Episode 14 | May 24, 2016

Healing the Rift Between Mind, Spirit, and Money with Morgana Rae

A Personal Note from Orion

What if you connected and really embraced your self worth, and were able to charge every dollar you deserve?  Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or employee, it’s time for you to start making the kind of money that will fuel your dream life.  Morgana Rae is considered a top financial coach and has been featured in NPR and The Wall Street Journal, and she kindly shares her wisdom on my podcast. 

Making more money seems to be a taboo topic for women, but there is a way to do this without losing our femininity  and opens up the pathways to love and happiness.  Because at the end of the day, its not really about making more money,  it’s about having more freedom, and more confidence and  resources to do the things that make you happy. 



About Today’s Show

‏‏Hello, and welcome to Stellar Life! Today, my guest is a very special goddess. Here name is Morgana Rae. She’s the international, number one, bestselling author of Financial Alchemy. She’s a sought-after teacher and speaker in personal development. She is widely regarded to be the world’s leading relationship with money coach. Morgana’s groundbreaking program for creating wealth has featured her on ABC, NBC, Fox, PBS, NPR, CNN, and more. Morgana has been a featured expert alongside Deepak Chopra, Reverend Michael Beckwith, Joe Vitale, and many, many others. Morgana’s mission is to empower idealistic entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and artists to have big impact in the world and heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money. Hello, Morgana! Thank you for being here!

‏‏Oh, my pleasure! Thank you for having me!

‏‏Yeah. How does one become an expert about money and spirit?

‏‏Well, it’s funny because I would say, my way of becoming an expert started with a pretty spectacular failure where money was the area that I just kept failing. I was a good student, I got good grades, I went to an Ivy League school, I aced through all of my coaching training, marketing training, and sales training, but despite having a roster of movie star clients and director clients who were booking jobs, selling tons, making money, and getting really miraculous results, I had what I call a superhuman power to repel money. I love helping people, getting results for people, and helping people is like my happy spot.


‏‏And I was always very good at really unlikely things like, an actress with no credits getting, within about a month, her primetime T.V. show. Same thing with this wonderful housewife from Maryland with no credits-just coaching intuition, introducing her to people, and she was staffed on a different primetime hit series. The results parts was easy but something would happen between me and the receiving money that didn’t make sense and it was painful. I’m living in Los Angeles, which is now has the dubious distinction of being the most unaffordable city in America. Yay, we’re number one! At my lowest point, I was struggling to make $100 a month.


‏‏No kidding! Studio apartments in Los Angeles started over $1,000 and I kept taking more classes. I was just building debt, borrowing money, and taking classes. I was still working with a coach even though it was deficit spending. I was just accruing more and more certifications, getting better and better as a coach, and not making money, which really didn’t make sense. At one point, I took a class on how to overcome self-objections. I kept taking classes thinking, “Oh, if I become a relationship coach and get this training then I’ll be able to charge more money. If I get a certification in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming,” and I just kept adding skills even though people were getting results before I had ever taken a coaching class.


‏‏Now, I’m taking marketing classes and sales classes. I took this class on overcoming sales objections. It’s a class where there are people who will teach you scripts for if somebody says, “Oh, I’d love to but I can’t afford it!” “Oh, I’d love to but I have no time!” “Oh, blah-blah-blah but!” There are all these scripts and I was such a good student that seven people in a row who said that they would hire me because I overcame their objections and get this-all seven of them did not show up for our first coaching session and didn’t pay!

‏‏That’s crazy!

‏‏That was when I lost it. I just, as my husband would say: “The wheels came off the car.” I remember pulling shut the drapes in my little, tiny bedroom to create the sort of like black crypt and I just laid down on my bed and screamed with pain, rage, hurt, despair, fear, and heartbreak. I felt like the universe was this cruel place where finally I knew what I was here to do but I couldn’t make a living at it. It just seemed sadistic. I felt like the universe hated me and I hated it back. I just wanted to take my ball, leave the planet, and die.

‏‏Wow. That’s really painful.

‏‏It was really painful. It drives what I do today.


‏‏That’s why I take this work so seriously because money is really important for our survival and for our very right to exist, eat, have clothing, and shelter. It also represents all these really deep, personal issues around our worth, our value, our lovability, our experience of being loved, and our relationship with life and ourselves. I think it touches on all of the deepest core issues of being a human being and that’s honestly, what fascinates me about money. It is the ultimate bad guy, really. We think we want it, right? We think it’s such a great thing but honestly, and this is where the transformation takes place, money is the number one excuse people give for what they can’t have, do, or be.

