Episode 159 | March 12, 2019

Debunking Pharmaceutical Myths with Dr. John Bergman

A Personal Note from Orion

When it comes to disease, how much do you really know what is going on in your body?

Western medicine has created some incredible, life-saving advances for humanity, but it remains a double-edged sword. We tend to over medicate and often forget to look at the body in its holistic state: one that is naturally programmed to heal itself and which only asks for proper support in the form of clean, wholesome nutrition.

Next time you feel that something is off with your body, with your treatment, plan, your medication, or even you doctor – trust that intuition within you. It’s your body shouting at you that something else is going on. Be proactive about your health and don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek second opinions, and ask for alternatives when a treatment or medicine is making you feel worse. There is no reason why one area of your health should be treated at the expense of another equally important part of your body.

My guest today is my favorite Doctor in the world, and I am so happy to have had the privilege of interviewing him. Dr. John Bergman obtained his degree in Doctor of Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, and his practice has served hundreds of families, focusing on corrective and wellness care.

About Today’s Show

Hello and welcome to this very special episode of Stellar Life Podcast. My guest today is one of my favorite human beings to listen to when it comes to health and regenerative medicine. He’s so smart, knowledgeable, kind, and funny. It’s just such a pleasure to talk to him in person especially on this podcast. It was a wonderful conversation and it will teach you a lot about your health, how to help yourself, and how to help your family. It will also teach you things that you didn’t know about your health.

He is absolutely incredible. I love him personally and professionally. He’s just a wonderful human being. He helped me a lot along the way. I like everything that he teaches and everything that he suggests. He’s incredible.

Dr. Bergman was propelled into the chiropractic field by a severe auto accident with two broken legs, a fractured skull, and sternum, along with several organ injuries. With great need and passion for healing and regenerating, Dr. Bergman began studying the body’s recovery process. He obtained his degree in Doctor of Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles and also became an instructor. As a past instructor, Dr. Bergman has extensive knowledge of human anatomy and human physiology that few can match. Really, few can match. He’s like a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.

Dr. Bergman’s practice has continued to grow, serving hundreds of families, focusing on corrective and wellness care, and is dedicated to podiatric development and adult health care. With Dr. Bergman’s unique approach and direct experience of recovery from a severe injury, many successes can be achieved in even with the most challenging cases.

Are you ready? He’s incredible, he’s outstanding, he’s one of my favorite doctors in the whole world. He’s smart as smart can be and he’s going to change your life. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dr. John Bergman.

Hi Dr. Bergman and welcome to Stellar Life Podcast. It is an honor, and a pleasure, and it is so good to have you here.

It is totally my honor. Just to get this information out, it can save lives. Thank you so much for doing this.

You’ve been my doctor for a while now. I’ve been coming to your office and doing chiropractic adjustments. I traveled abroad and I need to come back to the office as soon as possible because I feel the difference when I come to visit you and when I don’t. I also want to mention how smart you are and your incredible YouTube channel that everybody should go listen to and watch.

My main job is I translate complex scientific data into normal, so people could just understand how their body works. There’s such a delusion out there that your body is sick and predisposed to disease instead of your body is naturally healthy.

Yeah, there is so much confusion out there. There’s so much information that people sometimes get lost or they just listen to whatever mainstream information they get from mainstream people that don’t know much about anything.

There was a veteran vet taskforce that looked at all the scientific data out there and the scientific advice. They say medical advice at best is about 10% based on science.

This is insane. Before we start, people need to know more about you. I actually want to know the backstory of how you became that fabulous unicorn that you are today.

I was actually just a regular Joe. I was a contractor. I was building houses and I was run over by a car. I had my legs broken, my chest fractured, my organs bruised, my skull fractured, and this propelled me. At that time, I put an x-ray lab in for a chiropractor. He taught me about my body and I thought, “Man, that’s amazing,” and with all my injuries, I would go to him for my adjustments. I went to the medical world for their therapies. They did drugs and operations. They kept me alive. It was fantastic. They kept on saying, eventually, I’ll need knee replacements. They’ll keep me healthy with drugs and I couldn’t take drugs because it would make me stoned. The chiropractor said, “No, your body is designed to heal,” so I went back in and I got fascinated with how the body works. I went back to college, found out that I had a knack for memorizing anatomy.

I ended up tutoring anatomy, teaching anatomy, went through the Diplomate Neurology Program, got my doctorate in chiropractic, and I ended up teaching human dissection for eight years. I was able to apply stuff that people thought was true. I found out even in the chiropractic world, there is a lot of predisposed ideas on physiology and how the body works. Then you start looking at the real scientific data, you find out the most common type of arthritis is not a disease. It’s an adaptation, it could be reversed. You find out things that high blood pressure isn’t a disease, it’s really an adaptation to stress. High cholesterol is not a disease, Type II diabetes isn’t a disease. All of these are adaptive physiologic responses to stress. The therapies that the medical world does to control those adaptations are not only ridiculously toxic, but they induce chronic illness and disease.

You said that blood pressure is not a disease. What is it?

