Episode 262 | September 14, 2021

Intuitive Healing with Katie Beecher

A Personal Note From Orion

We often ignore the hunches we get, no matter how strong they may be. It’s often because we may not understand or trust them. But, lucky for us, today’s guest swiftly walks us through how to appreciate our intuition. 

Katie Beecher had her fair share of challenges as she navigated her intuition journey. Up until nine years ago, she still wasn’t confident with using her abilities. Today, she’s one of the most sought out medical intuitives. 

Growing up, Katie struggled with a severe eating disorder and depression. Her healing began when she learned to accept and love her psychic abilities. As a result, she’s a licensed professional counselor and medical and emotional intuitive.

She’s the author of Heal from Within: An Intuitive Guide to Wellness, a book that talks about her experience with Jungian psychology, how she became a medical intuitive, and a guide on how to use our intuition. Featured in Goop, Kourtney Kardashian’s website, and Miranda Kerr’s blog, listen as Katie teaches us how to use our intuition.


In this Episode

  • [00:40] – Orion introduces Katie Beecher, a professional counselor and medical and emotional intuitive with over thirty years of experience. 
  • [04:10] – How did Katie begin to develop her abilities and become a medical and spiritual intuitive?
  • [08:29] – Katie tells us how she feels whenever she gets messages from her intuitive voices and guides.
  • [12:57] – Katie explains how we all have a medical intuition, and we’re actually using it all the time.
  • [16:03] – What are some ways we can develop psychic abilities?
  • [19:40] – Orion recalls an incident where she cried at a yoga class she attended and asks Katie how to make peace with our bodies.
  • [23:42] – Katie explains how she uses art in doing readings for people in ways to help them.
  • [27:36] – How can we communicate with our bodies?
  • [33:22] – Katie shares an extraordinary healing story with one of her clients.
  • [37:49] – Check out Katie Beecher’s website at katiebeecher.com or follow her on social media to learn more about her.

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About Today’s Show

Hey, Katie, and welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. I’m very excited to have you here on the show.

Thank you. I’m really excited to be here.

Before we begin, can you share a little bit about your life story and how you find your passion? 

My own recovery has really shaped the way that I work with my clients.

Certainly. My own recovery has really shaped the way that I work with my clients. When I was 16, I had a pretty severe eating disorder and depression. I knew that I was either going to get better or wasn’t going to be on the planet anymore. mostly because I couldn’t stand living that way. 

Without telling my parents, I called our family doctor and told them what I was doing. This was 1983, so it was really before people paid much attention to eating disorders. I said I really need help, and he connected me with a therapist. Fortunately, this therapist was trained in Jungian therapy, so Carl Jung, and was very open to things like connecting to intuition and the psychic abilities that I had, talking to dead people and all of that. She really helped me to come to accept all those abilities because I was really afraid of them in the past. 

Can you tell me a little bit about those abilities? The abilities that you had? I mean, what happened there? Did you start talking to dead people, hearing all kinds of psychic voices, and that was a part of your depression? Or was it separate?

I think that there was a connection. From the time I was very little—I don’t remember when it started—I always remember being very tuned into other people’s feelings and thoughts. I picked up a lot of evil, which was pretty scary, so negative energy. Unfortunately, I had a lot of negative people around me at that time in my family. 

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My parents would always say, how did you know that? How did you know that about that person? I don’t remember actually what I was picking up. I don’t think I knew that I was talking to the other side or that I was talking to people who had died, but I just knew that I was getting a lot of information and feeling things that I couldn’t explain.

Now, I’m a medical and spiritual intuitive and a licensed counselor. As you know, from the reading I did for you, I use my abilities to help people heal, to help them figure out the root causes of their issues, to help them connect to intuition and find self-love, and even develop their own spiritual skills.

Before we dive in, what was your healing journey like? How did you come to term with your gifts? How did you heal?

