Episode 143 | November 20, 2018

How to Follow Your Inner Guidance with Candace Van Dell

A Personal Note from Orion

Have you ever really stopped to listen to your inner voice? It’s doesn’t really sound like a regular voice, like someone talking to you. Usually, it’s more like a feeling in your stomach, your heart palpitating suddenly, or a gradual clarity that comes to your mind.

The problem with today’s society is the incredible amount of information we are drowning in. Processing all of this info, mainly due to our heightened technology, can really drown out your inner voice and ability to tap into that innate guide you have within. Because in real life, trusting your intuition can be the difference between closing a million dollar deal or letting it get away, between finding the love of your life, or letting that person pass you by, it can even be the difference between life, and death.

Candace Van Dell is today’s guest on Stellar Life, and she is a spiritual psychologist who teaches others how to heal their inner selves through her coaching. She also hosts a popular YouTube channel, Truth Room TV, where she shares all her latest thoughts on the healing process. Tune in to this episode to learn how following your intuition can change your life.

About Today’s Show

In a world where you are doused with new information and more new information and everybody’s got opinions, everybody tells you what to do and everyone is an expert. It’s time for you to listen to your inner voice, your inner intuition and your inner guide that will lead you to the path because it’s good to get advice from smart people. At the end of the day, you want to be true to yourself and sometimes the voice of intuition is not very loud. Sometimes it’s easier to believe or follow others and it’s about training yourself daily to listen to this voice several times a day, a million times a day, even when it comes to the little things, you want to listen to your intuition.

I watched a phenomenal documentary about the band, Queen, and what I loved was how they were themselves regardless of what anyone told them. They were trailblazers. They did stuff that nobody did before them. They are legends until today. You would hear Queen on the radio every other day. That’s after 30 years since the great Freddie Mercury died. They were absolutely a phenomenal band. They told a story about the song Bohemian Rhapsody. That song is about six or seven minutes long. When they showed it to their producers, they said, “No way, nobody is ever going to play this long song on the radio. Nobody’s ever going to consume it. It’s too long. It’s too crazy. It’s too weird. It’s like three songs in one.” The band came back to them and said, “No, we like it. We just like it so F off.” They published Bohemian Rhapsody and it became a hit. Not only did it become a hit, but do you ever remember a karaoke session where people don’t sing Bohemian Rhapsody? Not in my world. Everybody sings it. I love it, I sing it.

Why I am telling you the story is because they followed their intuition. They followed their hearts and they listened to their inner guidance. Even though it was not the popular vote, it was not the best practice, it was not the expert’s advice, they did it. They did it their way. We’re going to talk about intuition, how you can train yourself to listen to your intuition. My guest is beautiful from the inside out. She is a former model, an actress turned new thought leader. Her name is Candace van Dell. She’s a YouTuber and a speaker. She is a certified spiritual psychologist, Reiki, yoga, holistic nutrition, health and wellness. She provides a deeper and holistic understanding and spiritual perspective on everyday issues and empowers you to follow your inner guidance, which she calls the Wise Guide Inside. She shares new thoughts on healing on her popular YouTube channel, Truth Room TV, and has a monthly membership program, eCourses and books available to anyone who wants to truly heal. She is a fellow lightworker.

Candace, welcome to Stellar Life podcast.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m happy to be here.

I’m happy that you’re here. I’m happy to be talking to you and sharing all your wisdom to our audience. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I started out at a young age, feeling a pull towards healing that I wasn’t seeing around me but felt within me. There was so little at that time to confirm what it was that I was tapping into. I started researching a lot of it around at age thirteen, fourteen. My dad at the time had a girlfriend who was a healer and that was a huge support for the little time that she was in my life. I knew that that was the path. However, I got sidetracked in high school. I wanted to be a professional model and travel and that happened quickly and very synchronistically. I started traveling the world and doing that. I landed in Los Angeles and started acting. About ten years later, I got that whole Saturn returns around your late twenties. I got that pull back to healing, back to my purpose. For the last years, I’ve been deep into it, getting a bunch of different certifications so that I have validity to the gift that I have. You know how it is. I’m seeing clients from all over the world via Zoom and writing books, building courses and membership sites and things to help empower people from within. Listen to the wise guide inside, instead of the authoritarian structures that we have in society that is not leading us to our own power and our own purpose, but leading us to a societal view of things that are not making us healthy or happy. That’s in a nutshell.