This is the fun part. In order to break the paradigm that people have, you have to ask them because they’re taught and they’re told by the media and by the healthcare professionals that this is the silent killer. You have no symptoms when you have high blood pressure. It’s going to destroy your kidneys and cause you to stroke out. I’ll ask patients, “Why is the human species the only species on the planet that can’t regulate their own physiology?” Then I’ll ask them, “What number are you going for when you’re checking your blood pressure?” Well, most people would say 120/80, that has to do with the millimeters of mercury and systolic over diastolic. Except that was a Joint National Committee Sixth Meeting in 1994. That means that in 1994, you get this group of people that own hospitals and pharmaceutical reps, and they decide on your physiology.

In 1994, it doesn’t matter your age, your sex, your health, your weight, so this means a 6’4 400-pound guy needs to have the same blood pressure as an 18-year-old gymnast. 1994’s recommendation lasted until 2004. Joint National Committee said that “Everybody has to be 115/75,” and for every 20 millimeters of mercury increase, your risk of cardiovascular disease doubles. You think with that recommendation, “Wow, that sounds like it’s really based on science,” except when you force that blood pressure low, you put the body into further stress. That made it until 2014. The Joint National Committee again said, “Well, if you’re over 60, it needs to be 150/90. If you’re under 60, 140/90,” because now they have more scientific based guidelines. That’s what they said in the title of the report. You might be scratching your head and thinking, “I thought in ’94 they were based in science. I thought in 2004 they were based in science. Now, they’re just coming up with a science-based guideline?” The American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association broke from that agreement that it was going to be 150/90 if you’re over 60. Now they said, “Even though we have no data to support it, we think everyone should be 130/80.”

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Even though they don’t have any data to support it?

Yeah. It gets worse, because the drugs they used to regulate blood pressure, at the University of Alabama, they found out that for every one drug you take to lower your blood pressure, risk of stroke increases. Exactly what they’re trying to prevent is increasing based on their therapies. They say that despite good control if you’re taking three blood pressure medications and you have excellent control, your blood pressure is what they want it to be, your risk of stroke increases 237%. The drugs they use like the Diuretics increases about 37,000 more hospitalizations and around 4,000 more deaths. Calcium Channel Blockers which is another drug used to regulate blood pressure increases heart failure. The cholesterol drugs that they give you if you have high blood pressure, that increase hardening of the arteries and heart failure. If you chemically alter your physiology with a drug, you’re literally altering your physiology, the outcome is not good.

I have a relative who suffers from blood pressure, and he’s overweight, and he’s taking medications, and he doesn’t want to change his diet.

He doesn’t have to.

What’s the solution to that?

They have a machine that’s approved by the FDA and it’s called RESPeRATE. Don’t buy it. What the machine does, it’s like a walkman. You listen to this tune and you deep breathe in while the tune is playing, then you deep breathe out while the tune is playing. It forces you to deep breathe for 15 minutes. It’s more effective than two blood pressure drugs that lower your blood pressure all day long. Tell your relative to deep-breathe for 10 minutes with his arm leveled with his heart. That’s diaphragmatically breathing. That puts his body in a consistent metabolic state and it takes his blood pressure, that’s it and it will instantly be lower. What they’re saying when you’re looking at blood pressure just by itself, they say you cannot take it accurately in the office. You need to really monitor it for 24 hours, but talking a cold room, a full bladder, all of these things alter the blood pressure reading. Deep breathe for 10 minutes with your arms level. His diet has to be an organic plant-based diet. He’s going to have to change, because if he realizes the medications that he’s taking to lower his blood pressure increases his risk of stroke, chronic illness disease, and kidney damage—I’ve never had anyone say, “Gee, no doc, I’ll take the kidney damage and the stroke over having a glass of vegetable juice in the morning.”

Yes, some people are hard to change. I can have a conversation, one of the millions, and he will say, “Yeah, you’re right. Sure, you’re right,” and it will change for two days and then go back. What do you do to affect people’s mindset?

Have them look at one of our videos. Blood pressure, what’s the normal number or what should it be? In that one, I go through in detail about the insanity that these guys are saying that this was what your physiology is and how toxic the therapies are. He watches that because I make a statement, I put up a journal article. That’s the only way to change belief systems because right now, his belief system is that his doctor is really sharp based in science and that his doctor is giving him these therapies that are going to protect him and make him live longer. When in reality, the doctor is trained by the pharmaceutical industry, not by science. They’re following rules that change.

They’re following rules that are based on greed and money. I mean, not always to the benefit of the patient.

Yeah because they’re looking at parameters that are not accurate. Do the drugs lower blood pressure? Absolutely. Does having your blood pressure lowered by a chemical add to the length and quality of your life? No, definitely not. There’s no data that supports that. Do medications that you take increase your risk of chronic illness and disease? Absolutely.

Talking about medications, I mean that’s wonderful. I’m going to have him [uncle] watch it. Well, listeners, you don’t have to, but if you want to live a long and healthy life, go to Dr. Bergman’s YouTube channel and listen to everything he’s got to teach you. This man is brilliant. One of the things that you say is that Tylenol is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. Why is that?

It actually is one of the deadliest drugs in America. This is the interesting part, the clinical pharmacology on medications, it’s how do they actually work? You could look it up, rxlist.com is a great site, but it goes into clinical pharmacology. How does this drug actually work in the body? Nobody really knows. It says on Tylenol, mechanism action is unknown. That means that this drug that’s in every cough syrup, it’s in every pain reliever, it’s mixed with codeine. It’s not only extremely toxic to the liver, but nobody knows how it actually works. It destroys Proteoglycan production which is the building blocks of cartilage. Its level of therapeutic dose and toxicity dose is so narrow that it’s almost guaranteed to cause liver damage in anyone that uses it. It’s insane.

