Episode 273 | January 4, 2022

Manifesting Wellness and Vitality Against All Odds with Michelle Patterson

A Personal Note From Orion

“Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for.” This quote from Jordan Peterson’s book gave my guest, Michelle Patterson, the strength to go on with her wellness journey after being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. 

Michelle is a visionary, author, acceleration executive, founder, talk show host, and dynamic speaker. She is the CEO of Women Network LLC, a media and production company giving women a voice to share their messages. She is also the founder of Global Women Foundation, a non-profit public charity created to bring women together to create global change by empowering them to transform their communities. 

In this episode, Michelle shares her self-love and wellness journey that has kept her on this planet and made her healthy. She also talks about how love is the greatest healing modality on this planet. Tune in!

In this Episode

  • [00:56] – Orion introduces her next guest, Michelle Patterson, CEO of Women Network LLC, a media and production company that is giving women a voice to share their messages. 
  • [03:08] – Michelle shares her passion and talks about the path she started and where she is right now.
  • [07:26] – Orion asks Michelle how she found the courage to say no to chemotherapy, the ways she copes up with the very challenging news and stays true to herself.
  • [12:26] – Orion and Michelle discuss taking the path of love and the idea of self-love.
  • [16:04] – Orion wants to know the difference of who Michelle is today compared to the last version of herself and the things she discovered about herself.
  • [20:10] – Michelle emphasizes the importance of having compassion for herself and others and shares her humbling experience where she surrendered and allowed her family to take care of her.
  • [23:25] – Orion recalls her experience in a place of surrender and learned to love herself and the blessings that came through.
  • [28:02] – Michelle talks about never being alone and genuinely being held by God.
  • [33:03] – Michelle shares her breathtaking Joe Dispenza experience where she learned to love life and life will love you back.
  • [38:39] – Orion asks about Michelle undergoing the healing process and getting another diagnosis recently.
  • [42:15] – Orion and Michelle discuss the subconscious mind and its power.
  • [48:47] – Michelle shares making positive thoughts rather than getting caught up with the negativity and chooses to surround herself with people living life all out.
  • [56:21] – Michelle narrates her experience with her family having individual beliefs and realizing that we can’t have all the answers individually. But coming together in pure support and love can lead to knowing what the family feels and needs.
  • [1:02:31]- Orion asks Michelle top three tips in living a stellar life
  • [1:04:41]- Visit Michelle Patterson’s website to learn more about her and her advocacy.

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About Today’s Show

Hello, Michelle and welcome to the Stellar Life podcast. I am so grateful, joyful, and happy that you’re here today.

Thank you. This is such a pleasure, too. I was sharing with you as we were talking, I fell in love with your family. When I met your husband, Stephan, he had so many wonderful things to tell me about you. I couldn’t wait till we had our podcast together, so I’m really looking forward to this time together.

Me too. I find you to be a very extraordinary woman. Everybody’s going to find out how amazing you are in just a second. Before we begin, can you share a little bit about your passion and a little bit about where you are today with it?

It’s interesting. I’m 51 years old. I don’t think I really started living until I had my diagnosis of stage four breast cancer. A little bit of backdrop as to how I went into getting this diagnosis is I had complained for almost a year about my back hurting and my neck hurting. I kept going to the doctor’s. 

I don’t think I started living until I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

I went to my family practitioner and he said, “Michelle, you have a pinched nerve. That’s all you have.” and I said, “Really, that’s it? It feels like so much more. I’m tired and my left side hurts.” He sent me home and I came back again. I went to a chiropractor, and I came back again. This time, I said, it’s something more and I felt a lump on my left breast. I went in to get a diagnosis. 

The night before I had gone in, my husband and I were sitting on the lake. My daughter had just come home. She was in the hospital and I’ll let her tell her story. We were praying that we were so grateful that we had each other, that all of us were together. 

He says to me—he had been reading Jordan Peterson‘s book at the time—’treat yourself like someone you are responsible for.’ It was chapter two. I thought that was such a unique comment for my husband to make to me, but he said to me, “Michelle, you need to treat yourself like somebody you’re responsible for taking care of and be this mama bear that you have been for our daughter and for our son.”

I went in, I had the diagnosis, I got the biopsy. If you could imagine, my family, we all went. My mom, my dad, and my husband were there. The doctor came out and said, “You’re diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.” At that time, I didn’t know how much it had spread, but I knew that it was serious because of how long I had been feeling this way.

I thought about what my husband had said and that was, treat yourself like someone you’re responsible for and really loving yourself through this. That’s how my journey started going down this path. When I went in, I went and saw several doctors. One of the doctors that I went to, my husband and I, again, we’re sitting there, and I was asking them if I could record all these doctor’s appointments because I wanted to find my truth in what was possible, what was it that I should be taking.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

The doctor came back and said, “You have 90 days.” What they wanted me to do was the highest form of chemo and radiation. Really in my gut, that was just not the option for me. I had some prior challenges and just felt really strongly that doing chemo was not the path for me. 