I’ve seen your photos online and you’re stunning. Do you think that some people will judge you for being stunning and a healer? It’s like, “She can’t be the real deal. She’s too pretty. She’s not old with a crystal ball.” Do you feel like people judge you for that or treat you differently because you’re beautiful?

I didn’t expect that because I’ve never thought I was beautiful, which goes into my own wounding. I never thought that people would think that, it sounds messed up. The funny thing about it is people usually do think that until they watch my YouTube videos and they see the raw real shit. I’m an open book and my life is my teaching. I got an amazing email from someone. She’s a 49-year-old woman and she said, “I’ve got to let you know, you’ve changed the game for me. I used to judge beautiful young women because they all think they know everything and they’re stupid, but I watched your videos and I was like, ‘This chick has wisdom.’ Thank you so much for healing me and changing the game.” I thought I don’t have to prove anything or change the way I look or act in a different way. I just have to speak my truth and people will feel it. I get some backlash and I look younger than I am too so people are like, “What do you know? What have you been through? Look at how you look. Life must be so easy.” What my message is the external reality has nothing to do with your internal world. If you knew what I had gone through, and what I understand about others are going through and what they’ve gone through, there would be nothing to judge. We’re so based in external that so many people think, “What I see is what I get.” My reality is what you see is usually never what you get. I hope more people can be like me and speak their truth and say, “I had a messed-up childhood and I go through anxiety,” and not have to judge it or make it better or worse than it is. Let it be what it is.

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People judge. I visited Israel, where I’m from, for five months and my Facebook, my photos, my travels, everything in there looked so wow. I live a pretty good life but people don’t know the backstory. They don’t know the years of struggle. They don’t know the full nights of crawling into a ball and crying. They don’t know that. They see like this is what you are now. They don’t know what type of spiritual melting pot you had to go through to get to where you are now.

There was about a twenty-year period for me of seeking, facing all my wounds, healing a lot of pain, also a lot of pleasure. My life didn’t suck. My life was great but the outside only Band-Aids the inside for so long until it starts oozing out again. Then you’ve got to change the Band-Aid. What I learned to do is instead of changing the Band-Aid, I was going to heal the original wound and go to the source and go to the core.

What is changing the Band-Aid?

Changing the Band-Aid is let’s say a boyfriend is taking the place of your loneliness. Then that relationship isn’t working out, so you get a new boyfriend, a new Band-Aid. You’re never looking at the deep pain that’s causing you to need the boyfriend, to need the Band-Aid. I was seeing my own Band-Aids and I realized I don’t want patterns in my life anymore that aren’t serving me. I don’t want habits and things or people that aren’t serving my highest good. I want to go to the root cause of my pain and heal it with my own self, which is what I did.

What did you have to deal with?

My mom said it perfectly. She’s like, “The issue in childhood for you is not that there was ever anything wrong with you,” which is what we all think when we’re not getting what we need. She said, “You were so smart and highly intelligent, born to a family that were dummies.” To have my mom say that was crazy because my family is not dummies, they’re smart. What she was saying was, “You had a wisdom that no one could confirm and so you felt frustrated.” Most of my childhood, I felt like I was born on the wrong planet and there weren’t people that could reach me because they couldn’t understand. I was seeing through so many things at such a young age that I couldn’t explain. I couldn’t understand why no one else could see. I followed that wisdom unconventionally and started listening to my own intuition. As I started getting real about how I started to feel, I was healing to another level and having deep insights about life and people and my own self. When I healed, thinking there wasn’t anything wrong with me, which is why I was separated from my family or different, I realized that the gift to be empowered is our intuition. I made it my career, I made it my life.

