Episode 5 | March 22, 2016

Embrace Your Weird and Find Your Destiny with Suzanne Stauffer & Megan Sillito

About Today’s Show

‏‏Welcome to another stellar episode. I’m your host, Orion, and today we are with an unstoppable couple, double trouble, that are creating the impossible. Suzanne Stauffer and Megan Sillito are on a quest to live life as grand as possible. They are partners in business and in life. They co-host a popular radio show Love, Life and All Things Weird. Living a life that is inspiring, overflowing, and completely awesome. In a moment, they are going to share with us wisdom about co-creating with your soul purpose and igniting your genius. Before we dive in, let’s start with you ladies telling us a little about yourselves as an individual and what you do together.

‏‏Why don’t you start, hon?

‏‏You’re putting me on the spot.

‏‏I know, ’cause it’s fun.

‏‏My name is Suzanne Stauffer and I have had the craziest career route, I think, of anybody I know. I started in the accounting world and did auditing, and taxes, and was a business consultant for a number of years. Then really opened up to my spiritual path, and did all kind of tangents on the way. Which we can go into another time, but I’m happy to say that now I’ve really combined so much of all of my background and history. I am a psychic and intuitive coach. I coach personal as well as business for people who are in transition. They’re looking to really up-level in their life. They’re looking to align and really express from their deepest truths. I really create clarity for people who are on their way to a better life. That’s what I have the privilege to do every day. It is so amazing and I can tell you that 10 years ago, if I thought my life would be what it is now I would have pinched myself because it just gets better and better. I have an amazing co-creator in crime, Megan, and we have been in partnership for 5 years. More and more we’re working together and really creating awesomeness across the world. Megan, why don’t you go from there?

‏‏I have been a coach of one form or another for … This is my 20th year of doing transformation and helping people, and me, live better lives. I started out helping other people live better lives and then I figured out that maybe I could have one of those, too. In my journey, my training is really extensive. I probably have a total of two PhDs in all of the different modalities, hypnosis, and OP. I studied with the Hendricks, Access Consciousness. You name it, I’ve done it. If you can show me a way to create transformation, if it’s standing on your head singing La Traviata, I’ll learn it. I am the learner. What makes this easier? What makes life better? How can we get there? What’s in our way? How do we troubleshoot that? What are the best ways to get out of our ways? I’m always in that conversation, whether I’m leading groups or doing one-on-ones with people. In my one-on-one practice, I have a very select few clients who I do project-based coaching and I help people launch things. That could be lives, businesses, projects, whatever that is and I partner with people to help them create whatever it is that they want in their life. I just love playing. I think probably, where Suzanne’s, one of her talents is clarity and one of the things she brings to the table, I think for me it’s really played and how to really play our way through whatever our life is.

‏‏What can we do to find our true destiny?

‏‏I love that question because I would say that it’s a very timely question. What I hear, which is awesome, is that people are starting to have a new conversation with themselves and with others. That is, “What have I come here to do? What special about me, or what am I destined to do, or what is my purpose?” Soul purpose is a really awesome term that’s going around a lot lately, of, “I want to do my soul purpose.” What I love about that is it used to be that we would just go to our work, and try to make a living, and get a paycheck so that we could survive. Now people are really stepping into this new thing called, “Hey I want to love what I do. I want to serve. I want to make an impact. I want to really create a legacy sometimes”, so it’s an awesome conversation and I love it that people are asking these questions. What I would say is that there is sometimes that you can create too much … It can actually create some heaviness for people. They’re like, “If I don’t do this one thing I’m supposed to do, then I’ve failed or whatever”, and so there’s a lot of pressure and intensity around that as well. Kind of the short answer to how do you find your destiny or how do you find out what your soul purpose is … My definition of soul purpose is to show up and be who you really are. The deepest soul expression of who you are every day, and so when people ask me about destiny or about the purpose or anything like that, I’m like, “Hey, are you being you? Are you being your wacky, crazy, weird self everyday? Are you leading with those things and talents and gifts? Are you expressing yourself in every way that you want to? That’s the deepest expression of who you are.” If you are, then you’re totally living on purpose. You’re totally living out your destiny, and you’ve totally rocked it.” That would be kind of how I answer that question.