It’s been almost three years. April 15th, 2019 is when I was diagnosed. I’m coming up on three years of this. I attribute staying on the planet and being so healthy. It is because I followed my intuition and I set up a team of doctors. Similar to this is we would do a Zoom call, and I would pull them all together, and be able to talk to them about my health and what was the next step for me.

That was the path that I started and where I’m at right now. I love to be able to share with you, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. It is with your questions.

Wow. Where do you think you found that courage to say no to chemotherapy and to be true to yourself? A lot of time we give our power to everybody that has a title or a uniform. Just because of that, they know better than us and we do not listen deeply to our own intuition. Especially in times like that, when you get this very, very difficult, very challenging news, it’s weakening. In this place of coping with the news, how were you able to stay true to yourself?

What I want to respond to you is I don’t know. I don’t think any of us have the answers. I will say I did a lot of praying. What came up for me was believing you. Again, being a mom, I asked the doctors, point blank, if this was your child, if this was your daughter sitting in front of you, what would you do?

I’ve always been very intuitive, and looking directly at the doctors, and looking right on when I would ask that question. A lot of them couldn’t look me in the face. They couldn’t look to get on. They looked away.

When I told them that I had put together this team of doctors from all over the world, I thought, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer and he built up this team of doctors, so I thought I could do that. I got doctors from all over from Germany, from Israel, from everywhere.

What I found was that they were doing things out of the norm, and things that were working for them. I did oxygen therapy. I did oxygen baths. I talked about going on a vision quest, where I was 3½ days with no food, no water. Crazy stuff.

Let’s talk about the crazy stuff because that’s really interesting to me. So, hyperbaric chamber?

Hyperbaric chamber.

I had some prior challenges and felt strongly that doing chemo was not the path for me.

And then oxygen masks, because obviously, when you give oxygen to the cell, I know that when people are deprived of oxygen, their cells can become more cancerous. So it makes sense that oxygen can heal it or reverse it.

Cancer can’t live in an oxygenated body. If you were to see right now what I’ve set up at my home, because of Covid and because of having to create a healing home out of my house, I couldn’t travel all over the world. What I did was, I started bringing in these healing modalities into my home that was effective.

I have a beautiful, just amazing set of girlfriends and family friends that just really loved me, and put their arms around me. I’ve got an oxygen tank here that I use as well that I can show you. Then also my girlfriend has a hyperbaric oxygen tank at her home that she can use. I go over and use that a couple of times a week as well. Kathy is my little angel.

What I really want to start with is, we have all these different healing modalities that are available to us. But one of the things that is the greatest, the greatest, greatest healing modality that we have on the planet is love. We can show love for one another and we can vibrate at a level of frequency where we are healing. I feel like that’s how my cells have really healed by first loving on myself, loving on my family, and allowing my family to love on me.

I was this type-A CEO who was very, very independent. Even with my husband, he goes, you really had a hard time just being vulnerable. When something was bugging you, it was this mindset of, oh, I can overcome this, I’ll be fine. 

When I was diagnosed, it was really going inward and recognizing that it truly is an inside job, that if we’re not loving ourselves that we have the love to give to others. This low-level vibration that I think the world right now is operating at is hurting us. It’s taken away from our strength, depleting us from our energy, and creating disease in all of us.

Especially when once stuff, him or her emotions. It is eventually going to be expressed in the body. You’ve done it for years and now it’s being expressed. You’re taking the path of love, which is the right path, I believe.

I attribute staying on the planet and being so healthy because I followed my intuition and set up a team of doctors. Click To Tweet

It’s so amazing, Orion. My husband and I, again, 25 years of marriage, it’s never been so good. It’s funny because we make a joke. It’s just, oh, this could be the last time that we get to kiss each other or love on each other. Now it’s like this running joke, because again, it’s going into the third year. This could be the last time in treating our relationships like that.

I look at my son and my daughter. They stayed home when they could have moved away. When mom was diagnosed, they stayed home. We mended our relationship with each other. I was always on my phone, I was always preoccupied, and I always was gone. I had some shame over that too.

What I learned—this is probably the biggest thing that I learned that I want to tell moms out there—is that there is no shame in the way that we’ve shown up for our families, that I know in my heart of hearts that I have shown up in total love for my family. I haven’t always made the best decision or had the best answer, but I have shown up with love. That, to me, is the best that I can do for my family.

What I look at, too, is loving on myself is the best that I can do for my family, and healing myself. I always share that. People ask me all the time. ‘Michelle, should I do chemo? Should I do radiation?’ My comment back to them is first and foremost, how are you loving yourself? What are you doing to love on yourself?

I love the idea of self-love. This is what I am working with when I work with clients. It’s all about self-love. You start with self-love for healing, self-love for your relationship, self-love for your family. Self-love is the key for everything, I believe.

We criticize ourselves so much. We are sometimes so unkind to ourselves. We hold the guilt, shame, and blame. We have this little voice in our head that says you’re not good enough, you’re not this, you’re not that, you don’t belong, whatever it’s saying.