You made it into YouTube. When did you go and how did you start your YouTube channel? How did you grow it? Was there fear involved in opening up?

It was totally organic. It wasn’t planned, which I guess the best things aren’t planned. I had graduated from the University of Santa Monica. I studied a Master’s program in Spiritual Psychology. One of my girlfriends who was an actress asked me to be on her YouTube channel and interview me about the work that I was doing. I did that video and I got so many emails asking for sessions. I thought, “I’m going to start my practice. There’s a call for it, there’s a need for it.” I started my practice and then my clients started asking me for daily inspiration, a daily dose of Candace and like, “How do I put you in my pocket tape thing?” I was like, “Maybe I’ll start spreading messages on YouTube.” I did that and in the beginning, I called it the Daily Dose. It was two to five minutes. It’s a little spiritual pick me up because I have these different perceptions about regular issues. When we can step outside of our perception and see it from a different perspective, we heal. I started sharing that and then it started growing. I didn’t even do anything. It started growing and started growing and then I branded it. All I have to do is speak my truth and I feel completely seen. One of the problems most people have is they don’t feel seen for who they truly are. As I’m sharing my vulnerability and my truth, I didn’t feel weak. I felt never more powerful because I’m being exactly who I am without a filter and if you can’t handle it, that’s about you, not about me. What I noticed is people were not only digging it but relating to it. That’s how it became what it was.

One of the problems most people have is they don’t feel seen for who they truly are.


Everything that you do with less effort and more intentions usually grows way faster. Do you have any daily rituals? How did you overcome your traumas and issues?

My daily ritual is I do transcendental meditation every day. Twenty minutes before I get out of bed every morning, I’m meditating. Another ritual that I swear by is apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning after meditation. It’s like I’m alkalizing my mind but also my body. I’m also a holistic health coach, so I see the complete parallel between mind, body and soul. It all does go together and I support that. I’m coaching all day long over Zoom and I’ll make sure I take time during the day to go hike in nature. I live in the mountains and I can see the ocean. It’s a great balance to even be working from up here in my house. Then I get in nature and I get re-grounded and I clear. For me, that’s how I live. Some people were like, “Do you have time for that?” I’m like, “There’s no, ‘No time for that,’ that’s my life.” That’s what I have to do to survive.

I do my own to get over traumas. I apply my own healing techniques to my own self. I know healers can heal others, but they’re also healing themselves at the same time and having healers. I feel like no one’s ever fully healed. That’s the part of being alive that we’re growing and learning. On a daily basis, things pop up in my life and I’ll have to go within and be my own practice. Walk the talk. I’m always asked to deepen that and go to another level. What I’ve noticed over time is I don’t fear it at all anymore. I welcome the next level and next level. There’s nothing to fear. There’s only more to trust.

What are some healing techniques or modalities that you teach?

The main one is getting real about what you feel so you can heal. I’m a huge advocate for unconditional love. I believe a lot of the issues in life, almost all of them stem from conditions. I had a client who was suffering from asthma and allergies. Immediately I got it downloaded and I said, “What happened to you at five years old?” She started to cry and she was telling me about abuse. I said, “I know because asthma is something that took your breath away. When did your asthma start?” She was like, “Five years old.” I was like, “Exactly.” She had a retrigger and I said, “Why was that?” A person that was involved in this trauma passed away. I said, “There you go. That’s your retrigger.” Instead of needing someone outside of you to save you and make you feel safe, you need to learn how to do that from within so that you don’t need asthma as the coping mechanism to get care from outside of you. It was a huge revelation for her. What I see time and time again are these coping mechanisms that we have built inside of ourselves because we don’t know how to heal ourselves. We do this as a way to save ourselves and it’s another Band-Aid.

