls, man, they were falling like crazy, and I have a broken ankle so I couldn’t be on the ice with them.

Every time you fall, you do get back up, and you don’t sit down, and feel sorry for yourself on the cold ice.


‏‏They were falling like crazy, but you know what? We had an instructor there who taught them how to get up properly, and so they were falling, and they were getting right back up, and they were falling and getting right back up, and falling and getting right back up, and so I made that video when we left the ice because she kept saying and she was like, “Daddy, when you fall, you have to get right back up!” She’s so adorable. I was like, “Okay, this is a lesson to share with the world,” because while not all of us are trying to learn how to go figure skating, I think we all live in a world where we constantly get knocked down-in our relationships, with our health and fitness, with our businesses, financially-you name it. In every area of your life, you’re going to get knocked down. The question is, how fast you get up, and when you get up, are you a better person than the person who got knocked down to begin with? A better person, meaning-are you more knowledgeable? Do you have more energy? Do you have something that’s going to make you become better? If you do, I call that thriving. Whereas, the people who get knocked down and stay down-well, those are the people who fail, but if you get knocked down and you get back up, but then you don’t become better than you were, then you’re just surviving. For me, at my events, in my book, and in everything I talk to people about, I say, “Forget surviving, you need to thrive, especially after a tragedy.” We all go through those things. Your goal cannot be to survive, it’s got to be to thrive-and that comes from getting back up and then deciding you’re going to be better than you were when you got knocked out.

‏‏Mm-hmm. Wow! I love that. I love the story. I love the concept. I love your daughter. She was cracking up when she was saying that. It was so cute! I get it conceptually, and just to play the devil’s advocate-what do you do when you fall, and you don’t have that somebody who was like that father-figure or mother-figure that is there for you and say, “Get up, get up,” and you’re by yourself, you’re alone, and nobody else is there to support you?

‏‏Yeah, that’s a great question! Honestly, I think, most of the time, when we get knocked down, that’s the reality because when we’re up and things are going great, it seems like everything lines up, and then when you are knocked down, often it seems like, there are many cases where there is no one there for you, or people just aren’t close enough, or they don’t understand the situation, or the right people aren’t there-to me, I’m not one to ever preach religion or anything like that, but for me, personally, I can speak on my own behalf, I am a very spiritual person. I have an amazing relationship with God. It’s not about any one religion versus the other. My God doesn’t need to have a name or any of that stuff-it can be all the names-and I have this incredible relationship with God, and so I talk to God all the time. Every night, before I go to sleep, I have a conversation with God. Some people call that praying, some people call it talking to God, and some people say, “You’re crazy because you’re talking to yourself!” However you look at it, I find that when I’m at a point in my life when things are happening and I don’t have someone to guide me, I find that having a conversation with whatever you think that thing is-I call it God-I find that, somehow, magically, things come together. If you think about the silly example of the ice skating and me mentioning that I have a broken ankle so I couldn’t be on the ice with them-


‏‏If I was on the ice with my daughters, they probably would have fallen less, and when fell, they probably would have gotten back up more quickly. But let me tell you this-yesterday, I took my daughters again to ice-skating, and this is their fourth time on the ice, and if you saw a video of them-I didn’t post it on Facebook, but maybe I should-you would be amazed that in four 30-miinute sessions how far along they’ve come. I really think it’s because Daddy has a broken ankle. If daddy didn’t have a broken ankle, they would have fallen one-tenth as much as they did, and when they fell, I would have gotten these girls right back up, but the thing is, they had to fend for themselves so they had to figure out how to balance themselves without someone holding their hand, and then when they fell down, they had to learn to get back up on their own, and their butts probably hurt a little bit, and so they decided, “Maybe I should fall less,” so I think it’s a blessing although at the moment, sometimes, we fall down and whatever-maybe the worst is typically when it has to do with the heart in a relationship, but it could be with anything-financially or otherwise-and we’re at that low point, and there’s no one around us. It’s important at that point to remember: Number one, if you have spiritual beliefs like I do, there is someone there for you. If you don’t, then it still doesn’t matter. You have to remember that when you fall down and you don’t have any support, those are the times that are going to strengthen you more than ever, and if you can battle through them, if you can get up, the other side of it is going to be incredible. You’re going to have massive growth, and life will take you to levels that you never thought possible. Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’m sure I’ll be there again throughout my life and when I get there, it’s going to hurt and I have no doubt that it’s going to be painful and in that moment, I won’t want to be there, but as long as I keep faith that that this will make me a better person, and promise myself that I’ll come out a stronger, better person out of this, then it will always be a positive in the long run, and I can continue to thrive and thrive even more.