How do you love yourself? What are you doing to love yourself?

When we give it strength, we are moving away from self-love. We are moving away from self-care. We are moving away from connection with our surroundings and connection with God, our Creator. So that feels very isolating. In a place of so much pain and isolation, disease can manifest.

Tell me, what is the difference between the alpha type, super successful, famous, powerful woman that you still are, but the version of yourself that was the difference between the last version of who you were to who you are today? How are you before and what did you discover about yourself?

What a wonderful question, too. I just want to go back to what you’d said earlier before, because if we can show up in love over fear, every day is a great day. That’s how I’ve been taking it. Every single day is this day of living without fear. I don’t have any fear of death. All I do is create the most amazing relationship with my experiences with the people that I love.

I’ll share with you last week what I’ve been doing every single Wednesday. Spending time with my mom and my dad. I’m the oldest, so I’m very fortunate because I have both my parents alive. They’ve been married for 55 years and gone through everything imaginable that they’ve gone through.

When I was a kid, I had my brother and sister that I took care of. One time, we had five foster kids. I was a little mini mom, and we’ll go around and take care of everybody. I had my first company when I was 11 years old called Mary Poppins Babysitting. I was a little machine where I was constantly doing things.

I got my validation from the accolades that I got. ‘Michelle, you’re doing a good job, you’re doing a good job.’ For me, that was always how I showed up. It was a lot of work and it was a lot of stress. I think the new version of me is something that I like a lot more. I’ve fallen in love with myself. I am my best friend to myself.

I’ve fallen in love with myself. I am my best friend to myself.

I’ve set up boundaries for myself, where I don’t allow an individual’s fear to come into my personal playground. I don’t allow bullies on my playground, including myself. At one time, I was a bully for myself. It was that mindset of always having to do that next thing and always having to be better. It was never enough. It’s never enough.

I finally got to the point where the veil between this life and the next life is very, very, very thin. What I mean by that is, when you are living in a space of love, you’re able to show up in a matter of just exuding this attitude of gratitude, this feeling of alleviating yourself from loneliness and despair. I think that what we had talked about earlier with these hyperbaric chamber, or the oxygen therapy, or the oxygen baths, all of those are wonderful and put you into the state of relaxation, and oxygenating the body so that it can communicate to the body that we’re okay, that everything is going to be okay.

What I looked at as the difference between the old Michelle and this new mindset is that I’ve communicated to my cells that there’s a new queen, and it’s going to be okay. She’s all about love and peace, and bringing that to the body. I think that we all could realize that, that we don’t have to show up in this mindset of anger and resentment, but we can look at people for where they’re at in their space. I think the number one thing that I could share with everyone is to have compassion, not only for yourself but for others and what they’re going through.

There was a period of time where I spent eight months in bed. It was just literally back in February where I wasn’t able to sit up and my family had to feed me. I’m getting choked up right now because I had to surrender. I had to allow my family to take care of me, and that was humbling. It was very humbling.

I didn’t know if I was going to make it out. It allowed me to give myself the joy of being cared for, and it allowed my family the time and the joy to care for me. I didn’t even realize that. I didn’t even understand the magnitude of the healing that happens when we surrender and allow God to hold on to us.

I didn’t realize the magnitude of healing when we surrender and allow God to hold on to us.

When I was going through that, I’m just crying. I would wake up in the middle of the night and I would be screaming bloody murder because it has gone to bone cancer. It’s in my bones. Remind me to tell you, too, about my most recent doctor’s appointment. I’d love to share with you about that. I woke up just screaming, and my husband not once did he get frustrated with me, or get angry with me, or lose cool at all.

We’re talking eight months of waking up because it was so painful. He would get up, get medication, console me when I was throwing up or hold my hair up over the toilet. Never before have I allowed someone to just care for me. That in itself is really when you talk about till death do us part.

Initially, I felt like I’m the one that got hit with the cancer stick. I got hit with it, and he’s healthy. It wasn’t until I watched him model how a spouse can love their spouse. I just surrendered, and it was like, okay, babe, take care of me. It was powerful, powerful.

It is so humbling because you went from somebody who’s the caretaker since she’s a very young child, took care of everyone all the time. You’re the oldest sister. You have foster brothers and sisters. Then you become this entrepreneur. You’re a leader. You take care of all these women, you create circles, you touch lives, and it was all for everybody else.

I’m there for everybody else. I’m there for everybody else. Even in your own marriage, you’re like, I want to take care of everything and no, I have emotions but I’m good, I’m good. Sometimes it’s like we are brought to our knees in order to have a breakthrough.

I used to hate the word surrender. I thought it was very weak. I was not a weak person. I’m a strong, tough woman. I had a time in my life where I was in an abusive relationship and ended up in a hospital. Couldn’t date because I was so not trusting of anyone. I went to a Tony Robbins event, Date With Destiny.

We don’t have to show up in this mindset of anger and resentment. Instead, we can look at people for where they’re at in their space.

I love Tony Robbins, a huge fan.