You talk about intuition and going inside. When somebody is having an allergy or a chronic disease, what will be your first step or first advice to have them do in order to find the source of it and heal it?

Look at the trigger. What happened the minute before what happened happened? What were your thoughts? What was the circumstance? That’s your trigger. Once you learn what your triggers are, whatever it is, as small as it may be, you know there’s a trauma within it. Little or big, it doesn’t matter. One of the things that my clients asked me a lot is, “What if it didn’t happen that way?” I don’t care how it happened. How did you experience it as happening? It’s about validating that inner child, validating your emotions so that they can upgrade and integrate with your mind. A huge break I see in a lot of people is there is a huge separation between emotional being and mental awareness. Your mature self, your mind and your inner child, your emotion aren’t integrated. They’re separate. We say, “I don’t care. I know that it was bad, but I forgive them because I understand this and this.” It doesn’t matter what you understand, it matters how you’re still feeling. How you’re still feeling needs to be healed, validated and integrated. We have a lot of five-year-olds running around inside of us that don’t know how to act maturely and so we’re reacting. We have patterns, emotions and relationship issues because there’s no integration. There’s no upgrade. I work a lot with the emotional body, a lot with the inner child and a lot with integration.

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How do you integrate?

It’s a process. There are many ways but the first piece is finding your trigger and being real about how you feel, not how you think you should feel. Not wishing you felt different but sitting in the reality of what happened, what’s happening and how you’re feeling about what’s happening. Many people, when they have traumas or issues that happened early on, refuse to totally own what they’re feeling because they know that they shouldn’t or think that they shouldn’t. Maybe it wasn’t that bad or I feel guilty about making that person feel guilty, shamed or bad. The reality is every time we do that, we are bypassing the person that needs the most validation, which is emotion, which is self. We can sit in the emotion and say, “Holy shit, I feel awful, terrible, completely wounded, completely vulnerable.” When we can do that, we start to literally lift the pain, lift the trauma because you’re validating it. You’re giving it what no one has ever given it and what you’ve always been searching for. Self-validation is the name of the game to even start the process.

With physical pain and emotional pain, any kind of pain, the only way to reach the other side is not to bypass that. You have to go through it. You have to feel it and experience it in order to let go of it.

You have to feel the heal and no one wants to do that because we’re all afraid. If I let myself feel it, it will kill me or it will confirm to me what I’m afraid about myself or that I’m not enough. We all think until the age of eight that our feelings, our emotions are who we are. Until we upgrade that belief, we’re still afraid to feel negative emotion because we’re afraid that it will tell us something about ourselves and what it’s telling you is, “This is how I feel. This is not who you are, but this is how you feel.” It’s totally different. Until we can get that who we truly are is not our emotions, who we truly are sits behind the emotion. That’s another thing that I teach people is how to become the neutral observer of your emotional experience that leads to emotional mastery. It takes time but the first key is feeling what you feel.

After you felt what you felt and you validated the inner child, when is it time to forgive?

Many people try to forgive first and it will never work. It’s totally wrong. The reason it’s wrong is that if you forgive before your inner child or your emotion has had the experience of being validated, you’re abandoning it again and invalidating its experience. It takes time but it’s after you go through the emotions, after you go through everything that you’re feeling and work with it. I give people homework every time I see them, emotional homework. When you do these things and you get so in touch with the issue, you get so in touch with the truth of what happened in your experience and have peace about it, that’s when you realize, “I don’t need the other person to understand or even validate. I can forgive them because I can see that someone that will hurt me is hurting.” We think someone has authority outside of us, but what we realize is the inner authority that’s never had permission. We give ourselves permission to have our own authority in our own life. If we’re not awaken, you don’t need the authority of anyone else. You can easily forgive, but it is something that you have to go through with the right steps so that it’s real forgiveness. They don’t go popped back in and you’re angry again, you can’t get over it. It will be a feeling of surrender. It will be a feeling of, “I let them off the hook because I get it.”

