Episode 15 | March 1, 2022

Stellar Experiences: Forgiveness Meditation with Sara Schulting-Kranz

A Personal Note From Orion

Forgiveness is a powerful tool for healing. Forgiving doesn’t mean saying the pain doesn’t matter or that what the other person said or did was OK. It doesn’t mean forgetting what happened. Instead, it means letting go of your need for an apology or revenge.

In today’s Stellar Experience, Sara Schulting-Kranz guides you through a meditation for the forgiveness of yourself, others, and Mother Earth. This guided meditation will help you start your journey to self-discovery, self-forgiveness, self-worth, and self-love. 

Sara is a professional coach, wilderness guide, published author, TEDx speaker, and executive producer of Walk Through This, a documentary on her journey. On top of all this, she’s a single mom helping individuals through their healing transformations. 

Get ready and find a quiet space for this beautiful three-part forgiveness meditation for self, others, and the world with Sara Schulting-Kranz!



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About Today’s Show

Hi, loves. This is Sara Schulting-Krantz, author of Walk Through This: Harness the Healing Power of Nature and Travel The Road to Forgiveness. I’m also a keynote speaker, a coach, and I guide healing retreats in the Grand Canyon, and also out of Whittier, Alaska. Within the Grand Canyon, we do a lot of deep healing, meditating, coaching, adventuring, laughing, playing, and really diving into who we are as men and women. So much healing and personal development within nature.

Out of Alaska, I run healing retreats, kayaking out of Whittier. It’s pretty freaking phenomenal. We kayak from island to island camping, we kayak beside glaciers. Nature is one of the most underutilized tools in our own healing and therapy. The other thing that I speak really deeply on and a lot about is forgiveness and why forgiveness is such a powerful tool.

Walk Through This: Harness the Healing Power of Nature and Travel the Road to Forgiveness by Sara Schulting Kranz

Everything starts with self, self-discovery, self-forgiveness, self-worth, self-love, just believing in self, and understanding that we are worthy of every amazing moment in life that is granted to us and that we don’t always embrace. I wanted to, within this episode, share with you a meditation, the very last meditation within my book. It’s not my book, it’s your book. It’s now everybody’s book, it’s not my book.

This book was written for all of you so that you can utilize nature in your own everyday life as your healing tool, as your transformative tool, giving you space to really find who you are. It’s seven steps to forgiveness and we dive into everything from worthiness, love, finding your values, setting boundaries, all of the things that I’ve used in my own personal development and healing journey.

I have actually, within the introduction of my book, shared a little bit of my memoir, a little bit of my life story, having dealt with so many traumas in my life. Then the next section of the book is all about the science of nature healing. We go into the energy chakras. We talk a little bit about nature healing, the wonders of nature, and how it would actually help us heal. Then we go into seven steps, really diving into who you are, healing, personal development, growth, and then the very last section is about how do we know that we are on this path to forgiving and finding self.

I wanted to share with you this meditation because it’s the very last meditation in the book. It’s all about forgiveness. I had a dear friend of mine, Brittany Lynne, collaborate on this meditation with me. When I was asked to do this podcast, I thought this would be the perfect approach to really getting it out there.

You can go purchase the book. It’s at Amazon or at any bookstore. It was published by a division of HarperCollins. It was published by Harper Horizon. And then if you don’t want to go and find out more about me, my healing retreats, the work that I do, and why this is so important for all of us, you can dive into my website, saraschultingkranz.com.

On my site, you will find everything from healing retreats to an online healing program that I run called betrayal, a community for truth, inspiration, hope, and healing. You will find lots of free stuff, lots and lots of free stuff for you to dive into along with downloadable programs as well. I love this work. I love doing all of this for you.

There’s a really good TED talk on my site as well that I gave. It’s all about forgiveness and how we need to actually change the definition of forgiveness in society. Because right now, within Webster’s Dictionary, it’s about the processes to forgive and forget. When I am talking about healing, and forgiveness, and deep growth, it’s not about forgetting that anything happened to you in life. It’s about honoring your journey and the experiences that you have actually walked through.

It’s about the moments within the journey that lead to the destination.

I really find that one of the most important things that we can do is to honor our life, to honor our moments. We know life is not about the destination. We all know that. We’ve heard that a thousand times. People say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. I actually will say that it’s about the moments within the journey that lead to the destination.

It’s about honoring every moment, every breath that you take while you are here on this earth, which is why I dive so deep into this work and believe so much in each and every one of you. Whoever you are listening to, you are meant to be here right now hearing my words. Just saying that makes me go, ooh. That is why I do this work in every single moment that I can.

This is really exciting. I was a guest speaker/guest expert on The Doctors recently. It’s a nationally televised show with four or five segments. If you’re interested in watching any of them, go to thedoctors.com. You can plug my name in there and watch them. They are also on YouTube.

We dove into relation on betrayal trauma, something that I speak about quite a bit. We also dive into my story and why nature is so important within our healing journey. With that, I hope that you enjoy this beautiful meditation that I recorded for all of you.

