Episode 23 | August 2, 2016

How to Find Your Power When All Hell Breaks Loose with Yeliz Ruzgar

A Personal Note from Orion

In these chaotic times we are living in, what can you do to ensure that you are prepared for the worst, but living and hoping for each day to be the best?  

Yeliz Ruzgar is not only a dear friend of mine, she is also a holistic power coach who works with her clients to overcome incredible adversities.  Her methods stress the importance of leadership skills in challenging times, and how people being united and working together, are the two keys to massive action, and creating real change. But it’s not all about having a tough exterior, Yeliz recognizes that us women have to give into our “inner princess”, by taking care of our bodies, relaxing, and sleeping well.



About Today’s Show

‏‏Hello, and welcome to Stellar Life podcast! I am so excited about today’s guest. She’s a dear friend of mine, and also a really extraordinary person. She’s very successful in what she does. She trained with the best of the best. Her name is Yeliz Ruzgar. She’s an international, holistic, life expert and power coach. She leads PowerCoaching.us, and the purpose of that organization is to inspire, energize, and transform individuals and organizations, mostly in the United States and Turkey. Yeliz has learned from the best in the field of psychology, healing, and NLP. She has co-trained with Anthony Robbins, Dr. Richard Bandler, Tad James, Kushi, and Deepak Chopra. Yeliz has attained a BA in business and several degrees in the field of psychology. Her clients speak about her as being magical. You are magical. I know you. You are definitely, definitely magical-inspirational, magical, and beautiful. It probably took a long search in going deep inside and finding your own voice-tell me a little bit about your journey. What lead you to be that bright light that you are now?

‏‏Wow, Orion! You definitely did lit up my face and my whole being. Thank you for that! Oh my God, wow! I’m sure that has created some expectation going on with the listeners so I’ll do my best.

‏‏Yeah, no pressure!

‏‏No pressure? Yeah, right! You are amazing, and thank you very much for doing this. You are just like your name-you’re a shining star. I’m so honored to be a part of your podcast so thank you very much for that. All the things you have mentioned-yes, I have been training with the best of the best, but generally, what I can say is, I’m just a loving woman, and I love what I do, and I love sharing that with women, with men, and with people. I love to inspire them and give them tools so that they can get energized and find ways to transform their suffering into happiness. So that’s what I do.

‏‏Right. You’re from Turkey, and what was your first experience in the US and with all those great, incredible gurus?

‏‏Yes, yes. I am from Turkey. I was born in Turkey, and in 2006, I moved to California. That’s where I set up my coaching and consulting business as well. While moving Turkey to America was an experience-that I can tell you! It was totally different-the system was different, and I didn’t know anyone when I moved there, and I didn’t have much support of a community, neither financial, physical, and mind-wise, so in a way, I had to tap into my inner power so I can find strength to move on and create a life that I desired. It wasn’t a very easy experience, but I loved every moment of it, and I’m very grateful to all the things that I have gone through, and I still am going through. As you know, I’m in a stumble right now, and you know all about the craze that was already going on here, not only in Turkey, but in Israel and all around the world, even in Texas recently with what happened. All the challenges that I’ve gone through in California and Hawaii, I’ve coped with them. Actually now, I can see that there was a reason why I was going through all these things, because I learned how to find certainty and safety within me as being a woman and being on my own so now, at times of crisis or at times of uncertainty, I am supporting women to find that inner strength so yeah, everything has a reason.

‏‏Yes, so let’s talk about what’s happening around the world right now, and especially, I want to focus on what’s going on-like, what you have experienced in Istanbul because you were there driving your car, and there are tanks driving by and helicopters, and people are running. It sounds like a picture from a horror film.


‏‏And you were within all this craziness around you. You were just breathing and trying to find your cool, find your strength, and not only that-you took yourself outside of yourself, and “How can I help? How can I be there to serve people? How can I anchor people to my resourcefulness and to my strength?” Yeah, please share a lot about it.

‏‏Absolutely, Orion. I had to-there was no other way so I had to find a way to make that happen. One thing that I can share-it wasn’t even me. I mean, something like some sort of these certainties came through me, but I’ll tell you everything so-that night, I dressed up my mini-dress, and I dressed so pretty-

‏‏What color?

‏‏It was white.

‏‏White, beautiful mini-dress, high heels, driving to a party, right? Or dinner? What was it?

‏‏I had my red shoes on-


‏‏I had my mini purse, and I went to the British Consul because the consulate was having his farewell party so I was at a very cool party, DJ-ing with the consulate, and as I was going out, I don’t think it was a coincidence-I don’t believe in coincidences so-as I was leaving, I heard the security guard talking on the phone, and he was saying, “Oh, two bridges are closed,” and I’m like, “Excuse me? I’m going to the other side of the city-that’s where my home is. What happened to the bridges then?” He didn’t want me to panic so he was like, “No, I’m just talking to my mom, and I heard that the bridges are closed,” and I’m like, “No, no, no, tell me more,” and he was like, “All is good, I just want to let you know that you won’t be able to go to your home because the bridges are closed,” and then I was thinking, “Huh? This is kind of interesting. What should I do? Should I go back to the party, right? Unfortunately, I guess because of my nature or what, I don’t know why I decided to go back to my car, and my friend was driving me to my car, and I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know that it was that serious so as he was driving me to my car, we found ourselves in the middle of this traffic jam. All I could see around was these red stop lights in front of me and hundreds of cars, and all I could see from the other side of the road are all these white lights and hundreds of cars, and we were just in the middle of it. I’m thinking, “This is not normal. Something’s going on here.” I’ve had gas bombs coming to my face and all those things, but this was something different. We turned on the radio to find out what’s going on, and we were checking our phones, but there was no news because it was happening at that moment. I heard something like there is this bomb-also, there is this thing about staging a coup, which means, the army taking over the control of the country, right?


