Episode 333 | August 29, 2023

Free Your Voice, Free Your Mind with Juliana Andreeva

A Personal Note From Orion

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Stellar Life Podcast! I am thrilled to introduce you to this week’s guest, Juliana Andreeva, as we delve into the fascinating world of voice biohacking.

Juliana Andreeva is a true powerhouse in the realm of voice and transformation. Juliana has a wealth of experience as a Voice Biohacking founder, musician, singer, voice and speech coach, and voice recording producer. In 2015, Juliana founded her vocal studio, and has since created over 70 educational programs and worked with CEOs, celebrities, bloggers, and professional singers. Her methods have gained global recognition and can enhance productivity, focus, and stress relief. 

Get inspired as we explore Juliana’s journey, wisdom, and unique approach to voice biohacking. You’ll discover the incredible ways in which your voice can be a catalyst for change and growth in all areas of your life.

Take advantage of Juliana’s transformative insights and practical techniques in this episode. It’s time to embrace the full potential of your voice and its impact on your well-being. 

Your voice matters. Let’s unlock its true potential together. Without further ado, let’s dive into the show!

In This Episode

  • [02:13] – Juliana Andreeva shares her background story, highlighting the profound significance of recognizing the power within your voice.
  • [12:43] – Juliana delves into the intricate connection between one’s voice and their sense of sexuality.
  • [16:00] – Inquiring into Juliana’s journey of self-discovery, Orion explores how she discovered her singing ability and its accompanying elements.
  • [19:37] – Orion engages in a discussion with Juliana about various exercises and strategies that facilitate the art of letting go and embracing the present moment.
  • [23:38] – Juliana unveils the initial step towards embarking on a journey of singing mastery.
  • [34:58] – Juliana elaborates on the profound technique of forging a harmonious connection between your voice and your body through voice biohacking.
  • [39:03] – Juliana imparts her top three tips for living a stellar life.

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About Today’s Show

Hi, Juliana. Welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. Thank you so much for being here.

Hi. I’m so glad to see you.

Can you share your extraordinary origin story and how you developed your method?

That is a long and personal story. I always knew I would change my life if I found my voice, but I could not sing. My mom was an opera singer, and she’s like, “You have the wrong voice. You’re doing it the wrong way.”

Both of my parents are musicians. I have three musical backgrounds, and it didn’t help. I could not sing freely. Singing was my goal at first. For 15 years, I’ve been trying so hard to sing, push a little more, and get additional education. I changed 26 voice coaches, and it didn’t help.

When I started researching neurology, neurophysiology, osteopathy, and my last education was medical hypnosis. And then I realized that our voice is connected to our nervous system. If we are afraid to sing or do not have a beautiful voice, it has nothing to do with our nature or vocal cords, or we have no gift or talent. It’s just you do not know how to connect, negotiate, or master the nervous system.

Nowadays, I’m working with some executives, hedge fund people, celebrities, and sometimes even famous singers because they want to reconnect with themselves, with their nervous system, and to convey a little bit more of what’s going on inside. That’s why we are so afraid of singing in public sometimes. Singing is not an art. Singing is our physiological need to express deep emotions. That’s what I found out during my journey.

When I was very young, my dream was to be a singer. I’m good at karaoke, though. So you’re saying that singing is not just about talent but also about neurology and physiology. How so?

Talent is an abstract thing. Talent is when you want to do something. Now, I’m singing well. I recorded so many songs. Some of those are on all digital platforms around the world.

I helped more than 10,000 people during the last 15 years to release their songs. I helped some executives, people from Forbes [Fotune 500], and others talented in something else develop those skills. The skills themselves are not the goal. The goal is for our energy to be a little clearer on what we want. After a session, people feel more mental clarity, more relaxation, more focus, and less burnout. We heal some cases of chronic depression, thyroid diseases, etc.

The goal is for our energy to be clearer on what we want.

Wow, because a lot of the blocks are in the throat chakra. If somebody goes through some suppression in childhood and can’t voice themselves, it will manifest in the body as a disease. As soon as you liberate the voice, it heals everything.

Exactly. My approach is not to care about musical education. 

It depends on which part of your brain you’re able to use, or you’re able to switch back and forth. It also depends on the autonomic nervous system and your ability to switch from sympathetic mode whenever you look stressed—fight or flight to relaxation mode, like a trance state of your mind.