‏‏Mm-hmm. I love that. I really enjoy listening to you. I love your depth, and the way you look at things. It’s just very beautiful. I see eye-to-eye with you in a way. I mean, I’ve been through my share of failure, and I hit rock bottom several times, and I see it as a gift with a bow on the bottom. When you experience that, you cannot see the gift. It’s like you’re swimming in the sea of darkness. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and so later on, maybe a year, maybe two, maybe a few weeks later, you look back and you see the gift that was given to you.

‏‏Absolutely! What I found is, the question is, I think whenever we were going through life, our brains are designed in an interesting way-I studied neuroscience, partially because I wanted to figure this stuff out-

‏‏That is so interesting! Neuroscience sounds cool! Like, even the word, “neuroscience” sound so cool. I’m all about the brain. I had a brain scan two weeks ago.


‏‏It’s because I’m so curious about work and the way I do the work.

‏‏Yeah. Oh, I mean, the human brain is incredible. It’s such an amazing thing and such a mystery in so many ways, but one of the ways that the human mind works is, the way that the human mind works is, we constantly ask questions, and many people don’t realize this, that your subconscious is purely a question-asking machine-and then you give answers. If you think about, literally, as you’re listening to me, while you interview me or your listeners are listening to me as they’re driving in their car or at the computer or wherever they’re at-right now, your brain keeps asking you a question, and some of the questions your brain has already asked you is: Do I like this guy? Do I trust this guy? Do I believe what he’s saying?

‏‏Yeah, yeah, yes!

‏‏And when I say-in some cases where I say, for example-“You know, I remember when I was in a state of, let’s say, depression almost,” your brain and everyone who’s listening, your brain said, “Have I ever been there? What did I do? How did I act?” and that’s why for massive parts of this interview, the listeners aren’t even listening to what I’m saying, and they’re tuning out, and that’s good. That’s a good thing because you go in your own head, and that’s where most of the action happens. When we listen to someone speak, they retain very, very, very, very little of what we say, but that’s because something triggers their mind to start asking questions, and then they answer those questions. Now, what I find is, the most successful people in the world are the people who ask the best questions because if you ask a good question, you get a good answer. If you ask a bad question, you get a really bad answer. ‘ll give you an example of some good and bad questions. For example-and this is in response to what you said about knowing that-looking back and seeing that something made you a better person-well, I’d say, “Why wait?” History has shown me that every time I fallen, as a result, in the long term, I’ve become better, and so it’s always been a gift for me. Although in the moment, I didn’t see the gift in it so, one thing that that you can do is, when you fall, when the person you love leaves you, or when your business is near bankruptcy, or when someone steals from you, or when anything negative happens, instead of asking the questions like, “Why did this happen to me?” or “Why am I a failure?” or “Why am I a loser?” or “Why can’t I get things right?” or “When is it going to be my turn to succeed?” or whatever, instead you ask empowering questions. Questions to which the answers are going to truly empower you and make you better such as “Where’s the gift in this?” Such as, “Hey, I know I’ve just lost everything I worked so hard for, but how is this going to make me a better person?” or “I know that the person I love most maybe left me,” or worse, “-betrayed me, but how is this a gift to me? How is this going to make me stronger? How is this going to make me better?” or “In 10 years from now, how will I look back on this and smile?” or “How will I look back on this and laugh?” and by asking those questions, your brain has an incredible way of answering them in empowering ways. Whereas, when you ask questions like, “Why does this always happen to me?” Well, your brain will answer that question as well, and the answer will be, “Well, because you’re a loser,” or “Well, because you have bad luck,” or “Well, because someone has a spell on you,” or whatever. Our superstitions start to come out, but if you if you if you really ask those powerful questions and it’s incredible so I train my mind, and I don’t always remember to do this-I’m like everyone listening to this-everything I do, I’m constantly trying to get better and better at it, but I’ve worked very hard to make sure that when life throws those curve balls at me, I start asking empowering questions like “How am I going to appreciate this next week? Or next month? Or next year?” or “How will this make me a better person?” or “How will I laugh at this?” and magically, I get answers. Sometimes, I don’t get a good answers so then, I just ask a different question until I do get the right answers, but it’s a beautiful thing when while you are suffering, you can still have a smile on your face because you know one day you’ll look back on this and smile. It’s just a matter of how and when will it happen.

‏‏Mm-hmm. That’s a good point because sometimes, you won’t get the answers right away, and you have to let go and let God, and you wait for the answers to come. Not when you think you should have it, but when you’re mature enough or maybe when the universe thinks that you are ready.