‏‏As I heard it, I had this intuition like, literally, I was being told, or I was feeling it, or I was thinking it-I don’t know the whole picture-but in my consciousness, I knew we had to get out of there.


‏‏I turned to my friend, and I said, “We have to get out of here.” He’s like, “Well, we’re surrounded with cars. How are we going to get out of here?” I said, “We’ll find a way.” I said, “Back it up.” He said, “But how?” He’s like, “But how?” I’m like, “Go to the emergency lane. Back it up. We have to get out of here now, now, now.” He was like, “I don’t know. I think we should go forward, and you should stay in the line,” and I am so grateful to all that leadership classes that I took from Tony Robbins, we’re talking about, because in that moment, I knew I had to take charge and demand. I’m like, “Dude, back the car up. We’re going now,” and then he started to back the car up. As we were backing the car up, there was this tank passing by.


‏‏I’m like, “Am I just seeing a tank passing by?”

‏‏Oh, God!

‏‏And then these helicopters, and then these jets were flying, and they’re all in green, and all these army. I’m like, “Oh my God, what’s going on? Is this war? Am I in the middle of war?” I don’t even know. We backed the car up, and we found a road that has no traffic, and we started to drive. As we were driving-well, you know how the universe is, right? My phone died.


‏‏Yay, right? Again, thanks to all those trainings that we’ve gone through with Tony Robbins-whatever comes our way, we go like, “Yay, great! Bring it on!”

‏‏I was a little cynical about it.

‏‏Yes, so I was the one who has an iPhone, and he has a Blackberry and an old-style Nokia so he didn’t have navigation or anything like that on his phone. I didn’t have my iPhone so we didn’t have any navigation-great! I’ve been living in LA for 10 years, and I’m kind of new to Istanbul-


‏‏So I didn’t know where we were going so we just followed the signs and just followed the roads that didn’t have traffic, and we ended up, actually, in the part of the city where there is this-how should I phrase that? Really spiritual people live-where they wear those black dresses, and where people who practice this a lot, right? I was kind of concerned if we should be there or not. Constantly, while we were in this crisis-our so-called solo crisis-I was finding ways to make it fun because it was a pretty serious situation we were in. We didn’t know where we were at. We didn’t know where we’re going. We didn’t have any phone. The roads were closed, and we had all these jets, guns, and everything flying all around us. That moment I needed to make a decision. I decided to listen to my inner voice, and I followed my inner voice, and I ended up finding a hotel in the middle of nowhere. We spent the night there-at this hotel, and the beautiful part was, I think we were guided there.

‏‏What is that part-that spiritual part of the city-what’s the significance of that?

‏‏In Istanbul-it’s a pretty interesting city. It’s like Turkey. It’s like the bridge between Europe and Middle East.


‏‏We have some parts where we can wear mini-skirts and high heels, and it’s totally okay. Everyone feels free and safe to be that way. And also, there is a part of the city where if you walk like that around, you get all these looks and judgments. It’s different from the spiritual rules or religious rules they follow. Does that make sense?

‏‏It makes sense. We have the same part in Tel Aviv where it’s mostly secular and then there’s this little, tiny city where you have to cover your arms and your legs because they’re very religious there.

‏‏Mm-hmm. I was with my mini white dress and my red high heels-

‏‏Like, hello!

‏‏In the middle of that city that you just mentioned-you know what I mean? But, somehow, I knew I was guided and I knew I was safe.

‏‏That’s good.

‏‏That inner knowing gave me certainty to be able to make a clear decisions-to make a move towards finding that hotel so that we could create a safe environment for us to stay for the night. I think I was kind of a lucky because that hotel was built almost like a month ago.


‏‏And so they gave their suite, and they gave me a bottle of champagne-

‏‏Of course, they will! Of course, you will attract the suite and the bottle of champagne because that’s who you are.


‏‏Of course! In the middle of a war, you will get a suite with a bottle of champagne-that’s totally you!

‏‏In a way, I didn’t know what was going on, but I had this bottle of champagne and the suite, and I was thinking, “God, you are so abundant, and I am so grateful for that!” At the same time, Orion, I had to find a way to make it fun to deal with what was going on because it wasn’t very nice-


‏‏I mean, I’m laughing right now-

‏‏No, I totally understand. I totally understand the severity of the situation. It’s incredibly painful and hard. The reality is harsh, people are dying, and there’s war. The war happened in that part of the city that you escaped from, and that’s where people died?

‏‏Well, it wasn’t actually some sort of a war, but it was more of like staging a coup-the army wanted to take over the management of the country. That is the saddest part because the civil people, literally, cut the soldiers’ heads.