Fortunately, I found this therapist and I was very, very determined. I think that you really have to reach whatever your bottom is to decide that you’re going to get better because I was bulimic. I was throwing up three times a day. I was into it in a bad way, and the depression was really severe. I think I was literally just determined that I was going to get better. 

I was about to go off to college and didn’t want to be really sick there. I knew that I needed to change and the way that this therapist worked, she taught me how to not only connect to my intuition, but I was able to talk to her about all of my talking to dead people, the intuition, and the psychic abilities. I was able to talk to somebody, really, for the first time in my life about all that. 

She not only helped me to understand it, to accept it, to not think I was a freaking weirdo, but she also helped me to feel safe, to realize that I didn’t have to be afraid of it, and that even when I was picking negative stuff up, it couldn’t hurt me. I was always safe. That experience of working with her kind of gave me the courage to continue to do my work as far as eating disorders. 

Love yourself. Start by saying nice things to yourself and accepting yourself, and not being judgmental.

I have to say the hardest part of healing was learning to love and accept myself, which is really sad because we’re all born with that and it gets undone along the way. Without that component, I know that I would not be alive, I wouldn’t be here. I certainly wouldn’t be healed. That’s a huge part of what I teach people now. 

How did you take the leap of becoming a medical intuitive? When was that?

After I graduated from college, I became a licensed counselor. As I worked with people, I worked really intuitively. What I mean by that is while I was in sessions, I would really just kind of listen to my intuitive voice, my guides, and have them help me to know what to say and what to do to help people. I always worked intuitively. 

Then maybe after a few years, I started to channel people’s loved ones during our sessions. If they would talk about their grandmother, or if they would talk about somebody that they loved that they were grieving, or somebody that they were close to, I didn’t mean to but I would actually start to get information from their loved ones and give them messages about how to heal. 

Wow. What does it feel like to get messages like that? Were you surprised? 

I could say to myself we’re all connected, and this is just a natural thing that I do.

Yes. At first, it was both the strangest thing in the entire world and also the most natural, which kind of sounds contradictory. If I just let it happen, didn’t overthink it, and didn’t overanalyze it, I could say to myself we’re all connected and this is just a natural thing that I do. It’s a natural part of life. I asked my husband one time what it feels like to be married to somebody who talks to dead people for a living and he just said, “Well, you know, some people are really good carpenters, and some people are good at sports.” He just said, “This is your thing and it’s perfectly okay.” 

I’m fortunate because I can see pictures in my head. I see words in my head. I hear conversations or hear different phrases in my head. I will get feelings. Sometimes physical feelings about something or just kind of have a knowing. I have a really sensitive sense of smell, which is super annoying, but sometimes I will smell things like if somebody was a cigarette smoker, or if they like to cook, sometimes I’ll smell garlic or something weird like that. 

I get all kinds of information, and I’ve learned after, now doing this for 30 years, that just to kind of let it happen and not to overthink it. To answer your question about the medical intuitive thing, I did not know that I had these kinds of medical intuitive abilities until probably about nine years ago now. 

I went to a class. It was a really, really stressful time in my life and the things I was doing. I was an artist, a therapist, and it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I knew I needed to do more. I just didn’t know what it was. I started taking classes and workshops, and ended up going to a three-day workshop at Omega Institute in New York with a pretty well-known medical intuitive. She said, I’m going to give you a name and an age, and we didn’t know if it was a person, or animal, or whatever, and just tell me everything that comes to you. I thought okay, this is hysterical. I can’t do this, but whatever, I’ll just try it. 

I did not know that I had these kinds of intuitive medical abilities until probably nine years ago.

Much to my surprise, I started seeing what the person looked like, at different ages, even when they were young, seeing hair color, seeing people hunched over, knowing things about stress in their life or trauma that they had been through. Some people weren’t even alive. It was dead people, like getting information about how they passed. I was pretty shocked and it was all accurate. By the end of just the first day, she kind of said, “I don’t know what you actually do, but you really should look into doing this.” Now it’s my thing and I’m really grateful. I love getting to work with people all over the world.