The definition of soul purpose is to show up and be who you really are. The deepest soul expression of who you are every day. Click To Tweet

‏‏How do we actually recognize our gifts?

‏‏Megan, that’s you.

‏‏There are a lot of pointers, so I have a couple of books. I think we’re going to be offering these on the back end, for you guys for free, as a tool to get there. There’s a whole series of questions that I call the genius questions, and these questions are really pointing us in a direction of nobody can tell you what that is. Nobody outside of you can tell you what that is. It’s really about you following the bread crumbs of what I call the energy imprints. What I mean by that is that, what is it that you do or that you be, that when you’re being or you’re doing it energizes you? You have more energy after you do that thing, or having spent time in that thing, then you did before. Genius that … That which is our genius is generative, which means it generates energy, it generates creativity, it generates. When we’re doing things that are generative, those are bread crumbs of genius. That’s a place when you’re in genius.

‏‏I love that. Bread crumbs of genius and some people think I’m just going to go do my work everyday, and I can work on my genius on after times. Why do I need to work on my genius all day long? I can do my work and do it after times. What do you think about that?

‏‏Well, what was really funny, is while you were saying that, like, “I can just do my work.” I don’t know if you felt it, but my whole body got heavy after that. Just like, “I can just do my work and do my genius after”, because why would you spend a third of your time doing something that creates heaviness? By the way, guys, when something feels heavy to you, there’s a lie in there. Meaning it isn’t who you truly are. You’re not being everything that you truly be, and so everything that you’re doing to kind of get through something, then I will … I mean I’ve coached for 20 years and I’ve never seen that work out well. Like, “Oh I’ll do the thing that I want to do later.” How often does that really work? Even for me, it’s like, “Oh I’ll work out later.” Well, that doesn’t happen too much. This is something, that in my belief, is that you’ve got to prioritize. This should be priority number one. If you don’t know what your genius is, commit to it. Commitment is the key in, the door in. People think they have to know something and then they commit, but actually the commitment opens the door to whole new possibilities, and awareness follows choice. By saying … You don’t even have to know what your genius is, but by saying, “Okay I commit to learn, find, and live in my genius.” You grab my book, or whatever you do, and maybe your friend starts talking, “Like oh my gosh that’s that rise in energy Megan was talking about.” There’s a bread crumb. You’re having a conversation and you’re getting really excited, that’s a bread crumb. Your priority can be discovering what your genius is, and then once you have more awareness of what that is, then you can make a commitment to live there. “I commit to live there”, or, “I commit to live there most of the time. I commit to live there all the time.” What I do is I sort of help people upgrade those commitments, so if you’re at the very beginning I help to formulate the priority to help you open the door, and then sometimes when we have done … Sometimes I’ve been feeling my genius part-time now, okay now say for full time. It’s just that constant movement to expansion. The cool thing about genius is, is that it’s infinite. We’re infinite beings, and so our talents, our abilities, our capacities, our potencies are infinite. I mean I’ve been studying genius, writing about genius, for 15 years. I keep finding new genius. I keep new aspects of it, so it’s the eternal bread crumb race. It’s so fun.

‏‏Right, and Suzanne how did you find yours? You were in the corporate world doing accounting, how did you find it? How did you-

‏‏Yeah so it was really a very meandering path and that’s what I want to tell people. I actually, when I was young and going to college, I used to get really jealous of other people who just knew what they were going to be. You know like the singers who just came in and they just had this gorgeous voice, and they knew they were going to be a singer, or those writers who started writing when they were just five years old. They just knew they were going to be a best selling offer. Well, that was not me. I remember talking to my mom when I was 11. I was saying, “Mom what are my talents?” She just looked at me and she paused for a long, long time.


‏‏That’s not good.