‏‏Yes, and very young soldiers-God bless their souls. That is what was going on. We have this solar bombs happening through the night, and also bombs happening around the city. It was very close. It is what it is, and it is very sad. It’s not only in Istanbul, Turkey, but it’s happening everywhere around the world. It has nothing to do with being Muslim or Jewish or Christian, it’s just more than that. Our job is to find a way to deal with any kind of challenge that we are facing. I think there is a reason why I was seeing what I had to see-


‏‏Because one of my intentions is to empower women in times of challenges and empower them to be able to act, move forward, and feel safe even if they’re in times of war or uncertain times. There I was at the hotel, and I couldn’t get out of the hotel for almost two days-


‏‏But there, I met with a woman from Oman and also, another woman from Kuwait. I was with my mini dress, and they were in their black dresses, and we became friends at breakfast.


‏‏It was so amazing to be able to talk with them and see that we have so many things in common.

‏‏It’s amazing how those times of stress-when 9/11 happened, people came together. When there was a suicide bomb in Israel, people came together. In war, people get more connected. People get more grounded into what’s real and what’s not, and go down to the basics of you, me, people-we all want the same things. We all want to be loved. We all want to give love. Even in that dark spot, there is a lot of light that is being revealed.

‏‏Right. I agree.

‏‏Please keep going. So, you were in breakfast and?

‏‏I was at breakfast, and that was kind of funny too because the breakfast was detox-centered breakfast. We had all these natural things, and it was like, “Whoa! I’m kind of liking this hotel!” I did! I ran all these green salads, nuts, and healthy food, and I’m like, “This is amazing!” God is abundant-wherever you are.

‏‏I spent a week in Turkey-in Marmaris. Turkish food is the bomb. So, just thinking about-

‏‏I wish our country had only the food bomb, but-

‏‏Yeah, but Turkish food is so good so if the breakfast was good, it’s probably just extraordinary. It makes me hungry. Keep going!

‏‏So, that’s where I met these two women-one was from Oman and one from Kuwait-and we became friends. We bonded through our hearts so it didn’t matter if I was in my mini-skirt or if they were wearing all these wares. We were just looking into each other’s eyes while we were communicating so it was communication coming from a soul to another one without any judgment so I was mesmerized with that moment thinking like, “Wow! What do we need? Do we need an alien attack for the world to come together or what?”

‏‏Yeah, right.

‏‏And there I was thinking, “Maybe an alien should attack the world so we can unite!”


‏‏We were making jokes because we have to, and there was all these things happening out there, and we are women who are kind of feeling unsafe so we decided to stay light with the light, and after that, we did a little bit of meditation. They prayed in their way of connecting to God. I did my meditation. It was really nice, and guess what?


‏‏The name of the hotel was-


‏‏Wish More.

‏‏Wish more?

‏‏Wish More.


‏‏I take everything as a message. You know me. I find a penny on the street, and I’m like, “Whoo!”

‏‏And I love your penny stories. Every two to three times a week or so, you will post a picture of a penny that you’ve found as a sign of good luck, and it is so important for our psychology to look for more that’s good and to look for the good signs because our brain is a little primitive-it looks for danger, and we have to train it to look for good. Look for good signs, look at the name of the hotel-Wish More. Okay, I have to wish more! Look at the little penny that I’ve found. That’s a good sign that I’m on the right path. That’s incredible!

‏‏Mm-hmm. Absolutely! Well, here’s the thing: We’re going to see what’s going on too. See the situation as is. There is a serious transformation that’s happening in this country, and it is serious-people are dying. I mean, I had a gas bomb straight to my face, and it was that bad. A car, when the tank was passing by, so there is something happening, but see the situation as is then see the good in it as Tony says. I mean, I love that, and I’m so happy that it stayed in my ear-it stayed with me, because I was looking around, “Okay, this is the situation. What’s good in this? Why am I seeing this? There must be a higher meaning why I’m going through this,” because what happens is, you get disassociated from the situation and you get disassociated from your thoughts and your emotions so that’s the place where you can control influence yourself. The first person that you must lead at times of crisis is you. First, you have to be a leader to your thoughts and your emotions, and then you can lead other people. That’s what I’ve gone through. I had that experience, and just like you said, there’s a reason why all these bad things are happening, and it’s to unite people even more. However, in order for us to unite, we have to become aware why these things are happening. Because if you’re not aware and you’re just going to go like, “Oh my God! There’s war! I don’t know what to do. I’m scared. I cannot move. I’m going to wait until the war is over. I’m going to wait for the financial crisis to be over,” Well, guess what? If you don’t move, if you don’t act, if you don’t control your mind and your emotions, no one will change the reality for you.

If you don’t move, if you don’t act, if you don’t control your mind and your emotions, no one will change the reality for you. Click To Tweet


‏‏The world is as is. You got to find a way to cope with it and look for other ways to reach your goal-whatever that is for you.