You don’t need any psychedelics, massage, alcohol, or medical drugs, which are super popular whenever people have anxiety. You’re just using the tune in your body, and you were born with that. It has nothing to do with talent. It’s just natural medicine.

It’s a vibration.

It also smooths muscles. If you hold your fist, you can do that easily. You know how to do that. But if I ask you to fold and hold the right dome of your diaphragm, “How to do that? Where is that?” It’s a muscle. It’s quite a part of your body.

Some inner muscles, smooth muscles, are uncontrollable by our conscious mind. They are connected with our subconscious processes like subconscious thinking, subconscious sensation, and everything that is not on the surface. That is made for a reason for us to survive because we cannot stop our heart; it’s a muscle.

We cannot stop our breath. If you close your nose, you will realize, “I want to live even in depression.” There is a superpower that sits inside. I prefer to look at the voice as a tool for discovering.If you close your nose, you will still strongly desire to inhale after a long sitting without the air.

There’s much more power inside our bodies. I like that approach, and I want to look at the voice as a tool for getting to know your power, to get to know your nervous system or to optimize that for not just musical skills. Singing is mostly about getting rid of something, not about adding something.

Singing is mostly about getting rid of something, not about adding something.

I like that. That’s new.

It’s in sexual life as well. If you get freed from tension, fear, and muscle patterns, you can let the energy and the breath, which is also much all the sexual things, into it. I’ve been collaborating with six sexologists.

It’s so interesting how that works. We have the same muscle tube from our mouth to our bottom. That’s the thing. You do not need to make sexual stuff your profession to be amazing there. You just need love and be ready to open yourself to intimacy; the same is true of the voice.

Whenever guys tell me, “For you to say it in public, you need to become a professional singer first.” I said, “Okay, you must become a professional to make love. If you’re a professional lover, do that for money, and then you’re an amazing lover.” Guys are just laughing, but it’s a vital thing. It’s not a business thing.

There is something that you should achieve and push. There are some still where you should relax and let it go. Accept and unleash, and we will get naked. With our relationship with God, the universe, and religion, we’re like getting naked. We get rid of things.

If you’re learning much about religion or God, it doesn’t help to feel something sometimes—the same with sex. If you’re only reading books and not ready to open up, the amazing lover will not happen—the same with singing.

Many people are singing, that’s why it is considered a talent. But if you love your husband and have an amazing intimate life, you cannot say, “He is sexually talented. He has a gift.” But singing is not art. It’s the physiological need to be intimate.

Listen to your body and become sensitive to its needs.

There shouldn’t be some shame there because we’re so afraid to sing. We’re afraid to go there.

I still sing a lot at home by myself. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I have a little one, and he sings a lot. He makes up little songs. Sometimes, they’re very long. It’s very cute.

He sings a lot because I sing with him as well. This is a nice connection. Sometimes, we’ll start a note and sing aaaaaahhh do it together.

There’s a small trick about that. We call it chanting, but it’s just aaaaaahhh for kids. Kids can do that more freely without judgment and loss of control.

And then people would complain, “I don’t have a voice. I have tension here.” It’s all about controlling a lot of stress. You control the air and do not let life flow with the air through your body. That’s why it’s here in the throat. 

It’s so easy. Whenever you’re chanting or singing, you are stimulating your vagus nerve. It has a branch that goes to our larynx and drops our larynx, which is not easy for most humans. It’s easier than creating a strong body or abs, but you must be sensitive to listen to your body. I would say that if there’s a button that would turn your stress off and on, it’s the larynx. 

The voice is a tool for getting to know your power, to get to know your nervous system or to optimize not just for musical skills.

You can see if people are stressed just by looking at this.

By hearing their voice. You can notice some males have very big larynxes, which means some hormonal status they have. It’s related to testosterone. 

I’m super curious about the connection between voice and sexuality. That sounds very intriguing.

Voice is sexuality. Singing is always super sexy. That’s why it’s special. They’ve been singing romances and songs about a balcony like we do.

Once, a couple walked into my session. Ultimately, it’s good if we call it voice biohacking but still, nobody understands.

Guys just arrived without an understanding of what that is. So he’d been singing on the first session. His wife came after, and he’d been crying. Guys cry more in sessions than girls because of suppression in their culture.

Basically, you’re doing deep trauma release therapy through the voice.

Yeah, but you never get to their logic because of all the deep trauma. That’s why it’s deep because you cannot get there logically and verbally. Or you got this trauma before you started to speak with your words.