Money is the number one excuse people give for what they can’t have, do, or be. Click To Tweet

‏‏That’s profound.

‏‏And I’ve been coaching for 20 years now and it is the number one excuse for what people can’t have, do, or be. By the way, I have coached millionaires-not just seven figures but eight figures, nine figures, which is hundreds of millions-and a billionaire. The money issues don’t go away when you have more money. In fact, in a way, they get bigger because you have more to lose and their issues of being a target or being wanted for your money not for yourself-those issues that we’re dealing with when we’re looking in smaller denominations just get bigger. As a friend of mine likes to say, “If you’re a jerk when you have just a little bit of money, you become more of a jerk, or more afraid, or more generous, or more selfish when you have more.” It just magnifies!

‏‏Yeah, like a magnifying glass.

‏‏Absolutely! I will go back to my story because this will actually lay out the steps of the transformation that are kind of cloaked in the story but I will point out the steps to you, I promise. So, here I really was in this dark place and I wanted to die but I didn’t, obviously. When I had cried myself out, I had this idea in the back of my head that, maybe, money needed to be my next area of spiritual growth. Now, that doesn’t need to be your decision. It was a good decision for me because spirituality is very easy for me. It’s easy to be spiritual, it’s easy to be giving, and it’s easy to be a nice person because then, I like myself. I don’t have you know a lot of conflict around that. The conflict was coming charging money because I was so afraid of being a bad person or hurting somebody or if we’re going to dig down deep enough, not being liked.


‏‏And so, I had a lot of unconscious reasons to be uncomfortable asking for money. By the way, to all of my spiritual light worker, healer, and artist friends out there, I would say, that almost all of you know what I’m talking about.

‏‏Mm-hmm. Almost all of them and including me.


‏‏And including a lot of people that I know. Like you said, it’s regardless of how financially secure they are or what’s their level of income, there’s always something that comes up. At some point, people feel like they either have this, like you said, superhuman power to repel money…


‏‏Or, some other issue. Issue of worthiness or “Are they really my friends?” or if you have the car you always wanted but your neighbor has the more expensive car, it will make you feel maybe less than…


‏‏It doesn’t matter what level you are at. I just I love this topic! Please keep it going.

‏‏Well, I choose to believe that the universe gets our attention in three ways. Really, as a spiritual teacher, it gets our attention: money, love, and health-primarily. There are other cell groups but this is how it really gets our attention that we have issues. We have things that we need to work out and things that need to be paid attention to for our evolution and growth so honestly, you can pick any pain door and on the other side is going to be the same stuff, which is our relationship with life, our relationship with our self, and all those deeper issues. I chose the pain door because money affects every other area of life so directly. I also found that it had the biggest impact-kind of a holographic impact-and that means, when I work with a client and we change her or his relationship with money, not only do I have this really mind-boggling track record of like, Carolyn Condit made $86,000 within 12 hours, only to be outdone by Elliott Malach who made $87,000 in six hours so they’re really big numbers, which can kind of psych people out but they’re also tons and tons of other examples where one woman on my website had been unemployed for 14 months, heard me talk, did the process, and got a great job the next day.

The universe gets our attention in three ways: money, love, and health-primarily.


‏‏It can look lots and lots of different ways. There’s the money piece, which is very honestly useful for marketing because numbers are just so easy to measure and get people’s attention and it’s real and just as typical a result of this work is, my client’s romantic lives transform overnight. This single woman starts getting romantic attention from nice guys or women-whatever your preference. The same with men. Men feel like men and women feel more soft, receptive, feminine, and open to love. Health issues-life-threatening health issues like eating disorders go away, fibromyalgia-every client with fibromyalgia pain goes away, and infertility. I won’t say that I cure cancer. I will not say that. I have clients who are cancer-free and I think that-by the way, I’m giving total credit to their medical care professional and stuff like that. The eating disorders and the fibromyalgia stuff are very, very easy because I think it really is a psychosomatic-relationship-with-yourself disease. I think that self-love and a great relationship with life helps you stay healthy. So, anyway, that’s the money, love, and health thing. Those of us who have money as our primary spiritual teacher are really, really lucky because nothing gets your attention faster than money.