‏‏That’s really not good, she was just sitting there and she was looking at me. She was like, “Well I think you’re a pretty good singer.” I’m like, “Pretty good singer?” She’s like, “Well, you’re also just such a good helper.” I was like, “Really? That’s it? That’s all you can give me? Thanks, mom”, and I walked away from that going you know what maybe God just didn’t give me talents and gifts. You know like God gave everybody else, and so for me, it was this really long-winded path of okay what turns me on? Like what Megan said. What feels exciting and what am I passionate about and I’ll go in that direction. Honestly, the biggest talents, and gifts, and capacities I have were right in front of my nose. That took me a long time actually to see, because those things that are the most natural for us to do, our genius abilities, and we think they are no big deal. We think that it’s just a given. For me, I’ve always had this really amazing capacity to be able to see into people. Like deep into people and know them, and really see where they were happy and where they weren’t, and what was going on in their life. I use this ability in my corporate world, I used it to be able to communicate with people because I could see what language they needed me to say, so that they could get me. I kind of just naturally used this talent and ability in everything that I did, and it wasn’t until about truthfully five or six years ago where I was really considering what are those genius abilities that I have … I came across this and I was speaking it to a partner in a class. You know like where you pair up in a pair and they’re like, “Well I have this talent.” I was talking about it and I was like, “But doesn’t everybody do that? I know that I do it, but doesn’t everybody do that?” The person was like, “What? Are you kidding me? No not everybody does that.” It was like I was that fish in the water right? Where the water was all around me. It was so normal for me, that I just figured that was true for everybody else. That’s what I find a lot with your genius abilities, and your talents, and capacities-is you almost discount them. You almost consider them as something really normal, and really like doesn’t everybody else do that? For me, it was really committing to my genius, and committing to those things that I did know about. I knew I was a good leader. I knew that people would just kind of naturally follow me, and that they trusted me, and that they followed my advice naturally. There were certain pieces to the puzzle that I gathered over time, and then what I would say is I just followed the bread crumbs. I followed the energy and it was like oh would this be fun to do? Well, what if I combined this and this? I was a business consultant for a number of years, so I was used to talking to people, and I was used to helping them with their problems. It was such a natural shift to move into coaching for me, from that standpoint, and from that platform. Then I was able to bring in a lot of those intuitive gifts that now I use all the time, but it wasn’t until I committed to my genius and to my … I still commit to my genius, and what else is going to come through, and what other talents and capacities want to come through me. It’s a never-ending game.

‏‏Right, a lot of people feel that feeling of isolation. Us versus them. They can have it, they have it all, and we tend to minimize ourselves sometimes, or we forget the idea of oneness. We’re all one and we all … In some capacity, we all have the same gifts and talents as other people, just in different fields. Also, I think that your mom was kind of right when she … Actually yes, because you are very good at helping, and you’re helping people sing their song.

‏‏Aw. Yeah, I like that. I’m going to tell my mom that you said that. She’s going to be so happy. Yeah in a way that really is true, I do. I really do love it… I mean it’s just the most amazing moment when somebody changes, and when they see a new truth about themselves that they haven’t allowed themselves to see, by having a conversation with me and I love … It’s just something that I love so much. To watch people really claim who they are, and continually up-level into more and more expression of who they are. It just turns me on so much, and I love it so much. Yeah, that is about everybody singing their own unique song, and where Megan and I really combine is … It’s in our show Love, Life, and All Things Weird, because we love it when people call us weird. We’re like, “Thank you so much because we absolutely have this platform.” You know fly your weird flag. Lead with your weird. Lead with those things that people are like, “Wow that’s kind of unique, or unusual, or weird about you”, because that’s where your genius lies, and that’s where your joy lies. That’s where you can make the most money in this world. It’s where you can differentiate yourself, and create this amazing life, is by really leading with your weird.

It’s where you can differentiate yourself, and create this amazing life, is by really leading with your weird.

‏‏Yeah, so I’m from Israel and after spending about 22/23 years there, I moved to Japan for three and a half years. After Japan, I moved to New York, and when I moved to the US I really tried to fit in. I tried to box myself because I had my crazy Japanese type where I was a little out there, a little different, so I did everything to put myself inside a little box, to be like others. The truth is that you can never be like others, and at some point, I locked myself in that box so much that I actually forgot how to me be. It took a journey for me to understand that there is nothing that can box me, and I’m bigger than any restriction, and the more I am myself the more people have gravitated toward me. Yeah, so Megan the next question is for you. Do we have one destiny, or do we have a few destinies, or does it change throughout our lives?