Before kids become German kids, French kids, or Italian kids  they’re all the same. They do the same things. We’re just copying our parents. That’s how we copy sounds. That’s how we take cultural code and nationality.

Some inner muscles are uncontrollable by our conscious mind. They are connected with our subconscious thinking, sensations, and everything not on the surface.

There are some very interesting things because lots of trauma was written in that period of time. We do not understand words. We just repeat after our parents, but we don’t have a logical construct in the left part of the brain. I’ve been collaborating with a famous Ukrainian psychologist. She has one million followers and a bestselling book. She hated singing in the beginning.  She used text-to-speech at first to record her meditations. There’s a way to rewrite trauma because lots of trauma is restricted to be expressed.

Verbally, you’re restricted to saying, “I’m angry. I hate my parents,” for example. You’ve never said it in culture, “It’s impossible.” Or something deeper, “I want to kill somebody.” People are restricted or the trauma was recorded before you started to understand words. With this sound, you can release it. It’s all about releasing because when the subject is inside, you don’t know what it is, but then you let it out and see that, it’s not the subject; it’s object. You can make your impact. Get rid, rebuild, or transform towards wherever it’s like. It should be outside, not inside, for you to do something.

When was the moment when you discovered that you could sing? And what did you find out about yourself? What was holding you back?

Singing is not the goal. I will probably record some more songs because it’s my hobby. But it’s not my main thing. My main thing is I love to work with bodies.

It’s spiritual but I use science in bodywork. I do therapy on sound, throat movements, and chest movements. People are getting very specific—brain mode like alpha waves.

My main mistake was I’ve been pushing too hard. I’ve been sitting in better ways while singing. I want to do that better. I want to look better. If a girl goes on a date and wants to look better, she tries so hard. It’s not natural. She’s not charismatic. She’s not fascinating.

The thing about the voice is an intimate space. Not controlling your appearance is important because it’s about surviving in society.

I’ve been trying to control how I look at others. It’s always hard, but there’s a trick. When you hear me right now, listening to me, you guys perceive me through your hearing for your ears. But the person speaking or singing is not listening to themselves. He is sensing how the air flows through your throat, how your resonating areas open for the air to resonate in those areas like some dome or roof of your mouth.

With our relationship with God, the universe, and religion, we’re like getting naked. We get rid of things.

How sound vibrates- that is your map. Whenever you’re trying to control yourself through your ears, your sound goes out, hits the walls around—that’s the nature of sound—it goes back, and then your ears get information about how you’re singing, but it’s one second late. You’re already late for it to control.

We’re always not present at the moment when we’re controlling ourselves. It’s like driving, getting a stone under your tire, looking at the stone and then hitting the tree You’re not present. Everything like sexual stuff, orgasms, and all that, amazing singing happens right at the moment and then serves others.

When you’re singing from the stage, it pulls others in the moment. That’s why people love to listen to Freddie Mercury. There’s no one person in the world who can get a stadium like Freddie Mercury or some other big singers.

None of the politicians, unless it’s a crazy thing going on politically. None of the business coaches, even probably Tony Robbins. None of the meditative coaches, none of anything beautiful in the world, they will not get that big stadium as people who are singing. Even instrumental bands will not do that.

I’m thinking about letting go and being in the moment. I remember I was in a Donny Epstein seminar. He does network chiropractic. There is a part of it where you do exercises. We’re on the floor doing the exercises, and then he said, “Let your angel voice come out.” I have never in my life heard myself getting this super high tone.

I don’t know what it’s called, but it was so high. It was an operatic high tone that came out of me spontaneously. It was beautiful, but I was never able to recreate it. What can one do to let go and be in the moment? Could you share some exercises or tips?

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Yeah, I’ll do that. I’ve been to Donny’s gate, and we’ve been doing that.

I love Donny. He’s awesome.

Yeah. It aligns with me. I’ve been studying osteopathy and there’s a massage table in my office when I work with singers. Mostly, I’m doing online courses all around the world because people are sitting with closed eyes, even with slight medical hypnosis or something. There are lots who are sitting in their cars. But the thing is, all that energy you want to let through your body, through your spine as Donny shows, it’s very alive; it’s super powerful. Most people, couples, hear in their throat like this exercise we will do.

I have tension here just as we speak. Do I need to massage it?