‏‏I didn’t meet my husband until I was 45 years old but I couldn’t have made it to 45 without money in my life so money issues will really get your attention faster than anything else for the sake of your transformation.


‏‏For myself, and here’s why I talk about making more money by putting love first-it’s because that is, honestly, the only way that I can make money just because of my value system in the way that I was built. And I’ve never been good at making money just for the sake of making money. I believe that for some of us in the world, if money is like playing on one team and love, spirit, values, and all that kind of stuff are playing on the other team on the other side of the field, everybody loses. We need to get them on the same team. A very weird thing happened, all those years ago, way back in the very beginning of 2003.


‏‏When I was in that very dark place, I’d already been coaching since 1996 but that money thing was the thing that I just could not overcome. I have a vision for it, I was doing affirmations, and I was just doing everything that you were supposed to do-inner stuff, outer stuff, and honestly, nothing could touch my superpowers of money repulsion. I decided that money needed to be my next area of spiritual growth because then, I could feel better about making money if it was a spiritual task. Oh right, I can take that on! Honestly, I just really understood that I could not help other people to the extent that I really desired to help and have an impact in the world if I couldn’t pay my rent. I also became really curious about what the heck was going on inside of me that couldn’t be with money because it was weird. On paper, I should have been doing really, really well. I have the testimonials, I was a great marketer, I have the tagline, I have the website-I was doing everything you’re supposed to do but somehow, pushing money away and I wanted to know what that was. I found out within two days because here I am, making no money and still had a coach, which tells you a lot about me. Even when I didn’t have money, I was still coming up with a way to work with a coach, fly out of town, and take these classes. I’ve really come to the belief that getting money and having money are two different skills. I mean, we can put them together when you have a great relationship with money but when you know that you have to do something and nothing’s going to stop you, you will get the money for it. However, what I want for everybody here is to not have to live in that kind of black-and-white, high-stress, high-adrenaline junkie kind of…



‏‏Mm-hmm. Yeah.

‏‏Because what happens, again, with women, when we’re in that state, we become warriors. We become like Joan of Arc and there’s a good aspect to that but there’s also a big sacrifice. If you look at the way she ended up, we have our armor up and we’re going to war and we are not soft and not feminine. It’s a formula for exhaustion, burnout, and loneliness for women.

‏‏Mm-hmm. And I see that a lot in women-especially, women in the corporate world.

‏‏Yeah, and I love them because oh my God!

‏‏I love them too.

‏‏They make so much more money when they get soft and juicy and I’m actually going to give you the formula that I that I take them through. Here’s what changed my life: My coach at that time showed up for yet another coaching call-bless him, I think, he’s one of the best coaches there are in the world and he’s been working with me for months and could not figure out what was wrong because I was doing everything. Then he had this extraordinarily-inspired, weird moment where first, he said to me, “Morgana, what happened with you growing up as a child around money?” and I had memories of stuff that I honestly hadn’t thought of in over 20 years-like, really big, dramatic stuff of betrayal, rejection, fighting, and hurt over money. I formed a belief that money got in the way of love and being a kind of a love-based person, if I have a choice between people and money or love and money, I always choose love and people.


‏‏And this is where you want to lean in: My coach said, “Well, if your money was a person, who would your money be?” and because I was so blessed to be in so much pain and agony to the point of wanting to die-I was already in that state-it was really easy for me to see money as a person in that moment. I never expected what those money would look like because I’d never thought of money as a person but instantly, in my mind’s eye, I saw this big, scary, dirty, and violent biker who caused fights and who terrified me. Because I was already in that emotional state and that’s really important but does not work as an intellectual exercise.

‏‏It’s almost sounds like an abusive relationship with money.

‏‏Very abusive relationship with money and that’s really important to get. What I call this process, financial alchemy, because alchemy is the transmutation of letting human experience-the worst into spiritual gold and material gold but that’s sort of like, frosting. We need to separate the good from the not helpful and focus only on the bad stuff otherwise, we end up with money mud, and that doesn’t change anything. I never knew that I felt this way about money-that I was scared of it, that I wanted to hide from it, and that I wanted to keep my eye on it all the time to keep distance. I had no conscious awareness of that until I imagined money was a person and then, my financial situation for the first time in my life made perfect sense. Well, of course! I was unconsciously keeping people from giving me money.


‏‏Because it was dangerous, it was dirty, it caused fights, and it terrified me. I never knew that! Why would I even think such a thing? I thought, we want to make lots of money to buy beautiful houses and things and save the world-consciously, sure! It’s like a ship-a big cruiser in the ocean. The captain decides he wants to go to Tahiti but let’s say, below deck, the crew wants to go to Norway.