That’s amazing. We had a session and that was really, really cool. I want to share a little bit about that session, but before that, I want to share that my husband and I were taking this course with Sheila Gillette and she channels THEO. I don’t participate in most of the courses because I’m quite busy, but when I participated, the one time I really participated in, we had an exercise on how to be psychic. They gave us this similar exercise where we weren’t supposed to see the person. 

I did see the person, but then there were words that came to mind, and I just wrote it down. None of it made sense. When I reflected back to her, she’s like, yes, that’s true and yes, that’s true. Oh, yeah. I saw a turtle and it’s like yeah, I just watched this thing about Hawaii today with turtles because we’re going to Hawaii or something like that. I was pretty shocked with the information that came. When I was talking to her, I was like, I see a turtle. My confidence was very low and I reflected back to her, and it was very surprising to know that I was channeling something. 

I try very hard to make what I do not woo-woo. Everybody has intuition, first of all, and we all use it whether we know it or not. We all have medical intuition and use it whether we identify it or not. You have kids. You know when your child is sick, or when they’re getting an ear infection, or you have to decide, do I take them to the doctor? Or can I care for them here? Or even with yourself. We all have it and use it all the time. We just don’t label it. 

I love getting to work with people all over the world.

Usually, when I do workshops, I will give a group of people the same exercises. A lot of the time, these people are very interested in what I do so they may have these psychic tendencies anyway. I will say to them, here’s the name and age. Tell me everything you can, and they’re just blown away by the stuff that they get right. It really just confirms to me that this is not weird.

It’s very interesting. I think I’m always afraid to dive in and get into that because I’ve been very (I guess) psychic my whole life, but kind of repressing it. Like it’s not a gift, and it’s not important, and I shouldn’t look at it. Now my husband is going through this soul-like spiritual role as he’s taking all these workshops. I’m like, yeah, I’ve done that. Yeah, I experienced that. 

Exactly. You have to ask yourself, what is it that you’re afraid of? A lot of what kind of trips people up I find is overthinking it, like the thing you said about confidence. Am I doing this right? What if it isn’t real? What if I tell somebody something and I’m wrong? Am I going to feel stupid? All of that kind of thing. Also, why does the voice I’m hearing sound just like me? Is this just what I want to hear?

A lot of people are afraid of negative energy and they really don’t need to be because we’re always protected. Love is so much more powerful than hate.

I do believe negative energies can affect us and this is part of the reading you gave me that we’re gonna talk about soon. You hit the nail on the head with everything that you wrote. You did mention empathy, like I am so empathetic. Every time I’m around people, I feel them. And sometimes if they’re negative, I feel the negativity. I can’t let it go. 

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Absolutely. It does affect people, but people are afraid that they’re going to be taken over by it. You’re in control at all times. Unless you are in an addicted state or sometimes in a mental illness state where you are not in control of your faculties, we are in control and we don’t have to be afraid, but sometimes people are afraid to listen to their intuition because it’s hard. They don’t want to do what it says.

Yes, of course. If somebody is listening right now and they want to connect to their psychic gifts, abilities, and their intuition, what are some steps that they can take?

My very favorite way, and this is what I learned when I was in therapy, this is a technique that saved my life, I still do it to this day. My favorite thing is to write down either my feelings, or thoughts, or a question, and direct it to my intuition, then just listen for whatever it is that I hear, see, feel, anything, and write that down. Then I write back to it. Then whatever I get in response to that I write down, and I write back to it, and you’re having a written conversation with your intuition. 

Some examples are sometimes I’ll just say, do you have anything to tell me today? It doesn’t have to be like a major thing. Sometimes I’ll just kind of start writing and ask for some feedback about what I wrote or I’ll ask a question about, should I do this, or that, or just whatever, that kind of thing, deciding on a medical treatment or something, I’ll ask about that. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. You don’t have to spend a lot of time, sometimes it’s five minutes. 

You’re in control at all times.

The thing I also love about that technique is that you can write to your body, you can write to your symptoms, and you can write to people who have passed. In every case, you will get information back.