A massage just draws up the muscles, and it doesn’t work. Sometimes, as adults, we keep ignoring the motion that arises from here. Our throat, our bottom neck splits our head and our body. We’re created in such a way that we can split our minds and feelings. That’s for a reason whenever we do not want to show our feelings, or we know that we cannot handle it, or kids are around, we cannot be angry or create that culture in society. It’s for social reasons.

All the movements of emotions in our body are synchronized with the air in our body.

We stop our emotions here with our throats. It’s like a dam on the river. But there is a trick nobody knows. I will suggest everybody for their interest in partial attention span. Softly, first, exercise. All the movements of emotions in our body are synchronized with the movements of the air in our body.

For example, we just broke a glass or missed our flight or we’re angry or we’re excited. The air flows through. Sometimes, we can give it, and we have a special big sanctuary in our throats, a bottleneck.

We’re creating a way to open and close that dam. When we are kids, like four years old, it still works amazing—we’re always open. The river is flowing no matter what. Those angel voices are around us. Kids never lose their voices. They’re never tired in their throats. Nobody knows that kids don’t have all those things.

When people say, “Okay, I have a good back but  sitting on my desk, that’s when my shoulders and neck are hurting.” After COVID, many travel vloggers and fashion stylists arrive on the scene, “My shoulders are aching.”

Every time we’re trying to restrict that air to create a contraction on this river, we’re going to squeeze muscles, we squeeze shoulders, and it’s aligned with our pelvic floor, but we have spasms. We do that many times per day, affecting our shoulders, so neck massage doesn’t help.

It’s good that we can cut it down whenever we want to swear, be nasty, or be angry at somebody, not hurt a person. But whenever we’re keeping back all joyful feelings, all sexual feelings, everything is complete. Kids are always up.

I want to be a kid again.

Stress is resistance to life.

We’re able to. There’s a very simple trick that we’ll do right now. After that, anybody can sing easily. Firstly, we feel our breath. Start to breathe and make sure that we are not keeping the air here because it’s life, as Deepak Chopra says, “Stress is the resistance to life.” It’s just his words. What is life? What’s the first thing we did when we were born? Can you guess? 

We take a deep breath.


I am smart right now that I hear the right answer.

I feel relaxed already. It all leads to a very special state of mind. You’ll feel amazing, like more energy inside, more battery.

Before seeing any word or creating any sound wave, we should ensure we have the air inside. People start to yawn at that point because yawning is a natural throat reaction, so the dam is open. The muscle movement looks like that.

We were yawning drops that larynx, which is stress switches up and down. It just drops down; it’s natural. Dropping down the larynx, it’s a natural thing. We’ve been discussing the vagus nerve here and that testosterone aligned to some forms of the larynx. It’s a very interesting point here.

Voice is an intimate space.

When we’re yawning, all that muscle tube from the mouth to the bottom. Preferably, usually people yawn until here or until here, so it can be different. That’s the yawn. When we yawn, we realize we can open that throat. Kids are usually open, and adults are usually closed, but we’re constructed that way to open and close. We can decide. We are the owners.

Now, we are breathing. We’re breathing through the mouth. I know there are lots of arguments about mouth-nose breathing. But at this point, that means much because we’re dropping the jaw. Yeah, the face is not pleasant.

Right. You’re going to break that neck.

Yeah, I agree. The thing is, people are trying to be social. They’re trying to be nice, not to hurt somebody’s feelings like the cultural thing behind that. 

Whenever we do like this, and now I will count, and guys try to do it with us, I count three, two, one, and on one, we just drop in. In one movement, drop in our jaws. What we should notice is how our bellies start to breathe. Let’s do that exercise. It’s super easy. All the amazing things in the world are easy, and sometimes they’re free.

I’m selling the air. I’m making you smile. Remember, it’s amazing. Just let this air inside. Three, two, one. I also start to yawn. But if we let go of the smile, and we don’t feel shy to look crazy, we can feel that our belly starts to expand.

Yeah, I feel it.

Our mind always tries to develop something complicated.

Yeah, that’s the whole point of what we access from sympathetic mode to parasympathetic. It’s so easy. I discovered this film. I have tricks like this one, which is short because I work mostly with guys. They’re not ready for singing and all those emotions. They’re so tired. They’re like, “push, push, push,” and they still think, as I say, “They’re washing machines, and everything is still washing.

Even when we do not have to think, we have to think about how to logically process things. When we sleep, we still think. What was happening with me was happening to me ten years ago.