‏‏I actually think what we have is choice, and that there actually isn’t destiny. I think that my experience, that’s where people get tripped up with the purpose thing. They’re looking for the one thing that they’re going to be. It’s kind of like the one soul mate, the one this. We live in an infinitely expanding universe, we’re infinitely expanding beings. One thing really? One destiny really? I think that we create our destiny from moment to moment. We create our future moment to moment. It is true following the bread crumbs. I think that we could say … I feel like I’m really here to uplift. I bring the energy up, let’s have some fun. I’m the play brigade, I’m the Pied Piper, right? I could say that that would be a way to speak to, if I had a purpose. If I had one thing that would probably be it, but literally there are so many other facets of how I open up the space for people, how I help them see other possibilities they didn’t see before. How I help them actually step out of their creation trauma and create what they’re capable of. Yes I do that in a playful way, yes I do that with fun, but I also do all these other things. I think that’s what we mean but it’s actually infinite. It’s not one thing, but as we follow that likeness … I mean years ago the speech that Steve Jobs made at Stanford. He said, “You can’t connect the dots forward. You can only connect them backward.” As he talked about his life, it’s like, “Oh I’m not going to go to med school, I think I’m going to go into calligraphy.” He didn’t know that was part of some future. Do you know what I mean? We have to follow the energy. What I like to do from time to time is to turn around and go, “Oh that’s what I’ve been doing. Isn’t that fantastic.” I was teaching this community class for 15 years that I called ‘Life Skills’. It was a class that I just did on an appreciation basis, like a $10 appreciation. It was my give back. What I noticed one day is that I had created a community accidentally. It’s so funny because people started … Once I said, “Oh wow this is a community, let’s name it ‘The Genius Community,” because it was kind of about birth your genius. Be your genius, and you’re in a group of people that’s going to support that. A lot of us, we actually did grow up in a box. Where what was supported was the box, that’s why we tend to put ourselves in it. It’s kind of what we were taught from the very beginning. This was an environment or a family, where it’s like okay out of the box. This weird thing that you want to do? Yeah, we’re going to celebrate it, we’re going to receive it. It really gave people permission to do that, but it was really interesting because I never saw myself as a community builder/gatherer. If you would have asked me a year before that whether I was a community person, I’d say, “Hell no.” As I was following the bread crumbs, lo and behold there was a community. Then people said, “You can teach us how to create community.” I’m like, “I have no idea how this happened.” I just really was in my passion and I have this natural ability to connect people, and for people to gather in my space and to open up. I don’t know what that is, but it’s part of my uniqueness and it was a surprise. Was it part of my destiny? I don’t know, but it sure was a really fund segment you know?

‏‏Some people don’t believe that they can make money from their gifts. What would you say to them?

‏‏Hahaha. Is what I would go, hahaha. Is what I would say to them, because you know before committing to my genius I would say that I made, maybe at the very height, $30,000 a year. Since committing to my genius, my income keeps expanding and expanding and expanding, and I’m shooting for mid-six figures. It’s like the more I commit, the more I say nope, and as I let go of things … That’s the other thing right? Are certain things serve a use for a time, and then they kind of fall away, and maybe they kind of circle back at another time. Really as we hone this, as we continue to follow our strengths and build this energy of aliveness. As you said, when you’re being you, everybody wants some of that. The more that you can be all of the talents, gifts, and abilities the more people want that. That creates financial opportunities. To me, the highest ratio of abundance for time spent is in the genius zone. That is where the money is made. It’s interesting because I got on a call with some billionaires a few years ago, millionaires and billionaires, and none of them could agree on what created success except for one thing. They did what they loved, and they found people that did what they loved and they weren’t good at and hired them. They hired people that loved to do something that they didn’t love to do. Everybody in that club was saying that they spending their time only doing those things that are generative, that they really liked, that they’re really good at doing. That’s actually where the money is made, is in that zone.

‏‏Is it about diving timing, or is it about being?