‏‏Right, and when you’re saying that, I just want to acknowledge what you said before where, it’s not like you’re completely disconnecting from your reality, “This is not happening. I’m in my happy place, and bombs are going by, and I’m all happy-go-lucky like everything’s good.” It’s not about that. It’s about-yes, you have to experience the pain, and yes, you have to shed the tear. It’s just human to feel all these-you have to go through the pain, the anger, the frustration, the blaming, and pointing fingers. It’s just-the more you train yourself, you just don’t stay in that state. When I was in Oneness University, the monks told us, “Let the tiger devour you,” so you let the tiger devour you, you let your emotions go, you acknowledge them, you go through the grief, but don’t stay there. It might take you ten minutes, it might take you an hour, but don’t let it be more than that because you want to shift your mind to look at-How can I be there for other people? How can I be there, of course, for myself and for other people? How can I look for the good in things? Humor is so important. Making light of the situation. I’m coming from Israel-I remember myself in the sealed room where my mom is sealing the windows with duct tape. It’s was when Saddam sent rockets to Israel, and there was a threat of nuclear war. I was, I don’t know, eight years old. There was one room in the house that is dedicated to protect yourself from the nuclear bomb or whatever they’re sending. She takes this cloth and puts some bleach on it to seal the door because bleach, apparently, is good. We’re sitting and watching TV, and we’re wearing gas masks-it’s pretty crazy! Thinking about it-that’s what I grew up with! I grew up leaving school, and there is a bomb. We were sitting there in the café-last time when you visit Israel? It’s right there.

‏‏Oh, yeah!

‏‏Yeah, so it was a great time! But very nearby there, when I was a teenager, there was a terrorist attack, and a bus exploded. You go there, and you see that, but one thing that the Israeli TV has a lot of is a lot of sitcoms and funny reality TV shows like Black Old Bear or Saturday Night Lifestyle Show that are making fun of the enemy or their leaders or our leaders. Dark humor is so helpful. It’s just funny. People laugh a lot, and people come together because we can’t cry all the time, we won’t move. And there’s also that idea for being Israeli that no matter what happens, you’re going to keep on living your life. You’re going to go to the most beautiful hotel, you’re going to drink a bottle of champagne, you’re going to dance, you’re going to laugh at breakfast, you’re going to party, you’re going to make connections, you’re going to take the moment and make the best out of it, laugh, hug, be there for somebody, and share a tear with somebody, but most of all, just keep living your life, right?

‏‏Orion, one thing I have to admit is-I didn’t drink the champagne. I was like, “Okay, this is a serious situation-“

‏‏Yeah, you’re going to-

‏‏Yeah, I have to be sober so-

‏‏“This is crazy! The bombs!”

‏‏But a couple of nights later, when everything cooled and calmed down, that was the time I had the champagne. Not that I didn’t have it-I just thought I’d wait it out.

‏‏But I love it! That goes to the principle of intention. It’s not what you do that is bad, it’s the intention behind it. Drinking a glass of champagne is not bad, but if you’re drinking it as an escape-


‏‏Then it’s a bad thing. If you’re drinking it-“Okay, this is intentional-a conscious choice-right now, I’m just going to enjoy this glass of champagne. Not because I need to, not because of my addictive or reactive personality right now, but just because I took a pause, and I chose it-I chose that thing.”

‏‏Right. Absolutely! One of the things that I’ve been sharing since all these things were happening is to eat clean and healthy because we’re at the time of crisis. Something is happening. There is a big trauma happening in Turkey so most of the people, they tend to eat sugary foods or they tend to drink because they want to numb their selves from from the pain that the whole country is going through. That’s the worst thing that you can do to yourself. At these times-at times of crisis-the best thing is to eat like clean, healthy, and green foods; drink your green juice; and go through what emotions you need to go through otherwise, they get blocked in your body, which causes bigger stress and also sickness in the long run.

At times of crisis-the best thing is to eat like clean, healthy, and green foods; drink your green juice; and go through what emotions you need to go through otherwise, they get blocked in your body, which causes bigger stress and also sickness in the long run.

‏‏How do you find that power to conquer those cravings, and to not drink the champagne for something that traumatic happens? Honestly, I think I would. I would have. I’d be like, “Give me that champagne. It’s great!” but maybe not-I don’t know. What was going on in your head that time?

‏‏I think what you recently said was my motivation. The first thing was, I was thinking of a friend of mine so I had the intention to reach out to her and stay alert if she needed me because she called me when I was in the car, and she was having these panic attacks. She thinks she has them.


‏‏So, when my phone died, I was scared that she was going to go through that with all these things happening.


‏‏My first intention was to find a charger for my phone so I could reach to my friend. That’s how I found the hotel too, by the way. I think the key is to get out of yourself and focus to help someone else, and then you know where it starts supporting you when you want to support someone else. Does that make sense?

‏‏Yeah, that makes sense.

‏‏Through the night-I mean, as soon as I got in to the hotel, the first thing I said to the reception was, “Give me your freaking phone charger!” and she was like, “Okay, here it is!” I charged my phone, and I talked to my girlfriend, and she was panicking. She locked herself in the bathroom-


‏‏Yeah, because the place she was in, there was a lot of movements and had lots of things happening. She was alone in the house and all those things.

‏‏Oh, wow.

‏‏I talked to her. She was pretty good, but I decided to stay alert and awake just in case anything happens, and saved the champagne for a better day. I actually took her out a couple of nights later. That was the night we had the champagne.

‏‏Oh, wow! She’s lucky to have you. You coached a lot of people-a lot of people who are in bad situations. Can you-without giving name-maybe share a couple of cases where they really needed your help and it was a crucial moment-how did you get them out of that?