That’s incredible. Have you ever received something that scared you?

Not in a very long time. When I first started it, first of all, I didn’t even know what intuition was. I didn’t know what self-love was. I didn’t know any of that. I had no clue what I was even freaking doing. It was scary because it was telling me things that I needed to do to heal. Some of them were really hard, like getting distance from my dysfunctional family, for example, or just things like that, and it’s scary to address it. 

The thing is you don’t have to do what it says right away even though you know you need to. You can do a little part of it, or you can just listen, or you don’t have to immediately act on every single thing your intuition tells you to do. Again, we’re in control. 

What I love about it for talking about symptoms and your body is if you’re ill, or if you think you’re overweight, or if you have an accident, the tendency is to get mad at our bodies, and get really frustrated and angry. Instead of that, like with my eating disorder, I talked to it like it was my friend and said, why are you here? What do you want me to know? What do I need to do to change my life, et cetera?

I honestly can say that eating disorder was one of the best things that ever happened to me because it made me like myself.

I honestly can say that eating disorder was one of the best things that ever happened to me because it made me like myself. It made me accept and love myself. It made me connect to my intuition. It helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life, which is this. I never would have gone into any sort of counseling career, or intuitive career, or connected with my intuitive gifts had I not gone through that experience.

It is a gift. Sometimes we get a gift with a bow on the bottom. We don’t know it’s a gift but years later, we open the gift, it’s upside down, it’s a gift, and there’s so much beauty in it. 

For sure.

Today, I cried in yoga class. It was the first yoga class I took in two years, I think. After giving birth and going through a C-section, I would wake up every day with my body so sore, still so sore. I did some shockwave therapy and that was amazing and helped me a lot, but still, I feel like the tin man. Everything is tight and weak. I couldn’t do a third of what I used to be able to do and I felt so much frustration. I was tearing up, seriously, almost feeling sorry for myself, feeling embarrassed.

By mistake, I was in the first row because I was late for class and the teacher was doing something. I thought I was in the back, but eventually, I was in the first row and everybody could see me and I was really embarrassed because I couldn’t do anything. All those like rubbery girls in the back, they were all like bending and doing everything. Some poses I was able to do, but so much I couldn’t do, and I was so frustrated with myself. 

Connect to your intuition. It’s a source of self-love, self-acceptance, and protection. It’s always there with you, keeping you safe.

But you know what? You went. 

I did, yes. 

That’s what’s important. 

When you’re used to being an athlete or used to being so strong in your body, or even flexible, and then it’s almost been taken away from you. Of course, it’s my cause. I could have find a way to practice at home and keep it going, but I didn’t. Just this overwhelm and how do we make peace with our bodies? Like my body changed so much. 

Right. Actually, you know what? That’s a really important point. You and I have talked about pole dancing before. I’m kind of a fanatic pole dancer, but I have a pretty serious injury. I saw a really amazing post the other day.

I sent you the podcast with Uran Berisha about shockwave therapy and how amazing it can help you heal.

Yeah. This person is Marlo Fisken. She’s a really famous pole dancer. She put up this post saying that last August, she got stuck on the pole, and she heard a snap. She literally could not walk without moving her leg for a month and even then, she stiffened up and just froze. She was in really bad shape. 

The point of her post was to embrace the healing, and to realize that you needed to maybe learn to move or connect in a different way, and to give your body the time and space that it needs to heal. 

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I think my tears today were more of that kind because as I was in like, okay, they’re all doing these fancy poses, I have to be in a child’s pose. It was just a moment of surrender. It is what it is. This is where I am right now. This is where we are and it’s not what we used to be, but it was just surrendering and acceptance.

Before that I was just like I can do it, I can do it, it’s okay, it’s fine. I don’t feel it. It doesn’t matter that I can do it. I wasn’t even acknowledging my own emotions. Then when in this child pose and I was like, I do feel bad, I do feel uncomfortable, I do feel a little embarrassed, I do feel small. Just the acknowledgement of those emotions and the letting go, that was the thing that brought the tears. 