‏‏Yes and yes. Well for me … I’m not sure … How would I say? Yeah, I think that sometimes when we say, “Hey universe, I like to create blah blah blah”, and you’ve been sort of creating blah blah blah. This is funny watching spitting out the milk right now. The universe is like that’s a whole different note. I’ve got to figure out where that note is, and I have to reorganize some things so that she can have that new note. From that standpoint, that reorganization process takes however long it takes. Sometimes things we want, the creation point, for that thing is not here yet. There is sometimes a timing, and the best way I think, to dance with divine timing is to be in our being. I think it’s a combination of the two because the more you’re being you, the more that you’re moving into the juiciest creation points and choices at the right time.

‏‏Suzanne. How do you yourself get in a flow state?

‏‏I would say that for me it’s all about what I … Like a base and a foundation of what I call a touchstone. Touchstones in my life, so when I have enough space and time for myself. When I create time for exercise. When I have reflection or silent time, and when I put those in my everyday life. In my week that my week is filled with all of those types of activities that I like to call touchstones, it brings my body and my soul and everything into a place of centeredness and calmness, so that regardless of what’s happening I am in the flow of it. It’s interesting because you know my career has taken off so much in the last year, and I find myself having such a ball with tons of clients everyday. It’s been really so amazing and profound, and if I lose sight of those touchstones I can be in my genius and be with clients all day long. If I don’t keep up with my touchstones, then I feel super stressed, or overwhelmed, or like I don’t have any downtime. For me, it’s a combination of really doing what I love, and working with clients that I love, that really creates that generative energy. Then also making sure that those touchstones in my life don’t fall through the cracks, so that my system from top to bottom knows all good, that everything’s going to be okay, that everything’s is going to get done. There’s just a balance and peace that comes with that, that I found. It’s a work in progress. I would say there are times that I’m super in that, and sometimes where I lose sight of that, and I’m like, “Yeah! I can do one more thing.” For me, it’s really holding on to those touchstones. Like a hot bath, or a walk-in nature, or playing with my cat, like cuddling with my cat. All of those things that really create peace and centeredness in my life.

‏‏Amazing. What do you do Megan, for getting in the state of flow and for releasing stress?

‏‏I have this cool ass scooter and drive, in the summertime, I drive it everywhere. I hardly use my car in the summertime. There’s something about, for me, because play is such an integral part, if Megan does all work and no play it’s not good for anyone. What’s great is to go, in between appointments or meetings or go from a client to a webinar or something like that, and just to hop on my scooter. Even for eight or nine blocks and have that wind in my hair, and be able to play with people at the crosswalks. That reminds me of me. My being and essence are so about play and connection, that that is sort of this instant thing for me. Like one fun thing that I can do everyday. For me keeping in the flow and having fun, and making sure I have things to look forward to, and fun things in my life. When I have those fun things, everything else seems to work around that. I would say that the other thing is that I love studying and learning about consciousness and about the universe. About how it works, and so having time everyday to feed that part of me is super important too. Feeding my mind and play, would be my two.

‏‏Just touching back on building our dreams and connecting to our genius. Are there dreams that are too big? That we should not aspire to or are beyond our capacity?

‏‏Okay so just notice how you feel when I say this. Yeah. You know there are certain things-

‏‏I feel amazing. This feels so good.

‏‏Yeah you know should really limit yourself. Anything that’s bigger than you. I think that’s just way bigger than you.

‏‏You know what, we definitely hear that in some form or another. Even from our partners sometimes. You know you should delay doing this, or yeah this is might be … People around you are very realistic. How do you handle that for example?