‏‏Well, I think the reason what I’ve just shared with you was to be one of the top ones because a lot of women called me that night, and in fear, they didn’t know what to do. Some of them have their kids so they were single moms, and they were sitting at home with their clothes on, their bags ready to leave if their house gets bombed or something-

‏‏Oh my God!

‏‏Yeah. They didn’t sleep through the night. They didn’t know what to do. How I was able to help them was first, to connect with them-where were they at in terms of thoughts and emotions.

‏‏Build rapport.

‏‏Yeah, just creating that rapport and coming straight from your heart, actually, is the real key. From wherever they are, slowly, because that trauma-the way that you can heal a trauma is very slow. It used to be like taking step-by-step. You cannot rush it. You have to take your time. Slowly but surely, taking them to a state where they feel safe and empowered. It’s like stairs. You meet your therapy at the bottom stair, you walked down the stairs, you meet them there, and through talking, using your tonality if you’re on the phone, and using your voice, your breath, and the power of your heart to support them to take the stairs one by one. The worst thing that it can do would be like standing on top of the stairs while they’re down there, and you’re trying to pull them. That’s not going to work. That’s going to make the situation even harder. I do use NLP. I mean, I cannot even say NLP. It’s a mixture of many modalities about everything, but again, the things I have learned from Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power WithinMastery UniversityLeadership Academy, and the thing that I’ve learned from spiritual paths, Kabbalah, the things that I’ve learned from hypnotherapy, transformation breathing-like, at that moment, you know what, Orion? I don’t think, maybe, that’s why just help someone.


‏‏I’m not in my mind. I’m just in my heart, and my intention is to serve the other person so in a way, it just happened by itself.

‏‏Yeah, I know.

‏‏Of course, learning the tools, using them, having them in your unconscious mind is helpful, but the main thing is staying in your heart even if you don’t know anything. If there’s a situation that you have to step up and be a leader even though you have not gone through any leadership school, when you really want it from the heart to serve for the others-that thing flows through you.

If there’s a situation that you have to step up and be a leader even though you have not gone through any leadership school, when you really want it from the heart to serve for the others-that thing flows through you. Click To Tweet

‏‏Right, and I’m like you-I took so many trainings, and I did so many seminars. There is always this urge of, “Oh, I want to learn more, I want to know more, I want to grow more,” and at some point, you just have to stop and say, “I know enough, and I just need to let go and let God,” like Dr. Dyer used to say, and have that. Just open yourself as a vessel to connect to the “universal Google” and channel that in order to help the other person. Like you said, you just channel it with the intention of loving them, helping them, and caring for them.

‏‏Mm-hmm. Because that’s exactly what the universe is doing for us. It’s so abundant, and it’s all about serving. What you do is, when you get out of the “me” consciousness, instead focusing on “we,” not even “we,” but “oneness,” then the universe starts flowing through you because you get aligned with its intention so you get into that vibration.

‏‏What are the most-so lately, you have your own TV show, and you’ve been interviewed many, many times-you have another one coming today? Which is probably super late-what do people ask you? What are they craving for? What do they really, really want to know from you because you’re like “an island of safety” for other people?

‏‏Wow! Thank you for that, I’m not sure if I’m that person or not. I mean, I don’t know, but I do attract a lot of clients who are looking for clarity and who are looking for certainty that everything’s going to be okay, and that whatever they’re going through, there’s a higher meaning and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I do attract other types of people, like level of CEO’s or business owners who are looking for mindfulness and staying calm at times of uncertainty. They worry a lot so anyone who is looking for peace, mindfulness-like peace at peak state. That’s when people do contact me. I also attract a lot of entrepreneurs who want to set up their own business, but they think they don’t have the resources. Actually, it’s not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness. Thanks to Tony Robbins-yay! Actually, whatever I have gone through, and whatever I have transformed, those are the people I attract. I do attract people, especially women with ovarian cysts, because that’s how I started my own healing experience.

‏‏Well, tell me about that! Tell me a little bit about that.



‏‏My God, tell me more, tell me more.

‏‏Let’s go holistic a little bit here. How did you heal yourself?

‏‏Like, we haven’t gone deep-deep. Okay, let’s go deeper. Why not? I was in Santa Monica, actually. I was living in Santa Monica at that time, and one night, I woke up with this amazing pain on my right ovary. My friend took me to the emergency room, and that was the first time that I went to the emergency room. Normally, I don’t like much doctors, sorry, but I don’t go to doctors, and I do my best to use a holistic path-

‏‏Unless you really need it.

‏‏Yeah. Unless I really need them, and that was the only time I needed them in my life. Because I was in this horrible pain. I was at the ER, and I had all these doctors around me and looking at me. They’re like, “We have to take you to surgery otherwise, you have a chance to die,”

‏‏Oh my God.

‏‏I’m like, “Excuse me?”

‏‏Out of the blue.