‏‏Exactly! Absolutely! One other thing to sort of wrap this concept up is, I look at it as, at one point in my life, I ask those questions of “Why does this keep happening to me?” or “Why is God challenging me again? Haven’t I been through enough challenges?” and whether that’s a good question or not, I don’t know, but I got a good answer to it. I developed this concept, this theory, that is probably, I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, one day maybe, I’ll ask God or I’ll ask the universe, and I’ll get an answer, but I have this theory that works well for me so I choose to believe it, and that is that-when you have big obstacles thrown at you, that’s the universe’s way of saying you’ve graduated. That, you’re ready for the next stage. And so, when you compare yourself to some of the people around you, and you ask the question of “Gosh! Why is it that I’ve had these things happen to me and they haven’t had it?” Well, my answer would be, “Hey, they haven’t graduated to the next level yet and you have so somewhere in the universe-someone, God, you, I don’t know whatever you want to call it, feels you’ve graduated.” Nowadays, sometimes when I struggle and I fall and it seems like the universe throws these massive curve balls at me and these massive obstacles, the bigger the obstacle serves as a part of me that says, “Yes! I’ve graduated to the next level!” Three years ago, when I had-either you call it a near-death experience-but I was sort of dead for a couple of minutes-

When you have big obstacles thrown at you, that’s the universe’s way of saying you’ve graduated. That, you’re ready for the next stage. Click To Tweet


‏‏So, that was one of those times where, instead of being like, “God, why did you do this to me?” it was like, “Okay, awesome! I’ve graduated to the next level!” It hurts like-I’m going to need a lot of surgery to fix this-


‏‏But I’ve graduated. That’s how I was able to get through it and thrive as a result.

‏‏Right. Amazing! I want to go back to your rituals. You said you spend time before you go to bed, and you talk to your God-do you sit? Do you meditate? Do you do it once a day?

‏‏Yeah. Good question. For me, God and I have a very open relationship. We don’t need to schedule time with each other. I don’t need to wear anything special. I don’t need to act in any way. I don’t need to speak to God with a certain tone or whatever. The way works is, I talk to God sort of whenever I feel like I have something to say. I don’t know how God takes it when people get upset or angry or curse or whatever, but I just talk to God like my best friend because I feel like that is who God is to me. I have conversations whenever I feel necessary, but the one thing, the one ritual that I love is, every night, before I go to bed, I have a very quick conversation. The way I typically do it is, again, there are no formalities. I’m typically lying in bed. If I’m by myself, I’ll speak out loud. If my wife is in bed with me or there’s someone else in the room, I tried not to look like a crazy person so I just shut my eyes and I speak to God without actually moving my lips, and it’s a very casual conversation. I have a simple belief that you should always thank God more than ask God for things. If I have something I need from God, I first spend some time thanking God for the things I do have, and it’s amazing what an eye-opener it is. As you start to thank God for all the things you have, sometimes, you forget to ask what you wanted to begin with because you start-for me, I’ll start thanking God and noticing how blessed I am in so many ways, and then suddenly, the thing I really wanted doesn’t seem that important anymore, and I won’t even ask, but then if I am going to ask God for something, I have a rule that there are really only two things that I can ask God for-and that is strength, which is also courage, and guidance. If God can give me strength and courage and God can give me guidance, I think I can deliver on the rest. I would never go to God and say, “God, please, help me win the lottery!” or “God, please, help turn my business around,” or “God, please, help me save this person’s life.” I say, “God, please, give me the strength and the courage to do whatever it’s going to take to take my business to the next level,” or I’ll say, “God, please, give me guidance on how I can help change this person’s life,” or “God, please, give me strength to be a better father,” or “God, please, guide me to be an even better father,” and with stuff like that I feel like God can help you with that, but as someone taught me many, many years ago, they said, “God can’t steer a parked car,” and I feel like so many people who have a relationship with God want God to steer their parked car. I don’t know-maybe your God does things my God doesn’t do, but I don’t believe God steers parked cars. You can’t be sitting in one place in your life. You can’t be sitting back and waiting for things to happen to you. I think you have to go out there and make them happen, and along the way, I think God will give you strength, God will give you courage, and God will give you guidance, but at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s going to have to do it. In my life, I truly believe in that. That nightly ritual allows me to connect and be connected with God even more.

‏‏Right. Reminds me of that story of the guy who prayed for God to win the lottery, and he prays every night, but he never wins the lottery. Then, one day, he was able to confront God, and God said, “Well, you never bought a ticket!”