Think of this, you’re going to take Tylenol to relieve joint pain, but it destroys the building block of cartilage. It furthers joint damage. You take it to lower a fever. A fever is your body’s immune system response to a cold, or a virus, or some type of pathogenic response. For every one-degree increase in temperature, your immune system doubles. To mix it in with cough syrup is psychotic. Then they have Tylenol mixed in for Dayquil or Nyquil so that you can get some sleep. However, that damages the brain. I get seniors in there that are taking Nyquil to knock them out. I said, “Do you realize that this increases your risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia?”

Do you know what happened to me once? I just arrived in the states, I lived in New York City and one time I got super sick. I got a really bad cold. I think I took Nyquil, or the cold, whatever. One of those really strong drugs. I was leaning back with a high fever and I heard somebody screaming on the rooftop and I got so scared. I called the police, the police showed up, like seven guys not wearing police, they look like regular people.

They came, and they went out there, and they searched the rooftop, and there was nobody there. I remember just opening the door to them pointing to the roof and being all pale and then they came back, “Ma’am there’s nothing there.” I went back to sleep and I hear this man screaming on the roof again. I was completely hallucinating from this drug. It is so weird. It is so strong. It causes hallucinations. I called the police because I was hallucinating because of the drug.

Isn’t that wild?

It’s wild.

It’s over the counter. It’s available for everyone, so it must be safe.

People take them like candies. They are so used to it it’s like, “This pill will solve this and this pill will solve this.”

Also, acetaminophen which is the main ingredient in Tylenol, it depletes glutathione. This is beyond sick. Glutathione protects your brain. It literally is the only thing that protects your brain. What they’ll tell parents is when you vaccinate a child, they may develop a fever so give them Tylenol to reduce that. That is one of the most completely ignorant aspects of the medical world to give your child before the blood-brain barrier is formed, a neurotoxic agent that can damage the brain to protect them from chicken pox, or hepatitis B, or things that they’re not at risk for at that age. Then they give a drug that depletes the number one nutrient that protects the brain. It’s mind-boggling. The level of ignorance and the cultural authority that they have is beyond belief.

Yeah, it’s really bad. You mentioned babies. They take infants and they’re like, “Let’s vaccinate them and add all those harmful chemicals to them because somewhere in the future, it might save them.”

It’s weird because it is a belief system. People are told that—thank god for modern science. Otherwise, the whole world will go to hell in a handbasket and we’d all be dead. I’ll talk to these people who have that belief system and I’ll say your great grandmother and your grandmother all lived to beyond 80 and they were healthy. They eat nothing but organic, healthy, seasonal foods, and they didn’t have any vaccines. This generation that’s born today in America will get 72 doses of 17 different vaccines. That’s a new experiment. What we’re seeing is we have the highest vaccination rate, the lowest infectious disease rate, and the highest chronic illness rate in the world.

That means that I’m seeing Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel diseases in seven and eight-year-old kids. We’re seeing allergies and asthma. All these immune system responses that have never been plagued in our population. We do have a lower incidence of chickenpox from the vaccine, but we have massive rises in shingles. We have lower incidents of measles, we have massive rises in chronic illnesses and autoimmune disorders that have never been seen in our population. We really have to change that world.

Your great grandparents all lived to beyond 80 and they were healthy. They eat nothing but organic, healthy, seasonal foods, and they didn’t have any vaccines.

Yeah, and you have a whole talk about vaccination. Again listeners, his YouTube channel if you want to know more. There are hours of information there. For somebody who is listening right now and they’re about to have a newborn, how can they protect and prevent the baby from being vaccinated?

Build a vaccine or a birth plan. First, before you’re going to give birth, make sure that the mom and dad are healthy. That means they’re devoid of any endocrine disruptors. That means they’re not taking synthetic foods with synthetic phospholipids or things that can damage their natural hormone production. No plastic foods, no processed foods, organic plant-based diet, and any animal products that can’t be commercially produced. No drinking out of plastic. Look at the hair care products, look at skin creams, a lot of these products can interrupt the hormone production in the body. Hormones are literally how your body communicates with itself. Then when the kid comes out, look at the safest place in the world to give birth. America is 77th in the world for infant mortality. That means in 76 other countries, kids survive longer. We have the worst of any industrialized country of giving birth in a hospital.

Birth process in an American hospital is ridiculously dangerous. Croatia, El Salvador, these countries have a way better infant survival rate than America because we treat it like a medical procedure. Typically, a woman will go to a hospital, get Pitocin which is a hormone that initiates uterine contractions which increases vaccine damage to 60% and causes damage to the mom and damage to the kid. Baby monitors are put on, puts the mother in stress so it’s hard to dilate. We have in some states a 51% C-section rate. C-sections put four times the amount of pressure on a child’s neck than a standard vaginal birth. When the kid comes out through a C-section, unless they do a vaginal swab, the kid has no healthy flora on his skin. He’s going to be predisposed to mount defenses against normal bacteria that he shouldn’t. This is going to hypersensitize his immune system response.