‏‏Out of the blue, and I’m like, “What’s going on?” You have these questions coming up like, “What’s going on with me? Why am I dying? Am I really going to die? Why am I here?” A lot of questions-mind chatter. I asked them for some explanation and to tell me what’s going on so they said that I have a bleeding cyst on my right ovary, and it’s not a huge, severe, death case, but if the blood goes through the body-they were explaining to me all these medical terms-then I could be poisoned and that’s how I could die.I asked for a couple of minutes to think so I asked them to leave the room. We closed the curtains so there I was, laying there, and I was thinking what should I do? Should I call my parents if I go to surgery because I don’t have anyone to look after me? I’m working during the day and studying at night so I don’t really have much time to rest. I have to keep on working in order to pay my rent. You think of these little things, but you think about them. I was like, “What am I thinking about? They just told me that I could die! What am I doing?” Then, the mind comes in. There was this moment, Orion, a little voice-I think it was coming from my heart or that’s how I interpreted it-that just told me, “Don’t have the operation. Let’s go through this together, and let’s change your life.”


‏‏I would think, “Did I really hear that? Was it my unconscious mind? What was that?” I felt this cool from my heart like, “Don’t take the surgery,” but instead using it to transform my life. All these doctors came back and I said that I’m not taking the surgery. They’re like, “No, you have to take the surgery,” and I’m like, “I’m not taking the surgery.” They’re like, “What are you going to do?” and I’m like, “I want to leave the hospital.” They’re like, “We’re not letting you go,” because in the States, if they let you go and if anything happens then they’re responsible.


‏‏I called my friend back and I said, “You have to take me out of this hospital. I am not going to take the surgery.” And she was like, “Okay, we’ll find a way.” It was five in the morning, I said, “Call a lawyer. Call our friends. Do something to take me out of the hospital.”


‏‏At the end, doctors brought me hundreds of pages of papers that I had to sign. As I was signing it, I was healing myself.

‏‏That’s crazy determination. With so much pressure. Wow!

‏‏Yeah. I signed all those papers, I got out of the hospital, and I’m so grateful that I took that decision and I listened to my heart. That was the reason how my life completely transformed. The next day, I called in the office that I was working at. I said that I’m not coming in for almost a month because of what I’m going through. I took one month off. I moved in with a friend of mine so I didn’t have to think about the rent and all those things so I can lower all the costs. And I gave that time for myself to reconnect with myself-to think, feel, and act what I want to do about it. And I took a lot of acupuncture. I took spirituality classes. I did hypnotherapy. I took Reiki. I changed my diet to macrobiotics. It’s a diet that is holistic nutrition. It doesn’t cure, but supports you to become better if you’re going through cancer or AIDS.

‏‏What exactly is macrobiotic diet?

‏‏Macrobiotic diet is actually about balance. It’s about balancing your plate depending on the type of food you eat. There are foods that have masculine energy. There are foods that have feminine energy. What you want to do is to create a “yin” and “yang”-a masculine and feminine-balanced plate at every meal. No alcohol, no meat, no dairy, and no processed foods. It’s almost like eating a raw, vegan plate, but you can add in 2% up to 3% protein like fish, but it needs to be wild-caught. You can even have meat, but it needs to be organically-fed. It’s a holistic way of looking at life and also your nutrition. That’s the path I took, and in less than three months, everything was gone. I didn’t have any cyst anymore. I didn’t have any bleeding. Everything was gone. I took a fourth dimensional approach. I healed my thoughts, and I let go of my emotions because this sickness was happening in my second chakra where the woman in our womb-that’s where we hold on to our emotions. I did let go. I mean, I cried a lot, basically, to let go of all those hurt, pain, anger, and whatever that I committed there, Physically, I did yoga, tai-chi, and acupuncture. I did power walk. I changed my nutrition. Fourth dimension was the spiritual way. I found why I was going through that so I found a higher meaning to connect and to transform my life. Right after that, I went to UPW-Tony’s Unleash the Power event.


‏‏So, I don’t think it was a coincidence.


‏‏As soon as I came back from Unleash the Power Within, I set up my coaching and consulting business, which is my life’s mission. Ovaries actually represent a channel for your life’s mission and vision.


‏‏Everything started to flow again, Orion. When everything started to flow again, this becomes wellness. It’s like illness turns into wellness. One of the keys of how I kept it is because I do have women coming in and they healed her illness, but after a while, they come back and they’re like, “Oh my God, it just keeps on coming back.” That’s the time we know they haven’t cured the seed level. My seed level was healed at that Date with Destiny. Again, that’s where you met your fiancé.


‏‏At that event-at that amazing Tony’s event-I found ways to transform “I” into “We.” That’s like illness-illness starts with “I”-


‏‏When you transform “I” into “We”-


‏‏That’s when wellness comes in.

‏‏I love that! Wow. What’s your life’s mission?

‏‏It’s to be a channel of love and light to each and every person I meet. This year, I just added-that includes me too.

‏‏Oh! It starts in you.


‏‏It always starts in you.

‏‏Yeah. So far, I was just saying, “I want to be a channel of love and light to each and every person that I meet,“ and again, I want to be a channel to me and through me so that’s my main motto.

‏‏Right. I love what you said about movement. Movement, especially for women, is so important. We release our emotions through movement. Have you done S Factor with Sheila Kelley?


‏‏Yeah, so you know what I’m talking about.

‏‏I haven’t done the full package, but I did the demo. The half-day one? Right after Date with Destiny, actually. It’s phenomenal. I would love to go back for the retreat.