‏‏Exactly! On that note, I don’t remember now , it was a few months ago when the lottery got up to, I think, gosh, like a billion dollars or something crazy-some massive amount-and on TV, they showed these lines of people waiting in line for hours and hours and hours to buy a lottery ticket, and I thought to myself, that was a night where, again, I think I made a Facebook post about this, but I was like, “This is one day I would hate to be God.” I mean, imagine-here you are, sitting up there, and you’ve got 300-million people in North America begging you to please win the lottery, and all for good reasons. People have sick children, God forbid, or they’re about to lose their house, or it’s for their business, or for whatever, and they’re asking for it, and so that’s when you have times like that, and you put yourself in God’s shoes, if there is such a thing, as being able to do that, and you realize, “My goodness! Maybe I should stop asking God for stuff!” And instead, ask God for the simple things that I think he can give us, which is strength, guidance, and courage, but if you’ve got the courage-hey, you still have to go do it yourself. If you have strength-hey, you still have to go do it yourself. If you’ve got guidance-you still have to do it yourself. That’s why, tying us all back to the first question you asked me-it’s all about hard work because the one thing that no one and, in my opinion, not even God can do for you is the hard work part. As we were just watching the Olympics recently, there’s one thing every one of those Olympians have in common-hard work. You can claim that it’s their genetics and this and that, but it’s not. At the end of the day, any one of us could have made the Olympics, and I believe any one of us could have medaled in something if we were willing to work hard enough. I don’t believe in all the other stuff, and it’s because the fact that I think everyone’s got enough power, intelligence, and everything else inside of them to truly be able to succeed as long as we’re all willing to work hard enough. Sadly, most people aren’t willing to work hard.

‏‏Right. You are very inspiring.

‏‏I inspire myself sometimes.

‏‏I think you’re also really good friends with God because you empathize with God. You got God’s back!

‏‏Well, you know what? I do! I mean, if we refer to him as a guy, I feel sorry for the guy sometimes. I’m like, “Hey, you know what? You have enough stuff to deal with. I’m not going to add to your to your list of troubles or things to ponder by giving you in the stuff!” I don’t know. Who knows? Maybe one day, God will thank me, I’m not sure, but I think, based on that mentality, I think God has already blessed me with so much because it doesn’t matter if where I’m at in life, I believe that I always feel like I have it in me to overcome the challenge. I feel like I have it in me to solve the problem. I have it in me to grow and become better. God’s assistance is very, very much welcome in my life, and I’ll take it anywhere I can get it, but, hey, I got this. I’m willing to work hard enough and to be intelligent enough to pull it together.

‏‏Mm-hmm. I study Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism, and the center is very open. It’s not about religion because we have Christian students and Muslim students. It’s all about revealing light and connecting to your higher power. One of their concepts is to be more like God and reveal more light, give more, and share more.

‏‏Absolutely! It’s a beautiful thing.

‏‏Yeah. You created The Titanium Success Method, which is a cool name. It’s a really cool name! Titanium-I remember that song. It’s a great song!


‏‏Share a little bit about that. What’s your method of success?

‏‏Yes, so the number one thing is, I tell people the titanium success method, and then they’ll come to one of my events, especially Titanium Live, which is my big event, which by the way happens to be coming up in a few weeks here in Anaheim, California. It’s the last one of this type I’m going to do, but people come to that event and they expect-