‏‏That won’t work!

‏‏The ship is going to Norway! That was what was going on with money. I knew that there was no possibility of me ever having money in my life if that biker was my money.

‏‏Right, because it’s in your energetic field. You can have the best clothes and you can have the best script but it won’t work.

‏‏Well, the need to survive and protect ourselves is the prime directive. It causes us to breathe. It causes the causes our heart to beat. It causes our blood to pump. Everything in us exists to protect us and keep us alive. My reaction to money is part of that and it’s never going to rest. There was absolutely nothing that I could do that could overcome that. If money was a threat, money was not going to be in my life.


‏‏And that’s true for everybody. I have coached people who know how to make tens of millions of dollars and they know how to get rid of it too.


‏‏By attracting lawsuits or bad investments. I have a friend who did that last year. I have clients who make more than I’ve ever made-I’ve never made a billion dollars-and then, they have the fear of the loss. Honestly, the earlier you can catch this, the better. Don’t wait until it becomes a bigger problem. I knew that, with the way I felt about this biker, there was just no way that I could have money in my life that wasn’t safe so I needed to end that relationship. I needed to get rid of the biker forever-and I did in an instant. All of this took just a few minutes and changed the course of my life.


‏‏From $100 a month to having made millions of dollars since then.


‏‏I’ll continue sharing the story and then I’ll break it down into the steps.

‏‏Yes, please! How did you say goodbye?

‏‏Yeah, I got rid of the monster. He was gone and that created a problem because now, I have just rejected the only relationship with money that I’ve ever had and I could feel this empty space that needed to be filled. I didn’t want the monster to come back so I thought, “Well, who could I have in my life whom I could want so much that I would want this person even if it was money?” So, what you said, Orion, about this being an abusive relationship is so spot-on. Any of you who have ever been in a bad relationship, you know how you feel. At the end of it, you’re gun-shy and you really don’t want to do that again. I was kind of scared of having a relationship with money so it had to be somebody so wonderful, lovable, delicious, and in his or her own right that I would want this person so much that I could tolerate that this person was money and the person who spontaneously showed up instantly in my mind’s eye was this tall, dark, handsome, and romantic young man who was in love with me and who wanted to rule me.


‏‏I wasn’t ready to see him that way at that time and there’s a reason for that.


‏‏First, I needed somebody really safe. He became sexier over time in later generations of this.


‏‏We don’t want to objectify money. You know, we treat money like a whore like, “What have you done for me lately?” We don’t really ever think about, “Who is this person who loves us?” “What does he need?” For men and lesbians listening, “What does she need?”


‏‏So, here was this really sweet, beautiful, hot, but dear man and in this instant, he is dressed in tuxedo and carrying a bouquet of red flowers, whose heart I had been breaking for decades.


‏‏By pushing him away. This is really important because I didn’t realize the elements of what is necessary to make this work until I started trying this out on other people. I just started getting all these clients but I’m not done with the story yet. There’s something very powerful about money as a lover because lovers are equals. There’s a carnal, physical, delicious quality to it that can-just as money can be of a life force or a death force-sex can be a life force or a force of violence and abuse. For anyone who’s listening who has a history of sexual abuse and violation, I’ve worked with many, many people just like you and what I would say is, this new “money person” is safe, cherishes you, and respects your boundaries. You get to reprogram yourself, not only for money but for love. You create a new blueprint so that the only human being you will ever allow into your life will cherish you and respect you as much as your imaginary “money honey” does. That’s how I chose my husband. I picked la human version of my “money honey.”


‏‏Who is so gentle, dear, thoughtful, kind, protective, funny, sexy, and great to be with. I have this guy and I have this sense of, oh my God, how much I’ve been hurting him and how much power I had in the relationship, which is really important because the whole point of any of this is your empowerment, right?


‏‏To imagine money as some fairy who’s going to just come and shower you with gifts is really just another money monster-it’s a set-up. It takes your power away and makes you an infant, which is not what we want. We don’t want a tooth fairy. We want a partner because that evolves you. That’s what you’re here for and the human body is evolution. So, I meet this handsome, wonderful, sweet guy and I’m instantly smitten. By the way, I had a boyfriend at the time who was very much in love with me so you get to have both because honestly, you’re never going to have physical sex with your imaginary friend so where are you going to take all that erotic energy? To those of you who are in unhappy, romantic relationships, I promise you, your partner will really dig this and will reap the benefits. It has saved up bunch of marriages.