In America, we give them a hepatitis B vaccine within 12 hours. This is an IV drug user, sexually transmitted disease. He’s not at risk for it at all anyway. For healthy kids, do a birth plan, no vitamin K shot because that has polysorbate 80 which can damage the brain. No silver nitrate in the eyes, because if the mom doesn’t have gonorrhea he doesn’t need an antibiotic squeezed in his eyes or her eyes. Definitely no 12-hour vaccine. Don’t vaccinate the child until their blood-brain barrier is formed, that’s when they’re between 8 and 12 years old. And then individualize it…

Are you allowed to refuse those vaccinations?

Yeah, so far. Even in California where we now have lost our right of informed consent. It’s only to get a job or an education. They still can’t force you to vaccinate, that’s a plus. There’s a number of movements like Robert Kennedy Jr. is doing a lot of work on children’s health, children’s safety. He’s doing a heck of a job on that, but there’s a number of groups for informed consent. There are positions for informed consent. We’re talking thousands of doctors around the world saying, “This is just damn crazy.” If we keep vaccinating, our population keeps getting sicker.

That is so annoying.

It’s more than a little bit frustrating. If you look at childrenshealthdefense.org, that is one of the most brilliant websites around, that’s Mr. Kennedy’s site.

Amazing. Which countries are the countries you will suggest to give birth at and do you believe in home birth or giving birth in a hospital?

Home birth is the way to go. There’s a dance that occurs between the mom and the child and it’s right before the kid comes out. In every other country in the world, moms are in a safe environment. You need that in order to initiate what’s called the parasympathetic nervous system which is rest, digest, and repair. This allows the cervix to relax and dilate, but also the kid is in a cramped spot. The kid will be telling the mom, “Mom, bend back, bend forward,” and you’ll see in every other country, the woman has her hands on her thighs and she’s lifting up, she’s bending on one side, the other side, and this is when the child is positioning themselves to come out to the world.

In America, you got an IV in your arm, you got a baby monitor on. They’re scared about you slipping and falling and suing the hospital so they lay you in your bed and everybody and their brother comes in and checks your cervix which is going to completely stress your body out, so there’s no dilation. Then they give you either Pitocin or an epidural to solve the pain from the Pitocin which initiates those uterine contractions, it’s psychotic. Amsterdam, any place in Europe, home births are the norm over there.

I just visited Egypt. I visited the beautiful tombs. There was one temple, there were hieroglyphics of doctors and also hieroglyphics of women giving birth. The way they did it in ancient Egypt, the women were not laying down, they were squatting on this little bench and giving birth that way which is probably way more natural. The baby goes with gravity and boom.

Absolutely. They’ve got birthing swings at a lot of these centers which allows the woman’s pelvis to open up.

Oh my god.

You sit there and your legs get opened up which helps open up the pelvis to facilitate the movement. Laying on your back with your legs up is really comfortable for the doctor, but it’s horrible for the mom.

So much to learn. It is so stressful. Stress is everywhere.


Stress is the cause of probably 99.9% of diseases or maybe less, but I believe it is. What’s your take on stress? How can you handle it?

This is the neat part because, without stress, we all die. We need stress. The inappropriate response to stress is the key. You have physical stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress. When you look at all three of those, if you handle those effectively, then your body is fantastic. You can adapt to this world and you’ll thrive in this world. Physical stressors, understanding that 90% of the nerves that come off the spine, there’s no pain fibers. You could have had that fall when you were skiing when you were 12 years old, slipped on the skateboard when you were 15 or 18, the wrestling injury, the small fender bender, all of these things. Now, you’re 40, 50, 60 years old and those physical stressors have never been corrected.

To address the physical stress, you need specific x-rays to look at the entire body and then ultimately knowing that the physical stress can alter this automatic nervous system and that’s the key. That’s how your body adapts to stress. Half of it is called the autonomic nervous system, it’s called the sympathetic, or fight or flight. This keeps you alive short term under stress and that’s how you thrive. When you’re under stress, you wind at elevation in heart rate. The digestive system is very metabolically expensive. That blood supply gets shut down under stress. Immune systems are metabolically expensive, that gets shut down. Liver starts to produce more glycogen down to glucose, so blood sugar elevates. Blood supply to the gut shuts down, heart rate elevates, and all of these are normal and healthy in short term stress. The problem is chronic stress. People are going to be misdiagnosed with high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and alterations in blood sugar and insulin levels. Physical, chemical, and emotional stress are a healthy adaptation.

When you got the chemical stressors of the world, your body responds the same way as if it is a physical stressor. If you’re chemically stressed by cleaning products, by vaccinations, medications, toxic food, your body goes into that fight or flight state just like if you were physically stressed; heart rate, blood pressure, everything. If you’re emotionally stressed, emotions are chemicals secreted by how the brain perceives the environment, not what’s actually happening to you. You have the same, sympathetic stress response or fight or flight response. You look effectively at the physical, chemical, and emotional stressors. There are ways and techniques that you can balance the emotional, detox your body from the chemical, and correct your structure so you don’t have the physical responses.

Chemically altering your physiology with a drug alters your entire physiology. Share on X

Let’s start with cleaning our environment and reducing that external stress. What can we do to help that?

Look at direct sunlight exposure, fantastically good, cleaning products in the environment, air filtration in the environment. If you look at your internal world, there are so many fire retardants, plants will help take care of that. Surround yourself with living plants, particularly stuff that can take carbon dioxide out of the air, produce oxygen. Lots of plants. Get the outside air in. This will create a different internal environment. Look at the lighting, make sure you have full spectrum light that will be ideal.

