Episode 313 | April 11, 2023

The Art of Relationship with Sheila and Marcus Gillette

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast, where we explore the art of relationship with the legendary duo, Marcus and Sheila Gillette. In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of building and nurturing healthy relationships, exploring topics such as unconditional love, self-correction, and the role of humor in maintaining a happy relationship.

Marcus and Sheila are hosts of the popular web series, AskTHEO™ Live, where they share the teachings of the spiritual entity THEO. They also share their wisdom through public THEO experiences, television and radio appearances worldwide, and several live and online mentoring programs. Sheila is the author of the groundbreaking book, The Fifth Dimension: Channels to a New Reality (Simon and Schuster), while both are co-authors of The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace (Tarcher/Penguin). You may also recognize Sheila and THEO from the Abraham Hicks publications, where they served as mentors to Esther Hicks in 1984 as she began to channel Abraham.

Join us in this exciting episode and discover the secrets to building lasting relationships that enhance every aspect of your life. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married, this episode will offer valuable insights you can immediately apply to your life. So get ready to be inspired, enlightened, and entertained!



In This Episode

  • [02:40] – Orion welcomes Marcus and Sheila Gillette, authors of the book, “The Art of Relationship.” They share their origin story as a couple.
  • [13:38] – Marcus and Sheila describe their experience of a multi-dimensional, out-of-body encounter in a magical place that solidified their deep connection as a couple.
  • [16:37] – Marcus briefly talks about how they fell in love leading to their eventual marriage.
  • [18:37] – Marcus shares his point of view being a husband of a famous psychic. He and Sheila discuss how THEO guided them in writing their book.
  • [24:12] – Sheila and Marcus define self-love.
  • [32:00] – What is the concept of soul family and soul contracts?
  • [34:41] – Orion, Marcus, and Sheila discuss the concept of soul timing and the importance of approaching relationships with intention, attention, and readiness.
  • [41:53] – Marcus provides tips for maintaining a strong and healthy partnership.
  • [45:03] – Three top tips for living a stellar life from Marcus and Sheila.

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About Today’s Show

Hello, and welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. This is your host, Orion, and I have the incredible and phenomenal Marcus and Sheila Gillette with me. Thank you both for being here, and you’ve been a guest on the show before. A lot of people loved that episode, and I’m so grateful to have you back again, so thank you so much for joining us today. 

S: We appreciate the opportunity. Thank you for the invitation. 

Thank you. I had this allergic reaction before we started. Listen, you have this beautiful new book. It’s called The Art of Relationship. I’m sure everybody alive needs to have this book because relationships are such a strong and important thing. We are social animals, and relationships between intimate partners, relationships between family members, co-workers, and especially the intimate relationship with ourselves is so crucial to our joy and to our happiness. Maybe we can start with how did you meet and what was your origin story as a couple? What was it like? 

S: Magical. It was those magic moments. Marcus, do you want to start with your end of the story?  

M: We’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version of this right now, Orion. I met a woman in the parking lot of a grocery store in 1995, which is a story of magic because how we met was one of those crazy synchronistic things. She ultimately gave me a copy of Sheila’s first book, The 5th Dimension: Channels to a New Reality, published in 1988. 

I read that book, and I loved it. It was just a book of THEO’s teachings. It was a groundbreaking book talking about the time we’re living in and all kinds of prophecies that came through since Sheila published that book. 

The Art of Relationship by Sheila and Marcus Gillette

Anyway, she came to town to do a speaking engagement, and this mutual friend of ours called me up and said Sheila was coming to town. The woman who wrote that book I gave you a couple of years ago. Do you want to meet her? I said, “Yeah, I’d love to.” About two weeks later, I got invited to The Phoenician Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona, to meet Sheila and have a glass of wine. I showed up that night, and that’s where I typically hand over the story to Sheila. 

S: Orion, as you know, I’ve been doing intuitive psychic work now for five decades, and so it’s not unusual for acquaintances and friends in different parts of the country or even the world who I’ve worked with if I come to town they want to get together, be social. The woman that Marcus is speaking about I met in Santa Fe, Mexico. She and I both lived there, but then we both moved away. 