‏‏They come in, and in the first few hours, they expect that I’m going to tell them the Titanium Success Method. I start and I say, “Let me tell you-the first and most important thing I’m going to tell you is this-I will never ever define success for any of you,” and people sort of get taken aback by that and they’re like, “What do you mean? I thought you’re going to teach us how to be successful,” and I say, “Yes, I can guide you to find success, but success is only whatever is defined by you a success,” and so I would never try to, I think, you see so many books, so many speakers, motivational speakers, and whoever else, they try to tell you what success is, and I think that’s just insane. It’s like a weight-loss coach or personal trainer telling you, “Success means getting down to 8% body fat,” well, how do you know? Maybe for you? I mean, I have different goals than someone else does so I never define success for people. However, the closest thing I can provide to giving people guidance for what success looks like is what I’ve observed over many, many years of working with people-and that is this: I’ve created this thing called the Titanium Wheel of Life. This Wheel of Life has 10 areas around it. The 10 areas of life-some of them are the obvious ones that most people think about, say, your physical health, finances, your career, and/or your mission, your intimate relationship with your significant other, friends and family, spiritual health is one, constant growth is another one. All of these things-and there’s a total of 10 of them-I didn’t mention all the names here, but there are total of 10 areas on this wheel. When I look at people who are fulfilled versus people who are not fulfilled, and this is the thing with just the way that I do things, I am not about looking at what sounds the best, I like looking at what gets the best results, and sometimes, what gets the best results is not what appears to be the best method. I’ve proven that in so many different areas where like mice-I have a physical fitness system. It’s called the Titanium Shred Workout that I give away for free to everybody. Titanium Shred is actually-a personal trainer would tell you, “That’s not the best workout routine,” and you’re right-it’s not, but you know what? It gets the best results. My nutrition system-nutritionists will tell you, “That’s not the best nutrition system. You can do better than this,” but you know what? It gets the best results. Same thing with finances. Same thing with relationships. The reason I came about with these things is because I started looking at people who are fulfilled, and what I found out is that the people I met who were fulfilled-and maybe someday, I’ll meet someone who is different than this-but I have yet to meet a single individual who has fulfillment and happiness, but doesn’t meet this criteria and that is-if you take this Wheel, and you rate everything on the scale of, let’s say, 1 to 10 on every area of your life, how would you rate your finances? Your physical health? Your spiritual health? Your relationship? This, that, and the other thing? The people who are the most fulfilled are not the people who get the highest score, and that’s the interesting thing. The people who are the most fulfilled are the people who have the most balance around the Wheel. And I don’t mean balance by how many hours are you spending here or there, I mean when I ask you, “How would you rate your intimate relationship?” That number that you give me on a scale of 1-10, that’s what I care about. What I find is that, people that I meet who are fulfilled often have balance are on that Wheel. Now, everyone’s got areas that are higher, everyone’s got areas that are lower, but they have balance. Yet, I find the people who are not fulfilled are those who have certain areas of the Wheel where they’re thriving. Everyone is thriving in some areas so the classic one is for me, I coach a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners-people who have attained incredible things in life-and I’m coaching them and financially, they’re couldn’t be any better. Career-wise-they’re killing it and they’re crushing it, right? Yet, they have a big beer belly, and they’re not healthy. They just had a heart attack or they just got diagnosed for being pre-diabetic or something like that, and then you ask him, “Well, how’s your relationship?” So, their physical health is not there, right? So, now, you have two areas of the Wheel-finances and, let’s say, career-those are rocking and rolling, right? And maybe even growth-their rocking and roll. They’re going to seminars or reading books or doing things, and are growing in their career so those three areas, they might give them an 8, 9, or 10? I don’t know, and then you say, “Where’s your physical health?” and they go, “Oh, man! It’s a two,” then I say, let’s say it’s a man, “Well, how’s your relationship with your wife?” and they’re like, “Oh, man! It’s terrible. We don’t see eye-to-eye, and she doesn’t appreciate how hard I work. I’ve given her all this stuff, and she doesn’t appreciate it. We might be getting divorced,” so I said, “So, how do you rate that relationship?” and then they go, “It’s a one or two.” And then, “What about your kids?” and they go, “Well, gosh, one of my kids just got in trouble for X-Y-and-Z. I work so hard to provide for my family, I don’t have time to spend with my kids as much,” and then you go through this, and what you realize is, they have this very lopsided Wheel where parts of it are thriving and parts of it are not. They may actually have a higher overall score if you considered this is on a score basis. You can score anywhere from 0 to 100 on this thing as a total. They might have a total score of, I don’t know, 65, but then someone else with a total score of 40 is more fulfilled than they are, and it’s because of that balance. The excuses people think that in order to have balance in your life, you have to balance the number of hours you spend in places, and I could not disagree with that more. Part of the reason is, you’ve seen the pictures I put on Facebook of myself-my fitness photos-the only reason I put those up there is because I want to show people what a successful entrepreneur with an awesome relationship and two little kids can look like. That’s all it is. My body is not impressive if you compare it to fitness models. They’re way better looking than I am-

The people who are the most fulfilled are not the people who get the highest score, and that’s the interesting thing. The people who are the most fulfilled are the people who have the most balance around the wheel.

‏‏It is very impressive. You and your wife-you both look like fitness models.

‏‏Thank you so much! But, what’s impressive that is-let’s take my wife for example-what’s impressive about the way she looks is, one, she looks like that every day. I’ve developed a system for health and fitness. It’s really a life management system, not a time management system, but what it does is, she looks like that every day. She’s had two babies, and she gained a lot of weight for each of those babies, and then she had the babies, and then she got right back to that kind of body. It’s easy to look like that, for a day, for a photo shoot. Anybody can do it.