Yeah, he’s wonderful. On their relationship day, I learned about masculine and feminine energy. That night, I sat by a waterfall and I was in a place of surrender. I started at 1 AM. Now the days are really long with Tony Robbins.

I sat by the waterfall and it was just like, I was writing my relationship vision, and then I started laughing and crying and laughing and crying like a madwoman. I was just in surrender like, oh, my God. I was trying. I tried so hard. I can’t do it on my own, please help. What was it, 48 hours later? Exactly the same time, I met my husband, my today husband.


Yeah, it’s pretty, pretty cool. It’s a nice story, but I want to say that I really get you about this surrender. Your level of surrender was different than mine or there is no comparison.

It’s all relative.

Yeah, it’s all relative, of course. But just come to a point where Wayne Dyer is calling it ‘letting go and letting God.’ Easy to say but super hard to do. It’s like it’s ego-crushing the thing that you can control everything, and there is something else out there that you can rely on. It’s the element of surrendering. It’s the element of learning to love yourself, which I had to go on a journey of doing that after that relationship because I hated myself.

The universe is working with you; it’s not working against you.

I used to look in the mirror and I was trying to do the Louise Hay self-love practice, and my reflection was just crying like I couldn’t say I love you to myself. There was so much self-loathing and self hate there. I had to go on a journey of loving myself.

I see you and I see how you are regardless of what you’re going through, and the phenomenal last three years, and the blessings that came out of it. I know that it happened for a reason and that you’re going to stay on the planet for many, many, many, many, many years. You’re going to take, however, inspiration. I know you created a lot of breakthroughs for women, gathered a lot of amazing speakers, and created an incredible community, and you help women so much. Women, men, a lot of people.

I think this is like an upgrade for you to help globally on a different level because of what you’re going through right now and because of how you are showing up right now. Regardless of what’s going on, I see this beautiful, incredible woman who is glowing, so genuine, and pure. You wear your heart on your sleeve.

I don’t think you did in the past. Now you have the courage to just show up and just, this is my pain, this is my tear, this is my love. It’s who I am. For me, it’s very touching and very inspiring.

I love that you shared that because it just goes back to my initial comment that you and I had. It was like we’re going to be good friends. When you go through that, but I think it’s this journey back to you. It’s this journey back to what you talked about too, let go, let God, and recognize that the veil between this life and the next life is something.

I think that we realize that we’re not alone, we’re never alone, and that we truly are being held. I never felt that way before. There was always this feeling of that next step, and I couldn’t do it all by myself, and waiting for that other shoe to drop. Whereas now, like I said, I don’t have any fear at all.

I think that when I meet other divine warrior goddesses like yourself, we just look at each other and we know. It’s like we know what we’ve been through and we know that we’re embarking on this magnificent life that we are creating. I love that you have that contrast between that example between an abusive relationship and a relationship that’s filled with just so much love.

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My husband and I talked about never trading this experience for anything. Now, we come back from doctor’s appointments and we’re high-fiving in the hall and just really celebrating each other for recognizing that we’ve got this. We’ve got this. Others can have this as well. It doesn’t need to be this painful, dreaded experience, something that all of us are going to experience.

I talked about how I was diagnosed on tax day, death and taxes. We’re all going to experience, but why not experience it where you are loving life, and it’s developing you, you’re really being at one with yourself, and making sure that you’re recognizing that, that once you go through this period of feeling like you’re surrendering, it opens up. The universe is working with you, it’s not working against you.

I always felt that way before. The universe was working against me. I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel like when I go to a quiet place and I meditate for several hours a day, I think that that’s the best thing that we can do for ourselves.

I joke around before I get out of bed. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Because we can get out of bed, and go on with our day, and be in a bad mood, and create a bad mood not only for ourselves but for everybody that we’re around. Or we can stay in bed and make sure that before we put our feet on the ground, that we are loving ourselves and really practicing being our best friend.

I tell people that I’m doing a wellness wedding for myself. My sister who loves me, she loves me so much. When we went to the surgeon, that’s when I found out where the cancer had spread to. The surgeon had said to my husband and my sister who flew in to go to this doctor’s appointment with me and the surgeons going and saying all the places that cancer had spread to.

I’m not leaving here until I leave my tumor behind.

When I get nervous, I tend to crack jokes. The surgeon said it’s in your L1, it’s on your left rib, it’s over here, it’s in your left breast. She’s naming up all the areas, but she did not say an organ. So my response was, “So you think I got a chance? You didn’t say an organ.”

It’s like Dumb and Dumber, and my sister completely loses it. She was just like, “This is no time to be cracking jokes, Michelle, at all. I can’t believe you’re cracking jokes.” My comment was, “This is the best time to be cracking jokes. This is the best time to be loving yourself.”

You hear stories about how people go home and they watch 10 movies that are all joyful, comedies and they heal. I think a lot of what we say to ourselves and what we communicate to our bodies has a tremendous effect on us, in our mind, body, and spirit.

Do you follow Joe Dispenza?