To imagine money as some fairy who’s going to just come and shower you with gifts is really just another money monster-it’s a set-up. Click To Tweet

‏‏Wow! Can you give me an example of how it saved a marriage?

‏‏Oh, gosh! I’ve got a bunch of them but yes, a client-I will call her Ellie-although she has come out publicly with the story but I don’t want to embarrass her so we’ll just call her Ellie. I think she had me way back in 2006 and we coached for about ten years just because she didn’t want to leave and I loved her but here’s what happened immediately when I coached through her money monster and her money honey. Her new relationship with money made her just-it takes the pressure off the relationship with the guy. By the way, I’m not even just only speaking about her, I’m speaking about a lot of women. One woman named Kirsten wrote that because the money honey is perfect, she was able to satisfy a lot of things with this imaginary money honey that really, she shouldn’t put on her husband because certain things are not his job but when she took the pressure off her husband, there was space for that romance to flourish. So, Ellie, Sarah, Mimi, and there are tons of them but what happened is, she now has this great, shiny, happy, and new relationship with money and her husband is curious about why she’s so radiant, relaxed, and happy and what changed because he had no idea what we what we were coaching about. He was curious so she kind of shared what she had done and now he has a new relationship with money. She describes what was going on at the time-he was without work for a year and instead of that becoming a bad thing, it became a second honeymoon.


‏‏And then he got a job again and they were in a really nice paying job so it took away the financial anxiety but the honeymoon didn’t go away. I’ve heard this from women clients and male clients. One woman in Northern California, her husband was suddenly and immediately after a session attracted to her again and wasn’t even sure why. He didn’t know what we were doing but he was just responding to it. I had a client in her 70’s and immediately after I coached her, she was walking down the street and strange men were handing her flowers.


‏‏With women, when we feel beautiful and we feel loved and we feel in love, it’s like we become Aphrodite. We become the Goddess of Love. We make the world turn round. Human beings respond to that really positively-men and women, sexually and not sexually. When a woman is happy, nothing makes-especially a husband-nothing makes a husband feel better about himself than a happy wife. Sarah was another one. Her relationship with money changed, her husband’s relationship with money changed, and her children’s relationship with money changed. She filled our coaching practices raising wild amounts of money for her children’s school. She’s got a radio show, published a bunch of books, and started leading retreats in Europe.


‏‏Yeah! It brings out the goddess in us. Their story of psyching Cupid-you know, I lead my Money Goddess retreat in Bali every year and I use these seven goddess archetypes and I always begin with the story of Psyche and her relationship with love, which she mistakes, through her fear and ignorance, love for a monster. Really, truly-I didn’t make this up. This is the myth. It’s been around for thousands of years. She mistakes love for a monster. She marries love not knowing who he is-this is the story-and her sisters spread lies to her and fill her with such fear and anxiety about her mystery husband that one night she pulls out a knife and an oil lamp, ready to kill him thinking that it’s to save her life-just like I felt that money was dangerous. When she lights the lamp, sees him, and realizes her mistake, it’s already too late because she’s burnt his wing and he sees the knife and he sees her distrust, and he says, “Love cannot remain where there is no trust,” and he leaves. It breaks her heart because in that moment, she realizes who he is, falls in love herself, and realizes exactly what she lost. She has to go down into the underworld-this is the story-it’s so wonderful. The only way to get him back is to go down into hell, into the underworld, face her own demons and retrieve the object that she needs to get there-complete her task and get what she needs from going down into the underworld then come back. When she does, he’s there. He never stopped loving her. He was just waiting for her to slay her own monster so that she could be open, available, and receptive to love, which made her a goddess. She starts the story as a human being and love turns her into an immortal goddess. That is my very first money goddess because that’s the story of this relationship with money.


‏‏Where we experience money just like we experience life-as a dangerous monster of heartbreak, loss, and betrayal, especially the stuff that doesn’t appear to have anything to do with money. Anything that has ever made you feel not good enough, not loved, not safe, betrayed…

We experience money just like we experience life-as a dangerous monster of heartbreak, loss, and betrayal, especially the stuff that doesn’t appear to have anything to do with money.

‏‏So, how do we slay our own monsters?