What are some types of emotional homework you give your clients?

I do a lot of writing exercises. I do something called an inner counseling where you talk to your emotional self and you give it a voice. A lot of people’s emotions don’t have a voice. I give reading material, I give my videos. It depends on what they’re going through, but know exactly what they need. Sometimes it’s a writing exercise where you’re writing out the anger and burning it to immediately clear. Sometimes it’s going into anger and realizing that’s a cover for powerlessness. Allowing yourself to cry and have space every night for vulnerability because some people don’t sit with their emotions. Sometimes it’s a writing meditation or a bedtime intention where you talk to your higher self and I teach you how to do that. Sometimes it’s starting with a three-minute meditation every morning and starting a new self-care regimen that you commit to with yourself and have discipline with yourself, so you build self-trust. There are all different ways.

Money is very connected to emotion. You’d have a lot of money when you’re free and abundant and in your soul.


I had somebody named Bill Donius on the show. He teaches non-dominant handwriting, where if you usually write with your right hand, you ask questions and you start writing with your left hand then it connects to your right brain, which connects to creativity that connects to the divine knowledge. I did this exercise and I did a list of some things that I want to achieve in my life. I gave myself a list of answers with my right hand and a list of answers with my left hand. It’s remarkable to see the difference in how we are connected to our divine guidance. We receive downloads and we receive answers that are coming from spirit and coming from the heart rather than from our brain, our society and what we think we should do. How do you talk to your higher self?

I’m connected to it all day long. There’s not an hour that goes by that I haven’t said a prayer, ask a question or spoke. It almost feels like it’s me now, but there was a time many years ago where I didn’t know what’s fear, what’s intuition, what’s the difference? How do I know? I used to be so confused. When you drop into your heart and you start living from a heart-centered place, which means completely authentic, not needing to act, do, say anything, other than what you feel. For me, that’s a direct line, the direct connection to the infinite. When I ask questions, I know the answer now because I know the voice that it comes from.

What is the difference between the voice of intuition and the voice of fear?

The voice of fear is never a calm, beautiful, peaceful voice. It’s anxiety, it’s worry, it’s future tripping. It’s, “I have to fight or flight. I’ve got to make a decision.” It’s not a loving and soothing voice. An intuitive voice is much quieter. It’s a sensation, in my experience. It’s a feeling. I feel where to move. I feel very calm. It doesn’t have to be a certain way, it’s just is. There’s no resistance in intuition. With fear, you’re resisting everything. It’s the sensation of how this voice is making me feel. Most people will tell me, “I can’t even hear the good voice,” because you’re not letting yourself have it. You’re not hearing it. You’re so dominant in the fear voice, so dominant in thinking that that critic is who you are. That’s what most of us have been taught but it’s not. It’s the voice that lies behind that when you are being quiet and letting that go. Know that nothing bad will happen if you don’t make a decision right now or if you don’t know right now or if you feel crazy right now and sitting in it and seeing what’s behind it.

One tip that I got from Donny Epstein, who is an incredible healer is, we talked about changing perspective and when you change your perspective, things will change. One of the things that one can do is look at themselves like they were looking at themselves down. It’s like they’re sitting on the top of the moon and they look down on Earth and see themselves. They’re not in it. They look at themselves from far away, from outside of the picture and so they can see better. Almost like when you work with a coach, the coach can see what’s going on from the outside. One of the tips that anyone can do is take themselves outside and look in. Then they can see things clearer.

The neutral observer, that’s what I call it. For me, it’s observing what’s behind the emotion and observing from that place. Seeing life unfold with clarity rather than emotion, which has served my healing process a lot.

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Another thing that somebody can do is mindfulness, where you go into the here and now. Fear and anxiety are either in the future or in the past. When somebody is practicing mindfulness, taking a deep breath, trying to feel the temperature of the room and the taste in your mouth and your feet on the floor. Bringing it back to the moment and the physical moment can take one out of their head and into their bodies and getting closer to intuition.