All right. We’re going to be such close friends. Let me share with you my Joe Dispenza experience. I went to two of his workshops, his mastermind and his advanced workshop. The last one that I went to, I did not have a place to stay. My business partner, who also was attending, and bless his soul. He passed away three months after we had attended that event, and he was friends with Joe Dispenza, and unexpectedly passed away in a heart attack, we were there for my healing.

That’s what just goes to show. It’s like, here, I was told 90 days that I had to live. We don’t know. None of us know. I get this phone call and they have a ticket for me, but it’s completely sold out. They have no place for me to stay in Mexico. I told my husband as he dropped me off at the airport, I’m going to be in a suite. Mark my words, I’m going to be in a suite tonight, because I was going with the mindset of love. When you lead with love in your heart and you’re just extending that out, things happen, things show up. 

I ended up my husband giving me a kiss goodbye. It’s the first of December and I head off to Mexico. As I’m leaving, the wheel on my suitcase goes off. I was like, okay, this is a good sign because it wasn’t the bottom wheel, it was the top wheel so it’s still rolled.

A lot of what we say to ourselves and what we communicate to our bodies has a tremendous effect on us: in our mind, body, and spirit.

I get to Mexico and I’m in baggage claim, and I meet these beautiful poor women. I tell them my story that I have no place to stay. They were great because they were going off to Joe Dispenza’s event and so they said, “You can stay with us.” We ended up, I get to the event and I go to check in. When I go to check-in, they looked at me and they said, “You’re not Michael. We thought you were Michael, not Michelle.”

I said, “No, I’m Michelle Patterson and I’m here for the event.” They said, “Are you okay? You’re going to be with an all-men’s group.” I said, “What?” They said, “yeah, it’s 62 men and one female.”

Right when I went in, this 62, and I said, “But I’d be happy.” I said, “I believe things happen for a reason and let me tell you about my story.” So they brought me in and it was amazing. I recorded the whole experience because it was just breathtaking. They refer to me as their queen.

I ended up doing the ropes course. Everything was with this group. In the night, I would go back to my room and be with my four female roommates. Then they would drop me off in the morning and for the next seven days, I experienced like no other. I experienced meditating with 62 men.

What was so surreal was that I would wake up and before I would see, they were just all hugging these men, and holding each other, and really just at a place where all they wanted was to provide for their families. We’re at a loss, really at a loss. They were bringing their spouses over that were in other groups because the way they set it up, they said that it was one in a trillion odds that we would even be set up in a group of one female and 62 men, and they decided just to leave it, and let it take its course.

I had said to them, I’m not leaving here until I leave my tumor behind. I’m not going. And like I said, it was the most surreal experience that they were bringing. I still talked to this group. I refer to them as my band of brothers. Like I said, they would bring over their wives, who I’m still close with. They were going through cancer, they had no hair. This was like the last resort of them going to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s event.

God put me in this body with this soul having this experience for a reason not to be in fear, but to be in love and just celebrate.

It was life-changing, that experience, and it just let me know that we’re not alone. The thing that I got from that experience was love life and life will love you back, I think that that’s such a powerful, powerful statement to live by. Just truly love life. 

If we surround ourselves with individuals including ourselves that are negative, and just bring us down, and don’t really celebrate the good things that we have, I think that’s when we’re really at a loss and we start having disease in our life. I definitely want to connect people with Joe Dispenza. I thought that the work that he did was just phenomenal.

Yeah, I’m really excited because we’re going to his workshop in Marco Island.

You are?

Yeah. It’s the first time. I’m super excited to see what’s going on there and see the miracles because he had so many people heal there spontaneously. Like blind people are starting to see people that cured their cancer. I guess just being around people that heal around you is already giving you a certainty beyond logic that you can cope with this. You went through healing and then you got another diagnosis recently. Do you want to share about it?

Yeah, I would love to share. I’ve had 10 PET scans. Something that I’ve done is I’ve truly done integrative medicine, where I’ve not only done things from Germany and all over and is integrated, but I’ve also followed Western medicine only for the testing, though. Every time I go in there, the pain specialist, his comment back to my family was, we don’t see individuals like you, Michelle, ever. In my 25 years practicing medicine, I have yet to meet someone like you that has so much positive energy back into just willing myself into this and also looking for the Joe Dispenzas of the world, and healing our hearts, starting with our hearts. I did go to a doctor that was standing in for my oncologist that was out of town. What I was asking her was, when will I go into remission?

She was looking at my PET scan that showed all my markers that were really positive, everything was down. What she did was she responded based on what she knew. Her comment back to me was, “You have a terminal illness. You’ll never experience full remission.” She said it to me twice. This was just a week ago. I looked at her and it was a very short meeting because I thought, my oncologist who I normally go to is so positive and really respects my wishes, respects my view of owning my wellness. I looked at her and I just said, “How do you explain I was given 90 days, and it’s now almost three years later and I’ve had zero treatments, I’ve had no chemo, no radiation?”