‏‏So, one, the harder part is to maintain, and the second thing is, my wife is a successful attorney. She has a full-time job. She owns her own firm. She also is a mother to two kids, and she’s a great mother. She takes good care of her husband, she’s a great wife, a great daughter to her mom, and all this stuff so that is where the fulfillment comes from, but the question is, if you have to put in 70-80 hours a week as an entrepreneur, which, by the way, I often do, how do you, then, still find time for all these other things? Well, it’s simple: You have to come up with tools. You can call them tricks, you can call in whatever, but you have to come up with ways of getting results in a way that other people cannot possibly get. For example, my fitness. If you look at my pictures online, you would think that I live in the gym, but I don’t. I have not spent more than 25 minutes working out, at all, over the last five to seven years-literally. I’ve not been in a gym for more than 25 minutes. In fact, I have a simple system. It’s called 45 minutes car-to-car for men, and 55 minutes for women, and my rule is this: If you can go in the morning, that’s the best time. You get up in the morning, you drive to the gym, park your car, and set your clock. Set your timer, and for men-45-minute countdown timer so I set that count on timer, and that gives me 45 minutes to go inside the gym, to put my bag in a locker, go up to the gym floor, get my full workout in, and then listen to this: Go back downstairs, shower, change, fix my hair, put on my work clothes, leave, and have that alarm not go off until I get back to the car. Forty-five minutes. Because I was a busy entrepreneur and I coach a lot of busy entrepreneurs, and they say, “You know, Arman, I just don’t have time,” and I say, “Baloney! What time are you waking up?” and then they say, I don’t know, let’s say, [6:30], and I’m like, “What time do you get to the office?” and they say, “Eight,” and I say, “Well, good! That’s 90 minutes! How far away from the office do you live?” and they say, I don’t know, “Thirty minutes,” and I say, “Great! Well, what if you could get up at [6:30], and be out of the house by [6:40] because all you really need to do is just brush your teeth-what else do you need to at home?” I said, “Get out of the house, and just take your work clothes with you, and then drive to the gym, get to the gym, 45 minutes in and out, get back in the car, drive to work, and the next thing you know, in that same 90-minute time, you’ve now gotten a 25-minute workout.” I built this fitness routine and regimen that in 25 minutes can help you look the way I look, and much better. I’ve done the same thing with nutrition. I’ve done the same thing with relationships with your significant other. I’m trying to figure out the formula for parenting. I haven’t figured out yet. I’m a new parent. My daughter is only five-and-a-half years old so give me another 5-10 years, and I’ll probably have a system for being super dad and super mom as well. However, for now, I’ve gotten so many of these different areas to where you get maximum results with the smallest amount of time, and I’ve done it for myself in my own life, and it brings me so much pleasure to share that with the world, and share these little tricks that that are truly life-changing.

‏‏Wow! How many times a week do you train?

‏‏I don’t ever skip a day. It’s seven days a week. I will, from time to time, I miss a day, but the way that I describe it is, I say, I never schedule to miss a day so for me, I go to the gym every single day. If I’m traveling and I’m on vacation, I go to the gym. There was, again, some Facebook posts I made last year when I was in London, and I went and gotten a membership, I was there for two weeks, and I went and gone a membership at this gym called Virgin Active because I wasn’t going to miss the gym. Apparently, people in London don’t care about working out as much so this nice hotel didn’t have a gym/fitness room in it so I went and got a membership. Sometimes, I might-let’s say I’m out with my wife, we go out, and we have too many glasses of wine or a martini, and I get a little drunk, and the next morning, “Hey, I’m hungover. Guess what? I’ll workout hungover. I might be sick. In fact, I’ve had a broken ankle for the last month-and-a-half now, and guess what? I haven’t missed a single day of the gym even with a broken ankle because, I can’t work out my ankle, but that leaves a lot of other part body parts to work out. Whether I’m tired, sleepy, or whatever it is, I still go to the gym. If I miss a day, it’s because of things that are truly beyond my control. By the way, when I talk about this, it’s not because I’m a fitness nut. I’m not a big fan of the gym. I don’t like to be in there. I like to get in and get out. If you ask me where I want to spend my time? I like being with my wife. That’s my favorite thing in the world to do. My second favorite thing in the world to do is be with my kids. I say that in that order for a very good reason because I think that’s one of the secrets to having a healthy and happy relationship. Your significant other needs to come before your kids. If you ask me, “Arman, today, what do you want to do?” I’ll say, “Well, I want to be with my wife.” Today, it’s around lunch time right now on a Friday that you’re interviewing me, and if you asked, “Arman, what do you want to do today?” I’ll say, “Gosh, I would like to just be with my wife.” Well, but if I can’t be with my wife, I’d like to be with my kids. Well, if I can’t be with my kids, I’d like to be investing in my career. I’d like to be learning whatever. However, I can’t do that all the time. I can’t be with my wife all the time so when I am able to be with my wife-guess what? I get the most out of it. Some days, I only have 30 minutes for my wife. Maybe some days, I don’t get to be with her at all for two days, but then the third day, I have 45 minutes to be with her, and we’re going to grab a quick dinner together. One of the tricks I’ve developed is this really cool thing. The first time I did this, my wife literally burst into tears. These days, she doesn’t exactly cry, but it has the same exact effect, and that is that I own an iPhone, we were just about to leave the car and get into a restaurant to go eat, and I had not been spending a lot of time with her. I grabbed my phone, and I put my finger on the power button, and then the thing came up on the screen that says, “Swipe left to turn off,” or whatever, and I said, “Honey,” and she looked at me, and I showed her the phone with that little sign on it, and I swiped to the to the right, and I said, “You know what, honey? The only person I need to talk to right now is right here with me.” I took the phone and somewhat dramatically sort of threw it on the car seat, close the door, and walked away, and my wife just started crying. It was amazing that she understood that in that moment, for that time that I was going to be with her, whether it’s 45 minutes or five or whatever, she knew that she was the only thing that mattered. I teach this to people to do with the people that you love-whether it’s your kids, or your spouse, or even employees, sometimes. It shows them that they’re the most important thing to you in that moment, and it has an incredible, incredible effect. Guys will tell me or women will tell me, “I don’t have enough time for my husband or wife,” and I say, “Baloney! You have plenty of time for your husband or wife, but the problem is, you’re taking that time, and you’re on your phone.” You’re sitting in a restaurant, but your mind is elsewhere or you’re at home, spending time with your spouse, and the TV is on. I always say, “Why is the TV on?” If you and your husband or you and your wife are sitting there, why is the television on? You can’t claim that that’s time with your spouse. Now, if you have plenty of time to watch television, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you don’t-don’t watch TV and then say, “Well, I don’t spend any time with my husband or wife.” You want to spend time with your husband or wife, shut the TV off, shut the radio off, sit there, and spend time together. If you’re going to watch a movie, maybe you watch a movie you both love, and you cuddle up together-of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but the end result is that, you need to understand that it’s not a matter of balancing the hours you spend in the day-most successful entrepreneurs will spend many more hours in the office than they will spend with their significant other, but to have a happy relationship, you need to make sure those few hours that you are with the person you love are quality hours and more importantly, that they know they’re the most important thing to you in that moment. I found that it works incredibly well with my wife, and we’re blessed. We’ve been together for 10 years-10 of the most amazing years of my life. While we have our disagreements like anybody else, we have a beautiful marriage, and I’m every bit as in love with her today as I was the day I met her, probably even more. I’m starting to see the same thing start to happen with my kids. I think it’s because of that focus, and it just does incredible things.