Yeah, so it was a good one?

It was a great thing. Yeah, it was good and I’m coming back. It doesn’t matter, who cares. 

That’s right. You know what? Everybody started somewhere.

Yeah, so good for us. You said that you teach your clients how to do their own readings. Before we get into that, can we talk a little bit about our reading? 

Yes, I’d love to. 

Okay, cool. I got a piece of art from you. You do this art, very colorful, and through that you channel what’s going on with that person. You break it into chakras, what are the symptoms, and where they’re coming from. You sent me a report prior to our session, and it was like you were me. You knew things about me I don’t think my husband knows. 

I love it.

Be authentic. The more you are yourself, the more you have the courage to stand up for yourself. Be true to yourself.

We’re very open, but the depth of it was almost like I was telling you all that.

So glad. I hear that all the time, but I never take it for granted. I’m so happy to hear that. 

It was incredible. I still have to follow-up on a lot of the things you told me to do, which of course I haven’t done but I will. It was just spot on, physically, mentally, emotionally. You were just boom, boom, boom, boom and like you said, you get phrases. 

I told you that I shared it with you. I took a workshop with Donny Epstein in 2013. I forgot the name of how they phrase it but kind of like your life’s mission or your statement. Mine was to light up the world and in the first paragraph you sent me, you said, “Your job is to light up the world.” As soon as I saw it, and I was in the car with Stephan, my husband, I was like, “Oh, she just wrote this. This is amazing.” The more and more I kept going, the more I was like, oh, and this too. Wow.

I love it. Yay. 

Tell me what’s your process? How do you get this? You have 30 years of experience, but besides that. 

Honestly, people ask me that all the time. I wish I had a good answer, but what I do is I write the person’s name and age on my blank template, basically, the form for the report. I start by drawing an Oracle card to get me out of my own head—that’s a lot of the reading is just stop being human—and give me a direction to go in. 

I just try to be open, not judge what I’m getting, and not interpret it.

Then from there, I literally just say to my guides, please give me the information that I need to help this person, whatever it is, and I just start writing. I try to scan their body kind of section by section, chakra by chakra. I scan to see what I see on the outside and what I see on the inside. Any kind of words about their body, about their life, about their relationships, career, or literally everything that was on there. There’s so much information.

I just try to be really open, not judge what I’m getting, and not interpret it, because if I start to overthink it, that’s when I can screw it up. Just as a quick example, I was working with a 12-year-old girl, and I heard teeth enamel, and so my humaneness was like, okay, well, she must have really difficult teeth, but all I wrote was teeth enamel, and told her mom. Her mom said no, she actually has extraordinarily strong teeth enamel and has never had a cavity. 

Oh, wow.

Yeah. If I let my humanness take over and assume, then that would have been wrong, but I’ve learned just to listen and write things down and let them do their work. 

That’s amazing and if we want to scan our own bodies, find answers, communicate with our bodies, how do we do that? 

I fully encourage people to do that written technique and talk to their bodies. Maybe before that, lay or sit down, be in a quiet place, which is not always easy, but try to be in a quiet place, and just start with the top of your head, maybe even start with the energy around you, and allow whatever comes to you, even if it’s weird. 

While I was in sessions, I would listen to my intuitive voice and guides and have them help me know what to say and what to do to help people. I always worked intuitively. Click To Tweet

I was telling somebody about this, actually; somebody asked me about this. She’s like, well, what if I don’t get anything? I said, well, maybe you get something that you don’t understand and just allow it. I said, I have no idea why this is coming to me, but I just heard peacock. She said, okay, that’s really freaky because my very best friend that I’m actually in an argument with and I’m really upset about it, her nickname is Peacock.

Everything could have a meaning. You can see an elephant and be like, what the heck and then just look up the symbolism for an elephant and see if anything resonates with you. As you saw from the pictures, a lot of communication is symbolic, and I think when we’re on the other side, we don’t need words. We may just hear, feel, or whatever and I think that’s what we can tap into. Just allow. Let’s say you see the inside of your uterus and you see some bumps in there. Just kind of ask for more information.