Every single day is the day of living without fear. I don't have any fear of death. All I do is create the most amazing relationship with my experiences with the people that I love. Click To Tweet

She says, “I can’t explain that. I can’t explain that the cancer is not growing. I can’t explain.” For me, I came home and it did upset me. I will be honest. When you do hear an authority figure and somebody that does say that to you, it does take you back a couple steps. It really did. I went to bed the rest of the day. The appointment was 2 and by the time I got home, I cried. Then the next day, the same thing. My husband, my friends, and the other doctors that are part of my team were just, “Michelle, that’s her ideology, that’s what she’s learned. That’s where you have to go on what you know to be your truth.”

I’m sure she had good intentions and the road to hell is paved with good intentions. People that don’t listen to podcasts like this or are exposed to more knowledge, will go and listen to this doctor, and they will probably expire very, very soon. 

When I was a teenager, my mom gave me the book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I love that book. There was a story about this truck driver. The truck was a cooling truck. It was really cold inside the truck itself and he locked himself. He couldn’t get out and he froze to death. The next morning, they found him and he had all the markers of dying from freezing, but the truck wasn’t on. It wasn’t even frozen. He just thought to himself that just by thinking about it, he killed himself.

Our mind is so powerful. If I tell you, just imagine that you’re holding a juicy lemon, and you bite into it, and it just fills your mouth with this juices and sourness, you start salivating. If a thought can create salivation, a thought can create so many things. There’s so much healing in our bodies and you’re proof of that.

I like what you said about not letting the fear take over because the fear will come. The negative voices will come. They’re going to be external, they’re going to be internal. We’re going to be under that attack. and we have to remind ourselves to step forward, to leave beyond those little voices, to shrink them, to say thank you for sharing and move on, because two thoughts cannot coexist at the same time in your subconscious mind.

You cannot be in fear and in love at the same time. You cannot beat emotion with logic. You can only beat emotions with stronger emotions. When you bring the emotion of love, which is the strongest emotion of them all, fear goes away, and then you win.

I think that is so powerful. I think that we could spend all our time just talking about the mind and how powerful it is. One of the things that I set up when I started this journey was setting up my wellness team family. I thought, when you’re in flight and fright, and you’re in a situation where you’re not creative, when those doctors came out and said to me, it has spread all over my body, the bone cancer, all over I mean, the rational thought would have been to listen and be a statistic.

I thought, I’m not going to be a statistic. That’s what I did. Literally, I told my cells, let’s cohabitate. We can all be better together. Let’s do this journey together. We don’t have to be at odds with one another.

What I did was I created, similar to what I’m showing you, the flower of life. I woke up the night after doing the Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation, and I was working on an event with him to put together 400 of our thought leaders, scientists, healers, that could talk about what’s possible. If we start pulling together and sharing testimonials of what’s working with one another, it just takes this. It’s sharing.

Choose to vibrate at that higher level frequency in love.

It’s like the four-minute mile. The moment that it was broken, a week later, two weeks later, everybody was like, yes.

Yes. I think that is so powerful. I’ve lost friends who got Covid and passed away. It’s a serious thing. I haven’t gotten a cold in three years at all. I think a lot of it has to do with mind over matter, what you communicate to yourself, and how you are going to be your best friend through this process.

Do you love yourself enough to take yourself out of an abusive relationship? That relationship can be with yourself. You know what I kept thinking? I kept thinking, God put me in this body with this soul having this experience for a reason not to be in fear, but to be in love and just to celebrate.

I choose to live like that every single day. I think that that’s truly what’s been happening. People ask me all the time and I’m like, my number one thing is my attitude of gratitude, and just being grateful, and the way that I’m showing up in love. I created the flower of life, but I put myself with myself, and I surrounded myself with a core team, core resources, and core services. I put that.

If you go to therealshare.com, we’re actually posting that on there. It’s this flower of life that you are able to show it for yourself, but also then show up for others. Just like they’re able to be there for me, I’m able to be there for them. It just expands. I looked at this as happy cells. They’re just lots of happy cells that are working together and being better together.

Also, I just want to say something about it. Symbolism, it’s so important because you carry that symbolism on you. The healing happens in the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind doesn’t speak regular language, it speaks metaphors, it speaks stories, it speaks symbolism. Something like that to carry on you is very, very powerful, because it’s an anchor to who you are and the wholeness that you are.

Thank you for saying that too and recognizing that. I think that goes back to the mind. Like you said earlier, you can’t have a negative and a positive thought, hold one spot at the same. The positive will overpower. I started sharing.

I set up with my mom and my dad in creating these new experiences. One of which was we did a road trip to visit my sister up in San Francisco. It was a seven-hour drive. The conversation started out with me asking questions. The first one was, mom, dad, tell me about the day I was born, and just creating that for me.

Love life and life will love you back.

Last week, they came over and we rented a boat. We went out. There’s my dad driving the boat. I’m with my parents and it was just the most amazing time, but I created that, and recognizing that we have the ability to create the life that we want. We get to create something.