However, I was in Santa Fe 26 years ago this month, and I met with another mutual friend who said, I’m going to say Donna is the friend’s name who had moved when I did to Scottsdale, if ever I was going to come to Arizona to call because she would like to reconnect. In March, I knew I was coming here in April of 1997. I called her and said, “I’m coming to town to give a talk, and she said, “Oh, let’s meet for a glass of wine when you get into town. There are a couple of people I want you to meet.” I said, “Okay.” 

We said we’d meet at The Phoenician. My very best friend lived here, and I flew in from Colorado, and I was staying with my friends, who invited them to come and have a glass of wine with all of us. We showed up at The Phoenician Resort and met with Donna. One of the guests she had invited wanted me to meet, and I didn’t know Marcus was the other one. He wasn’t there yet. 

We were all sitting out on the deck of the bar area outside, and we were just having a wonderful conversation. I felt Marcus’ energy come into the building. Now I didn’t know it was him, and I didn’t know what it was, but I’ve had many unusual experiences with energy over the years, and so I felt this surge of energy in my body, and I thought, wow, what is that? I’m just casually looking around, thinking, where is this coming from? Not thinking of a person necessarily. It could be a deceased loved one of anybody’s. It could be anything, let me put it that way, but it was a surge of vibration that came through my body. 

We continued our visit, and Marcus walked up to the table. He was probably 10 feet away, and I felt this jolt of energy I looked up to see him standing there, and it took my breath away. I thought oh, he’s pretty cute, but it wasn’t that. It was, “Wow, I don’t know what’s happening to me. I can’t breathe. Who is this? What’s going on here?” My mind was clicking away. 

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I knew because Donna spoke to me about giving him my book. I knew he knew more about me than I did about him. I seriously could not breathe. I know that sounded romantic, but it was like gasping for air. I thought oh no, and I just said what’s your story as he sat down. 

He’s a good talker, so that’s a blessing. He began to tell me his story. Luckily, that saved me because I could breathe. My mind was going a million miles a minute. It was like oh my gosh, this is huge. Even beyond attraction, beyond what we normally do as humans when we’re attracted to somebody else, was bigger than that. I can’t describe it. I just know it was important. I’m going to use the word huge. 

Part of what went through me was, what if he doesn’t get it? What if he doesn’t feel the same energy? What do I do with that? I knew it was bigger than us as the people we were. It was a bigger thing going on. 

We had a lovely evening, and then Marcus and the other friend, Marcus’ college best friend, whom he had introduced Donna and they became a couple. We had a nice evening over a glass of wine, and then Marcus, Donna, and Chip came to my talk the next evening, and then we just started developing a friendship. Marcus?

The 5th Dimension by Sheila Gillette

M: Fast forward to about a month later, we were going down to the Havasupai reservation at a Vision Quest down to Havasupai, which is in the middle of the Grand Canyon. It’s this beautiful oasis that exists here in Arizona. I had invited Sheila to go with me. I told her I would take her the next time we went. I called her up and told her we were going. I gave her the dates, and she said? 

S: I can’t go. I had already arranged to do a presentation that week in Anchorage, Alaska. I said that’s just not going to work for me. I would love to go, but let me know next time. He said okay. I hung up the phone, and it immediately rang. I picked up the phone, and it was the organizers of the event in Alaska telling me they were going to have to postpone that event. 

I immediately said okay and hung up the phone and called Marcus back and said I can go now. There was a lot of stuff behind the scenes for us to be together as one. 

M: We’ll just share one quick story about what happened when we got there. Several things had been happening that was multi-dimensional. One of the things that happened when we got down there, we were sitting outside a sweat lodge. Two young native children were there. They have been with us the couple of days Sheila and I have been down there already. They were kind of hanging out with us. 

This is a very magical place we are talking about, very electrical vibrationally. We were sitting outside, waiting for our turn going to a sweat lodge and all of a sudden—you know how this experience happened, Orion, where we had a collapse of time and space—we were in a different time. We were dressed in different clothing. It was probably several hundred years ago. The children were also dressed differently. The landscape changed. We were still where we were sitting physically, but it was a different scene. 

As I looked at Sheila, she looked at me, and we both said are you seeing what I’m seeing? And we began to describe to each other what we were experiencing at the very same time this was happening. 

We’ve all had, you and Stephan, this amazing experience. You guys had remarkable experiences in your relationship, I know too, but this was like, woah. Then all of a sudden, we are back in the present time. 

What was this sweat lodge? Did you take Peyote or Ayahuasca?