‏‏I’d love to take that, and then hon you can share, because what I would say in our relationship is I’m really the big visionary and like, “Let’s do this.” Then she figures out the logistics, like how can we make that happen? What are the steps? That’s why when we coach together we’re such an awesome team because we have all aspects of what it takes to create something. By her very nature, she’s a little bit more realistic than me, and there’s sometimes that she’s like, “You can’t have that.” Then it’s so funny because to me, that rebel in me is like, “I’ll show her.” It’s like I now have fun with it. It used to be, when somebody would say you can’t do that, there would be times where I’d actually believe it or buy into it, or slow myself down. One of my coaches, Michael Neill talks about it… I did a program with him at the beginning of the year, it was called Creating the Impossible. The whole point of the program, you took three months, you picked an impossible goal and you go for it. Part of the practice is always going for something beyond what you think is possible. What happens then, is that if it hasn’t been done before, it looks impossible to you, you’ve never seen anybody do it. It also is sort of invisible, and when you step into the invisible, you’re stepping to the source. You’re stepping into the universe/God/whatever you want to talk about that and you’re engaging consciousness. If you’re only going for what you think is possible, that’s a limitation. It’s like, “Oh yeah my neighbor Bob created that, and so maybe I can too.” Which is great because that’s a motivating factor as well, but in my experience, the universe isn’t that interested… Its whole thing is it wants to expand infinitely. It’s not as interested in us having the same goals and staying in the possible. What I learned in that program … Actually my original goal was, I can’t remember what it was, to make $100,000 in three months or something like that. Then one day I realized I actually think I can do it, and I actually chose it because I wanted to sort of win the prize so to speak. Then I realized like oh my gosh that feels heavy, and when I actually went to a goal that I truly thought was impossible, my whole being went up. What I noticed is that I felt like the universe was playing with me in the impossible and in that invisible place. If we only go for what’s possible nothing will ever change, nothing will ever expand because it’s something that’s already been done before.

If we only go for what’s possible nothing will ever change, nothing will ever expand because it’s something that’s already been done before. Click To Tweet

‏‏Right. We will never learn how to fly.


‏‏Absolutely. What do you think Suzanne?

‏‏I have a slightly different take.

‏‏Ever the realist.

‏‏What I would say, and this is why I coach people to follow their truth. To follow their individual truth, because for Megan, living in that impossible place and dreaming that big, it motivates her and inspires her. It juices her up. It makes her super excited. She loves surprises, and it’s just like wow. It creates so much energy in her body, and so much lightness in her body. When I go to this gigantic dream that’s just huge, what happens in my body is like a thunk. It’s just almost this place of I can’t do it. It’s just big, and so out there, and so broad I just don’t even … I feel like this balloon, this gigantic balloon that’s just going further and further and further away from me. For me and my body, it feels really heavy. It feels yucky. It feels like I’ll just fail. What I like to do in my dreaming is I like to go beyond what I think is going to be “realistic”. I like to stretch myself, but I don’t want to go so far out that it just feels impossible. I would have never taken that class that she signed up for at the beginning of the year because it’s not motivating to me to live in that place. It feels too out there and ethereal in a way for me. What I love to do is go beyond what I think is possible for me right now, and then come back to like, “Okay what would my next step be?” I’m much more of a systematic person. A step by step person. I can see the big vision and then I can come back to now and be like, “Okay what’s the next thing? Then what’s the next thing after that? Then what’s the next thing after that?” For me, that’s super motivating and it creates so much juiciness and energy in my life when I can look at this vision that’s a little bit bigger then what I thought was maybe doable, but that I can still have this plan and this path for me and I know what’s next. I know I can take it and break it down into those little pieces. That’s how I differ. I would say to the listeners, is that’s the amazing thing about this world. Is that there’s all kind of people saying opposite things about everything. Some people will say drink wine and other people will say never do that. Some people will say be a vegetarian and other people will say never do that. It’s true in the consciousness world as well. There are some coaches who will say one thing, and another coach that says the entirely opposite thing. That’s what makes life so amazing, is that we can go and see what works for us. What’s true for us, what feels light, what feels energizing, what feels doable for us and we can choose that route and that’s going to be our route. It doesn’t have to be somebody else’s formula, it gets to be yours.

‏‏The key to success is perseverance and a person like Megan will get up one day and say, “Oh my God I have this ginormous goal and it’s amazing”, and follow that. A person like you will wake up someday and say, “Oh I have this goal and I have the systems and the steps and the rules of how to get there”, and they’ll get very inspired and excited but then both of those people sometime down the road will have an off day. Days where things don’t work as well, and obstacles that show up. What do you ladies do to deal with those obstacles?

‏‏Sweetie, do you still have those?