I would love to hear from you. Follow me on Instagram, @saraschultingkranz. On Facebook, Live Boldly with Sara Schulting-Kranz or just my name, Sara-Schulting-Kranz. You can also find me, as I said, through my website, saraschultingkranz.com or email me, sara@nullsaraschultingkranz.com.

Please, if you do purchase the book, when you do, there’s an audible version as well that I did record. Go into my website, download the meditations to your phone, take them outside, and enjoy listening and journaling all of this for you. While you’re listening to this upcoming meditation, I would also suggest that you do—if you can—take it outside and listen to it. If not, totally fine. Just ground yourself to wherever you are at this moment.

While you’re listening, I am with you. I am with you, seeing you, hearing you, because as I always say, I am you and you are me. We are simply mirrors for one another connected through story and word. I love you. Enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you.

I’d like to share a beautiful three-part forgiveness meditation for self, others, and the world, which Brittany Lynne and I created for all of you. Please find a quiet, comfortable place—hopefully in nature, but you can also do this at home—where you can listen and receive.

When you think of forgiveness, where in your body do you feel it?

Guided meditation for forgiveness. Close your eyes and begin to slow your breath. Notice what it’s like to breathe in and breathe out. Notice how your body feels right now. When you think of forgiveness, where in your body do you feel it?

Do you feel relaxed or tensed when you think of forgiveness? Just notice how it feels to invite forgiveness in. Take a deep inhale, release your breath. As you breathe slowly, allow your body to soften as you invite yourself to move from the space of your head into the space of your heart.

Breathe from your heart space. Feel your heart begin to open. As you continue on this journey to release everything that no longer serves you and invite in the things that you value, feel into the space of your heart. Breathe in and release.

Imagine sitting with yourself either in a mirror or sitting face to face. It may be you today or a younger version of yourself. As you look into your own eyes, you see deeper than the surface. See everything you’ve been through and everything you’ve experienced. And know that you are doing your best. See yourself without judgment.

As you see yourself, your true self, say to yourself, I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you for everything you have done and held on to. I forgive your past. I forgive your guilt and shame. I forgive you for the ways your actions have affected me. I forgive you. I forgive you.

Now imagine sitting in front of a person who has challenged you. They can be living or may have passed. Forgiveness transcends space and time. As hard as it might be, sit with this person in front of you and just notice how you feel.

Imagine looking into their eyes beyond the surface of who they are and see them as another human being. See everything they have been through and everything they have experienced. Know that they, too, are doing their best. See them without judgment.

As you see this person, say to them, I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you for everything you have done and held on to. I forgive your past. I forgive your guilt and shame. I forgive you for the ways your actions have affected me and I hand you back my pain. I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you.

As you sit in front of this person and feel your heart getting lighter, you watch as this person takes a deep breath. As they open their mouth to speak, you listen to their words. As they speak, you continue to forgive them. 

They say to you, thank you for your forgiveness. I accept your forgiveness. I accept your forgiveness for my guilt and shame, and for everything I have done that has affected you. You no longer need to carry the past or your pain that you have handed back to me. We are both lighter for your forgiveness. Thank you for your forgiveness. Allow the image of this person to slowly fade in your mind and return to your heart. Breathe into your heart space. Inhale and exhale. 

Now picture the entire world in your mind with every person and creature living on this planet we call home, this living, breathing organism we all live on. See everything that every living being has experienced in the past and present. Know that we are all just doing our best. See the entire world without judgment. 

As you see Mother Earth, say to the world, I send you forgiveness. I send you forgiveness. I send forgiveness to everyone and everything that has experienced the hardships of life on this planet. I send forgiveness for the past. I send forgiveness for all guilts and shames. I send forgiveness for all the actions that have affected others. I send you forgiveness. I send you forgiveness. I send the entire world forgiveness. Allow the image of the world to slowly fade in your mind and return to your hearts. Breathe into your heart space. Inhale and exhale.

As you continue to send forgiveness out into the world, know that everything is connected. As you give forgiveness to the world, know that it is pouring back into you. You deserve the forgiveness that you are so freely giving to everyone and everything around you.

As the world around you soaks in the forgiveness from your heart, say to yourself, in your mind, I surrender to the power of forgiveness. I know who I am. I value my worth and I love myself. I have healthy boundaries for myself and others. I release judgment of myself, and others, and continue to show up for myself. I give myself permission to just be. I forgive myself. I forgive those who have wronged me. I send forgiveness out into the world. 

Take another deep breath into your heart space and release this breath out into the world. Begin to bring your awareness back to this moment, back to presence.

As you drop back into your physical body, start to bring gentle movements back to your fingers and toes. When you feel ready, begin to open your eyes as you move back into your day with a lighter and forgiving heart.

Check out Sara Schulting-Kranz’s interview with Orion.

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About Sara Schulting-Kranz

Sara Schulting-Kranz is a Professional Coach, Wilderness Guide, published author, TEDx Speaker, Executive Producer of “Walk Through This”, a documentary feature in production of her healing journey in nature, and a single mom of three amazing sons.
As a multiple trauma survivor, Sara coaches individual men and women through their own life-shifting journeys of healing and transformation. Sara is guiding transformational coaching, hiking, adventure, meditation, and breathwork retreats in the Grand Canyon and mountains of Southern California.


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