M: That’s a good question. No psychedelic at all. That’s a really good question because there was no ayahuasca or peyote. We haven’t ingested anything, but that’s the cool thing about the experience. It was not drug induced at all. 

What time were you in, and what was the relationship there? 

M: It was, probably. Don’t you think? 

S: It was certainly in our multidimensional experience, in a timeline, if we’re talking linear timeline. It probably could have been 100 or 200 years because this reservation has not changed. It’s a place you have to ride horses into, hike or now helicopter. You can’t get in there any other way. There are no vehicles. 

It’s between the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River, and it’s been there for hundreds of years. The people are called Havasupai Tribe, but it’s the people of the blue-green waters. It’s just a magical place. There are waterfalls, and the water is turquoise. It’s just an amazing magical place. 

In this magical place, you guys are having this magical, out-of-body, multidimensional, maybe different timeline experience. Nobody else sees it, just the two of you, so you understand there’s some kind of beyond connection between you two. Sheila, you knew he was probably the one when you met him. 

S: I knew immediately. As I said, my biggest fear was he wouldn’t get it. When you have that profound experience, what about the other person? Do they have the same experience? It didn’t take him long to catch up, though. 

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We’ve had many of those kinds of really interesting multidimensional experiences together. These things started proving that knowledge correctly. Again, when I was first engaged in that energy between us, I’d never experienced anything like that before. I’ve experienced a lot of stuff, as you know, a lot of phenomena, and this was something different. 

The other thing I’ve always known was I would have a male partner, to do this work with, and that’s what it’s turning out to be. It’s that soul contract that we came here in this body to do this work with THEO because Marcus has his metaphysical background and experiences and his way of bringing his knowledge and his energy into this whole THEO group collective.

Thank you for asking my question before I ask it. Marcus, what was it like for you to allure her or to finally ask her to be your girlfriend or romantic partner? 

M: She was really easy. 

S: He had me at hello. 

M: I came to find out I had her at hello. We were down there for five days, camping for five days. I would not recommend necessarily going on a camping trip for most people for five days. Probably not a great idea. But it worked out so well. 

Life’s beauty lies in the childlike curiosity (regardless of age or experience), that allows us to discover something new.

We fell in love down there. We came out. We came to my house in Scottsdale, about a four and a half hour drive. The next night I had friends over to meet Sheila and THEO. Sheila channeled THEO. That night, we went outside. It was a beautiful night after, but we left our house. We went outside. We stayed up all night. 

It was another experience. It was an inevitable experience. I couldn’t even begin to describe what happened that night except for one significant thing because it was all this multidimensional stuff that was happening. At one point, we’re kidding about our amazing first date. I said what are we going to do on our second day? She said I don’t date. 

Then these words came out of my mouth. I guess we’re going to have to get married then. She said yes. I had proposed to her and had no idea I would do that. That did word for word happen precisely as I had just started it. 

From that moment, there was no doubt that we would be together, and this was the beginning of our life together. There were thousands of reasons why it was a crazy idea. I was raising a nine-year-old daughter mostly by myself then, and the greatest bonus mom in the world showed up to assist me in raising my daughter. It was amazing. She moved from Colorado to Arizona and gave up her life there, which I’m grateful for. There was no doubt. 

Marrying someone I admired professionally and then fell in love with personally was a pretty cool combination.

What was it like to have a relationship with a famous psychic? When you marry Sheila, you marry a huge community, and in some way, you marry THEO. What is it like? 

M: As you know, THEO is a collective of 12 archangels. I have not yet woken up with 14 of us in bed. No feathers everywhere. It’s great. To answer your question, it’s amazing. 

It took about 15 years into our relationship, Orion, for me to work with Sheila full-time. I was working with her part-time doing events. We did a book several years ago together. For the most part, I had the consulting business that I have grown over the years, and I was happy doing what I was doing, and then all of a sudden, it’s been about ten years now, I said to Sheila, I can’t do this part-time anymore with you. I need to be full-time with you. We agreed it was time. 

Marrying someone, I admired so much professionally and then fell in love with personally was a pretty cool combination. 

Often, people say you don’t meet your heroes because you can get disappointed. I’m glad you did.

M: She didn’t disappoint. When I first met her, Orion, she was softer. She was prettier than she was at the back of the book. There’s this beautiful picture at the back of the book, but that picture didn’t resonate with me. When I met her in person, she was much softer and prettier. She’s very attractive. 