How do you get full spectrum lighting?

Certain fluorescents will have full spectrum lighting. There are some LEDs that have full spectrum lighting. If you can still find incandescent bulbs, that’ll be full spectrum if you can find them.

That’s hard to find.

They’re really hard to find. Look at the room fresheners, the toxic ones are like Febreeze, anything that you spray in the air that chemically alters that air is deadly. Even certain candles and incenses that can be made with oils are toxic. Some are made with the essential oils that are fantastically good for the environment. Cleaning products, hair care products, skin products, all of those can have endocrine disruptors in them which alter physiology.

I can’t stand those candles that smell like a chemical, that chemical sweet fake smell and they’re everywhere. I can’t even stand it, like my body’s saying, “Stay away, this is bad for you,” and I think it is also a lot about to do with intuition. Listen to your body, listen to what your body is saying to you. If it smells toxic, if it looks toxic, it is probably toxic.

If people would listen to themselves more and realize that we’re energetic beings. One of the greatest studies I ever saw and this was a trick, this was back in the 90s where they were wondering why Africans with AIDS were not dying as fast as Americans with AIDS. They went to I think it was Nigeria. They looked at the people that were giving the same drugs as our American people with HIV positive or AIDS. If an African took a drug and they felt bad after taking it, they’d stop taking the drug. If an American felt bad taking the drug, they followed the doctor’s advice no matter what because they believe that he was the great authority over health or whatever. They died at a greater rate by taking the AZT which is crazy.

It is crazy. I had that. I was suffering from something and the doctor gave me medication. I took it and I was like, “I don’t feel good on this,” and I stopped taking it. Lo and behold, everything’s fine.

Please listen to yourself, everybody.

Listen to yourself and listen to Dr. Bergman because he knows what he’s talking about. You have to know who to listen to and expand your horizon. It is your responsibility to learn about those things because some things are not being taught in school. We grow and evolve, and there are so many changes in our lifetime. We need to be informed especially when it comes to our bodies. Also breakthroughs in healthcare.

When somebody says, “The science is settled,” science is never settled, ever. When you hear vaccines are safe and effective and you hear that it’s just inundated with you everywhere. Except for the Supreme Court that says, “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.”

The Supreme Court says that?

Yeah. They passed a law back in ’86 because the vaccine companies were going out of business because their product was so dangerous that it was causing so much. You could actually sue the companies back then. They were going out of business. They had to set up some way different because you have to have companies making vaccines. I don’t know why, but you just have to. Maybe to keep the government going, because they do a lot of contributions to campaigns. They passed this law that made it illegal to sue the vaccine manufacturers. They built this vaccine corp. No longer can you bring the person that did you wrong in the court. That totally changed everything.

The Supreme Court looked at this and they said, “Well, vaccines are unavoidably unsafe,” and it’s impossible at today’s technology to make a product safe for everyone utilizing how you make a vaccine because it’s not just to kill a virus. It has preservatives, it has to be grown in a certain medium, and not everyone’s going to react the same way. Look at the flu shot, the flu shot used to be grown solely in chicken eggs. What you do is you put some infected tissue because you can’t isolate a virus in a living chicken egg. Let it fester on the shell for a couple of weeks, then you centrifuge off most of the chicken parts. There’s going to be wild viruses and stuff, but you can’t do anything about that. Then you got to mix some formaldehyde, some preservatives, if it’s a multi-dose vial, you mix something thimerosal in there, and then you inject it in human beings.

Take a closer look at your household items. Anything that you spray in the air that chemically alters the air is deadly.

And that was a good thing?

Well, no. This is how vaccines are done. You can imagine injecting this concoction and people can have a negative response.

Yes, that’s why I would say no.

In 2013, they changed it. They now added different growth mediums. You have to grow a virus or a pathogen in a living growth medium. They developed in the 60s neoplastic cell growth mediums, this is like immortal cell lines. They’re also called cancer cells. It gives you a really consistent product, but they didn’t grow vaccines and cancer cells in the 60s, because they thought if you inject cancer cells into human beings, it might cause cancer. Well, they’re doing   surveillance since 2013, because now they’re growing a flu shot in monkey kidney tissue, dog kidney tissue, aborted human fetal cells, and caterpillar larvae. When they’re getting that flu shot, they’re getting these foreign proteins injected into them, but they’re doing post-marketing surveillance to see if there is a rise in cancers from doing it.

I am shocked. It’s like we’re all guinea pigs.

Yeah. That’s also why autism, there’s been over 80 different cases that they paid people that these vaccines caused encephalitis, swelling of the brain, and autism symptoms. When people say, “Oh, it’s settled,” no, it’s not settled. If anyone hasn’t seen the movie Vaxxed yet where a CDC whistleblower says, “Look, we falsified the data and it turns out there’s a 400% increase in autism if you get the measles, mumps, or rubella shot,” and no one’s checking the 69 doses of 16 different vaccines that the kids are getting today. The closest one was an animal study done in 2008 at the University of Pittsburgh by this Dr. Laura Hewitson where she took monkeys, gave them the scaled down version of the vaccines, 12 hours they get the Hep B. then they followed him through the first year shots and 100% of the monkeys developed antisocial behavior.