Right. Remember during our session, we talked about Kundalini energy, which is serpent energy, and how to open that up. Immediately as we were talking, just from the window I saw a black snake

Yep, that was so cool.

It’s like serpent energy. Okay. Hello, totem animal. How are you? That was cool. It happens to me. Sometimes I do these interviews or I’ll have a conversation with someone here in the office, and I’ll have an animal visit me. In my last interview, it was quite funny, because I was talking to the lady and I was trying to stay very serious and on top of things. This is a very important scientist and I didn’t want to disturb the interview, but just in front of my eye, this little spider just was like, hello. 

Everything could have a meaning.

And your crab story was so funny. 

Oh, yeah, and I had a blue crab. I had an iguana.

That’s awesome. You never know. You just have to be open to any communication. 

Right, this is amazing. Can you share a little bit about your book? What was the process of writing it? And what is it all about? 

Absolutely. When I was going through my recovery, when I was 16, I heard at that time that I was going to write a book, and that I was going to be influencing people all over the world and large numbers of people with what my guides were giving me. It wasn’t about me, it’s not about me, but it’s about the information that I’m receiving and especially the communication with intuition, finding self-love for healing. 

I am now 56, not 16, but I found out in my mid-40s that I had Lyme disease, probably had it since I was a kid. I asked my guides what’s this about, and my guide said, okay, it’s time to start writing that proposal for your book.


My book starts with my backstory about my healing and the eating disorder.

My book starts with my backstory about my healing and the eating disorder. Then teaches people how to connect to their own intuition, and how they can use that intuition to connect to their body and their energy. I really teach all of the specific techniques that I use in my individual readings, all of those tools, everything I do, I spell that out, and I teach it to people in my book. 

Basically, how you would go through a reading on yourself, look into teaching them about chakras and looking at that, how to identify the issues, the root causes, where to start, and what could be contributing. Again, super-detailed information. Then looking at what you can do to start your healing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Again, tools, questionnaires, and really specific things. It’s not at all vague. 

And just giving information from my guides and also research I’ve done into specific illnesses and issues, because it’s really important to me that even when I get information from my guides, it’s really important to me that it’d be evidence and clinically based. It’s a combination of all those things, but it’s basically using your intuition and all of these techniques that I have developed—not all of them, I can’t take credit for the Jungian psychology techniques—and the information from my guides, to how to look at your own body and energy and help to heal yourself. 

That’s beautiful. Can you share a healing story that is extraordinary that totally surprised you. 

I read all different ages and I was doing a reading for a five-year-old boy. All I knew is that he was five and I knew his name. I did my report, but the painting I did—I do these watercolor paintings and sometimes they’re a figure, sometimes they’re an animal, or a plant, or a tree, or whatever—I saw a fire truck and then as I was painting the fire truck, I made a fireman on the top of the truck and he was spraying water into a tall apartment building. Then I also made this dog.

Heal from Within by Katie Beecher

The weirdest thing was I was trying to make the hose, the fire hose, curled up on the outside of the truck and I made an S. I thought, okay, this is really weird. It doesn’t look like a fire hose at all. What am I making? Like Superman’s fire truck? This is weird, but I just went with it.

Talk to his mom. He happened to be autistic and he wasn’t speaking. A really difficult situation. But she said that right before she had him, they had a fire in their apartment and lost everything. 


It gets better. Then she found out that she was pregnant and when they lost everything in the fire, she was just despondent. She said, “I was ready to end my life. I’ve just been through a lot of stuff and I had given up.” She found out she was pregnant, and that changed her life. She said, “Basically, this child saved me. He was my Superman. His middle name is the same as Superman’s middle name.” 


I’m pretty used to this, but I still get goosebumps and that gives me goosebumps on top of goosebumps. It was a wild one. 

Nice, wow. Katie, what are your three top tips to living a stellar life? 