I can feel the love. What brought you guys to write this book, The Art of Relationship: Discover the Magic of Unconditional Love?

S: A few years ago, Marcus asked THEO what was next. Where do you want the focus to be on the work? They said relationships. We said okay. We started doing the art of relationship retreats, and they would be three-day retreats, a long weekend. They were phenomenal. 

Everything we do relates to others. It speaks on all levels.

We filmed those retreats as THEO worked with individual clients. To your point, when we spoke about the book and relationships, it speaks to all relationships. Predominantly relationships with ourselves and then every other relationship in our lives. Our primary partners are family, friends, and work relationships because THEO says everything’s relational. 

If you think about that, everything we do relates to others. It speaks on all levels. There are 12 chapters of information there on how to navigate relationships now. It’s a powerful dialogue, let’s say, between Marcus and THEO, Marcus and I, and clients who have had transformation working with THEO in the relationship with themselves and others.

M: What Sheila is referring to is that in the book, we don’t just have a dialogue with THEO and myself asking the most common questions people want to know about relationships, although that is part of the book. With emphasis, we cover this in multiple chapters of relationship to the self, and it’s becoming that vibrational state of being of unconditional love, as you know, THEO has been teaching us now. 

We integrate into this book multiple one-on-one sessions with THEO from those that had participated in some of these live relationship retreats so that people can read, see, and listen in the new program coming out all of my questions with THEO, but then also take that from just our conversation and see it live with someone who’s going through these things that we’ve been just talking about. It’s not just theoretical, and it’s very experienced. 

People love being able to see themselves in other people’s experiences.

They found and shared their own story about how the information that THEO gave them about that particular topic changed their lives. People can kind of see themselves in this book. They can read a chapter, and within that chapter, every chapter has at least one-on-one interaction with THEO on the topic that we’re talking about. 

The feedback we received is that people love being able to see themselves in other people’s experiences which brings it to life for them to make it more applicable and theoretical. They can experience it. That’s how the book is set up.

The heavy emphasis at the beginning of the book is on loving the self and how loving the self changes everything. We have a process that THEO is teaching us called soul integration, which is the simple yet multidimensional process of understanding core circumstances on which untrue beliefs of ourselves when we were first created that were untrue, and the multidimensionality of this includes previous incarnations as well. 

It’s got some shamanism in it and different components in terms of the actual process itself. But it’s a personal process of discovering that people are having fantastic transformations and deep levels of inquiry regarding who they are and why they do and think about the things we do and how to change them. 

What is self-love to you? What is the meaning of self-love?

S: It’s letting go of limiting beliefs, and those are the beliefs we believe about ourselves that are unworthy and not enough, that we’re not pretty enough, we’re not handsome enough, we’re not smart, and we’re not valuable. They’re just beliefs that have been created, and situations and circumstances of life outside of ourselves where we adapted the opinions of others or created an opinion about ourselves because of what was happening is untrue. 

THEO teaches us the vibrational state of unconditional love for ourselves and others.

Beliefs can be changed. Events and circumstances aren’t, and they’re just our history. But how we view those can change, and we can see how important they are in our growth and who we become because of them and how strong and courageous we truly are. 

As we do that, what would involve unconditional love of self is a state of being, not a feeling. If I could describe the feeling, the feeling would be at peace. No matter what is happening outside. THEO says be like the hurricane. Inside, a hurricane is calm. No matter what swirling or how high the winds are, how damaging the rain might be, or whatever is going on outside, the center is calm and peaceful, so that’s what unconditional love is. 

We have that soul-centered place in us that no matter what challenge we are going through, we can manage it, learn from it, and move on because things are always changing. The challenge is just the curriculum of our lives. That’s what grows us. Marcus, you may have more to add, but that’s my definition. 

Beliefs can be changed.

M: I would just add that if you work with the premise, Orion, any thought or belief we hold about ourselves that is not unconditionally loving is not true, and that’s a true statement. If you work with that, then the expression of how that shows up in our lives once we move to a state of being that Sheila is talking about is that we establish and maintain healthy boundaries. We say no, and we mean no, not yes, out to be accepted and loved by somebody else. 