I’ve been a young girl who has trouble with my sleep. I could not sleep, so it’s another trick for you. If you do it like this, one, two, three, draw, but here, you should do one, two, three and not slow-mo. Slowly, you will get it. You will notice you’re not able to.

It’s almost like hypnosis.

It is. There’s some background. As I told you, I’m also starting my lab certification. I discovered this ten years ago. One of my students was head of Google Product Management. He got around to, “I want to sing.” He’s singing, studying better, and has six releases on Spotify on digital platforms.

We spent some time together. He’s like, “Juliana, what you’re doing is hypnosis.” I thought he was like a kid and teasing me. It’s probably not solid, and I throw musical backgrounds, and now what?

In one year, I just finished my education in medical hypnosis. You were right, and it’s all about singing because it’s all about medical hypnosis and how you should relax your larynx.

It’s hard to understand because you need to sense, not to think, not to see, not to listen, not to taste, but to sense with only your body. Our attention is usually outside, and it’s not introspective. From here, we start with meditation.

When I sing, I close my eyes. I always try to go inside.

Listen to music to let your thoughts expand.

Exactly. It’s all about what you sense. It’s like a sexual part as well. If you’re sensing usage, fewer movements, more feelings, and it’s amazing. Sometimes, people do physical activity there as nothing happens. Let go, it happens a little bit, and they struggle for their orgasm or something. Then they’re even more tired than before.

People now who do sexual practices and with some flexibility that we’re just losing energy that way if we’re not bringing that somewhere else—the same with singing. People used to think that, “Oh, if you have a loud voice, if you push on it,” people are tired, and their throat is tired.

Kids, whether they are screaming or yelling, they’re not tired. They are more energetic. That’s what Freddie Mercury did on the stage. Those who know how to do that have the courage because if they’re not tired, they can be a little bit like a sad hero, but it’s not tiring. After, you’ll feel ecstatic and relaxed, but it’s not tiring. We cannot be tired of that.

That was the first one to be able to sleep. Whenever you go into bed and you cannot sleep, guys have a lot of thoughts spinning in the head, so you can just drop one, two, three, but make sure you let go of your—

Your belly and everything else.

Yeah, your bottom because we have anatomical traits, which are some connections between our jaw and pelvis. It’s now information. People like sexologists or one of mine were saying the mouth which is here, the mouth which is there. It doesn’t matter.

People say the connection is between our jawlines and all the vocal cords. Or, if you watch a video on how voice cords work when you’re making sounds, it looks like a vagina. That’s like, “Just google it,” it’s very funny, but it’s just for entertainment.

Actually, there are some nervous system connections and nervous branches between them. They synchronize our jaw and our pelvis. Whenever we’re relaxed here, we have more relaxed guts in general. I will leave it for it to flow so all the blood flow is better.

We had one doctor. He was an osteopath. After his first public singing on stage, he told me, “Juliana, I had a disease on the bottom part. I will not mention it here.” He was a doctor, and I cared about how old those skills were. After I’ve been singing in public yesterday; today, he’s completely fine.

Wow. Did you also have people with sexual trauma and not only physical disease through singing?

Yeah. Sometimes it’s connected. Some people are able to express themselves from the bottom but cannot express themselves here, too. They sexually feel great. They’re easy to jump into the state of mind. It’s trans, like a catharsis ecstatic thing, but they cannot do that here. From this side of the tube, they’ve been restricted. It’s still not full.

Some people are good here. Sometimes they talk a lot to express, but they’re empty there. It’s another thing that happens, but it should work in a connection together.

How do you create that connection?

This exercise, which I showed, is amazing. Everything is super simple. When I do sessions or programs, I say, “What you will hear will be familiar to you. It’s super simple.”

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People are willing to buy complicated or more complex things because they want to add something. But as I told you, it’s not editing, and it’s not learning. It’s getting rid off. We were born with a voice. We were born with childish sexuality, but they have it.

We’re ecstatic. We’re able to accept our body, to love our body. Everything that’s old trauma, everything that people come with, “Oh, I have no voice.” I’ll say, “You were not born like that. Do you want the truth?” Yeah, really. I have this life. You were not born like this.

It’s not that tricky to get read off. I don’t know if the shoes that somebody brought you back for you all once worn out. It’s not yours. That’s a trick. That’s about being yourself. This exercise is very simple. I’m trying to do very simple tricks. Otherwise, people will buy but never use, and they’re saying there’s no result.