‏‏Well, the first step is to uncover the root cause-that’s step number one. You can start with the money problem as your starting point. Honestly, it’s really a symptom and it’s not the cause so I would start with the money problem and the problems that it’s causing but I would dig deeper into relationships, things that don’t look like they have anything to do with money, the kids who teased you, the lover who betrayed you, the parents who did not protect you or care for you the way parents should, the health issue, the accident-whatever it is, in the case of Jocelyn, it was her eating disorder. Her eating disorder was so severe that the doctors told her that she should be dead based on her vital signs. Since I had an eating disorder when I was a teenager, I understand that an eating disorder is such a deep and severe experience of self-hatred or self-loathing that you want to die and you want to not exist. The wanting to get rid of the fat is just wanting to get rid of yourself because you find yourself so intolerable and unlovable because of other wounds like the love you didn’t get and other stuff. That’s where I invite you to look for your root cause then we personify the cause of this pain. When you get enough, you move to enough pain to create and, oh my God, critical mass then you personify that as your monster. We call it the “money monster” because money is that area of life that we have struggled with that needs our love and our healing the most-and, as if by magic, this process will heal all those other areas too. When you have personified and you see the face, the arms, the legs, the clothing, the smell, the size, and the experience of this monstrous person then you destroy it. You get rid of it. You obliterate it and remove it by any means necessary. That’s step number three. When it is gone, it will feel different. It will feel different than anything you’ve experienced before in your life because you have it your whole life-maybe, even before. It will feel, maybe, empty. It may feel light. It may feel scary because it’s different but it will feel different. Then, you get to meet your money honey. Everything-all the bad stuff-was eradicated, slain, and eliminated with the monster and all that’s left is love so your money honey is love and he loves you because it’s your relationship. He loves you more than anybody in the world or she loves you. I recommend that it’s a romantic, maybe, even erotic feeling relationship because that’s where the big results come from.


‏‏There’s something about that kind of love that heals-all those little tiny corners of ourselves. By the way, for the yoga practitioners out there, sex, money, and love are these kind of second chakra stuff. It has to do with passion and pleasure of living in a human body. We also have so much shame around that shuts down. We have so much shame around money-having it or not having it-and it’s really so similar and so related to the shame that we have about sex, about food, about all the limitations of having a human body, and all of the glory, wonder, and pleasure. It’s got the light side and the shadow side and the money honey is all the light side. That’s step four. You meet this wonderful person and you experience, smell, touch, be with him, and really just feel the love. Then, step number fives is, have a conversation. That’s what’s so great about it being a person-you get to talk, you get to ask questions. Questions are really powerful-not “Do-this-for-me” kind of questions but, “Money, what do you need from me so you can stay with me the way you desire to? What do you need me to know? What do you want me to do here? I’m feeling anxious-what do you want me to do so I can feel less anxious? What do you want me to learn here so I can let go of that struggle? What do you want me to feel?” Those kind of stuff all brings the power back to you. Then, finally, step number six is, action. If you want real, tangible, and physical results in the world, take real, tangible, and physical action. It lets you know that this is real. Action is magical. It doesn’t have to be big and scary-maybe it is. Maybe it’s take a salsa class, maybe it’s balance your checkbook, maybe it’s get a pedicure or go to Bali. When the relationship feels real, you get to have that kind of conversation and hear back. Specifically, because of our conversation when you asked me to be on your show, I want to take a moment and talk about the second goddess in my Money Goddess experience, Pantheon.


‏‏That I take women through in Bali. I also have a home-study course available on my website, MorganaRae.com, but the second goddess that I like to focus on is Aphrodite because for women-this is true for men too but it’s a different flavor for men-women our value in the marketplace, so to speak. You get numbskulls like Trump who really highlight this by basically saying a woman doesn’t have a right to exist because she’s not attractive and he says variations on that all the time so we, women, are not stupid. We didn’t make it up. We’ve been hearing this all our lives.

‏‏Yeah, unfortunately.

‏‏That our right to exist is predicated on our prettiness, our weight, and our sexual desirability-if we’re sexual, we’re sluts so there’s no way to win. We’re really messed up in this regard.