We hold our authority in a deep and powerful way, but we use power in a positive way, authentic. We’re comfortable expressing our vulnerability and our truth. When faced with decisions or opportunities, the fear, resistance, or not-enoughness that Sheila was talking about are no longer present because we know I can do that. If not me, who? We understand, embrace, and are comfortable sharing unique gifts that we all have. We don’t enter into relationships from a place of woundedness. 

There’s no neediness anymore. It’s all preference. Not only are we not feeling the woundedness within each other, but we are lifting each other within that relationship. 

We don’t enter into relationships from a place of woundedness.

What’s the fastest way to access the eye of the storm? 

M: It’s soul integration. It’s THEO’s process of soul integration. It’s removing all of those limiting beliefs about the self that hold us back from having that experience because the state of being that Sheila was talking about is, if you could imagine, one of the ways we’ve been describing it is your higher self just drops in your physical experience. Within that is the memory of the soul. 

We’ve been talking a lot lately with our community and a lot of our mentoring programs about this whole process of remembering who we are. 

“Remember who you are,” Simba.

M: Exactly. That came up the other day. 

S: You must be watching that movie. 

M: Probably a lot, I bet. 

The Lion King? I’ve never watched it with my son because it’s a little scary, and he’s still young. I have a protective mind. I find the Disney movies can be a little scary, so he’s still in the slower pace movies. 

M: Anyway, I think that’s a pretty good description. Where we would typically feel fear, resistance, or lack of trust, or in this energy it’s all empowerment, there’s no victimization of any kind. Life is happening for us, with us, and through us—as us, not to us. There are a lot of different ways you can describe it. 

“Remember who you are.” – Simba (The Lion King)

It’s really, like Sheila said, getting into the state of being where there are no worries about the future. There are no regrets of the past. We know that whatever challenges our soul creates for us, we will accept them and know it will all be fine. Ultimately, I would tell Sheila, “Don’t you think the quality of our relationships just becomes so rich and so kind of spiritually resonant, magnetic almost?” Orion, you know this, and you’ve experienced how.

My experience with you guys was so surprisingly beautiful because sometimes, some teachers or gurus are different from what they publicly show when you meet them. When I met you guys, we had dinner together, and it was a beautiful experience, and I see how you treat each other. You walk your talk. There’s beautiful chemistry. 

It’s just so pleasant to be around so much love. That’s my experience with you guys as a couple. I just think that you guys are beautiful from the inside out. 

S: Thank you. 

M: Thank you. We feel the same way about you and Stephan. When Stephan and I first met, that spiritual connection did that for me the first time we met.

Build a healthy relationship with yourself to be ready for positive manifestations.

Did he choke? 

M: He didn’t choke. 

S: He had the same experience with Orion that I had with you, Marcus. 

M: Exactly. We had an awareness-like recognition. One of the chapters in our book is called “Have we met somewhere before?” It talks about this resonance of magnetism. 

You can tell me more about that. That’s very interesting. 

S: THEO tells us that groups incarnate together to support each other’s growth. When we speak of “Have I known you somewhere before,” it verifies and validates that statement as you live life, there are just people you meet. To your point of just being comfortable with and it’s like you’ve known them forever. Usually, the first time we meet them, it’s just, “Oh yeah, I know you.” That kind of thing. 

THEO tends to refer to people like that as our soul family, that we’ve chosen to be here at the same time to interact and for whatever the purpose is. We hear a lot about soul contracts, and I think that’s the big soul contract. One of my daughters that works in our company said, “Mom, I know before we were embodied, we were saying I’ll go if you go.” Can you imagine meeting up with friends and saying, “Okay, you want to have an earth experience? I’ll go if you go.” 

THEO tells us that groups incarnate together to support each other’s growth.

There’s levity in that, but it feels kind of good to think that we do that. We choose to incarnate together, grow together, and sometimes challenge each other to grow. I have thought a lot about how many people you meet in your life. Whether it’s just for a moment, in an elevator, walking down the street, or anywhere in the world, how many people do you run across? Tens of thousands, but how many people are you connected to? How many people are you attracted to? In those numbers, it’s very few if you think about it.

How can we call on more people from our soul family? 

S: I think we met when we were supposed to meet. Maybe we’re together for a time, reason, season, or a lifetime. Some of those sticks, the lifers. They are a soul family because it’s not just for a lifetime. It’s eternal. 