‏‏Yeah. I took on that journey with Sheila Kelley. I’ve been to four retreats. I’ve studied with her teachers for about a year-and-a-half. S Factor is, basically, a pole-dancing studio. Sheila Kelley is the one who brought S Factor to mainstream 10 years ago. Before it was popular, she was on the Oprah show for four times. The way she teaches pole-dancing and her teacher teaches pole-dancing is very different than just another dance class where there are mirrors, bright lights, and the “1-2-3-4, turn around-snap” or whatever. It’s dim lights, soft music, emotional music, red lights-we almost don’t see each other in class when we start to warm up. You’ll learn a little bit about the technique, but it’s more about your self-expression where you pick up the music and you pick up different fabrics, different sensual clothes to see what you like, and kind of find what you call your “erotic creature.” What’s so beautiful about it is that through movement, you release so much. We live in an environment where we are being criticized for our emotions. A very common comment from men is, “Oh, you’re so emotional!” Yes, we are! We are so emotional. That’s our greatness. I’m just reading Dr. Amen’s book, The Power of the Female Brain, and Dr. Amen actually talks about how the female brain and the male brain are completely different. We are more connected to our intuition. We are more connected to our emotions. Taking it back to what I’ve learned with Sheila Kelley is to how to release my emotions, my sorrow, my pain, my anger, and my grief through movement. You choose any song that you like, and you are actually being rewarded for your expression. If this is an angry song, and you’re just like whatever you expressed with your body-your personal erotic creature-you express your anger, and the ladies will cheer for you. We don’t have mirrors because we are mirrors for each other. We cheer, clap, love each other, and show each other that love through movement.

‏‏Sisterhood, sister! I love it!

‏‏Yeah. I remember one dance-like, seriously, my whole dance was holding the pole, not moving, and maybe like micro moves-I almost didn’t move-and I just cried. That was the whole dance.

‏‏Wow. That’s amazing. That’s very powerful. That is a message by itself. Because, including myself, I didn’t know a lot of women who are moving a lot at the times where they’re in their mind. They want to do things, but real true change happens when we connect to our inner feminine energy and when we connect to our core-it’s more of what’s just being and just being there. And just small rhythms-

Real true change happens when we connect to our inner feminine energy and when we connect to our core-it’s more of what’s just being and just being there.

‏‏Small, slow, wavy-S-like movement.


‏‏Yeah, that connects us. I just love that type of self-expression. You said movement and nutrition-how can somebody who is listening to us right now-if they’re having a bad day or dealing with something for a while now-how can they change their state?

‏‏Hmm. That’s actually going to come from The Triad from Tony Robbins. I love that! First, you change your physiology, and then you change your focus, and then you change your language. In order to do that, let’s say-you are putting yourself in a state of like, “Oh my God, what am I going to do with this government with this economy crisis and all these things?” What you’re doing is, you’re, literally, having that pressure come on your shoulders, and your shoulders are going down and your focus. You have all these bad things happening so you see that even though it’s not revealed right now, you see those pictures in your mind-your focus is going into that crisis, and they you’re constantly keeping your language saying to yourself, “Oh my God, what am I going to do? Everything’s bad,” so you’re using a negative language. In that state, my friend, you have no way of moving or giving good decision. That’s not going to change, right? First thing, change your physiology. Even lifting your shoulders up, having your spine straight, having your head up, and looking up, that’s like the sign of positivity. For women, I don’t know if you remember those old movies when women didn’t want to cry because they didn’t want their makeup to run-so, they will just look up? You cannot cry when you look up.


‏‏Try that. Don’t believe in anything I say, but try it. If it’s working for you, keep on doing it. When you look up, you cannot cry. Have your spine straight, look up, and breathe deeply so that’s the physiology. That’s the first thing. The second thing is, maybe, remembering that everything’s okay now. All the things that are happening is actually happening in your mind so rather than looking at the bad picture, see the situation as is and find the good in it. Find a higher meaning, but ask the right questions. Ask yourself-what’s good in this? Why am I going through-and not even why, but know that there is a reason-there is a higher reason-that you’re going through this challenge, and just ask to see that message. The third part is, the language that you use. Use empowering language like, “I can go through this. Life is happening for me.” Tony Robbins is the best of the best with his positivity and language. Not only the language, but also his strategies. I mean, I love Date with Destiny. When I’m there, I feel like a sponge. I want to get everything that he says. I love the meditations that we do there. Actually, Date with Destiny is coming up in December-at the time of your wedding.

‏‏I know. Oh my God!

‏‏I’m going to be attending your wedding, and I would love to go back and serve at the Date with Destiny event in Florida so I’m arranging everything.

‏‏Are you crewing?

‏‏I think I’ll do leadership, but I have to be there before the Date with Destiny in order to lead. But at the same time, I have two outcomes there. One is to be present at your wedding in Costa Rica-

‏‏Thank you.

‏‏And then, I’m flying back-

‏‏And now everybody knows that I’m getting married in Costa Rica.

‏‏Oh my God, sorry!

‏‏It’s okay.

‏‏Yeah, is that okay? Sorry. It’s my thing. I like taking everything else there.

‏‏I’m getting married in Costa Rica in a very special place where the rainforest kisses the beach.

‏‏Wow! So romantic.