‏‏Those feelings of shame and unworthiness? That’s money monster stuff. I really want you to dive into that when you create your money monster. I love the goddess archetype of Aphrodite because when Aphrodite-when we feel loved and lovable, we have the super powers of self-confidence. I like to say that if you call Aphrodite fat, she will laugh in your face, kill all your cows, and won’t lose a moment of sleep over it. If you look at the way she’s been depicted in art over the course of human history, sometimes she’s thin and young but sometimes she’s so obese she looks like a circle and that’s just how arbitrary human opinions on beauty are. Whatever you have becomes beautiful. When you feel loved, when you see yourself through the eyes of your money honey. If you’re 70 or 17. If you’re 90-pounds or 290-pounds. When you see yourself through the eyes of your money honey, you see what he sees or she sees.

‏‏Mm-hmm. And I love the idea of transmuting sexual energy. Like Napoleon Hill, he mentioned in his book, Think and Grow Rich, it’s all about how sexual energy. All those most successful people in the world learned how to use their sexual energy to manifest more money. It’s so related! I also had this episode with Jaiya. She’s a world-renowned sexologist. I attended her Mastermind and one of the things she taught us was, actually, central money meditation where you get your body into a state of arousal and you breathe in then you think about money. When she did it, her income increased-I don’t know-but increased dramatically.


‏‏Within a month or two.

‏‏I’m not surprised!


‏‏Well, that’s the thing. When I coach people through this-and by the way, when people listen to me in a class like this, or they dive into the videos or articles on my blog because there are hundreds there, or they buy my bestselling book on Amazon, and then they write to me and they share their results when I haven’t even coached them, I celebrate. Like Carolyn Konnoth. She bought a package of my products. She’s the one who made $86,000 in the first 12 hours.


‏‏And that was before she hired me!


‏‏But here is the true line why I say the lover archetype works best because when I first started doing this with clients, after I changed my monster to my money honey, four people hired me the next day for double what I’d ever charge in my life. They kept coming and it kept coming and it kept coming and it kept coming until I had more than I could hold in my head. Boy, was that a surprising experience! I had to start turning people away and creating group programs and waiting lists. I used to charge $100 a month but now I charge $50,000 a year and that will go up too.


‏‏When I first started trying this with clients-and by the way, it was not marketing money or prosperity, it took me, I think, two years to come out of the prosperity closet. I wasn’t going to market this until I knew how to make it work for other people. I noticed that in the beginning, I was letting people to have dogs, cats, horses, and playmates be their money honeys and the results were like, meh. I had one client who switched her relationship-she was so determined that her money honey was just going to be a friend that they could play in the sandbox and nothing happened. However, she came back and she said, “Okay, I’m ready for my money honey to be sexy.” She came over with Viggo Mortensen from Lord of the Rings and made $10,000 within the next 24 hours. It’s fun! It’s fun to be turned on by this imaginary person. We get better information when we communicate with this imaginary person who loves us.


‏‏Yeah. Having that erotic experience is really helpful. In fact, there was a brain science experiment years ago where they would put nodes and, maybe, it was an MRI, I don’t recall, but they were registering where brains lit up with certain topics so when the topic was love, romance, family, sharing, friendship, and all these really warm, social experiences, certain parts of the brain would light up.


‏‏And when the topic of money came up, all those warm, fuzzy, lovey parts of the brain shut down and the reptilian, survival, competitive, scarcity part of the brain showed up. What I’m doing here is, sort of tricking the brain out of that scarcity, competitive, and reptilian mindset, which is a really bad place to make choices and decisions, and merging it with that love, generous, and genius part of our brain so that they get to work together so you don’t have to sacrifice love. In fact, you make more money, the more loving you are. Charging your clients is no longer a hurtful, win-lose, taking-something-away-from-them. Now, two things are going on: When I state my fee, instead of being ashamed as if it’s a monster-now, it’s like, “Isn’t he wonderful?”

‏‏He’s wonderful!

‏‏Isn’t he wonderful? Oh my God, I love him so much-this dear man! I am always in partnership with my money honey who shares my values. I am always inspired to give more value and more value and my client results just get bigger and bigger and better in money, love, health, pleasure, and legacy. The game, when money is no longer the enemy, the game of life changes completely and the only reason that money exists is to serve love, lifestyle, and legacy.

‏‏What kind of tips can you give the alpha-women-the ones who are competing in the board rooms and who feel like they have to act more like men in order to get respect or to make a lot of money?

‏‏Oh my God, it all changes when you put all of that into your money monster. Because your money monster is misogynist and doesn’t like women.