M: I think it’s being open and welcoming, too, don’t you think, Sheila? I think just having the awareness that it’s possible is number one. The belief that that’s what is going on and then being able to make it welcoming, being open and receptive to what happens. 

I guess you recognize your soul family when you’re in a higher vibration and more open. When you’re in high vibration, you’re more open and have the right intention to recognize them. It’s almost like when I met Stephan before our event, I’ll probably meet him for coffee, but then it will be like hi, bye, and goodbye. 

We choose to incarnate together, grow together, and sometimes challenge each other to grow.

Because we were both going through processes where we were shedding and peeling off the masks, we weren’t in a very pure place when we met, and we could recognize each other’s light. I told you a few days before that and he would be just another date. 

M: The key you just said was recognizing each other’s lights. That’s beautiful. 

S: I agree with you, Orion. Marcus and I could not have met before that moment either because I know certainly, because I know certainly. I would come to Arizona to be with my good friend. I would visit her often, not every other week or something. I was in Colorado, she was in Arizona, and I would come and visit for a week or so. 

Marcus lived not far from where she was. We could have been in the same restaurant at the same time. We could have been on the same street or at the mall, but we had never crossed paths before that time, and I have been visiting Arizona, the Phoenix area. It proves there is a certain soul timing when we’re supposed to come together, and nothing will stop you. 

There were a lot of reasons that Marcus and I should not have made that commitment when we made the changes in our lives. People in our lives were shocked at how quickly we came together. It was perfect timing for us, not for them, because it happened so fast. When it’s the right timing.

There’s a flow to it. You’re not pushing it upstream. You’re going with it. I feel like many people try to push relationships, especially single people who have probably lost faith in love or may have some trauma from past relationships. Sometimes they forcefully try to make a relationship or wedding happen, and you cannot force love. You cannot force a relationship. 

It’s a thoughtful process. Then once you do that process, it’s like anything else you manifest in life. It’s the intention, it’s paying attention, but it’s also a welcoming process. Once, we had a client, Orion, who said, “I just want to clean up my side of the street to make sure that when that person comes in, I’m ready.”

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So beautiful. Taking personal responsibility for who you are. It’s not like this is my other half. No, it’s not your other half. You’re whole and complete, and together, you create something even more beautiful. 

S: So true, well said. That’s so true. 

The person found their dream partner, and now there’s maintenance that needs to be done. What are some tips to keep the fire alive and strengthen the partnership and communication within a relationship?

S: Don’t take it for granted. 

Yeah, so easy. 

M: Keep your sense of humor. I have become more and more convinced that a sense of humor is the key to a happy life on top of everything else, but lately, we’ve been asking THEO a little bit about humor, child-like awe, that whole frequency of the eyes wide open, just staying curious. Staying curious together, not taking ourselves too seriously, and being able to laugh at ourselves and with ourselves. In other words, that awareness of how goofy we are sometimes. 

Recognize each other’s lights.

I asked THEO a few times what do you find funny about us? They say everything. We find you guys hysterical because you continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, and you continue not to remember how magnificent and how incredibly loved you are. That’s the thing they find most interesting about us. Honoring that within a relationship. 

Don’t you also think, Sheila, listening? Just listening. Coming from kindness and compassion. We have two roles in our relationship, Orion, that worked well. One is we rarely disagree, but if we have a disagreement about something and one feels more strongly than the other about anything, we always acquiesce because that’s just more important or vice versa. 

That’s a good point. 

M: The other one that works well is we allow ourselves at the moment, we’re good at self-correcting. If one of us is speaking crossly or isn’t coming from love, one of THEO’s favorite questions for us is to ask, what would love do? If we interact with each other, it isn’t the answer to that question. We are good at self-correcting at the moment and saying, “Hey, I think we need to have a do-over here,” and we’ll do it at the moment before anything escalates. 

We are also good at asking ourselves, what would I do differently if we had to do it all over again? That question eliminates many future conflicts or feelings because we are good at self-correcting. 

Sheila, what do you like the most or love the most about Marcus? 

S: Oh, everything. What do I love the most about him? He still makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him. 

That’s beautiful. What about you, mister?

Life is happening for us, with us, and through us—as us, not to us.