Love yourself. People are like, I don’t even know where to start. There’s nothing I even like about myself. Just start by saying nice things to yourself, by noticing when you look at the cellulite in your body, or when you give yourself a negative message, or say something that you don’t like, notice those things and reverse them. It’s just one little thing at a time to start loving and accepting yourself and not being judgmental. 

Definitely connect to your intuition. When I talk about intuition, I mean this huge, loving, amazing source, powerful source that is within all of us. It’s a source of self-love, self-acceptance, and protection. It’s literally always there with you keeping you safe. We all need something like that in our lives. 

A lot of people are afraid of negative energy. They don't need to be because we're always protected. Love is so much more powerful than hate. Click To Tweet

Also to be authentic. Just be yourself. Again, people are like, I don’t know who I am. I’m like, what color do you like? What do you like to do? What’s your job? Pretty soon they have a pretty long list and they’re like, I didn’t even know what all of that meant, being myself, my true self, who I really am. I said it’s everything that makes us up. It’s not just some earth-shattering thing. The more you are yourself, the more you have the courage to stand up for yourself, not take crap from people, not be in bad relationships and all that kind of stuff. Be true to yourself. 

Katie, thank you so much. I love you. I think you’re incredible. I think anybody who needs coaching, or medical intuitive, or just guidance and just to know what’s going on in their lives should have a session with you because you are outstanding. 

I appreciate that. 

I really appreciate you and I had a blast. Not only did I get what I needed as far as next steps, but it was almost for me a therapy session and almost like talking to a friend, like you got me. I can be open with you. That’s very rare. It’s very special and I really appreciate you. 

I want people to feel relaxed, heard, comfortable, and seen.

That’s so important to me. I want people to feel relaxed, heard, comfortable, and seen. That means everything to me that you felt that way. 

Thank you and Katie, if somebody wants to work with you and get an incredible session with you, where do they go? 

To my website, it’s katiebeecher.com

Perfect. Thank you, Katie. Thank you so much. 

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Thank you, listeners. Remember to love yourself, connect your intuition, be yourself, and have a stellar life. This is Orion, until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} Know your fears. When you know what you’re afraid of, you get better at managing it. So confront your fears and don’t let them paralyze you.
{✓} Don’t be afraid of negative energy. You are always protected and more powerful than it. Stay in control by being brave. 
{✓} Start journaling. Be mindful of your thoughts and gut feelings by writing them down. Keeping track helps you understand your intuition better. 
{✓} Keep in control. You don’t always have to act on your intuition right away. However, understanding it before acting prevents unfortunate outcomes. 
{✓} Embrace healing. Accept both the easy and challenging parts of the journey. Each step of the way is crucial for your betterment. 
{✓} Love yourself. You can start healing by accepting who you are. Appreciate who you are wholly and stop being self-judgemental. 
{✓} Do research. If you’re unfamiliar with something, educate yourself first before acting or saying anything. A well-informed decision and action lead to better outcomes. 
{✓} Connect to your intuition. Learn to listen from your inner source. Having a solid relationship with yourself allows you to heal and become better. 
{✓} Be authentic. Don’t let society dictate who you should be. Instead, let your natural self come through and don’t force yourself to fit in. 
{✓} Visit Katie Beecher’s website, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Then, read her book, Heal from Within: An Intuitive Guide to Wellness, to learn how to understand and use your intuition.

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About Katie Beecher

Katie Beecher is a professional counselor and medical and emotional intuitive with over thirty years of experience. She has a unique way of working with clients, creating a detailed, individualized, physical, emotional and spiritual report and symbolic painting, before ever seeing them, talking with them or seeing a photograph, using only their name and age. Heal from Within: An Intuitive Guide to Wellness is Katie’s book which will be published in early 2022. It teaches people how to use their intuition, her unique techniques as a medical intuitive, information from her guides and experience and Jungian psychology to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. It also describes how she became a medical intuitive and details her own healing from an eating disorder, depression and Lyme disease.

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