‏‏I do. I know. I’ve been at this for a really long time, and guess what? I still have obstacles. Yes. Yeah so what I would say is the Hendricks, Gay and Katie Hendricks, they have this … What I was taught that this was from them originally, but Megan was the one that taught it to me. It’s the idea that in our life we’re going to drift, we’re going to get off track, we’re going to stumble, we’re going to feel like it’s all a little too much. We’re going to get distracted or we’re going to get in our emotions or obstacles and blocks. It’s not about never drifting because we’re human and we’re going to do that. The key is in the shifting. It’s like you drift and then you shift. Gay Hendricks talks about this flight from Salt Lake City to Chicago, or wherever in the world, but that if it’s on autopilot, that plane is off-track 99% of the time. That flight is a little bit off to the left or a little bit off to the right, but it still gets to Chicago. There’s a drift and then there’s a shift. It’s like the system will come every 30 seconds and go, “Oh we kind of wandered off a little bit, let’s come back to the path.” The flight gets to Chicago, and it was off 99% of the time. I learned this concept so long ago, but I love coming back to it all the time. It’s not about not drifting, or having obstacles. It’s about, “Okay what am I going to change about my mindset? What am I going to do to feel into these feelings or express this energy that’s coming through me, so that I can come back to center. To come back to and shift”, so for me when most of the obstacles are internal. It’s like my fear, or my fear of rejection, or any time I’m up to something really big, or I’m going to launch something new. I always go into these moments of time where I’m like, “Oh my gosh no body’s going to want this. No body’s going to want to pay for this. This is complete … This is dumb. Why am I even doing this?” All those types of thoughts. Where I feel super afraid or I feel fear of rejection, or I distract myself and watch TV instead of making my calls. A lot of it is my own internal stumbling blocks. What I like to do when I get into that place, is I like to question reality. I like to say, “Is this really true? Is this thought, is this really true that no body’s going to like this, or no body’s going to get it? Is this really true?” Then I just like to start asking questions like, “What else is possible here? What could I really create if I didn’t let this fear stop me?” Moving into curiosity and a question, so that I can get my brain back. I can get back into that right mindset. I also find that it’s super awesome to really have a support system around you that will remind you. That is for you and your cheerleader, and that’s what I love so much about Megan, is she’s such a cheerleader for people’s dreams and it doesn’t matter how big they really are. When I get into my stuff, she’s right there to be like, “You know what Suzanne, don’t even worry about it. It’s totally going to work out”, and so sometimes it’s just as simple as that. Voicing my fear and saying, “This has really come up for me today”, and having somebody be like you’ve got this, you’ve totally got this. Then the next day I’m like, “I’ve totally got this.”

‏‏I love it. Sometimes just bringing the fear out. Just you get it out of your energy field, and it’s not there to block you. When you put it out there, just by saying it, sometimes you deal with that. Just by saying, “This is the fear”, and looking at it instead of just shoving it down and, “I’m okay. Nobody should know what I’m going through. I’m fine.” When you’re true and it goes back to what you’re preaching, which is truth, when you’re very good and true about your feelings, and what you’re experiencing, and your vocalizing it in a simple way, it can help a lot. I also love the moving from drifting to shifting. That was very cool. Megan do you have any thoughts about this subject?


‏‏Not at all? Nothing. That’s what I thought.