The easiest things are super precious. The shorter your meditation is, the deeper your concentration and the deeper the focus because we don’t have time to think. Our mind always tries to develop something complicated.

Complexities are another phenomenon. We’ve been praised for that. We’ve benefited from complexity. Or you created this math like I want to solve this task, like good morals in a school. We’ve been appreciated for our complexity.

We hit 35–40, and we think, “Ah, my complexity brought me to survival level. I have somewhere to live and have a business, but I’m not enjoying it. I forgot who I am. I’m probably not loved or with the person, myself, or life for a while. Probably, I would go back for simplicity.”

Let your voice expand.

The best teachers can take the most complex idea and simplify it. These are the best teachers.

As I say, there are fundamental things. To let the air through without not keeping it, not resisting, the universe will provide. It is super simple. Anybody does it. Almost there. Nobody.

I did more than 200 programs. In each program and workshop, people discover, “I’ve been breathing. I have tension in my jaw.” I’m like, “Oh my God, I have a connection.”

The thing is simple. I’ve been practicing for less than 19 years. I’ve been doing all of what I’m doing now. What I noticed is that people are trying to buy something more complex because they feel ashamed of that simple thing they cannot do.

Buying more complex, we have an excuse for ourselves that it’s complex, that’s why we’re coming to it. But if I say you cannot breathe, you should pay money for somebody to teach you how to breathe again. There are lots of social things, and we have that ability.

Do you train your voice every day?

No. It’s like it’s the same as I would ask people. Do you train your sex every day? 

Just compare everything to sex. I like that.

Yeah, and we all get all that. Do I need to get some education? Do you need education on sex? Do I need to know the notes? Do you need to know the poses?

It’s good, but it’s not a must at all. It’s just an add-on. Wonderful. What are your three top tips for living a stellar life?

Do not resist life. It doesn’t mean everywhere. You go with the flow. But if you feel the air is coming because our brain is something theoretical or abstract, it can have excuses and change for a more convenient way to see the past, and the best part is better.

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I’m also working with cyclical patterns because they’re all in our bodies. It’s in your mechanical movements. You need to see more physically. Do not resist the air. It’s always worse. You’re angry, and you do not like to be suppressed. You’re tired, and you’re letting more energy into your body. You’re inspired. That’s always worse for your blood flow, for oxygen, for everything.

It’s the best way not to use talk and sympathetic mode like most of you out there. This, this, this, achieve, achieve, because there are others, and they will judge if I will not become rich or will not like that. We cannot bring anything. 

That’s the first one. Do not resist life; do not resist the air. 

The second one, actually, I’ll do that myself. I advise everyone who wants to try how it feels or whenever you have an opportunity. As kids, we’ve been doing that, and we’ve been feeling happier. Technically, that works like that.

Our thoughts are verbal. But whenever you’re singing, “Stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper, and I love you.” My thoughts are expanding. It happens like this, even when I listen to music, plus I listen to music every day.

I know there are some business owners who also are like, I never listen to music in the car. I listen to podcasts. I listen to audiobooks. I listen to conferences and mostly business stuff. That’s good, but your brain is always like this. And where is that?

I love it.

Let your brain waves expand.

For the people listening, Juliana is holding just a rubber band, and she’s stretching it. You need to relax.

Everything is not really controlled but directable.

This is a spring.

Yeah, it’s a spring.

It’s so easy. I didn’t mention a lot about brain waves, but if we have a chance to discuss something in the future, it can be a very specific and special topic for another hour. But there is known information.

The last one sounds more. At least listen to music to let your thoughts expand. Guys, without music, any movie will not reach you.

Yeah, it will be so boring.

Yeah, because the logical part isn’t working. Actually, I forgot about that. I wrote a piece of music for a movie, and we got a prize from Cannes for the best sound engineering there. I just love who wrote it. I’m with the microphone with me right now. On the piano, I toned it. It was funny. It wasn’t like that.

By the way, your voice is so beautiful. That was pretty.

Thank you.

Can you sing something, or just one more thing before we leave?

I will be scientific. I’m not popular. My opinions are not popular. Relax your jaw as much as possible because we do not notice while we collect and record that there is so much resistance or trauma of fake smile, mask, and faking. When we’re happy, we’re okay. Sometimes we’re so happy we’re asking how are you. It’s not great, I’m great in here.