They couldn’t eat their standard monkey chows. They have bowel diseases like our kids have now. When they harvested the brains, they found that sure enough the heavy metals and the neurotoxins in the vaccines were found in the brain. This was published in the journal of neurology but it was so damning to the vaccine program back in 2008 that they pulled it. They said because since Laura Hewitson had an autistic kid that she must’ve falsified the data.

This is so wrong.

It’s crazy because like in science, let’s say you do an experiment, let’s say you inject a bunch of monkeys with some vaccines and come up with certain data points that say that this is toxic. I don’t say, “I don’t like your hair. You’re mean,” I do the same exact experiment, come up with my data points, and come up with a different hypothesis, but that’s not done. They always shoot the messenger. That study has never been redone. It’s never been questioned or thought of. They have never done another animal experiment doing the entire vaccine schedule to see if it’s appropriate. This is why the journal of toxicology says, “The standard schedule now, there have been no studies done to show if it’s efficacious, effective, or safe.”

We’re doomed. We are learning. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves, to protect our children, to protect our environment. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

There you go, I love that.

In order to alleviate emotional stress, my blood pressure is probably really high right now just being so mad at those companies. I feel bad to see kids out there that it’s not their fault  and sick humans that don’t know better than to take a Tylenol. That’s why what you’re doing is holy work, it’s so important. I’m so grateful for you and for people like you.

A third of my practice is under 12. When you see the nonvaccinated kids coming in, it’s a completely different animal. Their eyes are clear. They don’t have dark circles under their eyes. They don’t walk like meth addicts. They have good bowel function. They’re not allergic. When I was a kid, we go to the baseball stadiums and we sing the song, “Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks,” there are peanut free days now because there are so many peanut allergies. Back then, there were no allergies. That’s because a lot of vaccines are suspended in oil and sometimes it’s suspended in peanut oil. If you get a different protein injected, a protein that’s not been tempered by digestion that’s injected into the body, the body recognizes that protein has a pathogen so it mounts a defense against it.

That’s one of the reasons that the vaccines can cause an increase or hypersensitivity. In 1986 when they passed the law, there were 23 doses of 7 vaccines. Immediately when there was no liability, it went to 33 doses of 9 vaccines in ’97, then it went to 69 doses of 16 different vaccines in 2016. Now, it’s 72 doses of 17 different vaccines. It’s insane because there’s no massive cry from the public to say, “Please give us more vaccines,” anybody now if you’re questioning, even questioning that, and you are working for a university, it’s suicide. It’s job suicide. You can’t say that you can’t even have a discussion about whether they’re safe, effective, even though the United States Supreme Court says they’re unavoidably unsafe.

Without stress, we all die. We need stress. The appropriate response to stress is the key. Share on X

In the land of the free. Yeah, free, but you are getting brainwashed and doctors are afraid to—I’ve heard that doctors had to go to Panama because they found cancer cures. There’s a lot of corruption going on. We want to concentrate on the light.

Oh yeah.

Let’s focus on the light. The only thing we can do is focus on what we can do, how we can live better, how we can be happier, how we can be healthier, and how we can help other people to be happier physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in all areas of their lives.

That’s the key. When people really realize that they’re not predisposed to illness, they’re not sick, they’re not waiting for diseases, that’s the medical model. That’s their philosophy. If you have a vitalistic philosophy that your body is more energy than matter, and that you’re designed to thrive on this planet, you’re going to walk by that mirror and smile. You don’t need any outside influences for your health. You get an organic plant-based lifestyle, you look and maintain your physical health, you can take charge of your emotional health. I’ve got several videos on how to reprogram the brain to solve past problems. If you have an emotional problem or incident in the past that you haven’t effectively dealt with, it can start to run your life, so emotional health. Chemical health, you don’t put toxic stuff in your body. Your body will detox and thrive. You’ll see a reversal of cancers. You’ll see reversal all these diseases by people just changing their lifestyle.

What are the best detoxes?

Probably nowadays chlorella and Spirulina would be two of the best ones. It’s a type of algae. This is key.

I take Spirulina almost with every smoothie that I make. I put all kinds of superfoods in it.

Fantastic. The key is that the allopathic way where you have a symptom, do therapy, or you have an idea to prevent disease, you take something for that. That’s not effective. There’s a book called the Blue Zones and this is areas of the planet the people consistently live beyond 100.

Yeah, Okinawa is one of them.

Okinawa, Ecuador, Sicily.

I want to go to Sicily.

Sicily, the longest living males on the planet. They drink an average of seven liters of red wine a month. They walk every day. Nobody joins the gym. If they eat animals, they are healthy animals. They eat them once a week to once a month. It’s not the main part of their diet. Follow that. We’re not reinventing the wheel. These guys, the reason that they’re healthy beyond 100 is they have a purpose, a sense of community. They’re giving back, they want to be on this planet more and they’re living in harmony with their world. They’re not doing these harmonious aspects. Their animals eat the grass, the animals poop on the grass, the grass grows afterward, they’re not in a concentrating feeding operation. They grow actual plants out of real soil, they not using chemical fertilizers or genetically modified plants. It seems too simple but the map on how to thrive in this world is already there. All we got to do is read it and follow it.

Sometimes the most complicated problems have very simple solutions.


You mentioned the fact that they’re eating protein once a week. What’s your take on protein intake and animal protein intake?