‏‏So important. It’s so important. One of the things that Stephan and I are doing that I love is, sometimes, he will read to me, and I just love it! I love it. I love when he does that. I love the presence that he gives me. It’s so important. So valuable.

‏‏You know what? I need to have my wife listen to that portion because I love being read to. By the way, that’s how my brain works. As I listen to you say something that’s working for you, and I know you’re in a place where you’re fulfilled, happy, and you have this wonderful relationship, and I say, “Hey, wait a minute! Maybe I can borrow that piece from her, and so I will.” Maybe I’ll read to my wife or she’ll read to me, but who knows? As of next year, that might be something I share in my seminars as one of the secrets to relationships.

‏‏All right, so let me give you another one that is really working for us, and it’s beautiful. We learned it from Harville Hendrix. It’s about appreciation and gratitude so, before we go to bed each night, we say three things-I mean, it started with three, but it’s never three. It’s always about 5-10-that we really appreciate about each other. Every night. Before we go to sleep.

‏‏That’s awesome!

‏‏It just shifts the focus of the relationship. Instead of focusing on what’s not working or what needs to be improved, it’s “What do we appreciate?” and like you said-with your attitude towards God. You’re in such gratitude and awe towards the other person-in your case, the entity-that you don’t want to even ask for anything else, like, “Wow, I’m so blessed that I have that person in my life!”

‏‏And so, how many do you typically do?

‏‏We started with three because that was the tip-start it with three-and it just organically evolved. We just go throughout the day and like, “Oh, thank you for helping me with that email. I really appreciate you for that. I appreciate you for-I don’t know-doing the dishes,” or “I appreciate you for cooking.” The little things.


‏‏-“For smiling at me,” or “For being there for me,” or whatever.

‏‏I love it!

‏‏It’s so nice!

‏‏I love it. Well, let me tell you-I can guarantee you that I’m going to put that to use tonight.


‏‏Yeah, I love it. I love it!

‏‏Right. Before we finish, what are your three best tips to living a stellar life?

‏‏Three best tips to living a stellar life. Number one, I think, is hard work. No one can ever take hard work away from you. Intelligence can fade. We all have varying amounts of it. Genetics and things like that are not divided up equally, but hard work is something that we can all control. That would be number one. Number two would be gratitude. I think constant gratitude, which is really the secret you just shared with me, but if we take that very broadly throughout life, it’s having constant gratitude. That’s most of what I talk to God about. It’s just thanking God for stuff. I think gratitude just allows us to have to be able to handle more, have more, give more, makes us a better person, puts us at ease and peace, and so much more. The third thing-gosh, to narrow it down to three things-I say, the third thing is constant growth. I think you have to constantly educate yourself. I learned from Jim Rohn that my car should be a mobile university. That’s why in my car, I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t use my phone, I constantly listen to books on tape, podcasts, and anything that I can learn from. I think that’s a critical part of my life, and I think that constant growth is incredible. I go to seminars all the time. I have my own events, but I go to everybody else’s events-even events that I know aren’t even as good as my own, it doesn’t matter. I don’t need them to give me a thousand things. I just need one positive thing-

No one can ever take hard work away from you. Intelligence can fade. We all have varying amounts of it. Genetics and things like that are not divided up equally, but hard work is something that we can all control. Click To Tweet