M: You see that smile right there, Orion? That smile right there. It’s not just the physical smile. It’s her essence, her sweetness, and her love. For me, it is about her humor. I mentioned that just a little bit ago. We are, I think, very blessed to find each other funny. We crack each other up. I made it my goal not to get out of bed in the morning until I made Sheila laugh at least once before we got out of bed. 

That’s beautiful. 

M: I have to be honest with you. The other thing is she’s beautiful. When we first got together, I told her I was shallow about that kind of stuff, and I did love looking at her face, her eyes, and she’s got that going on too. That didn’t hurt. 

Beautiful. I feel all warm and fuzzy just watching and listening to you guys. It makes me feel very good. Thank you for sharing all of that. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life? 

M: The first one is to keep your sense of humor. We just take ourselves too seriously. Don’t you think, Sheila? That’s one.

S: Yeah. Keeping that childlike quality of curiosity. It doesn’t matter how old we are. We’ll still discover something if we’re still breathing in these bodies, we’re still alive. To remain curious and have that sense of awe about life. 

I love animals and nature. We have a dog, and I walk our dog every day. We’re fortunate to live in an area with a lot of wildlife surrounding us as we do our walking. I always see the birds and the animals that I just love every day. Just being present in those moments, looking around.

We tend to take life for granted. We get all busy with our intellect and forget to be present in whatever we are experiencing. That’s one of the things that THEO has taught me to be, to be more present. Not so busy in my day that I can’t take a moment in. 

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That’s a childlike thing. Children, they’re very present. I can remember, as a kid, if my mom said wait a minute, if we’re going somewhere or I needed her for something, and it seemed like an eternity. That’s the kind of presence I’m inspired to try to remember because there’s so much creativity and so much we can learn from in those moments if we are just aware. 

Beautiful. I know that you guys have an incredible offer for our listeners. Maybe you can share a little about where they can find the book? About your courses? Where can they find them? And also the beautiful gift that you’re going to share with them. 

M: We have a guided experience with THEO. I guess you can say the topic of relationships, which is a beautiful experience with THEO guiding us into a personal experience of ourselves. Also, if you like to purchase the book, it’s in askTHEO.com/love. This gift is a personal experience you can have with the vibration of THEO and the place they guide you. 

It’s askTHEO.com/love, and then everything else is on our website, askTHEO.com. You can take a look at all of our mentoring programs. We do a lot of complementary AskTHEO live experiences for people to meet THEO live. Come on in, and we’ll inform you about the upcoming opportunities. We have a lot of fun things happening. 

Beautiful. Thank you so much, Sheila. Thank you so much, Marcus. Thank you so much for being here, beautiful and loving, sharing love with the world, and helping so many people feel more fulfilled, self-love, and stepping into their greatness. Thank you for everything that you do, and thank you for today. 

M: Thank you, Orion. Good to see you. 

S: It’s been our pleasure. We’re grateful for the opportunity. Thank you. 

Thank you. Thank you, listeners. Remember to keep your sense of humor and childlike curiosity, be in nature, be present at the moment, and have a Stellar Life. This is Orion. Until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Align yourself with your desires by making self-care a regular practice. Prioritize activities that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

{✓}Let go of limiting beliefs to radiate a higher vibration and attract positivity and abundance.

{✓}Set clear intentions for what you want to accomplish and why you want to achieve your goals. Write down your intentions and revisit them often to stay focused and motivated.

{✓}Cultivate a sense of humor and childlike curiosity to enhance your relationship with your partner. Be open-minded and approach life with a sense of wonder and awe.

{✓}Practice active listening by being fully present and engaged when someone is speaking to you. Give your undivided attention and engage in conversation with compassion and kindness.

{✓}Defuse tense situations or conversations by asking, “What would love do?” You can also take a break or have a “do-over” to reset the tone of your conversation with someone.

{✓}Maintain open communication and a shared understanding of your experiences with your partner, especially when engaging in multidimensional experiences or spiritual work.

{✓}Learn about soul integration to experience a profound transformation. This will help you gain greater self-awareness and understanding of your thoughts and behaviors. 

{✓}Establish healthy boundaries and positively hold your ground. Respect your own needs and limits, and honor those of others by being upfront about your non-negotiables. 

{✓}Experience a guided journey with THEO with Marcus and Sheila Gillette by purchasing their book, The Art of Relationship, on asktheo.com/love. For more information on their mentoring programs and AskTHEO live experiences, visit asktheo.com.

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