‏‏When you put all of that-all the people who have disrespected you and all the misogynists-you put them all into that monster and blow up that monster then you get a money honey who loves your curves, loves your softness, and also believes in having strong boundaries-which, by the way, is another one of my goddesses, Hecate, the goddess of strong boundaries-of saying “no” graciously and also, asking for help. There is nothing that brings out the hero in a human being like the opportunity to help and be appreciated and admired and that’s something women-when we are in our power-do better than anybody in the world. “Can you help me this?” Men lived to hear that. Men live to be heroes-not manipulated, not taken advantage of, and not castrated. The opportunity to really be a hero in someone’s eyes, especially a woman’s eyes, that is the greatest gift that you can give to a man. The game changes-women make more money, they get taken advantage of less, and they get rid of the people who don’t belong. I have a client right now who is removing a business partnership that turned toxic and was taking advantage of her. By the way, that’s one of my favorite things in the world. This is my sweet spot-these high-functioning and successful women who know business and who keep hitting that ceiling because they are getting these business partners who are stealing from them, taking advantage of them, badmouthing them, and all that crap. They’re being taken advantage of by people in their personal lives-maybe not intentionally but they become the breadwinner and they become exhausted. To be able to come from love and to serve people better by setting healthy boundaries multiplies the abundance for everybody and they get to be soft; they get to be loved, wooed, pleasure, and fun; and expand their income because their money honey likes to have fun too.

There is nothing that brings out the hero in a human being like the opportunity to help and be appreciated and admired and that’s something women-when we are in our power-do better than anybody in the world. Click To Tweet

‏‏Right. Do you have any rituals that you personally do daily?



‏‏No, no, no. Sorry to disappoint you. If I were a better person, yes. Maybe taking walks-it’s really good for me because it’s like a walking meditation but I’m not perfect and I don’t do it every day.


‏‏My rituals-and these are basically, my best rituals-are in my book on Amazon. It’s called Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation. It’s a year-long, self-coaching program.


‏‏It’s a hybrid of book and exercises that you do on your own. Easy-peasy, daily, minimal effort stuff because I actually believe that the less effort creates the biggest impact. You know, baby steps. The tiniest attention can transform your life so for me, this process that I walked you through, that’s the heart of it. That’s where everything starts. I didn’t know that this was something to be repeated until I started having clients wanting to do it again because it would give them a more powerful, evolving experience of their money honey so every few years, when I notice that I’m feeling contracted, I’ll do the process again. Although, you don’t have to wait that long. I have my client, Athena, a former client of mine, one of my favorites. I love that she’s named after one of the Goddesses in my program! I coached her way back in, I think 2008. When she came to me, she had mountains of debt, almost no income, single mother of two small children, and honestly when I heard her circumstances I was like “Nooo! No, she can’t afford you!” and my money honey just, I could hear my money honey whispering my in ear saying “Shut up, treat her like an adult and let her make her own decision.” So, I let her hire me even though I was going “Nooo!” Within four months, she was making tens of thousands of dollars working part-time, and taking “moneymoons” in Miami with her money honey.

‏‏That’s amazing.

‏‏I asked her, because I had a group of coaches that I was mentoring at that time and she joined that group, and everybody was having breakthroughs, but hers were bigger. I asked her, why are yours bigger than everybody else’s? She said, “Because I’ve done the process 17 times.”


‏‏You know, it’s 8 years later, I am still in contact with her from time to time. I still love her to pieces, and she still talks to her money honey on a daily basis. By the way, she married a wonderful man, it was the same name that she had given to her money honey, and again, money without love is a tragedy. Love without money is a tragedy. Either scenario is a money monster, I don’t care if you have three trillion dollars, if you are miserable and lonely, you’re poor. The only game in town is a life that puts love first, and lifestyle, and legacy.

‏‏Thank you, Morgana! This was incredible. Very refreshing conversation around money. Very unique and very inspiring. Where can people find you?

‏‏I recommend that people start with my website, morganarae.com. I’m sure there is a link on your site. I have a four part Money Magnet Video Series to get you started on the process with your money monster, your money honey, a lot of really specific stuff that I didn’t even touch on here. The four part Money Magnet Video Series-for free! So, just go to morganarae.com. You will also find a treasure trove of super high-content stuff all over my blog, and my podcast morganaradio.com. But, begin with the video series, I think that is a perfect place to begin.

‏‏Absolutely! Well, Morgana, thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. That was awesome! Thank you, listeners! I hope you learned a lot. Go find your money honey, find the love inside, and have a stellar life!

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