‏‏-and it makes that entire day worth it. Constant growth. That’s why I put on my Titanium Live event. Again, I would love it-in fact, I completely forgot-I want to give all of your listeners a promo code so if any of them want to come to my event, it’s happening on September 23rd, 24th, and 25th so it’s a three-day event-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s a not-for-profit event. I don’t put it on because I make a lot of money from it. In fact, every event that I put on, I personally make a donation of the lowest it’s ever been is about $50,000 to make the event happen because to put on an event like this, and if you look at others who put on events like this-


‏‏They charge thousands for these events. Yeah, and I don’t want to charge thousands because I want this to be open to anybody. The people who can afford thousands or more-often, I do private coaching and things with a lot of entrepreneurs and folks, and that’s that. This event is for me to serve as many people as possible and so, while most of my entrepreneurial clients come to this as well, it really opens it up to everybody. Tickets are only $195 to begin with, which is nothing for a three-day event.


‏‏But I also have a promo code to share with all your listeners who will get even 50% off of that-or actually, a little more than 50% because they’ll get it for $95. The code is-if they want to write it down-it’s STELLAR082616. If they go to www.titaniumsuccess.com, and then click on the $195-ticket, that will give them $100 off. If any of you out there want to come, the event is in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center, September 23rd to 25th. I really want to encourage you to come. It will be an amazing, amazing event. If you’re not somewhere in front of a computer, I’m sure you have your phone on you so that you don’t forget this information. Here’s what you can d‏‏Send a text message right now. Text message the word “titanium” to the number 313131 so, punch in the number 313131, and in the text, just put the word, “Titanium,” and by doing that, you’ll receive a little text message back, which will give you a link and a coupon code for the same exact thing. Again, the word “Titanium” to 313131, and you’ll get the link. That’s the thing that I love. It’s growing myself, and then sharing that with other people. This Titanium Live is the number one way I do that. Yes, of course, I wrote a book as well, and I have a podcast, which by the way, folks, if you want to find my podcast, it’s Titanium Life or you can just search my name, Arman Sadeghi. My podcast has over 50 episodes, relating to every area of life, and you could pick and choose what you’re working on now-whether it’s finances, relationships, business, investments or whatever you want-it’s all there. Health and fitness. That’s what I love about life. I like to grow, and then if I can help others grow, then that makes life even more beautiful.

‏‏Yeah, you’re definitely driven. I think everybody should go to your event. I think everybody who listens to this right now should just do it. If they want to grow, if they want to change their lives, if they want to get that one thing that will be like a catalyst for change, they should go to your event because you’re extraordinary, you’re extremely smart, but also really friendly, sweet, warm, and funny. You’re just a pleasure to-I’m honored to have you in my life.

‏‏Oh, thank you!

‏‏Yeah, thank you. Thank you. I mean-yeah, definitely go to Titanium Live. Go, go, go, go! Do it! It’s an amazing event! I know this is like the last time you do it, right?

‏‏Yeah, last time I’m doing it in this format with the three-day event.

‏‏How sad!

‏‏You know, I put so much into this event. There’s a production aspect of it-lights and sound and so much more. It’s six months of preparation for each of these events that I put on.

‏‏And you really make it fun!

‏‏Oh, I mean, it’s a big party! It’s a big party! Most people who attend tell me they get much more out of everyone else in the room than what they came in thinking they were going to get. Yes, I’m on stage, and I might say a couple of good things, but you can come in with earplugs on and not listen to a single thing I have to say, and you’ll leave having changed your life. We’ve had three different people who are now engaged or married as a result of meeting at the event.


‏‏We’ve had dozens of major business deals happen in the room with networking and people getting to know each other-


‏‏-and so much more because it’s an environment where you’re in a room with a few hundred people who are all there to make their lives better. Who are all there to grow. To thrive, right? Because I don’t deal with survivors. I deal with people who thrive, and they come in, and maybe they’re barely surviving, or they’re not even surviving right now, but they leave ready to thrive. It’s three days of full immersion. To sort of give you an idea of, I don’t know where all your listeners are, as you’re listening to this, but we have over a hundred people registered to come from outside of California so if you think you need to be local to come to this event-think again. That’s people from outside of California, and over 20 people who are already registered to come from all around the world-including people from all over Europe, Asia, and Australia. I don’t know if we have anyone from South America this time, but last time we did. We even had a couple of guests from Africa and from the Middle East. I mean, people come from all over the world to come to this event, and of course, a lot of people from California as well because it’s easier to get here if you drive-


‏‏-but don’t let the flight stop you from coming to this event. It’s an amazing event, and I hope that everybody can join us.

‏‏Right. Thank you so much, Arman.

‏‏Thank you for having me. You’re an awesome host. You have a great show, and I’m honored that we were able to do this together today.

‏‏Yay! Thank you so much, listeners. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did, and you gain that one thing that will make your day better. I wish you a wonderful rest of your day or night. Go out there and just have a stellar life! Bye!

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