Episode 75 | August 1, 2017

Feel Great Selling! with Jennifer Diepstraten

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Mission #75

On Board: Jennifer Diepstraten
Mission: Feel Great Selling!

The Co-Pilot:

Imagine you’re having a garage sale, and one of the things you want to sell is a huge pile of toys that you estimate is worth $200. Using the techniques you’ll learn in today’s episode, you can easily turn that $200 pile into $1,000. Here’s how you do it: separate that one pile into categories. The Legos alone might be worth $200, for example, as might the collectible dinosaur toys, and several other individual categories all mixed into that one pile.

My own sales and business coach, Jennifer Diepstraten, is here today to explain how this works and how you can apply it to my business. You may know that I go to several conferences and seminars a month, and of all the amazing people I’ve met there, Jennifer is still one of my favorite teachers and coaches. She guides other teachers and coaches in how to get paid top dollar for services and close big sales with ease. She has also grown her own business to multiple six figures in less than two years. If you’ve ever struggled with sales, felt awkward during the process, or just want to take your selling to the next level, be sure to tune into this episode!

Connect With Jennifer:

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The Mission Log:

  • [05:24] – Jennifer introduces herself and talks a bit about who she is and what she does. She also shares a story about what her husband said to her on their second date.
  • [07:06] – Orion takes a moment to talk about the fact that some men know very quickly when they find the right women. Jennifer then elaborates on this in her situation.
  • [08:11] – What is Jennifer’s mission, and what is her passion?
  • [10:48] – In Orion’s experience, it hurts inside and she feels unfulfilled when she doesn’t share her gift with people.
  • [13:12] – What are some of the common struggles that Jennifer sees in her clients when they first come to work with her?
  • [15:17] – Jennifer offers advice on how to figure out what makes you unique, and how to communicate that better. In the process, she shares part of her own story.
  • [18:27] – Jennifer’s suggestion for her clients is to start at a high price point, she explains.
  • [20:29] – In the past, Orion used to sell her mentors more than she sold herself. She then shares insight into how she starts off conversations with her clients, and why she spends time discussing their breakthroughs.
  • [23:53] – Similarly, Jennifer usually starts conversations by asking “what are your wins?” or “what are your accomplishments?” Orion then points out that we listen better when we’re listening to teach, rather than listening just for ourselves.
  • [25:49] – Jennifer is an auditory learner, she reveals, and talks briefly about the way that she learns best.
  • [26:53] – When it comes to topics like relationships and spirituality, how does Jennifer quantify what she’s offering in the sales process?
  • [29:35] – Jennifer addresses the question of how to raise your fees without giving more stuff away. In doing so, she uses a metaphor about selling kids’ toys at a garage sale.
  • [34:52] – Orion relates her experiences with doing Jennifer’s exercise.
  • [36:10] – We hear more about how to apply this to selling services that don’t have a monetary ROI.
  • [37:49] – Jennifer provides a specific and detailed example about a client of hers to illustrate what she has been saying.
  • [43:34] – Knowing what your quantum benefits are helps you figure out exactly what it is that you help people with, Jennifer points out.
  • [45:31] – What is the conversation like when Jennifer has just met someone at a conference or a seminar and is trying to attract them to her offer?
  • [47:32] – Orion starts a roleplay session with Jennifer to demonstrate how the process works.
  • [49:27] – One of the things that Jennifer teaches is to know who is in the room, and to use that information to make the decision about what to lead with.
  • [51:33] – Orion focuses on the topic of intention, asking Jennifer what someone can do to purify their intention.
  • [54:19] – What are Jennifer’s three top tips to living a stellar life? 1: Be crystal clear about what it is that you want. 2: Allow yourself to have it. 3: Pay attention to what you’re grateful for.
  • [56:20] – Jennifer generously offers a gift to Stellar Life listeners: her book 9 Secrets to Increase Your Fees and Magnetically Attract Top-Dollar Clients. To get it, go to highticketsellingbook.com.

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Jennifer Diepstraten on LinkedIn
Jennifer Diepstraten on Twitter
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