One thing that I was told in the very beginning was that cancer affects everyone in the family. It has a way of affecting everybody. I thought rather than it being a negative, let’s make it a positive. I rekindled my relationship. I’ve never been so close with my mom, never been so close with my dad, never been so close with my son and my daughter. Honestly, I feel like I’m living like I’ve never lived before. 

Also on top of it, I’m doing more work and getting more results than I ever have done before. For example, I’m meeting with the one-percenters. So instead of meeting with individuals that suck the life out of you, or that are negative, or that don’t believe in you or believe in the work that you’re doing, rather than get caught up in their negativity, I choose to surround myself with individuals that are living life all out.

In the past couple of years, my business partner and I have sold a company. We sold a company called MyJane. That company went IPO on the Canadian Stock Exchange. The California Women’s Conference. We’ll be celebrating its 40th year this coming May. Doing things in a way where you are really showing up with that compassion and working together works.

Something that we did with the California Women’s Conference was we focused on the five to thrive. Gallup Poll did a study and they said the happiest people on the planet are doing all five of these areas. It was career, just how you spent your time. Physical was just having the energy to do the things that you want to do. Financial was having the means to do the things.

People thought that you made the millions and that meant that you were the happiest, and it wasn’t that at all. Once the roof over your head is covered, the lights, and you got food, that’s the happiness meter. Then it was social, the relationships that we have. That’s why you hear, a lot of times, people will have this amazing life-work situation, but then they come home and they’re completely disconnected from their family.

Then one that we forget the most, which is the one that I have found so much joy in, and that’s community. I think that when we surrender, like what we’re talking about before, the people that have showed up for me and my business partners, I’ll never do another company again by myself because that means that I would not be able to stay, and doing what I absolutely love, and doing my genius.

Create your wellness team family.

To me, this is what I love doing, being able to spread the word about individuals like the Joe Dispenzas of the world or the work that you’re doing and your husband is doing that is so brilliant. Just to get this messaging out there. Right now, we have one out of two individuals suffering from chronic illness. We have one out of two men getting cancer, one out of three women getting cancer, right now, today.

Until we figure out how to really surrender and recognize that there’s a reason why we were put into this body, into this soul, how the veil is very thin, that we can be at one with this journey that we’re on, and not suffer needlessly, I think, is really the messaging that we want to get out there.

That’s amazing. When you say surrender, do you mean surrender to your higher self, surrender to the Creator? What is that surrender for you?

For me, it’s recognizing that we’re always held by God. It’s recognizing that we don’t have to do this by ourselves. It’s knowing that morning that I went to the ER and had 1.8 liters of fluid taken out of my left lung, I was held. I wasn’t afraid. The nurses and the doctors, they showed up.

For me, it’s been able to show up as a family unit, where we’re not coming to the kitchen table to have a conversation, where we’re not bringing fear tactics, stigmas, religious overtones, and politics. What I’ve been experiencing is a family who is loving on one another but they’re divided.

Everybody has a different opinion on Covid. Everybody has a different opinion on the vaccine. Literally in my family of people that I absolutely love dearly, disagree with each other on what to do. What they don’t disagree on is loving one another.

That’s so beautiful and it’s such a powerful message because so many families are being divided because of this topic. People take this idea of whatever they decide to do. It has become a cult, it has become a religion. I am the party that thinks this and I’m the party that thinks that. 

Just like in politics where you have Republicans, you have Democrats, it doesn’t mean that if you have a different opinion that you have to hate on each other. This is the time for love. This is the time for community. This is the time to come together just for our sanity and for our wellbeing. The more we are divided, the more we are isolated or in the illusion of isolation, the more we individually suffer regardless. You can be right or you can be loving. What would you choose?

I love this conversation that we’re having right now because I think it’s one that we all need to be having. I look at the conversation with my dad and I. My dad was a former police officer, a narcotics agent. I utilized cannabis as a tincture. Western medicine came back and I said, the tumors shrunk 52%. The only thing that I was doing was cannabis. For the first two months, from one PET scan to the next PET scan.

My dad literally cried. He cried because I wasn’t doing conventional medicine. I wasn’t doing chemo. I wasn’t doing radiation. He was literally arguing with me. The team of doctors that I put together advised me that it was not prudent for me to get the vaccine. I have not had the vaccine yet.

The greatest healing modality that we have on the planet is love. We can show love for one another, and we can vibrate at a level of frequency where we are healing. Click To Tweet

When my family comes together, it’s really, really challenging that if we have the conversations, we start the conversations around different individual’s beliefs and what we have chosen to do. Thank you to my mother who told my father. She said, “Michelle is owning her wellness. She is doing what she needs to do for her wellness and her wellbeing and going with her gut instinct.” She then said, “If you keep arguing with her, I’m going to call the police.”

He told my dad and he’s completely upset. He couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the vaccine and why my husband and I were against it. When we came together, what we had to really come to terms with is sharing with each other what it is that our gifts are, what our genius is. How can we contribute to the family unit, as well as what it was that we needed?