I had a video called Your Presence is your Power. I describe exactly that. I got rid of all distractions, alcohol, sugar, all the things that you go to when you want to feel different than you feel. It was 44 days that I did this exercise where I was super present with everything that I would feel. When I was present, I realize the moment and when I was in the moment, I could feel my power of being able to change the moment or being able to be into the moment. Depression is thinking about the past, anxiety is future tripping. If you’re in the moment, you’re in the moment. A lot of people are scared of that feeling because they don’t know what to do with it. If our mind isn’t going in the back or the front, they don’t know what to do. What I learned is by sitting in that day after day after day, all you have to do is be there and then answer starts to flow and then insights start to come forward. What I do with my videos is I don’t write out what I’m going to talk about. I’m sitting in my own space, I get a hit, I press play and I start talking. There’s channeling and that’s because there’s such a presence at the moment of being in the moment.

Do you still get triggered? What do you do?

Yes, I get triggered. The difference between being triggered now and triggered years ago is that I don’t react because they don’t feel like that does anything. I’ve learned beyond that. What I do is I noticed the trigger. I go into myself super analytical and I’ll go into the trigger. I’ll feel deeper and deeper and let it come up, let it overwhelm me and let it be what it is. When I do that and I realize what it’s telling me, I upgrade the belief, but I no longer give my power to anyone outside of me and react or say something crazy or leave, which was always my fun things to do back in the day. Now I sit there, and I see my husband sometimes get annoyed because he’ll try to trigger me sometimes. I’m like, “No, not working,” but then it’s good because he doesn’t have to be frustrated either, there’s no friction.

In one of your videos you talked about Indigos, what are Indigos?

Indigo children, indigo adults. I did a video on that. There are a lot of kids being born with attention deficit, ADHD. I was one of those kids. It drove me to try to understand things differently because I was thinking differently than the majority of people in the norm. I was thinking different, having different thoughts, doing long division in my own way and getting the same answer that will be marked wrong. I thought, “Why is it wrong when it’s different but it’s the same answer?” I started looking into it years ago and I started finding books and things on indigo. Indigo is the color of your third eye, your intuition. I started noticing, me as a kid, I was highly intuitive and highly sensitive. I could see auras, I had a different sixth sense and everyone has it. What I would call indigo kids that have their third eye wide open, they’re more worriers about it. When you’re highly sensitive, it’s hard to ignore things, but when you’re less sensitive, it’s easier to conform to things. I feel indigo children are these children that are often misunderstood or misdiagnosed or maybe they do have diagnoses.

In my opinion, the diagnosis is a way to say you’re different and it’s wrong. Indigo says you’re different but here’s why it’s good. It’s almost a positive label for a negative and misunderstood aspect. I noticed a lot of indigos are highly sensitive people, highly intuitive. They have a strong pull towards purpose, think outside the box, feel like they don’t fit into society. I look like I fit into society, but I have never felt like I did because I was here to be the change, have new thoughts and have those new thoughts validated. In the school system, they were never validated. They were wrong or they were like, “That’s not something we need to know to run the world.” What I realized is a lot of these kids have this gift of intuition where they have new ideas and new ways of doing things and are a lot of entrepreneurs and things that go beyond societal norms into a spiritual law.

It almost works against you when you’re trying to be in any space that you think will not get you to somewhere better.


Being a highly sensitive person, what was the struggle?

I would feel everyone’s feelings. As a young person, my household was not harmonious. I would feel all of that emotional stress, take it on as if it was my own and feel almost catatonic at times. I couldn’t process it or get rid of it for everyone else. I didn’t have that boundary of, “This is mine and that’s yours,” and that’s every kid. We all feel everyone. We’re all intuitive but as a highly sensitive person, I couldn’t even wear certain fabrics or colors, it would hurt me. Foods would have an adverse effect on me right away. Things were like a heightened nervous system. Things were very severe. It was almost like I had this direct knowledge of what was good for me and what wasn’t and I was going to let you know right away, whether it be emotional, physical or anything.