The main state of a human animal. You need about 7% of your diet as protein. You’re able to digest plant proteins way better than animal proteins. It’s super easy, but there are certain fats in animal products that are fantastically good, particularly the Omega 3s. From small fish like anchovy, mackerel, sardine oil, those Omega 3s are essential for healthy brain function. That’s one of the vital nutrients that we give to these brain damaged kids that come in, it is a liquid-based Omega 3s. That’s going to start to heal their brain function from the damage from the neurotoxins they’ve been exposed to. Protein, 7% of your diet is all you need. There’s a really good video called Dude, Where’s My Protein. You get tons of protein in dark green leafy vegetables. Lettuce has protein in it. Animal products and this is what we recommend to patients, they got to be healthy animal products. If you eat it once a week to once a month, fantastic. If you’re a vegetarian, great. You’re going to get certain animal proteins from dairy products, healthy cows, raw dairy would be okay.

There are entire cultures based on vegetarian. Vegans, that’s a bit harder because they’re going to be B12 deficient. They can get that from brewer cheese, but they need to get a lot of healthy bacteria in their system. Fermented foods, fantastic. There’s never been a vegan culture but there are vegetarian cultures. Being vegan is actually better for the planet. Vegetarian is great and if you’re eating animal products once a week to once a month, as long as they’re healthy animals. The fact that a lot of cultures are eating animal products breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the world cannot sustain that.

You’re able to digest plant protein better than animal protein. There are a lot of vegetables with lots of protein in them.

I have a light version of anemia, I crave red meat. We talked about listening to your body, my body craves red meat. Some weeks it’s like I really want to eat it. It sounds like I’m eating more than what you suggest.

Yeah. When you look at protein absorption, and this goes back to how your physiology is. Your cravings are smart. You’re going to be craving stuff that your body requires. If you have low protein absorption, typically that means you have low stomach acid. You got three things you’re going to digest- protein, fats, and carbohydrates. All digestion begins with your body masticating, your teeth are grinding that stuff up. The carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth. Protein digestion is mainly taken care of in the stomach where you have this massive bunch of acids.

Fat digestion occurs when it hits the water right beyond the stomach. That’s when the gallbladder starts to secrete to multiply and break down those fats. Those three areas are vital. If you’re protein deficient, typically it means you have chronic stress decreasing stomach acid production. Once you find the stressor that’s causing that, great. In the meantime, if you have that, a supplement that you shouldn’t take longer than a month is called Betaine Hydrochloric Acid. This will be something that will increase your stomach acid and help you break down some of the proteins. Lightly cooking it, chopping it up, masticating it, and making sure it’s a healthy animal, then you’re going to be okay.

I do the 80/20 rule because I travel a lot and sometimes I can’t get organic. I can say that 80% of my diet is organic, grass-fed, locally sourced. I’ll go to the farmers market and take care of my body that way. Especially for women, they want to look younger, they put all these creams on their faces. They do all these procedures, but honestly, women that eat a super healthy and clean diet look younger.

Yeah. This is interesting, why do people wrinkle? Because they produce less stomach acid as they age, and it’s hard to break the protein’s amino acid, so they have to build the body with fewer amino acids. The tissues lose some integrity.

That’s good to know. I’m thinking about taking the supplement that you said. I have to listen back because it was a very long name.

Yeah. Only for a month, Betaine Hydrochloric Acid.

Will do sir, thank you so much for that tip. I want to go back to the to the emotional stress. One thing that you use a lot, you have a fantastic sense of humor, and you’re really funny, and warm. I never saw you in a bad mood, ever. You’re always in a good mood. What’s your personal discipline when it comes to elevating your state and getting into a good emotional state?

This is so cool. This is one of the tricks that we give to everybody. Anyone that’s had a chronic illness disease, injury, anything, you’re in a consistent neuronal firing. Your brain is firing up consistently based on past experiences. What people don’t know if you can actually take charge of your emotional state and change it. Just like programming a computer. It’s kind of like if I showed you a picture of a puppy dog and you think, “Oh no, that dog’s going to poop on the carpet and chew my shoes,” your brain’s going to secrete adrenaline and cortisol and these are stress hormones. Your body’s going to respond to that. Let’s say I showed you the exact same picture of a puppy and you thought, “Oh my god, that’s my best friend, it is going to be my companion,” your brain instantly is going to secrete dopamine and serotonin, put you in that parasympathetic state.

Your body’s immune system’s been healthy, everything. I’m showing you the exact same picture, but based on your programming, on your perception. Not stimulus, just your perception. Your brain secretes these chemicals that have two totally different physiologic effects. Emotional health directly equates to physical adaptation. We use one of the techniques, it’s neuro-linguistic programming. This is an exercise that we tell our patients to do 10 minutes, 3 times a day. It literally involves body posture, volume intonation, and breathing, and you reprogram your brain. I’ve been doing this every day for about 18 years now where I’m up at [4:00], I get to the car by [4:30], I’m at the office by [4:45].

Realize that you're not predisposed to illness. You're not sick, and your body isn't waiting for diseases. Share on X

I’m telling you when I’m at the car at [4:30] in the morning, I’m not really pleasant, I’m kind of grumpy. By the time I get to the car or to the office, I’m on fire. I literally fix my body posture so I’m sitting up, speaking out loud, and I’m saying, “I am healthy. I’m the healing source of energy. God’s love flows through me into my patients,” and I’ll say this over and over. “I am articulate. I am accurate. I am brief,” and if you do that, you say ‘I am’ before a group of empowering words like, “I am healed,” not “I am healing,” “I am dynamic. I am healthy,” and you don’t have to feel it. You don’t have to believe it. These aren’t affirmations. This is programming data into the subconscious which doesn’t have an emotional state. You’re just putting data in there. The more you do it, the more your brain is going to start to fire off and change those emotions. Emotion means energy in motion, it’s literally the chemicals your brain secretes based on your perception of the environment. You radically alter that, you change your physiology. Master your emotional state, master your health.