What I told my dad is, “I just need you to love on me. I just need you to hold me. I just need you to love on me.” It was at that time that my mother, my mom’s like, tell her how you feel about her. My dad’s like, she knows how I feel about her. My dad was then saying to me, “I’m proud of you, I love you.”

This was not that long ago. This was just a few months ago that we, as a family, were going through this. We agree and my dad will say, if something comes up about the vaccine or something comes up, we agree to disagree and not talk about it. What we do is we talk about what it is that each one of us individually needs.

What we’re finding is that individually, we don’t have all the answers. But collectively, when we come together in just pure support of one another, loving on each other, don’t make it about politics or religion or fear tactics or any of that stuff, and we just make it about how that person in the family is feeling and what they need, then we’re showing compassion for one another.

I think you should create a course and have families take it, because I think so many families need it right now. We need to get out of the ego mindset, and just be in a place of love, because the most important thing is our community, our loved ones. That is the most important thing whether or not we’re right or wrong.

If we think about it, the whole thing with the vaccine, we just don’t want to lose. We don’t want to have people go. My physical therapist, I’m still on my podcast, but he’s actually been wonderful, too, because it’s nice when you don’t want to get up, and you don’t want to block, and you don’t want to do the exercises, and then you have that person that shows up for you that wants to do it.

I love that. I would love to brainstorm with you guys because I know you’re doing stuff like that too, but I think that’s something that’s come up for me. It’s so awesome that you say that with the family unit. It is about the family. Think about it. The whole point of getting a vaccine shot is so that we don’t lose our loved ones.

I've set boundaries for myself, where I don't allow an individual's fear to come into my playground. I don't allow bullies on my playground, including myself. Click To Tweet

Right. Thank you. Thank you so much, and then people just lose each other for what? Time is so precious. When we don’t have an illness, we don’t appreciate time. We don’t appreciate our health. We don’t think about our mortality.

But when you’re in a place where you’re constantly encountering your mortality and the focus is, how can I not only survive but strive, then you’re like, this moment is important, my loved ones are important. The arguments are not important. It’s how I feel and how they feel with me. And now we come together. This is the most important thing.

What if this was all about us learning how to work well with one another, with our families, with our communities? What if we could turn this around and look at it from a positive standpoint and say, this is an opportunity for us to grow and really lean in on supporting each other rather than tearing each other down?

Yeah, beautiful. I want to be respectful of your time. Before we say goodbye for now, I know we went over time. I just couldn’t stop talking to you. You’re amazing.

I told you we would get a lot. I was so excited to know you.

So two questions. One is, where can people find you? The second one, which I’m asking everyone, but you already gave me this hour and some on how to live a stellar life, but the second question is, your three top tips to living a stellar life.

Beautiful. The first one is you have an option to show up in love or fear. It’s a visceral feeling that we have internally. You know when you yourself are being fearful or if you’re showing up in love. My comment is to choose love. Choose you, choose love, and lead with that. Everything works itself out beautifully when you do that. You choose love and you choose to vibrate at a higher level frequency than playing at that low-level frequency, where you’re getting stuck. Choose to vibrate at that higher level frequency in love. That would be the first one.

The second one is to create your wellness team family as I did. Don’t go at this alone. Do this with your team surrounding you. Have a blast doing it. I’ve never had so much fun. I feel like I am living life to the fullest and I’ve created this wellness team family that is surrounding me. It’s in career, physical, financial, social, community. They can all find out how to do that on therealshare.com. 

The final one is to live life like you are living like you’ve been given 90 days to live. I didn’t start living till I truly started living like I only have 90 days to live.

That sounds like the title of your new book.

I can’t wait to collaborate with you and Stephan. I’m just telling, no accidents.

Yeah, I’m super excited. Thank you. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being such a bright, beautiful light, inspiring me so much and inspiring everybody that is listening right now. Your website is?


Thank you so much. Thank you, listeners. Remember to choose love over fear, to create your own wellness team and to have a blast while doing that, and live your life like you have been given 90 days to live, and have a stellar life. This is Orion. Until next time.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

{✓} You have a choice, especially when it comes to your health. Follow your intuition about your health. 
{✓} Avoid low-level vibration. The world is operating at a low-level vibration that is hurting you. It can take away your strength, deplete your energy, and create disease.
{✓} As a mom, there is no shame in the way you’ve shown up for your family. You may not always make the best decisions or have the right answer, but you have shown up with love. And that is the best that you can do for your family.
{✓} Self-love is the key to everything. Start with self-love for healing, your relationships, and your family. Do not be unkind to yourself. 
{✓} Don’t live in fear. If you show up in love rather than fear, then every day can be a great day. 
{✓} Be compassionate. Have compassion not only for yourself but for others and what they’re going through.
{✓} Know when to surrender. Surrendering is stepping to the side so the universe can work its magic.
{✓} Meditate. Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit your emotional well-being and overall health.
{✓} Always be grateful. The attitude of gratitude will help you feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.
{✓} Create your wellness team family. You don’t have to go into any situation alone. Have people around you that can be your support.
{✓} Visit Michelle Patterson’s website to learn more about her and her advocacy.

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