How did the environment react to you? You’re highly sensitive and you’re very opinionated. What’s the problem there?

When you’re a strong-willed kid, with the kind of parents I had, that is not something good. They try to change you into having their opinions or minding them. In the school system, it’s almost like a punishment where you speak out in a way that doesn’t make sense, you get punished, things like this. I felt a lot of people around me who didn’t honor my inner knowing, didn’t honor my opinion, didn’t empower it, but instead wanted it to conform. I always felt like I was being pushed into boxes that I knew I didn’t fit into and so it was a struggle. It’s amazing all these years later to have my mom especially come to me and be like, “I get it now. You’re changing people’s lives with the things that you know.” This isn’t stuff that can be taught in books. She’s a teacher so that was a huge hump for her to be like, “You’re doing something with the world that I didn’t teach you.”

It must be very satisfying.

It was completely life-changing for sure.

As a highly sensitive adult, you went into modeling and you do look like you fit in any magazine. Did you still have problems maneuvering as an adult?

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No, it was different. I did well in my career. As a model, as an actress, I worked hard but they came pretty easily as well. That’s what pushed me back into my spirituality. It was realizing that I’m at the top of my game. I’m successful, I have everything I wanted in my twenties, but there was something missing. I realized that that something missing was a deeper calling of you’re not here to just do societal norms. You’re not here to win at life. You’re here to heal life and so that means healing you. What is there left to heal since you have everything and there’s still something missing? What is that missing piece? What I realized was it was going into why I was put on this planet, which was to highlight my pain. Make it my purpose and show other people that being real is the way to win. It’s not about looking great, having everything perfect and being super successful, that is BS. It’s about being real. Being true to yourself and living a life in alignment with that. Whether it looks amazing or not, if it’s right for you, it’s right for you. You’ll be healthier, happier, wealthier. You’ll be all the things that you want when you’re being you because that is your power and not something outside of you.

How do you link being a sensitive person or an empath or a woman that feels everything to success and money?

I do feel like success and money are not connected to that. Abundance is connected to that; abundance of the heart, abundance in relationships, abundance in finances, but money and that type of wealth has become something different when society attached its ideas to it. A lot of people think, “If I get in touch with myself, will I be rich?” It depends on what will serve your soul best. It’s about being committed to your soul and not committed to an external measure.

Isn’t money and success also a spiritual thing because I see them linked together? For me, it’s a spiritual thing to follow your dreams, be successful and make a lot of money.

That’s what I’ve seen in my own life. I also think money is very connected to emotion. I don’t know how many people talk about that, but money is releasing resistance. However, I also see a lot of people with a lot of money who are completely in their ego. It’s both. You can have money if you’re completely in your ego and controlling and playing a game. I also think that you’d have a lot of money when you’re free, abundant and in your soul. It’s a natural thing for us to have abundance. We can block it in many ways and we can allow it in many ways. Do I think it’s our birthright? Yes, I do.

Do you teach people how to meditate?

I do.

For people who are total beginners and they want to meditate, what will you teach them?

I have this self-love meditation that I created for one of my clients a long time ago. It’s somewhere online in one of my courses. It’s an easy thing. A lot of people say, “I’ll start with a mantra.” That’s fine, but you can get off track easily. What I do is I have someone close their eyes. When you close your eyes, you breathe in, breathe out, but the short of it is, “I love you, relax.” You look at each part of your body and say, “Top of head, I love you, relax. Forehead, I love you, relax. Eyeballs, I love you, relax.” You go through your entire body. It takes a bit of time, so you’re already in that zone. You’re totally focused and you’re focused on serving yourself and filling yourself with love, more love, not less. You start to get intuitive with your body because at the end of each body part I say, “Ask any part of your body to come forward that needs more love, not less,” and everyone gets a hit, “My right hip.” “Why would that be?” Sometimes there’s an emotional connection behind it. Sometimes you hurt yourself. It helps you fill you, heal you and be more connected with you. That’s the first way I like to start with people because it’s an easy way to stay in it and stay focused. It does bring you to a higher vibration simply by being more in self-love.