Yes. Amen to that. People have to be mindful of what you said, I do it every day, three times a day. Our brains are not very disciplined and sometimes they go places we don’t want them to go. Every day just the way you brush your teeth, every day. The way you take a shower every day, you have to take that mental shower every day to refocus your brain and reprogram your brain. It doesn’t happen if you do it for a day or for a week. It happens when you do it weeks, and months, and years, and you never stop doing it.

I love that. I love that idea, mental showering.

Yeah. I take a mental shower every morning.

It makes so much sense. We have people who have not just chronic illness, but depression and anxiety. It’s almost like a black tornado that sucks you deeper into this darker hell. When you start noticing those beginning emotional triggers that are going to get you deeper and deeper into that depressive state, as soon as you can recognize the start of that domino effect of emotions, then you do the neuro-linguistic programming and you could pull out of it.

That’s wonderful. You know that I adore you and that I believe that we can talk for forever, and I would be respectful of your time. Before we finish, I have two questions for you. One is what are your three top tips to living a stellar life? The second one is where can people find you?

Three tips to live a stellar life. First, the realization that you are the creator of your world. You create it physically, you create it with thought, and if you have limiting beliefs, break those. Some people are stuck in work that they don’t like, relationships that they don’t like, and they don’t know that they have a genie that they can ask for anything that can change their world. One of the things that we have people do is exercise. Of 100 things to do, be or become, so it expands your potential. Check out our goal setting video on YouTube. In that one, we described this in detail, but to expand your perception of where you think you are.

You may be an office worker who should be a chef. That excites your passion, you get this vibrancy and joy. Realize that you can change your world. Then, realize that you’re naturally healthy. Most of these things that people call diseases aren’t diseases, they’re adaptations. Organic plant-based lifestyle, you put living food in your body and you’re going to be able to adapt. You need healthy bacteria in your body. The nutrients you put to maintain your body, you got emotional health, physical health, and your change of perception that you can make your own world.

Your body is more energy than matter. You're designed to thrive on this planet Share on X

That was wonderful. Where can people find you?

YouTube is probably one of the most popular ones, just type in John or Bergman at any subject you could possibly imagine. Our site is johnbchiro on YouTube, but also on Facebook, I’m Dr. John Bergman. We’ve got a website called the drjohnbergman.com that is loaded with information. Of course my office, but my office we are at I think over a year on the waiting list. You’re welcome to stop by in Huntington Beach. The YouTube, Facebook, and the drjohnbergman.com site is vital.

Thank you so much, Dr. Bergman. This was such an honor and pleasure. It was fun. It was very good. I really enjoyed every moment of this interview. Thank you so much.

Orion, thank you so much for inviting me. This information can save lives. Thank you so much for doing this. It’s been a blast.

Yes. Thank you, listeners. Thank you for listening. Remember, listen to your intuition, reprogram your brain every day. Get your energy in motion and live a stellar life.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Take a more in-depth look into the cause of the disease. Some of the most common conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, and high cholesterol are related to stress.
✓ Research the side effects of both prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  According to Dr. Bergman, one study from the University of Alabama found out that for every drug you take to lower your blood pressure, your risk of stroke increases.
✓ Set aside 10 minutes and sit down with your arms level and take long, deep breaths using your diaphragm. Deep breathing exercises can help improve your blood pressures.
✓ Implement a balanced, healthy diet that is mainly composed of non-GMO and organic fruits and vegetables and non-commercially produced meat. Dr. Bergman advises eating Spirulina, Chlorella, fermented food, and items rich in Omega-3.  
✓ Don’t take Tylenol. It is a drug that is made to relieve joint pain but it actually destroys the building blocks of your cartilage, leading to joint damage when used long-term.
✓ If you are pregnant, build a vaccine plan and thoroughly research what type of vaccine your infant needs. According to Dr. Bergman, it’s best not to vaccinate a child until their blood-brain barrier is formed, which happens between ages 8 to 12.
✓ Buy organic even for non-food items. The chemical ingredients found in your hair and skin care products can interrupt the hormone production in your body that can cause an imbalance.
✓ Make sure that you get a regular amount of sun exposure. Natural light has many health benefits, including heightening your mood and energy levels. If you live in a colder region, consider installing LED full spectrum lights in your home.
✓ Schedule a session with a chiropractor so that you can understand what’s happening inside your body and what areas you need to focus on.  
✓ Subscribe to Dr. Bergman’s YouTube channel for highly informative discussions of essential issues on modern medicine and health.

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As a past Instructor, Dr. Bergman has extensive knowledge of human anatomy and human physiology that few can match. Dr. Bergman’s practice has continued to grow serving hundreds of families, focusing on corrective and wellness care and is dedicated to pediatric development and adult health care. With Dr. Bergman’s unique approach and direct experience of recovery from severe injury, many successes can be achieved in even with the most challenging cases.

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