Especially the ladies with the super high-pitched voices; I heard you’re disconnected from your core because everything is up here, and I don’t want to feel anything. I’m talking about extreme cases.

Yeah, it’s not extreme. Whenever we speak like this, our larynx is always contracted forever, but we also spread around ourselves. People are stressed out because you guys can notice the atmosphere is changing here, so there’s a big difference. What kind of resonating is my professional thing?

I tried not to go with particular professional stuff, but that’s what I do with people in a session. Voices like that or like this. Sometimes I’m like, all these are muscles, and that’s your image. A playlist, you have to put everything in one point. If you relax your jaw and at least create that muscle connection, you will not be stuck in the bottom because one more tip deserves more automatic reactions and patterns.

Our voices are connected to our nervous systems. Fear of singing doesn’t stem from a vocal cord issue — it just means that we need to learn how to connect to and master the nervous system. Click To Tweet

Everything is not really controlled but directable. I don’t know how to put that, which is going on as an automatic reaction, automatic voice. It’s not you doing that. There is no you there, so you’re not present.

It’s your body. You’re the best psychedelic trip in the world. It’s been in this body. You never know when you let go, you never know when it ends and he’s on a bad trip, or what it’s all in your head. 

Yes. Okay. Thank you so much, Juliana. That was awesome. I really appreciate you. Where can people find you? I know that you have coaches. You could share a little bit about your services and what you can offer people.

We have a website, voicebiohacking.com. There’s a big range of things that are great in the past and continue to grow for a while. It’s B2B things and personal coaching. I have an academy. That’s the thing. I have some programs, but an academy.

We have some voice coaches. We reeducated them, so they’re the same as me. They are big fans of what we do. I love a person who does the thing I love for my life. They’re the same. That is what’s available.

Thank you for hosting me here for those who listen to the podcast. We will create something like a promo code. That will help people. I want more people to discover that. Again, it’s not profitable, but it allows us to spread.

If people want to eat lots of medical drugs to avoid just dealing with a result, they can go to a fundamental rhythm. I believe it’s one of the most pleasant ways of therapy in the world.

There is my Instagram, @juliana_voice. Do you have any questions that I can help you with or give you advice? It’s not even like a baby what I do. My big goal is to restructure the system of musical education in the world to a little less violence and more inspiration.

I love that. It’s beautiful.

For anybody who wants to participate in changing the world, let me know.

Amazing. Thank you. Thank you so much, Juliana. 

Thank you, Orion.

Thank you. Remember to not resist life, breathe and calm down, hum and sing whenever you can. Listen to music whenever you can to relax your brain, expand your consciousness, and have a stellar life. This is Orion till next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓}Listen to music and let your brain waves expand. Allow yourself to experience the deep emotions that music can bring.

{✓}Connect with your inner self and master your nervous system through singing. Break free from the fear of failure and embrace the physiological need to express your emotions.

{✓}Release unresolved emotional tensions to tighten your vocal muscles. Align your inner self and voice.

{✓}Allow your voice to naturally resonate by harnessing the energy of your breathing. SIng from your heart. Remember, the best moments are experienced in the present.

{✓}Let go of the need for control and allow your natural abilities to shine. Learn to open your throat chakra and let emotions flow simply by dropping your jaw and breathing.

{✓}Cherish the power of sound. Your voice is an instrument of transformation. As you release trauma through singing, learn to rewrite your script to gain abundance.

{✓}Recognize the connection between your jaw and pelvis. Relaxing your jaw can lead to better relaxation throughout your body, impacting your voice and overall well-being.

{✓}Embrace simplicity in your life. Real fulfillment comes from being true to yourself and letting go of unnecessary complexity.

{✓}Free yourself from societal expectations and vocal limitations. Embrace your unique voice and allow it to flourish. 

{✓}Connect with professionals like Juliana Andreeva, who practice a holistic approach to wellness through the power of voice.

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In 2015, Juliana opened her own vocal studio. Since then, she has created more than 70 educational programs. Nowadays, Juliana works with CEOs, celebrities, bloggers, and professional singers. Some of her songs can be heard on Spotify.

She has recently finished her first book, re-educated ten voice coaches, created her online academy, and started working on her app. Since the pandemic, she has been working with students from over 26 countries. Juliana’s voice biohacking method greatly impacts the business community’s productivity, focus, and stress relief.

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