‏‏Yeah, I know. It’s so beautiful there. You’ll see. There are tons of animals and monkeys and all that, but let’s go back to changing your state and Date with Destiny.

‏‏Yeah. Changing your state has three legs. The first thing is change your physiology, then your focus, and then your language. Yup, that’s it. Three things.

‏‏Right, and changing your physiology and your language and your-what was the third one?


‏‏Focus, right. It’s like a muscle. You’re not going to change it in a day. It’s not going to be like, “Okay, I woke up this morning. Let me just change my focus and everything’s going to be great.” Just like going to the gym and training your muscles, it takes a long time to train the muscle. To have it stay strong, it should be a daily practice. What’s your daily practice?

‏‏Hmm. What’s my daily practice? I wake up early in the morning. Of course, if the princess within me wants to sleep, I let her sleep too.

‏‏I love how you respect that side of yourself that is princess-like. I mean, you respect your body and your respect yourself so much that you will allow yourself to sleep in. You are a hard worker. You’re making things happen. You’re extremely famous in what you, and you will also take the time to just chill and take that extra five minutes, and maybe take the massage, and really take care of yourself because if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to function in that level of being an “island.”


‏‏Yeah, and it’s hard being an island. Even an island needs nurturing, right? It’s hard being there for everybody else because you need to be held too so it’s on two levels. One, allow yourself to be held, and two, respect yourself enough to give yourself exactly what you need, right?

‏‏Absolutely, and Orion, I do have a strong warrior energy in me like an Amazon-type.

‏‏I love that!

‏‏And I also do have-

‏‏Sexy Amazon warrior!

‏‏Woah! And I do have this healer sage-the light part-so I can feel that power as well. In order to function fully as a whole, I have to feed both of them. You know what I mean?

‏‏Right. I totally agree with you because I’ve been doing the pole-dancing and the journey to the feminine for a while, and now, lately, I started taking the Krav Maga classes, which is a self-defense class, because I feel I needed more of that energy. I needed to tap into that warrior, driven-


‏‏Especially right now, I have a few challenges in my life so I really do that in order to tap into that energy, but it’s always a dance. Just like you said with nutrition-how do you balance the masculine and feminine with nutrition? How do you balance it in life?

‏‏Oh my God, Orion, it’s going to take like two or three hours. If we keep on going, we’re going to create a workshop or what.

‏‏Oh my God, yeah. Wow!

‏‏Here’s the thing, I do talk more about this at my workshops, and I really wanted to do one in LA to empower women, especially, whoever has families out there who are in the war or crisis times, but our government has just declared the state of emergency so I really don’t know if I would be able to get out of the country now to come to LA, but I absolutely and highly-recommend Tony Robbins’ Mastering Yourself At Life Mastery, Loren Slocum-I think you have interviewed her as well? She’s an amazing woman. She is just amazing. She takes everyone to this cleanse, and she helps people to eat better so I highly recommend that one. For further details-

‏‏I think we should do another episode about that.

‏‏Oh my God!

‏‏That will be interesting.

‏‏Okay, we’ll do. We’ll do!

‏‏Yeah. To be continued!

‏‏To be continued-yay! It’s Star Wars, right? Its Orion’s Wars!

‏‏Before we end-just two questions: One, what are your three best tips for living a stellar life? And two, where can people find you?

‏‏Good questions! Stellar life-I like that! I like saying that! It puts me to this phase of light -shiny star, and it reminds me of light. First, I do practice spirituality. There’s a way to connect to my soul, and I do that every morning and before I go to sleep so that’s my ritual. Two, I do feed with life foods that are going to give me energy and that are going to keep me light. And three, to be a star and a stellar-what do I do? I think I’m using being playful and flirting a little bit with myself and with everything’s that’s going on so that puts me to a lighter state. Things do look serious, but come on! We came to this world and go from this world. It’s just an experience that we’re going through so I do remind myself when I take everything seriously. So, those are the three things. Where they can find me? They can email me or they can add me on Facebook. I’m sure you will add my name. They can find me on Facebook or on social media.

We came to this world and go from this world. It’s just an experience that we’re going through. Click To Tweet

‏‏It’s going to be on the show notes, but maybe you can just give them the name of your website and just spell your name?

‏‏Absolutely! It’s my name: YelizRuzgar.com. You know what? As I’m talking to you, I just realized it’s only in Turkish. I have to get that website going on English too probably. Thank you for the inspirations, sister!

‏‏You’re welcome.

‏‏Yes, Orion, thank you very much for this amazing opportunity!

‏‏And your email is?

‏‏My email is yeliz@nullpowercoaching.us. I have two companies: one is my company, and the second company is a joint venture that I do here in Turkey so they can find me through my email, which I gave, powercoaching.us-extended, and the other one is my website.

‏‏Right. I really pray for peace.


‏‏I’m really praying for peace, and I wish you can come here in August so I can see you and give you a big hug in person. This was just one of my favorite conversations ever. I really love and appreciate you. Thank you so much for everything.


‏‏For sharing so kindly and being so open. You probably helped a lot of people in this conversation. Thank you very much, listeners. Just enjoy the moment, enjoy your life, be playful, take care of yourself, and have a stellar, beautiful life!

‏‏Yay! Thank you!

‏‏Thank you! Bye!

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