Many people live their lives from the neck up and they are disconnected from their bodies. I see it especially with people who are in corporate or in the tech industry. You can see it in their bodies. There is a disconnect between the physical, the mental and the spiritual. Everybody should do that meditation of looking inside and scanning and say, “Hand, I love you, relax and then eyes, I love you, relax.” It’s so good. We forget to relax sometimes. When we are relaxed, when we are open, when we are connected, all those ideas that we try to push for, they come through naturally and easily. All the best ideas happen when you’re in the shower or when you’re not thinking about creating magnificent ideas.

My best ideas come from me being totally in the passion of it. Totally in the feeling of it not, “I need to do this to get here, do that.” I can’t even work like that at all because I know it doesn’t work. It almost works against you when you’re trying to be in any space that you’re not or for any reason that you think is more than you are or will get you to somewhere better. It doesn’t happen.

A lot of people are looking for something to fill them, but they don’t realize that they find their calling by finding themselves. Click To Tweet

What are your three top tips to living a stellar life?

Number one, being real about how you feel, being totally authentic. Number two, I do this thing called the circle of life that I learned in my health coaching class. It’s looking at every single area of your life, seeing what isn’t working fully for you and focusing on that for 30 days. Being like, “My social life is making me feel disconnected. I’m not having enough interaction with friends.” Taking steps to work on that and create that change. One, being authentic. Two, action steps in the way of fulfilling your circle of life. Number three, it’s been doing my purpose work for aligning with my soul and making that my work. A lot of people are looking for something to fill them and what I realized is everyone that I coach finds their calling by finding themselves, self-realization.

Where can people find you, connect with you, work with you, take your courses? I know you have a membership site that you reopened.

The easiest way to find me is CandaceVanDell.com. There are links to my YouTube on there. I’m active with people on Instagram. I always respond to DM, Facebook, email me, CandaceVanDell@nullGmail.com. If you Google, I’m sure things will pop up. I’m putting myself out there pretty much a lot.

Thank you so much. This was a wonderful interview. I appreciate you.

Thank you so much. It was beautiful.


Your Checklist of Actions to Take

✓ Speak your truth. Let it flow from you. Don’t let others dictate what you should say and how you should show up.
✓ Never judge but try to understand. What you see is usually never what you get.
✓ Don’t treat the symptoms but go the root cause of your pain. Only when you learn to do that, that you’ll find your true healing.
✓ Listen and follow your own intuition. It may be scary at first but the reward of healing and empowerment is all worth it.
✓ Step outside of your perception. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. People will draw and relate to you when they sense your authenticity.
✓ Have a daily ritual that works best for you. It can be a simple meditation, yoga, or a walk.
✓ Understand the importance of self-validation. When you look for the triggers of fear or trauma, don’t bypass what you’re feeling but own it.
✓ Empower your voice of intuition instead of your voice of fear. Candace states that there’s no resistance in intuition. With fear, you’re resisting everything.
✓ Practice Candace’s self-love meditation. It’s essentially learning how to relax your entire body while focusing on serving and filling yourself with love.
✓ Visit Candace’s YouTube channel and be empowered with the daily dose of inspiration and tips on how you can follow your path to healing.

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Candace van Dell is a former model/ actress turned New thought leader, author, YouTuber and speaker. She is certified in Spiritual Psychology, Reiki, Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Health & Wellness. She provides a Deeper Holistic understanding & Spiritual perspective on everyday issues and empowers you to follow your INNER GUIDANCE which she calls (The wise guide inside). She shares new thoughts on HEALING on her popular youtube channel Truth Room TV and has a monthly membership program, eCourses and books avail to anyone who wants to truly HEAL.

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