‏‏I like to say that oh every time I have a block I use a tool, and I get myself out of it. Sometimes when we hit a roadblock, the universe is saying rest. The universe is saying, “Unplug. Okay, you’re so in it you can’t see the forest through the trees.” Sometimes just go up in the mountains, or go have a glass of wine … One of my shift moves is Netflix. I’ll go at 11 o’clock at night and just watch some stupid ass shit that I don’t have to think about. It kind of unplugs my brain in a way that I can come back and I can be fresh tomorrow. I mean Suzanne has given a lot of tools and tips that I do utilize and use too, but there are times too … Something that Danielle LaPorte says in her Truth Bomb cards, is sometimes procrastination is intuition. I have had … I beat myself up a lot for what I call oh I’m blonde, I’m not moving forward, I’m not taking action. Lately, I’ve really been going, “Is now the time for that?” It’s another way of getting to the truth because in linear reality we think if we can just take this many steps in this amount of time, then the thing will be produced at this amount of time and we’ll make this amount of money. Most of that’s crap. I mean we can’t control it like that. Can we get close sometimes? Sure, but my experience is, it hardly ever looks like you think it’s going to, or happens in the timing that you think that it’s going to. Sometimes it’s really about … Like when there’s a block, it’s like is it time for this? Do I need to do something different? Is there something else that needs to happen first? Sometimes for me, it’s an indication that I’m trying to control too much, so I’ll either unplug or just ask some different questions and feel into it from there. It won’t be very long, if I’m just willing to do that, that I actually get to the other side and kind of see the next step along the journey. If I sit and beat myself, that’s the number one … Let me tell you what not to do when you get a block, beat yourself up. “Oh, I can’t do this. Oh poor me.” Beat beat beat. That’s the number one thing that I see, that stops people. That’s the number one thing, because what happens when you do that is you literally take yourself off the playing field, and instead of any forward movement you’re off having a pity party on the sidelines. I just don’t think that that’s helpful.

You literally take yourself off the playing field, and instead of any forward movement you’re off having a pity party on the sidelines. I just don’t think that that’s helpful.

‏‏Right and I love what you said that sometimes procrastination is intuition. It goes … I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks for awhile, and it’s kind of sharing the same ideas. Sometimes this is your cue to just relax and regroup, so you can move forward. I’m actually, after this interview, I’m doing what I’m preaching and I’m going to a Korean spa. It’s going to be so much fun because I’ve been working really hard lately and I’ve found myself getting really stressed. I was like okay. I actually bought myself flowers, I’m going to a spa. I was like I want to do stuff that makes me feel happy, and I want to recreate that inspiration, and recreate that energy that moves me forward. I’m going to do it by taking care of me. You ladies are amazing. Where can they find you, what websites, how can they contact you?

‏‏I have a gift for the audience today. If you go to my website, and I’ll spell it out in a minute. It’s MeganSillito.com, and you sign up for my newsletter list. You get my two genius book. There are a genius book and companion journal. The journal has 78 prompts, and each question is designed to bring you deeper and deeper into the awareness of your genius. Then my book is little tidbits, little exercises that you can really flush out and bring out your genius. Those are two really great resources for the topic that we’ve been talking about today. That is M-E-G-A-N, is how my first name is spelled. Sillito is kind of silly two. S-I-L-L-I-T-O, without the e .com. Also, I have a both professional page and a personal page. You can look at either one, I do fun things in both places. At just Megan Sillito. Then we have our radio show page, Facebook page. It’s called Weird on the Air. You can find that on Facebook. I think Suzanne I’ll let you talk about the show itself, because that’s connected to your website.

‏‏Yeah, so Weird on the Air with Megan and Suzanne is our Facebook group. It’s a private group that we give extra support and lots of fun conversations, before and after the show. You can also go A2Zen.FM, and that’s where our radio show is hosted online. You can check out ‘Love, Life, and All Things Weird’, and click on that. We have all of our archives there. We talk about all kinds of awesome fun stuff related to creating business, and the life that you love, and really having it all, and not settling for anything less then having everything that you desire in your life. That’s our radio show. You can also check out my website which is LivingYourSoulTruth.com. I have a special offer. I have a Soul Purpose reading. It’s really amazing. You can go on LivingYourSoulTruth.com, click on Soul Purpose, and there’s an offer to get a reading for $97. If you guys are confused about what your gifts and capacities are, and if you’re like me where it’s like the fish in water. Where it’s like, “I think I’m good at something but I really don’t know what.” Then I can really support you in point that out, and helping you remember, and really recognize all those gifts and capacities that are wanting coming through right now. That’s LivingYourSoulTruth.com, and yeah just come find us. We would totally love to play.

‏‏Thank you so much, Suzanne and Megan, for sharing your wisdom and gifts. It was a fun pleasure talking with you both. Thank you, my extraordinary listeners. Follow your dreams and have a stellar life. We’ll talk again next time.

‏‏Thank you, everybody.

‏‏Bye, Bye.

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